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Princess Cadence may have married Shining Armor, the stallion of her dreams and is now ruler of the Crystal Empire, but the events of the Changeling Invasion haunt her to a point where it concerns all those who care deeply about her. Now Shining Armor, Twilight and her aunts must help her confront her fears and put them to rest forever.

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I like the story. Just enough romance. :pinkiehappy:

I like the story. Just enough romance. :pinkiehappy:

Why is this on Spike group when he isn't on the tags or summary?

I continue to be baffled that Cadance and Shining would want complete strangers - to the point of never having spoken to - with no prior wedding planning experience to plan a major state event. Okay, maybe it's possible they know Rarity's work by reputation, but still. Of course, this is a canon thing and not your fault.

Another fanfic inspired by my first? Black Kyurem should feel honored.

Maybe you should write about Spike and his discovering about having Celestia as his mom.


It gets even crazier when you realize that it wasn't Shining and Cadence who wanted that, but Shining and Chrysalis. After all, the request would have been made after Cadence was imprisoned.

Why would Chrysalis go out of her way to make sure all 6 of the Elements of Harmony were at the wedding? If she hadn't invited them all, it would have just been Twilight.

4554059 If it was Chrysalis's idea to bring them, it might be because she recognizes them as dangerous enemies and wants to have them where she can deal with them. If they stay in Ponyville, once she takes Canterlot they'd disappear into the woodwork and make trouble later. She make not necessarily know that all six are required to make the Elements do their thing.

If it was Cadance's idea to invite them, Chrysalis must have wanted them there for some purpose, as she didn't change the plans. Even if that purpose was merely to avoid suspicion that she wasn't really Cadance. Note that she did - eventually - dump Twilight in the caverns, effectively making the Elements useless. My headcanon is that that was Plan B; Plan A was to mortally offend one of the other Bearers so that they'd leave in a huff, which would serves just as well without the danger of "Cadance" being seen using dark magic or creating a Missing Pony situation. It's far better, suspicion-wise, to milk the Bridezilla act and have unwanted ponies remove themselves of their own free will than to be throwing magic around. I'm also saying that that's why Luna wasn't in attendance either.

Twilight and Spike's relationship is unclear, but I like the "Aunt Cadence" idea.


Because there's a 5 Character-Tag only limit. If the limit of Character-Tags was double, then we'd get Spike in there. :moustache:

7650418 my comment was over two years old.

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