• Published 14th Mar 2012
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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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In the Old and out with the New (Revised)

"She did what darling?" Rarity asked not understanding the situation. She had been in her Boutique when Twilight, PinkiePie and Spike had ran in and dragged her out and started galloping to find, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Applejack. It was easy enough finding Applejack and Fluttershy. Applejack was in the orchard bucking apples and Fluttershy was in her yard, feeding some animals. What was not easy was the fact they had to haul there flanks out of there. Twilight had not been too happy that the Princesses caused and eclipse has a result of a bet and now they had to go and find out what was happening right outside the town. Twilight was ready to burst into flames, her Princess and mentor
could put them all endanger; just for a bet.

Needless to say, Twilight as in a state of fiery. She hadn't been this angry since the Pinkie sense incident. But none-the-less they had now calmed her down, to a degree. They need to find Rainbow Dash, which was pretty hard considering the amount of clouds in the sky today. It was about half an hour of searching till they found her. As they had predicted she was on a cloud sleeping. Then came the next five minutes of waking her up, and explaining that they had to go to the blue aura that was forming outside of town. To Twilight's surprise none of them had realized it's existence till them were in view of it, about a quarter of a mile away.

Twilight grunted as she had to explain what they were sent to do. “Okay girls listen closely because I’d hate to say it twice." The group leaned in closely to hear their friend speak. "Well, it seems The Princesses had a bet and Luna won. Short version, she wanted an eclipse and the result is that thing over there." Twilight pointed to the blue aura, growing in depth as she spoke, almost as if waiting for her to come closer. “The thing is, I don't know what we are to do or how to do it." Just then, the blue aura expand and then suddenly implode. The mares stood it confusion of what just happened, as they turn to Twilght to ask what they just saw, a new aura appeared, this one was purple and orange. It twisted madly in the form of a tornado. Pulling in branches, rock and anything else that was not tied down.

The seven of them, ponies and dragon stood their ground, fearing that if they move they too will be swept up by the howling wind. “Every pony, hang-on I think it's almost over!"

Twilight had nearly ordered them to do this but then Pinkie Pie yell out a question. "Hey Twi, When did I get my necklace?" Twilight looked at Pinkie and was about to ask her what see said. But then saw that the necklace that held the Element of Laughter was on the mare’s neck.

"Pinkie where did you get that!?" Twilghts mouth agape.

Pinkie responded with a shrug. "I don't know. It got on my neck when that thingy went boom and came back, and turn orange and purple.” Just than all the other Elements appeared on all their necks and Twilight's head.

Applejack panicked for a second and yelled at Twilght. "What in tarnation is go'in on Twi?" That was the last thing said before the wind picked up and with that, so did it pick up all 6 mares. The only one left behind was Spike who quickly fainted when his friends were lifted up and swallowed by the Purple and orange aura tornado. And like Spike, all of his friends where unconscious. They were in what seemed like a void of some kind. Suspended by nothing, in a sleep like state, unaware where they were.

Daniel- after the blackout

Is it air, or water? Am I falling or flying? Am I dead or am I asleep?

Daniel had just fallen unconscious after the eclipse and the appearance of the runes all over his house. He was drifting in silence and was limp. He was surrounded by pure nothing. It was dark and he knew not what was happening.

As he drifted along the invisible current, his eyes slowly opened. When his eyes were half open-half shut, he saw he was approaching a speck of light that was distant be also close. It looked almost ethereal, but looked like it can support him if he landed on it. It was about fifteen feet in diameter, full circle. As he came closer he noticed that the ethereal glow became more like glass. He noticed a pattern on the surface, there were six large circles. They were white, but they enclosed a smaller figure. This one was much like swirl of some kind. It started from the dead center and expanded outward. After about five revaluations, it closed itself and branched out. It extended a branch of itself toward the figures around it.

Daniel was about to land right into the glowing glass pane when it seemed to have broken just before impact. He was forced into a front flip, landing on the platform and keeled as he hit it.

He picked himself up and looked at the floor as it turned from a blue glass platform, to solid stained glass. The majority of the area as a collage of orange and purple, breaking into small pieces all over the platform. The only place were there wasn't any orange and purple were inside each of the six circles.

As Daniel moved though, the pattern on the platform changed. There were now what seemed to be gems. He looked over the floor, the gem shaped markings now had color. One was now red, one blue, then pink, orange and purple. The last one he saw was different; it was a lighter shade of purple, he thought it looked like lavender but didn’t care much for it. All the gems had a golden border around them.

“Where on Earth am I? Did those runes do something to me?” As he though this he instantly face palmed.

“No shit they did something to me. But WHAT did they do? I've seen plenty of runes from my books, but nothing like those! They were simply alien to my own knowledge of that subject.” He paced back and forth thinking. 'It has to do with the eclipse I saw but why didn't I see it outside and yet it was clearly visible from his window?' Then there was a sudden shacking of the ground. It passed as quickly as it came. “Okay...now I’m scared. What just happened?”

As the quake died down, three pillars shot up from the floor, they reached a height Daniel couldn't even guess. They kept moving till they weren't even in view anymore; they left a place in-between each other, as to let another object follow them. “Cool.” Three more pillars shot up from the floor. Instead of following the earlier three, they stood four feet off the ground. Each held its own kind of glow.

Daniel stood in a position so he would have one to the left, right, and in-front of him. He took a step to the right, and walked to the pillar which house an orange glowing ball. He reached out to take the ball of light; curious to what he was seeing. It erupted, about to shatter. But instead of shattering the ball shifted slowly into an unrecognizable form. As it moved Daniel covered his eyes, due to the increase in the light radiating off of the object.

The light died down after a few seconds of pulsating, allowing Daniel to move his hands from his face. In front of him lying on the pedestal, was a pair of stone wings. They were attached to five leather straps, networking to insure that the wings wouldn't fall off if moved.

“I know that I can’t expect anything here, but what the hell am I supposed to do with these? I could… they seem like they’d fit.” He reached out and took hold of the contraption that lay in front of him. He throws the stone wings over his back, almost weightless, and pulled the strap into its buckle. “It does fit! They are almost weightless, for stones anyways. What do we have next?” Finished securing the wings on his back, he then turn and walked to the ball of purple light directly across from him.

As he approached, the same happened; the ball erupted and change form. But this one started to turn counter clock-wise. Moving faster and faster as the light increased, once more Daniel shielded his eyes. As the light turned down, he lifted his hands and saw the ball shrink. It shifted into a medallion with seven small gems. He saw it and realized it was the same pattern that was on the floor. Except the gem in the middle, it was emerald green. “This thing is style'in.” Daniel took the medallion and placed it on his neck. “How does this thing feel heavier than my stone wings? Who cares.” He looked down at his new accessory and weighed it with his hand. He stopped his weighing and turned to the last pedestal and walked towards it. Excepting something even better, his face invited a large smile in anticipation.

Feeling a little giddy, Daniel let out a little chuckle and joked to himself. “And behind door number three…drum roll please!” Almost as though it knew what he meant, the ball let out a pulsating green aura. Unlike the other two orbs, this one threw itself towards Daniel’s head. “Ah!” he flinched backwards and fell on the floor, causing his stone wings to dig into his back.
The ball of green energy then turned down and hit his head as he was distracted by the wings. Once it hit his head, it dug into his head; not breaking the skin but phasing through it. This caused a hot flash, followed by a feeling like someone just stabbed his with a spear. “SON OF A BITCH, WHYYYYY…WHY GOD!? THIS HURTS MORE THAN WHEN I GOT HIT BY THAT TREE!" After about two minutes of hot and sharp pain, Daniel felt the pain start to be lifted off of him. Soon it had completely left his system. He laid there on the floor for another minute recovering from the ordeal, and wiping a few tears off his face.

Daniel lifted himself off the floor, staggering to his feet. He caught his balance and stood up straight and puffed out his chest a little. “No one saw that?” He looked all around, checking to see if anyone or thing saw his display of weakness. He saw nothing. “Nothing, no-one? Good.” He relaxed his muscles, he was safe. “Now to get out of here. Where ever this place is.” *sigh* “Okay, think; you have stone wings, a golden medallion and a headache.” As he reviewed, he rubbed his head. As he rubbed his head his hand hit something, it rested on his forehead. Daniels eye’s shot open and he started to touch his head frantically. He felt something smooth extending out his head. He moved his hand along the length. He reached the tip and as if his eyes couldn't get wider, they opened wider more. It was sharp and smooth. Holyshit... I got me a horn!

“Okay I have a horn now, keep calm… keep calm.” Daniel began to breath in and out, that didn't help at all. "Why do I have a horn! This makes zero sense!" He began to Hyperventilate. Sweat dripping from all over, shallow breaths, even a little shacking.


The sound of glass breaking caused Daniel to snap back to reality, well, his equivalent anyway. As he turned he saw large dark figure, standing about twenty feet tall. It was ebony black, yet stood out from the void, which had now lightened up. It had dark yellow eyes and a hole in its chest. It wore some metal plating on its head, and arms, but non on it’s chest. It had no legs, making it stationary. Whatever was not cover in armor was in a mist like state.


It had just spotted Daniel and move it’s arm to attack him.

Daniel dropped to his knees and prayed. “Thank you God, for all you did. Even though I’m about to die, thanks.”

Just as he finished, out of nowhere a sword fell from above and pierced the monsters arm. This caused it scream in pain. Daniel thought he would take this time to escape from certain death. He jumped to his feet than remembered he couldn't go anywhere. It was a platform in the middle of nowhere, nowhere could he go.


The monster had the sword in it hand now, it had plucked it out of its arm. It was a toothpick comparing it to the arm. It had eyed Daniel once more and threw the sword over the edge of the platform.

“Once again, screwed.” Daniel looked up at the beast and looked at it dead in the eye. He had no idea where it came from but it came for him, he sure of it. He began to mutter to himself. “Man, this is how I die; in God knows where, about to be killed by some creature that looks like it came from one of my books! Where is the blindfold and cigarette when you need it?” He then opened his arms and accepted his death.

Suddenly a light glow appeared in front of him. It was the sword from before. This time, Daniel got a good look at it. The sword had two separate blades, about three inches apart. One was made of a white metal and the other a dark blue. The white blade was three feet long and the blue one was about two feet. He held the blue part closer toward himself, showing the edge of the longer blade toward his enemy. At the top of the blue blade hanging at the tip was a crescent moon, and a sun. The moon was acting as one side of the sun. The hilt and grip were orange and purple.

Daniel was amazed and confused. “What the hell?”

Daniel looked at the blade and then at the monster. 'I could take him. Who am I kidding! “For Sparta!” He ran forward and the monster threw his arm forward in an attempt to catch his prey. Daniel dodged the arm and ran alongside it. He saw some exposed flesh-like mist and swung at it. The beast cried out in pain. Daniel put on a menacing smile on, his pupils dilated. Now sure he can fight this creature.

“This is going to be good!”

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