• Published 14th Mar 2012
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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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The Passing Storm(s)

As night slowly started to fall on Albion, Mythic and company had found themselves in the throne room. Pinkie Pie was pouting a bit due to their early departure. "No fair, why do we have to leave so soon?" The pink mare asked with a frown.

Mythic leaned down as he took the last sip of a mug. "Well you see, you went over board and nearly ate half the spread, excluding meat. Also, Victor's orders. As much as I want to stay, I sorta agree. Plus he had to talk to Jika, Bonsia and myself."

"That is correct, my friend. Yet you also nearly ate everything, including a fork." The Demigod said as he walked into the throne room with his sister. "Bonsia, Jika, Mythic. I will be taking you three with me while Aries brings the ponies home. Soon after she will join us."

Mythic shrugged. "Alrighty then, Victor. Come on you two." Mythic beckoned the sisters. He then knelt down to Pinkie Pie and the rest his hand on the mare's head. Mythic then turned his attention to the five others. "I'll see you girls later. Keep Pinkie Pie under control till I get back." He patted the pink pony. "We'll start our own party after I get back." The frown on Pinkie Pie turned into a smile quickly.

"Alright my ponies." Aries said as she clapped her hands. A portal opened before them all which led back to Equestria. The Demigoddess then started to escort the mares through it and to their homeland. "Lets go home." Soon after the last mare was through the portal closed behind them.

Bonsia waved them off as they left for home. "See ya!"

Victor waited a few moments before opening his own portal. The green vortex came after Victor chanted a small verse under his breath. He then stopped his chanting as the portal became stable. "Alright, we are going to a certain place. Mythic knows it, but you two wouldn't." Mythic rose his hand along with his mug, as though he were in a class room. Victor rose a brow and called Mythic out. "Um, yes Mythic?"

Mythic placed his hand down slowly and took another sip of his alcoholic beverage. He smiled and placed his mug on the floor. "Yeah, we're going to that place I first went when my powers awakened right?" Mythic asked knowingly. Victor nodded and confirmed his suspicion. "Alright then." Mythic then backed away from his mug and proceeded to line it up with the portal. Once he found the best angle, he run up to it and kicked it as though it were a can and keep running. He leaped through a moment after grabbing hold of his mug.

Jika stared at the portal was narrow eyes and slightly peeved expression. She turned to Victor, facepalming, and asked, "So why the hell did he just do that?"

Victor sighed heavily and shook his head. "Human's have the instinct to show off. And since he has been to this place before, he feels he must do just that." Victor placed his back to the portal. "I just don't get it. You two go in first."

Bonsia and Jika shrugged and proceeded to pass through the portal as instructed. Once through and out of sight, Victor took one last look around. The room was empty, causing him to smile. The Demigod then reached down to the floor and sprung into a back-flip and spin. He landed through the portal, making the gateway close behind it's creator.

As all the dust settled in Albion, the Throne room was silent, the only noise coming from the outside celebration. Yet far above the city of Codut, on the tip of a mountain, a man stood with a staff by his side. He dawned a hooded coat with a golden pentagram around his neck. "This world is connected." The man muttered. "Four worlds are now open once more. Earth, Albion, Equestria and the Shard's realm, Hyble." From above the man, the shadow of a figure emerged. He lifted his head up to a small writing pad. "I should make that five, including Optome." The man placed his writing back in his coat and turned to the sky behind him.

In the sky, a small boy was found. He had wings of white and golden feathers. The rest of his figure was shrouded by the sun. "Hew of Ginal! You dare travel without my permission?"

Hew chuckled softly. "I am so sorry, but I don't recognize you as authority." Hew raised his staff and brought it down. Around him, a magical wind cloaked him. In a matter of moments, the man was gone from the world. The dust settled and the winged boy flew away as well.

As Mythic exited the portal, he landed on soft grass. A rich and warm sun greeted him as he returned to Harmony Rock. "This place is so safe and nice." Mythic muttered as the others followed suit. To Mythic's joy, Victor flipped into the lake. The Mystic laughed at the Demigod and his mug spilled. "Vic, that was the best!"

Victor's nostrils flared and his brows narrowed. "Mythic, shut it or die." He threatened.

Mythic stopped his laughter and sat up. "Gomen'nasai!" The young man shouted sorry in Japanese.

Jika cleaned her ears and asked, "What did he say? Something about go, man, and sigh?" The Rune Soldier was confused to say the lest.

Bonsia nodded in agreement. "Yeah, that was just some crazy talk Mythic." The young woman sat down on the grass and looked around with a smile. "Though I must say this place looks peaceful. Where are we?" She asked.

Victor walked out of the water and up to the single tree on the small island. "This is Harmony Rock. This is my personal dominion, my home." He smiled as he gazed upon the Rune stones beside the tree.

Mythic narrowed his eyes at the Demigod. "So you have been mooching off my home this whole time?" Mythic added emphasis on mooching.

Victor simple glanced at Mythic and placed a hand on his tree. He smiled slightly and asked Mythic, "And just who allowed you that privileged?" His voice hinted at a more sinister tone then his smiled would suggest. Mythic placed his hand over his mouth and stayed silent from then on. Victor then gave a real smile as Mythic's action pleased him. "Better. Now lets get down to the business at hand."

"Which is what exactly, Victor?" JIka asked as she sat beside Mythic. she crossed her legs and rested her head on a fist. "Is this Mystic and magic related?"

Victor nodded as he slowly stepped up to a rock on the water line. As he sat upon it, he looked over the three. "That is right, now let me begin by explaining what you are Jika. As you already know, you are called a Rune Soldier. A Rune Soldier is similar to a Mystic in the since of ability. They gain their magic from source not accessible by most beings. Jike gained her magic through what I can only suspect is the Dragon spirit, Balthazar."

Jika nodded as Victor said Balthazar's name. "That is correct, it was Balthazar the Dragon." She replied.

"The spirit of war, battle, challenge and fire." Victor informed them. "He has been around longer than I have or even my father."

Mythic laid back on the grass and gave a heavy sigh. He rubbed his face with both hands and felt overwhelmed. "Every time I talk to you Victor, things just get a little more confusing and deep." Mythic complained. "Can't you just write me a book and let me read it? I am sure it would be much easier that way."

"I think it is more fun letting your brain hurt as I give up the information one piece at a time." Victor said with a devilish grin on his lips. "Besides, if I did that, it would be three times the size of the bible."

'Fucking ass hole.' Brain relayed to Mythic

Mythic crossed his arms as he gave the Demigod a glare. "The bible is not that long anyway."

"Unabridged." Victor added with a smile. "Plus a dictionary."

"Well I really didn't feel like reading that anyway." Mythic said in fake confidence, secretly amazed something could be that big.

"Let him get back to explaining." Bonsia said with a pleading voice to Mythic. She then looked back to Victor and waited for him to continue.

Victor waited a few seconds, looking over to the small waves coming up to the shore. After a moment of ensuring Mythic was silent, he cleared his throat and continued. "As I was saying before being interrupted." He glared at Mythic with his piercing eyes. "Balthazar is a being not created from one of the Gods. The Dragon is a creation of the Ancients, to be one of their legacies for the rest of time. He is not a God mind you, he resides not in a realm but has connection to those born to his sign." Victor steps off his rock and over to Jika. He placed a hand on her head. As he did this, her hand started to glow and burn in a red flame.

On her hand, an insignia was etched into her skin. A semi-circle facing the east enclosed a small flame with two crossing blades was formed, but vanished as Victor removed his hand from her head. "That is the sign of Balthazar the Dragon. Back when Mystics and Soldier were still walking around, that was a rare sign. My guess is because he would only loan his power to only those he knew and felt would grew to be battle hardened heroes." The Demigod sat back on his rock.

As the Demigod sat down, a portal opened up in the air above him. From it fell Aries, who grabbed onto Victor as she landed on him. The two landed behind the rock and hit their heads. Aries was the first to recover from the impact. As she leaned up, she noticed she was sitting on Victor. "Oh Victor." Aries said as she blushed. "Not in front of the mortals."

Victor shook his head and gasped at the sight before him. He bucked her off his waist and crawled back a few feet. "Bitch stay off me!" He yelled in surprise. Victor rushed to his feet and jumped behind Mythic and Jika. "Save me squire!"

Mythic turned around and glared at the cowering Demigod. "Clap your trap." He looked back at Aries. "Please wait till we are done with him."

The Demigoddess gave Mythic a sharp glare. "Four minutes."

"Mythic if you save me I will tell you why your Eclipse changed again." Victor bargained.

The Mystic looked at him with a bemused expression. "Easy, I am badass and I can use Bankai."

"I will tell you what that last move you used was. Mystic Force and why your Eclipse changed." Victor said nearly pleading.

"I am badass and can come up with new magic attacks." Mythic stiffened his lip, not giving in to Victor's demands.

"I can tell you who wins in a fight, Goku or Superman." Victor said, knowing that this was his final offer.

Mythic ran up to Aries and lifted her in the air. "Stay away from the Master you witch!" He then spun around and threw her up into the air and into the lack. As she made a splash, Mythic threw his hands into the air.

Victor sighed in relief. "Thank Father for this moron."

"So who wins?" Mythic asked excitedly.

Victor looked at the Mystic and punched him in the gut. "It's Goku you numb nut! Super Saiyan all the way bitch!" Jike and Bonsia both watched as Victor stood victorious over the young man. The Demigod returned to his place on his rock and continued. "In all seriousness I do know what happened."

Mythic held his gut and cringed while looking at Victor. "What the hell do you mean?" His breath was weighed down but the punch Victor delivered.

"I mean you are gaining knowledge from a past life you moron!" Victor shouted. "Mystic Law is extremely difficult technique that takes a life time to learn, let alone use it."

Mythic froze and gazed at Victor. He was diluted by Victor's explanation but stood up straight. His eye fell to the grass as he thought about it. "Well that might explain why it was like a reflex. But I thought that the Karma Cycle erased those sort of things from the life before."

"That is false." Victor stated. "Well in your case it is false. Perhaps you are a phenomena, whatever the case may be you are suffering from the bleed through effect. It may be slow but you are gaining something from your past life." Victor took in a heavy breath. He waited for a moment before smiling. "Well story time is over for now."

"But surely there is more to be told!" Jika shouted as she shot up from the ground. "Victor come on, there needs to be more!"

"Oh there is more, much more to be told." Victor replied with half closed eye. He looked over his shoulder into the lake to see Aries swimming slowly back to them. "Yet I am not the one to tell you. Sadly you are my sister's problem for now on."

Bonsia got up from her seat on the ground and walked up Victor. "What do you mean by that, Victor?" she asked in a small voice.

Aries finally reached the shore and walked up to the Storm sisters. "It means we are departing on a journey of our own for now. I will be training you personally, seeing as how you two are now my responsibly from the moment your powers awakened. I know you two would want to be with Mythic, I really do. That is not how it works though, we aren't even suppose to even be teaching you. And if others locate us then-"

"The amount of magical energy will pin point our location to other Demigods who will try to play judge or take you." Victor interjected with a rapid explanation. "I'll be surprised if no one was back at Albion checking things out."

Mythic glanced at the sisters, gazing at them for a moment before looking back at Victor. "I understand and also agree." Mythic shocked the Storm sisters, who thought he would be against it. "If Victor is telling the truth, and Aries is also right than I am all for it." He strolled to their sides and placed a hand on each other their shoulders. "It is not like we will never meet again." Mythic called forth his Eclipse blade, returned to it's normal state.

The Mystic took the blade and cut his palm, letting is slowly bleed. "Well will never be too far away. In battle or peace, or hearts and our friendship will break through the ether of space and time. As Mystic's and Rune Soldier, we fight to keep the peace, hope, and balance at level. Be the light at night and the shade in the day."

Jika nodded and smiled along with Mythic. She extended her hand out for him to cut her palm. As he did, she added to his words of encouragement. "Do it not for the glory of the weak, or the recognition of the strong. Not for the gold of gods or fear of demons but for the mortals that live here and now. To protect and serve those who are incapable to do it."

Bonsia placed her hand out without hesitation. Mythic cut her palm with a smile. She swallowed in nervousness and placed her hand out with the others. "We will be there always, to end the needless fighting, to harness the peace and spread it. And no matter the conflict we will be there for what is right and just."

Mythic smiled and grabbed both their hands. He placed his cut hand on top of theirs and looked at them. "And with that, we are Mystic Law." he said with a wide grin. Next he pulled the into a tight hug. "I'm going to miss you two."

Bonsia returned the hug and grabbed his back. "Same here, Mythic." She muttered as she held him close to her breast. She then wept a single tear, both happy and sad.

Jika tried to push Mythic off her as she kept her head turned. "Yeah, yeah." Jika kept a hand on his chest to keep the distance. She then realized what Mythic has said. "Wait a moment, Mystic Law?" she asked with a bemused expression. "Did you name that after-"

"It's a Human thing!" Mythic interrupted with urgency. He broke the hug and back up a little.

Jika started to chuckle at Mythic's reaction. "I was only joking." Aries came up behind Jika, tugging on her. She told her they should be leaving soon. The small Demigoddess went up to Mythic and shook his hand, giving him a small hug as well. She then walks over to Victor, how agreed to a quick hug. Aries opened a portal as she finished with Victor. She walked to the side of the red vortex and waited.

Bonsia sighed as Aries stood waiting. She looked at Mythic one last time and held a devilish smirk. She quickly stole a kiss from his lips and ran away. "Sorry Mythic, but I have been wanting that the whole time I've known you." She giggled as she jumped through the portal.

Mythic was taken aback by the kiss. He looked to Jika for help. "Jika, keep your sister under control." The Rune Soldier nodded, stealing a kiss of her own. "J-J-J-Jika!"

Jika placed her finger on his lips. "Shh, Luna doesn't need to know about one little kiss." Mythic's eyes quivered as she widened her smirk. Before leaving, she punched him in the gut and slowly walked away. She turned to Victor and waved. "Bye Victor, have a nice day."

The Demigod held a nervous smile as she left. He waved back at her and waited until she had left before taking a few steps away. "That is scary even to me. And I fought death."

"Oh, that reminds me." Aries perked up before leaving. "Cousin Death asked me to give this to you a long time ago. And I just remembered. Thanks!" The small Demigoddess reared her foot back and kicked Victor in his groan. "Well bye!" Aries kissed Victor's head and ran into her portal, having it close behind her.

The Demigod looked to Mythic and winced. He tried to walked to him, holding his groan and having his legs bent at an outward angle. "Lets go home." Victor stated with quick breath. Mythic gave a small nodded and pleaded with him. Victor snapped his fingers and his green portal opened to Equestria. Mythic slowly made his way into the portal, Victor close behind him.

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