• Published 2nd Feb 2014
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The Nightmare of Princess Cadence - twilightsparkle3562

Princess Cadence is haunted by memories of her imprisonment during the Changeling Invasion of Canterlot

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In the Beginning

Author's Note:

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Disclaimer 2: I do not own the original idea of this story, that belongs to Black Kyurem and his story, "A Canterlot Wedding Aftermath."

“The Nightmare of Princess Cadence”
By TwilightSparkle3562

Chapter 1

“In the Beginning…”

In the short span of a few months, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza otherwise know by her nickname of Cadence, had become the wife of Canterlot’s Captain of the Royal Guard and had assumed the role of Princess of the Crystal Empire. Cadence had come a very long way from when she was taken in by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna as their niece. As a young filly, she was abandoned and taken in by a group of Earth ponies who raised her as their own daughter and when she got older, Cadence took on a creature called Prismia who wore a magical necklace that amplified evil and jealousy to all who were near her. When Cadence at last confronted Prismia, she used her magic of love to change Prismia’s ways and it was that moment where she came face to face with Princess Celestia herself. In restoring love and laughter to Equestria, Cadence was transformed into an alicorn and adopted by Princess Celestia and her younger sister, Princess Luna.

Ever since then, Cadence had dedicated her life to spreading love and laughter wherever she went. It wasn’t until she was a student at the Canterlot Academy, that she would first meet the love of her life, Shining Armor. From the moment it was love at first sight for the two lovebirds and it was the moment where Cadence was introduced to the filly that she would build a relationship with and that was Twilight Sparkle, Shining Armor’s younger sister. Twilight was a pony who was unlike anything that Cadence had ever seen or met before, having mostly gained a devoted interest in books and magic. However, Twilight loved Cadence for who she was and that Twilight thought of her as someone like Shining Armor, almost like a second best friend forever to an extent. However, Twilight’s parents, Night Light and Twilight Velvet wanted to keep Twilight and Cadence connected as much as possible, seeing that their relationship was inseperable. One night, as Cadence was nearing the end of her time as Twilight’s foal sitter when she saw her charge’s parents, holding what appeared to be a piece of paper.

“Mrs. Velvet, Mr. Light, what are you looking at?” she asked, walking over to them. The two parents then looked over to Cadence with very happy expressions.

“Cadence, we are thinking about having Twilight be in your aunt’s school for gifted unicorns,” said Twilight Velvet excitedly, handing her the paper. “You may have noticed that Twilight’s interest in magic has grown since the Summer Sun Celebration. Ever since then, she can’t stop talking about magic.”

At that moment after reading the paper, Cadence was happy that Twilight was to be enrolled as a student in her aunt’s school. It seemed like Twilight was going to be heading for a bright future, but Cadence was worried that Twilight would be so absorbed in her studies on magic, that she would never see her favorite filly again.

“Why couldn’t she be in Canterlot Academy with me and her brother?” asked Cadence, thinking that Twilight was still too young to be in a school like her aunt’s. “She loves me for who I am and that is her sister figure and foal sitter.”

“And she does love you for who you are, Cadence,” chuckled Night Light, placing a hoof on her shoulder. “We all know, including Twilight, that your time as foal sitter is coming to an end. But just remember, you two will always be together and that you are always a part of our family, no matter what happens from here on in. Mrs. Velvet was in your aunt’s school when she was younger and went on to graduate with high honors.”

With these words from Night Light, Cadence was reassured quickly on this matter and in the years that followed, Twilight would grow and mature under her aunt’s leadership and when her Aunt Luna was freed from her Nightmare Moon persona, Twilight left Canterlot for good and was now living her life in Ponyville, studying the magic of friendship. Being Celestia’s niece, Cadence had always wondered how her favorite filly was doing and that she was always interested in what Twilight was learning.

In fact, Cadence had always wanted to see Twilight again and as the months passed, Cadence was starting to miss more and more of Twilight. However, the night that her life was changed forever came on the night of the Grand Galloping Gala, where Twilight and her friends were in attendance. But just as Twilight and her friends arrived, Shining Armor and Cadence were in a secret part of the Canterlot Gardens where he had wanted to ask her something that he had been dying to ask since they graduated from Canterlot Academy.

“Cadence,” he said, trying to find something in the pocket of his red royal guard uniform. “Before we go in and attend the Gala tonight, there is something I have been meaning to ask you.”

“Oh, what is it?” asked Cadence, who was wearing a blue crystal dress, the same one she would later wear for the Equestria Games inspector, Ms. Harshwinny. “Do like my dress? Is it time to go see Aunt Celestia and Twilight?”

“Well, yes, I like your dress,” replied Shining Armor, trying to hide his true feelings. “I can’t wait to see Twiley as much as you do. But, there is something I want to propose to you.”

Cadence gasped in hush and sharp breaths, as she saw Shining Armor use his magic to pull out what appeared to be a gold ring box and opened it to reveal a gold ring with a ruby diamond on top. Tears came into Cadence’s eyes when she saw the ring in all its glory.

“Shining Armor,” she gasped as she placed her hoof at her mouth in shock and awe. “Are you asking me to--?”

Shining Armor stood up and knelt down on one of his knees and using his magic, levitated the ring onto Cadence’s horn.

“Princess Mi Amore Cadenza,” he asked happily, knowing that he was about to become the luckiest stallion in all of Equestria. “Will you marry me?”

Cadence could not believe what she was hearing. She had always thought that Shining Armor was the colt for her and after many years, the moment was finally here.

“Shining Armor,” she gasped, feigning the true feelings that were inside her. “This better not be a joke you are trying to pull on me.”

“This is no joke,” he said happily, looking at her tear filled eyes. “Will you be my wife? If you say yes, then you gain Twiley as a sister.”

Shining Armor placed the ring on Cadence’s horn and with her eyes filled with tears of happiness, leap into her fiancé’s arms and hugged him tightly. He chuckled knowing that this was a response that Cadence would indeed marry him, given the fact that Twilight would become her sister-in-law.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he said happily and the two of them celebrated their engagement so much that they forgot about Twilight and her friends. However, they heard the crazed sounds of animals not too far from where they were and then looked at a yellow Pegasus pony in a green gown running around the gardens. Her hair was frazzled and frustration was shown in her eyes.

"Wonder what got into her," remarked Shining Armor, but Cadence diverted his attention back to her.

"Don't worry about her, my love," she said, as they walked towards the castle and the Gala. "Let us celebrate our love tonight."

But, as the months went by, the two engaged ponies began to plan out their wedding with Twilight and her friends playing key roles for their wedding. But, for Twilight, not only was she in charge of organizing the wedding, but she was also to be Shining Armor’s Best Mare, a role that was of major significance to both Cadence and Shining Armor, as Twilight was the one pony who had brought them together in the first place and that the true symbol of the wedding was Twilight herself.

Unfortunately, as the days to Cadence and Shining Armor’s wedding grew nearer and nearer, Canterlot had received a mysterious threat that was disguised in the form of Queen Chrysalis who was determined to absorb the love out of all who cross her path. As Twilight and her friends arrived in Canterlot, Chrysalis knew that the one pony who held the most love out of all in Canterlot was none other than Shining Armor himself. While Twilight and Shining Armor were conversing for the first time in a long time, Chrysalis moved into Cadence’s quarters and attacked her, sending her down into the Canterlot Caves while Chrysalis assumed Cadence’s form and sucked out as much love as possible from him while Cadence could only watch from below in horror.

But, thanks to Twilight, Cadence was rescued from the caves and Chrysalis was driven out by the power of her love to Shining Armor. However, the memories of that fateful day would continue to haunt Cadence from that day on and one night as she and Shining Armor slept in the Crystal Empire, it would all come out for all to hear…