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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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Investigations Begin... After lunch."

The runic circle appeared in the corner, on the side of a stone wall in an alley. He silently rushed over to it, making sure that no body other than Bonsia was the one to see it. A little boy could be seen in the door way looking over at Daniel. He waved the boy in a dismissive way and the boy ran away into the building. Soon a familiar figure stepped from the portal. Victor stepped out with a tired look on his face.

Daniel took Bonsia by the hand and brought her into the alley. "Come on. I want you to meet Victor."

"Are you sure its okay?" Bonsia said nervously. "He doesn't look happy. I don't want to further upset a Demigod."

"Don't worry, he doesn't look upset, just tired." Daniel fully entered the alley and called over to his friend. "Hey Victor buddy! How you doin'?" Victor snapped his head over to Daniel. He took a small object from his robe and threw it at Daniel. He didn't catch it and was hit in the head by what appeared to be his cell phone. "The hell man?"

"Your mother is so damn annoying! She call and I picked it up by accident. Do you know the fucking pain I just went through, do you? She was asking about you and why the hell I picked up the phone. It took me five damn minutes just to shut her up." Victor let out an annoyed sigh. "Oh and I brought the girls."

"Which girls?"

Victor slammed his hand into his face. "I brought Trixie and Celestia." He said sarcastically. "Who the hell do you think I brought!?"

Victor stepped away from the rune and allowed three feminine beings to walk through. The first ran out and hit the wall. It was obvious Rainbow Dash. Her rainbow hair wasn't the most obvious indicator, the wings had something to do with that. She wore a black leather vest with blue trim running down the side in a single thick line. Under the vest was a plain white long sleeve shirt. A pair of khaki shorts that dropped down to her knees and black boots with blue laces. Her head, with her messy rainbow hair, was dawned with a pair of goggles and a light blue bandanna was tied around her neck. On her hands were black, finger less, gloves made with padding. She rubbed her head from the injury the wall was so kind enough to give. "You alright there Dash?"

"Yeah i'm okay. But darn that hurt." Dash groan.

Daniel chuckled. "Damn Dash, don't rush into things."

Dash stopped rubbing her head and looked up to the voice. She found Daniel smiling and hand extended to help her up. She took the hand and was lifted off the ground. "Thanks. It's good to see you."

"I could say the same, but last time you were human you didn't have wings." Daniel looked over to Victor. "Was this you?"

"Well I thought you were in danger, again. So I made their bodies to keep a few features this time. Like Dashes wings, Twilight has her horn...speaking of whom." Victor and Daniel looked over to see someone else stepping through.

Twilight calmly walked out into the alley. She wore a long robe that covered her body from the neck to just above the her feet. The robe was white with dark purple trim in the shape of flames around her hands and neck. A light red hood hung below her shoulders and she wore black shoes. On both of her sides were a large tome, one filled already and the other empty, both being held by straps that were slung over Twilight's shoulders. Her hair was long and her bangs covered her forehead and almost one of her eyes. But behind it was her horn, shrunk and just visible.

"Hey Twilight." Daniel waved.

Twilight turned to her left and saw Daniel standing behind Dash and Victor, and without her knowledge Bonsia just around the corner. "Hey Mythic, or shall I say Daniel?"

"While human I'm named Daniel. Mythic is my pony name . I can see you still have your horn as well." Daniel once again looked down to Victor. "Am I going to have to get a horn again? That hurt last time."

"Don't worry you big bitch. The horn was only to get your body used to accessing the magic flow. Humans don't naturally have them do they? No, so shut it."

"What about wings?"

"That I can do for you, later though. But only if needed, i'm still cooling down after your mother. Dear Ancients, the mouth on that women can kill someone and send them to hell just to escape. Never mind that now, we have one last Equestrian to go." The next figure emerged from the portal.

The Lunar Princess, Luna, stepped into the alley slowly and with a serious attitude. Luna wore what seemed to be a uniform of some kind. It was made with a material that seemed to be have the texture of leather. A dark blue jacket with four golden buttons and tassels , white cuffs and gloves. Her flat-front pants were also dark blue with a black and sliver belt. The cuff of each leg was decorated with a silver flame, perfectly symmetrical with three tips. Her black dress boots pocked out from the bottom of her pants. Luna's head still dawned a small black crown that laid perfectly on top of her black and blue hair. Her hair covered most of her horn, but like Dash, her wings could be clearly seen. On her waist was a sheathed sword, silver plated hilt and guard with a black leather grip.

Bonisa stepped into the alleyway and tried to hide behind him while the others were focused on Luna. But he started to move forward, causing her to jump out of the alley once again.

"Luna! My god...you look ready to lead an army." Daniel joked. He waked past Victor and Dash, stopping right next to Twilight. "But seriously, it's good to see you all. Did you worry about me?

Luna turned on her heel, walked forward. "I'm happy to see your safe Daniel. Yes, everyone was worried for you."

"If they were worried, why didn't they come with you?"

"Well...It was short notice and we couldn't find them." Luna lied. Yes it was short noticed but they could have easily found everyone. Rarity was too scared though and they forgot about the rest in the moment.

Daniel didn't see through Luna and bought the bluff. "Alright then, too bad. Wait a second, if it was short notice then why do you have all this cool gear?"

"That was Victor, he got it for us. He thought these would go well on us. He said they'd suit the way he would fight as humans. So knowing you, where is the trouble?"

Daniel half closed his eyes and curled his lips up. He looked bemused and began to walk out the alley. His four friends followed him as he came to a stop in the middle of the road. He stood with his back against the Lindworm and pointed his thumb over his shoulder. "You are two minutes late."

Twilight, fascinated, asked. "What is that thing, is it a dragon?"

"It is a Lindworm, a wingless dragon that lives in caves." A strangers voice said. Twilight, Dash, Luna and Victor turned around and found Bonsia standing behind them. "It is very deadly, it already killed some people. Daniel and my sister were able to kill it though."

"Eyup. That thing was no match for my Moon fang, but shit I forgot about Jika!" Daniel looked around and saw the building that Jika was taken to. Their was a crowd of people surrounding a stone and mortar building with a wooden roof with straw as an added layer. "Bonsia, come on. Lets check in on your sister." He turned back to the other four with him. "I want you guys to stay here. I'll be right back." He then slowly ran over to the crowd with Bonsia and pushed his way through.

"Should we do as he says?" Luna asked.

"I would like to document this Lindworm thing." Twilight replied.

"I can help her with that." Victor insisted. "But first, put on the bracelets I gave to you three. We don't want to attract too much attention." Like Victor instructed, the three transformed women took a small bracelet out of their pockets and strapped it on to their wrists. In three seconds their wings and/or horns disappeared until the next time they remove the bracelets. "Okay, first thing you need to know, Twilight, is that the Lindworm it is in-fact a member of the draconic family..." Twilight took out a quell and magic inkwell and began to write in her empty tome.

"Well i'm not standing around here. I want to know where Daniel ran of to with that girl." Dash replied. "Come on Princess, lets find out." Dash began to jog after Daniel and Bonsia with Luna in tow.

Daniel and Bonsia managed to muscle their way through the crowd and entered what seemed to be the infirmary. Medical cabinets decorated the whole room with a dozen beds lined up in a two rows. The woman that took Jika had placed her on a bed at the front and had just finished taking off Jika's breastplate and shoulder-plates. Underneath was a leather vest that cover Jikas chest and midsection. Daniel walked over to examine the damage. Jika winced some, but didn't complain about the wound to much.

As he neared, he could see the metal of the shoulder-plate was bent inward. "Jika, how are you holding up?"

"Well the bleeding slowed down, thank the Gods. The attack of the Lindowrm pushed the shoulder-plate into my,well,shoulder. The penetration made a lot of room for the blood to flow out. But Nurse Cerlek here has been doing this for a while, she'll take good care of me."

"That is good to hear." Daniel turned to the nurse as she began to clean the wound. "Thanks for this ma'am."

"It is my pleasure! Jika is a town hero and sweetheart, I couldn't ever just not help her. Plus it's my job, but also you protected us, a man without horns. That is curious though, how can you use magic without your horns?"

"It's complex, trust me." Daniel answered.

Nurse Cerlek shrugged and continued to clean and dress the wound in Jika.

Daniel sat on a bed to the side of Jika. "Well Jika, I think it's about time we talked."

"Talk about wha-agh!" Jika let out a small yelp as Cerlek applied rubbing alcohol on her. Cerlek gave a nervous smile and went back to work. "Damn it. So what are you on about Daniel?"

"The reason you wanted to arrest me. You wen-"

"Oh right! We can leave as soon as i'm done here. It is about half a days trip on horse, so we will need to get ready. Two horses won't be that expensive."

Daniel nervously smiled and rubbed his head. "Well um, the thing is, we might need more then two horses."

Jika rose a brow. "Why do you say that? Is Bonisa coming with us?" Just then, two others entered the room as the crowd started to disperse. "Who are you two?"

Dash ignored Jika and walked over to Daniel. "Why did you run away like that?" She asked in an annoyed tone.

"I was checking up on Jika here. Does that concern you Dash?" Daniel returned Dash's attitude.

"Well um, yeah, we thought we lost you back in Equstria! So yeah, um, it does concern us."

"Dash is right Daniel." Luna stepped in. "We were concerned, so we were curios as to why you ran off and told us to stay put."

"Well I needed to check up on my friend here. Plus the natives don't exactly have wings and... where did they go?" The two showed him the bracelets. "Oh, that is cool."

"We know, but why would you tell us to stay in the road in the first place?" Luna reasoned.

"Um,well...shut up!" Daniel roared.

Dash chuckled. "Ha! You can't think of a reason, Luna wins!"

"Can someone tell me what the hell is going on?" Jika cut in. "Daniel, who are these two?"

Daniel inhaled a deep breathe and calmed down. "These two are Rainbow Dash and Luna-"

"'Princess' Luna." The princess of the night added.

"I'm not recognizing that title! *Ahem* Anyway, they are friends of mine the ones I talked about. I have two others outside. You know, the ones from a different world, complex stuff."

Nurse Cerlek finished mending the wound and cleaned up all of her supplies. "Well I don't know what you are all talking about, but I don't care. Jika you are all finished, just take it easy on that arm for awhile okay? Have a nice day everyone." Cerlek then walked away into a back room, where she was out of sight.

Bonsia examined Dash and Luna. "Um, Daniel, they don't look the same you described them."

"That is because the were transformed into humanoids, dugh" Daniel laid down and rested his head on a pillow. "So when are we leaving? I'm hungry." He then rubbed his stomach.

"We ate about two hours ago. How are you hungry?" Jika asked as she gathered her armor.

Daniel stared at her like she should know the answer already. "I, Daniel Rivera, also know as Mythic Rune, am a fat-ass. I am hungry, therefore I shall go in search of food." Daniel then arched his back as he stretched. He rolled off the bed and landed on the floor with a solid thud. He jumped up and dusted himself off. "I meant to do that." As the others rolled their eyes, Daniel began to walk off to the door outside.

"...And that is all there is to a Lindworm."

"Thanks Victor, this is amazing! Brand new information to bring back to Equestria, the Princess will be proud." Twilight finished scribbling in her tome. She let the ink settle and then shut the record closed.

"Not a problem, just be careful who reads the information you collect. Only those who know about other worlds are allowed to read this, okay?"

"Okay, but that seems like a waste of knowledge to me."

"Trust me, it's better to restrict then to deny, and this needs to be restricted. Think of this as a personal data bank."

Twilight shrugged. "I guess that is okay. But why is this Lindworm wearing a metal chest-piece?"

"That is a good point." Victor placed his hand on the metal. The black metal was cold against the warm hand of the Demigod. Victor held his hand there for a minute, the metal didn't heat up, his hand became colder. 'What the hell? This metal is not from here, it is from... no, no i'm just over think things.'

"Oi, Victor, lets get some food!" Daniel yelled from the doorway. Victor didn't pay attention at first, so Daniel called again. "Hey Vic, are you hungry?" Victor still didn't respond which made Daniel slightly upset. He sighed and began to walk over to Twilight instead. "Hey Twilight, what are you doing?"

"Oh, I was just writing done some new information about Lindworms." Twilight giggled "This is so amazing!"

"Okay, okay calm down there Twi. So anyway, you hungry too?"

"Well." Twilight held her stomach. "I guess I could get something to eat. But where will we get it?"

"I have no clue!" Daniel said with enthusiasm and a smile, making Twilight laugh. "But we can look around till we find a place."

"You don't have to do that!" Bonsia called from the doorway of the infirmary. "I don't mind cooking another meal for you, Daniel."

"Well thanks Bonsia, that would be awesome! Bring Luna, Dash and Twilight over to your place please. I'll catch up, I just need to look over something." Daniel then asked Twilight to go with Bonsia and she complied. Soon the others came out of the infirmary and they began walking back to Bonsia's shop and house. Daniel smiled and waved them off.

As the five of them turned a corner and disappeared, Daniel's smile became a frown. He started to walk over to Victor and stood next to the Demigod. "So." He began with a serious and worried voice. "What is it?"

(Play here)

"Dumbass, it's a Lindworm." Victor answered.

"You know what I mean Vic. I might still be new to this whole different world stuff, but I know that a dragon isn't born with metal and chains attached. Someone tried to capture this thing and failed."

"That...or they succeed." Victor replied grimly.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, what if they wanted this thing to attack this village? What if someone wanted to kill all these people?"

"But why would someone do that? This seems like a pretty out of the way place, don't you think?"

"I know what you mean and I agree. I've been to this world before and I know for a fact that this place is not that close to anything important. The fact is this place would be a bother to have as a military post, a mine or anything like that. There is also something strange about this armor setup on the dragon. The metal is not of this world. When I touched it, it felt like it wanted to devour me. That hostility, coming from something non sentient is scary."

Daniel crossed his arms and focused hard on the metal. "Do you think it could be them?"

"I am sorry to say I think so."

"Damn it!" Daniel threw a fist of rage into the black metallic shell of the Lindworm. "Why are they moving so damn fast?" He said between his teeth. "What happened to knowing most, Victor?"

"That is fact, I know most. This though, this whole situation is outside my mind. I'm just like you on this one Daniel."

"Well can you get rid of the body? I don't think the Litacon will like a huge dead body in the middle of the road." Like a command, Victor snapped his fingers and the Lindworm disappeared in a green light. "Thanks Victor. One more thing though."

"What is it?"

"If they are coming into this world too, than-"

"Than yes...Earth, Equestria and Albion aren't the first, only or last. I may be older then my siblings but that doesn't mean there are few of them. They want to branch out even further then before.

"Then can we find a Mystic for this world?" Daniel said with hope.

"We can't, that is Aries's job. She alone can find the last Mystic of this world."

"So this world only has one?"

(Stop playing music)

"Yes, and the power of a Mystic isn't something that just awaken out of the blue sky. Your blood was triggered by the activation of the rune-stone that laid beneath your house. On the other hand though, it couldn't be activated unless a Mystic was nearby to activate it. It is the design.

"That leaves a large room for non-use though, doesn't it?"

Victor chuckled. "I wish, you don't know how drawn humans can be to magic. Plus the Earth is littered with them, the most famous is Stonehenge."

"I see, so what other ways are there?"

"Right, blood being triggered is one way. Manuel activation by a Demigod is also possible, that is two. The third is how powerful magic users find out they're Mystics. A huge amount of magical energy courses throughout the body and awakens the potential in the blood. This can either be intentional or accidental."

"Wouldn't that be like trigger?"

"It is similar to trigger, but trigger can be anything. Plus this was before trigger, it was the proper way of the Mystic birth."

"So i'm an accident?"

"In one way, yes. But I still think you still are the one who will win against the Corrupt. I've seen inside your soul. You are a genuinely good young man and I believe in you, but boy can you fuck up sometimes. I mean I know about that time you were running in a forest and you it a tree and fell down that hole."

At the memory Victor resurfaced, Daniel began to sulk. "It took them two days to find me."

"Whatever you big bitch, you want to know bad shit? Go talk to my sister...speaking of whom. Follow me." Victor and Daniel left the site where the dragon once laid. They approached the same alley where Victor's rune had appeared minutes before. Victor snapped his fingers and a red summoning rune opened up on the wall. From it Aries stumbled out, tired and covered in sweat. "Will you ever do that again, sister?"

Aries panted as she fought the combined weight of her exhausted body and sweat drenched rob. She pushed up with her arms and got on her knees. "Damn...it....Victor. Why...must...you be...like this?"

"Because i'm going to change things and I want you to understand how serious I am."

"Change things? What are you talking about Victor, what will you change?"

"Its God stuff Daniel, don't worry about it."

"Okay whatever you say. We should get back to Bonsia's house. We can discuss more there, but before that, what are we going to do with your sister here?"

They both looked down at the sad sight of Aries staggering to her feet. "Oh, right. Well sister, if you learned your lesson, you need to go get Daniel here some new clothes. His clothes are tattered and those pants don't go well with that kimono." Victor snapped his fingers and Aries was dragged into a new green summoning rune. "Now we can go."

"Damn man, what happens to a God that does that?" Daniel asked without realizing it.

Victor smiled menacingly. "That is a truly riveting tale. We have time right?"

Daniel started to feel slightly uncomfortable. "Yeah"

"Good. It all started with my other sister, Aite..."

Four minutes after leaving him, Daniel's female companies had entered Bonsia's house. Bonsia herself started cooking more meat and soup for the visitors. Jika, Dash and Luna sat at the table in the front room while Twilight examined Bonsia's work area. It was still full of plants she used that morning. It was quiet till Luna thanked Bonsia.

"Your home is very cozy Bonsia, thank you for your kindness."

"It is a pleasure, Princess Luna! I am honored to have royalty in my home."

"Eh, it's okay." Dash leaned back in her chair.

"Rainbow, that is not the proper way to thank someone."

"Fine, Twilight. Thank you for letting us stay here and eat your food."

"Well it shouldn't be that big a deal. My sister is one of the only two herbalists in the village so she gets plenty of commission. The only other is our grandfather and he is staying the capital now. Bonsia keeps his house clean though."

"That's right. Everyday I go inside and tidy up any dust or dirt I can see. Twilight, can you pass me the salt from the table, this soup isn't going to taste right without it."

"Sure thing." Twilight, instead of grabbing it with her hand, used her magic to levitate the salt shaker over to Bonsia. "Here you go."

Bonsia grabbed the shaker out of the air. "Thanks."

"No problem. So how long have you been an herbalist?"

"A few years now. My sister joined the Albion guard and I needed to take care of myself. They didn't want me joining my sister in the guard so I became an herbalist instead. I know they are in noway related, but its the best thing I could do."

Dash straightened up in her seat and looked at Bonsia with a confused look. "Why wouldn't the guard want you to join? Was there no room or something?"

"That wasn't the problem." Jika said. "The issue was our family household. Our parents were killed by a Lindworm when she was only fourteen and they wanted the bloodline to continue. That is the policy, if I were to die, she'd be the only Storm left. Our family was always small, now it's us and our distant grandfather."

"I'm so sorry to hear that, Jika. I know what it is like to lose my parents, it was a very dark day."

"Thank you Luna, but it isn't just our parents. A Lindworm killed my husband too." Jika started to tear. "It was so,so bloody."

"Shh, it's okay Jika." Luna consoled her. "You don't need to talk about it if you don't want to."

"*sniff* Thanks. It is pretty pathetic, seeing a Lieutenant crying." Jika wiped a tear away. "But yes, our household and Bonsia's magic abilities were problems."

"Sister!" Bonsia protested. "I don't think they need to know about that."

At Bonsia's sudden snap, Dash got very curious. "What is wrong with her magic?"

"Nothing!" Bonsia shouted. "Nothing is wrong with my magic. I just...can't limit it."

Now Twilight got interested. "What do you mean you can't limit it?"

Bonsia stopped stirring her pot and took in a deep breathe. "Well, there have been occasions were I don't always have full control over my magic. You see my sister's magic can create fire, I can convert magic into a beam. That is the only magic I know for fighting though, the rest is to help me with my chores and making my potions."

"Well I'm sure I could help." Twilight offered. "I lost control when I was young, but I learned to control it. Maybe I could help?"

"That would be great, but you will be leaving soon. Or are you still bringing Daniel to that cave, Jika?"

"Still plan on it."

"Um, what are you two talking about?" Dash asked.

"Jika was going to take Daniel to a cave where she found something that peaked his interest. Where is he anyway, it shouldn't take this-" Bonsia was interrupted by a loud slam that came from the front door being opened.

From it, Victor and Daniel stepped through with Daniel shouting in astonishment. "-It could do that!?"

"Yup, just like that."

"But doing that for seventy-two hours is impossible! I mean fire I could understand, but fucking lighting? She had to run away from that for all that time? You sir are just pure evil."

"I warned them all but she did it anyway."

"It had five fucking heads!"

"Damn it man, lower your voice. We are in someones home, use your inside voice."

Daniel blushed from embarrassed when he realized where he was. Everyone looked at him with slight annoyance and he hunched his shoulders. "Sorry."

"It is okay Daniel." Bonsia said. "Victor must have told you a great story."

"This guy is mad! He put is own sister in a hellish plain and made her run from this monster that, well, you don't want to know all the details."

"Please, how bad could it have been?" Dash asked dismissively. Daniel glared at her before whispering in her ear. As he told her, Dashes eyes widened. "Dude, that is your sister! How could you possibly do those things to her? My brothers would never do that to me, ever!"

Victor didn't care about Dashes comment and waved her off. "Yeah, yeah whatever. It is Demigod punishment anyway."

"Well it still sucked ass." A voice from the doorway. Aries stepped inside with a dufflebag in her arms, still covered in sweat but not tired as she was before. "You are too harsh, Victor."

Victor shrugged off the insult.

"So Aries," Daniel said. "Is that for me?"

"Yeah, hope the pants fit, had to make them myself." Aries tossed the bag over to Daniel and he caught it by his knees. Daniel placed the bag on the floor and zipped the zipper. Inside was Daniel's white kimono Rarity had made for him and a pair of pants that were made of soft cotton, or what seemed like cotton. Under that, there was a pair of socks and sandals with straps to tie around Daniel's ankles.

"Wow, thanks for getting this stuff Aries." Daniel closed the bag and held in to one hand. "Do you have a bucket of water or something Bonsia?"

"There is a sink in the bedroom. On the left side of the bed, and a mirror right above it. You should have seen it when you woke up before."

Daniel stared for the bedroom. "I should, shouldn't I?" He walked into the room and closed the door.

"So Bonsia, what are you cooking over there?" Victor asked.

"Pork and soup, shouldn't be to long."

"Umm, how much soup did you make?"

"I actually made plenty. Daniel already talked about how those three aren't accustomed to, you know."

"Yeah, thanks. Have they look at it weird?"

"Nope, I think we should stop talking about it though."

"Agreed." So for the next ten minutes the room was mostly silent. Well, it was silent except for the constant questions Twilight asked about Albion. Jika answered all of her questions and Twilight wrote all the information down. But as soon as Bonsia was done with the soup and meat, Daniel emerged from the bedroom fully clothed with a clean face.

"I hear the meat call my name!" Daniel shouted.

"I said inside voice." Victor bickered.

Daniel ignored Victor and walk over to the pot where Bonsia started to pour the soup into six bowls. "Here let me help you with that." Daniel took two of the bowls that were already filled and brought them over to the table where his friends sat.

"Thank you, Daniel. Already everyone, time to eat!"

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