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The Nightmare of Princess Cadence - twilightsparkle3562

Princess Cadence is haunted by memories of her imprisonment during the Changeling Invasion of Canterlot

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End of the Nightmare

Chapter 6

“End of the Nightmare”

She laid helplessly as the evil Queen of the Changelings advanced towards her like a predator being drawn to its prey. For all Cadence could see was her mind racing before her very eyes of her life right up until that point. She tried to desperately get away, but her injured wing prevented her from doing so. At that point, Cadence pleaded for anypony, anyone to help her in her moment of need. Just then, a commanding booming voice came out in the distance.

“CHRYSALIS, LEAVE HER ALONE!” called the voice and just then, a beam of golden light fired and hit Chrysalis hard in the back, blasting her into Cadence, before she pushed her off of her. Cadence opened her eyes to see two important ponies in her life, Princess Celestia and Shining Armor standing in front of her, their horns powered with magic auras. Struggling to get back up, Chrysalis growled at the sight of the pony with whom she defeated in front of her subjects.

“Princess Celestia,” she groaned, as she struggled to her feet. “It’s you again and I suppose you haven't learned your lesson from last time."

“You have done enough damage, Chrysalis,” snarled Celestia icily, her horn ready to fire a death blast at the Changeling Queen. “You have tormented Princess Cadence and all of us for the last time. Now you shall pay for everything you have done to our family and our kingdom.”

Knowing that his enemy was weak, Shining Armor gave Chrysalis an angry glare before running over to be with his wife. Chrysalis tried to blast him away, but her magic was all but used up. In response, the Prince of the Crystal Empire kicked her in the chest and sent her into yet another Crystal Wall. He then fired a magic beam of his own at her, further weakening her.

“That was for ruining our wedding,” he shouted at Chrysalis and running over to Cadence, Shining Armor came over to her hugged his wife tightly as she sobbed into his arms.

“It’s all right, Cadence,” he said calmly as he consoled her. “It’s all over now. No one is ever going to harm you.”

Twilight, who had been with the injured Princess Luna, ran over to them as Luna struggled to her feet and joined her sister as they advanced towards Chrysalis in the same way as Chrysalis did to Cadence. They may no longer have wielded the Elements of Harmony, but Celestia and Luna had to punish Chrysalis for everything she had done to them and raising their horns together, they created a powerful magical ray similar to the Elements of Harmony and as Shining Armor and his wife and sister watched, the two sisters produced a rainbow that came up and down as Chrysalis screamed in horror.

“You have caused enough damage to all of us for the very last time,” cried Celesita as she and Luna pointed the Elements at Chrysalis . “The time has come for you and your Changelings to never come back and never harm Equestria ever again!”

“NOOOOOOO!!!” she screamed as the rainbow hit her and the Queen of the Changelings felt herself starting to disintegrate before her eyes. Chrysalis tried to scream, but she had dissolved before another word would come out of her mouth and as she disintegrated, the rainbow began to consume the caves and the light then consumed Celestia, Luna and finally Cadence, Twilight and Shining Armor.

Just then, Cadence opened her eyes again and could see that she was now back in the bridal suite in Canterlot castle as she moved around and Spike fell off the bed and onto his chest. This managed to wake him up and Cadence was wondering what was going on.
She looked down and saw the baby dragon lying on the ground and Cadence discovered that she was not alone in the bridal suite.

“Twilight, Aunt Luna, what are you doing here?” she asked, totally oblivious to what was going on. She then, looked down and saw Spike trying to climb back onto the bed.

“Here you go, Spike,” she said and used her magic to bring Spike back onto the bed. Luna and Twilight came around and got to their feet as they walked over to Cadence and joined her on the bed. Just then, Princess Celestia and Shining Armor came in and joined Cadence and the others as well.

“How are you feeling this morning?” asked Twilight, placing her hoof on Cadence’s hoof. “Did you sleep any better?”

“I did,” replied Cadence, who was feeling a lot happier than she had in the past few days. “But I had another dream and you were all in it.”

“We were all in your dream, Princess Cadence,” said Luna, smiling at her niece despite the injuries she had suffered. “Chrysalis was tormenting you and we had to protect you from her.”

Cadence had forgotten that her Aunt Luna had the ability to go into the dreams of other ponies and was surprised that Luna was inside her mind as were all the others.

“What did you do in my dream?” wondered Cadence. “How did you protect me from her?”

“We used a little something much like the Elements of Harmony,” laughed Celestia. “It came from our love for you.”

What Celestia and Luna used to finish off Chrysalis was still a mystery to them, but little did Cadence know that the rainbow was used to keep evil ponies from ever coming back.

“You might say that the Queen of the Changelings was sent back to a place where she will never escape from to torment you or any of us ever again,” added Luna, who then groaned in pain as she was still feeling hurt from her battle with Chrysalis.

“Aunt Luna, are you hurt?” asked Cadence, worriedly. But, Luna was not going to let something like this get her down.

“I’ll be fine,” groaned Luna, trying to fight through the pain. “I was injured in my battle with Chrysalis, but it will get better. Most importantly, if I or any of us was injured in anyway, it would be to protect you because you are our niece and friend.”

This made Cadence feel reassured as she knew that her aunts, her sister-in-law and her husband would be there for her as she would be there for them, as Spike crawled towards her and hugged Cadence tightly.

“Aw, thanks Spike,” she laughed. “You don’t have to do that.”

In the days that followed, Cadence returned to the Crystal Empire and was feeling a lot more confident in assuming her role as leader of the Crystal Empire. Little did she know that what her loved ones did that day in her dreams was put a barrier in Cadence’s mind to keep evil creature like Chrysalis from ever tormenting her.

Princess Cadence was the Princess of Love and while she would be faced with evil enemies every now and then, she would forever have the support of those closest to her from now until the end of time…

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Why is this on Spike group when he isn't on the tags or summary?

4347718 yes, my question exactly.

Another fanfic inspired by my first? Black Kyurem should feel honored.

Maybe you should write about Spike and his discovering about having Celestia as his mom.

4554059 If it was Chrysalis's idea to bring them, it might be because she recognizes them as dangerous enemies and wants to have them where she can deal with them. If they stay in Ponyville, once she takes Canterlot they'd disappear into the woodwork and make trouble later. She make not necessarily know that all six are required to make the Elements do their thing.

If it was Cadance's idea to invite them, Chrysalis must have wanted them there for some purpose, as she didn't change the plans. Even if that purpose was merely to avoid suspicion that she wasn't really Cadance. Note that she did - eventually - dump Twilight in the caverns, effectively making the Elements useless. My headcanon is that that was Plan B; Plan A was to mortally offend one of the other Bearers so that they'd leave in a huff, which would serves just as well without the danger of "Cadance" being seen using dark magic or creating a Missing Pony situation. It's far better, suspicion-wise, to milk the Bridezilla act and have unwanted ponies remove themselves of their own free will than to be throwing magic around. I'm also saying that that's why Luna wasn't in attendance either.


Because there's a 5 Character-Tag only limit. If the limit of Character-Tags was double, then we'd get Spike in there. :moustache:

7650418 my comment was over two years old.

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