• Published 14th Mar 2012
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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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No Where to Sleep

Sleeping, that is all he was doing. Resting after a hard fought battle with his allies again his enemy. So why did it feel so queer this time? It has already been a full day since the fight with the Shard and Corrupt. Victor looked over Mythic as he rested in the Codut palace. The young mystic was recovering well, but had not yet awakened. The Demigod kept replaying the fight in his head over and over again like a movie. His fixation placed one one scene, Mythic and his final attack. "Mystic Law, an attack..." Victor fell silent for a brief moment. "How can he know of that?"

"Perhaps it is starting once more?" A voice said from the door way into Mythic's room. Victor turned to have his eye land on Aries. The Demigoddess approached slowly and with a curious gaze upon Mythic. As she made her way through the royal suit, she found herself wondering. "The cycle of rebirth."

Victor looked back at the sleeping Mythic and let go of a heavy sigh. "Since I first meet this young man, I have known he had a past life in this business. Yet something was not right about him." Victor explained. "As Demigods, you know we can dive into their past being. Yet with Mythic, that is not the cause."

Aries walked toward the mystic and placed her hand on him. With her God-like power, she attempted to see into his past. She saw his whole life up until this point. Once she reached his early days of life, everything stopped. She quickly retracted her hand. The reaction caused Victor to sigh once more. Aries looked to her brother and questioned him. "How can that be?" She was trapped in wonderment.

Victor stood up from his seat and started for the door. As he walked pasted Aries, he looked in her eyes. His eyes gave the impression of a tired mind. Victor placed a hand on his sisters shoulder and turned her around. "Lets not worry about that right now. We have time to figure this out." He told her as he escorted her out of the room.

"Victor." Aries pleaded. "You didn't answer my question." She removed his hand and looked at him with anticipation. "Is it starting once more?"

Victor continued to walk yet addressed her question with an answer. He held the door frame tight and looked back at her. "The Era of Slumber is over sister." Victor said in confidence.

Aries walked up to Victor and nods her head. "I had a feeling this wasn't just a phenomena." Aries said in a hushed voice. "Though, what about Mythic?" She said looking back at the sleeping mystic.

"If you mean his past being than you need not worry." Victor said with a slight smile. "Even without going into his past, I have a good idea on who it is."

"Really?" Aries asked in surprise. "Who?"

Victor gave a wide and victorious smile. "Well you see, it was very simple. His past being is-" Victor's stomach growled with and he threw his arms around it. "Damn it!" The Demigod ran down the hallway. "Where the hell is the water-closet?" He shouted.

Aries ran after he brother as he made his escape. "Victor! I know you can control your bowels!" She shouted, already knowing how Victor planned to escape. The elder Demigod sprinted forward and out a window. Beneath him, a Rune portal opened and he vanished. Aries reached the window just in time to watch him leave. "Damn it Victor!" She stomped her foot in anger and turned away.

Elsewhere in the palace, Luna and Celestia were speaking with Queen Ula. Celestia had finally recovered from her encounter with Talos in Equestria. She and her sister sat in the throne room as they finished their audience with the ruler of Albion. "Thank you for understanding the situation, Queen Ula." The elder sister said and bowed.

The Albion ruler shook her head with a smile. "No trouble in the least, Princess Celestia. Yet now is a time of celebration." The young Queen rose from her throne and walked down the few steps she had in front of her to the sisters.

Luna gave Ula a confused and risen brow. "Celebration? Your city was destroyed and your people dead. This is no time to celebrate, even if the day was ours." Luna held her arm, cut and bruised, as a sharp pain ran through it.

Ula stopped in front of the two Princesses and looked at Luna. With a heavy heart, she gave a them a weak smile. "I know my people have died, family never again to be reunited but at the end. If I'm not strong for my people though, who will be? This will be a celebration not just of your victory, but our survival." Ula held out her hand for Luna and Celestia to hold. "Also, out new friendship across worlds."

Celestia smiled and took Ula's hand, as well as Luna. The Sun Goddess nodded her head. "I expect it'll be a wonderful celebration."

"You will not be attending?" Ula asked with a saddened frown.

Celestia bowed and apologized. "I am sorry, but I must return to Equestria along with Luna. There is an important matter we must both turn our attention to."

Luna rose a brow at her sister and questioned her. "What matter would that be?"


As the town of Ponyville, along with all of Equestria neared the breaking point of insanity, a young Dragon laid in a law chair. His purple scales darkened by the rays of the twenty-four hour sun light. Spike looked around through his sun glasses and huffed a small puff of smoke. He saw many ponies running around his tree home in a panic. He looked down to his side and noticed his lemon aid had been vaporized by the sun's heat. He sighed and laid back down. "If I'am die, I'am die with an even crisp." The young Dragon flipped to his back. "Nice and even."

Luna's mind clicked and she blushed. "You mean 'that' matter! Yes, yes we must go." Luna shook Queen Ula's hand and looked around. "Celestia, where is Victor?"

From the ceiling, Victor fell from his Rune portal. "Someone call for a sexy Demigod?"

Luna gave Victor an ergant shaking. She then shouted in at Victor. "Me and sister need to get back home now!" After becoming dazed, Victor stumbled back and snapped his fingers. A new portal emerged in front of the Royal sisters. As the two stepped through, they were transformed back into their Alicorn form.

Before the portal was closed behind the two, Queen Ula had caught a glimpse of both sisters. She gasped in amazement. "They really are horses."

Victor tugged on Ula's dress. When she looked down, she found a slightly upset Victor. "They are Alicorns." He corrected her. "Not horses."

The Queen blushed in embarrassment. "Sorry, yet the same notion applies." Victor nodded in understanding. "Now came come small Victor, we have a celebration to attend to." Ula slowly escorted Victor out the Throne room. The two made their way down to the grand feasting hall which over looked the city. As they made their way, they past Mythic's suit. The two took a peek inside to see Jika sitting by the mystic's side. "Lets leave them be." The Queen told Victor, who already knew it was best.

As the two passed by, Jika did not notice. Her visit to simply deliver a bouquet of flowers as a simple gesture. Yet she had taken a seat and now looked down at the human mystic. She took a deep sigh and smiled. "What am I doing here?" She said like a naive girl in a hushed voice. She got up and turned around to leave his room. As she takes her first step, she hesitates to take the next.

Jika felt a presence in the air. Her ear twitched and she hear a creak come from a window near Mythic's bed. She waited a moment and felt a breeze enter the room, though blocked by an object. The sun's ray slowly entered the room, a a shadow was caste upon the floor for Jika to see. The Rune Soldier slowly reached for her sword strapped to her waist. Before Jika could reach her weapon, a person sucked their teeth and called out to Jika in a feminine voice. "Tch tch tch, I don't think that is such a good idea." Jika stopped and retracted her hand.

Even though Jika could not see her, she could her the woman get off the window sill and stand on the floor. The mysterious woman made her way to Mythic's bed. The woman sat down on Mythic's bed and looked at him. "He is so peaceful in this state, isn't he? I'd guess that was due to the effects of over doing it in his fight."

Jika tightened her fist and took a step to to turn but her body froze in place. "What is this?" She asked in surprise. She say a soft glow coming from beneath her and tilted her head to investigate. Her eyes shot open as she gazed upon a white and red Rune seal. Jika momentarily realized what was happening. "If that is a seal, then that means only one of two things."

"Well I hope you are right." The woman said as she placed a dagger to Jika's spine. "You have one chance and then I kill you."

Jika swallowed hard on saliva and spoke with a shaking voice. "You are a mystic, same as Mythic." The dagger was pulled away from Jika's back. She then took a sigh of relief. The woman slowly made her way into Jika's vision. The woman wore a veil over her face with a slick black and embellished gothic blouse. She wore a black bell-shaped skirt which dropped inches below her knees. On her long legs were stockings of black with Mary Janes on her small feet.

The woman smiled under her veil and nodded. "Very good, Rune Soldier. I don't think we have ever met, unlike my friend Mortem Rex."

"So you are a Shard?" Jika asked.

The woman chuckled. "I am more than just that." She slowly rose her veil and looked at Jika with her lust red eyes.Her hair was bleach blonde but her eyebrows were black. Her angelic features hinted a more sinister being. "I am Zedramas, daughter of Azath. King of our realm."

Hearing this, Jika sucked her teeth in annoyance. "What does the daughter of a king want here? We defeated Mortem Rex and his body is long go thanks to Victor."

Zedramas chuckled at Jika. "I know of that, Jika Storm." Zedramas explained to her captive. "I am here to simply examine my prey."

Jika knew instantly who she was taking about. Her eyes tried to turn to Mythic, but it was in vain. "So Mythic?"

The Shard smiled and nodded. She raised her dagger and flipped it up and down. "That was the plan, but you saw me." Zedramas frowned. "Therefore you die." She walked forward and placed the dagger against Jika's chest with a toothy grin. "Any prayers?"

Jika scolded Zedramas, but couldn't think of anything. The Shard mystic brought the dagger back and threw her hands forward. Jika closed her eyes and expected death to take her. The sound of metal clashing shot her eyes. In front of her, she found a black katana blocking the dagger. Mythic stood behind Jika with his hands on the hilt and blade. He looks at Zedramas with the intent to kill. "I was enjoying my nap damn it."

Zedramas pulled her blade back along with taking a step. She put her weapon away and relaxed her smile. "Sorry to wake you, Mythic Rune. I find it is time for me to depart." Zedramas winked at Mythic and jumped through the window. She opened a portal and disappeared.

Mythic sighed as the Rune seal beneath Jika disappeared along with the caster. "You alright, Jika?" Mythic asked as he put Eclipse down. He turned Jika around and embraced her. After a long moment, he released her from his arms. "Who was that just now?"

Jika took a step away from Mythic and looked at the window. She crossed her arms and held a sour expression. "Zedramas, daughter of Azath she said." Jika replied.

Mythic sighed a heavy breath. He placed a hand on Jika's shoulder and leaned on her. "Well I damn it. Got another bitch on my ass." Jika turned her head to Mythic and gave him a push. Mythic took a few steps back and held his hands up in a defensive position. "Alright, alright. Don't get so close, gotta ya." Mythic's nose twitched and he started to sniff the air. "There it is again."

Jika gave Mythic a languid expression of curiosity. "What is it boy? Toti trapped in a pound?" She asked mockingly.

Mythic glared at Jika and went to the door. "No, I smell something. It is strong and distinct, yet I do not know the nature." Mythic traveled out the door and started down the hall. Jika soon followed as Mythic found his nose guiding him through the palace. Both he and Jika found themselves approaching an open door from which many voice came from.

Mythic took a turn into the open door and found himself on a pavilion looking over the city. Canopies of silk and carpets of thick furs decorated the area along with a long table. On the red wood, a spread of meats, sweets, wines and other delights caught the young mans eye. "Ah! Speak of miracles and they shall come to pass." Mythic's sight turned to Queen Ula, with Aries and Victor by her side.

Sitting at the table, Twilight and friends waved at Mythic. They sat there in their true pony forms. A few small children had gathered around them, seeing them as entertainment of some sort. "Mythic!" Rarity called out as she patted a chair next to her cushion. "I saved you a seat my dear!"

Mythic smiled and started to stroll over to his friends. "Thank, Rare." Mythic found his travel to his seat one of many eyes. He was being watched by everyone, even those who where on the lower section and not on the pavilion. He sat down next to his pony friends and looked over the spread. "My Lord this is great."

Bonsia came up behind him and bent into his field of vision. "Mythic, I am so happy to see you're alright." She then gave him a tight hug.

Mythic returned the embrace with a smile. "Glad I'm alright too. And everyone else." He added at the last second. He let go of her and looked around to see soldiers and nobles around him, along with a few peasants from the looks of things. Mythic looked to the front of the table where Queen Ula sat. Beside her, a chair laid empty. "Pst, Bonsia." Mythic whispered. "Who's chair is that? King or something?"

Bonsia shook her head. "No, that seat is really for you." The fresh mystic looked at Rarity with a slight smile of mischief. "Not here, just for now." Rarity turned away, catching Bonsia's sly gesture.

Mythic shrugged and stood up. "Sorry, girls. Their land, their rules." Mythic slowly started making his way back to the Queen.
'You want me to measure her chest, don't you?'
"Damn straight."

Mythic sat down in the chair and a chill was sent down his spine. He glanced at the Queen and saw a pleasant smile on her face. He thought it angelic and smiled back. Ula stood and rose a chalice filled with wine. "A toast to Mythic Rune! For not only his assistance in our battle, but also his strength. We wish you a strong and happy life, in the days to come." Those at the tables cheered, making Mythic blush.

Mythic rose his own chalice and took a swig of the wine. "Damn that is fine."

Victor leaned into Mythic's ear and whispered. "The wine or the Queen?" Victor laughed and backed away to his sister, who proceeded to slap him for his rude joke. "Ow."

Mythic laughed at the Demigod and turned back to the fest. He sighed in happiness. "Enjoy." He whispered to himself.

As night slowly started to fall on Albion, Mythic and company had found themselves in the throne room. Pinkie Pie was pouting a bit due to their early departure. "No fair, why do we have ta leave so soon?" The pink mare asked.

Mythic leaned down as he took the last sip of a mug. "Well you see, you went over board and nearly ate half the spread, excluding meat. Also, Victor's orders. As much as I want to stay, I sorta agree. Plus he had to talk to Jika, Bonsia and myself."

"That is correct, my friend." The Demigod said as he walked into the throne room with his sister. "Bonsia, Jika, Mythic. I will be taking you three with me while Aries brings the ponies home."

Mythic shrugged. "I guess, alright then. Come on you two." Mythic beckoned the sisters. He then knelt down to Pinkie Pie and the rest. "I'll see you guys later. Keep Pinkie Pie under control till I get back." He patted the pink pony. "We'll start our own party after I get back." The frown on Pinkie Pie turned into a smile quickly.

"Alright my ponies." Aries said as she clapped her hands. A portal opened before them all which led back to Equestria. The Demigoddess then started to escort the mares through it. "Lets go home." Soon as the last mare was through, the portal closed behind them.

Victor waited a few moments before opening his own. "Alright, we are going to a certain place. Mythic knows it, but you two wouldn't."

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