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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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Day in the Castle

The time was now for the Sun's rising and the servants where about and Celestia was awake from her sleep. She yawned and rubbed her eyes open. Her room, full of greens and pinks and stark white almost blinded her. She let out a lazy moan and crawled out of bed with a frown. "I dislike this part of the day." She lazily walked over to her balcony and opened the door, a cool breeze hitting her white coat sending a refreshing sensation through her body. Celestia approached the railing and leaned over it, not ready to raise the Sun. She slouched over the rail thinking about the events that have happened in such a short time. "Uh, the things I've seen. Nightmare, Discord, Chrysalis and the days of the Mystics. How long is this crisis going to last? How long am I going to have to be the ruler that deals with all this. I love my ponies and my Equestria, but I need someone other than Luna to help me." Celestia then noticed a leaf on the rail, she pushed it off and sighed. "I think I need a King. *sigh* "

With her horn aglow Celestia rose the sun with minimal effort over the horizon. She looked over her castle and then over to the far woods by Canterlot. It was her escape for peace in time were the console of the ponies around her wouldn't make a difference, like when her parents died. Even as old as she was, as wise as she was, Celestia still wanted to go out and be free from the weight of her crown and the back pain of her throne. She wanted to go out and see the world, not for political debts but for pleasure from the sights. She herself couldn't do it that often, but Luna can. Luna could go around the world and Celestia would let her. Hell, she'd push her to do it. For the truth was that those two weren't immortal, they were Goddesses yes, but immortal no. In fact the title of Goddess was given to them by the ponies, if anyone was a Godly it would be her Mother and Father.

She moved from her slouched position on the balcony and moved into her room. From there she went to her royal bathroom to clean and groom herself. She first took a ten minutes shower, then combed her ethereal mane. Celestia then took a soft bristle brush and proceeded to brush her white coat to its pristine shape and style for another thirty minutes. After she brushed her coat, she did the same to her teeth for five minutes. The Princess spent over half an hour grooming, and she was still tired. As Celestia left her bathroom, she say a servant had left a tray on her writing table. On the tray a mug piped out steam, pure black coffee. A weak smile curled up on Celestia's face as she picked up the mug and drank from it. She eyes sparkled and she felt ready for the day after the first sip. She removed the mug from her muzzle and sighed happily, Celestia then began to chug the whole mug down like a champion! Celestia roar with victor, ready to tackle this day like the champ she was! First to breakfast though.

Walking through the halls of Canterlot castle, Celestia waved to all the servants as they went about their business. Celestia was now happy, the day was young and much could be done today. She neared the dinning hall and hear voices from within. She opened the double doors and saw Twilight and her friends already seated and talking about something interesting she was sure. The six mares sat in the middle of a what was obviously the grand dinning room. The table was long enough to hold twelve ponies, plus one head at each end so a total of fourteen. "Hello my little ponies. It is good to see you all this mourning."

Everyone in the room turned toward's their ruler and bowed their heads. "Hello Princess!" They all called out. "We are doing fine." Twilight continued without the group. "How are you doing Princess?"

"Oh me? I'm doing fine, just getting breakfast before a hard day of ruling." Celestia walked over to the north head of the table. "So did everypony get a good nights rest?" They nodded their heads, Pinkie slightly less than the others. "Good, oh Black Tie!" Celestia called and an older unicorn sir, dressed in a black suit and combed hair walked out a pair of side doors that led to the kitchen. He had a fine black 'moustache' against his brown coat. "Good mourning Black Tie."

"And a good mourning to you Princess Celestia. Will you be having the usually salad with oatmeal and coffee?" Celestia nodded and Black Tie pulled out a pen and notepad. "Alright and will Twilight and her friends be joining you?" Celestia nodded once more. Black Tie then began to take the orders of all the mares, mostly salads or pancake and the like, except for Pinkie Pie who said she already had a lot to eat the night before and still need to get over the stomach ache. "Well I hope you feel better Miss Pie. As for the rest of you, I am sorry to say that the kitchen staff showed up late today and your meals might came out slightly behind schedule."

"Oh that is fine my good sir." Rarity said from between Fluttershy and Applejack. "Quality over um, what is the word-"

Black Tie assisted Rarity by saying, "Proximity. The word you are looking for dear is proximity." Black Tie nodded to Celestia and walked back into the kitchen.

"Well now," Celestia started. "Has anyone seen-" The doors of the dining room opened once more and Shining Armor walked in with his helmet on. "Oh, hello Shining Armor."

Shinning Armor stood at attention. "Ma'am i am glad to say that within the past day and night we have managed to check all the buildings in PonyVille to insure their stability. So far only the ten buildings that had obvious damage are the only ones with problems. We will start sending the populist back to PonyVille this afternoon."

"That is good to hear Captain Armor, I am proud of the dedication you show. No matter the situation."

"Thank you ma'am," Shining Armor looked over to Twilight with a smirk. "It runs in the family."

"You don't have to tell me twice. Have you eaten yet by any chance?"

"No your majesty."

"The take a seat we have just about four empty."

"Are you sure Princess?" Celestia nodded and gestured to a seat on the far end by Twilight and the south head of the table. Shining Armor took off his helmet and placed it on the floor. "So how is everyone?"


"That's good. So Twi I really didn't get a chance to ask you. Who was that Alicorn who was in PonyVille?"

"Oh him? That was Mythic Rune, also known as Daniel. He is," Twilight then went wide eye for she remembered that she couldn't tell anyone that didn't already know. "...for somewhere far away."

"Okaaay? So does anyone know what those things were?"

"Oh, those? Those were Corrupt, I don't know all the details but they are bad. But don't worry, Mythic can handle them with ease."

"With ease huh? Hey what ever happened to him?"

"Oh that. Well um... he, was sent to a different location! Yeah different location. Turns out he landed in the Everfree forest and Luna had to go get him yesterday. They showed up last night. By the way," Twilight turned to her friends. "Has anyone seen-" The doors of the dinner hall opened once more.

Bonsia and Jika stumbled into the room more stable than their attempts at walking yesterday. Jika was staring at her hooves while Bonsia greeted everyone. "Good mourning everyone. Good mourning your Highness."

"Oh, good mourning. It was Bonsia and Jika yes?"

"Yes your Majesty." Jika answered. "I am honored you remembered our names."

"Of course I would. You are guests here and I am honored to house you for the time being. Please take a seat at the end of the table."

"Thank you, your Majesty." Jika and Bonsia proceeded, very carefully to the far end of the table and took their seats. Now seated on Celestia's right was an empty seat, then Fluttershy, Rarity Applejack and Jika and another seat. On her left was a seat, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Twilight, Shining Armor and Bonsia.

"Well this is the fullest my table has been in a long time. But still, as anyone seen-" Celestia was interuppted once more by the opening of doors. This time, Prince Bloodblue and Princess Cadence walked in arguing.

It seems Blueblood still doesn't know that mares go through the door first. "Please cosine, I shall be going first."

"Oh no your'e not, mares go first."

"No, Princes go first."

"Well I'm a 'Princess'. Princesses go first."

Celestia facehoofed before calling them both out. "Well you two stop acting like fouls? We have guests, go sit down."

Taking the advantage over the distracted Blueblood, Cadence slipped by him and walked over to Shinig Armor. "Hey honey." She kissed him.

"Hey Babe."

Twilight waved to Cadence. "Hey Cadence."

"Hello Twilight. How are you doing?"

"Fine. How about you?"

"Better now that Shining Armor is home." Cadence then walked over to the south head of the table and sat in the seat, directly across from Celestia. She took note of Jika and Bonsia. "Oh my. Who might you two be?"

"We are Jika and Bonsia Storm. We are new here." Jika answered.

"Well I can see that. I am Princess Cadence and the is my cosine, Prince Blueblood. Don't mind him though, he can be oh-so bitchy."

"I do not get bitchy! I get annoyed." Blueblood walked around the table and sat across Shining Armor and beside Jika. He looked over the table and noticed who was siting just two ponies away. "Oh, hello Rarity."

Rarity didn't look over to Blueblood but expressionlessly said, "Blueblood."

"Well, now that the table is almost full." Celestia once more started. "Has anyone seen Mythic and Luna?"


Ten Minutes Later

Mythic laid in bed with Luna in his grasp and during the coarse of the night Luna took hold of Mythic. Their breathes were steady and calm, both were just in the process of ending a dream. It was not a good or bad dream, just a regular, dull dream but a dream none the less. Mythic was the first to awaken but kept his eyes shut for the time being. He expected to feel the thin sheets and then the wooden floor underneath him. Instead he felt the envelopment of a soft bed and the gentle warmth of another figure touching him. He felt the hot breath of Luna hit his face as his hit her. "Luna?"

Luna slowly awoke and opened her eyes to see Mythic right in front of her. "Yes Mythic?"

He half opened his green eyes and looked into her half open teal eyes. "When did this happen?"

"You fell asleep on my balcony and I didn't want to leave you up there."

"Okay. Why are we hugging?"

"Well you grabbed me and I fell asleep."

"Did I do anything else?"

"I don't know. Let me check." Luna then lazily looked under her sheets. "Nope."

"Good." He smacked his lips trying to get mourning taste out. "Hey you want to get some breakfast?"

Luna yawned out, "I guess. Can you carry?"

Mythic sighed. "Yeah I guess. Can I get something other than my kimono? It's dirty."

"I have an extra neck piece you could have."

Mythic sighed his his groggy sleep voice. "That is good enough." Mythic hopped out of bed and threw off he kimono. It landed at the foot of the bed and he went off in search of something to wear. "Where is it?"

Luna called from the bed, her face in a pillow. "Its in the closet."

Mythic shrugged and walked to an oak wood door on the wall. He opened it and inside saw a collection of necklaces and other neck pieces. One stood amongst the others, a dark purple one with a hollow white circle. Mythic took it a placed it around his neck, it surprisingly fit well on him. He looked in a nearby mirror and decided it looked well on him. Mythic then returned to the bed and picked Luna off the bed with his magic and placed her on his back. "Come on sleepy filly. Lets get some food in you... why is you mane light blue?"

"Oh, I'm to tired to make it ethereal. So it just goes blue." Luna's head was right on top of Mythic's and she held onto his neck as they walked down the hall. Both their eyes were half closed and they both slouched. Mythic walked lazily down the halls with directions provided by Luna. For about five minutes, Mythic carried the Princess on his back. A few servants roamed the halls ans whispered to each other as Mythic passed by. "Luna," Mythic whined. "Where is the dining hall?"

"Um. It is the next left turn." And just like Luna said, a large double door came into view as Mythic turned the corner. A pair of guards stood by it and looked confused at Mythic and Luna. "Mourning, can you open the doors?" The guards looked at each other and then began to push opened the doors. Behind the doors Mythic saw that he had just entered through one of two doors, the other being on the left side of the grand dinning hall. He walked through the main entrance and saw that the table was filled with his friends and a few unfamiliar faces.

"Okay Luna we are here." Mythic knelt down and allowed Luna to climb off of him. Once she was on the ground, they both flapped their wings and flew over to the only open seats right by Celestia. The two waved to their friends as the landed in their seats. "Hey everyone. How are you guys doing?"


"Good. Now who are you two?" Mythic addressed Blueblood and Cadence.

Blueblood stood. "I am Prince Blueblood. Nephew of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. This is my cosine Princess Cadence."

Mythic took note that Cadence was an Alicorn. "Well nice to meet you two. Now Princess Cadence, do you control something?" She looked at him confused. "You know Princess Celestia controls the Sun and my dear Queen of Night here controls the Moon."

"Oh that, nope. I don't have any powers like that. I have never seen you though, but Twilight and Rainbow Dash told us some stuff. Like of you are from some for of land. What is the name of it?"

"It's called Connecticut. What else did she tell you?"

"Well she said you were really powerful, but you don't take care in the way you use them."

Mythic perked up for a second and laughed. "Ha ha ha ha!" He then went back to his sleepy mused state. "No. I can control all my powers pretty damn well. She is just made she can't do this. Luna, magic beam." Mythic threw up a small runic shield while Luna blasted three short fire magic beams with her horn. The beams hit the shield and Mythic dismissed the shield. "See? Now where is the food at? Luna and I are starving."

Just then Black Tie walked out with a cart full of food for everyone, even Armor, Cadence and Blueblood who were currently in aw at Mythic's display. Black Tie passed out the meals to everyone and then turned his attention to Luna. "Hello your Majesty Luna. What will you behaving to day?"

Luna groaned, "The usually please."

"Okay and for you Majesty Sir?"

Mythic glared at Black Tie. "You need to get the memo. I am not a Majesty. I am Mythic Rune, and I don't know. I'll have what Luna is having."

"My apologizes Mythic, it won't happen again. I must inform you though that Luna's meal is special and we only have one platter for her."

Luna rose her head off the table. "It's fine Black Tie, we will split it."

"Okay your Majesty, it'll be right out." Black Tie then proceeded to journey back into the kitchen.

"Thanks Luna."

"No problem Mythic. You like doughnuts right?" Black Tie then came back in with a cart full of doughnuts three platters. There were jelly filled, glazed, frosted. Mythic's mouth watered at the sight and look perked up. "So I guess you do like them."

"Oh dear Queen of the Night. Thank you for this bountiful harvest. Bless this unicorn stallion and all those who had a hoof in making these beauties." Black Tie placed one platter in front of both Alicorns and one in the middle before walking away. "This is for Queen and country. This is for the highlanders. This is for Sparta." Mythic stood up and took a doughnut
in hoof. He bit down on it before yelling out, "For the Horde!" All the Twilight and friends, the Storm sisters and the Princess facehooded while the other three occupants of the room stared at him like he was crazy.


Five minutes, Mythic was almost done with his platter of doughnuts when he realized something. "Hey Jika!"

From the other side of the table Jika answered, "What?"

"You are a guard right? Wouldn't you need to get permission to leave the country? I know you are on leave, but I don't know when Victor will be back."

"Meh. It's alright, I'm a Lieutenant. They can't get rid of me even if they hated me. The Queens guard doesn't need permission to leave the country."

"Oh, alright. And Twilight?"

"Yeah Mythic?"

"When do you plan on help Bonsia out with her magic?"

"Today or tomorrow, why?"

"Just wondering when I can go home. I still need Luna to help me with my Rune magic." Mythic glanced over Luna. "You can still help me with that right?"

Luna swallowed the doughnut she had in her mouth and grabbed another one with her magic. "Mythc, you don't need to ask me. You know I'd help you with anything."

"Cool, thanks." Mythic quickly scarfed down his doughnut and looked to take then next one. His platter was empty and the one in the middle only had one left. He used his magic and levitated it over to his face. He was about to eat it when he say Luna looking down to her own platter as there was none left. Mythic looked at the doughnut, chocolate frosted with white star sprinkles. He looked back over to Luna and back at his doughnut. Brain, options.

Just give her the damn doughnut you dumbass.

'Holy God, when did you get so hostile?'

I found heart in the control center.

'So, what is the big deal?'

Nothing Mythic. Please continue.

"Hey Luna, want this doughnut?"

Luna looked over to Mythic like a dog awaiting a treat. "Please!"

"Okay, here." He then floated the doughnut over to Luna who just jumped up and snatched into up. She then politely shoved in her face. 'Dear God she eats like me.'


After breakfast, Mythic spent his day relaxing any and everywhere. For two hours he just Sun bathed and slept some more. He spent sometime in the library looking up books and even a few spells Twilight said she'd teach him. A flew around with Rainbow Dash for awhile, learning a trick or two. Mythic spent some time with Applejack, having a hoof race around the castle grounds. At lunch, he talked with Rarity and Fluttershy. He told them stories about his antics back on Earth.

"And so this one time, I was going down a hill with my scooter. So I'm getting ready to go done when I do a double check to make sure nothing is in the way. I ride down the pavement, I see a girl appear out of nowhere. I turn my head to get a better look at her and I slam into a tree. This tree I swear to God was not there when I check. So then when I go to see if the girl is going to laugh at me, she isn't even there anymore." Mythic sips his tea like a sir. "And that is why I am sacred of trees." Rarity looks over to Fluttershy, who is sipping tea with her eyes closed.

Fluttershy places her cup down and rests her head on her hooves. She looks at Mythic and says, "Really? That is interesting."

After his lunch, Mythic went and spent some time with Pinkie Pie down in the city. Pinkie Pie wanted to get somethings only found in Canterlot and this was the perfect chance. While in the market they met a shady looking earth pony. He said he was selling a new type of candy called, Popseed. Pinkie bought some and placed a bag of it in her saddlebags. Mythic thought it strange that such a small bag cost so much and he had suspensions about the salespony. He didn't even have a shop or stall, just a wagon! Mythic forgot about it for awhile and the two went back to castle.

It was late afternoon, almost night even and Mythic was lunging around in Luna's room with a notepad. Mythic held the notepad above his head with magic while laying on Luna's bed. He was writing things down when Luna walked in and saw him. "Hey Mythic, what are you doing on my bed?"

Mythic picked his head up and waved to Luna. "Oh hey, I was just writing a few possible names down."

Luna flew over to Mythic and land on her bed. "Names for what?"

Mythic rolled over to his side to get a better look at Luna. "Well I was thinking. If I am going to use that power I had when I used the Elements again, I should follow the Human tradition of naming. I have a few done right here. Harmony's Release, Eternal Phoenix, Harmonic Full-bring, Descending Sun, Tearing Heavens and Unconquered Soul. What do you think?"

"Well Harmony's Release sounds nice, but I don't think you need to name it. It is you who is using that power, not another being."

"Yeah. I guess you are right." Mythic looked at Luna, a smile formed on his face. 'Wow, Luna is...is, wow. No-no-no stop it. You said that stuff about Luna to Jika back when we fought yes, but only to make Bonsia and her feel better about not taking her claim. You can not like her! You are from different worlds! You do not like her, you do not like her. Come on Mythic, keep it together. Plus she is older than you, yeah older! She is way over one thousand, but way is she so young and...No.

"Mythic," Luna finally said innocently. "The stares with be coming out soon. Would you like to join me?"

Mythic gulp. "Sure?" 'Damn you Brain, I don't want to go.'

'It's not me Sir. Heart took over again!'

'Mythic, get in there! I am only doing this because you are feeling it. It is my mother-bucking job!

"I'm sorry Princess, I forgot I needed to go do something." Mythic rolled off the bed and ran out of the room. He left the notepad and ran to the nearest open window. He climbed out and flew off to the roof of the castle. There he stayed for what seemed like hours, he watched the Sun set and the Moon rise. He watched as the stares glittered the dark sea, the white and round pedal in the black pound. It was bad poetry, but Mythic thought it classic. He once more reached up to the sky and in a childish attempt, take the Moon from the sky. "You tease me, you know that?"

"What was that?" A voice called out from behind. Luna stepped from behind and sat next to Mythic. "I thought you had something to do."

"I did and I did it."

"What was it?"

Mythic tore himself from the Moon and looked at the owner. "I had to get away from you."

Luna rose her brown in confusion, feeling insulted. "Why would you have to get away from me?"

"Because I just need to."

"That is not a valid excuse!"

(Play here)

"Yes it is." Mythic turned back to the Moon. "You can't understand. It is a Human emotion."

"Don't give me that! Tell me I demand to know!" Luna now blocked Mythic's view of the Moon and got in his face.

Mythic turned his eyes away. "It is complex. I need to face this on my own."

"Well than let me help you." Luna offered.

"You can't help because you are the problem!" Mythic raged but quickly caught himself. "You, Princess Luna are the problem."

Luna was taken back by this. "What? How am I the problem?"

"I can't..." Mythic whispered. "I just can't..."

"You can't what, tell me? Look Mythic if I'm the problem we need to discuss this."

"Why are you trying so hard? It is because you are tying to be a good friend or something?"

Luna pulled away from Mythic. "No Mythic is because I like you."

Mythic looked up at her, confused. "Well duh you like me. You consider me your friend."

(Play Here)

Luna shook her head. "No Mythic. *Sigh* You, Mythic Rune make me feel...different."

"Different how?"

"Well I like you Mythic, but I have been contemplating it. I mean we are from two different worlds, two different forms of life. I wanted you to join me so we can discuss this, but it seems you truly are a different walk of life." Luna turned away from Mythic and was prepared to leave when he placed a hoof on her shoulder. "Don't worry Mythic, I will still teach you Rune magic and you can tell me what I did that made you feel this way."

Mythic was shaking, his nerves were failing and he felt like he's faint at any second. "L-Luna. A Human can fall in love at the first glance, did you know that? And that feeling can grow over time, but I am not the case. I saw you at first and only thought you were the rescue. Over the days though, I grew feelings. Those feeling have grown a little more. Luna, would you like to know what my biggest wish is?"

Luna was chocking up a little. "Wh...what would that be?"

"I want to grab a hold of the Moon and hold onto it for a long time. Do you think I can do that?" Mythic gave a nervous smile.

Luna gulped down some spit that formed. She than planted a firm and long kiss on Mythic's lips. She held it there for a good thirty second before breaking away. Mythic went wide eye and stared at Luna with his emerald green eyes. She then pushed Mythic off and flew away in a panic.

Mythic was left in a daze. "So...what now?"

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