• Published 14th Mar 2012
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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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A Mothers Calls, A Son Falls

"Where is he?" Mythic's mother yelled from the monitor. Her husband and other two sons huddled around her. "I'll ask you one last time to bring me that boy now!"

Victor tried to calm her down. "Listen, Miss Rivera. Your son is fine, he just fell asleep. We are trying to wake him up as I speak."

"We?" She repeated. "Who is we?"

'Ah, shit.' Victor chuckled nervously. "Well you see ma'am-" Victor was interrupted with Mythic walking into the door with a small stream blood on his chest. "Well that was easy."

Mythic looked down at Victor. "You do that shit again and I will beat you like a normal child." He said coldly. "That was not funny! Okay? That was tormenting a young man! For Gods sake they were-" Victor threw his hand on Mythic's mouth and turned him to the monitor. He waved at it and removed Victor's hand. "Hey Mom, Dad, Bros. How is it going?"

"Oh I'll tell you!" Miss Rivera yelled. "I have called your phone for three days and you have not picked up. I have called the house and you don't pick you. And who else is in the house? Why are you bleeding?"

Victor twitched. "Well I'm going to leave and check how the others are doing." Victor stormed out, scratching his dual color head.

Mythic sat down in his folding chair and smiled. "Well for starters I missed you guys too. The phones I didn't pick up because I wasn't in the house and I kept forgetting to bring my phone with me. The nose bleed is because I hit my face on the wall while trying to serve a few of my friends." Mythic held strong to his lie and his poker face. 'Just take the lie woman!'

His mother nodded. "Fine, I'll let it go for know. Your father wants to talk to you." The webcam shifted and now Mythic's father was on. "Daniel!" He shouted joyfully.

Mythic shouted back at his father. "Daniel!"

"Pinkie!" Pinkie Pie jumped up from behind Mythic. Her curly pink mess. The short skinny Pinkie was five feet tall and fair toned. Her completion fairly smooth and plush like her emotions. She was also still naked. "Hi!"

The eyes of both parties shot open. Mythic threw his hand over the webcam and glared at Pinkie. "What the hell are you doing?" He yelled at her. "Go put on a shirt! Victor!"

The young looking Demigod rushed into the room. "I have no idea how she got up here. I swear to my father!" Victor grabbed hold of Pinkie's arms and literally dragged her out of the bedroom. "I'll get them dressed." He said as he left with Pinkie squealing 'Wee'.

"Son...." Mythic's father said in a grim tone. Has the son turned to look at the father, he saw a thumb up. "You have those girls from before in the house don't you?" Mythic nodded. "They are naked, aren't they?" He nodded once more. "All I have to say is don't get stains on my furniture." Mythic just looked at him in shock.

As he rose a hand and was ready to speak, an intercom beeped in the background. "What was that sound?"

'Will flight two eight-eight please board now. Flight two eight-eight, to New York please board now.'

"That's us." Mythic's father stated, leaving his son in fear and confusion. He looked into the camera and smiled. "Well I should explain shouldn't I? Well it seems that our next destination in the Caribbean is being rescheduled. A lot of places are under quarantine so we are coming home. Right after we hit JFK airport we will drive down to Stratford and boom, we are home for a week!" A smiled creaked on Mister Rivera's face. "I hope to meet your girlfriends."

"One!" Mythic replied. "Only one girlfriend! The rest are just friends...girl...friends."

'Brain, opt-
One, we're boned.
Two, we are fucked.
Three, totally screwed in the ass.
Four, we have Victor take us home and somehow manage the situation with commonsense, strategy and care.
Or five. Self destruction.
'Well those are all totally useless.'

Mythic's mother came on screen. "And when we get home, we are having a very, VERY long talk mister!" The window close, signaling that the laptop was turned off.

Mythic leaned back in he chair and hit his head with his palm. "Think think think! How can we defuse the situation." A knock on the door caught Mythic's attention. In the door way stood Luna in a black tee shirt and boxers. "The hell is up with the boxers?"

Luna walked over and looked down. "Victor said you would like me wearing them. Do you not like me wearing them?" Luna said with a frown.

Mythic shook his head and grinned. "No I like it. Though I am a little scared at the fact Victor knows that." Mythic shook for a moment at the thought. 'Victor knowing what I like, that is scary.'

"Dear, are you alright?" Luna cooed as she sat on the bed. She swung her feet gently as she looked at Mythic. He nodded and waved her closer. Luna got up and walked to his side. Mythic took Luna by the hand and brought her lips to his for a peck. Luna blushed and shied away. Mythic ran his fingers through her black and blue hair for a moment before standing up.

He folded his chair and put it against the wall. He then went and sat on the bed, pulling Luna down with him. Mythic rested on his back while Luna laid on top of him, her chest against his. He gazed into her eyes and kissed her once more, Luna returning his gesture with her own lips.

Down stairs Victor was on his own crusade. "For the sake of the Well, put on a bra!" He yelled at Pinkie Pie.

The hyper girl was now shacking and sinking into the couch. "Bu-but I don't want to wear it." Pinkie peeped.

Victor sighed, as he held out her new attire. "Look Pinkie Pie, if you don't bad things happen to girls."

Pinkie sniffled. "What happens?"

Victor got closer and moved into Pinkie's face. "Their boobs start to sag! Bwahahaha!" He laughed evilly. A kick in the head shut him up. He rubbed his head and looked up to see Jika glaring at him. "Why did you do that? That hurt." He grumbled.

"Well that is for scaring a young lady!" Jika took the clothes from Victor and took Pinkie's hand. "Come on dear. Lets get you dressed." Pinkie nodded and followed Jika up the stairs to the bathroom. Leaving her sister and most of the others in the living room. As she ascended the stairs, she saw Rainbow Dash at the frame of Mythic's door. He had her head peering inside. Jika was confused and called her name. "Dash?"

The rainbow haired girl placed her figure to her lips. "Shh." Rainbow Dash pointed inside to the new couple making out on the bed. Jika and Pinkie walked over confused and peered inside. On the bed was Luna laying on top of Mythic as the two kissed. Jika just looked at the two, rolling her eyes as Pinkie grinned and started to giggle.

The couple was disturbed and turned to see Pinkie waving at them. "Pinkie!" Mythic roared. "Clothes, now!" He scowled her with his brow raised. Luna sighed deeply and Mythic was drawn back to her. "What?"

Luna looked at Pinkie Pie and then at Mythic. "If she wishes to be naked than let her be. That is how she has always lived and she probably will not like be constricted." Mythic nodded in acceptance. "Now that you agree, what was that chatter about? Was that your family on the thing once more?"

Mythic nodded and sighed with apathy. "Well it seems they are going back home for a little while." He rested his eyes and thought.

Luna looked at him in confusion. "That is a good thing though, is it not?" Mythic didn't answer. "Dear, is that not a good thing?"

Mythic lazily opened one eye. "Well think about it. I am here and I need to go back home. My father also wants to...meet you girls." Luna jumped off of him and to her feet. "See what I mean?"

"No, this is wonderful!" Luna exclaim, leaving Mythic confused. "I could meet your family and you can tell them about what you have been up to in person." She said with a smile.

Mythic's eye twitched. "I can't do that. I couldn't possibly do that." Mythic got off his bed and took Luna by the shoulders. "If my mother knew the things I have done she will die of a heart attack!"

Luna was bemused and removed his hands. "Look Dear, I do not think it will be that bad. They are your own family, they must know about this. You are risking your life and they need to know that you can handle yourself." She hugged him and brushed the back of his head.

Mythic leaned his head in and placed his head on Luna's shoulders. He kept his eyes half shut and smelled her hair with a smile. "I guess you are right, Luna. I guess maybe I should tell them about this whole thing."

"Tell how about the what now?" Within the door frame, Victor stood with an ice pack on his head. "So is the lovely couple up to now?"

Mythic stuck his tongue out at the Demigod and received the same gesture. Retracting his tongue, Mythic broke away from Luna and walked up to Victor. "Well for starters, what is with the ice pack?" Mythic pointed to the top of Victor's head.

The Demigod sighed. "Well Jika kicked me for trying to dress Pinkie Pie."

Mythic nodded, chuckling a little. "How bad does it hurt? Considering you're a Demigod."

"Well it is not that bad. Still in the form of a young boy those, so it stings." Victor lifted the bag and whinced in pain. HE lowered the ice back to his head. "Well what is going on with you? How are the folks."

"They are going back home." Aura said imminently. "They are on the plane right now."

Victor glared at him. "What are you saying?"

"I am saying we need to Earth." Mythic said.

Victor sighed heavily. "I just got here!" He closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Okay-okay. We are going but you need to tell them about the what you have done." Victor took an extremely quick look at Luna. "You also should tell them about what you are planning on doing."

Mythic scratched his head. "Maybe I should, I mean come on. You and I both know what could eventually happen." A long silence fell upon the Mystic and the Demigod. Mythic's fists tightened, he knew what could happen but he preferred to stay away from that mind frame. He had seen many family members die to an array of reasons. Many...but he pushed the issue aside for a later time. "But hey, that is for later." Victor nodded in agreement. "Wait'a watch a movie?"

"Lost Ark!" Victor shouted immediately . "Raiders of the Lost-freaking-Ark! I love Indiana!" Victor jumped up and down. "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?"

Mythic gestured for Victor to calm down. "Okay-okay. I'll play it on the television down stairs."

Luna stood to the side of the two with confusion. "What might you two be talking about?"

As Victor rushed out the room like an actually child, Mystic chuckled slightly. He turned to face Luna and smiled. "It is just a movie. Came and watch it with us, you'll love it." Mythic walked to his drawer of DVDs. He opened it and shuffled around to find the movie. "Indiana is best adventurer!" He pulled out the case from the bottom of the stack and closed his drawer. Mythic walked over and took her hand as she nodded. The two walked out of the bedroom and down to the living room. They saw that everyone had been fully dressed now. Rainbow Dash and Twilight in their attire they used before and the Storm sisters in their earlier attire as well.

The hyper Pinkie Pie wear a pink tee long sleeve shirt with tiny balloons on the chest. She matched with a pink and white plaid skirt and striped knee high socks. It looked quite fitting for her short figure and young appearance. Rarity laid on the sofa in a white sundress that went down to her lower thigh. Her ears displayed lever back earrings with blue diamonds inside raindrop design. Her eyes wear decorated with eyeliner and blue eyeshadow. Her appearance accompanied her elegant attitude. Fluttershy sat at the corn edge of a chair, her hair covering half her face. She kept her hands folded in her lap. She wore a yellow, sleeveless pullover sweater with khaki pants. Her clothes outlined her timid persona, though not by much.

Mythic looked around in confusion. "Where is Applejack?"

"I'm in here Sugarcube." The southern accented girl called from the kitchen. "I hope you don't mind but I was looking in your fridge. You don't seem to have a ton of...well food. Do you need some help with that?" She moved into the door frame. Her head dawned her stetson hat. Her upper body was covered by an orange plaid button down with a red tank-top underneath.

"Wait what?" Mythic walked over to the kitchen and to his dismay, the fridge was empty. "How can that be?"

"That was me!" Victor called out. "I got hungry and had a little to eat."

"Dude the fridge is empty when it was nearly full like four days ago!" Mythic cried out.

"Well I am a Demigod. We get hungry as hell!" Victor pleaded. With a sigh, Mythic walked back into the room. He walked up to Victor and slapped him. "The hell man!"

"That is for eatin' my food!" Mythic yelled down at Victor. "I have been getting kind of hungry you fool. I need food!" As Victor prepared his rebuttal, a knock was heard. His head snapped to the door. He turned and walked over to it and knocked back. Another knock was heard, this time he could tell it was from near the bottom of the door. "Hello, who is there?"

"Um...this is Mythic Rune's place right?" A young voice asked. "It is me, Spike."

"Oh Spike!" Mythic opened the door. "Sup like dude?" A smile crossed his face. "Where have you been?" The little dragon was still. "Spike?" Mythic reached down and picked him up with one hand. "Yo Twilight, I think I broke your dragon." Mythic walked inside and closed the door.

Twilight got up off the sofa and took hold of Spike. "Oh no, Spike, what is wrong? Did something bad happen?" She asked in a must concerned tone. Spike was still frozen. "Spike?"

"The poor dear is petrified of us I think." Rarity called out. "I mean look at us, Twilight. We are no our usual selves."

"Twi-Twilight?" Spike muttered from his stiff body. He turned his head to Rarity. "Ra-Rarity."

Mythic clapped. "I think he is getting the hint, Rare."

Applejack walked over and placed her hand on Spikes head. "Now don't fret none, Sugarcube. It's just use." She smiled down at the dragon.

"Bu-bu-but how?" He muttered again. Victor whistled and rose his hand. "Who are you?"

"I am Victor." He replied. "Demigod that usually watches the Earth. Meh, nothing big is happening right now so I am just chillin' with the asshole over there." He pointed to Mythic who gave him the middle figure in return. "You missed that, didn't you?"

"You have no idea how much." The Mystic put his hand down and grinned. "Can I start this movie now?"

"Yes! Play the Jones!" Victor squealed. "Harrison Ford is best actor!" Mythic tossed Victor the DVD case. He yanked it out of the air and he dashed over to the player. "Oh man oh man." He took the disc and placed it on the tray. "Oh man oh man." He closed the tray and sat on the sofa. "Oh man oh man."

As Victor shook with joy, the other worlders looked to Mythic for an explanation. "It is a movie that is really liked. Trust me it is- oh my god the popcorn!"

"The popcorn!" Victor repeated. He jumped up and ran into the kitchen. He threw open the cabinets and found a package of microwave popcorn. He pulled it out and ran to the microwave and threw it in for two minutes. "It's in!"

"Good, get over here!" Mythic called out. He sat on the sofa with Luna and Bonsia on his sides.

"So what is this again?" Bonsia asked.

"Oh that's right." Mythic realized. "Okay, so what the screen is called a television. What we are about to watch is a movie. People act in this like a play, but it involves more of everything. More money, more actors, more scenes and all that. It's about a man named Indiana Jones. He is an archaeologist and adventurer who was hired to find a lost artifact before a group called the Nazis get it. Both the character and the actor are the best of the best in my book."

Rainbow Dash rolled her eye. "Yeah right, nobody is a better adventurer than Daring Doo." She crossed her arms and looked at the screen as the movie started to play with a risen brow.

Mythic chuckled. "Oh you poor child." Mythic looked over to Spike, still in Twilight's arms. "You want to stay and watch Spike my boy...dragon." The baby dragon, still a little confused, shrugged. "Alright, well it's starting."

A ding was heard in the kitchen and Victor screamed. "Popcorn!"

One Hundred and Thirteen Minutes and a Bowl of Popcorn Later.

Everyone, with the exception of Mythic and Victor, were on the floor in front of the television. Rainbow being the most absorbed, didn't blink and was almost at the point of drooling. "I love him."

Mythic simple watched as the movie ended with a smile. "Told her." He looked as the others got disappointed as the credits started to roll. A unified groan filled the room and Rainbow Dash bolt up to the television.

She started to shake it. "No! I need more Indiana!"

"Damn Rainbow, calm down." Mythic urged. "I have two more movies if you want to see." Rainbow Dash's head snapped and at him with a grin. "I can tell we are going to be here a while. "Spike, came help me make dinner. I'm sure Victor left some."

Spike jumped up off the floor and followed Mythic. "Okay."

Two Movies and a Dinner Later

Mythic laid on his bed, and placed his hands behind his head. He had cooked the last of the rice and vegetables he had. He made just enough to served everyone in the house. After the last movie and a small episode of Rainbow Dash tantrum, Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy had been turned back into ponies and left. Unknowing to Mythic, they came back with sleeping bags. "A slumber party without my permission." He sighed. "I guess I'll allow it. I am tired anyways and they promised to keep it down." He took off his shirt and threw it on the floor. He looked out the window, the moon had been risen and a dark sky overcame the world. "So nice and cool here." He smiled and placed his head down on his pillow.

Down stairs, Victor entertained everyone by teaching them Poker. In the end he taught them all too well and he ended up in just just his underwear. "Okay you know what? Screw this." He threw the cards on the table and took his clothes. He took a dart board and placed it on the wall. "Hey Jika, how is your aim?"

The horned woman stood up and chuckled. "How good am I? I have beaten my General, all the recruits and my peers. I am the best." She took a dart from his hand and threw it with the assistance for her fire magic. It spiraled straight into the center. "Beat that, little God!"

"I know I ask others not to call me Lord but do show some respect." Victor asked. "I mean it is only natural because I am about to beat your ass." Victor took a dart and flicked it. In a split second, the sound barrier was broken and a small hold was left in the wall. "Boom...bitch." He walked up to the hole and looked at it. "Damn this wall is thin."

Upstairs, Mythic jerked awake. "The hell was that?" He jumped up of his bed and ran downstairs. He landed on the floor and stared gawking at Victor. "The bloody hell was that noise?"

Everyone pointed at the small Demigod. "And here I thought we were friends."

Mythic sighed and held his forehead with two fingertips. "Just don't do it again. I am trying to sleep. Remember Victor?"

"Oh crap that right!" Victor remembered. "Well don't worry, it will all be taken care of." He smiled. "Go sleep."

Mythic waved at everyone. "Goodnight." He received the same gesture in return. As he walked back up stairs, Luna came up behind him. The two simple smiled and continued on. They entered the bedroom and laid down on the bed. They crawled up next to each other and fell asleep. It didn't take the others too long to do the same and go to sleep down stairs. Bonsia and Jika were brought up to the empty room of Mystic's brothers.

As Victor stood in the hall, he waited to make sure everyone was asleep. He stood there for about an hour, just to make sure. The Demigod began to breathe in deeply and exhale. He channeled his power into a runic seal that surrounded the house. "Here we go."

The Next Morning

Mythic began to wiggle in his bed, Luna pressed against his chest. He felt a finger poking his back. "Whaaaaaaat" He groaned. The finger poked him again. "Victor is that you?" He opened one eye and turned his head.

A familiar face came into view. A woman with tan skin, glasses and black hair stood next to his bed with a look of anger. "Boy get up." She barked.

His eye shot open and he stood still in fear. His only reaction was to inhale and shout. "Fu-"

Boned Sir, so very boned.

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