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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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Moon Fang: I

“Talos!” Daniel zipped through the crumbling ruins at top speed. His hand gripped the handle of his blade so hard that he felt it could shatter. He swung his sword at the humanoid Talos, who was ready to charge another Ram burst. Daniel’s sword cut Talos clean through, he cried out in pain but did not die. “Damn you Mystic. My masters will come for you!” He then disappeared as a black mist.

Daniel landed on the dirt floor of the old castle. His kimono open, reviling his many abs and other muscles. His hair combed back and straight, allowed his green eyes to look at the fleeting mist. “Let them come, as long as I am alive and human, they will not beat me!”

Off in the distance, Daniel could see two women walk to him. He could tell they were female by the curves on their bodies, but other from that they were just shadows. One called out, calling him a hero while the other cheered and cried out his name. The both then ran to him and pounced on him, they hugged his mind section and giggled. Daniel squirmed in glee as they began to kiss him. “Girls that’s not necessary.” Against his own words he enjoyed every moment of it. One of the two reached up to his face and prepared to kiss him.

“Wow that was a close one.” Luna was now awake at eight in the morning. Her sweet slumber was disturbed by an alarm clock Mythic had on his night stand. Emphases on ‘had’. Now that she was awake, she could see the sun was out. She thought Celestia must have done it for her. But that is not was she was thinking about right now. She sat leaning back on the bed board and watched as Mythic made kissy faces with a pillow. To be more precise, the pillow she had been sleeping on. “He must be having one nice dream.” As she watched Mythic sleep, she giggled at the comical scene in front of her. “I wonder what he’s dreaming about. Me perhaps?” She giggled again and climbed out of bed, leaving Mythic by himself.

She closed the door behind her and headed back into her own room. She was now able to unpack her belongings. There was a surprising lack of clothing in any drawer or closet. Once she officially unpacked, Luna walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to search for some breakfast. She opened cabinets and cupboards, but she couldn’t find anything she saw as edible. Finally she though it is about time for Mythic to wake up from his good time. She walked back up stairs and slammed open the door. Mythic stirred in his sleep, but didn’t wake up. Luna proceeded to calmly wake Mythic be cooing in his ear. “Mythic, wake up~ you silly pony. I need something to eat~.” Mythic’s eyes flickered open and saw Luna staring right at him. “Hey Luna. I had the best dream ever.” He yawned and stretched his legs. As he fixed himself to sit up straight he felt his as though his back was stiff. He rotated to try and pop his back, but found the problem was not his back but his wings. "The hell's up with my wings?"

Luna calmly backed away from the bed and out the door. "I'll just give you a minute to yourself so you can clam down. I'll be down stairs, alright?"

"What are you talking about, is there a problem with my wings? Whats wrong?"

"You have... morning wing." She then bolted out and rushed down the stairs.

"Morning wing? Now what could that..." Mythic didn't quite understand what Luna was saying. He thought about it for a minute. He put the pieces he had together. '2+2=4' He came to a horrid conclusion that sent an impulse that froze his whole body.

"Oh my...not even... Luna i'm sorry you had to see that!" Mythic yelled down stairs hoping Luna would hear and forgive him. "You just caught me in the middle of a great dream. Luna i'm sorry! This has never happen to me, I swear!" There was no reply and Mythic gave up. He sighed, got out of the bed and went straight into his bathroom. He had the instinct to take a shirt off, but he skipped that due to the lack of said item and unwrapped the bandages. They seems to fall right off. He looked in the mirror and examined his wings. The metal guard on the top of his wings didn't seem scuffed and the rest seemed fine. He jumped in the shower and proceeded to do his daily ritual of bathing and grooming. He grabbed the soap and lathered it on his purple and orange coat. He stood there in the luke warm water as it turned cold. He dropped the soap and left it there on the porcelain floor, as he entered deep thought.'Why am i here again? I know Victor said i have special blood or something, but is there no one better fit? The corrupt, the shard and Victor. What is the story? Questions with no answers, but i'll get them. In all my 17 years, I couldn't fathom i'd be someone important as what Victor made it sound like. Now that i'm think, what did he mean by Ancients? He referred to them when we last spoke.' Mythic reached out and turned the water off. 'I'm getting worked up over nothing. I need to clean house before looking for any other messes.' Mythic drew the curtain and grabbed a towel to dry himself off and his tooth brash.

He walked out the bathroom clean and rejuvenated. He trotted down stairs to find Luna staring at him while siting on the couch. "Can we talk?" Mythic stopped in his trot and in a split second remembered all the bad things he had done in his life. He remembered 'every thing' wrong he did, but quickly snapped out of it. "Umm... sure i just need to get some food." He walked into the kitchen and Luna followed.

"Mythic about last nigh... Every man worst night mare is about to unfold. And i didn't even get any! ...I don't want you to get the impression..." Mythic put his hoof over her mouth to silence her, he sighed. "Look Luna, i'm not going to go in depth here. You were cold, I was cold and you looked like you could use a friend in bed." He immediately face hoofed. "I mean it wasn't that big a deal. You were cold and couldn't sleep so I helped you, no strings." He walked away and proceeded to grab a box of cereal out of a cabinet and pour it to a bowl. He opened the fridge and pulled out milk and eggs. Luna came back to argue as Mythic pulled out a spoon and pot. "Really, nothing? I felt you heart beating, you were excited and loving it."

Mythic poured water in the pot and set it to boil. "Well you got me there. But what man doesn't feel like that when you have a woman in their bed. Well in this case stallion and mare, but that's not the point. The point here is... what is the point here?" he lifted four eggs into the pot and began to eat the cereal.

"The point is I don't want you to mistake anything." Luna clarified. "It was a one night thing, I want you to check my windows. Sorry, but I'm not taking any chances."

Mythic looked at her as though she were stupid. "Look." He swallowed the bits of food stuff in his mouth. "There is nothing on earth or Equestrian that you can do, to turn me on. I ain't no damn switch so don't worry." He continued to devour his premeal- meal.

"Really, there is nothing a beautiful mare as myself could do to stimulate you?" Mythic shook his head. "There is nothing." Luna huffed from her nostrils. She stared at Mythic as he chowed with a smile. He looked down in the pot of eggs at the hardened. Not long now he thought. Luna walked over to him as he was distracted and stood right in front of him. "Mythic?"

Mythic turned away from the pot. "Yeah Lumhm...!" Mythic speech was halted. Luna jumped forward and placed a kiss on Mythic's lips. She held it for a good five seconds before letting him go. Mythic's mind went blank, the same as Rarity's the day before. Even though his mind was for the most part blank, he was still able to regain speech. "That... meant nothing. You have no effect on me you cruel witch."

"Are you sure. Mythic?"

"Most diffidently."

"Then why are your wings stiff?" Luna chuckled and pointed to Mythic's back, his wings had indeed stiffened. Mythic turned away to look at his back and away from Luna. He was stunned, twice in not even an hour. 'Damn it all! Think, rebound, rebound.' "I uh... remembered a funny joke, that's all." 'Really? Thanks for nothing brain!.'

In a very British accent, a voice appeared from nowhere. " Your welcome. You crude sir, you.

"See, I told you." Luna smirked.

"And what is there to be proud of, Queen Elizabeth? You keep that up, and you ain't eating." Mythic said as he finish his bowl of cereal. He was also trying to put down his wings, yet stopped as it started to worsen.

"You can't threaten me! I'm Princess of the Night!" Luna shouted.

"And i'm the Fourth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf! Now please just stop, I just want to learn magic and Runes. Not how to evade the female gender!" He lifted the pot and drained the water form the pot. He opened the cupboard and pulled out to small bowls. "You want some eggs?" Luna stiffened her lip, but gave in and relaxed. She sighed with acceptance and took the bowl of two eggs while Mythic took the other. He took the spoon and broke the eggs in two, he knew it wasn't the right thing to use but didn't care.

After their short breakfast and talk, Mythic got an idea. This idea shattered his hold on reality and the laws of the known universe. It was so powerful in fact, it could make him a God among men. He dashed to his room and looked for a note pod so he could right it down. He rummaged through all his drawers and found it, the one note pad he had. He opened it and was about to write something down when he saw his phone, on the nightstand, vibrating. "Victor?" He through his note pad away and picked up the phone. The number that was calling didn't look readable, it wasn't even a number, just Runic lettering. Mythic pressed talk but no voice came out, just a screech. He threw the phone to the floor and panicked. "Holy buck, what was that!" The screeching stopped and Mythic calmed down. He reached for the phone and picked it up, no more noise.

"Well that was scary... What was i doing? Probably wasn't important." He was about to walk out went he remembered the kimono. He rushed to it and threw it on, tied the sash and struck a pose in the mirror. "Who's a badass? Your a badass! Who's going to save the world? You are!" He then summoned his sword in order to finish off his display of cockiness.

The Eclipse blade materialized in front of him, or was about to anyway. The blade was engulfed in white light and retained its familiar dual bladed, shape just for a moment. It then shattered into a million pieces, as the pieces fell to the floor they disappeared. Mythic's eyes grew and his pupils shrunk. "No, no nononono... NO! Why is this happening! I barely even used it!" He reached for his phone and hoped it would be there, he used his magic and pressed buttons and found his way to his contacts. Mythic scrolled through the numbers and his heart filled with dread as he reach near the bottom and there was no sign of Victor anywhere. He though he was a fool to think he could just call him. He was a Demigod like being, could he really... just be in his favorites? There he was, Victor had placed himself inside Mythic's favorites. His number was replaced with runic lettering and a picture of him giving the peace sign. Mythic didn't waste a second and pressed call. The phone rang and there was a sound like a receiver being picked up. "Hello, Mystic hot line how might I help you?"

"Victor this is serious shit! The Eclipse blade, it... it..." Mythic couldn't pull it together and explain.

"Don't worry Mythic, it's only reforging." Victor stated. "Didn't I tell you that last time we talked?"

"No we didn't. What do you mean reforging and why?" Mythic demanded answers and was ready to receive them.

"Well that means it's changing form. It was the way it was in the void because it was adapting to its new master. It also changes to better fit your fighting style. It can do this for many times before it must return to its original form."

"Alright, but how do you know this? Sorry if i sound ungrateful, but i thought you said that you didn't give it to me. You said it belonged to Aura something." Mythic wasn't able to piece it together. So it was reforging to his specifications, but how did Victor know all this?

"Sight." Victor corrected Mythic on his faulty memory. "Aura Sight indeed was the last owner, but not the only. Before him there were about nine others. Existence goes back awhile, so long ago..." Victor halted, his whole being filled to the brim with hypermnesia, trying to remember, but just couldn't past a point. "Well" He continued. "The ancients i talked about, remember those? Yeah, the were around before most of creation. They made many things from one source of power, that is how the Eclipse blade was made and why its so picky. For ancients sake, it saw the birth of most of creation. Well not saw but was around, it is alive. Floating in time and space, ready to be used. It went by many names and forms, so don't worry. That thing survived more than hell itself."

Mythic grew a smile. He was the wielder of something like that! It was unbelievable, just a few more things. "Thanks a lot, I was sacred shitless for a second there. But I have a few more questions."

"Well... to bad I need to go. Important Demigod stuff and all that. But i can answer you this. I fixed your vocabulary because you curse to much. Also,hurry up with your training. Don't you want your human form back?" With that, Victor turned off his crystal ball and shut the connection between Mythic. "He is going to be just fine." He smiled and laid down on the grass below. He stayed there for a while and felt the wind, until it changed. He rushed up and looked around, he scouted the water and tree line. He didn't see anything at first, but then saw a shift in the bush. "And i though he'd be good for awhile"

Back in his room Mythic's eye twitched. "My human... form Are you kidding me!? I need to train to get it back!?" He slammed his phone on the bed and watched it bounce. He was about to go on a rant when Luna opened his door with her shades on and asked. "What happened Mythic? I was outside waiting for Twilight when i heard you yell."

"Two things. One what did I say... about the shades?" She didn't want to try, so she took them off. "And two, I just spoke to my friend Victor. That MoFo know how to make me fell good and bad at the same time." Luna walked over to Mythic and looked into his eyes with a smile. "I guess i just found a new friend." She joked.

"Right, whatever. Can we just train please. I want my human form back, hell a lot easier to hold a sword and fight." He moved but was stopped as Luna placed a hoof on his shoulder. "What did you just say? Your human form?" Luna knew what he meant and what it was bout. She just need to see if some extra information could fall in her lap.

"Yeah, you know my real form. I'm not a real pony."

"Yes i was informed when i rescued you from the void."

"My buddy Victor said i could change back if I train. I just don't know how ling though, that's why we must start now!" A stern look of determination in his eyes was set ablaze. He wanted not only his human form, but to learn new spells and runes. If Luna could offer that, then he'd listen.

Luna smiled. "That's good, Twilight was coming up to the house as I walked in she should be here any second now."

"Then don't keep her waiting, go greet her. The is something i must do first." He smiled and motioned Luna to leave. She took her shades and left. Once he was sure she was gone, Mythic looked for the note pad he threw. He found it under his bed and scribbled down only one phrase and a few sentences. 'Battle-Burst' 'If possible, learn space distortion or something. Gather as much metals and such, need a buckton of wire.' He then placed the note pad on the night stand. He walked to his drawer and pulled out a pair of silver and black aviators. He put them on and walked out of his room and towards the front door. As he got close he heard Luna and Twilight talking. He thought it'd be funny and jumped on Luna's back, causing her to buck. "Get along little pony, ye-ha!" He regretted doing that so few seconds later. Luna bucked him off and kicked him in the stomach. "Dayum girl, just sharing the love!"

Luna turned and glared at him "Try that again and i'll kick you... with my horn!"

"That's not possible." Twilight chimed in. She had stood there watching the display known as Mythic being a dumb-ass. Mythic recovering from his hit looked at her. "Twilight, I say screw the possible. Anyway do you have books and what not?" Twilight nodded and showed her saddlebags full of books. "Cool, Luna. Lets play nice and get this over." Luna agreed and the hoof shook.

For the next five hours, Mythic was taught a few minor spells and recent and important history. The decided to practice outside, the sky was lovely and they need the space for a few spells. The bright day was easy on all three except Twilight, as Mythic and the disguised Luna had their shades on. They picked a nice patch right by the forest and field, Mythic was loving the view but not the lessons. He would daze off sometimes and not pay much attention on the history. 'And here I though i was out of classes. Damn it!' Even though he didn't care or show interest in the history, he had the opposite feelings towards the magic. He grabbed hold of each concept and executed each spell to near perfection. Twilight and Luna were stunned at the level of progress he was making. Twilight more than Luna, for Luna knew why he was so good at it. He had Mythic blood running through him. Mythic was finishing up a basic energy beam spell when Luna that he was ready. She called Twilight over and told her she could go if she liked.

"Why would i go now? He is make such progress." Twilight had the feeling she was doing something wrong or out of place. She bit her bottom lip. "Did I do something wrong Luna?"

Luna raised a hoof and placed it on Twilight's shoulder. "You did nothing wrong, i'm just moving on to something you can't help with. That's all, you could stay and watch if you so desire." Luna offered.

"Well what can you teach him that I can't?" Twilight was rather drawn back by this. She was knowledgeable on ever subject in the world. But before she could ask, Mythic jumped up out of thin air. "Hey Luna, is it time? I have an itch that need to be fixed!"

"Yes Mythic, it's time for the Runes." Luna clarified.

"So that's what you're going to teach him?" Luna nodded her head. Twilight thought this would be a golden opportunity and took it. "You think I could try?" She smiled and fluttered her eyelashes. Luna backed away a step to regain some composure. She didn't have any real objections, she was just scared be Twilight failed attempt at puppy eyes. "Um yes, but i'll warn you it is not easy. As you probably know, this is a nearly lost art. Only me and my sister are know to be able to do this and that's a secrete. This form of magic as-" Luna tried to explain but got distracted by the sound of rustling bushes. She looked in the direction of the forest, thinking she'd find Mythic jumping like and mad-stallion. She turned and saw nothing, Mythic was in the other direction dancing and singing about him being sexy and he knows it. She disregarded the sound on pulled Mythic's attention. "Mythic are you ready to start or do you need more time?"

"Don't! I need to start right.The.Buck.Now!" His eyes once again had the fire of determination in them. If he had fingers they'd be clenched. Luna smiled again also, she loved that determined spirit he gave off. Like a little Pegasus ready to fly or a unicorn casting their spell for the first time. "Right. First, remember what I told you yesterday about magic being a current?" Mythic nodded violently. "Well, Rune magic is different in that respect. With rune magic, you are in control. You don't need to worry about allowing it to flow, you pull it in and use it. When you first learn a new rune, you'll need to practice charging it. But runes aren't just those runic circles you've sen thous far." Luna looked around for a stick for her next bit. "You see, the letters on a rune..."

Mythic interjected. "The letters on a rune are really the alphabet of an old language right?" He then gave Luna a smirk, he knew that part already.

"Yes that's right Mythic." She talked unfazed and still looking for a stick. She found one just by the tree line, levitated it over and started to draw a few markings in the ground. "You see those marks? This is the basic patter for a shield, just like the one you used while fighting that... monster."

'Talos' Mythic's thoughts returned to that fight one week ago. But it wasn't one week ago to him, it was three days ago and still fresh in his mind. "What is the point here? Do want me to draw that on the ground with that stick?"

"No I want you too..." Luna threw the stick back at forest. Mythic and Twilight were about to ask what she was going, but then they heard the sound of wood hitting something. They had no idea what it was, it didn't sound like rock or wood or flesh. But they knew it hit something. Mythic rose a brow and glared at Luna through his shades. "The hell was that Luna? Did you know that something was in there?"

"Mythic, can you summon your shield again? The one you used in your fight." Luna said as though she was expecting something. They then saw a few black streaks move in the trees.

Mythic took off his shades and tossed them to Twilight, who was shaking a bit. "Twilight, hold those. Luna i'll try, I was nearly killed last time. But if i can use it once, I can again." Mythic focused on the markings on the ground and drew them in his mind. He felt a burst of energy erupt from his core. He was then gifted with a runic shield, he tapped on it a few times to check if it was solid. It sure was, and felt strong too. But will it hold out? Before anything else, something from the trees jumped the whole distance from the forest, right at Mythic and landed on his newly formed shield. What Mythic saw nearly made him laugh and yell at the same time.

What attacked Mythic was a creature that looked like it was from the bowels of hell. It's 'skin' was dark black and looked sleek, almost like oil. It was about the same size as a regular pony, but had hands and feet. It had claws and it's head had two antennas and sickly yellow eyes. It dropped to the ground and stood, clawing at Mythic's shield. "What is that thing!?"

Luna and Twilight both yelled out that they had no idea. Mythic was a little paranoid by the little creature and yelled out cusses. The creature just kept attacking Mythic's shield, not caring for Luna or Twilight. Mythic's tried to analyze the creature more and found something that relieved him and then suddenly feel him with dread. He the creatures torso was void, it had a small hole where its heart should be. Mythic knew what it was, it was not of this world that was for sure. He hoped he would have more time to prepare, but life doesn't work like that. He let the shield go and ran a short distance to the creature. HE then stood on his hind legs and raised his fore hooves, ready to fight.

( Battle )

The hell spawn leaped for Mythic and swiped his claws at him. Mythic stepped to the side and threw a punch. ' It's easy to stand on my back two. Who knew?' The punch landed right on the imp like creatures temple. It flew four feet and landed, just as it hit the floor it launched it leaped back at Mythic. Mythic, still on his hind legs like a human, threw another punch and missed. The corrupt stepped to the side and clawed at Mythic, leaving flesh wounds and ripped kimono. "You little bastard." Mythic hissed through the pain. He felt his blood rushing to cover the wound, the corrupt changed again. Mythic reacted with perfection and gave the imp an uppercut. He expected it to fly in the air and come back down, but it just turn to mist. The punch hit the corrupt and it turn to a black, dense mist. "Go to hell where you belong!"

Twilight, still a little shaken, fell to her knees. "Wa- what was that thing."

"The corrupt, I thought i'd have more time. Damn it, I could have had a whole nother day to prepare! But that thing was weak, in general that means... shit!"

( Better affect )

Mythic looked over to the tree line and saw dozens of the corrupt, leaping and rushing at him. "I'll call them Shadows... because there so damn annoying and persistent!" Mythic cast his newly learn energy beam spell at the hoard heading his way. As he fired, he yelled at Luna to get Twilight out of there. Luna froze for a second, Mythic then yelled at her again, snapping her out of her trance. Luna ran to Twilight and grabbed her. She then teleported to a hill, over looking the scene they just escaped. Twilight squirmed. "Princess you can let go now." The Princess only tightened her grip. "No, if I let you go you'll rush to his aid. This is a golden chance... if he needs it then i'll jump in to save him."

"But Princess, there are so many of them. He'll be killed!" Twilight continued to resist. She fought for her freedom, but had not the strength to win. She sighed and watch the fight unfold. "If he dies... you'll never hear the end of it."

"Buck! Die Shadows! Die!" Mythic was panting like a dog. He still had the strength to stand on his back two legs, but even that was taking some concentration. It had been only five minutes since the first appeared and now he had figured out some sort of attack patter. All they did was swing their claws and jump at him, like rabid animals. He'd taken about four of them out on the way with his magic beam and ten more with his punches. He wasn't going to last much longer though, not with out his weapon. He thought about summoning it, but didn't know how long it'll take to reforge. He just kept throwing punches, till one of the shadows clawed at his back. He was standing still when a Shadow swiped at his back and tore of a hole in his kimono. The hole allowed his wings to unfold and stretch out. Mythic became uneasy, he wasn't even sure his wings were healed. But he thought now would be a good time to check. He ran threw the crowd of shadows and tried to make room. He fluttered his wings, they were healed, he had one more advantage! Mythic broke out into a hard gallop and flapped his wings. He slowly felt his body ascend, he then gave one last powerful flap and he took off. "Haha, come get me you corrupted demons!"

Mythic enjoyed a victory...short lived. As he flew up he turned and hoovered, ready to dive bomb when he saw the Shadows were right behind him. The Shadows had grown twisted, webbed wings, not even a bat's could describe them. They flew lazily, but where just behind him. The sheer number of them could make them be mistaken for a storm. Mythic didn't think, just reacted. He flew away from the cloud of Shadow and toward a few mountains in an attempt to thin out the herd. He flew harder and harder until he started to feel a burning pain in his back. 'Damn it all in fire! My wings, they weren't ready!

Fear pulsated through him. Fear that he'd fall, that the ponies would be killed by those damned creatures. He feared he'd never see... his family. That's when it hit him, his family. Only once did he think of his family back on earth, if he fails here, i'll be killed by those things. And in the air, he'll fall and die, the risk of air combat hadn't hit him during his fight with Talos because of the adrenaline and his focus. This time it was broken allowing thoughts to spin around his head. But that single thought made him fear... fear death more then anything. That's why he'd win. Hesitate and Die. Caste off my fear. That's how I roll. I promised i'll never let anyone die. Never again! Mythic turned to face the on coming storm. His eyes glazed with anger and rage at one memory he'd locked away. He yelled and rushed the Shadow, not in a blaze of glory, but in hope to kill every lost one. "For Wilson!"

( Stop Music now. Play this here )

Mythic flew right into the heart of the Shadow swarm and started to kick and punch every living thing. He stabbed some with his horn. The numbers were decreasing at an alarming rate, but so was his stamina. He though he had room for one last attack, He managed to grab two Shadows and flew back to the field where the two mares waited. He put them in a headlock and took off. There was about twenty Shadows left, minus the two in his arms. As he reached the field, he began to spin. He did a continuous barrel roll and became an orange and purple blur. With his horn, he looked like a drill digging through the air. He was twelve yards above the ground when he released the two captives and threw them on the ground. With out breaking his spin or momentum he pulled up and dug back into the swarm. He picked off three Shadows. '15' He then broke his speed and fire off twelve energy shots. He missed six but landed the other half. '9' He flew back to the ground to catch his breath, and try and regain some stamina.

"D-d- damn it. T-there t-t-to many." He panted looking at the incoming crowd. 'Only nine left. they drop live flies. But damn do they pop up like em' too.' He looked up to the hill that held Twilight and Luna, he could see the fear Twilight was emitting. But Luna was just watching, was she scared on the inside. Or was she up to something else? Maybe observing?

Mythic turned back to the Shadows as they approached. "I really hope... never mine. With my luck their are." Mythic rushed them once more when they touched the ground. He uppercut two and they disappeared. '7' He then body slammed one and stabbed another. '5' They remaining five jumped on him and clawed at him. He bleed out from six wounds and more where on the way. The blood rushed to the surface, the flow made him enraged. He hissed in rage, and tried to shake loss the corrupt of of his coat. In his violent shaking the fell off, Mythic spent no time in stomping on them. He stomped on three of their heads and bucked one more. '1'

Mythic, seeing only one left, grew a hateful smile. "You're the last one. I think you deserve a medal. I'll send it to you... in hell!" He then punched the corrupt in the gut and face, he then watched it as it turned to mist. He took hard breaths and panted. He then yelled to the heavens. On the hill, Twilight and Luna cheered. Mythic lived through an assault like that and lived. While pulling off a few tricks, just in time to save his hide. He might be covered in blood and wounds, but those will clear up.

Twilight and Luna teleported back to Mythic. Twilight ran to Mythic an hugged him. "Oh my gosh, that was amazing! You beat them all! And that spin move you did, Rainbow would be proud!" Mythic rubbed his nose with a cocky smirk. "Ready? Wasn't that big a deal." Twilight then punched his shoulder. "Don't act cocky! You could have died out there."

"Mythic!" Luna screeched. "Look!" She pointed to the tree line where more of the corrupt were shooting out of.

Mythic frowned and shook with rage. "Why!" He took and stance, all four legs supporting his upper body. "Won't!" He hated these things. The were swarming in like flies. "You!" He tried to force out an energy beam spell, but nothing came out. "Die!"

"Luna, Twilight run!" Mythic pulled up a runic shield, but it quickly faded. He thanked god that he was so far away from the tree line, but they were moving fast. Luna followed Mythic's order and returned with Twilight to the hill, closer this time. He was preparing to attack when a small group of Shadows separated from the herd and sprinted towards him. He stood on his back legs ready to punch, when they jumped into the air and flew down towards him. The leader was about slash at Mythic face when a blur caused it to land into the ground. The few that followed met a similar end, Mythic was stunned but didn't question it. He looked around to find the object or creature that had done him this favor. "Mythic!"

From behind him he heard a feminine voice. A blue mare with a Rainbow mane. "Rainbow! Thanks, now get out of here!" Rainbow Dash landed landed right next to him. "There's no way that's happening. I saw you over by the mountains, what is going on?"

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