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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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Runes.. it had to be Runes. (Francis K revised.)

"Why is is it sooo damn hot!"

Not the best introduction, I know. But that's how my story starts. I'm seventeen and a junior in high school. I'm on the Football team, don't know why I though, I don't really like it. But I'm also a nerd by many definitions. I'm always on my PlayStation and my PC for HOURS UPON HOURS and the grades suffer for that, which is cool with me. Never one for school, except for history. I simply love the subject. Especially the Greeks, Romans and things close to mythic culture.


Man, when I get started, I can bitch. Anyways, it was the day we were released from school for summer. I didn't have a single plan. I had my friends, just no plan. So most likely, I'm going stay in the dungeon I call my room. Not the whole damn summer of course, just a crap ton of the time. Doesn't help any when your: Mother, Father, and brothers are going to be on a trip for the longest time. They are going even though my birthday is in between their trip. I'll let them go with the thought of a few benefits. They go away for a while, feel bad a little for leaving me behind, so I get some stuff... or get off the hook for partying till dawn every single week. DJ's, friends, girls, life seems good to me. But I've also been meaning to read up on some topics from myths and legends. But i need to get to my house first. The bus that was going to pick me up didn't come. What a surprise... had to walk in 80 degree heat with no clouds. My house is, like, 3 hours away without a car or a bike.


Now to clarify, I don't live in the desert or anything. Just had to hike on the highway and some steep hills. As I came upon what I saw as heaven but was really just my home, I saw the family van being packed up. My dad had the luggage being packed away in the back, my brothers jumping in like the maniacs they are and my mother waving at me, glad to see her son before they left for a few months. I'd thought i'd be a good idea to mess with her. So as I walked towards her, I slowed down my already near limp and started to crawl.. like my legs were blown off. They all looked at me like I was stupid and sighed. They know they're going to miss me. "Water... God has promised me this..." and as I was about a good two feet from her, she kicked my side. Not hard, but damn if I was really hurt. Then they all laughed. Just for that, they aren't coming home to clean rooms.

"OK, now that you nearly killed a survivor of the God-forsaken sun... can I get a good-bye? Gone for months at a time and worrying people, I thought that would be my job?" Giving a smirk, they all surrounded me with hugs and what-not. As it died down, they went back into the van and I stopped my dad for a second. "Umm.. Dad, I need to talk to you." He had on a worried face. "Yes?"

"Well, let me say one thing.."As I said this he gave me one of his 'I think I can finish this for you' looks.

"...If I meet a Girl.."

"The tall dresser, bottom shelf, fake bottom."

"Thanks Dad."

"I know the situation, son; family gone for a few months,and I know you're going to throw parties. Just don't burn the house down and clean up after yourself, okay?" My dad extended his arm for a shake. As he did, I swatted his arm away. "What the hell." I stepped in to give him one last hug. "I'm going to miss you guys." He returned the hug. After a moment, he let go and stepped into the van. I waved as my family left up the street. "Now, time to go to work." I don't have a job, but I do need to get things ready for the next while.

It was now about 7PM, the sun was setting down and I was pulled to look at it for some while. It looked nice, the one time in a long time i didn't see smoke or fog covering it. I pulled myself away and finished setting myself up. I cleaned my room of all my useless crap and brought in the good stuff. Flat screen, surround sound, my computer and my PlayStation, I hooked it all up together and looked at my art. Then I saw something that made me think I was going to faint, the moon and sun where both in the sky and on their respected horizons. They both quickly started to move to the center of sky, I nearly fainted just at the sight from my window, I wanted a better view so I ran outside. Nothing, I only saw the sun setting. "What the hell! I just saw.." I shock my head in anger and confusion, 'sigh', I walked back inside disappointed. I turned to my window again and took a double-take. The moon high in the sky, the sun nearly in eclipse, but the moon was dominate. Just then, the whole house began the glow blue. Runic figures wrote themselves on the walls, in a dark blueish hue. I started to hear a humming in my ears and the glowing around my become brighter. I stood there in aw. The sun outside was now beside the moon. "What the hell is this!" that's all I said before I was surrounded by black.

Canterlot,Castle- Minutes before Daniel blackout

"OK Luna, why are we doing this again?" Princess Celestia asked with a very worried look on her face.

"Because you said that if I can raise the moon faster than you, you'd get me anything I wanted." Luna replied with a smug grin. They both stood on a large balcony, right outside the thorn room. "It will be fun for both of us. You know, sister bonding stuff." Luna continued as she rotated her hoof in mid-air. "Come on, you know you want to do it."

Celestia let out a long sigh and answered with a tone of defeat. "Okay, fine. But when I win you must stop this little game of yours. Deal?" Luna shook her head violently. "Good, now bring your moon to the horizon as I bring my sun to the other." As the moon came up from behind the western mountains, the sun began to set itself on east. Luna and Celestia prepared themselves. "Ready...set...GO!" They both few into the sky and hovered, pulsating magic outward until the celestial objects began to move. They continue to do this for about a full two minutes. Luna pulled out all the stops and had the moon heading dead center of the sky, taking place at the noon position just before Celestia's sun. Celestia slowly floated back down to the balcony, simply stunned that Luna could move the moon faster then she could move her sun. Luna, was now flying through the air screaming in joy, that she just beat her sister. That was something she hadn't done for a long time. "Okay now can you get down her and tell me what you want?" Celestia said this in a very annoyed tone.

Luna looked down at her with a wide smile and came to eye level with Celestia. "Oh, what I want is so very close." Celestia confused, raised a brow. Not understanding Luna's statement. "What I want is to see a Solar Eclipse, I only saw one once and that was way,way,way back. You never do it anymore, and I want to see one." Luna put on a puppy face, making Celestia take a step back.

'Must resist the.. cute puppy dog.. Buck it!' "Fine, just..just put the puppy face." Celestia turned her face away and in her hooves knowing that she had been defeated by her mortal enemy. She then heard Luna clapping her hooves together. Celestia thought she sounded like a school filly. "Just give me a moment, okay?" And with that Celestia's horn glowed and moved the sun behind the moon, causing a Solar Eclipse. "Happy?" Celestia pointed to the sky with her hoof.

Luna squeaked. "Yes I'm very happy, look at it. It's beautiful." Luna stared at the sky with aw and excitement. Light did come from it, but it was dark and mysterious as well. As she started to look over Equestria, with it's new but temporary glow from the eclipse she saw something in the distance, near Ponyville. She saw a faint blue glow, she would have seen it as nothing more than something from Everfree. The two princesses never real saw anything wrong in Everfree, they just don't want to go in. But it was coming from an area almost inside the town itself. "Tia, what is that?" Luna pointed to the aura like glow.

Celestia saw what Luna meant and looked back to her sister."I don't know. But I'll sent Twilight and her friends to check on it. I'll send her a letter right now." Celestia teleported herself to her chamber and levitated a quill, inkwell, and a piece of parchment to her and began to write.

Dear Twilight Sparkle

I don't know if you have noticed but, me and Luna might have made a Solar-eclipse. Has it was a bet, and she won. Therefore I was obligated to give her one thing she wanted and she asked to see an Eclipse. I also most likely know what you are thinking, but she gave me the eyes twilight, not THE STARE. But the puppy eyes. But by causing this there seems to be an aura like glow coming from Ponyville. I want you and the other Elements to check it out.

From, Celestia with love.

"It should be nothing... hopefully" Celestia gave another sigh and sent the letter to Spike via magic, so he can give it to Twilight. "She'll handle this maturely, I'm sure of it." Celestia was left there with her thoughts.

This chapter has been revised. Thank God. Now on to the rest! Tally-ho!

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