• Published 14th Mar 2012
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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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Start the Operation

As Mr.Rivera sat there and on his couch, he closed his eyes. He analyzed all the information he had just been given and released a sigh. He glanced over to his fainted wife and held a level expression. His son was some sort of magic user, he was dating a Princess who was also a Goddess of the Night, he has been to two other worlds and has a Demigod as a friend slash mentor. He had been fighting a dark power and placed his life in danger. He also changed his name, the name he gave him when he was born. He looked at his son on the other couch and rubbed his eyes. Mr.Rivera and grabbed his son by the shoulders. He stood him up and looked at him dead in the eyes. "Dad?" Mythic said nervously. Mr.Rivera gave his son and toothy smile and a thumbs up. Mythic smiled and his eyes showed happiness.

"You little fucker." Mr.Rivera calmly whispered. Mythic pulled back but his father had a good grip on him. He looked around but he was just not about to get out of his father's grip. Mythic looked back into his father's eyes to see the intent to kill. "So you get a princess-goddess, magic powers, a black sword, badass black magic sword I should say and get to travel to other worlds?" Mr.Rivera frowned began to smack Mythic back and forth across the face comically. He kept slapping him as he talked. "At your age all I got was my license, fucked up car, pocket-knife and your mother! And she was bitchy all the time!"

Mythic turned red in the face and the others stared. Victor started to laugh as he watched. "Fatherly love for ya..." Victor walked up to Mr.Rivera and tapped him on the side. "Danny, you can stop now."

Mr.Rivera looked down to Victor and sighed. "I guess..." He slapped his son once more and threw him onto the sofa. "Well I'll be right back. I need to pick something up now before I kick your ass any harder." Mr.Rivera walked over to the kitchen as his son watched in disbelief. He took the keys and waved to the few girls in the kitchen. Mr.Rivera walked over to the door and gave his son a smile before opening the door and leaving.

Mythic was stuck on the couch as he stared with a still confused look. "What the fuck?"

"What did you just say?" Mrs.Rivera sprung awake. She looked at her son with a red face as anger.

"Fuck..." Mythic said in a state of defeat and sighed.

Elsewhere-Unknown Realm

Azath sat in his throne and watched as a large force both Shade and his own Shards gathered. Mortem Rex keeled before him. "My lord we are prepared. We have gathered the necessary force for the operation. Just give the word and we will be off."

Azath smiled behind his black vale. "Good my friend. We shall begin soon, I simply most speak to two more pieces of our plan. They will be necessary if we wish for it to be completed at maximum efficiency. Bring me...Talos." Mortem Rex nodded and stood. He snapped his large fingers and Talos started to walk through a black rift into the room. The Elite stood in his pony form. He knelt down in fornt of Azath. "Ah, Talos, soon glade you can make it."

The equine Shade stood up and gave his master a salute. He then asked his duties. "Master Azath, I am here to serve you. What do you wish for me to do my Lord?"

Azath stood from his throne and walked up to his minion. "Talos, you know what we are about to do correct?" Azath asked in a calm and friendly voice. It was not to be confused with his personality, it was simply how he talked.

Talos nodded and spoke with confidence. "Yes my Lord, I know what the operation is. Yet I didn't expect you'd wish me for it." Talos sucked his teeth as he remembered the reason behind his thought process. 'The Mystic.'

"Yes, the Mystic." Azath said bluntly. "Mythic Rune, he is a strange case. Nothing to worry about for long, because of you. You are going to insure we complete this operation on all fronts. Follow me, I will explain everything once we meet with the second."

Talos looked at Azath with confusion yet stayed silent. Mortem Rex took his final bow as he began to leave. "My Lord, I will be waiting on your word. I will have the Shade start moving."

"As you wish Mortem Rex." Azath waved him off with a casual tone. The Shard bowed and activated a Rune seal to send him and his small force off to their destination. The large hall was silent and empty, only the Shard and Elite Shade stood in it. Azath snapped his figures to open a rip in space. From it stepped forth a dark figure in a grey cloak similar to Azath's. Under both the stranger's hood and Azath a smile grew. "Now, lets begin the real operation."

Earth-Rivera Home

Jika and Bonsia sat in the back yard. It has been hours since the mourning passed and the moon began to rise. The twilight filled the sky with colors and the sisters looked up at it. Jika and her sister were back to back, leaning on the other. The soldier meditated as the herbalist started to dozed off. Jika sighed and stretched her neck up to get more air. "Why is the air so thin here?" She thought aloud. "Must be the world, strange place. I like Albion better, simple and clean."

In the middle of her rant, Mythic's brothers stepped outside. Carlos held Jika's sword which she left in their room from the morning. Chris pleaded with his bother. "Carlos, don't do it. You already tried and it is really dangerous. Even if you do it you can be hurt."

Carlos turned to his bother and yelled at him. "Maybe if you shut up I won't cut you with it once I open it! I mean come on, Daniel gets to do his stuff. I should get to do something too!"

"That is greedy and a horrid way to look at it you worthless sack of shit." Jika barked. She stood up off the ground and marched to him. Bonsia fell the ground and awoken from the impact. The soldier snatched the sword from him and hit him in the head with it. "Two things. Do not touch other peoples belongings and do not threaten to harm kin with a deadly weapon."

Carlos rubbed his head and grunted at Jika. "I only wanted to see it. It can't be that deadly!" The Albian unsheathed her blade and the blue flames escaped. They danced around on the sword for a moment before her shut it closed. Carlos stumbled back. "Oh my God!"

"Someone call?" Victor called from the window. "Also your dad is back and we wants everyone inside for this. Also it's Mythic you little shit." The Demigod popped back inside and waited for everyone.

The Rivera bothers walked back inside as Jika picked Bonsia up. "Lets go see what is going on, Bonsia." The elder sister dusted the younger off. He had was pushed aside and Bonsia finished. Jika sighed and turned to the door. Bonsia followed her and the sisters made their way through and to the living room.

On the sofa was Mythic with swelled cheeks and his father sitting next to him. He held in his hands a small black box and a sober expression. Mrs.Rivera sat across from the two with a nervous look. One she hardly used, rare in fact. As the last of the occupants gathered, Mr.Rivera stood up. He looked everyone over and opened his small box. "This morning I displayed my last expression of love for my child."

"That was love!?" Rainbow Dash exclaimed. "I'd hate to see it when you are mad."

Mr.Rivera glared at her. "Bitch please, man is talking."

'That was a funny one.'
"Shut the hell up Brain. Father is speaking."

Mr.Rivera pulled out a small pure white and handed it to Mythic. "Son, I always waited for this moment with dread. The day you truly outgrow this home. You are no longer my child, you are a man. You have many great things inside you, most important is your ability to get up after each fall you take. Ever since you were small I could see this, this person who will grow to excellence. I know this is not much but take this with you, it belonged to your uncle."

"The priest." Victor mumbled as he eyeballed to chain.

Jika watched from the back with Bonsia. The soldier held a black expression, but deep inside she envied Mythic. At one point she too went through something similar. Her envy quickly changed to nostalgia as her mind drifted off into the memories of past years. Bonsia was not that far away from following her sister down memory lane. The two thought back to times when they still had family. They release sighs of happiness but then frowned when they returned to the present. Jika hugged her sister and Bonsia returned the gesture.

Mythic held the chain and gazed at it. He rubbed his cheeks and was prepared to say his thanks when Mr.Rivera continued. "I may have said you are a man now, but do not be fooled. You're no longer the child of this family. You are the child of mankind. Now I leave it in your hands to give us a better reputation than we have for ourselves. And be carefully son, or you may get yourself killed."

Victor's ears pinged and eyes grew. "Fuck no!" A seal opened in the ceiling and Aries dropped down crying. Victor didn't expect this and felt a little bad for assuming she was her to manhandle him. "Aries?" Victor called with worry.

The female Demigod looked up and ran to her bother. "Victor! It is horrid!" She cried out as she sobbed.

"Slow down." Victor urged. "What is wrong?"

"They are about to attack! They won't stand a chance, they will die!" Aries yelled.

"Who is attacking and who will die?" Victor asked with confusion.

"The Shard...they are about to launch an attack on Albion." Her tears did not stop and even increased in rate. "They are sending one of the Council and worse. They have something that I don't know, dark and scary that should not even exist."

"What is it?" Victor panicked. "What or who is it."

Aries tried to calm down but was still crying. "I think it's family."

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