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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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Tranformation: Mythic Rune (Revised)

“Introductions, I met Rarity already. I am Daniel and I’m a human. Now what are your names?” Daniel looked over the group of ponies that were now in-front of him. He looked to Rarity, expecting her to speak for the group; but instead Twilight spoke up.

“Well um, first off it’s nice to meet Daniel. I’m Twilight Sparkle” She extended her hoof. Daniel reached out and gave her a firm shake.

“Nice to meet you.” He said with a smile as he let go of her hand.

Twilight then turned her hoof to Rainbow Dash as she hovered in the air sulking with her hooves crossed in-front of her. Twilight began to speak in a slightly upset tone. Maybe it had something to do with the behavior of her friend towards Daniel, who knows really. “You have met Rainbow Dash”

Rainbow simple looked down at him a mutter. “What’s up?”

“You~” Daniel slightly chuckled, hoping she’d understand the joke he made. Rainbow Dash looked back at him and chuckled a little, she now knew he meant no harm and lightened up.

Twilight continued. “This is Pinkie Pie” Pointing to the pink pony jumping towards Daniel. She leaped into the air and was about to land on his head. Daniel took a step back and caught Pinkie Pie in his arms, but when he caught her, he almost fell. His back arched back, while Pinkie Pie got muzzle-to- with Daniel. “HEY I’M PINKIE PIE, I LOVE PARTIES AND CUPCAKES, DO YOUUUU~ LIKE PARTIES?”

Daniel was in complete and utter confusion 'What is this pony talking about, parties and cupcakes? I do like both.' Daniel gulped some spit that had formed in his mouth, fearing the reaction of his answer. “Yeah, I like parties and I do enjoy cupcakes.”

Pinkie smiled and jumped of Daniel and walked back to the others. “He’s okay with me!” She stood beside Fluttershy curling up in a ball. She has been like this the moment she woke up.

“That’s Fluttershy, sorry she…lives up to her name.” Twilight tried to apologize for Fluttershy.

"That is alright, I don't mind it. If I meet some weird creature like myself, I'd be a little scared too." He made his way to the shy mare, honest concerned for a creature that he just met. 'More than what that monster gave me.' He was upon the little pony, and then keeled down and stroked her mane. Fluttershy flinched, but did not move from Daniel "It's okay I'm not going to hurt anyone of you." Fluttershy muttered something inaudible, “What was that, I couldn't hear you?”

Fluttershy picked her head up. “Anypony, we say anypony, not ‘anyone’.” The smile on Daniel’s face grew, happy another pony opened up to him. He then began to ruffle her mane. “I’ll have to remember that, Fluttershy.” Her face turned to a slight blush, hidden by her mane.

Twilight then turned to Applejack, waiting patiently with a small smile. Applejack was glad this stranger was nice to her friends, he didn't seem so bad. “This is Applejack; she is the hardest worker you’ll ever meet, as well as very kind.”

“Nice to meet you Applejack. Nice hat by the way.” Daniel held out his hand for a greeting. What he got is a tingle sensation he’ll have for years to come.

Applejack grabbed his arm and shook violently or enthusiastically, that, we will never know. “Well howdy there Daniel, it’s good to meet you and thanks.”

She let go and let Daniel regain feeling in his arm be for speaking. “Your welcome.” 'Holyshit that was weird.'

Daniel looked at Twilight, who he officially recognized as the leader of these ponies. “Now that we are introduced, why don’t you tell me what you are doing here? I don’t think you came just for a picnic, am I right?”

Twilight tapped here chin trying to find a way to explain the situation to Daniel. “Before I tell you that, I think I should give you a little background knowledge. Okay?” Daniel nodded. “Good now it started a while ago…” Twilight told Daniel about everything that would help him understand. She told him about being Celestias's protegee, Nightmare Moon, The Elements (which the mares are still wearing), Discord and the eclipse that had accord, which still didn’t settle with her. “That’s when we were sent to check out a rift-like-aura outside of town and we got sucked in when it turned into a tornado.

Daniel paid close attention to Twilight's story, especially when she told him about the eclipse. His mind started to make connections, but he still had questions that weren't answered. 'Why was I brought here? Why not directly to Equstria? What do the runes have to do with anything and why do I have features of an Alicorn. What about the…' Daniel then remembered the blade he had received. It had disappeared when he got to this platform, where did it go? 'Maybe I could summon it? Worth a shot.'. Daniel closed his eyes in an attempt to summon his weapon.

Twilight asked him, concerned that she said something to make him uncomfortable. “You okay there Daniel?” Daniel just stood silent, focusing all his mental ability into this one simple act. Applejack walked over to Twilight and whispered to her. “Do you think you said something wrong?” Twilight shook her head. “I have no idea.”

Almost out of instinct, Daniel through his arm to this side and opened his fist. The mares wondered what he was doing. Then an orange rune summoning circle faded into existence. It slowly made way to Daniel hand, it then passed his hand. It stopped and another appeared, it slowly moved away from the other circle as though they were attached and were now being removed. A purple light flashed as Daniel's ‘Eclipse Blade’ materialized out of nowhere.

Daniel’s eyes were open wide and glued to his blade. He had successfully summoned his weapon. This was the first time he did it and the first time he used a magic, fully aware of it. “Yes, I did it! Hey Twilight does this look familiar at all?” He now knew his blade had to do this the Princesses, the blade practically yelled ‘Hey I represent the Moon and Sun’ If what Twilight says is true, he could be on the track to finding out what is going on. “Well Twilight?”

Twilight was shocked to see Daniel use magic, especially to see a non-unicorn use magic. “How did you do that?” Twilight yelled half anger-half anxious.

Daniel winced, now he feared he did something wrong. “Do what, you mean summon this blade here? I just focused on it and it happened, I know that’s not all magic is but that is how I did it. Did I do something wrong?” Daniel was concerned for both Twilight and himself. Twilight looked at the blade in his and then back at Daniel. “Yeah! How in Equestria did you use rune magic? That is ‘thy highest level’ of all magic, EVER, even the Princess has a tough time doing it. And you did it with what seemed like no effort. Also no I've never seen or read about something that looks like that. But I can see why you’d think that, it looks like it represents the sun and moon. Where did you get that anyway?”

Daniel sighed, he knew what he had to do. “Well it seems it’s time to tell you how I got here."

And so commenced the long explanation, from the eclipse he saw, to the aura like spheres. Then all the ponies listened closely, even Rainbow, to how the monster and the blade came from nowhere. Then the fight the two had, him getting hit with the monster's attack, him falling and then flying through the void, landing on the platform and finding them in a comatose like state. “Once I landed I saw you were in same comatose like state and freed you using some sort of magic, don’t know how, but I did it.”

Daniel finished his story, Twilight nodded accepting all of the information she had just been given. “But I still can’t believe that you were given all this and you were still beaten. Even though you just received wings and a horn not too long ago, it should have been instinct. You-” Twilight was interrupted by Daniel.

“I’m sorry but I need to stop you right there. The human body never EVER had a horn or wings installed. So not even instinct should be able take-over, but it did and I’m here now. So now that we have had a small history lesson, any idea how to get out of here?”

Twilight pondered for a moment. “Hm. Maybe we can you the elements to-” Twilight was once again interrupter, not by Daniel this time.


“What was that?” Rarity looked around and saw nothing. She was confused and looked to Daniel, who had more experience in this void then anypony else. “Daniel, deary, what was that?” He had a blank expression on his face. “Daniel?”

“No…nonononono. NO! That thing was attached to the damn floor! How could it be moving?” He looked to the mares, scared for them, they had no idea what was about to happen. “Can anypony here fight?”

Applejack stepped forward. “I can give on hay of a good buck.” If he wasn't about to fight for his life, he would laugh his ass off right there, end of story. Rarity caught on to what was happening, she turned toward Daniel and asked in one of the grimmest tones she could ever give. “Is it that thing you spoke of, that monster?” Daniel didn't answer bus held his blade with two hands and got in a stance.

“Applejack.” Daniel finally said.

“Yeah Daniel, what is it?”

Daniel then got Twilight's attention. “Twilight, if it comes to it, you and Applejack protect the rest. And keep thinking of a way to get home, I’ll hold it off.” The two ponies were about to object, but they were to slow. He ran off the side of the platform and jumped down, getting momentum for his flight. He reemerged from the side, his stone wings allowing him to hover in a upright position so he can scout the area for his opponent.

His heart sank to his stomach, sweat come from every pore on his body; he was about loose grip on the blade. What approached was worse than what he though. It was indeed the monster from before; still ebony black, yellow eyes, huge arms with metal plating and that hole in its chest. But this time it had two pair of wings, huge legs, close to three stories long. But that’s not what scared him the most. It was its head, it didn't have the helmet, its face was too familiar to be comfortable. The monster had every feature Daniel had; it was like looking at a huge, corrupt version of himself. Same chin, nose, even a horn! It also had a large sword in its hand. It was almost long as the monsters bottom half, two stories.

'Wait, that thing showed up after I received that final orb. Could that be somehow related to me and my new abilities? Damn it, I was almost killed three times before, there’s no doubt it is going to finish the job. Could the elements do anything here to help?' He started to doubt even more. He turned back to the mares they were looking towards the abomination that was heading towards them. “Twilight, change of plan.” He flew back down to the platform. “You think the elements could do anything here?”

Twilight had worry written so hard on her face a blind man could read it. “Maybe” She said in a questionable tone, not sure if they could.

Daniel nodded, this was the best chance they had. “Good enough for me, get ready”

Twilight agreed and called the rest into formation. “Okay girls, get ready!” in unison the all yelled. “Right!” All the mares gathered around Twilight and started to activate their elements. As they began to activate, the elements around all their necks glowed. They were brought into the air and slowly moved back it were Daniel had found them, they hovered over the circles that matched their elements color. They formed a circle on the outer rim of the platform. Daniel was amazed at the sight before him, but then he started to move as well. 'What the hell is this? What is going on?'

He hear a low humming coming from his medallion, the center green gem was glowing an emerald hue. He had made his way to the center of the platform, and then all the mares began to glow; their eyes empty and white. Suddenly beams of light shot out from the mares and headed upwards. They all connected in the sky, and then started down. Daniel was stunned, unable to move. 'Thought I’d die like a man, not get hit with a rainbow. [sigh] Just before the light from the elements hit him, Daniel heard crying in the distance. This time he knew he heard it, a child from the sounds of it. 'Kid, I’ll never meet you, but my you find a better life. You sound so sad. Please, child I will never meet you, but be strong.'. Then, the light made contact with it’s target, Daniel was engulfed in a rainbow, after a few seconds it turned white. A crackle sound could be heard, than the light vanished, along with Daniel.

After the light vanished, all the mares fell to the ground. A dazed Fluttershy recovered and asked “Is everyone alright?”

Rainbow Dash answered, groggy from using the Elements. “I think so, did we get em’ Daniel?” Rainbow looked around, no Daniel anywhere. “Daniel, were are you?”

As the rest tried to recover, the monster landed on the platform. As the ponies coward in fear, it scanned the area, no sign of his target. It then sheathed its sword and began to shrink it the same size as Daniel. It then just stood there, waiting for Daniel to show himself. “Where is he?” It spoke in the harshest and grimmest of tones, like death itself spoke for him.

“Who are you looking for?” Pinkie was brave enough to question the dark figure.

“We both know that, little pony! I only wish for his life, you may wait till he returns. But until then stay still and silent!” All the mares nodded their head, while the rest of their bodies shock in fear. “That is a good decisions I only want the Mystic.”

Daniel lay on the ground. It felt like grass, but he was on glass a moment ago. As he opened his eyes he could see a blue sky, he turned his head and saw water. It was a lake, and he was on a small island in the middle of the lake. Daniel could here crying, so very close to him. He sat up and saw a child sitting on a stone on the edge of the water. “Hey kid.” He spoke in a caring tone, so he didn't scare the boy. The boy turned face Daniel. He wore a robe of sorts; it was purple with orange trim borders on the sleeves hole for the hands and in the middle were it was folded over itself. He had a sash around his waist, to keep the robe from opening. The boy wore orange baggy pants which looked made from cotton. It looked like a kimono the Japanese would wear. His eyes were green, yet also red from all the crying.

The boy sobbed, trying to speak. “Mister, can you hel-help me?” He broke the sentence with more crying.

Daniel stood and walked to the boy “Yes, want you need kiddo?” He tried to put on a smile for the boy, while ruffling his hair.

The boy spoke up “I dropped my chain in the water and I can’t get it!” He continued to cry.

Daniel smirked “Oh really, I’ll get it for you. Just tell me what it looks like, okay?”

The boy stopped crying for a moment to explain “Well…it is gold, it has six gems in it, all different colors.”

Daniel looked at the lake it was large and could be deep, but he’d go to the depth’s to make this boy happy, he hated to see a someone cry. “Okay got it, now where did you drop it?” The boy teared up once more, and muttered something. “What was that, couldn't hear you” He leaned in to hear the boy

“I threw it over there.” The boy pointed to a lone rock sticking out of the water.

“Why did you throw it?” Daniel said in a soothing tone. He wanted to know.

“It was a gift from someone, but I got scared of my shadow, I thought it was a monster and I had it in my hand so-” Daniel placed his hand on the boys shoulder.

“No need, the same thing happened to me not to long age.” Daniel began to take off the medallion he had, the only thing to survive the blast of the elements, neither the horn or wings were with him. He handed the medallion to the boy. ”Hold onto mine for awhile, just till I get yours.”

“But what if shadow comes back.”

“Then I’ll protect you, I’m afraid of my shadow too.” Daniel smiled and jumped in the water. He swam for one minute till he hit the rock. “Damn that took longer than I thought. Hhhaaaa.” Daniel drew one breath and then swam downwards. He saw the lake wasn't that deep and already saw the necklace, it was under some sand.

He reached for it the necklace and grabbed it. When he touched it though, he felt a current pick up out of nowhere. It began to throw him around like a rag-doll. Daniel broke away from the current and rush to the surface. As he broke the surface he saw that he had drifted far away from the island. “Damn it” He began to swim to the island no matter how hard he swam; it didn't seem to get closer. ‘Maybe you should give up, that boy doesn't need this thing, why not just relax. Look, the water has calmed down. Why not enjoy it, besides he doesn't need this.’

‘I’m going to ignore the fact I just heard something said the biggest piece of shit I've ever heard. I need to get back to the boy and give him his chain back.’

‘But why? You need to relax, he’s a young boy. He has plenty of time to get plenty of gifts, won’t he?’

And won’t you shout up. Damn it, I know what you’re doing already. You’re testing to see if I’ll back down, if I’ll stop. The answer is no, I told him I’d do it, so I’m going to do it. Simple as that, I don’t know what you are but I can tell you this right know, Screw off.’

After that Daniel heard no more voices in his head and the island started to get closer. He arrived on shore and he hand the necklace to the boy. “Here you go, kid.” The boys eyes shot open, a tier fell from his left eye. The two swapped jewelry.

“Thanks mister” The boy gave Daniel a hug.

“No problem kid, by the way why are you out here by yourself?"

The boy smirked and answered. "I know you heard it, in the water." Daniel's eyes opened wide, response though. "What you heard was just a bit of self-doubt you had in you. The current that passed over you, makes it surface and tries to interrupt you'r goal." The boy pointed to the lake. "This lake is, 'The water's of chaos' it dwells in the hearts of all beings. This is the 'Island of meditation' or 'Harmonies rock' to other's, only by passing any test the water's give, can you reach your goal.

"But I reached my goal I got your necklace back." Daniel responded, all this was confusing him.

"Yes and no. You got the necklace and passed the waters but you didn't meet your goal yet. There are still six others that need your help."

Daniel realized, he had left the mares behind, but they hit him with the Elements. Why would he go back? "But they hit me with their Elements, why should I go back?"

The boy shook his head. "No, they didn't, I called you here, who do you think sent you the orbs of energy?" The boy then walked passed Daniel to five flat stones that Daniel didn't see before. "Come you must have some questions about the whole ordeal, yes?" The boy was now speaking as though he were an old, wise man.

Daniel fallowed the boy to the stones. They were in a cross shape, one in the center and four on all sides.They had many markings on them, they looked like rune-stones. But Daniel didn't care, he just wanted the truth. “Okay, I know you gave me those abilities but why?”

The boy sat down on the middle stone, legs crossed. “Please in order, it’ll make more sense that way.”

“Fine how did I get in that void back there?” Daniel leaned in to hear the answer.

“Well your body does contain Mystic blood and your house was built on a teleportation rune that spans about a mile wide, the ancients did hate cleaning up.”

“The Who?”

“That is for another time, next.” The boy wanted to end this soon.

“Fine, why was I brought there and nowhere else?”

“The ‘void' as you call it, is an Inter-Realm zone, when there were others like you, they went through that to get to point A to B. It also has become a feeding ground for the shards and the corrupt.” The boys face became grim. Knowing Daniels next question, he continued. "The Corrupt are beings like you saw earlier. They were made from souls of beings killed and formed by hate and darkness. The Shards are a race of beings that grew out of their own world and invaded others. They took control of the void to feed their Corrupt minions. The Shards are all Magi and hold great magic, at least the few survivors anyway. Centuries ago any and all races how could use runes fought the Corrupt and The Shards. The fighting was almost over, the Corrupt alone were a challenge and not a single person ever got close to the Shards."

"That was, until the humans came, they were the last but the strongest at the rune magic and the strongest at the ways of the Mystic. With their help, the races stood united and destroyed the corrupt and made it to the Shard home realm. They thought they won, victory was ensured. But the damn Shard made thousands of sacrifices to make a rune that would cause the next generation of human and every other race grow chaotic and lose some connection to their old ways. It is flawed though; once in a while a being would find a way there, into the void via rune. Only to be killed."

“How is this supposed to help? That still doesn't explain the abilities you gave me.” Daniel was now a little anger at this point, hearing that story boiled his blood.

The boy sighed. “You see the first race to understand runes and to recover from the rune that caused them to become chaotic were…”

“Those Ponies?”

“Yes, but it only got that way because of the six elements they hold dear, human’s can also use the elements plus one that is unique. The medallion represents that. Plus the horn and wings are a sign and feature of the most powerful pony, the Alicorn.”

Daniel was starting to understand and the boy continued. “But one more thing, the most powerful Mystic, Aura Sight, foretold of one day, the savior will return to finish the job his ancestors started. He shall surpass all others and end the Corrupted and the Shard. I think that could be you.”

“But how is that going to happen? The only weapon I have is this blade you gave me.” As Daniel commanded the Eclipse Blade appeared in the same fashion as before.

The boy was stuck in awe. “That, I didn't give you. That belonged to Aura Sight, and then he gave it as a gift to the ruler of Equestria, just before his passing. It is the most powerful and picky weapon in all realms!”

Daniel didn't know whether to be happy that it chose him, or scared that all this was just thrown at him out of the blue. But then he thought about it. 'This is too crazy! Mystics, Corrupt, Shards? What in God's name can I do? But if what he said is true...then i'd have to fight. But if he is bluffing then I could be in deep shit.' Daniel debated with himself over the situation, years of self-debating had taught him to listen to his heart and mind. His heart told him to go and fight, while his brain took him to find a way. It was a bad think he didn't always listen to his head. "Okay then, I was fighting a Corrupt, i'd like to go back and kill it if you'd please." Daniel stood up and bowed to the boy.

"Before that, there is one more thing." The boy moved from the stone and stood on one of the outside stones. "You're going to need your powers activated before you go. Stand in the center stone." Daniel complied and stood in the center rune. As he did all the runes lit up and the sky darkened. After this all that could be heard was a the blowing of wind and runes appeared on the stones. The three empty rune-stones now had a glowing sphere hovering over each one. The boy had to yell over the wind.

"Okay! Now i'm going to give you real wings and a horn this time!" Two light orbs hit Daniel in the back and in the head. "Now I'm going to give you basic control over runes! You'll have to find your own style of usage in-order to get more adapt to it!" Then a ball of light shot out of the boy and shot right into Daniels heart. "One more thing!"

Daniel was ready to go but was not about to be rude. "What else is there, I'm sure I have everything!"

The boy thought how to explain, better go blunt. "No you don't, do you like you body?"

Daniel was confused about the question not sure how to respond. "Um, yeah its nice.~"

"Good you got motivation! You need a pony body in order to use you power's to the fullest, but don't were i'll push you through the pain. Good luck!"

"Thanks, I guess. Now lets do this!"

(Full badass effect.)

Daniel began to yell in pain as the boy spoke words to inspire him. "Are you going to let the pain take hold of you! No you are too strong for that!

As the girls and the corrupt waited on the platform, they could hear a crackling sound. Like thunder.

"Cast off your Fear! Look forward! Go forward." Daniel form started to shift, he was now on all fours and growing a tail.

Applejack spotted a bright strick of lighting pass over head and then another, they began to twist and turn. Turning into a runic circle. "Look!" she yelled out, all the mares and the Corrupt looked up.

Seeing what was happening, the Corrupt armed himself. "Here we go."

Wind started to twist clockwise as Daniel stood there almost done with the transformation. "Never stand still, retreat and you will age, hestiate and you will die!"

The rune now opened a portal, expecting something to come out the Corrupt stood fast and aim his sword at the portal. "Come on!"

The transformation was complete, but all that was visible was a dark figure in a white twister of aura light, he stood tall, wings outward and horn toward the sky, ready to leap through the portal just over head.

"Now shout, your new name the name evil will fear for centuries to come! Shout it so the heavens can hear their new champion!"

On the platform, lighting shrunk every where, in clouds that had just faded into existence, everypony and the Corrupt hear a voice that shook the very ground.




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