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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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Enter: Albion

"What the fuck happen!?" Victor yelled. "That was not supposed to happen." Victor panicked and held his head with both hands pacing back and forth muttering to himself. "I got it!" Victor reached into his rob and pulled out his crystal ball. With in was a green dot pulsating in the center. Victor gave a sigh of relief. "He's alive! But what the hell happened? Oh shit, back-draft." Victor sat on the ground and pondered on what could have resulted in the back-draft.

Celestia walked out of the alleyway and approached her sister, surprised to see her. "Is everypony alright, any injuries?" They all let out a united no.

"Princess" Twilight started. "Do you have any idea what? I mean with Mythic. He just exhibited amazing abilities one minute and the next he falls unconscious."

"That was the power of the Elements!" Victor shouted. He stood up and turned to face the ponies. "The Elements are this world most powerful magical artifacts. They were designed with the intention to be a sort of fail-safe in the event something bad happened and one of us couldn't intervein. But also in cause the event was that someone took hold of them in someway and used them for evil intent, there was a fail-safe in the fail-safe, not all the Elements were left to you. Not saying we don't trust you, just saying thinks could happen."

Celestia and Twilight nodded in understanding. "But way did it give him that sort of power?"

"The Elements can do two things. They can purge and balance the hearts of those it is used one. But that is comparing an ember to a flame. All seven can give abilities like you have just seen you just saw to the one who unifies the Elements. Mythic is the focusing mechanism for the true power." Victor pulled out his crystal ball once more. "But all that power was too much and he could have died. He is still not yet ready, he's been at this for only a few days. And now he is drifting along the void."

"Well can't you do something!?" Rarity cried out. "You have to be able to do something surly!"

"Yeah!" Rainbow Dash yelled in agreement. "You are a God for goodness sake. Just do some, I don't know, Godlike stuff!"

Victor shook his head. "No can do. He left through a Rune portal not meant for him. He isn't dead, but it'll take a while to track him down. But don't worry, I can get into contact with some family and ask them to keep an eye out. Should be easy to spot a magic read like his."

The sisters and Element bearers all sighed with relief. Celestia thanked Victor. "Thank you Lo... Thank you Victor. But we can't just worry about Mythic, we need to get our own situation under control. I think there are still a few of those monsters floating around. I'll have the guards in the town take care of that." She turned to Twilight. "I'm going to have you and your friend come to Canterlot till the town is repaired and secure."

"I think we can stay and deal with that." Twilight replied. "There should only be a few left and the town isn't that bad. We don't need to go. But if you really think so, we'll leave."

"Please, let my guards clean up this mess and get you to the Castle."

"I'll stay behind sister." Luna stated. "I'll help with the clean up, you go."

"I will Luna, thank you. Come now my little ponies, we must not worry about Mythic here. You can talk in the carriage."

After their talk, Celestia ordered the guards to search and destroy any remaining Corrupt. The mares left with Celestia in carriages while Victor left through his own Rune portal. Luna looked up at the moon and sighed. "Where in Tartaros are you going, Mythic?"


With in the void, Mythic floated aimlessly through the dark space around him. Just like the time before, he was motionless and unaware of the environment. The Behemoth that entered the Void had began to decay into a black mist.

Mythic's unconscious body began to draw closer to a platform made of white and plain glass. He softly landed on the surface and laid there for a time. A runic circle began to slowly form around him and his body.A vortex of wind and light began to spin around his body. His form slowly began to shift from that of a pony, into that of his human self. His tail grew back into his body and his mane retracted to his head. His fur began to turn into his tan skin and his hooves grew fingers and toes. His muzzle shrunk into his nose structure. He was had completely transformed into a human.

The vortex spun faster and the light enveloped Mythic, or now Daniel once more. He disappeared in a flash.



Inside a large forest, in the middle of the night, a summoning Rune opened. From it, light and wind flowed through, bearing Daniel and his unconscious body. For half the remainder of the night he laid there still and undisturbed. But a rattling in the bushes echoed through out a small portion of the wood. From behind the brush, came a cloaked figure with a lantern. Whoever this person was, they didn't seem to have any ill feelings toward Daniel. This person dragged him to a small village of wood and stone. Most of the lights were dead except for a hand full of torches on the tops of wooden pillars.

The cloaked figure brought Daniel behind a building and into what looked like a very large shed. Inside were three rooms, one held a bed and a chair, along with other furnishings. Daniel was hoisted onto the bed and quickly covered with a white sheet and light red pillow.

The stranger walked back into the front room, which seemed to be a herbalist's workshop. They began to grin plants and herbs into a mortar and began to make a liquid substance. Dawn was soon approaching and the stranger yawned and rub their eyes.

They put the mixture they made to a boil and pored in a blue powder. They mixed the solution and removed it from the flame and into a bottle. They removed the cloak and exposed their body to the dim flame and the sun though a tinted window. A girl standing five feet and six inches stood in the dark room. She had hair of green and red with green eyes. Her skin was a fair tan and sleek. Once the cloak was removed, she only wore a tunic and a skirt. But the feature that stood out was her head, horns stood out from her head like a ram's.

She looked over to the window and used magic to close it. While the curtains were surrounded by a glow like the ponies magic, it was magic none the less. She burned a candle and walked back into the bedroom where Daniel lay, twisting and turning in his sleep. The girl put her hand on his forehead. "Who are you?"

Daniel stopped moving when her hand was placed on his forehead. A smile on his face, he settled into the bed. The girl walked back into the front room and took the solution she made earlier. She came back into the room and leaned Daniel up straight with her one free hand. She began to feed the potion to Daniel and he drank it.

His eyes began to flutter, they soon fully opened. "Oooohh. What the hell happened?" The girl ran behind the door way and peeked into the room.

Daniel reached for his face and dragged this hands down, trying to wipe off his tried state. He shot open his eyes at the sight. "I have my digits! Wait..." He felt his forehead. "I don't have a horn? I'm back to being human! Think, what happened? Luna? Twilight? Victor?" Daniel gulped with fear of what happened last time he fell unconscious. "Rarity? This is weird."

"Who are you?" The girl peeped out of the corner with a shy tone.

"Me? Who are you and where am I?"

"I'm sorry, but...um... I asked first."

"That's true. I'm Myth... i'm Daniel... and what the hell are those on your head!

"These?" The girl tapped here horns. "These are my horns, where are yours?"

"I don't have those, i'm human." Daniel suddenly facepalmed. "Now I remember! I went... what should I call it? I'll figure it out later. Now please answer my questions.

"Oh, i'm sorry. I am Bonsia Storm."

"Really, Bonsia Storm?" Bonsia nodded. "Fine, Bonsia Storm, i'm not in Equestria am I?" Daniel know the answer, he just needed to hear it.

"I'm not sure where that it, but I can tell you no. You're in the kingdom of Albion. You're in my village of Riverhook." She came closer and sat in the chair by the bed. "What is a human?"

Daniel sighed. "Girl, if I had to explain it all, i'd die. But short story is, from what I see...'And so far I like what I see.'...we are just like you. Except the horns. Can your people use magic?"

Bonsia looked at him with confusion. "Well, um, yes. Can't you?"

"I can, but not too many humans can. I'm a special human that can you a different kind of magic."

Bonsia looked down at him with interest. "What kind of magic? Is it black arts?"

"Black arts? No, Rune magic. My buddy Victor found me a... how long have I been out?"

"I just found you last night. I went walking and saw a light and wind in the forest. That is where I found you, um..." Bonsia blushed hard at the thought.

"I need you to show me. I think I maybe able to get into contact with my friends if I can get to the site." Daniel threw the covers off and jumped out of the bed. His kimono was torn and didn't fit him well in his human form, it was a cold morning. And Daniel felt the breeze hit him hard. He was completely exposed for all the new world to see. Daniel looked down, blushed and looked back up to see Bonsia blushing and peeking through her hands. Daniel's eye twitched.

(Play Here)

"This...Is...Worse...Then...Last...Time..." Daniel jumped back into the bed and threw the covers over his body. "I...Am...So...Sorry... This almost never happens. Do you have any pants or something?"

"I don't mind it if-"

"I need pants! Please, i'll owe you a favor if you get me some pants!"

"Okay." Bonsia ran out the room and out the front door. In three minute she was back with a pair of what looked like a pair of what looked like blue breeches with extra cloth hanging from the sides. "These are my grandfathers pants, but he won't need them... for a while anyway."

"Thanks, just leave them and i'll put them on." Bonsia placed the pants on the bed and left the room, with a shy smile. Daniel sighed and got out of the bed. "New world, so many things I could have done. I show my self to a stranger and ask for pants." Daniel sighs again and heavier. He takes the pants and puts them around his ankles. He pulls them up in one fluid motion along with his head. He sees Bonsia looking into the room and stops. "Can I help you?"

Bonsia blushes harder and turns around. Daniel ties the pants tight and walks out of the room and stubble to the ground. "Shit! I need more time to recover." Bonsia picks him up and helps him back to the bed. "Thanks."

"What happened to you?"

"You won't believe me."

Bonsia gave Daniel a sad look. "Please?"

Daniel sighed. "Fine, but to understand the fight. You're going to have to understand some things first. First off, if you haven't guessed, i'm from another world."

Harmonies Rock

"Damn it, where the hell is he?" Victor mumbled to himself. He spent hours looking for Daniel in the void and near by worlds but there was no sign of him. He heard a whistling sound form above him and sighed. "Not a good time, sister."

Aries fell into the water and made a large splash. Victor was just out of it's way but was still not amused. "Aries! What in Ancients name are you doing here!?"

"Victor! I think I found her!"

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