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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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Magic, gotta love it.

“So Twi, did the Princess responded to the letter yet?” Spike sat on top of a ladder, reorganizing book after book that Twilight had long discarded. Twilight poked her head out of a pile that surrounded her like a medieval fortress. “Um, Spike I think you’d be the first to know, dah.” Spike huffed at the insult. “I knew that, I’m just so bored. I want to go see this Mythic dude already, from what I heard you tell me, he sounds awesome!” Twilight shot him a glare. “You call getting nearly killed by some monster awesome? Besides I need to see if there is any mention of that please we were taken to.”

“You’ve been doing that for nearly a whole week, why don’t you just ask Mythic or the Princesses about it?” Spike started to climb down the ladder, while Twilight climbed over the books. “Because Spike, the first time I asked the Princess she snapped at me. I was quiet scared, besides it's not like Princess Celestia would just show up." Spike sighed and walked over to Twilight. "Listen, one thing i have learned by living here, and being friends with Pinkie, is not to expect anything!" As if on que, a large ball of blue light burst out of nowhere in the center of the library. Inside was Princess Luna, along with her luggage. The bubble surrounding her faded and left Twilight in surprise while Spike held on to a smug grin. “Told ya.”

Twilight bowed her head in the presences of Luna. "Princess Luna, i-its nice to see you again, might i ask why you are here though?" Luna approached Twilight and brought herself down to her level. “You don’t have to do that you know?” Twilight picked her head up. “Now, to answer your question, I’m here for Mythic.”

“Well sorry Princess but he isn’t here. I left him with Rarity a while ago.”

“Well then we will have to go and get him than, it is a very important matter.” Luna then used her magic to levitate her luggage over to a corn her of the room. She opened one bag and pulled out a pair of shades and a hat. Twilight was very skeptical. “Um, Princess if you are planning on going out in a disguise, I think you’ll need more than that.”

“True, but this is not all I’m using mind you. Now back away for a moment would you?” Twilight complied and moved away from Luna. Luna then focused magic to engulf her body, causing it to glow and form a shell around her figure. She grew bright blue and started to shrink, her wings reseeded into her body and her horn shrunk. She took a minute at her current high and finalized her new form. When the magic dispersed, there stood a dark blue unicorn with a black and purple mane and tail. Her mane and tail were done in a way similar to before it had it's ethereal stars and flow. She wore purple shades and a knitted hat. “Is this disguise good enough?” Luna chucked.

Twilight stood with her jaw on the floor. “H-h-h-how could you do that!” Luna just laughed. “My dear Twilight, you think this is the first time me or my sister went out in public without detection?” Before either two could go on a ramble, the front door slammed open. Before it, reveled Mythic, Pinkie and Fluttershy. “I’ve come to learn magic and eat food!”

Spike yelped and jumped in the air, to which Twilight gave him a sly smirk. “I thought you said something about not expecting anything?” Spike collected himself. “So what, it was loud and who is that? Is that the Mythic guy?” Twilight nodded. Spike jumped in glee and rushed towards Mythic. But as he came into range Mythics eyes shot open and a devilish smirk was drawn on his lips.

( It had to be done )

“Pinkie, helmet, now!” Pinkie rushed out of the library and in five second came back with a strange looking armor piece. Everyone else in the room looked at his like he was crazy, which only got worse. “You little dragon, do you know who I am?” Spike nodded his head. “Oh you do, do you? Then you know I’ll the slayer of dragons, the champion of the ponies, destroyer of evil and the hero of harmony!” They all looked at his in confusion, except Pinkie Pie who sat behind him shaking in excitement. “I am the king, the master and the soul savoir. I am the Dovahkni! Do you know what I say to dragons like you?” Spike shook his head. Mythic inhaled a deep breath and then yelled. “Fus Ro Da’wwwwwww”

( Stop playing- if you want )

He picked up Spike and hugged the dragon. “I couldn’t do it, may my friend back home strike me with stone I couldn’t do it. You are too cool looking to do it. Sorry Pinkie, couldn’t Fus Ro Dah him. He is to awesome looking.” He is to awesome looking.” Pinkie sunk her head. “I thought you said you were stronger than this. I should’ve known better.”

“You didn’t tell me how cool he was! I mean come ~ on, there are no dragons back on earth and he’s a baby too!” Mythic kept his attention on Spike the whole time, but looked around and saw the faces of everypony in the room. “What? Ohhh, you have no idea what just went to, do you?” All the mares and dragon shook their heads. “Well you see back home there is this thing where it is held in the belief that if you see a dragon you yell Fus Ro Dah at it. I’m sorry little guy Pinkie told me about you on the way here and I was ready to do it, but I just can’t! May the almighty strike me down with lightning!” He dropped spike and covered his head. He cowered for a few minutes and then poked his head up. “I’m still here? That’s good, now if we can all forget that little display I just did, I need a favor Twilight.”

“What would that be, oh hero of harmony?” Everyone laughed at the joke. “Hey, what I just say!?” Twilight’s laughter died down after a few good bursts. “I’m sorry it was just funny, so what do you need?”

He was about to explain when he finally took notice of Luna in her new form. “Oh, I do apologize miss, I don’t think we have been introduced.” He walked up to her and extended his hoof. “I’m Rune, Mythic Rune. I do hope you enjoyed my performance back there.”

Luna chucked. “Um, Mythic , its Luna. The pony that saved you?”

Mythic shot her a thankful smile and dropped to the floor to start kissing her hooves. “Oh thank you, thank you. I would have died back in the void! God bless your soul kind pony lady!” He stood and blushed slightly, now aware of what he just did. “He he, sorry. But I must say, I remember you being just a smidge… bigger and badass really.”

“Well this is a form I take on when I want to good out among the common pony folk. It is my minor form.” She strutted around showing off here minor form. Mythic whistled at Luna. “Wow, pony bodies are nice.” ‘Creeping myself out, but can deal with it.’ “So what Twilight about that favor…” Luna threw a hoof in Mythic’s face to stop him.

“Sorry but we have important business to talk about, you and I.”

“What would that be, my dear Princess?” Mythic mocked a bow.

“Well, I’m here to teach you magic. I assumed you didn’t know any.”

“That’s the damn truth; I thought it was fiction or a rare reality before being dragged into the damn void. That is actually why I came here.”

“Yes, so I gathered when you burst through the door. It was quiet funny.” Luna chuckled.

“Yes… yes laugh at the human-gone-pony. But seriously when do I start learning? I have food at home, waiting to be cooked and eaten by me!” He rubbed his stomach showing it growling.

“Well then, what is your housing situation?”

“My house is just outside of town, nice huge back and front yard, it’s actually just the fields . Two baths, four bed rooms nice and big. Why do you ask?” Luna’s horn then began to glow and her luggage hit Mythic’s side. “Ouch, why would you hit me with that… wait, what ‘is’ that?” He examined the trunk that had just hit him. ‘Why would she hit me with a damn trunk? Uh, just shrug it off. Wait a tick, 2+2=4, damn it! Here I thought I could have some me time.’ “Um, Princess? “

“You can just call me Luna. Night Blur in public though.”

“Ok, Luna. Is that luggage?” She nodded. “So you aren’t going to your castle or something, and you’re staying here?” She nodded again. “You asked me about my housing because you’re staying with me, aren’t you?” She nodded for the last time. ‘Ding ding, I better say good bye to my… anime, computer and laptop, Manga, Play station. And the bottom right dresser drawer, amazing Rarity didn't open it.’

“Tell me Mythic, how did you guess? Was it that obvious?”

“I’m quick to understand what might just kill me inside. So I guess we should go?”

“I guess, this will be a wonderful opportunity for you to learn basic levitation.” Luna clapped her hooves. “I get to teach somepony, just like sister!” Luna then picked up her belongings and headed for the door but turned towards Twilight. “Sorry for the intrusion Twilight, I’ll be off now. Come along young one.”

Mythic huffed. “Who are you calling young one, ay?” Luna just kept walking. “Why that… [sigh] see ya Twilight. You and the rest can drop by at anytime, except twelve forty-one till one thirty at night. That is Mythic time and nopony else’s!” He walked to the door. “By the way, sorry for the earlier idiocy Spike, see ya again little buddy.” He patted Spikes head, followed by Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. “Bye girls!” He then left the three mares and dragon behind.

“Soooo, what you two wanna’ do?” Pinkie asked. “I wasn’t working today, Fluttershy, Twilight?”

“Well, um… maybe we should tell the Rainbow and Applejack about Mythic and the Princess?” Fluttershy pointed out. “The only other one who knows he’s awake is Rarity… right?”

Twilight nodded. “That’s a good idea. Rainbow is probably with Applejack.” She looked down at Spike. “Hold down the fort while I’m gone Spike.”

“Not like I have anything else to do” As he said that, he climbed back up his ladder.

“Alright you two, let’s go see Rainbow and AJ."

“… And ah said get outta’ there!”

“No can do AJ, your trees are the best for sleeping in!”

“That don’t mean ya could just sleep in em’!”

“If I beat you in hoof wrestling I could.”

“Ya really think ya could beat me?”

Rainbow Dash bolted to a nearby tree stump. “Bring it on!” Applejack complied and the two went at it. For about half an hour, the two were caught in a stalemate, until Pinkie Pie jumped out of nowhere. “Hey, AJ, Dashie. How’s it going?” This sent Applejack and Rainbow stumbling backwards, hitting their heads on the ground. While they tended to their sure to be bruised head’s the both saw Twilight and Fluttershy walked down the dirt path close by. Twilight waved at the two. “Hey Rainbow, AJ! “

“Hey Twi, what do ah owe the pleasure for?” She stood up and walked over to her friends, meeting them half way. “Oh, I just came to tell you Mythic is awake and he said we could visit at anytime.”

“Really, finally that slowpoke is up.” Rainbow glided to the group. “So where is he? I want to show him a few tricks.” From behind her, she heard Pinkie chuckle a little. “What is so funny?”

“Nothing.” Pinkie said nonchalantly. “Mythic wanted to show you a trick too! He said to come and see him the second you can.” Pinkie then extended a hoof off in the distance. “His house is outside town, can’t miss it. He is on his way there with Princess Luna, so you should hurry.”

“Did he say what kind of trick it is?”


“Well all right I’ll you later. And AJ, I can sleep where I want.” Without a second though Rainbow jumped into the air and dashed off towards the outskirts of town. Fluttershy and Twilight glared at Pinkie Pie. Twilight said. “Pinkie I don’t think Mythic said anything about tricks back at the library.”

Pinkie Pie turned to her. “Well, Fluttershy knows what is going to happen.” Fluttershy tilted her head. “Um Pinkie, what do you mean?”

“What did Mythic he wanted to do, when we were back at your cottage?” Pinkie put on a sly smile.

“Well he said he would like to ta… oh~ my. Fluttershy blushed. “You don’t think…?”
Applejack and Twilight felt lost in the dark. “What are you two talking about?”

“Come and you’ll see.” Pinkie then bounced off towards Mythic’s house. The rest followed suit. But as they walked, Twilight pointed out. “Shouldn’t we go get Rarity? I mean we are ‘all’ going to see him after all.”

“Ow, your right. First Rarity and then Mythic.”

"That didn't take long." Rarity was putting the final touches on Mythic kimono. She had done much of this style before, but it also didn't take too long to make. That and her own skills made the task much easier. Even though it was easy, it was only the first and she still wanted to make three more. From upstairs she heard the bells chime from her door to signal a customer. She turned to her open door and shouted. "I'll be right there, please give me just a moment!" She folded the kimono and placed it on her bed.

As Rarity made her descent down her stair case, she saw the forms of four of her friends. "Oh, i wasn't expecting you four." She took notice of who was present. 'Applejack, Fluttershy, Twilight and Pinkie Pie... wait.' "Um Pinkie dear, did Mythic ever get around to seeing you? He took off a few hours ago, i also just finished one part of a request he made. It is unique, you won't see many asking for his style."

Pinkie smiled. "Mythic saw me earlier yeah. We spent a while lot of time together, but he went home with Princess Luna. oh yeah Luna is in town and she is disguised as a regular unicorn, so yeah! And she is going to teach him magic and stuff like that."

Rarity's ears flopped down. "I see, well he must be very busy, i just see him later than." Rarity began to return to her workshop when Pinkie pointed what Mythic said out to her. "You can go and see him right now if you really wanted. He was feeling hungry, that's way he left. He said we can go visit anytime too! But why would you want to go and see him now?"

"Well...um, like I said, I finished part of his order and I thought he'd like it now. You know, to get those shirts off his sides? He doesn't look very dashing in that." Rarity bolted to her room and rushed back down with Mythic's Kimono. "But he would look very appealing in this." With a smile she summoned a saddlebag and placed the kimono in it, nice and folded. "I think i'll drop this off at Mythic's house. Would you girls be going that way as well?"

Applejack spoke up. "Sur' are, ah hadn't seen Mythic since he came back all batter'd up."

"Well than, lets not keep him waiting!" With that Rarity happily led herself and her friends to the outskirts of town.

"Impressive home you have here Mythic." Luna and Mythic now stood outside at the front door, as Luna's first lesson for Mythic, he had to open the door with his unicorn magic.They have been standing out side his house for about four minutes. but it only took three to annoy him. "Okay, this is a bitch! How am i supposed to do this, maybe i'm just not able to do it?"

"Mythic it is not your ability to do this, you are able to use Rune magic! You just need to understand the concept, an invisible force that does as you ask it to. You don't need to worry about your strength in this matter, it is only a knob after all. Your horn is a way to focus the magic energies. "

Mythic sighed. "Fine, just give me a second. A force under my control..."

"No!" Luna snapped. "It is not under your control, magic is like a current. You can only guide it, only ask of it to do a task. But not like any other sentient being, you must feel and think about what must be done. Once we get inside, I have books and tome that with help you in the matter of understanding magic."

Mythic thought on what Luna said. He never though magic would work in that way. "Well..." He once again focused on the knob. He knew one way that might work, he thought the closest thing to what she said was like a prayer. "So, is it like a prayer or something?"

Luna looked over to him through her shads. "What do you mean prayer?"

"Never mind, give me a tick." Mythic closed his eyes and envisioned the knob and door, opening. His horn glowed faintly. 'Focus, open the door, magic.' He envisioned the knob turning and opening the door, he felt a quick burst fly through him. What this burst he could not explain, he felt a chill, warmth, and shock electricity all at once. He felt it run through him and gather at the tip of his horn. The door flew open and slammed into the wall, knocking down a picture frame down to the ground. The glow around Mythic’s horn died and he was left jumping in excitement. “Yeah, magic level up bitches! Spell, open a bucking door!”

Luna applauded. “Well done Mythic, maybe you put too much, but still nice work. Now for lesson two…” She threw her luggage in front of Mythic and set it down. “…Levitate my belongings to my room. I’ll be right behind you and then you can give me the tour.”

“This shouldn’t be too hard.” Mythic focused in one of the bags and thought about lifting it off the ground. I was not like the door, he couldn’t just think about it floating in the air. He then began to feel the same chill he had a moment before, but nothing happened except his horn glowed along with the bag. ‘Well it seems it’s like highlighting two points on a board, just need to connect them. Would a hand suffice or something else perhaps?’ Mythic thought back to Luna. ‘A force to do a task that I ask of it.’

“If you need to, you can envision something holding it until you become more fluent in its use.”

Mythic ignored her, if he was going to do this, he well do it the right way. He did, however, draw a connection in his mind between the bag and this horn. This resulted in another burst to move through him, but this one was less striking then the others. The two before felt similar, but also compared to this one, different. The two burst before felt like blocks that had been in the way and were being pushed out of the way. This burst felt like a block that was begin pushed just like the others, but with more ease.

The bag floated off the ground and into the air. Mythic was happy with the results, but didn’t speak. He turned to the other bags and did the same. The more he did it, the easier it becomes, even the trunk didn’t give him much trouble. “Good!” Luna jumped in joy. “I honestly didn’t think you’d get it that quickly. But now I think we should…” Luna was interrupted by a cyan blur passing over head followed by a faint rainbow, this gathering both their attentions. “Oh, I think we’re going to have a little show. That most be Rainbow dash overhead."

“How could you tell that’s her?” ‘Thud’ “Crap!” Releasing his concentration, Luna’s luggage fell to the ground. “I’ll get that later, anyway are you sure that’s Rainbow?”

Luna tilted her shads and glared at him. “You know any other Rainbow mane, cyan Pegasus?” Mythic shook his head. “Well then…”

Rainbow Dash began to descend by doing a corkscrew right above Mythic. Just before she was 10 feet off the ground she straightened out and glides away from the two on the ground and does a loop. She used her momentum to glide over head once more before landing right next to Mythic and Luna. “Sup Mythic, how’s it going?” She displayed a prideful smug look.

“Ah, you know how it is. Wake up, find a surprise on your lap, get yelled at, walk around and talk to ponies. Every day stuff, also learning magic can’t forget magic. Love the stuff!”

“That’s good to hear… who’s your friend?” She walked up to his ear to whisper. “I heard you were with the Princess.”

“Yeah… that’s Luna in disguise. Luna is teaching me magic.”

Rainbow Dash stood confused and stared blankly at Luna. “No way could that be Luna! And what do you mean, why would she teach you magic?” Luna removed her shads and revealed her eyes. She then looked Rainbow in the eyes, staring her down. "You want me to prove that?" Rainbow stood down and shook her head fearfully. "I'm good."

Mythic chuckled. “Well I need to learn how to use all my abilities properly, if ever I wish to fight using it. I plus while I’m here, I can’t just look like a unicorn and not use magic, now can I?” Mythic stated in a matter of fact way.

“What do you mean, look like a unicorn?”

“I’ll let Twilight answer that one.”

“Ok, well I’m here because Pinkie said you had a trick to show me.” Rainbow Dash hurried back to her reason of being there.

“Well she must be crazy, because I don’t have anything to… show… you…” Mythic came to a realization and face hoofed. He bore his teeth and talked though them in annoyed voice. “She had her saddlebag with her?” Rainbow nodded in confirmation. “She still has them, she still has my skittles!”

“Well she and the others will probably come back here in a little while anyway. Sooo you didn’t have anything to show me?”

“Well I could show you the house, but it might be better to hold it off if the others are coming. But since I have to show Luna here around, I guess it won’t kill me to do it three times.” He then picked the luggage back up and moved into the house.

“Stay here for a tick.” He then moved for the stairs and into the upstairs hall. “Ok, Princess gets big room.” He then manually opened the door into his parents’ room and dropped off the luggage before heading back down.

“Alright ladies, follow me on our tour of Rune Manner.” As he moved about the two mares followed close behind him. “Ok first floor holds the garage slash workshop. Right next to that is the laundry and supply room. We are in the living room slash dining room. The Kitchen is over there, oh knew I forgot something! Rarity was over but I forgot to mention about the guest room and bath. The entrance is in the kitchen also.” He moved for them to follow up stairs.

The now stood in the hall way. “This is where the bedrooms are and the main bathroom.” He opened the door to the bathroom. “Do you see the beauty of my throne? My baby.” He then closed the door and moved on to his parents’ bedroom.

“Now this is where you will you be staying, Luna. I hope it works out.” He closed the door and pointed to his own door. “And that is my room, I ask that you don’t….” The second they heard that, Rainbow and Luna bolted into his room. ‘Why do you try again? I don’t know.’

“Why is your room messy? What is all this weird stuff? Why…” Rainbow dash and Luna’s judgment of the room was stopped by Mythic’s hooves in their mouths.

“First of all, don’t leave when someone is talking! Second, Rarity had a fit or something and threw my clothes everywhere. Third, that weird stuff…” Mythic pointed to his computer, laptop and Playstation. “And that stuff…” He then pointed over to the other side of his room where there stood a book case with his collection of Manga, Mythology and Anime laid. All this was untouched by Rarity’s earlier rampage. “This is all my belongings, my books and games and media.”

“Games and Media?”

“If you two behave, I’ll show you what I mean. But only after I get something to eat, I think I’m in the mood for Penne Alla Vodka. I love my Vodka!” His eyes dilated and he grew a smile Luna and Rainbow dash found frightening. “I love my Vodka. Victor better have not taken all my Vodka!”

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