• Published 14th Mar 2012
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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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Whelp...Their Goes the Show

"Pinkie! Leave enough for the others." Rainbow Dash yelled as she flew over the bouncy mare. She was just about to finish placing a banner on the wall. As fluttered to the floor of the Canterlot throne room. "You know you gotta leave those alone or you're going to blow up."

Pinkie Pie looked up from the side of a table. In her hooves she held a plate of muffins and cupcakes. She pouted a bit as she looked at Rainbow Dash. "But Dashie, these are my favorites in the whole big wide world!"

"It doesn't matter Pinkie." Rainbow Dash trotted to her side. "You know as much as I do that Mythic will want some too. The guy is like a monster when it comes to eating. Did you not see what he was like at the table earlier?"

Rarity trotted over with a two platters of sweets in the air. She placed them on the table and looked to the two mares. "Rainbow does have a point Pinkie dear." She walked closer to the two. "Mythic was nearly inhaling the food. Not to mention the wine they were serving. You'd think the dear of an animal of some sort."

"That isn't very nice, Rarity." Fluttershy said as she walk into the room with a few birds, touching up the decorations Rainbow Dash had placed around the room. "Mythic was just very hungry I believe. Very very very hungry." The mare added emphasis on her verys'.

"I am sorry to say this Sugar Cube." Applejack gave a strong remark from across the room. "Mythic ate like a wide grizzly that went three days without apples. Lets be honest though, the stallion was fightin' pretty hard and was out for a day. So I reckon it's a good thing he didn't eat off someone's hands or hoof off." The farm mare trotted back over to her friends.

As the mare talked, Victor and Mythic limped out of their portal. Mythic, now on all fours, dropped his front legs. He winced as the pain still resided in his abdomen. "God please help me." The stallion called out in a low voice.

Victor followed close behind and dropped to his knees. He looked at the pained and hurting stallion. "Forget it, he doesn't help when it counts." The Demigod uttered under his breath. He looked over to the gathering of mares and held his hand out. "Assists, please."

Fluttershy, with her super kindness powers, quickly flew to the side of both Victor and Mythic. "Oh my goodness. What happened to you two that caused this much pain?"

The two glanced at on another, and in unison replied, "Nothing, nothing happened. We are male, we get hurt out of nowhere. It is normal nature for this to happen in our line of work." They bit their lower lips and gave painful smiles.

"Oh you poor dears." The butterscotch mare cooed as she stroked Victor's hair. "Come on now, lets get something to patch you up." She carried Victor a few inches off the ground, leaving Mythic behind.

The Mystic looked at the others and held out a hoof in plea. "Please, it hurts." Suddenly and without warning, Mythic was lifted into the air like magic. He felt pain slowly leaving his body. He gave a sigh of relief and looked down to see Twilight Sparkle. "Than you Twilight. You and all your tiny magic fairies!"

The mare rose a quizzical brow to Mythic's odd saying. Then again, he himself was a slight nut case at times in their eyes. "It is fine Mythic." The unicorn slowly placed him back onto the ground. She looked at the others and sighed heavily. "Well the surprise party was discovered a little to early from the looks of it."

Mythic gave a nervous smile and chuckle. "Yeah, we finished our business and came back."

"I can see that plenty." Twilight replied to Mythic. She looked around and found something missing. Three things to be exact. "Hey, where is Jika, Bonsia and Aries?" Twilight asked in a slightly confused manner. "Still at Albion?"

Mythic shook his head with small frown. His ears dropped as he looked away. "They are going to be gone for awhile." Mythic said with a small voice. "I don't know when they'll be back either. But don't worry, I'll be okay. I'm sure of it."

"Aw horse feathers!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she flew into the air above Mythic. "I wanted Jika to show me some of those moves she had back in Albion." Rainbow Dash started to mick punches and kicks around the air above Mythic.

"I can have one of the guards do that if you wish." Celestia said as she walked into the throne room. By her side was a Luna, wearing a smile. The sisters slowly approached the group of ponies and Demigod. Celestia and Luna looked over the attendance and found the same error as Twilight. "Mythic and Victor, I feel that we are missing a few mares and one Demigoddess."

"They are going to be gone for a while." Victor started as he sat on a cushion, provided by Pinkie Pie. "It is complicated, don't worry, they're not gone forever." The Demigod leaned back a little as he sat with his legs crossed. "Trust me, Aries always comes looking once in a while."

"Oh well, I am sure they are having loads of fun where ever they are." Pinkie Pie told the group as she grabbed a plate of sweets. "I mean come on, we just saved a bunch of folks. Meaning it is party time!" Seemingly out of nowhere, Pinkie Pie took a cannon and started shooting it. The cannon shot out confetti and string all over the room, making it more festive. Along with streamers, confetti and the like, a record player was dispensed. The party mare placed a record on said player.

Soon the music started playing, signaling the start of the little party the mares threw together. Soon after the start, another group of ponies strolled in with invitations. Said ponies happened to be the Apple family along with Sweetie Bell, Scooaloo, and Spike, who had a very dark but even tan. Trixie was also among the ponies who had came by invitation. The magician quickly trotted by Twilight, grabbing her attention.

As the day turned into night and the everyone was having fun, Victor was having a conversation with Celestia on her throne. "Yeah so what happened next you'd never guess."

"Oh do tell." The Princess requested Victor to continue his story.

"Okay, so after the guy goes Super, the other guy he is fighting sent down a ball of magic to blow up the world." Victor recited with a slight smirk. "Next thing you know, the two are fighting for about an hour when the world was going to blow up in about five. Go figure, some people just can't tell time. So after this plot called-" Victor paused his story and jerked his head around. "Celestia."

"What is the matter, Victor?" The Alicorn asked as she started to looked over the party also. She could see everyone having a good time, except for two. Two Alicorns. "Victor, where is Mythic Rune?"

Victor shook his head due to ignorance. "I do not know, Celestia. Where is Luna?"

"I do not know, Victor." Celestia said in a slightly worried tone. "I guess they must be somewhere else. Nothing wrong with that. I hope."

Victor was not buying it and his mind raced. "No, it is not alright. Something is telling me other wise. Think about it Princess. Mythic was fighting for so many lives two days ago, he could have been killed but came out on top. Plus she has not had a stallion in her life before, correct?" Celestia nodded slowly. "And Mythic is at the age where it is tempting to let his testosterone run wild and we all know they are a loving pair."

"What are you getting at, Victor?" Celestia asked, hoping he was suggesting what she was thinking.

Victor got close to Celestia's face and held the sides of her head. "Think mare! Those two are having-"

"Hey, what's going on?" Mythic asked as he crept up to the throne with a relaxed, cocky tone. He wore a saddle bag with a long sandwich sticking out.

Victor threw Celestia's face to the said and smiled. "Mythic, where have ya been?" The Demigod exclaimed.

"I was getting this sandwich." Mythic replied, pointing to his saddle. His horn glowed as he lifted it out with telekinesis magic.

Victor nodded in approval. "Kick-ass."

Mythic smiled and placed his sandwich for the Demigod to see in a better light. "Yeah dude. It has four different kinds of cheeses and six different kinds of hay." The stallion's eyes went wide as he gazed at his food. "I don't even know that many kinds of hay."

Victor examined the sandwich from his place by the throne. "Sounds like some fine cuisine."

"Where is my sister?" Celestia interjected before the madness, in her eye, between Victor and Mythic continued.

Before Mythic could take a bite of his food, he looked at the Princess from the side. He placed the yard long sandwich down. "She is with Candice doing something or other, not really sure. She said it was important but that I needed to leave. Thus I was given this yard long sub." Celestia attempted to wrap her mind around what Mythic had said, yet it was still a bit too much for her. Mythic started eating his food, but then spat it out. "Wait a second. I don't like hay!"

"I do!" Pinkie Pie shot up out of seemingly nowhere and took the whole sub into her mouth. With a quick swallow, she started to digest the food and walked away with a skip and a hop.

The door to the throne room opened, Princess Candice and Luna strolled in with elegance. Luna wore a pair of diamond earrings that sparkled with the fading sun light come in from the window. She walked through the large throne room and up to Mythic. The two exchanged an embrace and smiled. "Hello Mythic."

"Sup love?" Mythic replied as he let go of her.

Luna smiled and rolled her eyes to look around. "Oh nothing dear. I just have something I want to talk to you about something." She leaned into his ear to give him a barely heard whisper. "A nice, lovely, reward." She kissed his ear and smiled as she saw his iris grow and sparkle. "Tonight it'll be just the Moon, Luna, and-"

As Luna was about to finish he statement, a portal opened up and Bonsia ran out of it like a wild animal. "Mythic!" Her hooves clattered as she ran on the tiled floor and jumped into the air. Mythic used magic to hold her back. "Hey again!"

"What are you doing here?" The stallion asked with confusion. He slowly placed her on the ground, leading to her jumping back up at him. He was too late with his magic and she landed on him. With a thud, he hit the ground. "I thought Aries took you somewhere else!"

"Oh she did." Jika came out next with a bemused look on her face. The mare walked over to the scene of Bonsia's affection and looked down. "She brought us here though." The portal closed behind her. "What the hell? She was just behind me. Anyway." Jika turned to Victor, his face twisted as he stood next to the throne. "Aries told me to tell you, here come the."

"Here comes the what?" Victor asked with his brow cocked. Jika shrugged as an answer for her ignorance.

Luna used her magic to levitated Bonsia off Mythic, placing her up in the air. As the others started to gather, Mythic stood. He took Jika's words and thought about them. "Here comes the, what? Here comes the pain? Here comes the fight?" As continued to think, a light bulb clicked in his head. "Oh shit. Here comes the-"

"Boom." Victor finished with his eyes widened. A portal opened right in front of him, Aries shooting out at top speed. The two were thrown into a wall, leaving a mark in it. "Get this beast off me!"

"Come on Vic!" Aries shouted as she tired to get closer. Victor had placed his arms to keep them as far apart as he can, yet it was still close. "I didn't even give you a kiss like Bonsia and Jika did to Mythic." Suddenly the record on the play skipped and stopped playing. It was quite as all eyes fell on Mythic, his wide with shrunken irises. "Shouldn't have said that." Aries stated with a small smile.

"Mythic, dear." Luna said with her head tilted downward. "Is it true that you kissed these two?" She slowly inched her way closer to Mythic.

The stallion tried to back up, a wall made of magic blocking his way. "No! They did, they used me for my body! I was violated like a treaty!" Mythic pleaded as he dropped to the floor.

Luna looked down at him, her head tilted up. Her eyes could cut and look into his very being. "You were violated you say?" The Princess asked with authority. Mythic nodded violently. "Than why did you not first speak of it when you came back."

Mythic thought for a moment.as he tried to think up a reason. "You know what, that makes sense." Mythic then jumped up and bolted to out the windows. "Victor, lets move! You know all about it!"

The Demigod watched as Mythic flew out the window. "Why you son of a-" A bolt of magic passed his head, burning off some of his loss ends. He slowly turns to see Luna in rage, horn glowing bright and dark at the same time. He jumped up and ran out the window. He started to flew right behind Mythic. "If we live, I am killing you!"

Mythic looked back to replie to Victor, but saw Luna bolt out the window. She started to chase them. "Mythic! Get back here and pay for your crimes!"

"Nein!" Mythic shouted. He started to incline skyward, a small barrier forming around him. He bore his teeth as he pushed against it. The sound of ripping echoed just before Mythic was threw back due to the force of the sound barrier. He squirmed as he tried to regain control and fly. To his misfortune, he was caught in a field of magic. "Luna sweetie! Babe! Dear! Love, hows it going?" He tried to put on a false smile.

"You know whats about to happen don't you?" Luna asked in an angry tone.

"Oh yes I do." Mythic said through his nearly formed tears.

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