• Published 14th Mar 2012
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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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I'll...Just Be...In My Room

One Long Walk Across Town Later In Which Nothing Important Happens

Mythic had taken the lead, followed by the nine mares. They had walked in a nearly straight path from one side of Ponyville to the other. The buildings had all been repair and it looked like nothing had happened. Well, maybe the crater in the center of town stuck out. Other than that, nothing was out of placed. The group made their way to the out skirts of town and there, in the glistening sun was Mythic's prize and treasure. "There she is, Casa de Rune. Daddy missed you baby! I'm home!" He ran up to the side of his home and nuzzled it like a fine mare that had been dressed in the finest of silks of the most lovely of nights.

Jika and Bonsia watched as Mythic began to become emotional with his house. They were stuck between confused and disappointed, mostly disappointed in the way he was acting. Jika grunted, "Can we just get inside already?"

Mythic stared daggers at Jika, but slowly made his way to the garage. He mumbled to himself as he cantered. "Can we just get inside? Oh I'm Jika and I want to go inside. Pft, women from other worlds." He started for the front door as the rest came closer. As he opened the door, a beetle buzzed over his head and entered the house. "No! Die you motherbucker!" Mythic leaped into the air and swatted at the air borne beetle.

He used his hoof as a hammer as smashed the bug on the floor, causing a mess of green tiny guts to spatter. "Ewe, bug blood. First thing when I get home, clean up bug guts." Mythic grunted in anger as he looked at the miss on the floor. The mares stood behind him, trying to see his minor dilemma. Mythic turned around to face them. "Well I guess you all have things go get home to. I will see you all later I have-" Just then a small boy launched out at him. Victor was wearing a wrinkled tuxedo and breathing heavily.

Victor turned Mythic over and started to punch his face. "You son of a whore! Do you know the hell I went through?" Victor shouted. "I had to take her to dinner!" One punch. "And then we saw a movie!" Another. "Then we went for a day out on the beach!" Victor smash their head together. Luna tried to pull two apart, but Victor was to powerful and had a strong grip. "You know what else we did? We went to a fucking ball to dance! That's right, with dancing and shit! Do you know how embarrassing it is looking like a ten year with orange and purple hair dancing with your scarlet haired sister?" He let go of Mythic and dropped him on the ground before cracking his joints.

Mythic spit up a little blood and looked at Victor with his cracked shades. "It couldn't have been that bad."

Victor laughed. "That bad?" He repeated. "It wasn't bad at all! I had a great time! My sister may be wired, but I love spending time with." Victor finished with a smile. "The only problem is she wants to take it to a higher level."

Mythic collected himself and stood on all hooves with Luna and Rainbow Dash's help. The latter yelling at him as she flapped her wings in the air. "Than way in Equestrian would you attack him!?"

Victor loosened the tie and looked up at the rainbow maned pegasus. "I told him I was going to eat his soul next time I saw him. This is easier though." He spun on his heel with a smirk and walked back into the house. "Mythic." Victor suddenly said and looked behind at the bruised Mythic. "Do you still want to talk?" His serious demeanor surfacing.

Mythic took a deep breath and followed the Demigod, leaving the mares behind. They walked up the stairs and into the Mystic's room. Victor hopped on the bed and Mythic closed the door. "Okay Victor, like I said in Albion. Start talking. You've been holding out on me and I want to know why."

"I can't." Victor plead. "Somethings can't be told to you."

Mythic huffed through his nostrils. "Well then you better paint a pretty picture of what you can tell me."

Victor stared at him for a few seconds before sighing. "Fine." He sighed in defeat. "Anything I tell you is between us. No telling anyone else."

Mythic leaned against the wall. "I had the figured that out." He spoke in a bemused tone.

Victor started to remove his tuxedo as he spoke. "Well I should start by saying I never meant for things to go this way. I thought...maybe if I took you we could steam roll over the Shard, the Corrupt and be done with it." Victor took off his tie. "I have been thinking I should tell you the whole truth. Must of what I told you is true, but with some alterations."

Mythic rose a brow. "What are you trying to say?"

"What I'm saying is that I lied." Victor said bluntly. "For instance the thing that stopped Mystic's from being born on earth. It wasn't just magic, it was a fucking fire that claimed all their lives. Another is rune stones, I lied about that too." Mythic glared at him. "This is the confessions, so don't go crazy on me." Victor took off his shoes. "I was indeed the one who brought you to the Void. There were rune stones on earth, but they have been destroyed by the black flame."

"Black flame?" Mythic repeated. "I remember Celestia mentioning a black fire the came and burnt Canterlot. She had to have it rebuilt once she came back into power."

Victor nodded. "That was the same fire, it is a dark and corrupt thing. It has swallowed many lives and has been sealed back up by the Gods it can leak out just like the Mana Well."

"So tell me about the Well, Victor." Mythic encouraged.

"Well everything you heard was right. It is where all the energy from creation is held. Imagine a lake if you will. This lake is at the center of the forest and branches out into all directions. The sections of the forest that the rivers or streams move in are individual worlds and the water is magic. Now the world you came from, Earth, survives on a simple stream while this world, Eques , thrives of a river. Now this has Pro and Cons on both sides. The Equestrians have a large flow of magic and can use it easily, but Humans can survive on low quantities of focus on smaller amounts. A Human can be introduced to a world full of magical energy and their bodies will start to suck it all in. Another race that is used to a lot off magic would take time to adjust.

"A Mystic can survive in both due to their innate ability to force magic and pull it into them. Like a vacuum you can suck it in when you use Runic seals, the proper term for circles. They are the focal point where you take in and push out magic."

Mythic nodded his head. "I see where you are going with this. What do you mean force magic though?"

"A normal magic user must use the magic with in their world around them to caste." Victor unbuttoned his shirt. "They need to tap into the flow from the Mana Well and use that magic that is coming to them. A Mystic can caste magic that their race would normally use plus the Runes. They can pull in magic from the Well directly."

Mythic seemed to understand Victor. "Alright I think I understand. Just one thing though."

"Yes?" Victor asked as he ruffled his combed hair.

"If I can really just adapt, then why the hell am I still a pony!?" Mythic yelled in Victors face.

The Demigod smirked. "Well if you want I can change you back." Victor snapped his fingers and a green glow engulfed Mythic. In a few seconds he returned to his Human form. "Welcome back, Daniel."

"I thing we should stick with Mythic. It's starting to confuse even me." Mythic rubbed his head. He stood in his room with his clothes on, feeling comfortable while his hair was still colorful. A moment of realization over came the young man. "Wait, last time this happened you-" A shriek came from down stairs and Victor grinned. Mythic looked at Victor with cold eyes. "You are a son of a bitch, you know that."

"Hurry up." Victor said with his toothy grin. "I left a little game out and knowing Pinkie they are all playing it,"

Mythic grew nervous for a moment as he heard yelling from down stairs. "What game?"

"Twist-" Victor was allowed to finish before Mythic ran out of the room. "-er."

Mythic rushed down the stair and looked into the living room. Before him were nine naked girls. Their bodies twisted around as they tried to stay up on a wide sheet of white with colorful circles printed on it. "What the hell is going on?" Mythic muttered out.

Bonsia was the only one facing him directly and panicked. "T-This isn't what it looks like D-D-."

"Mythic please." He muttered.

Jika picked her head up out of the pile of bodies and glared. "Well it doesn't matter what you call yourself just get me out of here!"

Rainbow Dash was the second to complain. "Yeah! What gives?"

Applejack called out as well. "Wha' in the name of the Princess is goin' on here?"

Twilight asked. "Was this Victor's doing, Mythic?"

Luna was int the middle and was forced to look upside down. "Mythic dear, what is wrong? Your bleeding."

Mythic picked his hand up and touched his nose. He looked at the pile of naked girls again and fainted after he shouted. "GOD IS JUST!" He hit the wooden floor with a thud.

Victor walked down the stairs and whistled. "Looking good there ladies." He chuckled at his handy work.

"Victor..." Fluttershy peeped from behind her large breasts. "Why are we like this?"

"You're like that because Mythic wanted to be like that." Victor answered with a shit-eating grin. "So lets wake him up, someone wants to take to him."

As Rarity tried to wiggle free, asked Victor in a calm tone even though she was upset. "Who might that be, Victor?"

Victor took a pleasure in his answer. "Well I got his mother on the monitor waiting for her son. So yeah....his mother."

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