• Published 14th Mar 2012
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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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SPECIAL: A Waking Nighmare

[A/N]:Here it is, the joke I made among my Brony Brothers over Skype. Okay so what this is, is a sub story. One day me and some friend of mine were on Skype and I had a crazy idea. So I stared to typing it up and boom, this little sugar baby was born. Now I would like to point out in big bold lettering that THIS IS NOT PART OF THE MAIN PLOT LINE! IN ANYWAY, SHAPE OR FORM! This is just a little something I thought you would like. It won't be that long and if you like I can do more. If you don't like it, than you may properly and gracefully leave the Special and wait till the next real chapter. Now it is time for, A Waking Nightmare.

As Luna's lips pressed against my own, I could not do anything but feel my heart rage at the possibility of it's end. For the moment we touched, I was shocked by the soft and moist blue lips of the Moon Goddess. Her tongue burrowed into my mouth and started to wrest my own. My heart beat speed up and hit hard against my chest. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I thought to myself, "Dear God, don't let this end. If it must end, kill me for this is too good."

To my dismay, it ended. Luna pulled her tongue out of my mouth and her lips away from my own. It was pure ecstasy the way her lips touched me, it was like being hit with a brick when it ended though. My heart still raced and my wings stood stiff. She had tasted like mint, cool and refreshing. He breath was like a mist as we parted ways. She did not stay though, for she flew off the second it was over. A mad dash to her balcony and four seconds later, I was left by myself on the rooftop. "What now?"

It was all I could say or think, what now? Do I stay here and think about it and what to do? Or do I grow another pair and go in after her? Me, being the big balled son of a bitch I am flew after her. Which is hard when your wings are, well, hard. I flew to her balcony and opened the door...and heard her crying. Crying, why would she be crying? I walked down the stairs and saw her leaning on a dresser with a mirror. "Luna?"

She picked her head, took a quick glance and went back to crying with her hooves on her eyes. I tried to approach her, but then she threw a jewelry box at me. "Go away!" She didn't sound sad or angry when she said this, she sounded sacred and a panic. "It started, go away Mythic! Go get my sister!"

"Luna what the hell are you talking about?" I ran up to her and she covered her eyes. "Luna tell me, what his wrong?"

"Me." She said in defeat. "I am wrong. I am not suppose to be here." Luna uncovered her eyes, her beautiful teal colored eyes were now draconic. "You see now? She is coming back, I was not meant to last. It seems I was only meant to delay here return for a shorter while. It was good though, I got to meet you." Luna placed a weak smile on her face, the tears unstoppable.

"She? Return? Luna who the buck do you mean? Let me help you Luna!" I grabbed her hooves and looked into her eyes. "Please."

"You can only do one thing now." Luna leaned in and started to kiss me again, this time softer and lighter. I did not let her go this time, I held her tighter and kissed her back. I might be rusty, but I remember how to kiss pretty damn well. As we kissed, I parted her lips with my tongue which was naturally longer than normal even as an Alicorn. I hit her teeth and waited till she opened up to me, never breaking the kiss. Luna slowly opened her mouth wider and allowed my tongue to enter her. We started to wrestle and exchanged saliva as we did. I fluttered my wings and flew the both of us over to her bed, breaking the kiss once and only for a brief and very brief second. It was so sensual, but why did she keep crying? I laid her on her back and kept up the wrestle as I started to fuddle her a little. I rubbed my hooves down her sides to her flank.

Luna pulled away from me. She whimpered before looking me back in the eyes. A shaky smile appeared on her face and a dark glow started to envelope us both. I asked her, "What is going on?" In a panic.

Luna just kept looking at me with her unsure smile. She closed her eyes for ten second before opening them again, her tears had stopped. He smile was steady and showed her teeth. Luna then leaned in, gave me a peek on the lips and then whispered in my ear, "Times up." The dark energy condensed around her and lunched me backwards into a wall where I hit my head before falling to the floor. I closed my eyes for what felt like an eternity, but was really just ten seconds. I rubbed the back of my head with my hoof and tried to look over to Luna's bed. The black mist now turned a shade of night sky blue, inside it were tiny sparkles of white.

I stumbled over to the field that had surrounded Luna and touched it. "Luna, are you okay?" I yelled. "Luna, talk to me!"

"Oh I can hear you." That...was in no way Luna. The voice was older, darker and... sultry? Well I found it sultry. The mist dispersed but did not completely disappear. It retracted into the mane and tail of a new figure that slightly scared me. Luna's blue coat turned jet black, just like her soul. Her wings grew larger, just like her fangs. Her eyes looked hungry with her purple eye-shadow. "Hello Mythic Rune, Daniel Rivera, Lover boy."

I looked at this evil looking Alicorn. What the buck happened to Luna? "Holy shit and who are you?"

The Alicron looked to me with a confused brow. "What? Did Twilight and her friends not talk about me? The threat that brought them together? Man talk about being tossed to the back of the closet." She sighs.

Wait a bucking second! Jet black coat? Blue mane mist? Menacing as hell and was a part of Luna? "Wait, are you...Nightmare Moon?"

"Yup!" Nightmare smiled. "Nice of you to join the story, we are on page forty-two."

Holy shit and tig ol bitties! This is impossible, how? "That is not possible though. Twilight and the others hit you with the Elements of Harmony. They said you were defeated and Luna returned to her normal self! What the buck are you doing here and what is going to happen to Luna?"

Nightmare sighed. She laid on the bed, almost looking tired. "Well about that. You see, Luna was only a place holder. She was real yes, but only because she was a version of my younger self. Now when the Elements made contact with me, they changed my body, my mind set and almost everything back about one thousand and ten years. That was before I got pissed and jealous at my damn sister. The spell was suppose to last longer, but the extreme shift in Luna caused the release. I think." Nightmare started to tap her chin. I think she was either confused or was spewing bullshit.

"Do you expect me to believe that shit?" I walked up to her and got in her black muzzle. "Do you honestly expect me to trust you? The mare who tried to bring darkness to the land?"

Nightmare Moon smiled at me and said, "My dear Mythic, you really think it was all that? I will admit that I wanted the night to last, but not for that long. I over exaggerated a bit, but I was jealous yeah. How doesn't? Every little pony loved and played in the day back then and they slept and ignored the night." Nightmare then frowned, it mad me feel a little sad for her. She still tried to do some dumb shit though!

If Nightmare was telling the truth, what should I do? "Are you telling me the truth, Nightmare?"

She looked at me with a flat smile and nodded. "I am. I now realize I was wrong and I want to say sorry for what I did. Celestia didn't need to put me on the damn Moon for all that time though!"

"Well that I can't say anything about and you shouldn't be saying sorry to me. But if you are sincere, I will help you." I smiled down at her.

"You want Luna back don't you Mythic?" Yup she saw through that bullshit.

"Okay Nightmare, I'll be straight with you. Is there anyway to get my Luna back?"

"No. The effects off the Elements are gone and I am back to stay." Nightmare then sat up and leaned into my face. "I should let you know though. The feelings Luna had were my feeling as well and she was only the younger version of me. I am Nightmare Moon, I am Luna." She then got even closer, an inch from my face. "I am you love." Nightmare then started to kiss me, pushing the both of us to the ground.

I tried to fight it, but found it useless. I, Mythic Rune, found what seemed like love. Then it is replaced with a dark princess. MY LIFE IS BUCK AWESOME NO? Hahaha, no. My life just might suck.

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