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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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End of The Beginning: The Oncoming Storms

"Now if you join the Shard, you will be allowed to live and we will touch neither the land of the equines nor Earth. Yet if you refuse, you will be fought and killed here by Talos and his handlers. So what is it going to be, Mystic boy?" Dom said, a large smile on his face.

Mythic eye'd Dom, but quickly looked away to the city around him. The swarm of Corrupt had already begun it's descent onto Albion. The guards had begun their fight with ground Shadows, while some of the more magic experienced fighters tried to counter act the airborne attackers. Mythic turned back the dark Demi-God. "Tell me, Dom." Mythic quickly summoned Eclipse to his side. He took a defiant step forward and glared at the enemy. "Who the hell does that work on?"

Dom squinted one eye. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me you. Has that line ever worked on a single living thing?" Mythic pointed Eclipse at the floating boy. "For as long as I have a free will, I will never join the Shard, the Corrupt or you!" He looked toward Talos. To think that he was once someone like me.

Dom slowly shook his head in disapproval. "Human, they were always the most stubborn of the lot." Dom flew down to Talos. He landed to his side and patted him on the head. "Good work, Talos. Drop the Princess and the box." Talos did as he was commanded, dropping Celestia and the Elements of Harmony. "Good, now go kill Mythic Rune!"

A pleasure to him, Talos eye'd Mythic with a grin. "Yes, Lord Dom." Talos bolted up into the air, taking his sword and readying himself for a dive bomb.

Mythic held his hands to the sky, and conjured a rune shield. It was not begin enough for more that one, so he urged to the others to get away. "Jika, Luna, get everyone away. Then I need you to take care of those damn Shadows."

"Mythic don't be foolish!" Luna said. "You don't really think you can hold off those three by yourself, do you?" Luna glared to the Demigod, Shard and Corrupt. "That is three against one. I will no leave you to fight this on your own."

"Neither am I!" Jika roared. "They have attacked my home, my land, my soil!" She took her sword into her hand and drew it. "I will fight now, not later."

"Morons!" Dom shouted from the air. He rose his hand into the air. A dark mist twisted around his arm soon turning into a spear. "More blood for me than!"

"Not so fast!" A harsh voice shouted from above. Victor, lifted in the air with no wings, shouted below. "You and me, Dom."

The Demigod looked up to Victor and smiled. "My pleasure cousin!" Dom flapped his wings and soared into the sky. His speared aimed for Victor's head.

Just before contact, Victor leaned back and started to freefall. He took a large pouch from his bag and tossed it to Mythic. "Catch!" Without waiting for a response, Victor turned and faced the ever approaching Dom. He placed his hands together and cried out. "Mythic release!" As he said this, Dom quickly grabbed him by the collar, Victor grabbing hold of him also. "Time to party, bitch." The two Demigods vanished in a flash of light, leaving the rest to their respected combatants.

Talos, hearing the Demigod yell, turned his eye once more to Mythic. He dropped Celestia and the Elements to the ground and dashed towards him. "Now it's our turn!" The black pegasus roared as he tackled Mythic, knocking down everyone around him.

Mythic, other than feeling the body that just made contact with him, felt wings ripping through his clothes. The were purple feathered and about six feet in span. Mythic looked back to his wings, only to see a wall fast approaching. He grabbed hold of Talos and did and spin, forcing him to land into the stone instead. Mythic than took his right fist and started to punch him in the snout. "Lets dance to the dead."

Luna quickly got up, seeing Talos and Mythic crashing into a wall. She turned to the air, the pouch still falling. She flew up and caught it. It dropped alittle, being heavier than expected. "What is in here, rocks?" Luna opened the pouch and pulled out a ring and two small vials of glowing liquid. At the bottom was Mythic's medallion. 'Damn that weighs a shit tone. Bad Luna! No cursing!'

The Princess slowly descended down to the ground when a large stream of fire was shot in front of her. She turned to the source to see Mortem Rex, who pulled back his hood. He was pale, with a red Mohawk and dark brown eyes. His eyes focused on Luna, only glancing at the crystal once every so often. He pulled a fist back and it started to glow red, gathering energy to fire at her. As he unleashed it, Mortem threw his fist forward, punching the air.

On the ground, Jika, along with most of the others, watched as a barrage of flames scattered into the sky and rushed the Moon Goddess. "Luna!" Jika grimaced, watching Luna trying to avoid the fires. A pouch started to fall from the sky, being caught by Jika. She opened it and found the contents. She looked to the Equestrians, handing the bag to the nearby Twilight. "Do you guys know what this stuff is?"

Twilight took the bag, nodded at Jika. "Yes, I know what this stuff is." Twilight turned to her friends, holding out the bag. "Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity."

The three girls walked up to Twilight and looked inside the bag. Rarity grabbed the ring and placed it on her finger. "Well it is about time! I was worried I'd be looking like a bystander in the mix." Rarity stood by as Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie took the two vials. "You know what to do girls. Drink up!"

Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie looked to each other and grimaced. "We really don't wanna." Pinkie Pie complained. "This stuff makes use feel weird."

"You're gonna feel died if you don't!" Rainbow Dashed said, flying back down with Celestia and the elements in her arms. "Now drink it or I'll force feed you both!" Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie started to drink both vials before the corks hit the ground. Both girls spun their heads slowly, dazed from the potion. But soon, they both started to take steps forward. A menacing look emerged on both faces. Pinkie Pie grabbed Fluttershy's hand and both took off into the air. "Well that...That is not reassuring."

"You're telling me." Rarity said in a low voice. From around the side of a building, Shadow's started to gather. Rarity called them out to the others. "We have company, girls!"

Rainbow Dash laid Princess Celestia on a pile of hay nearby for safety. He then slowly regathered with the others. "I've been waiting to fight all day."

Applejack snickered. "I'ma surprised ya didn't jump in the brawlen befer' now." Rainbow Dash glared at her, causing Applejack to roll her eyes. "Might as well get started than."

Jika rushed towards the Shadows and began to fight like her sisters had already done. "To battle, sisters!"

Bonsia stayed, unable to do anything. She simply lifted the unconscious Celestia onto her shoulder and slowly ran into a building where she was to wait out the fighting. She than ran back out to pick up the box that contained the Elements of Harmony. As she picked it up, a loud thud, like that of a smack, echoed. She turned to the sky and saw Mythic's fight, continuing to escalate.

Talos was thrown into the air, Mythic close behind. He flew under the Corrupt and dragged his blade on the ground. He tightened his grip and bolted into a vertical spin. A barrage of flames entered his field of vision. He halted his incline and protected himself with his Rune Shield. As he waited for the flames to die out, he caught glimpse of Mortem Rex, with Luna under his arm.

Mythic prepared to go after Mortem Rex, yet was turned away when he saw a yellow beam of magic quickly closing in on him. "Shit! No time to-" The magic attack hit Mythic hard and sent him to the ground. Dust rose from his crater, Mythic coughed as he tried to regain his breathe. "Little shit got me."

"Sir Rune!" Mythic heard a cry from just outside of his crater. A guard stood there with her spear. She run in and assisted him to his feet. "Are you injured, Sir?" She asked.

Mythic shook his head, looking around for Eclipse. "I am fine solider." He looked up into the air and saw both Talos and Mortem Rex. He stuck his blade into the ground and pulled his hands back. "Solider, you may want to get back in the fight. Many things to kill."

The solider saluted to Mythic and began to run away, returning to her own battle. Mythic started to channel magic into his hands. He bent his knees, cracked his neck and started to let out a low groan. Slowly, bright ball of magic formed in both his palms. He lifted both hands over his head, and brought them both down to his right side. Mythic's attack started to hum as the magic pulsed in his palms. "Eat this!" He shouted as he threw his hands forward into the sky, aimed at Talos and Mortem Rex. "Moon Fang!" The magic shot upwards, giving off bright blue and silver light.

Mortem Rex let go off Luna, letting her drop to the ground from the sky. He placed the Mana Well infused crystal in front of himself. Once Mythic's attack reached him, the energy was absorbed by the crystal. The residual magic swirled around Mortem Rex and evaporated into a mist. "Fool." Mortem Rex, instead of releasing the magic back at Mythic, turned the crystal towards the army down on the ground. "Death equals happiness."

Jika grunted and panted as he drove he burning blade into the abdomen of her final Corrupt. She was sweating profusely, and her helmet was long gone from close calls. A hand full of blade passed her head with Corrupt as though they were shishkebob.

Twilight dropped her hand to her side, taking deep breaths. She closed her spell book, a slight smile of victory on her lips. The smile quick disparate as a body was thrown over her head. She turned to see Applejack dusting her hands off. She rolled her eye towards Rarity.

The purple haired girl sat on a pedestal made of gems. He took the silver ring of her hand and rubbed her hand. A bruise was left where the ring rested. Rarity reacted with a gasp. "My dear Celestia! I have a bruised finger!"

"Oh pipe down, Rarity." Rainbow Dash said brashly as she floated down from the sky. She held a winged Shadown under her arm. Rainbow Dash quickly gave it a quick jab in the head, turning it into mist. "Has anyone seen the powerhouse twins?"

A rumbling from the earth beneath them signaled the return of their friends. A massive hole was drilled upward, a hoard of Corrupt being thrown out from under the surface. A pink and yellow streak blurred into the sky. A few seconds passed when Fluttershy, holding Pinkie Pie in her arms with a drill, landed. The hyper active duo roared in victory. "Hell yeah! Lets do that again!" The winged girl yelled.

Pinkie threw her drill down and threw her hands into the air. "Hell yeah!" The two collided in a high five, and then passed out.

Their friends gave each other a nervous look with a fake smile. "Should we, help them?" Jika inquired with he blade sheathed.

"I got em'!" A voice shouted from behind the group. Bonsia ran with two vials of pink liquid.

"Bonsia." Jika stepped in her way. "What are you doing here?"

Bonsia displayed a bag on her back and two vials of medicine. "I thought you guys could use some help?" She replied.

Jika sighed and moved out of her way. "Alright, till they awaken take them somewhere safe. And-"

"Moon Fang!" Mythic's roar was heard. A bright blue and silver light shot into the sky in the form of a beam of magic.

"There he goes again." Twilight side, watching as the magic quickly approuched Mortem Rex in the air. She saw him drop Luna and her eyes widened. "And there goes Luna!" Twilight turned to Rainbow Dash, already flapping her wings."

The rainbow haired girl dashed into the air and reached out for Luna. Rainbow caught her by the arm and pulled her up. "Damn, Luna is heavy!" She said aloud.

"Death equals happiness." Rainbow Dashes ears pinged as she heard Mortem Rex speak. She turned back to see him point the crystal in the direction of the armies main forces. A burst of flames was fired into the mass formation, exploding on contact.

The sight shocked Rainbow Dash and the others. Debris was sent into the air, burning wood, stone, weapons and even bodies.

Jika, in the moment, dropped to her knees. Her eyes were consumed by the sight before her. "Oh my Gods."

The fire burned high, scorching the earth below.

Mythic stared in shook, words could not describe the horror he had just witnessed. He heard the yelling, the pleas and the dropping and burning of debris. In front of him a skull, completely burnt, landed. It stared at him, and he at it. His breathing became rapid and irregular. He slowly gazed up into the sky, his vision blocked by the large body of his advisory.

Mortem Rex took Mythic by the neck with one hand and tightening his grip. With his strength, he lifted him into the air. The two slowly inclined to the sky, a smile of victor on his face. "Do you see what we, The Shard, can do?" Mortem Rex asked in a mighty tone. He snapped his fingers, a spark was released into the air. The sky turned ablaze, fire literally raining down to the ground. He looked into Mythic's eyes with a smirk before dropping him.

As he fell the world around Mythic slowed down. What do I do? What can I do? His mind now running faster than everything else. Can he truly do all that?

"Yes..." A low and sudden voice said in the back of Mythic's mind. He did not hear it though, so he could not respond.

That much destruction is untrue. No possible way he could do that. Are the Shard really like that?


Could I have power like that?

"Soon." The voice was now clear and heard. "You must first make room for your power. You must kill all who are stronger, you must be more powerful than anyone else. Kill, to gain power. Kill, to gain new found strength."

But I don't want to kill.

"Soon you will learn to love it." The voice faded, sending Mythic's mind back to it's normal train of thought.

Mythic was released from his slow and deep state of mind. His eyes snapped up to Mortem Rex, rage consuming his vision. slowed down to the ground. "He is going to die with my sword. Up! His! Ass!"

"Mythic!" Mythic turned around to catch the sight of his medallion flying right at him. The Mystic caught it and looked at Twilight, the one to throw it. He saw she and the others had dawned their own Elements. Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy barely standing with the assistance of the Storm sisters. "Hurry up and put it on!" Behind the small crowd, Luna rested on a pile of hay. She was mostly hidden on the side of a small stone building.

Mythic nodded and rushed to place his medallion on. Once he placed it on his neck though, he felt a hoof smack him in the face. Talos was flying at top speed and rammed into him. "Forget me, Mystic?"

"Sir, we must use the Elements now! It is our only chance to level the field!
I know that!

Mythic grabbed hold of Talos and spun him into the ground. "Not now, Dead man!" With Talos in the ground, Mythic ran back to the others. "Now damn it!"

Hearing Mystic's plea, the bearers started to harmonize their Elements in unison. They slowly ascended as a pure white light started to illuminate from the six bearers. Just as the process began though, a large burst of fire had crashed a short distance away from them. The force from the blast threw everyone, including the Storm sisters. The blast came from their monster-like advisory. Once he saw the Elements land on their face, Mortem Rex dived at Mythic with rage scarred on his face. "You will not be using that trick!"

Jika had quickly recovered from the blast, shooting her head up to search for the nearest danger. Watching Mortem Rex preparing to attack Mythic head on, she rushed to her feet and lifted her sword from the ground. Jika prepared to use a magic spell, placing her hand on the blue flames emanating from her weapon. Her pace quickened, drawing her closer to the eminent collision. The fire from his sword grew higher and Jika threw it in front of Mythic.

Mortem Rex reached out for Mythic, only to retract and stop as Jika's burning blade flew past him. The man looked in the direction the blade came from, only to find a ball of fire to greet him. Mortem blocked the fire with his arms, but was thrown back due to the force. Mortem Rex's eyes shot open at the shear power he was feeling from the magic. He groaned and then started to yell as he threw his arms and hands up, redirecting the fire.

Mythic watched in awe as Mortem Rex was pushed back. Jika grabbed his shoulder, urging to attack. "We need to attack now. Give the others time to do what they were doing."

"Right." Mythic nodded his head. He started to focus his magic into a seal, launching a barrage of missiles in his enemies direction. Five of the magic projectiles blaze through the air as they sought out Mortem Rex, who was forced into a hole.He heard Jika yell something, not able to hear clearly, he turned to face her. As he head swiveled to his right, Mythic saw Talos with his blade ready to impale him.

"Move, Mythic!" Jika pushed Mythic out of the way by leaning into him and shoving him forward. Talos was flying too fast to change his targets, he impaled Jika instead. Her blood slowly started to drip onto the blade, and onto the ground. Talos removed his sword from her side, the sudden shock sending her to the ground. Through the pain, she keep her eyes on Mythic at all times.

Mythic watched as Jika collapsed, his eyes witnessing an act so close to himself sent his mind into overdrive. His eyes darted over Jika and Talos. Anger burned in his heart, an emotion which was already becoming strong inside him. Without a thought to his movements, Mythic summoned his blade from the ground and took a powerful step forward. Talos was quicker however. Talos stabbed Mythic in his abdominal muscles, forcing the Mystic to a halt. The Corrupt slid his blade out slowly, enjoying the pain he saw on Mythic's face as he dropped to his knees.

Screams were heard, attention being diverted to the Element wielders. Tears poured from their faces as the bruised covered women struggled to stand. Rainbow Dashes lip poured blood as she bite down hard on it. Bonsia stared at the sight blankly, her mind finding a way to process what unfolded before them all.

Mortem Rex slowly climbed out of his hole and dusted himself off. When his eyes landed upon the sight off both Mythic and Jika, he grinned in pleasure. "Talos!" Mortem Rex shouted. "I commend you!"

Talos bowed before his master. "I thank you Lord Mortem Rex. I left the killing blows to you." He said in an obedient manner.

Mortem Rex laughed as he walked by Talos and towards Mythic and Jika. Her eyes fixed on the large, towering man. Mythic looked up at the conqueror. "I pity you, Mythic Rune. So young and so powerful in such a short time. You had a bright future." Mythic simply looked up at him, a tired expression overtook his face. Mortem Rex reached for his crystal and placed it in front of Mythic. "You see this? This it your-"

"I'll live!" Mythic shouted with what was his final strength. He caught Mortem Rex off guard and picked up Eclipse. With a powerful upward swing, he cut the Shard's arm off. The crystal went flying over their heads as a result. The Mystic snapped his head towards his friends with one final saying before his final punishment. "I think this is goodbye." Mythic heard a snap of finger, followed by Shadow crowding around his friends. "No!"

Sparks, embers, flames and fire was all that was seen. The sky was turning into a blaze and the earth scorching red. His partner looking up at him as he tried to assist her. Mythic was kicked in the side, increasing his blood lose as his lungs barely held breath and his mouth released the crimson tide. He hit the ground with a powerful thud and rolled into a pile of stone. All he could think was one thing. "How could I let this happen?"

Mortem Rex picked him up with his only hand and stared at Mythic with rage. "You were weak, pathetic and out matched. You were one Mystic, followed by a ragtag bunch of weakling. Most of whom, can't use magic. So you lose, I win." Mortem Rex dropped Mythic top the ground and kicked him once more. "I am the King of Death!"

Bonsia quivered, her fear taking over her body. She stood in the middle, surrounded by fighting. All her allies were doing everything they could to fight. Spells, attacks, everything to stay safe. A new and sudden sound of hacking and slashing caught her attention. She turned her head in the direction of the noise to find Princess Luna. She was attacking furiously with her sword.

Luna jumped into the air with her wings. She than started to caste magic down into the crowds of black with bolts of ice. Luna quickly thinned out the numbers of Corrupt, soon hearing her allies call her name. Luna landed next to the group, folding her wings for the time being. "Twilight! Where is Mythic?" The Princess asked with dread.

Twilight's tears told Luna more than words could. The purple haired girl pointed in the direction of Mortem Rex and Talos. The bodies of Mythic and Jika, slowly losing blood caught her sight.

Luna stared at Mythic, being dropped by the tall brute. She unfolded her wings and took off without another word. As her blade prepared to slash Mortem Rex's neck, Talos stopped the blade with his own. Luna screamed loudly, visible pushing Talos back.

Mythic slowly closed his eyes as he saw Luna fight with Talos. He smirked and reached out to his blade faintly. His arm was stepped on. He looked into and spat at Mortem Rex. "Go die in shit."

Jika's senses slowly started to fail her. Her voice died, her hearing was faint, she smelled the ashes less and less. Her vision too was soon to be lost until she saw Luna come from over her head and attack Talos. Her hopes were sparked for an instant, but she could no longer hold her eyes open.

Jika felt her spirit leaving her body. She started to float in darkness, cold and everlasting. Her emotions started to collide together, forming sadness and rage and guilt and remorse. "Why did it have to be like this?" She asked herself. "If I was given another chance...Please, Gods, give me a second-"

"Shut your mouth!" A booming voice lashed out at Jika. Jika's eyes shot open with new found strength and energy. "I wish not to hear a little girl cry just as I wake up."

"As you are just waking up?" Jika questioned. "What do you mean by that?"

The black abyss brightened to warm shades of yellow, orange and red. In the distance, a figure drew near. A dragon flew to her like a bird to it's nest. It was covered in red scales of crimson shade, two horns and tattered wings. The dragon's claws seemed to be made of metal, gleaming light off of an unknown source. The wide eyes of the beast were silver with pure black slits.

The winged creature then stopped in front of Jika, looking down at her. "Jika Storm!" The beast roared. "Do you know my name?" Jika shook her head, not of the Dragon's name. "You must learn my name if you wish to win your fights."

"This is the first time I have met you." Jika replied. "How could I possible know your name?"

The Dragon laughed, showing his fangs. In the top row of his teeth, a single fang seemed to be missing from the rest. "Little girl, we have met once before. Many years ago, you forced me to awaken so that I may save my investment."

"Your investment?" Jika asked, confused as to what the Dragon meant. Then she remembered back to when she was younger. "You were the voice that saved my life?" She asked.

The Dragon laughed hardily. "Do I look like only a voice, Jika?" He asked, receiving a shack of Jika's head. "The reason you are hear Jika, is to truly awakened."

Jika was ignorant as to what he meant by this. "Truly awaken?"

"Yes, now listen carefully to my words. They will teach you many things." The Dragon wrapped his wings around Jika. "Now, my name is..."

On the roof of the palace of Codut, Aries sat with teary eyes. She watched as her Albion slowly burnt to the ground. Most of the army had been burnt from Mortem Rex's attack earlier and the remaining forces had fallen back to the palace. Aries sobs drowned out the sounds of battle to only her ears alone.

From her midsection, she felt a warm presence. She opened her robe to find her crystal ball glowing bright red with a blaze swirling like a tornado. "What...is this?"

Aries crystal ball grew a crack from within. The flames became too hot for her and she dropped it. "Ouch! What the fuck is going on?" The Demigoddess asked in a roar.

Across the city, Twilight and the others kept up their own fight. Luna had been keeping Talos busy for only a few short minutes while Mythic and Mortem Rex stared each other down. Twilight and the others had cleared most the Shadows away, allowing them to move freely.

Bonsia ran around, from cover to cover. While sprinting to a pillar, Bonsia spotted something laying on the ground. The crystal Mortem Rex had used along with his hand. Bonsia redirected herself towards the crystal and snatched it off the ground. Using her better judgement, Bonsia called out to Twilight. "Twilight!" The purple haired girl turned to Bonsia as she waved the crystal in the air.

"Bonsia!" Twilight shouted back ash she tried to hold off more of the Shadows. "What is it?" She shouted once more, making her way to Bonisa.

Mythic, holding his wound, looked away from Mortem Rex for an instant. He had spotted Bonsia with the Mana Well infused crystal and wore a face of emergency. Mortem Rex tracked his face over to Bonsia and smirked. The Shard then dashed towards the girl and launched a bolt of fire towards her. "Bonsia, look out!" Mythic shouted, grunting as the wound caused him more pain.

Bonsia heard Mythic, and also saw Mortem Rex with his magic attack. In defense, she threw her hands in front of her with the crystal. As the magic fire drew closer, it was taken in by the crystal. Bonsia's eyes flashed open as the magic started to surge from the crystal into her body. Bonsia started to scream in pain as the magic overflowed within her. A wave of arcane power shot out from her, clearing the area of Corrupt and Mortem Rex. The Equestrians were worried and confused once they saw what Bonsia had done. A bright ethereal glow illuminated off her as she squirmed. Even Mortem Rex stood still and silent.

Aries stepped through a Rune portal just in time to see the events unfolding. "My Lord father..."

"He's an asshole." A voice said from behind. Aries turned to see Victor, blood and cut decorated his body. He leaned on a spear for support. "What have I missed?"

Aries slapped Victor across the face. "What did you miss?" She said sarcasticly. "Not much, only the burning of Codut, a large fucking invasion and oh yes." Aries threw Victor in front of her so he had a clear view of Bonsia. "What the hell is going on?" She yelled at him.

Victor gasped at the scene. "Get me your ball now." She demanded in a low tone. Aries did as he asked and pulled it from her robe. She handed it to Victor and the Demigod held it at eye level. He examined the fire inside it and the crack. He witnessed as a small orb of light danced along with the flame. Victor smirked and threw the ball to the ground, forcing it to break. "Here we go."


From within the ball, the flames escaped and launched into the air. They danced and rushed past everything and everyone. The blaze traveled in a circular patterned over the body of Jika. Her spilt blood started to boil and her armor began to cook. The burning flames turned to a dark blue as a figure was shaped from them. A dragon with soul piercing eyes stood over Jika's body.

Deep within herself, Jika and the Dragon had finished their brief conversation. The blue and green haired woman was released from the Dragon's wings with her own body ablaze. Jika had awaken slowly, the Dragon disappearing and the flames placing themselves into her blade.

Mythic stared at Jika in aw. "My God. Jika-" Mythic had turned to Bonsia's screams as they hit their peek.

The red and green haired young woman's screams raged on as the wind started to turn. The clouds began to spin above Bonsia as magic flooded out of her. Aries rushed over to her with instructions Victor gave her. Aries grabbed hold of Bonsia, and reached for her neck. Under her collar, Aries found a silver necklace Mythic had given her. Aries started to focus Bonsia's magic overflow into the necklace as a way to lessen the amount coursing through her body.

Soon, Bonsia's screams softened into nothing. Her magic was still pulsating from her body though. Aries had nothing else to help her. Victor told her only to do those three simple things. The speed of the wind started to pick up though, even after Aries had redirected some of the magic. Bonsia's breaths soon became regular and she slowly opened her eyes. A new presence was felt around her, she was somehow stronger than before.

"-And Bonsia?" Mythic muttered.

"Yup." Victor said, standing next to Mythic with a vial. He handed it to Mythic is haste. "Hurry and drink."

Mythic took the vial and popped the cork. He drank the potion and could feel this body regenerate quickly. As much as it was gnawing at Mythic to know what he drank, Jika and Bonsia came to mind first. "Victor, what is going on with the sisters?"

Victor smiled and patted Mythic on the shoulder. "We aren't alone anymore."

Jika stood up from the ground and picked up her blade. She unsheathed it slowly, clean and unscratched metal. Her flames now burnt higher. "In the beginning of time, fire raged, war was planned and blood was meant to spill." Mortem Rex found himself taken back by Jika's words. Her snapped his fingers and summoned three Super-shadows to kill her. The monsters dived down onto her and covered her with their bodies.

"So in order to regulate this unfortunate case, few were chosen." An eruption of blue fire burnt the Corrupt to ashes. Jika now stood with a longer sword made of a tooth with sharpened edges. "Balthazar. Dragon of fire, war and challenges. I am Jika Storm, my eternal name is Fire Storm. And I am a Rune Solider."

Bonsia, placed her hand out towards Mortem Rex. "The chosen will bring the light to the dark and find the balance between two. Mortem Rex once more summoned a group of Super-shadows and commanded them to attack. The creatures of the dark crowded Bonsia, ready to end her life. To everyone's surprise, a Rune seal etched itself into the ground and became whole. It glowed white and sent the Corrupt high into the air where they turned to mist. Bosia pointed to her enemy with a narrow brow. "I was challenged and therefore I am stronger. I am Bonsia Storm." She looked to Aries at her said, who nodded like a proud mother and than to Victor and Mythic who also grinned. She turned back to Mortem Rex with confidence in her voice. "And I am a Mystic!"

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