• Published 14th Mar 2012
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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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End of the Beginning: Lets Start a War

Jika stood against the wall as Aries barely explained the situation. Victor had been trying for about an ten minutes to calm her down. It was all in vain, the Demi-Goddess was sobbing too much. She said that she felt a burning in her gut, a pain at the bottom of her heart. The solider couldn't take it anymore and stood in. "Victor! We don't need her to explain what is going on. She already said that my home is in the way of harm. Shouldn't we return and confront the enemy? We'll gain information once we get there."

Victor glared at Jika. "She said family could be involved. A fucking Demigod! Very few I know of would turn to the side of such deviltry! So when I am trying to get all I can, I get all I can!"

Jika was not phased by the Demigod. She than continued with her hands on her hip. "Can't you see she is shaken up to explain? Do you not have empathy for your sister?"

Victor stiffened his upper lip and sighed with a shameful breath. He turned to the Rivera family with a his head tilted. "Well Mythic say your finally good-byes. We are heading out in a few minutes once Aries has calmed down." Victor turned to his sister and gave her a hug, now trying to keep her silent.

Mythic nodded and walked with his father and mother into the kitchen to get a few minutes by themselves. Chris followed them as finally good-byes were given. Yet Carlos stayed in the living room with the muttering girls. Rainbow Dash was making big talk with Applejack and Fluttershy as Twilight and Rarity discussed the matter at hand. Pinkie Pie was assisting Victor with Aries's recovery. Bonsia and Jika waited in silence, both bitter to the fact their home was going to be attacked by the Shard and their Corrupt. Carlos walked up to Jika with a bitter look himself and glanced at her sword. "How do you do?" He asked with a sour tone.

Jika looked down to her sword and back at the boy. "Does it matter to you?" She growled at him.

"It matters because I couldn't open it. Is it broken or something?" He said in an ignorant tone.

Jika took her blade out in rapid intervals. "Looks fine to me."

Carlos shook his head. "But how do you do it? Are you special like my brother?"

Jika shook her head. "I am just a solider who was given a gift." Jika looked away and whispered in a bitter and angry voice. "Some gift it was."

Carlos picked up on what Jika said and looked at her with a confused look. "Some gift it was? So it is broken?"

Jika sucked her teeth. "No it is not broken. It would have to have worked first to be broken."

Bonsia looked at her sister with a sad stare. "Jika please, don't bring that up. You did all you could back-"

Jika turned with rage to Bonsia. "If I did all I could than way are they died? Why couldn't I have saved them? Why did that man give me such a hopeful tool, only to not work!"

Bonsia shrunk at her sisters outburst. "I..don't know."

Carlos went wide-eye along with most of the room. Even Aries stopped her whimpers in reaction to Jika's rage. Mythic pocked his head out with tears of his own from his mothers and fathers farewell. His chain still in hand, he dried his teas and came out. "What happen now, Jika?"

The solider started to go teary eye. "You want to know? I will tell you what happened, it happened when I was fourteen..."

One Decade Ago

In the town of Riverhook, the small Storm family was a looked over part of the community. Everything they did was nearly invisible compared to the feats of others. Jika and Bonsia's parents worked well though, living in a comfortable home with good food. Yet Jika for some reason never seemed relaxed, she was always moving, wanting to do something with purpose. She didn't have the skills though, to control her fury at her age. Rage, anger and bring hyper was her normal mood.

On one fateful day, something happened to her that will forever change her. Due to arguments with other villagers, Jika found herself in the woods fighting a group of older girls. They had beaten her to a point where she was quivering and barely standing. As she was taunted, something came forth from the trees. A Lindworm, small and young, came forth silently. It caught everyone off guard and attacked. With its claws, it smacked a handful of Jika's attackers against a tree. It then set it's sights on the young Jika Storm.

She tried to move but was only pinned down by the Lindworm. With a finally prayer to her Gods, Jika fainted. As she slipped into unconsciousness, a booming voice rung in her mind. "Damn you girl! You weak, pathetic excuse for a-" A silence took hold as a few select words were withdrawn from Jika's ears. "Do you think this is a game? Fine then! I shall save you this once, but I will only come back when you need to fight. Not for yourself either or your loved ones either. Remember well little girl, love is great and powerful, but Unity is stronger."

Jika started to slowly stir away, mutters turned to clear voices. Her eyes slowly opened to reveal a burnt clearing and a burning tree. The charred body of the Lindworm was tossed to the far side, nearly ashes at this point. Her parents, sister and other villagers came to see her on the ground with a mysterious sword in her hand. From that day on, she changed. She worked and trained to join the Guard so she could fight. She told others it was to serve and protect. In the back of her mind and in the bottom of her heart she only wanted to meet who it was, that voice that saved her. To say thank you or to ask questions, she will never know herself.

Years passed and she met a man, Marco, who she fell in love with. Jika had proposed to him after months of being a couple. Bonsia was happy for her sister, hoping she could be like her one day. Then one day, Marco took every out for a stroll. Jika was on leave and the whole family came. In midday, they sat in a field with a small spread of food. The birds started to fly away and deer ran pass them. Jika had keep her sword with her, even on his peaceful day.

Out of the trees came a Lindworm, hunting for food. This was only the second time she had seen one since that day years ago. She took it as a sign, but was wrong.


"I took it as a sign but was wrong beyond belief." Jika was crying. "I thought that if I took my time fighting it, I could hear that voice once more. Yet I was only hit in the head and dazed. In that time it...it..." She could no longer control herself and broke down. The message was clear though, to her sister and everyone else. "I let them die because I wanted to hear an imaginary voice! That is why it is useless, it didn't help when I needed it!"

Bonsia placed her hand on Jika's back, comforting her in her time of regret. Carlos cried a little but looked at Bonsia with still a curious look. "If they died, than why are you alive?"

Bonsia looked away with a sad look. "Well I was learning magic at the time, but I was no good as Twilight knows." Twilight nodded slightly, knowing what Bonsia can and can't do through teaching her. "I tried to defend the others but I still couldn't control my magic. It was never enough I gave it one go but it took too long. Marco's magic was worse than mine and my parents were to shocked." Bonsia began to chock up and cry some more.

As the sisters weep, Mythic approaches them. He placed his arms around the two to comfort them in their time of sadness. He said nothing, letting his actions speak for himself. Then Luna came to do the same, then Fluttershy. The steps repeated till every was gathered in a group hug. The weeping subsided after awhile of the affection shown. Soon everyone scattered, hearing the lack of sobs.

Mythic took the white chain from his hand and placed it out for the sisters to take it. Bonsia took it from his palm and gazed at it. Jika smiled as she took it from her sister. She unhooked the latch and wrapped it around Bonsia's neck. She then hooked it, letting it rest on Bonsia's neck and chest. The chain gleamed off with light coming from the ceiling. Jika smiled at her sister. "It looks good on you."

"Thank you." Bonsia said with a smile back to her sister.

Victor gave a smile and sigh at the back of the crowd. He stepped away and placed his hands together in a praying fashion. He conjured a Rune portal and stepped to its side. "Come on everyone, we are no a timer here. Move move move!" The Demigod ran into it first with a sudden rise in his own determination.

Rainbow Dash rose her fists and ran in. "Hooray!" Next Pinkie Pie jumped in yelling. So the rest filed out quickly, leaving only Mythic and Luna with the family.

Mr. Rivera placed a hand on his son's should. "Go show 'em what what you got." Mythic nodded and placed his sword through a belt loop before running in. Luna slowly made her way to her exit when Mr. Rivera placed a hand on her as well. He looked in her eyes and gave her a nod. "Keep him from dying please. He is never really safe with himself."

"Sir I knew that before I met him." Luna smiled and walked off into the portal.

The portal closed and the Rivera family stared as Mythic went off to fight a deadly fight. Mr. Rivera turned away and started to cry. His wife placed a hand on him but he threw his hands into the air in joy. "My child is a fucking badass! Using magic and swords and shit!" Chris, Carlos and Mr. Rivera shook their heads and facepalmed. "What? You know it's true."


In Equestria, Princess Celestia sat in her throne room with worry overcoming her. Her guards stood still till a portal opened in the center of Celestia's throne room. The Princess snapped to the foreign portal. "Luna?" She said with confusion.

Out of the yellow Rune portal came a dark equine. His helmet covering his mane but not his evil glance. His blade tucked under his wing. The guards pointed their spears at the intruder and closed in on him. Talos smirked and opened his wings. A surge of dark magic blasted the guards away, smashing the walls.

The Corrupt slowly made his way to Celestia, remaining seated with a clam expression. "What are you doing here, corrupted creature?" She said with silent anger.

Talos smiled as he got closer. "Well I came to pick up a few things." The Princess rose a brow as Talos stopped two yards away from her. "Now tell me, Princess Celestia, ruler of this Equstria." He dashed to her and was mere inches away from her face. With an angry tone he growled at Celestia. "Where is he?"

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