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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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Exit: Albion

It was now night in Albion, Daniel and company returned to Bonsia home till there departure. Luna and Twilight had been giving Daniel a 'Lecture' on why it is never a good idea to jump off a monster plummeting to the ground without wings, and wings. "Just never do it again okay?"

"Yes, Twilight," Daniel whined. "I will never jump off a giant monster flying into the ground in order to save my life and kill said monster in the process." He raised his hand to his head. "Scouts honor."

Twilight raised a brow and knowingly said "You never were a scout, were you?"

Daniel dropped his hand and smirked. "Nope, can't promise I'll never do that again also."

"Daniel please," Luna begged. "Don't do that again. You might now have Dash to save you next time."

"Oh, so I have to rely on Dash to save me too? I am a fully grown young man, I can take care of myself. I bet you were wishing I was there to fight for you, my dear Queen Elizabeth."

"Fight for me? Oh-ho-ho, so you think I need you to fight for me? I should let you know I more than two dozen Corrupt back there."

Daniel leaned against the wall with his smug grin. "Really? Well-well-well, we got a badass over here!"

Luna growled. "Daniel!"

He chuckled. "Relax, I was joking."

Victor sat next to Aries at the table. Aries kept trying to drew Victor into an embrace but he kept fidgeting and Aries was getting mad. "Stop it, you said-"

"I know what I said! Just not here okay?" Victor pleaded.

Aries sighed. "Fine, but when we get back..." She whispered something into Victors ear and they both blushed. "That is what you can do for me to make up for throwing me into the fire."

Victor smiled nervously and nodded. "Yes sister, of course sister. 'If I see that old man, I'm going to kill him! Why do you make these stupid rules? I'm the oldest, I should get what I want! Okay I am really acting too childish.' "Do I have to do all that?"

Aries smiled a wild grin. "Yes~"

Fuck me...scratch that, she might like it.

Moments later, from behind a the closed door, Bonsia and Jika emerged from the bedroom wearing vests and long sleeved shirts underneath. Bonsia held a bag in her hand and one on her back. "This is going to be so so, what is that phrase? This is going to be so cool!"

"Damn straight it is." Dash yelled from the other side of the room, where she had napped since they came back. "The first time I went through Victors portal thing. It was so tingly, I just had to run!"

"That was this mourning, Dash." Said the Demigod. "But we shall be taking off soon or now?"

"Now!" Both Bonsia and Aries screamed, leaving Victor and Daniel slightly scared and staring at each other. Victor got up from his set next to the anxious Aries and started to create the rune-portal, as the more you bring through the more power it needs. It took a minute, but it was done, the portal was now active.

"Now, ladies go first." Victor generously stated. He gestured to it and all the females walked right on threw. Aries was last, and blew Victor a kiss before stepping threw. He then shook violently after she left. "Daniel, when you are back in Equestria I want you to hide the crystal somewhere safe. I'll be going to the house to get a few things but I need you to take the time. Got it!?"

"Yeah, but dude why are you like this?"

"Well having your own sister hit on you might have something to do with that!" Victor hugged himself and held on tightly, shaken and disturbed.

"That-that is just freaky. Your own sister? Dude that is just-just, my God!"

"It's his damn fault! I was going to pick a nice, mortal woman. But no! I had to get my sister. I love her with all my heart but not like that Daniel, not like that."

"How is it your fathers fault?"

"He said it was a rule or something. He said we need to, 'Keep the blood blue'. Yet he can bang all the chicks he wants when he gets bored? I say screw you Dad."

"I hear you Vic, our women can be kind of hot." Daniel nodded his head, remembering all the 'lovely ladies' he has seen over the years. Seen them, not touch them. He then sighed in nostalgia. "Lets roll buddy." Daniel then ran straight threw the portal, followed slowly by Victor as he closed the portal.

It was now quiet in the town of Riverhook, few people where outside and those who where now turned to their homes for a nights sleep. Not everyone though was in a state of such calm. For in the cave miles away from the village, Otan began to awaken after his short conflict with the Mystic. "Damn it all, he got away with the crystal! The boss is not going to like this."

Otan hear two simple steps came from across the room. A rather bulky man with his hands behind his back looked over to him through his black vale. "That is right." The man spoke with a calm voice, yet Otan could tell he was upset. "I am not to happy right now, Otan. One simple mission, to study the crystal and the crack in the Well walls. Yet you allow the human to take it?"

Otan rushed to the man's feet and started to kiss the ground and plead. "Sir Mortem Rex, I am so sorry. I had him in check and then he just, he just got away. Please forgive me, even though he got the Crystal we can use another right?"

"No, the rift was closed. A God has fixed the rift already, it seems one of their children was aware of the opening. But that is only my first concern, what of the message on the stone seat?" Mortem Rex demanded information.

"Of course my lord." Otan jumped up off the ground and ran back to the seat carved from stone. On the back was a stream of runic letters, written to be a phrase or a passage of some kind. "It took me a while but I have it now. It says here, well it continues from here. *Ahem* '-strikes the eleventh, then-' then it cuts off, sir. I'm sorry but that is all there is on here." He turned his head and Mortem Rex was right next to him. Mortem Rex took Otan by the neck and began to squeeze. "Sir- what are-you-doing?"

"You wasted my time and you allowed a foe to escape. You may be a simple researcher, but that is too much. Don't worry, we shall keep record of your services. Good night, Otan, I never did like you weaklings." Then with his superior magic, Mortem began to gather heat into his free hand. It was not fire, it was pure heat and Mortem Rex threw his fist into Otan face. The night air was filled with the howls of a dying Shard, how did his best and failed. After his extreme death, Otan's lifeless body was thrown back to the ground. "Hm, -Strike the Eleventh, then-; I shall bring this back to the Court."

"So why are we all here again?" Rarity asked, confused and currently being deprived of beauty sleep.

"I told you, my Pinkie sense was acting up." Pinkie explained. "My mane started twisting and my tail wrapped around my leg. Then my eyes began to pop out and my tongue got sweaty. So that is why we are in the Throne room."

"Yes fine, but must be be here while the Princess is on the Throne, I do not wish to disrupt her duties."

"Yeah, I wouldn't want t-to disturber the Princess." Fluttershy added. "Plus Pinkie, not going against your Pinkie sense of course, but what does that even mean. Please explain."

"I can't it explain it. It is just a feeling I got."

"Now wha' in tarnation are ya'll on about Pinkie?" Applejack looked mused at her pink friend.

From her high Throne, Princess Celestia looked down to her subjects in slight amusement. As the conversion between the four ponies continued, Celestia thought to herself while looking out a window into the night sky. 'Where is that sister of mine? Rarity said Victor took you early in my mourning. It can't take you this long to simple rescue someone.' A loud shriek pierced the air and Celestia's thinking was interrupted. She quickly turned her head to see what the problem was and found the four mares dashing away from the center of the room. A green circle was being formed on the tiled floor and low humming was heard. Slowly a portal opened up in the center of the room and strange figures started to pour out of the portal. Celestia stood on guard as her actual guards surrounded the portal and unfamiliar visitors. "Stop right there. Who are you?"

The first to have stepped through was Luna, still in humanoid form. "Sister, do you not recognize me?"

Celestia looked over Luna, not able to instantly recognize her Luna. "Who are...Lulu?" Luna nodded with a nervous smile. "I want all the guards outside the room, now!" She finished with a yell. The guards did not wait a second and ran out the room, not hearing their Princess yell like that in a long time caused an unusual fear inside them. The four guards in the room bolted for the door, the first hitting it with his snout. The second pushed him out of the way and slammed opened the door, being ran over by the third. The third left three hoof prints on the back of his comrade, who was dragged out by the fourth. As the door was slammed shut, the first was stuck to the wall and in imprint was lift as he slowly fell off. The four rushed back inside in order to retrieve his friend. He grabbed him by the collar of the first with his teeth and walked backwards out the door. This time it was slowly and softly closed. "What am I going to do with those four?"

"Maybe they should take a page out of Tacks and Hacks book." Luna chuckled.

"You always seem to get the competent guards, don't you?"

Luna brought her hands to her back and swayed her hips like a little girl. "Maybe~."

Celestia chuckled. "Yup, you're Luna alright. But why are you in that...form?"

Twilight and Rainbow stepped out of the portal at the same time. They seemed to over hear the last part of the conversation, as Twilight answered the question. "We are like this because Victor had us turn into humanoids. I shall worn you though, being a Human can be fun."

"Damn right it is!" Rainbow cursed aloud. "Man, it is so easy kicking tail in this body. I was kicking and punching and using elbows to hurt Corrupt. It was so awesome, you need to try Princess." Rainbow bolted over to the closest of her friends, being Fluttershy, and picked her up. "I mean it was freaking awesome. Fluttershy, you need to try this!"

"Please...put me down Rainbow." Fluttershy asked with a nervous tune,

As Dash complied, three new figures walked through the portal. Aries, Bonsia and Jika looked around the large, open room with it's high ceiling and beautiful stain windows. Bonsia and Aries awed that the decor while Jika was stunned to see the large Alicorn right in front of her. "Holy shit, that pony is huge!"

"That is my sister." Luna explained. "She is Princess Celestia, Goddess of the Sun. She is the ruler of this land, she'd say co-ruler but I barely do anything."

"Well then, I'll just have to throw a few more appointment your way." Celestia joked with Luna, though her sister found it a scary thought and did not realize she was joking.

Luna pleaded. "Please don't sister, please! Those nobles are so damn whinny." She got on her knees and begged.

"What is the problem here? Queen Elizabeth can't handle a few nobles?" Daniel's mocking voice echoed through out the Throne room. He stepped out of the light of the portal and his full figure was shown to all in the room. His hand held the green crystal ball that acted as the energy collector in the cave. "Hello there Princess, hey mares." He greeted his friend, waving to each one with a smile. Applejack tilted her hat, Pinkie Pie jumped up and down in a fit of happy emotions to see Daniel. Fluttershy waved back in a polite manner while Rarity ran up to Daniel and hugged his leg.

"I was so worried! What happened to you? Are you okay? Where did you go? How-" Rarity's insane shattering started to become to much for Daniel. He bent down and grabbed her muzzle with his hand and closed it shut.

He be looked into her eyes and smirked with satisfaction. Her then whispered to her. "I'm going to let go. When I do, you slow the hell down. Do we have a deal, my dear?" He pulled back and saw her nod here head. "Good." He slowly let go of her muzzle and backed away. "Okay, go."

Rarity cleared her throat to start with and then began to interrogate Daniel. "Well first please don't ever do that again. If you do I don't know what might happen. Next so where did you go?"

"He went to Albion." Victor answered as he stepped forth from the portal, closing as he exited.

Daniel nodded. "Yup, I went to a whole new world, again. I was sort of unconscious though on arrival."

"Well you did collapse back in PonyVille." Twilight reminded Daniel.

"Yeah whatever. Anyway Bonsia here found me in the middle of the night and brought me back to her place. She wiped me up a potion and I woke up. We talked for awhile till I got sleepy. Then her sister, Jika, came home on leave apparently. I woke up and I ate some food, Jika tried to arrest me under suspension, I fought her and then a Lindworm. That is a wingless dragon by the way. We killed it, Victor shows up and we all go on a little adventure where I get then Crystal filled to the brim in energy. Which I would like to put away before something causes a reaction."

Celestia stepped forth and took the Crystal from Daniel with her magic. "I can take care of that." In a blink the Crystal was gone in a white flash. "I've placed it inside the chamber where the Elements reside, It is one of the safest places around."

Daniel thanked Celestia. "Thanks Princess Celestia. Now ba-" Daniel was rudely interrupted by Luna.

Luna took her hand and grabbed Daniel shoulder. She then spun him around. "Hold the freaking letter. So my sister is Princess and you don't address me as such?"

Daniel smirked at Luna's annoyed look. "Problem my Queen Elizabeth?"

"Yes, as a mat-"

"Well hold on, I'm telling a story here." Daniel removed Luna's hand to turn back around to Rarity and the rest. "So I had to knock some dude out with the but end of my blade, ride the back of a Super-Shadow and jump off Bruce Willies style. That covers most if not all bases. I hope you enjoyed the presentation, now I must talk with my dear Luna." Daniel bowed to the four mares. He stood back up, turned back to Luna and placed her hand back on his shoulder. "As you were saying."

"Oh never mind!" Luna pouted.

"Okay, my Queen of the Night." Daniel chuckled. He motioned to Victor to come closer. "Hey Victor, you think it's time to turn back?"

"Naw, we can stay like this for aw-" Victor was tied up with a rope and stuffed with an apple in his mouth. At the end of the rope, Aries held onto it and reeled Victor in.

She began to tie him up with the excess rope and made the bonds tighter. "Actually, Daniel that is a great idea. It is getting late and Victor and I need to be going. I'll turn you back, don't worry. Just gather around and I'll begin, that goes for you too Bonsia and Jika."

"Do we have too? I though I'd just get a vacation, not a make-over." Jika pleaded.

"I don't know, is it safe?" Bonsia worried.

"It is totally safe," Aries confirmed. "Plus, do you want others to stare at you all the time?" The girls shook their heads. "Then get with the others. I'll take a second."

As the six humanoids gathered, Daniel, the soon to be Mythic once more, chuckled. "Once second? Please don't kid around. The last time I went through this, Victor gave a huge-" A bright flash of red light blinded him for a second and he falls to all fours. He looks down to see he had hooves and his purple coat with orange stripes. "-speech. The buck Victor!? I was in pain last time you Demi-prick! Aries," Mythic addressed the Demigoddess. "You may have your way with him, you may go now."

The sound of this made Aries cheer and Victor putter muffled curses. "Come on Victor. We don't want to waste time." Aries grabbed hold of Victor and threw him onto her shoulder. Yes, a little girl carrying away her captive over her shoulder. Aries opened a new portal and walked right on through.

As he saw Victor leave in the clutches of Aries, he looked into his eyes to see fear and rage. he just laughed and waved goodbye. "See you later you two. Don't get hitched without inviting me!"

As she walked, Aries giggled like a little girl while Victor tried to break loose. Victor calmed down for a moment to plan his moves. He bit down on the apple in his mouth, allowing it to fall onto the floor. He spit the piece he had in his mouth and yelled over to Mythic. "When I see you, I SHALL EAT YOUR SOUL!" He roared in an almost demonic voice. Mythic laughed and kept waving as the two disappeared into the portal.

"Ah, good old payback. I love you tenth in my heart." Daniel sighed.

"What the hell is going on here!?" Jika screamed. Everyone turned to where Jika once stood and found a new figure in it's place. A green earth pony with ram like horns from her fore head stood there. Her mane was blue and green, the same as her vest and undershirt which was now more like a full body outfit on its own. Her eyes were blue and she didn't look too happy.

"Wow, I did think this would ever happen." Bonsia simply stated, unlike her sister. Bonsia, though didn't share her sister's view on the transformation, shared most of the details. The only major difference was that all the blue on Jika, was red on Bonsia. Her eyes. horns and under shirt were all red. Her skin though, was green and also her main and tail had green mixed with the red.

Mythic looked over the two, judging their new appearance. "Um, needs to be 20% more mythical. That aside, you two are looking like quite the ponies."

Jika felt slight anger. "Quite the ponies? Quite the ponies! I'm a little bucking horse! I did not signup for this."

"Don't be so judgmental Jika." Bonsia advise. "Maybe it won't be that bad?"

Mythic nodded his head at Bonsia. "That is the attitude I'm looking for. Good job on adjusting to a new reality Bonsia."

"Yeah and maybe a giant dragon will grant my three wishes. Or a huge tree will give me silk or gold." Bonsia smiled menacingly and her eyes slowly drifted apart in an overload of her mental capacity. "Ha, haha-hahahahahaha!" She rolled on the floor and laughed like a crazy-mare. The intensity caused even Pinkie Pie to flinch in a sober state.

Jika sighed and lifted her sister off the ground with her mouth. "Shomeone hold her pleash." As asked, Twilight held the crazed Bonsia up with her magic. "Thanks. NOW WAKE THE HELL UP!" Jika slapped Bonsia across the face, knocking her out like a light. "Now can we please get a place to put the mad-mare for the night?"

Celestia nodded. "But of course. I have another guest next to the one Twilight and her friends are in. You should find everything to your liking I hope."

Jika bowed. "Of course your Majesty. If you don't mind, I'll be heading there now."

"Yeah." Rainbow Dash yawned. "I think I'll be hitting the hay too. Twilight, Applejack, Mythic?" Her companies nodded in agreement and they began to file out of the Throne room, allowing the guards to come back in.

"Yes,*yawn*, today has been rather tiring. I haven't slept since yesterday." Luna said with drowsiness overwhelming her.

"Are you kidding me? You stayed up all night and all day? You didn't like the bit tired today." Mythic said in awe at the Princesses resilience.

Celestia places a hoof on Luina's head. "Well then, I suggest you go get some sleep Luna."

"Yeah, I will. See you tomorrow Tia." Luna hugged her sister and walked away. Once she was out of sight, Mythic yawned as well.

"Yup, nothing beats a day of inter realm transport, fighting stuff and making new friends."

"Maybe you should write a report about it?" Celestia joked.

Mythic's mind clicked for a brief moment in remembrance. "Damn it. I keep forgetting to write in my journal. Meh, I'll remember next time."

"What do you mean? You really keep a record?"

"Yes ma'am. You see sometimes I get these cool ideas or crazy dreams. I right them down and keep them for later. Well," Mythic stretched out his wings. "I'm off to bed, even Humans have their limits and I just hit mine for the day." He started for the door, but was called back by Celestia.

"Wait, I can have a servant show you to a room."

Mythic waved his hoof, dismissing the offer. "I'm all okay Princess. If I can catch up, I can have Luna show me." He winked and trotted off, leaving a confused Celestia to go back to sitting on here Throne. As Mythic trotted out of the Throne room, he saw Luna standing by the corner waiting for him. "What is the hold up Miss Moon. You waiting for someone?"

"You know what is going to happen here, don't you?" Luna asked.

"Maybe, maybe not." Mythic joked.

"Well here is what is going to happen. We are going to go to your room and I'm going to leave you there. I'm going to go to my chambers and sleep. Got it?"

"All clear as crystal, Princess." Mythic winked as he said the last part. Luna only huffed at the comment as she turned to lead the way for Mythic. As they walked down the white halls of the castle, the two did not speak with the occasional yawn. Two minutes later and Mythic arrived to his guestroom. White walls with white sheets on a Queen size bed. A clean stain glass window and a white couch. The room was basically stark. 'Conceded much?' "Well thanks Luna, see you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow, Mythic. Sleep well." Luna closed the door and walked to her own chambers. Mythic jumped into bed and covered himself in the soft white sheets. He laid in bed for half an hour, awake and waiting for sleep to take him. He wasn't has cold as on the other first nights. His eyes flickered and he began to fall into a dream like state. "Finally, sleep take me you love woman. I guess it was the windows after all." A sudden burst opened the door and his eyes shot open. "How did I bucking know?"


As she laid in her bed, Bonsia slowly awoke. She rubbed her face, feeling a stinging sensation all around it. "What happened?"

Next to her was her sister laying in another bed, the room was much like Mythic's own. "Hey there. You went crazy, so I slapped you."

"Did you have to?" Bonsia complained.

"You went really crazy, Bonsia. But your lovely sister, Jika is here to save you. Now go back to bed."

"Okay." Bonsia laid back down and closed her eyes. After a few minutes laying there, she opened them back up. "Hey Jika?"

"What?" Her sister said in annoyance.

"Is it just me, or is it a little chilly in here?"

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