• Published 14th Mar 2012
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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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Ram Burst vs. Moon Fang

"What kind of trouble can happen today?"

"Don't talk like that. You know what can happen." Luna said while walking over to the open front door. "Come on Mythic, I'll show you how a rune can be used to attack a target."

"Nice, finally. All I have is that damn shield. Come on Rainbow." Mythic then followed Luna and Rainbow Dash him.

"Yes but this is a tricky rune to get the hang of. The shield just holds the magic together. This will cause you to fire projectiles." Luna explained as they walked to the nearby field. "You need to learn that there are three types of runes. Connections, condenser and conversion. Connections are transportation and summoning runes. Condenser runes are mostly for amplification. Like the runic shield for example, it's just a runic circle, but gathers magic and becomes solid. But it can be used for other things like..."

Luna stopped walking when the reached the field. She turned to Mythic, who was barely paying attention. Dash hovered over both of them bored as well. Luna glared at both of them. She proceeded to summon a rune, small enough to fill on her hoof and stomped the ground. The ground under her began to shake and break open.

She flew off the ground, leaving Mythic to fall in the pit. He shrieked and fell on his face ten feet in the earth. Luna glide to the edge and talked down to him. "Will you pay attention now, Mr. I'm a mystic so I know everything."

From the bottom of the pit Mythic called out. "I never said that! But now that I know that I can do that..." He staggered to his hooves and flew up. He got in Luna face with a hyperactive glee. "Now that I know that, Shut up and take my money!"

"Yeah." Luna backed away. "Just listen. That was condenser, but we're here to learn conversion. It just what it sounds like, it converts magic into what you will it to be. This will be basic projectiles. Now watch, and don't get hit." Luna turned toward's the forest tree line. She drew a rune in the air and aimed the circle at the trees.It then hummed and fired two, blue shots made of magic. The projectiles weren't spherical in shape, yet more like small missiles. When the missiles hit the trees it erupted in blue smoke. When the smoke blew away, the tree was no loner there, just a stump.

Mythic and Rainbow rubbed there eye. The then said in unison. "Holy....Buck."

Harmonies Rock

Victor sat on his rock, looking over the water. It was clean, blue and the sun over head shined down adding to its beauty. Victor gave a low sigh. He know he should do something, but even Demigods like to stop and watch the world around them. He got up from his sitting rock and moved to the middle of his small island. he then sat on the flat rune stone and laid down. He stared at the sky with a smile. "Good day, nothing to bad. Just the suns bright a little to bright." He closed his eyes to block out the sun. He laid there for an hour undisturbed.

Bad news.

Victor then heard a noise, a high pitched whistle. He sat up and looked around. "The gate is that?" He stood and scouted the water, clear and still. He then looked to the trees, still as well. Victor then saw a shadow form on the ground, but there wasn't a cloud in sight. The reality of the problem started to scare him, but he know what had to be done. He looked up at the sky and saw a black dot, growing bigger. It fell to the ground at high speeds and landed at the shore of the island. The object kicked up dust, sand and water.

As the dust and sand cleared, Victor could see the object. It was a person, small, red hair, and female. It looked just like a human girl, hair pass the shoulders, blue eyes and she wore a red and green rob with a hod. She could pass for a human, except she had small horns growing from her forehead like a ram. She landed back towards Victor and looked around, looking for something. Victor slowly backed away and started to activate his rune stone to escape this creature. As the humming started, the stranger turned and smiled menacingly. "Oh no you don't" She said.

"Agh!" Victor yells in fear and summons the rune. He disappears from sight as he steps through the summoning rune. The stranger is left standing there. She walks to the runes and activates them as well. "He won't get away."

The training field
Outside PonyVille

It has been four hours since Princess Luna started teaching Mythic how to fire projectiles with the runes. In that time he manged not to successful fire off two missiles. In that time Rainbow Dash had gotten bored and flown off to meet with her friends. Luna was being patient with Mythic, while he bashed his head into the ground curse at himself for not doing a simple task. "Why... Can't...I...Get....It....Right!?"

"Mythic calm down." Luna said in a comforting voice. "You maybe a mystic but you can't get it all right the first time."

Mythic stopped hitting his head but couldn't stand straight as he spun around. He found his footing and shook the dizziness off. "But in four hours? In four hours I've only shot on at a time."

"But that's good, it means you can do it. This is practice."

"I guess." Mythic looked at the sun at it began to fall slightly. It was about four something, Mythic thought. He then looked over at the trees that he used for practice, all burned and broken.'Think here for second. Two missiles, but I'm only firing one. What if I...' Mythic thought process was interrupted by the noise of a rune opening behind him. From it, came a tried looking Victor. "Holy shit, what happened!?"

"Never mind that! I need to run!" Victor yelped as another summon circle faded in next to him. From it came the same stranger. "Your not getting away, Victor."

"Who the hell are you?" Mythic asked, ready to fight this strange person.

"I should ask you the same."

"I asked first."

"True. My name is Aries, Victor's sister." Aries said proudly. "Now who are you?"

"I'm Mythic Rune, Victors friend."

The serious tone of Aries changed to that of kindness. "Oh, you're a friend of big brother! I'm sorry if I came on a little strong. I thought you were a stranger."

"No... i'm a friendly"

Aries turned and glared at Victor with a frown. "I didn't know you had friends. See you never let me into your life. You are always evading me."

"Um, Ms. Aries?" Mythic asked

"Yes Mr.Rune?"

"Why do you have horns."

"Oh, that's because the race I watch over has them."


Aries turned to Victor. "What?"

"I haven't told him all about that yet"

"Oh, sorry."

Victor sighed and looked at Mythic. "Well, see you guy I gotta run!" He then bolted into the forest and disappeared. Aries chasing after him. Mythic and Luna just stood there. Luna looked over to Mythic. "What just happened?"

Mythic looked over to Luna. "I think we just watched a pair of demigod siblings argue and run after one another. But how care, i'm going to see if the duel is starting soon." Mythic then took off into the air. He was soon halted by Luna magic and floated in midair. "The heck?"

"You should wait for a lady, Mythic. It might just save your life." Luna flew up behind Mythic.

"Yes you Majesty, of course you Highness. Now let me go." Luna huffed and released her magic. Mythic returned to hovering. "Thank you, my Princess of the Night." He then smiled.

They flew into PonyVille and landed on the balcony of the library. There was nopony in sight so they knocked on the balcony door. Few seconds passed by and Spike opened the door. "OH, hey ya Princess, hey Mythic."

"Sup little dude. Can we come in?"

"Sure" Spike stepped out the way, allowing the two Alicorns to enter. "But why didn't you two use the front door?"

Mythic looked to Luna. He looked her up and down. "I forgot my wings are showing. And Luna for got to change."

The small dragon shrugged and walked downstairs. Mythic followed and found Twilight and Rarity sitting on the floor talking. Twilight was concerned about the duel. "What if she tries something dirty?"

"Don't worry Twilight." Mythic called from the stairs. "If she does something dirty. You kick the dust and blind her. Thats the best way I can think of keeping it fair."

The unicorns jumped a little at the sudden input. "I didn't know you were here, Mythic. Is the princess with you?" Mythic stepped out of the way and reviled Luna. Twilight and Rarity bowed their heads. "Your Highness."

Mythic looked over to Luna. "This happens all the time?" Luna nodded with a guilty grin. "Explains when they saw me. You two should get up. It's almost dusk and I need to find a go place to watch the figh- I man dual... yeah dual." He got mixed looks. "Fine what ever, I said fight. What, man can't see two chicks fight? Spike agrees with me."

"What!?" Spike yelled.

Mythic looked down at him. "You agree right?" Spike started to sweat and gulped. He slowly nodded. "Boom, kid earned candy next time. So when are we heading out?"

"It starts in a few minutes." Rarity said.

"Nice, were?"

"In town square, that's were she'll make a formal apologie." Mythic then aw'ed. He then asked if Celestia had visited. "Oh yeah. She came by a while ago but then left. She told here guards that she had other things to attend to."

"Mythic, maybe you should go ahead and find a cloud to watch from." Twilight said. Mythic's mouth hit the floor. "What, did I say something?"

"I can sit on clouds!?" Twilight nodded. "That's awesome! See you girls in a bit!" Mythic then ran upstairs and flew out the balcony door. He flew to the town square and found fluffy cloud just above a wooden trailer. He landed and saw Trixie setting up a microphone on the top of her trailer. "Yo, Trixie!" Mythic called down.

Trixie looked up and saw Mythic waving down at her. "Mythic! How did you get up there?"

'Oh shit. Brain, options!'

'A- Truth
B-Lie, it was a spell
C-Lie,This is a hallucination'

'Thanks Brain'

'Your welcome Master Rune.'

Mythic cleared his throat and spoke in a ghost like whisper. "Trixiw this is just a hallucination. I'm not really on a cloud."

Trixie tilled her head. "But I haven't touched popseed in two years."

Mythic went wide eye. 'Are those drugs?' "Fine I used a spell to get up here. Happy?" Mythic heard ponies walking to the center of town. Large crowds formed as the sun set over the hills. "Well, looks like the masses have arrived. Good luck!"

Trixie gulped and turned to face the crowd. 'You can do it. You've practiced this for a month.' She saw in the crowd Twilight, Rarity, Spike and a unicorn Luna. They walked to the front and were joined by Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. The crowd grew and it seemed like everypony in town was there. Trixie tapped on the mic and started her speech. She levitated ten flashcards to her face. Once Mythic saw this, he sighed. 'This is going to take awhile. I wonder what Victor is doing.


"Just listen to me!" Aries called out as she ran through the brush. "This is important!"

"Nothing you say can cause me to stop!" Victor yelled as he jumped from branch to branch. "I won't stop, you'll never do 'that' to me again!"

"You're still mad at that?"

"I'm your damn brother! Older non-the-less." Victor spouted with disgust.

"Come on, we're going to be gods. You know how it goes. You spent to much time watching the humans." Aries jumped over a rock and onto a low branch. The two have been running like this for almost thirty minutes. Victor had held the lead, but Aries was catching up. But on hearing Aries speak ill of the humans, Victor slowed down.

"You know what!? The humans my not be perfect, but they had so much potential." Victor jumped from the branch to the ground. He made a mad dash to a large cliff side he saw. Aries too jumped back down, but didn't run. She took a breath and opened a rune portal. She jumped through it and came out the side of the cliff, blocking off Victors escape route.

"Stop, this is very important. They sent one."

Victor skidded to a stop. He had a face of confusion. "What?"

"An elite is coming."

Victor's eye widened. "Your kidding me right?" Aries shook her head. "Shit, when do you think they'll get here?"

"Within thirty minutes. You could of had more time, but you were being a little child."

Victor sighed. "Aries i'm sorry. We need to get back to the house. They'll be sending him plus foot soldiers right?"

"When don't they?"

"Mythic will need help." Victor sighed. "Luna has here armor at the house, Twilight and Rainbow can help him too."

Aries shook her head once more. "No, no. They have an invasion size group moving in!"

Victor froze in fear. He bit his lower lip and yelled. "FUCK! We're totally fucked! Unless..." Victor shuttered at the notion. "Aries."

"Yes brother?"

"How many do you have left on Albion?"

Aries frowned. "I only have one left. And you know how hard it is to find them if they don't discover their power. You were lucky. Mythic's blood was triggered. I mean, they still use magic, but hitting the level of Mystic is different."

"I know Aries." Victor walked to her side, he placed his hand on her shoulder. "But you need to go and fine her. We'll hold them off here. And after the fighting, i'll go look for the rest on earth." He then let go of her. "Now go, before.... creek...Fuck!" Victor turned to the sky and in the distance saw a large summoning rune. He slowly turned to Aries. "Sister get going. I'll handle this."

"You know not to interfere."

"I don't. I just push and encourage." With that the siblings drew their own runes and disappeared.

Back in PonyVille, Trixie was ending her speech. The ponies in the crowd cheered and accepted, this caused her to smile like an idiot. Up in the cloud Mythic listened. "Sounds like she thought that out for quiet sometime." Mythic said to himself.

Out of nowhere, a strangers voice answered. "It sure does. That is wonderful." Mythic jumped a little and turned around. Behind him was a very light pink pegasus pony. She had a hot pink mane and stood with authority. "Hey there, Mythic."

"Who... how...why..." Mythic rubbed his temples and formed the sentences. "Who are you? How do you know my name, I did see anypony like you last night at the party. And why did you sneak up on me? Also, please don't tell anyone about my wings. I need to stay hidden till the right time."

The pegasus chuckled. "Oh that's all simple. I sneaked up behind you because I thought it would be a good way to observe you."


"For the rest, I don't look familiar?" The pegasus strutted on the could and walked around Mythic. He thought it to enjoyable it he saw her flank. On her flank was a sun, a full sun. Mythic feared what he was about to do, but needed to. He took her face and looked at her eyes, they were purple. He let go of her face and thought on the information before him in his mind. Purple eyes, sun on her ass, plus... if Luna can transform into a unicorn... what says that.... "Celestia?"

"Yup." Mythic let go of Celestia face.

"Oh, god. Don't do that to me. I thought you were... something else." Mythic shuddered.

"What do you mean?"

"Just... never mind. Why are you a pegasus anyway?"

"Oh, I wanted to watch my student, didn't want all the ponies to feel pressure since i'm around. Plus I prefer to be a pegasus then a unicorn. More freedom." Celestia spoke, not with authority but like anypony else. She truly felt free as a pegasus.

Down below, Trixie bowed as she finished. Twilight thought to be the first to show her friendship. Twilight waited by the door and when Trixie walked out she hugged her. Seeing this, Mythic and Celestia with the rest of the crowd let out a d'aw.

Mythic twitched. "The hell?" He felt a shudder rush down his spine. He heard a creek come from nowhere. It was loud enough to draw the attention of the ponies around him. He scouted the area, but didn't find the source of the creaking. Nothing from the ground, buildings or hills looked like it could cause the noise. Mythic then looked up, he saw a huge summoning rune over the town. "What...The...Hell?"

Talk from the crowd began to grow. Suddenly with out warning, a dark figure shot out from the rune and landed on Trixie's trailer. Earning some yelling from the owner. The rune over head was both yellow and black, causing Mythic to panic. "Please, please don't tell me..."

Celestai too was worried. "Mythic... is that what I think it is?"

"Sadly, I think so."

From the rubble of the trailer, a figure began to make it's way to the crowd. It was a black pegasus, yellow and black tail and he wore a helmet, hole in his chest. Mythic's eyes grew, he turned to Celestia and spoke with out emotion, almost a whisper. "Princess get everyone out of here. Now."

"Mythic what is going to happen?"

Mythic spoke with rage in his eyes. "Round 3"

"Hello, tiny...little...pathetic ponies! I am here to retrieve the Mystic and if you comply, I just might not kill you all." This cause the crowd to scream and talk, asking who this strange pony meant. A lone stallion in the crowd walked up. "We're not going to be intimidated by thugs like you."

The black pegasus stood on his back legs, flapped his wings and drew out a sheathed sword. He pointed it at the stallion who talked out. "Are you sure, young fool." The stallion slowly backed away into the crowd. Twilight took Trixie and tried to find with the crowd when the pegasus called her out. "Stop right there, little miss magic." Twilight stopped, but pushed Trixie to go into the crowd. "That's right, we did some research on this world. It seems you are the element of magic, one of the Elements of Harmony. You were also with the mystic while in the Inter realm zone. If I kill you, he'll have to com out of hiding."

He raised his sword over head and leaped at Twilight. Before he got to her, everyone heard a roar coming from the clouds above. The pegasus stopped his attack and smiled, he know that voice so well. From the clouds, everpony saw a purple dot coming down from a high altitude. "Talos! Round Three!" Mythic dive bombed with his Eclipse blade. Talos held his blade out and the two parried. Mythic's momentum kept going though, and caused him to cut Talos's helmet. The helmet cracked and broke in two halves, reviling a yellow and black mane.

"Tell me Talos, why are you still in that form? More fun?" Mythic mocked.

"No. My master forced me into this form until I bring back your body." Talos laughed. He stuck his sword in the ground and stomped his hooves. The rune above widened and swarms of corrupt flew through it. Most had wings, while some just floated to the ground. "And i'll be taking your body back to him very soon."

Mythic glared at Talos, who was laughing like a madman. Mythic turned to Twilight, standing a few feet away. "Twilight, you need to get everyone here out now. Hide them, tell them to run, I don't care. Just get all the innocent out of here. This fight's going to get ugly."

"Are you sure? You almost died la-"

"YES! Now go." Mythic yelled. Annoyed. 'She needs to learn that when I say i'm sure. I'm sure.' Mythic then rush Talos and swung at him from the side with one hoof. Talos quickly drew his sword form the ground and block Mythic's attack. "You ready?"

"Ready for what?" Talos asked chuckling.

"I owe you one for that Ram Burst when we last fought." Talos rose a brow. He then saw Mythic's hand glow blue. Mythic smiled menacingly as the glow grew. He then placed his hoof next to Talos's face. "MOON FANG!" HE then released the energy in the attack and it sent Talos flying into the air. "That's for last week bitch!"

"Mythic!" Luna called from the crowd. "Mythic, i'll be right back. I need to get my armor. I'll come help after." Luna then teleported away. Next, Celestia came down from her cloud and stood next to Mythic. "I'll call the guard to mobilize this instant. I'll also get the elements for the bearers."

"Good. But tell everyone to get out of town. There 'will' be damage. I should now." Mythic unfolded his wings, ready to launch. "I'm the one who's going to cause it." He then flapped his wings and flew after Talos.

In the crowd, other groups of ponies began to talk. 'Did he just fly off? Who was that? What did he mean mystic?' Twilight then gathered the attention of the ponies. "Listen to me, everypony needs to evacuate town right now! Head to the train station!" Once they heard her, everypony started to run to the train station. But the corrupt started to circle around the town and swarm around the ponies. The shook in fear.

Rainbow Dash, being the brash mare she is, attacked the corrupt like she did the day before. Her hooves flew the swarms that were raining down. She flew in zig-zag patterns, landing her punches on every shadow that fell and flew from the summon rune. On the ground, shadows attacked the civilians. Twilight used her magic to blast the shadow into mist and made paths for the rest of the ponies to run. AppleJack kicked shadows as they would make their way to the crowds of escaping ponies. Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity simply escorted and assisted anypony that was hurt from the shadows attacks.

Outside PonyVille, in Mythic's house, Luna had arrived and was putting on her armor. She heard a noise down in the kitchen and went to investigate. Down stairs she found Victor. He was rushing through the liquor cabinet and talking to himself. "The rum or vodka, rum or vodka, rum or vodka. Screw it, i'll take both! Rum for strength, Vodka for speed."

"Victor, what are you doing?" Luna asked. She dawned her helmet and chest piece, but yet to put on her boots.

"I'm getting ready." He placed the bottles in a satchel and closed it. "What are you doing here? You should be out there helping in the fight."

"I will, do you not see the armor?"

"Sorry, sorry... just tense. I may seem it, but i've been alive a long time. I've seen some bad stuff."

"Well now's not the time for that talk. We need to get out and help my little ponies."

"You mean 'you' help. I can't help with this. I can only help you, help yourselves. That's what these bottle are for." He patted the satchel.

"Aren't those just bottle of Mythic liquor?"

"Trust me. It can be more then that. Now go put on your boots and go. I need to make a delivery." With that he disappeared into a rune he had summoned.

Luna rushed back up stairs, placed her boots on her hooves and ran to the door. She opened her wings and flew the distance to PonyVille. She saw the ponies running into trains, while shadows would mindlessly destroy the town in general and corner pockets of ponies that strayed away from the crowds. Luna landed by one such pocket of five ponies. Ten shadows cornered them in an ally and had injured all of them. Before it got worse, Luna came behind them and blasted them with rune missiles. She took out four, then the rest leaped away from the injured ponies to Luna. With a few more shots of magic, she killed five more, leaving one. The one survivor was quickly pulverized as Luna stomped on it.

"How badly injured are you?" She said to the civilians. One of the stallions in the groups claimed that they would make it to the station. Luna know better, she escorted them half way their till she saw Rainbow Dash flying down. "Rainbow Dash, have you seen Mythic?"

"Yeah. He is still by the square." Rainbow landed next to Luna and took one of the smaller ponies on her back. "Come one Princess. We need to get these guys to the trains." Luna nodded and they hurried to the station. There, inside the station they left the injured in the hooves of some nurses that had sent up tents in cause things got worse. All who were at the station gasped at the sight of a Princess in armor. They began to whisper back and forth. Luna grow curios, she leaned into a conversation being held by two unicorns. "It has to be an invasion from a foreign country."

"But those things... what are they? Where did they come from?"

"I don't know. Didn't that pegasus say something about a mystic guy. You think he meant to say 'Mythic" not 'Mystic'?"

"Maybe. He said he wanted him, should we comply?"

"You shall not listen to that thing!" Luna finally spoke out. "These thing's are here to destroy and that's it. This is not a foreign power, this is an evil that has killed thousands upon thousands before your time." By this time, Luna had gathered a crowd of ponies listening to her. "They are here to do harm, but don't be afraid. For we have ponies fighting this battle for you. The Elements of Harmony are fighting these creatures. Along with them is Mythic Rune. Some of you know him, but for the rest of you, know this." Luna took a deep breath. All the ponies had gathered to listen to her. At this point all the bearer had gathered at the station and too were listening. "Mythic will beat this threat. He will save all of you, I should know this. Believe in him, he will do his best to protect you all."

From the crowd, alone mare shouted. "Really? Then where is he? Tell us!"

Luna grew furious. "He is in combat with the leader of these creatures! The pegasus you saw in the middle of town was no pony, but one of the creatures in the form of a pony. Mythic is doing all he can to stop the threat." Just then, a crash could be heard outside. Those who were by the windows could see Mythic and Talos in a crater.

The two kept up there sword play and stayed in a standstill. They had their blades against the others and pushed. Mythic had the upper hand, but Talos took over with superior strength and pushed Mythic away. Mythic had no time to recover from the push, so he had to quickly summon a shield to take the next few blows from Talos. Has Talos assaulted the shield, Mythic panted catching his breath. Not better then last time. Damn it.' Mythic regained most of his stamina. He waited and let the shield take the hits for him. Once he heard it crack, Mythic flew off into the air and away from the station. 'Not better because of civilians. Need to get him away from the large-' Mythic's thought was interrupted by Talos, who was flying right behind him. Talos swung his sword and cut Mythic's back left leg. "Gah!"

Mythic flinched from the pain. Talos took this chance and flew pass Mythic. He took a sharp U-turn but didn't proceed. "Mythic, did I ever tell you I was human?"

"Yes, why?" The two hovered in the air. Mythic felt his warm blood run down his leg.

"Well, from a human to human. Why are you doing this? It's much better being on the side of the shard."

"What makes you say that?"

"It just is. Now answer me."

Mythic mockingly smiled and scratched his chin. "I don't now, maybe I have an avengers complex. Oh wait, I know!" He put his hoof down and frowned. "Maybe it is because I promised to do so. To pity the foolish and misguided. Protect the weak and hopeless. Stay strong and always do your best. I'll kill every corrupt and Shard in order to do so."

Talos laughed. "HA! You call that a promise? Who did you promise that to, your mother on your birthday? HA!"

"No" Mythic rushed forward. He was in Talos's face, looking right into his eyes. "It was a dying man's wish!" Mythic the slashed Talos in the right side. and backed away. "That was for last week as well!" Talos coughed up some blood. "Now you die!" The two went into a frenzy of attacks, they slashed and hack and swung with all their strength.

The sun was fully set down now and Luna had taken a moment to raise the moon. Even in battle she had to try and do her duty. The first of the royal guards also started to arrive a ponies were being lead out the town while the guards fought off the corrupt. Celestia herself had come back to PonyVille against the advice of the guard captains. She came and brought with her the Elements of Harmony and a few select captains. Yet she could not find the bearers. She sent out a search part to find the six wielders and Luna. A pegasus guard flew to Celestia to inform her of evacuation. "Madam, all the civilians are now out of the town. They are either on carriage,Train or walking a good minimal safe distance."

"Good work solider. Any word on the bearer and my sister?"

"No madam, but..."

"But what?"

The guard looked over to were the rune was over the town square. "We haven't gone to the square due to the steady flow of those creature that are coming from there."

"Well go check. We have to try and use the Elements to close that portal."

"Yes your Majesty!" The guard then flew away, leaving Celestia to herself. 'Where could they be?'

As the corrupt flowed through, Luna and the bearers of the Elements watched as Mythic and Talos fought with all there might. Talos kept getting the upper hand when ever the two held their blades together. But Mythic would get when the parried and come back with a quick slash. But they were both equal with the amount of blood and cut and bruises they had. As much as some of the mares wanted to, Luna held them back. Rainbow darted to the fight up above, but would be pulled down by Luna. "Rainbow Dash. You can not interfere with his fight. That his Mythic's enemy, if you want to fight, then go get some of the shadow that are everywhere! But leave those two be."

As if on que, the shadow started to form around the seven remaining ponies. Luna and Rainbow were the first to act, while Twilight and Applejack too joined once the shadows hit the ground. Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie where left to stay out of the way. They didn't know what to do. Rarity didn't have spells like Twilight. Pinkie Pie couldn't fight like AJ. FlutterShy was to scared to do anything. As the three huddled, a summoning rune opened behind them. From it walked Victor dripping with sweat. "Oi, don't ever! Ever! Piss off a giant dragon made of silver."

He walked over to the three mares. "Don't worry ladies, i'm friendly. I'm Victor, Mythic's friend. Now can someone tell me what happened after the portal opened?"

Rarity spoke as the other two were too scared to do so. "We-well um... those creature came out, attacked the town. We evacuated everypony in town and now it's just us. Oh and that guard is here."

"Good. That should make this easier. Now you three need to trust me. Okay?" The three nodded, mostly out of fear due to their surroundings. Victor smiled. He reached into his bag and pulled out two bottles, one was Rum and the other was Vodka. But the bottles looked like they had a glow to them. Victor shoved the bottles into Pinkie and FlutterShy's hooves. "Now I need you to drink the Vodka Fluttershy. And you to drink the Rum Pinkie. Even though I swore, this is an emergency. And Rarity..." Victor dug back into the satchel and pulled out a ring made of a red metallic substance. "I need you too wear this, focus magic into it and t will shot a beam that will turn what ever it hits into a crystal." Victor placed the ring around Rarity's horn.

Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy drank the bottles, but only a sip. "No, you two need to drink the whole thing." The two looked at each other and gulped. They chugged the whole bottles. They expected to throw up do the the amount they just drank but instead fell fast asleep. "Well, that is a good sign. Now I got to run away, see ya Rare!" Victor then ran down an alleyway and out of sight. Before Rarity could do a thing, shadows swarmed her. For a moment she panicked and fired off magic at one of the shadow. When the magic was released, it came out in the form off not a beam but a bolt of magic. When it hit, the shadow slowly stiffened and turned into a blue crystal.

Rarity was more pleased then shocked. She fired off more bolts and the shadows around her slowly turned into a wall of crystals. She turned to see Pinkie and Fluttershy still asleep. Rarity dragged the two into a nearby alley and put them up against a wall. Rarity then checked to see is the coast is clear and it wasn't. Twenty shadow had crowded the entrance into alleyway and were slowly crawling their way to Rarity. Rarity blasted bolt after bolt at the shadow and they just kept coming. She slowly backed away and then she passed Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.

(Play this)

A shadow turned away from Rarity and attacked the sleeping Pinkie Pie. As it swung it's claw it her, her hoof was thrown up and caught it. Pinkie quickly opened her eyes and punch the shadow in the face, sending into the wall behind it before turning into mist. Another flew from the air at Fluttershy. As it neared her, Fluttershy quickly rolled out the way and causing the shadow to slam into the ground. She then stood up head facing the floor, like she was dazed. Rarity warned the two to move out of the way, but they ignored her. As Rarity called out more but stopped as the two looked back at her.

Rarity could see fire burning in their eyes and stopped talking. The pegasus and earth pony looked at each other and slowly and silently nodded. Without warning Pinkie rushed the hoard in front of her with ease as Fluttershy darted into the sky at a speed Rainbow would gawk at. Which meant Rarity was stunned to say the lest. But she was quickly pulled from her trance as another group of shadow came from behind her. She shrieked and ran out of the alley and found herself running into Twilight. "Rarity, what happened?"

Rarity tried to speak but found it easier to force Twilight's head to the sky and show her Fluttershy punching and kicking the corrupt at high speeds. She became a blur as she ripped the shadow apart. She roar like she had lost all sense. A swarm quickly formed around her. She didn't attack any of the shadows but instead fly around in a circle. She slowly began to pick up speed. She spun around and around. The air around her then began to spin as well, making a small tornado. The tornado grew and grew as Fluttershy spun faster.

Looking away from her own fight, Rainbow saw what Fluttershy was doing and gawked. Shadows were being pulled in and turning to mist so quickly it was slightly scary. For three minutes the tornado kept spinning when Fluttershy flew from the eye of the tornado. Without her to keep it going, it slowly lost control and diminished. Rainbow flew up to Fluttershy. "Fluttershy, when did you get so...so"

"You mean so hotblooded?" Fluttershy smirked. "You think i'm hotblooded, look out for Pinkie Pie."

"Where is Pinkie Pie anyway?" Fluttershy pointed down to a group of thirty or so shadows looking for something or somepony. "But I don't see her." Fluttershy, still smirking, pointed up to the sky. Rainbow Dash squinted and could make out a tiny dot in the night sky. As she stared at it, it got bigger and more....pink? As the object fell from high orbit, EVERYONE in or around the town heard the two same words. PARTY BOMB

Pinkie Pie, the greatest party goer know to the world... was breaking through the atmosphere. No one knows how she did it, but she did it. Through the dark night time sky, ponies for miles could see a pink falling star. All the fighting stopped for one split second as everyone looked up to see the first ever atomic bomb dropped on Equestrian soil. She still had a ways to go, but she was on a direct course for the square. Mythic looked up at her. "Damn she so hotblooded." Pinkie began to pick up speed and the sound barrier formed around her as she fell. It was no use though, it could cushion the impact. Pinkie landed in the middle of thirty shadows and caused a large crater to form beneath her. The crash also caused a pinkie mushroom cloud to form.

"It looks like we know where they are now, Princess."

"That's true Shining Armor. Send guards to that location right this second." Celestia demanded. Shining Armor, one of the Captains Celestia pick and brother to the element of magic, saluted and marched off to direct troops.

"Where the hay are you Luna?"

"Right here." Celestia jumped at the sudden reply made by Luna. She had just arrived from her own fight, tired and exhausted. "Sorry to worry you sister, but I had heard from Twilight a while ago that a zebra lived in Everfree. I went to check and see if she was still there. She was meditating, so I warned her that she should leave. She thanked me and gave me some potions." Luna moved her wing to revile a satchel stocked with bottles. "She said these are fast acting heal elixirs. He might need some."

"Who might need them?" Celestia asked.

"Mythic of course. The Elements as well. Do you bring them?"

"Yes, they are right here sister." Celestia levitated a box up from her side and reviled the six Elements of Harmony to Luna. Luna took the box and held it with her magic. "Thank you sister." She then took off back into town.

"I must admit, that was impressive. No more messing around!" Talos flew away from Mythic and landed on the ground. He then stomped his hooves once more. When he stomped, the rune unleashed more shadow. With the shadows came one super-shadow. As he unleashed the hoard, Talos was confronted by ten guards. "Halt! Are you the one responsible for this?"

Talos smirked. "Why yes I am." He then took his sword and charged the guards. Talos's attack was once again halted by Mythic, who had flown down to chase Talos. "Don't take your eyes off the enemy!" Their swords clashed and they rebounded off each other. "You guards need to get out of here, this guys mine. But the girls are not to far off, go help them." The guards nodded and ran off to assist the mares in their own fights. Talos slashed at Mythic, causing him to jump back. Mythic saw Talos standing there, ready to attack, be Talos didn't. Mythic flew back a good twenty yards.

"You sure about this? They could of helped you." Talos stuck his sword in the ground. With a cocky smile he walked to Mythic.

"I'm sure. This is you and me." Mythic stuck his blade in the ground as well. With a look of determination, Mythic walked over to Talos.

Talos picked up the pace and so did Mythic. They both charged energy into their hooves. When the two met, they cross-countered with their most powerful punch they had left. The two enemies flew back and landed on their backs, they stayed unconscious.

(Stop Music)

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