• Published 14th Mar 2012
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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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Night at Canterlot Castle

Jika looked over to her sister, mused. "Did you just ask if it is cold? The damn window is stuck open and we have no freaking blankets. What the hell do you think? It.Is.Freezing!"

Bonsia flinched as her sister barked at her. She said nothing as Jika turned over and tried to sleep once more. The wind blew and she shivered, having only the little warmth of her clothes. Not wanting to disturb her already mad sister, Bonsia silently sighed and moved to leave her bed. The movements were hard to understand, but with instinct Bonsia was able to move her new equine body. Left, right, left... she got off the bed, then fell on her face. Without moving, Jika laughed before commenting on Bonsia's failed attempt. "Don't try too hard. I fell like ten times just getting to the room from the throne."

Bonsia sighed as she rubbed her hurt muzzle. Like a newborn, she tried once more at walking. She made it to the door before falling face first into it. She laid on the wood for a minute before pushing off and tending to the pain in her face. "Damn it. I think I'll just go back to bed."

Jika laughed once more. "That would be smart. You maybe nineteen, but you are a newborn when it comes to walking. Get some sleep and we can try again tomorrow."

"Okay." Bonsia slowly turned around and staggered back to her bed. As she crawls into her bed she thinks to herself, 'I wonder if the others are comfortable."


As Mythic laid in bed the door slammed open, along with his eyes. "I bucking knew it." He turned over to see Luna in the doorway. To his dismay, it was not Luna but a sight that scared and just down right made a shiver crawl down his spin. A pair of Luna's personal guards walked in, one with his hoof around the other's neck. He was whispering dirty thing to his partner. "And when I'm done there I'll work my way back up to you-"

Mythic eyes went wide eyed and he halted the scene before he heard anything else that could scar him. "Whoa Whoa Whoa. Hold the bucking phone and get the hell out!" The guards frozen in the wake of Mythic's sudden barks. "What the buck is wrong with you? I have nothing against that stuff but I'm trying to sleep here! Go some where else!"

Both guards stood at attention in a quick panic. "Sorry sir!" They then bolted out the door, slamming it closed and knocking over a flower in a vase. Mythic didn't cringe at the shattering glass or the sound of the door slamming, he just looked at the now empty doorway with a mused look. "Damn straight, you better run." He turned back over with a furled brow, he closed his eyes again and laid there for ten minutes. As he finally began to sleep he hear the door next to his room fly open. The same voice as before spoke muffled only by one thing that Mythic didn't want to know about.

"You know what? Buck this, I'm out." He used his magic and threw the sheets into the air, leaving them there. He hopped out of his bed and placed the sheets on his back before leaving the room. He walked out, slammed the door behind him and looked down both sides of the hallway. "Lets try...right." He then proceed down the right corridor.

After walking for five minutes around the huge castle, Mythic began to tire of his aimless searching. "Dear God, send me a sign that I'm going in the right direction." Mythic's plea was responded to by a crashing of pots and pans in what seemed to be the kitchen down the hall. "Thanks, I think." He trotted up to a pair of double swinging doors and pushed one open. He didn't see anyone right away so he walked further inward. The lights where off and the only light came from the three windows lined up on the right wall with the sinks and one candle laying on the counter.

A cabinet was opened and its contents spilled out onto the floor. There seemed to be bits of chocolate scattered on the floor along with a puff of...cotton candy? It seemed to be that, a puff of cotton candy behind an island counter. Suddenly, a fire was started behind the island and the figure of a pony could be seen. 'Why... in hell would someone start a fire in here? Wait, they started a fire! Mythic then ran to the flame, stepping on stick on the way there. "Why is there a stick in here?"

The figure flinched at the sound and began to move from a sitting position to standing on all for legs. Mythic looked up from the stick to see a gas mask starring at him with red lenses, making it look like red eyes. "I'm too tired for this shit!" Mythic proceeded to run out of the kitchen with bed sheets on his back and pieces of crumbled wood on the floor.

The figure lifted the mask to relieve Pinkie Pie. "Why did he run off? I was just about to make s'mores." She lifted a stick that held a heated marshmallow. She then slid it off onto a gram-cracker and threw a piece of chocolate in between. Pinkie Pie took a large bite and chowed. "Yum."

Mythic ran and ran until he remembered he had wings. He ripped his cloths so he could expose his wings and flap out a window and off to a short tower connected to a larger section of the castle. He saw a balcony on the east side of the tower and landed on the small overlook to the courtyard. The door into the tower was made of glass-pain, the roof was a golden brown and the overall paint was white. There also seemed to be a telescope left outside by someone, how careless. Mythic examined the object and looked up at the moon. "Hmm." He placed the sheets down on the floor and started to play with the telescope, looking up at his favorite celestial mass. "Why my dear, are you so beautiful?" Mythic pulled away from the telescope and started to spread his sheets out on the floor. He flattened out each corner and smoothed out all the wrinkles before laying on his back and looking up at the night sky. He spent much time just looking up at the dark sky and the white dots. He drew pictures in his mind of what he thought were the constellations.

He reached up with his hoof and began a childish attempt at holding the moon in it. He started to close his eyes with a smile, slowly drifting off into sleep. He began to snore softly at first, but twenty minutes it was like a lion roaring. A series of soft hoof steps could be hear behind the balcony door before it was swung inward.

Luna stared down at the sleeping Mythic with a smile of amusement. "Dear goodness, what am I going to do with you?" She sat beside him and sighed. The longer she sat there the more peaceful Mythic became. "Hm, you disturbed my sleep you know. Turns out it was your windows, so you might want to call someone for that. You know, I hear Rainbow Dash is good at reconstruction." Mythic kept on sleeping. "You know this would be much better if you were awake."


"Ugh, come on then." Luna enveloped Mythic in a field of magic and levitated him off the ground. His body followed Luna as she walked into the tower and down a short staircase that led to her bedroom. She crawled into her bed, and with on other place to put Mythic, brought him in right next to her. "I thought I was being assertive when I told you we weren't going to do this."


"Well I thought I was." Luna said in a low disappointed yawn. Luna closed her eyes and focused on sleeping. That is when a hoof was thrown over her, grabbed her and turned her over. She was spooked and thought Mythic was messing with her, but his eyes where still closed and his breathing was steady and unchanging. Mythic enveloped her in an embrace while in his sleep, while his mind is away, it seems his heart will play. Luna tried to push off of him, but quickly quit the fighting as she started to fall asleep in his hooves. "Mythic, are you awake? This isn't...that...funn-" She was asleep in Mythic's hooves now, the moon gazer was holding onto it with out knowing.

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