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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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One Easy Day.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Victor asked as he walked over to the water of the lake.

"What does it sound like? I got a Mystic reading, I think blood was activated!" Aries shouted from the water. "Told you i'd find her. The last Mystic of Albion, you're not so tough now Victor." She swam around excited and happily.

"You find one and I lose one. The hell is happening to my life?" Closed his eyes and shook his head. He fell to his knees and yelled to the sky. "Why Father!? You make Aries my partner, you take away my mystic and give her one!? What did I do to you!? You old bastard!" A single bolt of lightning struck Victor out of nowhere. There was no clouds or other objects to cause a reaction. The bolt hit Victor, who took it full force, and yet he did not fill the effects. He jumped to his feet and waved his fist in sudden victory at the sky. "Ha! Next time bring it your A game, jackass!"

"I don't think you shouldn't take about Dad like that."

"Shut it Aries! I win every round against that old God."

"But, do you need to say it like that? Do you your really hate me?" Aries made her way to shore and pouted. "Don't you like me?"

Victor jumped back from Aries. He took two fingers and made a cross. "It's not that, I love you." Aries brightened to hear this, Victor was quick to correct himself though. "I love you as my SISTER. Not as my partner."

"Aw, those humans truly cramped your style. I'm here for you..." She pouted a little more and widened her eyes.

"Aries, don't you dare. Aries!"

Aries cleared her throat and spoke in a voice that could make any living creature jump off a cliff should she ask. "I love you, Victor. I truly do."

Victor clutched his chest and fell to the ground. "Hhnngg! You win, you win. You damned Goddess." Aries smiled with pleasure. "Please, stop. Bane of Men, stop!"

"Fine, give me a kiss first."

"On second thought... You said you a Mystic?"


"Let me see the reading."

"Kiss." Victor sighed and came closer to Aries. He gave her a peek on the cheek. "No, here." She tapped her lips. Victor shuddered. He reached into her rob and dug out a crystal ball and pushed her away. "I think you touched my breast." She said flirty.

"Don't...Ever...Joke." He turned away and studied the orb in his hands. Inside was a bright green dot. "You dumb ass...you had to end up there. You had to give her a motherloving reason to come here!" He turned to Aries grinning with sass. "This ain't your Mystic, its Mythic Rune. But it seems that he's changed form, he's back to being human." Victor throw the crystal ball to Aries before walking back to his rune stones. He heard a thud and Aries fell to the ground. "Huh? Oh shit, Aries are you okay?"

"I...*sniff*...I think so. It hit my head." Victor crouched next to Aries and examined her forehead. "You hurt it, kiss it."

"The hell is wrong with you? You're acting like you're ten."

"Ten, ten thousand. It doesn't matter, it's your fault. Kiss my forehead."

"Fine, little baby." Victor leaned in to give Aries's forehead a kiss. Aries leaned up and stole it with her own lips. Victor stubble back and gasped.

His eye twitched and he started to laugh like a crazy man. "Hahaha. Aries I love. But you need to be punished." He snapped his fingers and the sky darkened. The water began to stir and the wind blew and howled. The sky opened and a barrage of rocks began to fall. "Maelstrom, phase one! You should of learned Aries!" Victor pointed his finger at Aries and the rocks began to head to her location.

"Had to try! I'm out of here!" In a flash, Aries opened up a summoning rune and leaped through. It closed too slow though, Victor had rushed through it.

"Not so fast, you're mine!"

Albion, Riverhook

"If you haven't guessed, i'm from another world."

Bonsia looked at Daniel with more intensity. "I thought you sounded weird. But...not that different."

"Not having horns didn't give it away?"

"Oh, well, sometimes a person is born without them. I just thought that you were one. It's a rare cause, but I saw a man without his horns once."

"Alright, anyway. What do you call yourselves? Like all the people back on earth are humans."

"We call ourselves Litacons. All our people are Litacons."

Daniel crossed his arms and nodded. "I see. Weird name, but I'll probably weird to you."

"Not at all. I think you're...unique." Bonsia blushed.

Daniel looked over to Bonsia as she twiddled her thumbs in her chair. "Aw, you're cool too."

"Is it cold in here? I'll get you-"

"Dear God I never though it would happen to me." Daniel inserted his face into his palm with a loud smack. "It's a figure of speech."

"Oh, sorry."

"It's fine, do you want to hear my story, about how I got here?" Daniel asked as he removed his hand. Bonsia nodded. "Alright, well it started about a week ago. I was dragged into an empty place that was all black. There I found some new abilities and my weapon. I named it Eclipse, she quite beautiful. But I only got her when this monster attacked me." Daniel proceeded to make sounds like a bear in an attempt to put on a show for Bonsia. He got a smile and a laugh. "But I took me sword and fought with all my might. But it wasn't enough, considering I got launched into a damn pillar and and to fly my ass out of there."

"You can fly?" Astonishment over came Bonsia.

"Oh yeah~. That's was a gift from my friend Victor, more about him in a bit. I flew away from that place and found a platform of sorts in the darkness. Around it were my ponies I call friends and happy about that fact."

"Ponies? Like... little horses?"

"This is going to take awhile." Daniel proceeded to explain more about is story, how he met Rarity, Twilight and the rest. He talked about Victor, the Mystic power he had, Corrupt, his transformation, the fight with Talos and waking up to Victor. At all this, Bonsia gasped and awed even though Daniel didn't go into detail about the Corrupt. The tale was enveloping her. "And then Victor threw a rock at my head. I then woke up and... I was...I was oh-so 'generously' welcomed to PonyVille. That is the town i'm staying at over in Equestria, nice place." He continued on about the next day or so. Telling Bonsia about the Rune magic, the first Super-Shadow, the party and Luna.

"Luna, by far, one of the coolest girls I have ever met. I love that mare..." Bonsia tensed up. "In a friendly way." Bonsia relaxed a bit. "Although we do share a bed."

Bonsia frowned a bit and tensed back up. "What? You share a bed with a woman already?" Bonsia sounded sad to hear Daniel say he and Luna slept together.

"Yeah, we sleep together, for two nights. No sexual acts, just sleep. She needed help and I didn't fight it." Daniel then became confused. "Um, why are you asking, is that frowned upon? We didn't do anything." Daniel was now turning a bright crimson.

Bonsia gave a long sigh in relief. "Well, it's not frowned upon. Just... curious, that's all." 'Quick change the subject. Um... men like food. He must be hungry, he must be!' "Are you hungry, I sure am. I'll go get us some food." Bonsia got up off the chair and left the room. She shuffled through a few cabinets and a small meat locker, in the three and last room the shed like building held. Inside the held salted meats and bread. On a counter, there were fruits and vegetables. Bonsia took a loaf of bread and an apple and brought it back to Daniel. "Here, this should hold you over till i'm done with the meat."

"Meat! I love meat! Thank you kind elf like lady!" Daniel took the apple and bread. He opened his arms and gestured her closer. "You earn a hug." Bonsia beamed with a smile. She drew closer and entered the embrace. Daniel held it for about four seconds before he let go while Bonsia held on like she'd die is other wise. "Um you can let go now."

"Oh right. Sorry." Bonsia let go of Daniel, she placed her hands behind her back and smiled. An idea then sprung up in her mind, it gave her a wide smile. "I just remembered something. Since you're going to be here for what looks like awhile, you need to have something." She walked over to a dresser and pulled out a small box. Daniel raised a brow and tried to see over Bonsia's shoulder to see what she was talking about. She took the lip of the box and relieved a collar like accessory. "The men here 'need' to wear these. Put it on."

"Why do I have too?" Daniel said skeptically.

"Just trust me. I wouldn't steer you wrong. Now please, put the collar on." She handed it to Daniel and he took it. The collar was red with a green buckle. Dangling from it was a single silver rose pedal-shaped pendent with the inscription B.S. on the back.

Daniel examined it with care and shrugged. "I guess, but just till I leave." Daniel placed the collar around his neck and played with the pendent. He yawned and stretched. "Man, if you don't mind i'll take a nap till the meal is ready." He shuffled his body and laid on his side. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Bonsia stroked his orange and purple hair. "Shh. Sleep...my Daniel." She sat on the side of the bed watching him sleep of a few minutes. A sudden knock on the door pulled her from her trance. She approached the brown wooden door and opened it. A fairly tall woman with green and blue hair, wearing a suit of iron armor stood in the doorway. Her helmet, that looked more like a cap, in one hand and a pouch of silver and copper coins in the other.

She had a sword sheathed at her left side. "Hello sister Bonsia. How is is going?"

Bonsia hugged the women tightly. "Sister Jika! I haven't seen you in over a month. Does the guard keep you that busy?"

"All the time. Just recently we got a report about some ominousness creatures in the forests. Luckily I got some a leave from the Caption. I'm here for one week, then back to the grind stones, as the smiths' say. But enough about me, how has the shop been holding up, little sister?"

Bonsia took Jika into her home and work space. She sat her at a table in the front room and they began to talk. "The shop as been doing wonderfully. Not as much as I hoped, but what is a novice herbalist to do? But that doesn't matter. I met someone last night." Bonsia emitted a high pitched squeal in happiness.

"Really, you met someone? Who is it?" Jika placed her items on the table. She leaned forward and put her head on the backside of her hands, supporting her head.

"Oh, that is the best part. It's a man!"

Jika gasped in awe. "No way. All the men around here are taken."

"I know they are, but he isn't from around here. I found him in the forest asleep on the ground. What to see?" Jika nodded and the two left the table. Jika walked into Bonsia's bedroom and looked down at Daniel sleeping with his back towards them. "He woke up just before dawn and we talked for a long time. He said he was tired so he went back to sleep just now. He is amazing."

"Where are his horns or was he born without them?"

"He was born without them."

"He still looks like he can work a good crop and other work. You get his name right?"

"He is Daniel, but I also got him to put on my collar."

Jika looked nervous and worried. "Sister, I think it might be way too early for that. I know that there aren't to many men around and the temptation of jumping on the first one you see his great. You need to wait though, like I did. I waited three months before I gave my collar to Marco. Does he even know what it means?"

Bonsia twiddled her thumbs and made a circle in the floor with her foot. "Well...um...I don't think so. But what is the problem? He put it on." She said in a whine.

"That is the problem. If he doesn't know that you just gave him the symbol of your love, things could get out of hand." Jika looked back to Daniel with disagreement. She studied him harder this time, studying the remains of his kimono and more important the symbol his back. His runic symbol was intact, for the most part. Jika crouched down. "Bonsia, did he tell you anything about this seal on the back of his clothing?"

"No, is that important to something sister?"

"The creatures I spoke about, I was sent to a cave that was said to hold some of them inside. I didn't find any, but I found a seal like this on the back of the cave. It was etched into the stone itself." Jika stood back at her full height yet kept her eyes trained on Daniel. "I will need to speak to him when he wakes up. Go cook something please, i'm famished."

"Um...Okay. It won't take to long." Bonsia walked out the room and put a fire on and began to cook meat and a few pieces of vegetables.

Jika sat in the chair with her sword in her lap. "Did you kill all those people?"

Canterlot Castle.

Inside a tower being accommodated for them, Rarity was being consulted by her friends as she cried. "But where is he!? Where is my Mythic Ru-Ru-Ruuune? Hoooo..." Rarity had been crying ever since the six mares entered the carriage. She had held back her tears, but couldn't anymore. She had been like this the whole night and well into the early morning light. "Where is he! Victor said he'd find him! Where is Victor, i'm going to kick his flack like the mule he his!"

"Rarity, please calm down." Twilight cooed.

"Yeah, shut it!" Rainbow yelled from the above them both. "I couldn't get much sleep because of your whining. Mythic is a stallion, he can take care of himself! I should know, I have fought with him."

"That's not helping Rainbow." Twilight said, irritated.

"No...*sniff*...she is right Twilight. Mythic is a stallion, he can take care. I'm just worried too much. We my have only met a short time ago and not have spent that much time together, but i'm worried! What is he doesn't wake up from being unconscious this time? What if some crazy monster gets him? Even worse, what is a crazy mare gets her hooves on him!?"

"Now how is that relevant?" Twilight asked.

"He told me about some of his life back one Earth. He went out with a crazy girl, he didn't like that."

"Well you're sort of acting crazy right now." Rainbow chimed in.

Before either of the two unicorns could comment on Rainbow Dash's statement, there was a knock on the door. "Hello? Anypony in there? It's Princess Luna, I just got back from PonyVille." Rainbow flew over and opened the door for her. "Hey Luna, whats up?"

"We took care of the Corrupt that were left in town. And repair teams were been dispatched before I got here. The damage was not that bad, a few days and we can go back."

"That is great news! Now we just-" A sudden noise interrupted Twilight and a bright light drew their attention to the ceiling. From it fell Victor, he wore a blood stained white headband and carried...Sniper rifle?

"Where is that bitch? Is she here? Aries get the hell out here now!" Rushed to the nearest window. "There you are!" He took his rifle and feed into the chamber a single glowing white stone. Victor looked through the scope and found Aries hiding behind a barrel. He slowed down his breathing and aimed at her head. "Four for the money. Three for the honey. Two for a cup of Joe. One for this bucking-" Victor pulled the trigger and a thundering bang echoed through the castle. Aries had a split second reaction before the stone his her forehead and stunned her. It shattered on impact, but released a liquid that quickly soaked her whole body. She yelled out a deafening 'No' before she was engulfed in a green light and transported to a different location.

"Victor, what the hell do you think you are doing!" Luna roared.

"Payback. Bucking payback. Oh I also know where Mythic is now. Or should I say Daniel, he's back in his human form."

Rarity perked up and smiled with hope. "Oh, thank Celestia, where is he?"

"He is in another world. He is in Albion safe and sound. I'm going to retrieve him, any of you ladies wish to come? Inter-realm travel isn't just for Mystics and Gods." Victor held out his hand out.

"Oh i'd love to Victor my dear, but I must deny. I am to tiered and I frankly am too scared. But good luck."

"A new world, that would be awesome!"

"I'm with Rainbow Dash, I could learn some new things."

Luna was the only one who hesitated. The others looked at her with worry. "Are you sure Mythic is okay? Because if he isn't...then we well have a problem on our hooves here Victor."

Victor chuckled. "Right~, you can take a 'real' Demigod. I'll believe it when I see it. But before we go and get him, we need to get some things first. Let's go, M.R.S.T!" All the ponies looked at Victor confused and he let out a sigh. "Mythic Retrieval and Support Team." They let out a unified 'oh'. Victor ignored it and opened a Rune portal. "Here we come, Daniel."

Albion, Riverhook

Daniel yawned and spoke with a groggy voice. "Who called my name?" We wiped a tear from his eye. "I heard someone say my name."

"You're finally awake." Jika spoke in a stern and serious tone.

"Yeah! Now who the hell are you?" Looked Jika up and down. 'Brain, catalog info. Armor made of iron, short sword made of most likely iron or steel. Combat level is unknown.'

Cataloged, sir


"I am Jika Storm, Bonsia's sister, Lieutenant of the guard and nicknamed 'Fire Storm'. Now tell me who you are."

"I am Daniel Rivera, a.k.a. Mythic Rune, Mystic of the humans and nicknamed 'The Tan Russian'. Nice to meet you." They stared at each other. Measuring each other as well as trying to intimidate. They sparks could very well be visible as they stared into each other. A knock on the door frame drew Daniel's attention and Jika's as well. Bonsia's head peeped out.

"The food is ready. I'm happy to see that you are awake Daniel." Bonsia fully entered the room and sat down on the bed. "Did my sister cause any problems?"

Daniel faked a pleasant smile. "No at all, she is quite delightful."

Jika spoke in mono tone. "Like wise." Jika didn't hide her displeasure with Daniel and glared at him.

"Well, lets go eat." Bonsia took Daniels arm and nearly dragged him out of the bed. Only to get a look of disapproval from Jika. Bonsia didn't mind Jika and kept waking. Daniel was seated and a large plate of pork was given to him. The pork was crisp and clean cut. The loaf of bread Daniel hadn't eaten was now cut in half and placed on the plate, along with a glass of water. Bonsia sat down right next to Daniel and watched him eat. Jika joined the table and too began to eat off a separate plate laid out for just for her. The plate was slightly smaller but still held the some amount of pork and bread. "I hope you are enjoying it. I put some spice on it just for you Daniel." Bonsia beamed a smile as she rested her head in her hands.

Daniel chewed the pork that was in his mouth tenderly and tasted the spice. He swallowed and bit of a piece of bread. "This is great, I love it! Thanks Bonsia, I owe you one." He took a sip of water while the bread was still in his mouth, making it moist and clumpy. Daniel swallowed hard and gasp and smiled.

Jika ate slowly as she studied Daniel behavior and movements. Biting off a piece of bread, she swallowed and then finally spoke, straight to business. "Daniel tell about your robe, I haven't seen one like it around here."

Daniel swallowed another cut of pork. "Well...there is nothing to tell. A friend of mine made it for me, specially made, just for me. I have more back home."

"Back home. Are you traveling or something?"

"I just popped on by for a moment. I should be getting a left soon, I friends must be worried sick. I have the feeling one was crying, but that's just nonsense." Daniel waved his hand dismissively.

"Just drop on by? How long have you been here for?"

"I just got here last night. Bonsia here found me in the forest unconscious. Sorry but why are you asking me all this?" Daniel bit down on his pork.

"Just asking." Jika pushed her plate forward, half full with her meal. "Just two more things. What is the seal on your back? The back of your robe."

"It is a Kimono, not a robe. But you don't need to know what the Runic circle, so I won't explain." He took a sip of water.

"Runic circle?" Jika sounded more interested.

Daniel put on on a cocky smile and leaned back into his chair. "Yup, you have your magic and I have mine."

"Yeah Jika." Bonsia added. "He told me about it. He sounds so um... whats the word...cool?"

"Yup" Daniel patted Bonsia on the head. "Very good." Bonsia leaped from her chair and a foot and a half to the side into Daniel, placing her arms around him. He threw his and hands into the air and looked at her confused. "Okay, okay. You don't need to do all that now." Bonsia didn't listen and just nuzzled Daniels chest. He looked over to Jika, worried. "Is she always like this to practical strangers?"

"So you really don't know? You must have been living under a rock." Jika smoothed out her eye brows and chuckled as she talked.

"Lets say I have been, what of it?"

"Do you know about the population?"

"Nope, is that relevant?"

"Hmm, well since the men have been getting lower in number, they are considered more valuable. Now a days it's only about
one man in a crowd of six."

"What! Damn, when did this start?" Daniel exclaimed.

"About two hundred and forty six years ago. The birth rate wasn't too bad, till years later when took then generational census."

"You have a census?" Daniel said with surprise.

"Wow, you really have been living under a rock. Where the hell are you from anyway?"

"That my good Litacon, is secret information. I told your sister here because she helped me out, but that's all." Daniel pointed down at Bonsia, who was still wrapped around him. "I have a question though. Why do men have to wear these collars? What does it mean?"

Jika giggled and shook her head. "Daniel Rivera, you don't get it do you? You are a man, men are valuable, you can do heavy work that women can't. You seem to be at a mature age and my sister is also at a mature age...get the picture? Also forgot to say, women are held to higher standers then men even though they are lacking in number." Jika smiled cockily.

'Brain, calculation please. If I do i,t I just might just scare myself.'

Sir, It is 2+2. The outcome is 4. Would you like to active protocol 14 or 3?

'I'm going to ask Bonsia what it means directly. If it is the outcome, active protocol 3.'

Are you sure sir?.

'Yes we must be gentle. We do have a job to get back to.'

He took in a deep breathe. "Bonsia Storm." He nervously chuckled. "This collar means you claimed me, doesn't it?" Bonsia just nuzzled his chest more. "I'll take that as a yes. While I am very flattered, i must protest." Daniel reached for the collar and took it off. He neatly placed it on the table and managed to pry Bonsia off his body. "I have a job and life to get back to. Friends and enemies and all that good stuff. I told you this Bonsia, I am a bucking Human. And besides..." He took her by the chin and looked at her. "You're a pretty girl, you'll find someone."

Bonsia began to sob a little. "But I want you! Is it because we just met? We can take our time if you want."

"No we can't. I told you all about what is going on, we 'can't'!" Daniel placed a sorry hand on her head and began to walk to the door. "I'm sorry about this."

"Is it because if that Luna person? You are even more different too her then me!"

"I see your rebuttal. But...maybe it is her. I had a dream about her both when you found me and when I took that nap. I don't know if I like her or am worried about her. But Luna...I need to get back to Equestria." Daniel slowly opened the door when a helmet was slammed on the table. Jika had heard enough of Daniel and was quite upset.

"Listen to me Daniel! I don't understand all was what you just said, but I do know is that you are an ass! My sister has affections for you and you are going to do this to her! Even if I disapproved earlier, I will not let this stand. I here by place you under arrest for suspicion of the deaths of twenty farmers and other villagers!" Jika was ready to unsheathe her sword.

"Woe woe woe, I didn't kill anyone!" Daniel threw both his hands in the air and waved them frantically." I am against killing the Innocent, I even aim to protect them. Why would you suspect me?"

"Because you have a seal similar to that I found at a mass grave in a cave on your back."

Daniel's frantic behavior stopped. His face became on of interest with a hint of fear. "Show me, show me the cave."

"What!? Why would I even consider?"

"Because I am from a different world, one. I might know what the marking is, two. And died bodies only means that there is something out there that I might just know about, three. Holy trinity right there."

Jika relaxed a bit and thought about Daniel's reasons. She stood there looking at his face, more precisely, his eyes. There where still and full of burner. A burning, she didn't know. Jika came to a conclusion and rested her sword on her hip. She took her helmet and held it in her hand. She walked next to Daniel and then moved passed him out the door. "Come with me. If you can best me in combat, i'll take you to the cave. The smith owes me a favor and we can get you a sword from there."

Daniel chuckled. "I have my weapon. I just put it away till it's needed. So where will we do you want to 'duel'? Air quote."

"You hide your weapon? Is it a dagger? I hate cowards."

"No,no. I don't have daggers. It's just I have not bucking clue where it is right now. But it always finds me, true me, now where to?"

Away from Albion and back in Equestria, Victor made a quick pit stop at the lovely Rune home. He asked the mares to stay down stairs while he looked for something in the dressers and drawers. "Damn it, he needs to clean this room when he gets back. Now where are you... there!" Victor had searched through the dressers to find the Mystic's phone. "Now we can get a proper link. Just need to do a little tinkering will the...yes! Now we can get a proper fix on him well there." Victor was about to place the phone in his robe when it started to sound off. "You...must...be...kidding...me."

Jika had taken Daniel to the center of Riverhook. It was large circular, open area with a single well in the smack middle. It was just before high noon now. The center well also acted as a halfway mark as the village was cut in half and you could easily see the forest at the end of the street. There were spectator crowding the area with both curiosity and interest. The fight between Jika and the new arrival Daniel was spread fast around the village. A total of fifty spectators showed up. Women, children and even some Men, but not that many, just like Jika said.

The village's own Jika stood at one end of the street while Daniel stood at the other. Bonsia, still weeping a little, stood in the middle with a cloth of blue silk. The wind began to blow in Jika's favor, Bonsia then dropped the cloth and ran into the crowd. Jika did not unsheathe her weapon just yet, but ran towards Daniel. Daniel did not relieve his weapon either and ran forward. In seconds they met at the well.

Jika threw out a taunt. "Now know why they call me Fire Storm!" As she unsheathed her sword a blue flame followed. Her sword itself was on fire, steel base with a blue flame.

"Time for 'you' to learn why I am named Mythic Rune!" Taunted back. Jika was only a few feet way from him now. He though it best not to use use blade, so he went with a passive-aggressive tactic. He formed a shield in front of him and caused Jika to nearly run into it. "Aw, I thought you would slam face first. Next time you will."

"What the hell is that?" Jika asked.

"My magic. Rune magic, very proud of it." Daniel smirked. He watched as Jika continued to slash at the runic shield, trying to break it down with her flaming sword.

"Fight me like a man or you will taste my magic!"

"What kind?"

Jika stopped her barrage of attacks on the shield and just looked at Daniel through it. "The hot kind." Jika shot her hand out. A large ball of red fire began to form and she shot it out. It caused a loud explosion and smoke flooded the area for a moment. As it cleared, Daniel could be seen on the ground and his shield shattered.

Daniel raised up off the ground. and dusted himself off. "Damn girl. You got some attack there. You need to show me how to do that later. But I have one of my own." He readied himself and fired of a runic missile, not at full power though. It flew and hit the ground as Jika leaped to the side of the explosion. It wasn't enough to cause to much damage, but it still sent Jika flying just about a foot to the side. He fired off two more and hit the ground directly behind Jika, enveloping her in a blue explosion. The crowd to the side gasped. Daniel looked over to see the crowd give him dirty looks. But he focused on Bonsia still weeping.


Yes you're being an ass...sir.

'Fine! Override protocol 3'

You are going to be man about this?

'Yes, now shut it.'

Daniel sat down on the ground with his hands behind his back. "Oi, Jika! Get up, i'm done here. Take me to prison or the jail house or what ever you have." The crowd gasped at his sudden forfeit. But they gasped even more when Jika walked out of the blue smoke with out a visible injury. "Damn, to like power on my part?"

Jika sheathed her sword and smirked. "Probably. But made you suddenly give up? I could see in your eyes back at the shop you were innocent."

"Not my eyes, you sisters. I couldn't take causing those tears." Daniel said shamefully.

Jika crouched next to Daniel. "But there is still another, isn't there?"

"I don't know, we've only known each other for about three days. But I do think I like her, it's complicated."

"What makes her special?"

"I just don't know. I've felt something in my heart. At night I can't sleep without Luna, like I said; complicated. I don't know if I like her or if i'm just attracted."

"This Luna, she is from another world too?"

"Yes, I come from one world and I was just in her world. Training and fighting along side her." Daniel extended his arm up. Jika took it and lifted him to his feet.

"I see." Jika finally took off her helmet and held it in her hand.

"Not just her. I fought with another, Rainbow Dash. Even though it wasn't that long, and I had her taken out of the fight quickly. Didn't want to get her hurt."

"You must care about your allies. You'd be a good edition to the guard." Jika threw her arm around Daniel encouragingly. "If you ever find yourself bored, come on by if you can."

Daniel rolled his eyes teasingly. "Sure~, let me check my calendar. Haha" The two walked back to the crowd as they cheered. "I just like to make the crowds cheer, don't I?"

"Don't flatter yourself. By the way, if you don't mind me asking, what do you fight for?"

"I have reasons. I accepted a dying wish, and a not to long ago it turned into more. There is an evil out there and I stood against it."

"Well I hope you fight with all your honor and strength. Now lets get you-" Jika was interrupted by the sounds of a women running into town. She was covered in blood and her clothes were ripped on the back. The women fell on her face and and began to crawl. Jika and Daniel ran over to her, trying to calm her down to get information. "Miss, please calm down. What happened?"

"I-i-it wa-was-a-Li-Lind-Lindworm! A Lindworm is coming, it killed my husband and four others! It's coming this way!" In the distance a horrifying screech was heard. The women began to shake and quiver. "Here it comes!" She began to cry.

Daniel looked over to the crowd, which was in the middle of dispersing. Bonsia stood still and didn't move out of fear. "Jika, i'll be right back." He began to walk over top Bonsia. As he got closer to her, so did the screeching, but it was still distant. Daniel came on to Bonsia and pulled her in to an embrace, shocking her. "Look Bonisa, i'm sorry. I'm sorry that i'm not from here and i'm sorry I have a job to do. I'm also sorry that there might be someone else. If these things didn't factor in, i'd gladly be yours. But I can't stay, I have a job to do and I...I do like someone else. But i'll tell you this, after i'm done dealing with what ever is coming this way i'll do one thing for you. Like I said before, I owe you one." Daniel let go of the embrace. "Now go hide."

"Okay, but what ever I want?"

"Within reason of course." Daniel smiled and turned away, walking back to Jika. Bonsia ran into a nearby building with others and watched through the windows. The women that ran into town was nowhere to be seen and the sounds of a beast grew louder as trees began to shake. "So Jika, what are we dealing with?"

Jika was looking down the road and into the forest. She turned around with her eyebrow cocked. "You sure you want to fight this?"

"Any other reason i'd be asking? Now tell me." Daniel stood be Jika's side with his arms crossed patiently.

"Well it's a Lindworm. They mostly live in caves, like the one I was in. They mostly eat wild bears and other big game, but there are reports of feasting of Litacons."

"I already know it's a wingless dragon, correct?"

"Yes. They have tough outer scales and a tail length of about ten yards for the fully grow adult. It's know that they can breathe fire and crush stone. They have an eye sight of one hundred and eighty degrees. The total body length is thirty yards and the claws are three feet long. Fangs are sharp as a clean razor and the head is crowned with about three to five horns. From the sound coming from the forest, it must be an adult. So they the weakest point would be the throat, a foot from the base." Jika placed her hand on her sword and waited for the beast to show itself.

"You know alot about them, don't you?"

"I need to know all there is. They did something that I can never forgive, even if it's an animal." Jika tightened her grip and spoke with a tainted voice.

Daniel could see the Lindworm getting closer to the treeline. He felt that he know what Jika meant, but he needed to ask. "What did it do to earn such a hatred for it's whole kind?"

The Lindworm burst through the trees. It matched almost every description Jika made. Four horns crowned the head. A long tail and longer body. Fangs and claws, it also had spikes going upward on its back. It was white with red eyes. The only thing odd about it, was the black armor on it's neck, chest and upper back. Jika ignored the unusual and unsheathed her sword, blue flames and all.

(Play here)

"It killed my mother, father and husband!" She then charged forward, sword ablaze with fire and soul ablaze with hate.

Daniel shook his head. "Don't think that's the bast way to handle a Lindworm!" Daniel fired two runic missiles before rushing after Jika. The missiles made contact before Jika could reach the Lindworm and exploded. The explosion stunned the Lindworm and the smoke blinded it. Jika continued her charge though and came up under its neck. She slashed at the legs and drew blood. The beast roared in pain, throwing it's claws out in a frenzy, it hit Jika. She flew to the left side and hit her back on a lamppost. She was quick to recover though. She leaped off the post and slashed the dragons legs and claws. Daniel halted in his tracks and stared at the action before him. "Wow, maybe she could handle this on her own. Not!"

Daniel turned his body, so that his shoulder faced the Lindworm. He planted his feet into the dirt and bent his knees slightly. He brought his hands together so that his wrists touched and brought them back. "Here we go." Daniel started to build up his magical energy. He focused it into his palms and the blue glow of his Moon fang began to grow. It was a sensation to Daniel in his human form, the energy flowed through him quicker and stronger. The attack was ready to fire, but Daniel waited even longer. He felt even more magic being converted and added to the already strong enough attack. Daniel finally decided it was time and began the final preparations. "Jika get out of my way! This will take care of him!"

"Give me a moment!" Jika dodged a low swing of the dragon's claws. It lowered it's head and snapped at her, biting off a piece of Jika's shoulder armor plating. The Lindworm didn't take any meat or flesh off of her but Jika still bled out of her wound. "Damn it!" She stumbled back and fell. She yelled back to Daniel. "No time! Fire your magic!"

The Lindworm began to raise it's body upward to stomp on Jika. Daniel took the chance and fired. He threw his hands forward and the energy shot out at high speeds. The blue and silver energy connected with the beast's chest. The armor took the impact, but not the force. The dragon was carried back forty yards, and landed on it's back with a loud thud.
(Stop here)

Daniel felt slightly drained after the release, but managed to run and pick Jika up off the ground. "Woo boy. That took a good chuck out of me. How bad is the shoulder?"

"Well i'm bleeding. But at least that damn thing is down. Nice attack." Daniel threw Jika's good arm over his neck and began to assist her back for medical attention.

"Thanks,it is my own special technique. I just thank god that was easy." Daniel chuckled.

"You think that was easy!?" Jika exclaimed.

"I'm just going to say yes." A woman in a white blouse came and met the two half way, long with her was Bonsia. Daniel didn't need to be told what to do. He handed Jika over to the woman and slowly walked to the shade with Bonsia in tow. "Bonsia, i'm sorry about Jika. If I was closer I could have helped her."

Bonsia grabbed Daniel's hand with both of hers. "She'll be okay. She is in the guard, they are always getting into things. But now I need to ask you something."

"That favor I owe you?" Bonsia shyly said yes. "Alright, what would you like me to lady?" Daniel playfully bowed.

"Can you take me with you? When you leave to go home, can I came with you?" Bonsia said hopefully.

Daniel raised a brow. He took his free hand and rubbed the back of his head. " I don't know."

"I can protect myself if that's the problem. I may be an herbalist, but i've earned the nickname 'Crashing Storm'."

"That is not really the problem. The problem is 'could you even come with me', but that is for when my-" A sudden flash green light stole the attention of Daniel and Bonsia. Off in the corner was a low humming and then the appearance of a summoning circle faded in. "Ride is here."

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