• Published 14th Mar 2012
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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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Ready to Fight (Revised)

After hearing the strange and thunderous voice came from nowhere, all the mares on the platform were in a state of pure terror. They wondered and feared what was about to happen. The fearsome figure that had been watching them was standing and had his weapon drawn. They were also fearful of the rune portal in the sky as it slowly descended to the floor. When finally hit the floor, it caused a gust of wind to burst outward and then suck the wind back in, simulating an implosion with no fire but a bright light. They tried to cover their eyes to prevent any damage from the light. As their hooves reached their face’s they saw a blur of purple come from the portal and hit the Corrupt and causing them to both fall off the edge of the platform, but then reemerged and took flight.

The blur had slowed down and was given shape. All anyone could see was that it was a large pegasus, he was throwing punch after punch; most landed on the Corrupts head and a few around it’s chest. The presumed pegasus sped up his attacks and then flew behind the Corrupt and kicked with his back hooves. This caused the Corrupt to be hurled over the platform; he was overhead when the mares saw him being grabbed by the large stallion and they began to spin. The spin quickly turned into a pile driver, a second before impact the stallion threw the Corrupt to the floor and flew back up into the air for a body slam. He flew done with great force and stomped on the Corrupts back. He got of the Corrupt and backed away from the body.

The Corrupt laid there in silence, for the time being. The stallion had his back turn to the group of mares as he inspected his enemy’s body. He was satisfied and turns to see the mares’ faces. They had just seen the most one sided fight ever, but that was not all they gawked at, they were gawking at the fact the stallion had a horn, as well as wings. They had only ever heard of two Alicorns, there was no way there could be any more than two. They were Goddesses after all. “Oi, anyone home?”

The Alicorn waved his hoof in front of the mares’ faces. He was purple with orange stripes like a Zebra. His mane and tail was mostly orange with purple highlights and tips at the end of his tail. His wings looked as though they had a metal guard on them and his horn gleamed at it sharp edge. He had a cutie mark that was a white rune circle in a field of black.

Without a second thought the mares all bowed their heads' in a sign of respect. Even though they didn't know who this was, they thought it might be a good idea to show respect either way. “Umm, why are you bowing? Twilight, Applejack and the rest of you need to go home.” They all looked up with confused faces. The Alicorn then facehoofed. “You don’t recognize me, do you? It’s me, Daniel! Who else could be this badass?” He then struck a pose; he stood on his hind legs with his wings extended.

Twilight was the first to raise her head and speak. “Daniel, how is that you’re an Alicorn? There are only two in all of Equestria and the Princesses have that honor.”

He looked at her, stood on all four hooves again and replied with a smirk. “Well I’m not from Equestria” he walked over and patted her head. “Also, you can call me Mythic Rune from now on.” Mythic then turned to the portal and in a demanding voice told them to go home. “You six need to go back to Equestria, I’ll be coming with you after I clean up the mess over there.” He then turned back to the Corrupt, now standing and panted heavily. “Now go.” The mares didn't wait, and walked toward the rune that Mythic came from. It was ready to take them back to the field just outside Ponyville.

Rarity turned to Mythic. "Are you going to be alright deary?"

Mythic looked at her and gave her a smile for comfort, "I'll be peachy." They then disappeared as a bright light gleamed and then faded away.

Mythic turned to the Corrupt, an amused look on his face. “Ready for round two, Mystic? It’s been two long since I’ve fought with someone who could actually hurt me a little.” His amused expression turned to an all-out grin. “Would you like to know why I was there right after you received your little gifts?” Mythic didn’t reply, only glaring at his enemy, ready for an all out fight. “It’s because I am in the elite guard who is tasked with eliminating any and all intruders. I’ve been here for a long time since no one uses this Inter-realm zone. I knew about you the second you got here, but I waited a while and watched until I knew I could have some fun.” Mythic charged at the corrupt trying to body slam him. The corrupt spun on his heel and kicked Mythic when he was within range, causing him to fly in another direction. As Mythic flew he recovered by doing a barrel roll and flapped his wings, giving him momentum and launched him forward has he did a loop in the air and headed straight for the corrupt. The corrupt simply threw a punch and Mythic was once again flying in the opposite direction, this time skidding across the floor. “Is that all you got in you Mystic?” He then flew up into the air. “Where is your blade, you should be using that instead of those weak punches. Hell, I’ll even make the playing field a little even.” With that he flew back down to the platform and surrounded himself with dark energy. Mythic struggled to lift himself up as he saw the corrupt be engulfed with dark energy.

The dark vale was lifting itself slowly, and Mythic saw a new figure stand were the old was. It was a Pegasus with an ebony coat with a yellow and black tail. He wore a helmet which covered any mane he had and showed off his dark yellow eyes. He had a sheathed sword under his wing which he grabbed with his… hoof? Mythic had to test this so he quickly focused on summoning his Eclipse blade and put his curiosity to rest. He could hold it with his hoof. He was shocked by this, it felt like invisible fingers held his blade’s hilt. He gave a few swings and judged he would do fine fighting like this. The Corrupt called over to him in a mocking tone, “Ready to die now?”

He then leaped into the air hovering in position. Mythic only followed the Corrupt's steps and flew into the air. “Do you have a name?”

“What did you just ask?” Confused by his question.

“I asked if you had a name, well do you?”

“No, we have no need for names. If our masters call us we are simply brought to them.”

“Well then, if you don’t mind I’m going to put Talos on your headstone.”

“Why is that, Mystic?”

“He was a tough son of a bitch from Earth.”

The Corrupt smirked “I accept your little joke. Now prepare Mystic!” Talos flew forward with his sword held over head so he could chop down at Mythic. Mythic blocked his attack this own blade and in a whisper said, “Come at me, bro.” They both brought their arms back for another swing and once again clashed.

Back in Ponyville, Spike was awake and had sent a letter to Celestia asking her to come to Ponyville. He then received a reply that stated she will be there as soon as possible. That was little over an hour ago and the sun began its scheduled descent. Spike was waiting outside the library pacing back and forth with worry for his friends. “Man this is scary. Where could Twi have possibly gone to? Why wasn't she there when I woke up?, man, I have a bad feeling.” Just then Spike heard a faint humming and then saw a large purple circle appear just outside of town. It had appeared in the sky but was slowly descending to the ground below. “What could that be?” he began to scratch the scales on his head and began to think. ‘Maybe it is Twilight!’

He spent no more time on the subject and dashed off to the plain outside of town, where the runic circle was about to descend on. Just has he got there he saw it burst out a purple light and fade away as quickly as it came. In the middle of the runic circle were six mares, Spike began to cry out for them. “Hey Twilight, Twilight!” He jumped and screamed and waved trying to get the mares’ attention.

“Spike!” Twilight finally saw him and ran to him. When the met, Spike jumped up and began to hug Twilight. “Twilight, I thought I lost you.”

He began to whimper a little but was quickly comforted by Twilight. “Shh… don’t worry Spike, you have nothing to worry about.”

Spike looked into her eye’s, teary, “Whe…Where did you go Twilight. I wrote a little to Celestia, she’ll be here soon.”

Twilight began to stroke his head. “I was somewhere I hope I never go to again. We met someone who helped us get out. As for the Princess, I’ll need to speak to her.” As she finished she heard a low thud behind her.

“You’ll need to speak to me for what reason Twilight?” The Princess asked in a tone that she usually doesn’t use, she sounded worried. “Spike sent me a letter telling me about what happened, are you alright?”

Twilight let go of Spike and turn toward the Princess and bowed. She then picked up her head and began to speak. “Yes, I’m fine, but I think we might have a problem. Do you know anything about there being a third Alicorn?”

Celestia was puzzled by the question. “What do you mean Twilight, how ‘could’ there be another Alicorn besides Luna and me. Alicorns are only born in the Royal family.”

Twilight thought about how she would explain what happened. “Well, it seems that statement is false Princess, we met one.” The Princess didn’t show any expression, but was still befouled on the inside. “His name is Daniel, but he was Human when we met him at first and he had a sword that resembled day and night. He was fighting this monster and asked for our help. We used the Elements but then he disappeared. The monster kept watching us, saying Daniel would be back, but called him a Mystic.” The Princess’s eyes grew at the sound of ‘Mystic’. “Then this rune showed up and we saw that he became an Alicorn. He called himself, Mythic Rune. Princess, do you now any thing?"

Celestia closed her eyes and then slowly opened them. "No."

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