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C.2 school...ugh...

“Welcome to Advanced Magics. I am Grandal the Gray, call me Mr. Gray. I have one rule that is absolute and unbending, if you don't put forth the Effort...” he said and paused, seemingly for Dramatic effect. “THEN YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” he exclaimed with a grin. He was an older Unicorn with a big gray wizard hat that matched his coat while his mane and tail were the white-gray of old age. Twilight and Night were sort of shrinking in their seats, they were the only ones there that weren't at least third years.

“Alright.” he said and cleared his throat. “We have four new students this cycle. Please come to the front.” the Old Stallion said. Night, Twilight and two older Colts came forward. “The fact you are here tells me you excel at Basic Magics and have enough control and capacity with your magic and the quality for the finer magics to be considered 'gifted'. This is merely a term put on you to tell you put forth the extra effort to learn.” he continued. “Give me your name, your best Magical Feat, the best thing, in your opinion, that you've ever done with magic or without and how you spend your free time.” he said. The students gave him a funny look. “I'm the kind of Instructor that likes to know my students personally, carry on.” he said.

“Green Mist.” the Green Stallion said. “My Greatest magical feat was turning a boulder the same weight as me into glass.” he said and some ponies clapped. “The best thing I've ever done, I think, would probably be getting a front row place in one of the summer solstice ceremony.” he said “and I hang out with friends or study if I need it when I have the time.” he finished. “Very good, next.” Grandal the Gray said.

“Orange Mist, we're brothers. My Greatest Magical feat would probably be tossing a boulder thrice my size across the training field. My best moment would be the same as my Brother's and I have similar hobbies.” the Orange Stallion said. “Very good, next.” Grandal said again.

“Um...my name is Night Shade...um...does magic count if it's accidental or unintentional?” Night asked. Grandal nodded so she continued. “I uh...I lost control of my magic one time and uh...Teleported my town in Germaney over one hundred feet...” she said. “Um...the best thing I've ever done is um...making a friend like Twilight.” she said and smiled at the Unicorn next to her, who smiled back. “Um...in my free time I study with Twilight.” she finished. “Very good, next.” Grandal said.

“My name is Twilight Sparkle...um...I lost control of my magic before too during the entrance exam...I made the dragon grow to an adult...” she said. “the best moment for me might be that, but afterwards when Princess Celestia made me her Protege...and I study with Night when I have the time.” Twilight said. Everypony was staring at them. “Very good, you may be seated.” Grandal said.

“Mr. Gray? How come those two Fillies could do such amazing things at so young?” a Mare asked.

“Good Question.” Grandal said. “When you lose complete control over your magic, nothing is restricting ti and it just unleashes. This school teaches you to Channel and control that wild Magic.” he said. “Now Tell me Fillies, what happened when you lost control?” Grandal asked.

“I don't really know...my Foster Mother told me my Eyes glowed white and I started floating and doing random magic...all I remember is blacking out and waking up with Princess Celestia calming my magic...” Twilight said. Night gave a similar story, except that the magic was expended in the Teleport.

“When you loose control of your magic it becomes unstable and builds until released in any way possible, this can be rather Dangerous. Well we've had Introductions and questions have been answered, Let's move on with the Lesson. You all know levitation, let's move on to something a bit more difficult...Teleportation.” the Gray Stallion said.

As the two walked to Combat Magics, where a few of their first year classmates would join them, Quillin came to them. “Hello Twilight, Night Shade...Night we have a revised schedule for you.” she said and magicked a schedule to her and left before they could ask a question. “Hey...it has no classes on Friday and the Weekends just like mine...you don't think...” Twilight started. “I-I don't know...we'll find out soon enough.” Night said and simply tucked the schedule away.

“My name is Grandal the White...I will teach you to defend yourself against and cast offensive Magic. Now, who knows why this branch of Magic is called Offensive Magic?” a White Stallion Identical to his brother, besides the white coat and hat, asked. “Yes?” he called when Twilight raised a Hoof.

“It's called Offensive Magic because the other magics have general uses or uses specific for hteir branch, this magic is used specifically for offensive purposes. It is sometimes considered Defensive magic as well because it is normally only used to defend yourself.” Twilight recited. “Very good!” Grandal the White exclaimed.

“Now...let us begin with a simple ball of magical energy...” he started and instructed them on how to compress the magics.

Friday came swiftly and it seemed Night spent more time in Twilight's room to sleep than in her own, due to them falling asleep during late night studies. “Well Night...I have to go to the palace...you should tag along just in case, and you won't be missing classes.” Twilight said when she packed light saddlebags. “Um...are you sure It'll be ok?” Night asked. “Of course!” Twilight exclaimed, hoping it was true. “o-ok...” Night replied and went to her room to pack a little bit.

They walked to the Palace and found the right door in and were waved through by a Pegasus guard, who continued to guide them. They were allowed in a room where the Princess was doing some paperwork, it must have been her study.

“Thank you, I am sorry Twilight and Friend, Last minute paperwork, it will take but a minute.” the Regal Alicorn said. True to her word she was done momentarily and stood up. “I am glad you decided to come Night Shade, I forgot to tell Quillin to tell you to accompany Twilight Sparkle. I will be giving you advanced Lessons and help you control your power when you use enough to enter the state you do when you loose control...follow me.” she said and the two Fillies followed without hesitation. They reached the Garden, a large courtyard big enough to house a few sleeping Dragons if necessary.

“Now...I want the two of you to simply gather up as much Magical Energy as you can and concentrate on keeping it in control, cast a spell or two if it helps. If you lose control I'll suppress your magic so it disperses.” Celestia said. The two Fillies nodded and concentrated. “Keep gathering it, this will test and expand the limit on how much you can control, if you know you are losing control stop on your own...if you can't I'll keep true to my earlier statement.” Celestia said a few minutes later.

They both lost control at the same time and were quickly suppressed by Celestia. “I could feel the Magic in you, you have amazing control...we will work more after Dinner, but for now breakfast and then simpler lessons.” Celestia said after they had caught their breath. The Breakfast was amazing and the lessons went well. Celestia had duties to attend to so they explored the gardens and palace more until Dinner, afterward they met back up for more Control Lessons.

“Princess, am I here only because of what happened before?” Night asked. “...No...but you are not ready to hear the full answer...be patient.” Celestia replied. Night nodded and they started up again.

“I am Very happy with your progress, you even managed to keep control when your eyes glow and start floating.” Celestia said happily Sunday night. “I look forward to Next week. Until then my friends.” the Regal Alicorn said and had a guard escort them out of the Palace.

“That was really nice.” Night said tiredly. “Yeah...but I'm exhausted...” Twilight retorted. Night nodded. Twilight's room was closer so they just went in there to sleep. When they woke up in the morning, they were rather embarrassed, they were practically cuddling. “Um...breakfast...late...” Twilight said with a red face. “uh...yeah.” Night replied and they quickly made their way to breakfast.

Throughout the day, Twilight and Night realized that all of their other magic was easier, and in advanced Magics they managed a full teleport without much trouble. “Hey how did you guys get so good!” Fleur asked them during Lunch on Tuesday. Their whole year was there as well.

“Well...uh...we really just practiced our control...” Night said. “but you got Private Lessons from the Princess!” Teal exclaimed. “She just helped us on our control...she did give us Lessons, but they were just on multiple Levitation.” Twilight said. “It's really just three days of practice...” she continued. “Well Practice is sometimes the best way to Learn.” Grandal the Gray said, coming up behind them.

The week went by particularly slow for Night Shade and Twilight, but they excelled at their lessons. They got praise from their teachers, but the others didn't like them because they were 'show offs'. They told Celestia about it on Friday and she frowned.

“Well...Obviously they aren't true friends, you are only doing what you came here to do...” she said. “Let us not linger on negative thoughts, let's focus on progress!” she said, lightening up. “I want to try something with you two...Last week, you started your magic small and let it build...I wasn't planning on trying this for weeks, possibly months, but you have made so much progress. I am going to reach inside of you and bring out all of your Magic, your job will be to wrest control over it. This will be done during the normal lessons as well, once we manage this we may move on to advanced magics without worry for you losing control.” she Finished.

“Ready.” the two replied as they steeled themselves. Celestia's horn glowed for a moment and nothing happened. That is, until the courtyard was filled with a flood of black and lavender light. Celestia actually shied away in fear of it, even if it was just a millisecond. “Twilight?! Night Shade?!” Celestia called, but found her voice had no volume no matter how loud she yelled. Celestia's magic couldn't contain the energy for much longer and guards had begun to swarm around her and the bubble. She couldn't help but sigh in relief and fall to her knees when she felt the power contained by her own begin to dissipate. The sight she saw in the bubble when the Light would have made her fall again if she wasn't already there.

Twilight and Night were standing next to each other, panting like they had just ran around the world three times, the glow of their eyes starting to fade. But that wasn't it, they were taller but only by a little. And their wings were Flared. “Wings?” Twilight said as she looked worriedly at Night. Her voice was a bit deeper as well.

“Huh? Wait...Twilight...you have wings?” Night asked, her voice similarly effected. Suddenly Exhaustion hit them like a truck and they collapsed.

“Take...take them to my Chambers...I will watch over them and rest at the same time...” Celestia said as her legs protested as she got to her Hooves. “Are you Alright you Majesty?” her captain asked. “My magic was nearly overpowered, one more second and that may have ended badly...” Celestia said. The Captain's jaw dropped, but he did what was asked of him.

It was Dark, barren...endless white and gray under her and endless black above. The Moon was quite Lonely. It was her namesake, Luna, and her creation...but she was totally and utterly Alone. She had finally wrested control over her physical and mental body from the dreaded Nightmare and stomped it out of existence. When it happened, the sun shone extra bright and gave her power, but that had been a while ago. She was just about to find a nice crater to sleep in when on the blob of land she could see on the Planet, the blob known as Equestria, there was a bright light that Illuminated the heavens. It broke the spell of confinement on her. She was casting a teleport spell before she could think different of it.

The teleportation took time, apparently a few hours because when she was on the moon it was morning in Equestria while now it was night. She appeared right in front of the door to Celestia's chambers. There was a horrified scream and she suddenly found a circle of guards around her. “Nightmare Moon!” one of them called. “what?” she said to herself. She saw her reflection on a tall mirror on the wall and nearly collapsed, she still looked like that monster.

“so nightmare...make the first move...” the Captain said threateningly. Luna simply turned around and knocked lightly. The guards stared, they expected a fight. They also stared as black seemed to evaporate off of her, revealing a blue coat. The guards tried to leap at her, but she kept them back with a harmless shield as she knocked again, a bit harder. This time movement was heard and the door opened and a call of 'Enter' was heard. Luna cautiously stepped in.

“Tia?” Luna called. “Who is it?” Celestia's tired voice called. She saw Celestia curled up on her bed with two Ponies, looking like they were just out of their teen years, curled next to her. Celestia threw off her grogginess when she saw who was standing there. Nightmare Moon. She quickly stood defensively in between Luna and the two Ponies. “Tia...it is I...” Luna said. To prove the point that she wasn't nightmare moon, she bowed to her knees as the last of the black evil left over from Nightmare moon evaporated away. “Luna?” Celestia asked. Luna nodded and she found herself glomped.

“Oh Luna...Dear Sister...I have missed you so much!” Celestia said happily, tears streaking down her face. The Guards were still watching as the barrier dissipated, but they did not charge in the room. The captain shut the door and told the others to disperse. “What happened how are you here?” Celestia asked suddenly.

“I broke free from my Nightmare long ago...but a moment ago, or rather this morning, a bright flash of light broke my binds and I immediately returned...” Luna said. “Flash of...I think it is Fate.” Celestia said. “These two are first year Unicorns at my school for Gifted Unicorns.” Celestia said, motioning towards the sleeping Ponies.

“What?...they look like Mares and...like...us? Are there more of us?!” Luna exclaimed.

“I am afraid not...While you were gone I did research on our kind...an Alicorn is born from immense magics...I did not know they could be created from a normal pony in the same way until tonight...I released all of their magic to test their control, but it was so much I almost lost control over it...they appeared like this and collapsed afterward...” Celestia said, her exhaustion returning to her voice.

“Two Fillies did that?...Perhaps the Magic accelerated their growth to match a young Mare...” Luna said.

“That is not all dear Sister...I thought that Twilight was perhaps an Element of Harmony...a new sixth element, the element of magic...but I think together, Twilight and Night are the element itself.” Celestia said.

“The Elements?” Luna repeated. Celestia nodded. “You sound Exhausted...I shall let you rest...” Luna continued.

“Do not worry about me...Tell any of the guards I ordered them to give you access to the Night Wing...” Celestia said and was asleep the second she retook her place on her bed next to Twilight and Night. Luna smiled and did as she was asked. The Captain asked her many questions, trying to see if he could get her to divulge any secret plans, while he guided her but she answered them all politely and without hesitance.

Twilight awoke feeling very odd, and in many different ways. She was warm on all sides, it felt like she had extra wide legs on her back and she felt Taller. The biggest thing, however, was that something warm was under her head. She opened her eyes to see that her Pillow was pure white. She then noticed the multi colored trims and looked up. Her eyes froze when she saw Celestia looking at her, Twilight's head was on her shoulder. She made a 'Shh' motion and pointed behind her to where Night was still sleeping. Twilight gasped when she saw that Night looked as big and as old as a Mare, and then realized she did too.

“What happened?” Twilight whispered. “Your extreme magic aged you and gave you a form better suited to your magical capacity, you were able to take complete control over it...and there is Somepony I would like you to meet once Night Shade awakes.” Celestia whispered back. “What about me?” Night's voice came with a yawn. “Good morning...” Celestia said.

Celestia explained everything that happened before and during their sleep and were eager, but nervous, about meeting Luna. “Come now...this Wing is a bit...naked...due to me sealing it off when it was built.” Celestia said as they walked. Celestia quietly knocked on the door and it opened with magic.