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C1. the first day p1

“Tell me about this Foal.” Celestia said to the Instructors as a little purple unicorn foal bounced around the room. “Those are her Foster parents, her real parents are unknown. Twilight Sparkle is her name...” one of the Instructors said. “Make her my Personal Protege.” Celestia said. “o-of course princess” he replied with a light bow.

“Twilight Sparkle?” Celestia said politely to the bouncing Unicorn. She stopped and looked the Princess with wide eyes. “You are going to be my Personal Protege. You will attend my school for gifted unicorns and take special lessons from me whenever we both have the time.” the Princess said. Twilight looked too shock to speak so Celestia smiled and walked over to her parents. “She will have a room in the Dorms and all necessities covered.” she said to the Foster Parents.

“Thank you...so much.” they said with a bow.

“No...thank you for caring for her even when she is not your own, I will do everything in my power to make sure she lives happily, and I tend to have a lot of power so you needn't worry.” Celestia said to them. The two smiled, bowed and led Twilight out with a promise to be at the school the day before it starts with her things. Celestia summoned the Principal to her study as she sat down and relaxed.

“Princess?” the Principal asked as she entered.

“Ah, Quillan Scroll. There is a student you will be receiving by the name of Twilight Sparkle...I'd hate to do it to her but make sure she has her own room, she has a powerful magic she needs to learn to control and I'd rather not have a roommate get hurt if she loses it...though Once she does learn to control it I will alert you and we can change up the living arrangements. I want this to be the best eight years of all the Foal's lives if I can.” Celestia said to the brown unicorn.

“Of course princess.” she said with a smile. “Now tell me, Who did we get as teachers for this cycle?” the Princess asked. “for the Physical education your suggestion of one of your Unicorn guards was well placed, Bright Guard is great with the summer school students. For basic magics we have a local Magic Tutor by the name of Brushin Scroll, he's my brother. For advanced Magics we actually managed to get Grandal the Grey and his twin brother, Grandal the White, for Private lessons and defensive/ offensive magic.” Quillin said.

“Why would we need to teach that last subject?” Celestia asked. Before Quillin could answer though Celestia remembered why she had asked for it. “Oh...right...we're low on Unicorn guards...Equestria has become a bit more violent hasn't it?” she asked. Quillin nodded. “The best thing we can do is hope for the best, good job on getting the Wizard Twins, how ever did you get them?” Celestia asked.

“They love teaching young Ponies, they would have worked for free if they could they told me.” Quillin said.

“Well that's not allowed.” Celestia retorted with a giggle. “Well go on now, unless you have something you want to say you may go.” Celestia said. Quillin bowed and left. Celestia sighed and relaxed as her captain walked in. “Hello Blue Steel.” she said with a weak smile.

“You look tired.” the Captain said.

“Oh just a little. Once my school starts up after summer I think I should be in a much better mood. Anything to report besides the hole in the testing room?” She asked. Steel shook his head with a chuckle. “Good. Could you do me a favor and keep an eye on the students at the school for me when they come? I want to make sure the first day settling in for them goes smoothly.” Celestia went on. “Of course.” he replied and left as well. Celestia found herself looking up at the moon that night. “Soon...sister...soon.” she said to herself as she dozed off.

“Alright Twilight...this is goodbye...you'll be in the school for eight years.” Twilight's foster mother said as they walked the Lavender Unicorn with her luggage in tow with their magic. “You'll do fine, you may be just a first year but you're far ahead of your class, you study so much you'll probably pass up the eighth years.” her Father said. “I'll come home on holidays when I can!” Twilight exclaimed as the bags landed and they reached the doors to the School in sight of the Palace. A Royal unicorn Guard came up behind them and startled them.

“Sorry for scaring you, you must be Twilight Sparkle.” he said. Twilight nodded. “I'm Bright Guard, or Mister Guard to you...I'm the Physical education instructor.” he said as he opened the door and followed them in. “You'll meet the other teachers soon, I need to change out of this armor. The Dorms are down that hallway just follow the sings. The Principal will be there to give you your living arrangements.” he said and walked down the hallway next to the first.

“Are you Alright now? Do you need us to carry your bags to your room?” Twilight's Foster Mother asked.

“I'm fine...” she said, ending with a grunt of effort as the bags floated in a shroud of lavender. “I need to push myself to get better!” she said with determination, gaining a chuckle from the two adults. “I'll write to you when I'm all settled in and everything.” she said. They said their farewells and Twilight made her way to the room, stopped every now and again to give her magic a reprieve. When she arrived at the room there were Unicorns of all ages lounging around. There were four floors she could tell from the flights of stairs visible and each floor had a sort of common room, aside from the massive one on the bottom floor she was in. she found the small group of Foals her age, most of them without Cutie marks, and deposited her bags with the small group of them next to the Foals.

“Hi, I'm Twilight Sparkle.” she said when she joined the group. There were five of them, three Fillies and two Colts. “Hi! I'm Fleur!” a white Filly with a yellow Mane and Tail said happily. “Night Shade...” a black filly with a black mane and tail over her eyes said shyly. “Teal Shine.” a light blue Filly with matching mane and tail said. “Bedrock.” a strong looking brown Colt said. “The name's Alexander.” the last colt, who had a Trottinghamian accent, gray mane and a light gray coat. “First years follow me please!” they all heard being called from the stairwell.

The group walked over to the stairwell to see Quillin. “My name is Miss Scroll and I am your principal, follow me and I'll assign you to your rooms.” she said and made her way to the top floor. When they arrived there was a hallway of six doors. “Two Foals to a room.” Quillin started. “Bedrock and...Alexander. You're in room one.” she said and starting naming the rooms with the occupants as she passed them. “Fleur and Teal Shine. Room two. Night Shade you have three and Twilight you have four.” she said.

“Why do the two Fillies get their own room?” Alexander asked. “Due to...special circumstances Twilight Sparkle has to have her own room for now, and having Night Shade join one of you four in your rooms would overcrowd it, she just got lucky- or unlucky depending on how you look at it.” Quillin said. “Miss scroll, what is this special circumstance?” Twilight asked. “If you must know Princess Celestia herself instructed me to give her Protege her own room until her magic can be tamed.” Quillin said and left.

“Protege?” the five others, excluding Night Shade, exclaimed. They pushed Twilight for Details and didn't believe her magic was so great at such a young age. They needed to help each other to get their bags to their rooms but were surprised when Twilight, who had nearly as many bags as them all combined, managed on her own...albeit with difficulty. When she came out she found Night Shade struggling with her bags.

“Here, let me help you.” Twilight said and took half of the load. “Thank you...” she said lightly, Twilight detected a Germane accent. Twilight looked on the bag and saw it read 'Nachtschatten'. She was about to ask Night about it but the Black Filly beat her to it.

“It is my name in my Native Language.” she said, her accent becoming a bit more noticeable. “I am From Germaney...my Parents left me here in Equestria and I got into this school.” she explained, lightly blowing a black bang out of her bright blue eye. Before Twilight could get a sympathetic word in Night continued talking. “I want to be your Friend Twilight Sparkle. This country confuses me sometimes and a gifted Filly is normally a good friend.” she said.

“I'd love to be your friend...but I'd probably not be a good friend...I spend most of my time studying...three of my bags are filled with nothing but books.” Twilight said with a sheepish smile.

“That is fine, I too enjoy educating myself. Our studies may perhaps overlap and we could do it together.” the Shy Unicorn said hopefully.

“Of course. How long have you been in Equestria?” Twilight said. “A month...my Parents Taught me Equestrian language before they abandoned me...but that was it.” the Shy Unicorn replied. “Oh...I don't know who my real parents are, I lived in a Foster home with fourteen other Ponies, it was kinda hard to study but my Foster Family taught me how to tune out annoyances.” Twilight said with a giggle. Night smiled as she opened her door by levitating the key shakily to the lock and unlocking it. It was a smaller room, barely able to hold two, and it was dark. Twilight''s own room was a bit larger and had many bookshelves but was also rather dark, but as she guessed Night did as ell by her face, Twilight liked Darkness.

They all got a tour, met all the teachers and got all the rules and daily activities and things like that and were sent to bed to be asleep by Eleven. The next morning they were given schedules, some of them had different classes but most of them were in the same ones.the only class Twilight didn't have with everypony else was Advanced Magic, but she shared it with Night Shade. “Why don't you have any classes Friday and on weekends?” Night Shade asked when they compared schedules. “I don't know...” Twilight replied and asked Miss Scroll before she left.

“Those days are freed for your stays at the Palace to be instructed in private by Princess Celestia.” Quillin said. “Whoa so it's true.” Bedrock said. “Alright get to your classes, you all have Basic Magic now go!” Quillin said and shooed them.

“Greetings to you all, my name is Brushin Scroll, call me Mr. Brush.” a brown/orange Stallion unicorn said. “Are you Married to the principal?” Fleur asked. “No, she's my younger Sister.” he said with a chuckle. “Oohh!” they all exclaimed. “Now. I trust all of you know how to use your magic correct?” he asked. They all nodded. “Demonstrate, show me your Quills and write me a sentence using your magic, this won't be for a grade it just tells me what you know.” he said and sat at his desk and watched his students carefully write with their magic.

“I will tell you all now I won't have favorites, because I will treat you all as if you're the best...but by looking at these I can tell who will do best in my classes. A lot of you tried to do as much as you could as flashy as possible, Fleur you wrote in Fancy and Equestrian...a bit too much. In my class, showing off will neither help nor hurt your scores, these two were the only ones that followed my instructions exactly.” he said and held two up. Twilight and Night blinked, it was theirs.

“who can tell me what's different from theirs and these two?” Brushin asked. Alexander raised his hoof. “Alexander.” Brushin called.

“These two are simple, to the point and nothing else besides the one sentence that you asked for. All of ours were us trying to show off our Magical Prowess.” the gray Colt said. “Exactly. You will get extra points for doing what I ask of you if you need and deserve them.” Brushin explained. “Now...let's begin with expanding on your knowledge of the simple Levitation.” he started and went on with the Lesson.

“My name is Bright Guard, Mr. Guard to you students. I will be your Physical Education Instructor. My job is to make sure you stay fit, Magic can't do everything and sometimes you need to be Physically strong along with Mentally in order to do some powerful spells.” the Stallion said. “You will run laps until I tell you to stop, then you will increase your magical endurance by lifting things with your magic, then you will combine both. Monday of next week will be your exam, you will race ten laps while carrying one of these boulders.” he continued, pointing towards a pile of boulders larger than they were.

The Everyone started running as fast as they could, but what Twilight was ding could barely be called Running. Night Shade slowed down to her pace.

“Why aren't you running?” Night asked, slightly out of breath. “We're not racing yet, no need to run as fast as you can and get exhausted instantly.” Twilight replied. “We need to Pace ourselves for these sort of things...the only one I can see keeping up with this pace is Bedrock...” she continued. “That uh...that makes a lot of sense.” Night said.

When Bright took them in for Magical endurance they were all out of breath, but the others were collapsing. “While your bodies rest your mind is tested. I have weights here, start from the lightest and keep going until you can barely hold it up at eye level, and then keep it there for as long as you can.” he said. They all worked their way down the lines. Twilight was holding the one with 150 on it while Bedrock was 10 ahead of her, Teal five behind, Night holding an identical one to hers, Alexander and Fleur more than 20 behind. An hour later Twilight was the only one still holding hers up. “Alright Twilight, how much longer do you think you could last?” Bright asked the Unicorn. “Um...probably another half hour if...if I really had to...” Twilight replied. “That's enough, let your mind rest. You are all dismissed to Lunch now, see you tomorrow.” Bright called.

“That was really awesome Twilight, I didn't know your magic was so good.” Fleur said. “It was rather impressive.” Alexander admitted. “I can hold more than you, but you got me beat on endurance.” Bedrock said. “You're awesome Twilight!” Teal exclaimed. “You're really good Twilight...how can you do that so long?” Night asked shyly slightly hiding behind her mane.

“I study with magic...Books aren't nearly as heavy but when you're holding more than one all night it gets hard.” Twilight replied. “Can you show us?” Alexander asked. “Guys...I really don't want to be seen as something special...I'm just a normal Unicorn Filly that was just introduced to magic a bit early.” Twilight said with a sheepish smiled. “Ok then! I'm starved!” Fleur exclaimed and rushed towards the lunch area. “Um...Twilight...um...wanna eat lunch with me in my room?...I don't being in the same room as so many other ponies and uh...Miss Scroll told me we're allowed to eat in our rooms...” Night said. “Sure, I'm sorta the same way.” Twilight replied.

“You are special.” Night said after a few moments of silence while they ate in Night's room. “Huh?” Twilight said. “You are more than just a normal Unicorn...” Night started. “Your magic is better than some Second years, you're strong and you're the Princess's Protege...and you're my best friend.” she said shyly, her cheeks gaining a slightly red tint at the last part.

“that's just luck and hard work...and you're my best friend too Night.” Twilight said with a grin. Night smiled back. “So what kind of studies do you do?” Twilight asked.

“I research things about this country when I can...I like to read about the magic and everything, but sometimes the fiction intrigues me a bit more than the nonfiction.” she said. “Sometimes I miss Germaney...but my life so so much better here.” she continued. “I read about all of the wars and conflicts too...Germaney has been the 'bad guy' more often then not...most ponies see me differently when they now I'm Germane.” Night said.

“Well I don't. I find it interesting, Fleur is the only other Foreign pony in our class and she was born in Equestria, and Trottingham is in Equestria.” Twilight started. “and I can call you Nachtschatten if you want.” she continued. Night lit up at that and nodded with a smile.

“So how did you get your Cutie mark?” Night asked. Twilight told the story and smiled. “I wish my story was as impressive...” she said and showed her flank to reveal a crescent moon covered in dark blue (like Luna's Mark, but different). “I was born with it...I've always loved the night and the moon and the stars...Astronomy is the one thing I love constantly. I don't think that when I was Born, I was born to my parents though. I overheard them saying something about finding me in a field...it makes me sad I did not know my real parents- if I am adopted- but I live with it.” the Black Filly said.

“Just found in a Field? * nod * I don't know how I was found...maybe when we're out of school we can go find out where we came from together.” Twilight said with a grin. The Bell rang, signaling that it was time for their next class so the two got up and left.