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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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Moon Fang: II

"Hell's about to freeze over, now go!" The first shadow was now upon him and Mythic punched it in the face. More and more came their way and Mythic threw punch after punch. With out a second thought, Rainbow Dash also began to fighting the corrupt. "What are these things?" Mythic threw a shadow over his head and into the oncoming hoard. "They're corrupt, now go. I will not have your death on my hands. Please just go with Luna and Twilight!" Rainbow Dash did not comply and kept on attacking the corrupt on her own. "Like I said, not happening."

"Rainbow Dash. Please... just go. If you die..." Mythic began to tear up. "I already have blood on my hands. Now GO!" Mythic leaped into the crowd of Shadows and made a path through the black, dispersing mist. He expected Rainbow to follow, but she stood fighting. That mare was still throwing punch after punch, she was even throwing a few to the side and in to each other.

Mythic heard her cry and galloped. The Shadow just kept coming out of nowhere, a steady flow of corrupt kept coming out of the forest. Mythic charged to Rainbow Dash, his heart clenched. He started to remember, remember one thing he tried to lock away. He remembers the death of someone, someone he loved a long time ago. The sound enraged him and made him run harder. He found his way back to Rainbow Dash and jumped over her. He positioned himself so they where back to back.

"Rainbow, you are hurt. You need to go." He received a glare as a response. "Fine, you can stay. But i swear, to almighty if you get in my way... i'll throw you." He then dodged a swipe and countered with an uppercut. Rainbow chuckled and kicked two oncoming Shadows. "I'd like to see you try. Maybe 'you' should sit this out."

"Now don't do anything drastic or dramatic. Now i'm going to try something, hold them off if you can. If it gets too hot, get out of here." 'Let’s check the forge!' Mythic fluttered his wings once more, they hurt but could probably hold his up for another minute. Mythic jumped into the air, followed by Rainbow Dash. He didn't know how long it'll take they grow wings so he didn't waste time. He quickly tried to summon the Eclipse blade once more. He prayed that it was done, he had no idea how long it would take. But he prayed it was overdone.

The summoning circles form out of the air and a something started to materialize. Two separate blades came forth, both in a white glow. Due to their shapes, Mythic could tell they were katana swords. 'I guess when Victor said my fighting style, he also meant what weapon i'd want. The other style was cool, but this is better.' As Mythic reached for one, it burst in to pieces just like last time. Mythic yelled curses as the pieces fell to the ground and disappeared. The Shadows where on their way into the sky and Rainbow was already in the middle of aerial combat.

One last shot to take before heading back into hell Mythic thought. He reached out to the sword and flinched with caution. The blade didn't burst or anything, it waited for him it grab hold. With his hoof, Mythic felt a tug, almost like a thread. The blade then jumped to his hoof and threw off it's white shell. Underneath was an ebony blade with a guard and hilt as white as snow. Mythic studied the blade , sleek and smooth. He was about to turn full speed into battle along side Rainbow when everything stopped.

Quite literally, everything stopped. He saw Rainbow Dash punching a Shadow in the face, but was not moving. He saw Luna and Twilight and they weren't moving. It was like someone held the frame of the universe. Mythic wanted to fly over and check on Rainbow Dash and found he couldn't move either. He tried to think aloud, but found his mouth didn't move.

In front of him, a Runic seal appeared. Mythic thought it was the enemy or something else that would teleport him. Mythic watched from his fixed position, as a body faded out from the rune. The body was small and was in the form of a boy, but was covered in a white shell. Mythic guessed and his guess was confirmed when the rest of the form faded in behind. Mythic saw the hair, clothes and skin come from underneath the shell. Victor stood in front of Mythic with a frown. "Mythic, i'm sorry. I didn't know they'd show themselves do soon. I would have given it another week."

Mythic felt the bones in his jaw relax and found his ability to speak. "Nice to see you too. What did you do to me?"

"I suspended you and everything else in time for the moment. We need to talk."

"Okay, hurry though. I need to help Rainbow Dash with the corrupt."

"I know, that's why I stopped time. Listen to this, for I shall say it once. And do this once, so open your mind." Mythic gave the okay. "Good. Now because the Corrupt attacked so soon you didn't have the time to prepare for the fight. In fact it's a miracle that you lasted as long as you did without proper training."

"Thank the Japanese... and anime... and video-"

"Okay stop!" Victor rubbed his eyes and continued. "But to the point, you weren't able to train enough to naturally learn about the runic language. There something I can do for you to fix that. I can lend you my knowledge on the subject. How use it at a basic level and what not. But the skill, experience and form they take will be up to you. Along with this knowledge is the ability to covert magic into pure energy. The same as Talos, i'm sure you'll be happy with that, correct?" Myhtic chuckled and agreed. Victor walked on air and placed his hand on Mythic's forehead. Victor's arm pulsated with a green light and knowledge flowed into Mythic mind. Mythic soon found a tome's worth of knowledge sink into his mind. "Victor I understand now. You can stop." Victor pulled away from Mythic and stood by his side.

"So can I ask you something, Mythic?"

"Sure, what is it, Victor?"

"Why is the Eclipse blade in that form? Would you want a longer sword or maybe a pistol like you humans use?"

"It can do that!? Holy shit, but no this is perfect. The katana is the perfect weapon, plus i'll just look cooler." Victor chuckled.

"Victor can you do me a favor?"

"Sure what is it."

"Take Rainbow Dash over to the hill. I have an idea on how to wipe these corrupt out in a single cut!" Mythic then grinned a smile that even Victor flinched at. Victor began to speak, but was interrupted. "Victor before you say a damn thing. You know most, there for i'm sure you know what i'm going to do." Victor sigh and told Mythic he'll be by the hill holding Rainbow Dash down.

Victor then walked over to Rainbow Dash as she was still in her frozen state and brought her over to the hill. He tied her in a green band of magic and place her on the ground. He looked up at Mythic and snapped his fingers.

As time sped forward to it's normal pace. Rainbow Dash jerked around as her mind and body tried to catch up to her new surroundings. Luna and Twilight searched the skies for the missing Rainbow Dash as her yells came out for the base of the hill. Below they first saw Dash as she was jerking around, trying to break free from her binds. They gasped at the sight. Twilight rushed over to Rainbow, Victor was only noticed by Luna. Her eyes opened wide as he disappeared and reappeared right by her side. "W-Who are you?"

Victor smiled and extended his hand. "You can call me Victor. I'm with Mythic."

Luna stared at Victor, scanning his body. "So your with Mythic, huh? I guess my theory was correct."

"Theory? You know who and what I am?"

"Not who you are, but I know what you are. Tell me, tell me why you are here."

Victor raised his arm and pointed to Mythic in the air as he dove straight into the swarm of shadow corrupt. "Him, Mythic just might make it. You know about the events that happened all that time ago, don't you? That's the only way you could know about me. Mythic wasn't picked at random, even though he thinks he might be. I told him the son of man will come back to finish the fight. But that's all I really told him. He as no idea... i'm sad to say that I interfered too much already. I'm here just to watch this."

Luna rose her brow and looked up at Mythic, fighting and swinging his blade. "Where did the blade came from? Is it from you, Lord Victor?"

"Please, i'm not a Lord yet. The old man is still kicking rocks somewhere out there. But no, the Eclipse blade was Aura Sight's. You know the blade he gave to your father?"

"That's impossible! That is not the same sword as the one Aura gave to my father. Tell me what is happening now!" Luna stomped her hoof into the ground. She threw her shades off and transformed back into her Alicorn form. Victor chuckled. "My dear Princess, I have said too much. All I can say, is nothing. Now watch."

As time sped up to its normal pace, Mythic held his sword with two hooves. The corrupt began to realize their enemy was gone and out off sight. They scanned the skies for the first thing that moved and quickly locked on the Mythic who flew straight into the crowd and slashed his way threw it to the other side. He slashed every Shadow he saw, he thrust his blade threw every Shadow he saw and he killed every Shadow he saw.

Though he fought Talos in this form, he was still surprised that his skeletal structure allowed for such movement. Just like both times before, as the numbers thinned out more came from the forest. Something was different this time, the Shadow didn't go start to Mythic. The Shadow converged on a single point and waited. The swarm finished grouping and spun around in the sky.

As the Shadow spun, Mythic could hear voices from below. Rainbow and Twilight yelled up to him. He didn't hear what they were yelling exactly but knew what they were yelling about. They were warning him to get away, Twilight was warning him to get away. Rainbow Dash yelled at him, she yelled at him because she though he had something to do with her binds and called him a mule. He then diverted his attention to the mares and left the Shadow alone for a moment. "Twilight, don't worry i'll be fine! Rainbow, just sit tight! My buddy Victor will get you out of those after i'm done!"

Mythic turned back to face the Shadow swarm, now just a black ball. Mythic flew higher and higher waiting for the sphere to either open or dissolved. His gazed over the object. It was huge, black and moved like it was made of oil. His glance then turned to movement he saw on the ground, he feared what he saw. A group of brave ponies had seen the earlier display when Mythic flew over to the mountains. They obviously were either curious or stupid, Mythic thought. They had spotted the black ball as it was now opening.

( Awakening )

Inside was just one Shadow, a large Shadow. It had wings like a warped bat, arms and legs and had grown teeth that were sharp as razers. It's eyes were still dark yellow and it was still black as oil. It's size was greater then Mythic's and it screeched and flew towards him.

Luna, Twilight and Rainbow watched in horror as the super-sized Shadow charged at Mythic. Mythic flew to the left and dodged the charge. The Super Shadow did a U-turn and body slammed into Mythic, causing him to fall to the ground. Mythic began his descant and turned his body in an attempt to correct his flight path. His back now faced the Super Shadow and he flew down to the ground. He began to pick up speed and flew just over the small group of ponies. He couldn't make out any details, but saw that one was a stallion and three were mares. He pulled up and looped around to charged at the corrupt. Half way to his enemy, Mythic began to spin like he did before. The Shadow screeched as Mythic spun towards it, it launched forward with it's large wings and readied it's claws to cut Mythic. Mythic spun faster and faster and the corrupt flapped harder.

Below on the ground Twilight and Rainbow struggled to free the binds that held her. Twilight used her magic while Rainbow used her own physical strength to over come the binds. Through their combined efforts, the binds didn't break. Their combine efforts had no result on the binds that Victor placed on Rainbow Dash. Twilight told Rainbow Dash to stay calm while she went to get Luna. Twilight left Rainbow Dash and turned back to Luna, in her normal form standing next to Victor. Twilight yelped at the sight of another creature the same shape as Mythic was, when in his human form. She saw that he was wearing clothing similar to Mythic and appeared to be a younger human. Twilight called to Luna asking for help with the binds. Luna turned to Victor and received a nod from him. Luna then flew over to Twilight and Rainbow Dash. Luna then landed next to Rainbow Dash and drew a rune in the ground with her magic. The rune glowed bright blue the binds on Rainbow Dash were broken.Rainbow stood up and shook her legs to stretch them out, followed by her wings. "Who does that guy think he is? That mule, i'll show him!"

Above Mythic and the Super Shadow collided and rebounded off each other. Mythic with his blade, cut the Shadow as it did the same with it's claws. The two kept at this for three more encounter's before Mythic changed his tactics. Mythic flew towards the Shadow and slashed at it's face, cutting one of it's eyes. The creature screeched in pain and went into a frenzy. With one eye blinded it clawed at the air around it trying to find Mythic and kill him. Mythic took this chance to make a quick landing. He flew over to the hill were his friend waited and tried to explain his next course of action.

"Victor!" Mythic hoovered over his four friends. "Victor how do I do that think. You know the 'thing' that Talos did, you gave me knowledge, but not on how to release it once it's ready to fire."

Victor face palmed. "You have got to be kidding me! Really? Just use it how you'd like to, you've watched all that... anime. Dear ancients how do you sleep at night?" Victor then shook as though he was shivering.

"Don't bring the drawer into this! Also, you're telling me I just have to give it a form, like you said before?"

"Yeah... dumbass."

"What did you say?"

"Nothing. Also Rainbow is pissed off at you! She doesn't like being tied up."

"Why is she mad at me?" Mythic pointed a hoof to himself. He then pointed it at Victor. "You tied her in that magic. She should be mad at you!" He then noticed Luna was in her Alicorn form. "Is that Luna? You are one pretty looking pony. Now, if I were a regular stallion..." In the background, the wheals of the Shadow were changed. It sounded like it had found a target and began attacking it. Mythic feared he was found out and turned ready to fight the beast. As he turned he saw the creature was not flying at him, but was fighting Rainbow Dash in aerial combat. "Shit." Mythic scanned the area for Twilight, she was now coming up the hill. "Twilight!" Mythic dashed over to her and hoovered above her. "Twilight, did you free her. That was her own protection!" Twilight glared at him. "No Mythic, Luna did that. I think she asked that thing over there before she did it though. By the way, what is he. He looks similar to you, before you know, you became an Alicorn."

"He is Victor, my buddy. Now when you saw asked him, do you mean she asked him to undo them? Actually forget it, either way he didn't do me my favor!" Mythic checked on the battle in the air, Rainbow was in good shape. He gave Twilight his attention once more. "Alright Twilight. Over on the other side of the field is a group of ponies, get them out of here. And please hurry, i'm about to do something I can only dream of doing. Don't want innocents' hurt by accented."

"Alright, but what do I tell them? That a circus act got away?"

"No, truth is always the best policy. I know you wanted to keep it a secret, but I think that that isn't going to be possible. Or if you can come up with a better plan, tell me now." Mythic spoke and sounded slightly frustrated as he waited for a response from Twilight, who stood quiet. She looked down at the ground and mumbled just so that Mythic didn't here her. "What Twilight, what did you say?" She looked up at him with a teary eye. "You don't talk have to me like that. I'm only trying to help you. I doubt you would want ponies to watch your every move. You may have acted like that yesterday, but I don't think you know how it would effect you."

Mythic truned back to Rainbow Dash. She was kicking and punching the Shadow and dodging it's every attack. 'Damn that chick is nice. I guess I can leave it to her for a moment more.' "Twilight, i'm sorry." Mythic landed in front of Twilight and began to apologize. "Look, we only just met. To you it's been a week, but to me it's only been only three days. Not even full days. You don't know me and I don't know you. But... I can already tell you were concerned. That makes you a friend, I can tell you you won't find to many of my friends that concerned back on earth. I'm sorry if I sounded angry, but I have a fight to win. If you are up for it, i'll do something nice for you later, K?"

Twilight sniffed and smiled. "That'd be great. I'll go get those ponies you talked about." Mythic nodded and dashed off into the sky. 'Keep up these favors a-day crap and I'll go into debt.' Mythic came up to the scene of the action and rushed the Shadow, who now held Dash in it's sight. He took this chance and slashed the base of one of it's wings while flying upwards. This caused a cry to come from the Shadow. It slowly went lop sided and fell to the ground, right in the middle of the field. Rainbow Dash panted from the exhaustion fight and looked up at Mythic. "So you think you can take me out of the fight huh?" She flew in front of him and punched him in the gut, causing him to gasp. "I don't know how, but I know you did it."

Mythic didn't fight it, he just accepted it. "Yup, that was me. But like I said, I was going to have my buddy free you. But now is the time I finish this fight. Don't follow this time, i'm not sure how mush of this I can control yet." Mythic then flew done to the ground. He landed next to the monster as it tried to regain flight. Mythic slashed it's other wing, cut the ligaments in the arms and legs. He immobilized it and then stood in front of it. He was about to try his new power when he felt a tug at his heart, his soul. He looked at the creature that laid before him, tiered and near death. On this day he remembered a death and a vow he had made.

( Sadness ) You might want to play this a few times.

"You, Shadow, corrupt. I heard my friend tell me you were once the souls of men. Men and other living creatures. I'm so sorry, he told me that you were turned into this thing of hate and darkness. I'm sorry, but you must die." The beast roared and screech in response. "But, i'll take pity on you. You, that was once a living creature, you must have died by the hand of the Shards. You well be remembered. I long ago took a vow, sad to say I forgot it as I grew up. I forgot it along with another." Once again the corrupt roared, but softer this time. It was as though it understood him. "I had once, an uncle. He was a priest in training, he was young. I was only seven, it was a party and he had to go out for something. I don't know what and don't care. I tagged along and he didn't mind. We walked five blocks to the store and back. We were held up because I had acted up and wanted to play with him out on the side walk."

"I ran into an ally, and there was this man standing there, He held a knife, long and rusty. He was deranged, he looked like he was sick or something. My uncle found me and brought me out of the ally. He then went back to check on the man, to see if he needed help. The man attacked him with the knife and ran away. My uncle was stabbed in the chest, right above the heart. I screamed for help, luckily there were people close by and got an ambulance on the way. He wasn't going to make it though, the blade on the knife was infected and it in turn infected his system." The sight before everyone shocked them. Luna, Rainbow and Twilight, who had been running back to the fight. She dealt with the ponies, she told them the truth. She told them why they needed to stay quiet till he reviled himself and they accepted it. They all ran or flew to him, except Victor who knew the story, he knew it because he knew all about Mythic and his life on earth. The mares ran and flew to him, but were cautious not to irritate the huge corrupt who was being soothed by Mythic. The were now in hearing distance. "The infection was enough to kill him, but the wound was also more than enough. He lived one hour after that. His final words, I forgot them once, but never again."

"He said 'Daniel, you are here with me. I thank you my boy. After I pass I want you to do three things for me, so that I might live happy in the after life. One, tell the family that I love all of them and will miss them. Two, no matter what, keep that family together. It is your job now, I was the peacekeeper for our hectic life and I did a damn good job at it to. Ether it gets bigger or smaller, keep the unified. And three. Take a vow please. You are so young and full of life, you might forget. But this is in hope you remember when it counts. Pity the foolish and misguided. Protect the weak and hopeless. Stay strong and always do your best. This may sound strange to you, but please promise me this. I have no son, you have no cousin from me. You will be my legacy, please don't forget me and remember your vow.' He died in the hospital that same day."

Mythic took his blade and pointed it straight at the calm corrupt. "This day I retake my vow. I will pity the foolish and misguided. I'll protect the weak and hopeless. I'll stay strong and do my best. If that means you must die, then so be it. I'll kill every single corrupt that's out there. And the Shard and anything else that stands in my way! I pity you for you are not what you are suppose to be, i'll free you." Mythic stuck his blade into the earth beneath him and looked the Shadow in the eyes. He then felt a burst erupt from inside him, he stood on his hind legs and threw one fore leg out into the Shadows face. It screeched once more. "May you find peace." Mythic's hoof glowed with a blue aura and in turned brighter and brighter. It glowed like a small star in his hoof. It then became blue with a silver hue. He shot the energy at the corrupt and it was cut in two. By the angle, the shot fired over PonyVille and left a trail in it's wake. Even though the sun was still high in the sky, the trail could be seen clearly. The two halves of the corrupt slowly disappeared into black mist.

Victor then smiled. "Now that's one of you traits. Soon you'll learn why you were perfect for this task. You are normal human, with abnormal history. You have friends, family, you go to school and even work. But you took on something like that at a young age. So much in store for you, Mythic... Daniel. May my father watch both of us and those who are and will be in your heart." Victor then walked over to the sight of Mythic being surrounded by the mares. Luna was the first to react after hearing him.

"Mythic, is... is all that true?" Mythic just looked straight ahead. Watching the blue trail disappear. "So you really just told your story to the thing you just killed, why?"

Mythic took a long breath and sighed. "We both needed to know why. I remembered today, the worst thing in my life that happened. There was worse things out there and i'm not happy for those who it happens to but... this is mine. I lived my life well up till this point, and i'll keep living well. I don't know why it started now, but events have started, may good help us." Mythic turned towards the sky to see Dash tearing up a bit. He smile. "Good work out there Dash. Glad you didn't listen to me." He saw Twilight walking to him, a tear in her eye from hearing his past story. "You too Twilight, i'd give you a hug, but i'm covered in blood and cuts, haha." He then looked to the hill seeing Victor slowly walk over. ' Victor, i'm sorry for my doubts, but your hiding the whole truth. And i'll have it, count on it.'

"Mythic," Rainbow Dash fluttered her wings while in the air above Mythic. "Do you really think I did good today? I didn't come out wound free you know." Rainbow pointed to a few bruises and the cut she had on her side. Mythic chuckled. "Better then me."

Twilight was still walking over to Mythic when she started to cry. She sobbed and walked into Mythic. "Mythic, is it right to kill them. Like you said, misguided, you'll take pity on them right?" Mythic shook his head. "Twilight, you probably don't get it. The corrupt are mindless, that one listened because I immobilized it first. And for the Shard..." Mythic looked over to Victor walking not to far from them now. "... i'll have too think about it. But, while i'm in this strange new world i'll need help." Mythic looked at Luna, Twilight and Rainbow Dash. "Till i'm fully prepared, will you girls help me?" The all nodded soberly but with smiles. Twilight being the closest, gave Mythic a hug. The other two proceeded to do the same. "What about me?" Victor scolded the four ponies for not including him.

Mythic chuckled a little, trying to lighten the mood. "Don't worry Vic, you're under obligation, Victor package plan, remember?" Victor smiled. "Yeah, it was only yesterday. Listen I know it is kind of tense around here so.... group picture?" They all rose a brow to his comment but nodded. "Cool." Victor opened another runic circle and summoned an old flash photography camera. He set the timer and jumped in the middle. "Say happy!"

"HAPPY!" The flash went off and the picture was taken automatically. Those five in one picture. The Princess, the Flier, the Student of magic, the Human and the Demigod.

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