Don't Step on a Rune.

by Warpony

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A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

Daniel is just like any other human, except no average human has an anciet rune under their house, get teleported to another world, has his whole damn house come with him or has the ability to use magic not used in centuries and need to fight an enemy he just learns about. He is a 17 year old athletic nerdy guy how has always wanted a brighter, exciting and new world. He has thought of many ways to cope with any situation, is fair just, and is honorable. But that all may go out the window when he is in a world full on ponies, magic, danger and maybe love?

Cover made by Frees

Runes.. it had to be Runes. (Francis K revised.)

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"Why is is it sooo damn hot!"

Not the best introduction, I know. But that's how my story starts. I'm seventeen and a junior in high school. I'm on the Football team, don't know why I though, I don't really like it. But I'm also a nerd by many definitions. I'm always on my PlayStation and my PC for HOURS UPON HOURS and the grades suffer for that, which is cool with me. Never one for school, except for history. I simply love the subject. Especially the Greeks, Romans and things close to mythic culture.


Man, when I get started, I can bitch. Anyways, it was the day we were released from school for summer. I didn't have a single plan. I had my friends, just no plan. So most likely, I'm going stay in the dungeon I call my room. Not the whole damn summer of course, just a crap ton of the time. Doesn't help any when your: Mother, Father, and brothers are going to be on a trip for the longest time. They are going even though my birthday is in between their trip. I'll let them go with the thought of a few benefits. They go away for a while, feel bad a little for leaving me behind, so I get some stuff... or get off the hook for partying till dawn every single week. DJ's, friends, girls, life seems good to me. But I've also been meaning to read up on some topics from myths and legends. But i need to get to my house first. The bus that was going to pick me up didn't come. What a surprise... had to walk in 80 degree heat with no clouds. My house is, like, 3 hours away without a car or a bike.


Now to clarify, I don't live in the desert or anything. Just had to hike on the highway and some steep hills. As I came upon what I saw as heaven but was really just my home, I saw the family van being packed up. My dad had the luggage being packed away in the back, my brothers jumping in like the maniacs they are and my mother waving at me, glad to see her son before they left for a few months. I'd thought i'd be a good idea to mess with her. So as I walked towards her, I slowed down my already near limp and started to crawl.. like my legs were blown off. They all looked at me like I was stupid and sighed. They know they're going to miss me. "Water... God has promised me this..." and as I was about a good two feet from her, she kicked my side. Not hard, but damn if I was really hurt. Then they all laughed. Just for that, they aren't coming home to clean rooms.

"OK, now that you nearly killed a survivor of the God-forsaken sun... can I get a good-bye? Gone for months at a time and worrying people, I thought that would be my job?" Giving a smirk, they all surrounded me with hugs and what-not. As it died down, they went back into the van and I stopped my dad for a second. "Umm.. Dad, I need to talk to you." He had on a worried face. "Yes?"

"Well, let me say one thing.."As I said this he gave me one of his 'I think I can finish this for you' looks.

"...If I meet a Girl.."

"The tall dresser, bottom shelf, fake bottom."

"Thanks Dad."

"I know the situation, son; family gone for a few months,and I know you're going to throw parties. Just don't burn the house down and clean up after yourself, okay?" My dad extended his arm for a shake. As he did, I swatted his arm away. "What the hell." I stepped in to give him one last hug. "I'm going to miss you guys." He returned the hug. After a moment, he let go and stepped into the van. I waved as my family left up the street. "Now, time to go to work." I don't have a job, but I do need to get things ready for the next while.

It was now about 7PM, the sun was setting down and I was pulled to look at it for some while. It looked nice, the one time in a long time i didn't see smoke or fog covering it. I pulled myself away and finished setting myself up. I cleaned my room of all my useless crap and brought in the good stuff. Flat screen, surround sound, my computer and my PlayStation, I hooked it all up together and looked at my art. Then I saw something that made me think I was going to faint, the moon and sun where both in the sky and on their respected horizons. They both quickly started to move to the center of sky, I nearly fainted just at the sight from my window, I wanted a better view so I ran outside. Nothing, I only saw the sun setting. "What the hell! I just saw.." I shock my head in anger and confusion, 'sigh', I walked back inside disappointed. I turned to my window again and took a double-take. The moon high in the sky, the sun nearly in eclipse, but the moon was dominate. Just then, the whole house began the glow blue. Runic figures wrote themselves on the walls, in a dark blueish hue. I started to hear a humming in my ears and the glowing around my become brighter. I stood there in aw. The sun outside was now beside the moon. "What the hell is this!" that's all I said before I was surrounded by black.

Canterlot,Castle- Minutes before Daniel blackout

"OK Luna, why are we doing this again?" Princess Celestia asked with a very worried look on her face.

"Because you said that if I can raise the moon faster than you, you'd get me anything I wanted." Luna replied with a smug grin. They both stood on a large balcony, right outside the thorn room. "It will be fun for both of us. You know, sister bonding stuff." Luna continued as she rotated her hoof in mid-air. "Come on, you know you want to do it."

Celestia let out a long sigh and answered with a tone of defeat. "Okay, fine. But when I win you must stop this little game of yours. Deal?" Luna shook her head violently. "Good, now bring your moon to the horizon as I bring my sun to the other." As the moon came up from behind the western mountains, the sun began to set itself on east. Luna and Celestia prepared themselves. "Ready...set...GO!" They both few into the sky and hovered, pulsating magic outward until the celestial objects began to move. They continue to do this for about a full two minutes. Luna pulled out all the stops and had the moon heading dead center of the sky, taking place at the noon position just before Celestia's sun. Celestia slowly floated back down to the balcony, simply stunned that Luna could move the moon faster then she could move her sun. Luna, was now flying through the air screaming in joy, that she just beat her sister. That was something she hadn't done for a long time. "Okay now can you get down her and tell me what you want?" Celestia said this in a very annoyed tone.

Luna looked down at her with a wide smile and came to eye level with Celestia. "Oh, what I want is so very close." Celestia confused, raised a brow. Not understanding Luna's statement. "What I want is to see a Solar Eclipse, I only saw one once and that was way,way,way back. You never do it anymore, and I want to see one." Luna put on a puppy face, making Celestia take a step back.

'Must resist the.. cute puppy dog.. Buck it!' "Fine, just..just put the puppy face." Celestia turned her face away and in her hooves knowing that she had been defeated by her mortal enemy. She then heard Luna clapping her hooves together. Celestia thought she sounded like a school filly. "Just give me a moment, okay?" And with that Celestia's horn glowed and moved the sun behind the moon, causing a Solar Eclipse. "Happy?" Celestia pointed to the sky with her hoof.

Luna squeaked. "Yes I'm very happy, look at it. It's beautiful." Luna stared at the sky with aw and excitement. Light did come from it, but it was dark and mysterious as well. As she started to look over Equestria, with it's new but temporary glow from the eclipse she saw something in the distance, near Ponyville. She saw a faint blue glow, she would have seen it as nothing more than something from Everfree. The two princesses never real saw anything wrong in Everfree, they just don't want to go in. But it was coming from an area almost inside the town itself. "Tia, what is that?" Luna pointed to the aura like glow.

Celestia saw what Luna meant and looked back to her sister."I don't know. But I'll sent Twilight and her friends to check on it. I'll send her a letter right now." Celestia teleported herself to her chamber and levitated a quill, inkwell, and a piece of parchment to her and began to write.

Dear Twilight Sparkle

I don't know if you have noticed but, me and Luna might have made a Solar-eclipse. Has it was a bet, and she won. Therefore I was obligated to give her one thing she wanted and she asked to see an Eclipse. I also most likely know what you are thinking, but she gave me the eyes twilight, not THE STARE. But the puppy eyes. But by causing this there seems to be an aura like glow coming from Ponyville. I want you and the other Elements to check it out.

From, Celestia with love.

"It should be nothing... hopefully" Celestia gave another sigh and sent the letter to Spike via magic, so he can give it to Twilight. "She'll handle this maturely, I'm sure of it." Celestia was left there with her thoughts.

This chapter has been revised. Thank God. Now on to the rest! Tally-ho!

In the Old and out with the New (Revised)

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"She did what darling?" Rarity asked not understanding the situation. She had been in her Boutique when Twilight, PinkiePie and Spike had ran in and dragged her out and started galloping to find, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Applejack. It was easy enough finding Applejack and Fluttershy. Applejack was in the orchard bucking apples and Fluttershy was in her yard, feeding some animals. What was not easy was the fact they had to haul there flanks out of there. Twilight had not been too happy that the Princesses caused and eclipse has a result of a bet and now they had to go and find out what was happening right outside the town. Twilight was ready to burst into flames, her Princess and mentor
could put them all endanger; just for a bet.

Needless to say, Twilight as in a state of fiery. She hadn't been this angry since the Pinkie sense incident. But none-the-less they had now calmed her down, to a degree. They need to find Rainbow Dash, which was pretty hard considering the amount of clouds in the sky today. It was about half an hour of searching till they found her. As they had predicted she was on a cloud sleeping. Then came the next five minutes of waking her up, and explaining that they had to go to the blue aura that was forming outside of town. To Twilight's surprise none of them had realized it's existence till them were in view of it, about a quarter of a mile away.

Twilight grunted as she had to explain what they were sent to do. “Okay girls listen closely because I’d hate to say it twice." The group leaned in closely to hear their friend speak. "Well, it seems The Princesses had a bet and Luna won. Short version, she wanted an eclipse and the result is that thing over there." Twilight pointed to the blue aura, growing in depth as she spoke, almost as if waiting for her to come closer. “The thing is, I don't know what we are to do or how to do it." Just then, the blue aura expand and then suddenly implode. The mares stood it confusion of what just happened, as they turn to Twilght to ask what they just saw, a new aura appeared, this one was purple and orange. It twisted madly in the form of a tornado. Pulling in branches, rock and anything else that was not tied down.

The seven of them, ponies and dragon stood their ground, fearing that if they move they too will be swept up by the howling wind. “Every pony, hang-on I think it's almost over!"

Twilight had nearly ordered them to do this but then Pinkie Pie yell out a question. "Hey Twi, When did I get my necklace?" Twilight looked at Pinkie and was about to ask her what see said. But then saw that the necklace that held the Element of Laughter was on the mare’s neck.

"Pinkie where did you get that!?" Twilghts mouth agape.

Pinkie responded with a shrug. "I don't know. It got on my neck when that thingy went boom and came back, and turn orange and purple.” Just than all the other Elements appeared on all their necks and Twilight's head.

Applejack panicked for a second and yelled at Twilght. "What in tarnation is go'in on Twi?" That was the last thing said before the wind picked up and with that, so did it pick up all 6 mares. The only one left behind was Spike who quickly fainted when his friends were lifted up and swallowed by the Purple and orange aura tornado. And like Spike, all of his friends where unconscious. They were in what seemed like a void of some kind. Suspended by nothing, in a sleep like state, unaware where they were.

Daniel- after the blackout

Is it air, or water? Am I falling or flying? Am I dead or am I asleep?

Daniel had just fallen unconscious after the eclipse and the appearance of the runes all over his house. He was drifting in silence and was limp. He was surrounded by pure nothing. It was dark and he knew not what was happening.

As he drifted along the invisible current, his eyes slowly opened. When his eyes were half open-half shut, he saw he was approaching a speck of light that was distant be also close. It looked almost ethereal, but looked like it can support him if he landed on it. It was about fifteen feet in diameter, full circle. As he came closer he noticed that the ethereal glow became more like glass. He noticed a pattern on the surface, there were six large circles. They were white, but they enclosed a smaller figure. This one was much like swirl of some kind. It started from the dead center and expanded outward. After about five revaluations, it closed itself and branched out. It extended a branch of itself toward the figures around it.

Daniel was about to land right into the glowing glass pane when it seemed to have broken just before impact. He was forced into a front flip, landing on the platform and keeled as he hit it.

He picked himself up and looked at the floor as it turned from a blue glass platform, to solid stained glass. The majority of the area as a collage of orange and purple, breaking into small pieces all over the platform. The only place were there wasn't any orange and purple were inside each of the six circles.

As Daniel moved though, the pattern on the platform changed. There were now what seemed to be gems. He looked over the floor, the gem shaped markings now had color. One was now red, one blue, then pink, orange and purple. The last one he saw was different; it was a lighter shade of purple, he thought it looked like lavender but didn’t care much for it. All the gems had a golden border around them.

“Where on Earth am I? Did those runes do something to me?” As he though this he instantly face palmed.

“No shit they did something to me. But WHAT did they do? I've seen plenty of runes from my books, but nothing like those! They were simply alien to my own knowledge of that subject.” He paced back and forth thinking. 'It has to do with the eclipse I saw but why didn't I see it outside and yet it was clearly visible from his window?' Then there was a sudden shacking of the ground. It passed as quickly as it came. “ I’m scared. What just happened?”

As the quake died down, three pillars shot up from the floor, they reached a height Daniel couldn't even guess. They kept moving till they weren't even in view anymore; they left a place in-between each other, as to let another object follow them. “Cool.” Three more pillars shot up from the floor. Instead of following the earlier three, they stood four feet off the ground. Each held its own kind of glow.

Daniel stood in a position so he would have one to the left, right, and in-front of him. He took a step to the right, and walked to the pillar which house an orange glowing ball. He reached out to take the ball of light; curious to what he was seeing. It erupted, about to shatter. But instead of shattering the ball shifted slowly into an unrecognizable form. As it moved Daniel covered his eyes, due to the increase in the light radiating off of the object.

The light died down after a few seconds of pulsating, allowing Daniel to move his hands from his face. In front of him lying on the pedestal, was a pair of stone wings. They were attached to five leather straps, networking to insure that the wings wouldn't fall off if moved.

“I know that I can’t expect anything here, but what the hell am I supposed to do with these? I could… they seem like they’d fit.” He reached out and took hold of the contraption that lay in front of him. He throws the stone wings over his back, almost weightless, and pulled the strap into its buckle. “It does fit! They are almost weightless, for stones anyways. What do we have next?” Finished securing the wings on his back, he then turn and walked to the ball of purple light directly across from him.

As he approached, the same happened; the ball erupted and change form. But this one started to turn counter clock-wise. Moving faster and faster as the light increased, once more Daniel shielded his eyes. As the light turned down, he lifted his hands and saw the ball shrink. It shifted into a medallion with seven small gems. He saw it and realized it was the same pattern that was on the floor. Except the gem in the middle, it was emerald green. “This thing is style'in.” Daniel took the medallion and placed it on his neck. “How does this thing feel heavier than my stone wings? Who cares.” He looked down at his new accessory and weighed it with his hand. He stopped his weighing and turned to the last pedestal and walked towards it. Excepting something even better, his face invited a large smile in anticipation.

Feeling a little giddy, Daniel let out a little chuckle and joked to himself. “And behind door number three…drum roll please!” Almost as though it knew what he meant, the ball let out a pulsating green aura. Unlike the other two orbs, this one threw itself towards Daniel’s head. “Ah!” he flinched backwards and fell on the floor, causing his stone wings to dig into his back.
The ball of green energy then turned down and hit his head as he was distracted by the wings. Once it hit his head, it dug into his head; not breaking the skin but phasing through it. This caused a hot flash, followed by a feeling like someone just stabbed his with a spear. “SON OF A BITCH, WHYYYYY…WHY GOD!? THIS HURTS MORE THAN WHEN I GOT HIT BY THAT TREE!" After about two minutes of hot and sharp pain, Daniel felt the pain start to be lifted off of him. Soon it had completely left his system. He laid there on the floor for another minute recovering from the ordeal, and wiping a few tears off his face.

Daniel lifted himself off the floor, staggering to his feet. He caught his balance and stood up straight and puffed out his chest a little. “No one saw that?” He looked all around, checking to see if anyone or thing saw his display of weakness. He saw nothing. “Nothing, no-one? Good.” He relaxed his muscles, he was safe. “Now to get out of here. Where ever this place is.” *sigh* “Okay, think; you have stone wings, a golden medallion and a headache.” As he reviewed, he rubbed his head. As he rubbed his head his hand hit something, it rested on his forehead. Daniels eye’s shot open and he started to touch his head frantically. He felt something smooth extending out his head. He moved his hand along the length. He reached the tip and as if his eyes couldn't get wider, they opened wider more. It was sharp and smooth. Holyshit... I got me a horn!

“Okay I have a horn now, keep calm… keep calm.” Daniel began to breath in and out, that didn't help at all. "Why do I have a horn! This makes zero sense!" He began to Hyperventilate. Sweat dripping from all over, shallow breaths, even a little shacking.


The sound of glass breaking caused Daniel to snap back to reality, well, his equivalent anyway. As he turned he saw large dark figure, standing about twenty feet tall. It was ebony black, yet stood out from the void, which had now lightened up. It had dark yellow eyes and a hole in its chest. It wore some metal plating on its head, and arms, but non on it’s chest. It had no legs, making it stationary. Whatever was not cover in armor was in a mist like state.


It had just spotted Daniel and move it’s arm to attack him.

Daniel dropped to his knees and prayed. “Thank you God, for all you did. Even though I’m about to die, thanks.”

Just as he finished, out of nowhere a sword fell from above and pierced the monsters arm. This caused it scream in pain. Daniel thought he would take this time to escape from certain death. He jumped to his feet than remembered he couldn't go anywhere. It was a platform in the middle of nowhere, nowhere could he go.


The monster had the sword in it hand now, it had plucked it out of its arm. It was a toothpick comparing it to the arm. It had eyed Daniel once more and threw the sword over the edge of the platform.

“Once again, screwed.” Daniel looked up at the beast and looked at it dead in the eye. He had no idea where it came from but it came for him, he sure of it. He began to mutter to himself. “Man, this is how I die; in God knows where, about to be killed by some creature that looks like it came from one of my books! Where is the blindfold and cigarette when you need it?” He then opened his arms and accepted his death.

Suddenly a light glow appeared in front of him. It was the sword from before. This time, Daniel got a good look at it. The sword had two separate blades, about three inches apart. One was made of a white metal and the other a dark blue. The white blade was three feet long and the blue one was about two feet. He held the blue part closer toward himself, showing the edge of the longer blade toward his enemy. At the top of the blue blade hanging at the tip was a crescent moon, and a sun. The moon was acting as one side of the sun. The hilt and grip were orange and purple.

Daniel was amazed and confused. “What the hell?”

Daniel looked at the blade and then at the monster. 'I could take him. Who am I kidding! “For Sparta!” He ran forward and the monster threw his arm forward in an attempt to catch his prey. Daniel dodged the arm and ran alongside it. He saw some exposed flesh-like mist and swung at it. The beast cried out in pain. Daniel put on a menacing smile on, his pupils dilated. Now sure he can fight this creature.

“This is going to be good!”

Mythic Unity (Revised)

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“I was wrong, terribly terribly wrong!”

Daniel jumped to the left in order to dodge the incoming bulk of metal and force. Daniel and the monster had been fighting for about five minutes since he had received ‘Eclipse Blade’, the name he had given his new weapon. After the first successful attack he had made, the monster just would not let up. It gave barrage after barrage of swings. It never threw a punch, it would either reach out to grab him or swing it's arm in Daniel direction.

Daniel jumped on its arm and ran up to its face. He was about it thrust his blade into its head, but then he heard what he thought was a whimper. It sounded close but he had no idea where it could have come from. The only other thing around, other than him, was the monster. He looked around trying to spot anything, something that led to the sound. He quickly pulled his head back to the monster and back to the fight.

As he stared at the creature, he once again looked into its eyes. Its left eye turn blue and the right eye turned sickly green. They slowly started to glow with intensity; they seem capable to penetrate the very soul. It moved its arm, causing Daniel to fall off to the ground. On impact Daniel lifted his head in order to prevent any damage to his horn. He smacks the ground with his chin, making him grunt in pain.

It took him a few seconds to recover from his fall. He rubbed his chin in order to sooth the pain. He was covered in sweat, breathing in shallow breaths due to continues dodging and swinging. His ears perked up, hearing a low humming and a bright light came into view out of the corner of his eye. The giant had some sort of ball in the center of it’s chest. It swirled blue and green, growing slightly as time went on. Daniel stood stunned, he knew what to expect from this, but he hoped he was wrong; like on most occasions.

The monster roared. Letting out it’s battle-cry, resulted in an unleashing of the energy building up in it’s chest. Daniel stood in a defective stance, blade in front trying to block the beam like attack. The second the beam hit the blade Daniel flew back, crashing into a pillar, going through it, and over the side.

Time seemed to slow down. He saw stone debris fly over head along with any residual energy from the monsters attack. He began to panic; he came close to dyeing about two times today, this might just be it. He wished he could fly away from here, just run away and be free from this place.

Daniel wanted to hit himself so hard at this point. He forgot about the wings he had, they were made of stone but it might work. 'If Icarus could do it with wax, why can’t I do it with stone? At this point, screw physics, I’m a badass!'

He tried to think about moving them; trying to move them as part of his own body and even flapped his arms he was so desperate. He continued to fall and just gave in. 'This isn't going to work. Man, why was I sent her again? Oh yeah…for no FUCKIN’ reason.' Just as he finished his thoughts, he looked up waiting for the end. Once more he stared to get a headache, much like the one he had before the fighting. 'So is this my ‘your-about-to-die’ alarm or something? A little late, DON”T YOU THINK!'

His headache calmed after about a half minute. He thought if he was about to die. ‘face it like a man.’ So he did a barrel roll and extended his arms and closed his eyes. When he did this the air stopped flowing into his face. Instead he felt it on top of his head, as though he was moving forward and not down.

Daniel picked his head up, he was flying. He turned his head and the wings were flapping. “Thank you! Takes me embracing death to get what I want, huh? Now, I just need to learn how to use this damn horn. If I’m correct…” He thought for a second, hovering over the empty void."If I’m correct they are said to use magic. Should be easy, I learned to fly.” He started to move forward once more and spotted something in the distance. He squinted and saw it was another platform, similar to the last one; except it was surrounded by six floating objects. They formed a circle around the platform. He noticed they were individually colored. Red, blue, pink, orange, purple and that lavender like purple. As he flew closer, he saw that they all were in the shape of bodies, but bodies of what he didn't know. “This can’t be worse than the last one.” He muttered to himself as he prepared for landing. As he closed the gap between the platform and himself, he just kept flying. He was not aware of how to slow down or stop at all. “This is going to hurt. [Sigh]” He landed head first on the ground, sliding across the whole platform like a rag-doll. As his skid slowed to a halt, he stood up and dusted himself off. Cracking his neck and swinging his arm’s, he loosened up his body from the recent ordeal. “Okay, what do we got here?”

He approached the center; looking over the area, he saw that it looked much like the last platform. It was made of stain glass, with the same color schemes and designs. The center was different though, it was not a swirl like pattern. It was a larger circle than the others and had a border of runic lettering. While It had a small seven sided gem in the middle. He stood in the center, studying the runic figures now around him. “So the runes I saw did have to do with my being here.”

Daniel looked up to the six glowing bodies that hovered there in the air. His eyes struggled to make out the exact form that lay inside the light around the figures. He thought his eyes were playing tricks, he thought he saw little horses. He shook his head in confusion and disbelief. 'No way, why would they be little horses? Wait a’second.' He looked at the glowing red figure and saw that it was a horse with wings, mouth agape he looked towards another one. He studied the purple glowing horse and saw a horn.

Holycrap, a pegasus and unicorn! That’s awesome, but why are they in the air? “Hey horsey, WAKE UP!”

Just then, Daniel’s horn sparked up and let out a burst of orange energy, forcing him to close his eyes due to the light it gave off. The light died instantly, allowing Daniel to open his eyes in aw. “That was me! But what did I do?”

Runic symbols appeared behind all of the floating horse and they were engulfed. “What did I just do?” The horses’ bodies were then plopped on the floor; it was like they were teleported a short distance.

Daniel heard tired groaning from the bodies. He walked over to the pegasus saw in front of him and keeled down to it. It was blue with a rainbow mane. 'Da’ hell is this? Never have I seen a blue horse, nor have I seen a horse with a mane like this. I know I said not to expect anything, but still.' It was then he turned to see a white unicorn next to the blue pegasus. It had a purple mane, and Daniel thought it looked like a marshmallow. He chuckled, string the unicorn awake.

“Uhh, my head” [Gasp] "Is my mane okay, I hope so, I’d hate for it to get all messy from the wind.” With her hoof, Rarity felt her mane, checking for any flaw. She then let out a sigh of relief as she placed her hoof down. [Sigh] “Not a single flaw in my luxurious mane. Hey Twilight, where are…” Rarity looked up and saw Daniel kneeling at her side, shocked to see an animal speak, and with an accent as well! "What in Equstria are you!?" Twilight, Twilight wakeup!"

“Calm down there little horse, no one is going to hurt you” Daniel tried to calm Rarity down, still having the mentality that she was just a talking horse. “And what is ‘Equestria’? Because if this is it” he gestured his arms in a way to show the empty void. “Then you need to rename this place, that’s too good a name.”

Rarity cleared her throat “There are a few things we need to get straight here…what is your name?”

“Daniel” He said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Okay ‘Daniel’, first off I’m a pony, not what you call a horse. Also this is not Equestria. I don’t know where we are, do you?”

“Nope, I just got here; I don’t know how long I've been here. I just found you and your friend over there.” He pointed to who he assumed was Twilight. “A few minutes age, after I was beaten almost senseless by this monster. And then I...”

“What monster?” Rarity swiveled her head side-to-side looking for anything that looked hostile. “I don’t see any monster. Where did it go?”

Daniel thought how he was going to explain this. “Well, ‘it’ didn't go anywhere, it hit me and I began to fall off a platform, just like the one we are one. But I had these bad boys to help me out.” Daniel pointed to his back; the wings were still there and intact. “After a while of searching for a way out of this place I found you and your friends just suspended in the air. I got you down with some sort of magic, but I really am not sure how I did it.”

Rarity’s face was stuck on ‘what the hay are you talking about’ mode. She saw his wings and his horn, but didn't know what to say.

“So how did you get here?” Daniel asked.

“What deary?”

“How did you get here? If you tell me I’ll tell you.” Daniel was very curious as to why six little ponies would be in this hell hole.

“Well my friend over there would be the best to explain why.” Rarity pointed over to Twilight, who was now waking up from the comatose-like state. “But before any of that, help me with the others, would you?”

Daniel looked over the all of ponies and then back at Rarity. “Can do ma’am” He said this with a smile and then walked over to Pinkie pie and Fluttershy. Rarity went to wake Twilight, Applejack and Rainbow Dash. After a few minutes of struggling, the two got all the ponies up and about. They gave Daniel weird looks for a while but he didn't mind. He knew that he looked strange to them; he would probable give himself a few looks if he had a mirror. He gathered them together, but not before having Rainbow Dash gets in his face. She said something about being a spy; he quickly took care of the problem by messing with her.

“All questions will be answered at the end of this presentation” He gave a sly smile; he didn’t think it would work but it made her back off. "Okay Introductions."

Tranformation: Mythic Rune (Revised)

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“Introductions, I met Rarity already. I am Daniel and I’m a human. Now what are your names?” Daniel looked over the group of ponies that were now in-front of him. He looked to Rarity, expecting her to speak for the group; but instead Twilight spoke up.

“Well um, first off it’s nice to meet Daniel. I’m Twilight Sparkle” She extended her hoof. Daniel reached out and gave her a firm shake.

“Nice to meet you.” He said with a smile as he let go of her hand.

Twilight then turned her hoof to Rainbow Dash as she hovered in the air sulking with her hooves crossed in-front of her. Twilight began to speak in a slightly upset tone. Maybe it had something to do with the behavior of her friend towards Daniel, who knows really. “You have met Rainbow Dash”

Rainbow simple looked down at him a mutter. “What’s up?”

“You~” Daniel slightly chuckled, hoping she’d understand the joke he made. Rainbow Dash looked back at him and chuckled a little, she now knew he meant no harm and lightened up.

Twilight continued. “This is Pinkie Pie” Pointing to the pink pony jumping towards Daniel. She leaped into the air and was about to land on his head. Daniel took a step back and caught Pinkie Pie in his arms, but when he caught her, he almost fell. His back arched back, while Pinkie Pie got muzzle-to- with Daniel. “HEY I’M PINKIE PIE, I LOVE PARTIES AND CUPCAKES, DO YOUUUU~ LIKE PARTIES?”

Daniel was in complete and utter confusion 'What is this pony talking about, parties and cupcakes? I do like both.' Daniel gulped some spit that had formed in his mouth, fearing the reaction of his answer. “Yeah, I like parties and I do enjoy cupcakes.”

Pinkie smiled and jumped of Daniel and walked back to the others. “He’s okay with me!” She stood beside Fluttershy curling up in a ball. She has been like this the moment she woke up.

“That’s Fluttershy, sorry she…lives up to her name.” Twilight tried to apologize for Fluttershy.

"That is alright, I don't mind it. If I meet some weird creature like myself, I'd be a little scared too." He made his way to the shy mare, honest concerned for a creature that he just met. 'More than what that monster gave me.' He was upon the little pony, and then keeled down and stroked her mane. Fluttershy flinched, but did not move from Daniel "It's okay I'm not going to hurt anyone of you." Fluttershy muttered something inaudible, “What was that, I couldn't hear you?”

Fluttershy picked her head up. “Anypony, we say anypony, not ‘anyone’.” The smile on Daniel’s face grew, happy another pony opened up to him. He then began to ruffle her mane. “I’ll have to remember that, Fluttershy.” Her face turned to a slight blush, hidden by her mane.

Twilight then turned to Applejack, waiting patiently with a small smile. Applejack was glad this stranger was nice to her friends, he didn't seem so bad. “This is Applejack; she is the hardest worker you’ll ever meet, as well as very kind.”

“Nice to meet you Applejack. Nice hat by the way.” Daniel held out his hand for a greeting. What he got is a tingle sensation he’ll have for years to come.

Applejack grabbed his arm and shook violently or enthusiastically, that, we will never know. “Well howdy there Daniel, it’s good to meet you and thanks.”

She let go and let Daniel regain feeling in his arm be for speaking. “Your welcome.” 'Holyshit that was weird.'

Daniel looked at Twilight, who he officially recognized as the leader of these ponies. “Now that we are introduced, why don’t you tell me what you are doing here? I don’t think you came just for a picnic, am I right?”

Twilight tapped here chin trying to find a way to explain the situation to Daniel. “Before I tell you that, I think I should give you a little background knowledge. Okay?” Daniel nodded. “Good now it started a while ago…” Twilight told Daniel about everything that would help him understand. She told him about being Celestias's protegee, Nightmare Moon, The Elements (which the mares are still wearing), Discord and the eclipse that had accord, which still didn’t settle with her. “That’s when we were sent to check out a rift-like-aura outside of town and we got sucked in when it turned into a tornado.

Daniel paid close attention to Twilight's story, especially when she told him about the eclipse. His mind started to make connections, but he still had questions that weren't answered. 'Why was I brought here? Why not directly to Equstria? What do the runes have to do with anything and why do I have features of an Alicorn. What about the…' Daniel then remembered the blade he had received. It had disappeared when he got to this platform, where did it go? 'Maybe I could summon it? Worth a shot.'. Daniel closed his eyes in an attempt to summon his weapon.

Twilight asked him, concerned that she said something to make him uncomfortable. “You okay there Daniel?” Daniel just stood silent, focusing all his mental ability into this one simple act. Applejack walked over to Twilight and whispered to her. “Do you think you said something wrong?” Twilight shook her head. “I have no idea.”

Almost out of instinct, Daniel through his arm to this side and opened his fist. The mares wondered what he was doing. Then an orange rune summoning circle faded into existence. It slowly made way to Daniel hand, it then passed his hand. It stopped and another appeared, it slowly moved away from the other circle as though they were attached and were now being removed. A purple light flashed as Daniel's ‘Eclipse Blade’ materialized out of nowhere.

Daniel’s eyes were open wide and glued to his blade. He had successfully summoned his weapon. This was the first time he did it and the first time he used a magic, fully aware of it. “Yes, I did it! Hey Twilight does this look familiar at all?” He now knew his blade had to do this the Princesses, the blade practically yelled ‘Hey I represent the Moon and Sun’ If what Twilight says is true, he could be on the track to finding out what is going on. “Well Twilight?”

Twilight was shocked to see Daniel use magic, especially to see a non-unicorn use magic. “How did you do that?” Twilight yelled half anger-half anxious.

Daniel winced, now he feared he did something wrong. “Do what, you mean summon this blade here? I just focused on it and it happened, I know that’s not all magic is but that is how I did it. Did I do something wrong?” Daniel was concerned for both Twilight and himself. Twilight looked at the blade in his and then back at Daniel. “Yeah! How in Equestria did you use rune magic? That is ‘thy highest level’ of all magic, EVER, even the Princess has a tough time doing it. And you did it with what seemed like no effort. Also no I've never seen or read about something that looks like that. But I can see why you’d think that, it looks like it represents the sun and moon. Where did you get that anyway?”

Daniel sighed, he knew what he had to do. “Well it seems it’s time to tell you how I got here."

And so commenced the long explanation, from the eclipse he saw, to the aura like spheres. Then all the ponies listened closely, even Rainbow, to how the monster and the blade came from nowhere. Then the fight the two had, him getting hit with the monster's attack, him falling and then flying through the void, landing on the platform and finding them in a comatose like state. “Once I landed I saw you were in same comatose like state and freed you using some sort of magic, don’t know how, but I did it.”

Daniel finished his story, Twilight nodded accepting all of the information she had just been given. “But I still can’t believe that you were given all this and you were still beaten. Even though you just received wings and a horn not too long ago, it should have been instinct. You-” Twilight was interrupted by Daniel.

“I’m sorry but I need to stop you right there. The human body never EVER had a horn or wings installed. So not even instinct should be able take-over, but it did and I’m here now. So now that we have had a small history lesson, any idea how to get out of here?”

Twilight pondered for a moment. “Hm. Maybe we can you the elements to-” Twilight was once again interrupter, not by Daniel this time.


“What was that?” Rarity looked around and saw nothing. She was confused and looked to Daniel, who had more experience in this void then anypony else. “Daniel, deary, what was that?” He had a blank expression on his face. “Daniel?”

“No…nonononono. NO! That thing was attached to the damn floor! How could it be moving?” He looked to the mares, scared for them, they had no idea what was about to happen. “Can anypony here fight?”

Applejack stepped forward. “I can give on hay of a good buck.” If he wasn't about to fight for his life, he would laugh his ass off right there, end of story. Rarity caught on to what was happening, she turned toward Daniel and asked in one of the grimmest tones she could ever give. “Is it that thing you spoke of, that monster?” Daniel didn't answer bus held his blade with two hands and got in a stance.

“Applejack.” Daniel finally said.

“Yeah Daniel, what is it?”

Daniel then got Twilight's attention. “Twilight, if it comes to it, you and Applejack protect the rest. And keep thinking of a way to get home, I’ll hold it off.” The two ponies were about to object, but they were to slow. He ran off the side of the platform and jumped down, getting momentum for his flight. He reemerged from the side, his stone wings allowing him to hover in a upright position so he can scout the area for his opponent.

His heart sank to his stomach, sweat come from every pore on his body; he was about loose grip on the blade. What approached was worse than what he though. It was indeed the monster from before; still ebony black, yellow eyes, huge arms with metal plating and that hole in its chest. But this time it had two pair of wings, huge legs, close to three stories long. But that’s not what scared him the most. It was its head, it didn't have the helmet, its face was too familiar to be comfortable. The monster had every feature Daniel had; it was like looking at a huge, corrupt version of himself. Same chin, nose, even a horn! It also had a large sword in its hand. It was almost long as the monsters bottom half, two stories.

'Wait, that thing showed up after I received that final orb. Could that be somehow related to me and my new abilities? Damn it, I was almost killed three times before, there’s no doubt it is going to finish the job. Could the elements do anything here to help?' He started to doubt even more. He turned back to the mares they were looking towards the abomination that was heading towards them. “Twilight, change of plan.” He flew back down to the platform. “You think the elements could do anything here?”

Twilight had worry written so hard on her face a blind man could read it. “Maybe” She said in a questionable tone, not sure if they could.

Daniel nodded, this was the best chance they had. “Good enough for me, get ready”

Twilight agreed and called the rest into formation. “Okay girls, get ready!” in unison the all yelled. “Right!” All the mares gathered around Twilight and started to activate their elements. As they began to activate, the elements around all their necks glowed. They were brought into the air and slowly moved back it were Daniel had found them, they hovered over the circles that matched their elements color. They formed a circle on the outer rim of the platform. Daniel was amazed at the sight before him, but then he started to move as well. 'What the hell is this? What is going on?'

He hear a low humming coming from his medallion, the center green gem was glowing an emerald hue. He had made his way to the center of the platform, and then all the mares began to glow; their eyes empty and white. Suddenly beams of light shot out from the mares and headed upwards. They all connected in the sky, and then started down. Daniel was stunned, unable to move. 'Thought I’d die like a man, not get hit with a rainbow. [sigh] Just before the light from the elements hit him, Daniel heard crying in the distance. This time he knew he heard it, a child from the sounds of it. 'Kid, I’ll never meet you, but my you find a better life. You sound so sad. Please, child I will never meet you, but be strong.'. Then, the light made contact with it’s target, Daniel was engulfed in a rainbow, after a few seconds it turned white. A crackle sound could be heard, than the light vanished, along with Daniel.

After the light vanished, all the mares fell to the ground. A dazed Fluttershy recovered and asked “Is everyone alright?”

Rainbow Dash answered, groggy from using the Elements. “I think so, did we get em’ Daniel?” Rainbow looked around, no Daniel anywhere. “Daniel, were are you?”

As the rest tried to recover, the monster landed on the platform. As the ponies coward in fear, it scanned the area, no sign of his target. It then sheathed its sword and began to shrink it the same size as Daniel. It then just stood there, waiting for Daniel to show himself. “Where is he?” It spoke in the harshest and grimmest of tones, like death itself spoke for him.

“Who are you looking for?” Pinkie was brave enough to question the dark figure.

“We both know that, little pony! I only wish for his life, you may wait till he returns. But until then stay still and silent!” All the mares nodded their head, while the rest of their bodies shock in fear. “That is a good decisions I only want the Mystic.”

Daniel lay on the ground. It felt like grass, but he was on glass a moment ago. As he opened his eyes he could see a blue sky, he turned his head and saw water. It was a lake, and he was on a small island in the middle of the lake. Daniel could here crying, so very close to him. He sat up and saw a child sitting on a stone on the edge of the water. “Hey kid.” He spoke in a caring tone, so he didn't scare the boy. The boy turned face Daniel. He wore a robe of sorts; it was purple with orange trim borders on the sleeves hole for the hands and in the middle were it was folded over itself. He had a sash around his waist, to keep the robe from opening. The boy wore orange baggy pants which looked made from cotton. It looked like a kimono the Japanese would wear. His eyes were green, yet also red from all the crying.

The boy sobbed, trying to speak. “Mister, can you hel-help me?” He broke the sentence with more crying.

Daniel stood and walked to the boy “Yes, want you need kiddo?” He tried to put on a smile for the boy, while ruffling his hair.

The boy spoke up “I dropped my chain in the water and I can’t get it!” He continued to cry.

Daniel smirked “Oh really, I’ll get it for you. Just tell me what it looks like, okay?”

The boy stopped crying for a moment to explain “Well…it is gold, it has six gems in it, all different colors.”

Daniel looked at the lake it was large and could be deep, but he’d go to the depth’s to make this boy happy, he hated to see a someone cry. “Okay got it, now where did you drop it?” The boy teared up once more, and muttered something. “What was that, couldn't hear you” He leaned in to hear the boy

“I threw it over there.” The boy pointed to a lone rock sticking out of the water.

“Why did you throw it?” Daniel said in a soothing tone. He wanted to know.

“It was a gift from someone, but I got scared of my shadow, I thought it was a monster and I had it in my hand so-” Daniel placed his hand on the boys shoulder.

“No need, the same thing happened to me not to long age.” Daniel began to take off the medallion he had, the only thing to survive the blast of the elements, neither the horn or wings were with him. He handed the medallion to the boy. ”Hold onto mine for awhile, just till I get yours.”

“But what if shadow comes back.”

“Then I’ll protect you, I’m afraid of my shadow too.” Daniel smiled and jumped in the water. He swam for one minute till he hit the rock. “Damn that took longer than I thought. Hhhaaaa.” Daniel drew one breath and then swam downwards. He saw the lake wasn't that deep and already saw the necklace, it was under some sand.

He reached for it the necklace and grabbed it. When he touched it though, he felt a current pick up out of nowhere. It began to throw him around like a rag-doll. Daniel broke away from the current and rush to the surface. As he broke the surface he saw that he had drifted far away from the island. “Damn it” He began to swim to the island no matter how hard he swam; it didn't seem to get closer. ‘Maybe you should give up, that boy doesn't need this thing, why not just relax. Look, the water has calmed down. Why not enjoy it, besides he doesn't need this.’

‘I’m going to ignore the fact I just heard something said the biggest piece of shit I've ever heard. I need to get back to the boy and give him his chain back.’

‘But why? You need to relax, he’s a young boy. He has plenty of time to get plenty of gifts, won’t he?’

And won’t you shout up. Damn it, I know what you’re doing already. You’re testing to see if I’ll back down, if I’ll stop. The answer is no, I told him I’d do it, so I’m going to do it. Simple as that, I don’t know what you are but I can tell you this right know, Screw off.’

After that Daniel heard no more voices in his head and the island started to get closer. He arrived on shore and he hand the necklace to the boy. “Here you go, kid.” The boys eyes shot open, a tier fell from his left eye. The two swapped jewelry.

“Thanks mister” The boy gave Daniel a hug.

“No problem kid, by the way why are you out here by yourself?"

The boy smirked and answered. "I know you heard it, in the water." Daniel's eyes opened wide, response though. "What you heard was just a bit of self-doubt you had in you. The current that passed over you, makes it surface and tries to interrupt you'r goal." The boy pointed to the lake. "This lake is, 'The water's of chaos' it dwells in the hearts of all beings. This is the 'Island of meditation' or 'Harmonies rock' to other's, only by passing any test the water's give, can you reach your goal.

"But I reached my goal I got your necklace back." Daniel responded, all this was confusing him.

"Yes and no. You got the necklace and passed the waters but you didn't meet your goal yet. There are still six others that need your help."

Daniel realized, he had left the mares behind, but they hit him with the Elements. Why would he go back? "But they hit me with their Elements, why should I go back?"

The boy shook his head. "No, they didn't, I called you here, who do you think sent you the orbs of energy?" The boy then walked passed Daniel to five flat stones that Daniel didn't see before. "Come you must have some questions about the whole ordeal, yes?" The boy was now speaking as though he were an old, wise man.

Daniel fallowed the boy to the stones. They were in a cross shape, one in the center and four on all sides.They had many markings on them, they looked like rune-stones. But Daniel didn't care, he just wanted the truth. “Okay, I know you gave me those abilities but why?”

The boy sat down on the middle stone, legs crossed. “Please in order, it’ll make more sense that way.”

“Fine how did I get in that void back there?” Daniel leaned in to hear the answer.

“Well your body does contain Mystic blood and your house was built on a teleportation rune that spans about a mile wide, the ancients did hate cleaning up.”

“The Who?”

“That is for another time, next.” The boy wanted to end this soon.

“Fine, why was I brought there and nowhere else?”

“The ‘void' as you call it, is an Inter-Realm zone, when there were others like you, they went through that to get to point A to B. It also has become a feeding ground for the shards and the corrupt.” The boys face became grim. Knowing Daniels next question, he continued. "The Corrupt are beings like you saw earlier. They were made from souls of beings killed and formed by hate and darkness. The Shards are a race of beings that grew out of their own world and invaded others. They took control of the void to feed their Corrupt minions. The Shards are all Magi and hold great magic, at least the few survivors anyway. Centuries ago any and all races how could use runes fought the Corrupt and The Shards. The fighting was almost over, the Corrupt alone were a challenge and not a single person ever got close to the Shards."

"That was, until the humans came, they were the last but the strongest at the rune magic and the strongest at the ways of the Mystic. With their help, the races stood united and destroyed the corrupt and made it to the Shard home realm. They thought they won, victory was ensured. But the damn Shard made thousands of sacrifices to make a rune that would cause the next generation of human and every other race grow chaotic and lose some connection to their old ways. It is flawed though; once in a while a being would find a way there, into the void via rune. Only to be killed."

“How is this supposed to help? That still doesn't explain the abilities you gave me.” Daniel was now a little anger at this point, hearing that story boiled his blood.

The boy sighed. “You see the first race to understand runes and to recover from the rune that caused them to become chaotic were…”

“Those Ponies?”

“Yes, but it only got that way because of the six elements they hold dear, human’s can also use the elements plus one that is unique. The medallion represents that. Plus the horn and wings are a sign and feature of the most powerful pony, the Alicorn.”

Daniel was starting to understand and the boy continued. “But one more thing, the most powerful Mystic, Aura Sight, foretold of one day, the savior will return to finish the job his ancestors started. He shall surpass all others and end the Corrupted and the Shard. I think that could be you.”

“But how is that going to happen? The only weapon I have is this blade you gave me.” As Daniel commanded the Eclipse Blade appeared in the same fashion as before.

The boy was stuck in awe. “That, I didn't give you. That belonged to Aura Sight, and then he gave it as a gift to the ruler of Equestria, just before his passing. It is the most powerful and picky weapon in all realms!”

Daniel didn't know whether to be happy that it chose him, or scared that all this was just thrown at him out of the blue. But then he thought about it. 'This is too crazy! Mystics, Corrupt, Shards? What in God's name can I do? But if what he said is true...then i'd have to fight. But if he is bluffing then I could be in deep shit.' Daniel debated with himself over the situation, years of self-debating had taught him to listen to his heart and mind. His heart told him to go and fight, while his brain took him to find a way. It was a bad think he didn't always listen to his head. "Okay then, I was fighting a Corrupt, i'd like to go back and kill it if you'd please." Daniel stood up and bowed to the boy.

"Before that, there is one more thing." The boy moved from the stone and stood on one of the outside stones. "You're going to need your powers activated before you go. Stand in the center stone." Daniel complied and stood in the center rune. As he did all the runes lit up and the sky darkened. After this all that could be heard was a the blowing of wind and runes appeared on the stones. The three empty rune-stones now had a glowing sphere hovering over each one. The boy had to yell over the wind.

"Okay! Now i'm going to give you real wings and a horn this time!" Two light orbs hit Daniel in the back and in the head. "Now I'm going to give you basic control over runes! You'll have to find your own style of usage in-order to get more adapt to it!" Then a ball of light shot out of the boy and shot right into Daniels heart. "One more thing!"

Daniel was ready to go but was not about to be rude. "What else is there, I'm sure I have everything!"

The boy thought how to explain, better go blunt. "No you don't, do you like you body?"

Daniel was confused about the question not sure how to respond. "Um, yeah its nice.~"

"Good you got motivation! You need a pony body in order to use you power's to the fullest, but don't were i'll push you through the pain. Good luck!"

"Thanks, I guess. Now lets do this!"

(Full badass effect.)

Daniel began to yell in pain as the boy spoke words to inspire him. "Are you going to let the pain take hold of you! No you are too strong for that!

As the girls and the corrupt waited on the platform, they could hear a crackling sound. Like thunder.

"Cast off your Fear! Look forward! Go forward." Daniel form started to shift, he was now on all fours and growing a tail.

Applejack spotted a bright strick of lighting pass over head and then another, they began to twist and turn. Turning into a runic circle. "Look!" she yelled out, all the mares and the Corrupt looked up.

Seeing what was happening, the Corrupt armed himself. "Here we go."

Wind started to twist clockwise as Daniel stood there almost done with the transformation. "Never stand still, retreat and you will age, hestiate and you will die!"

The rune now opened a portal, expecting something to come out the Corrupt stood fast and aim his sword at the portal. "Come on!"

The transformation was complete, but all that was visible was a dark figure in a white twister of aura light, he stood tall, wings outward and horn toward the sky, ready to leap through the portal just over head.

"Now shout, your new name the name evil will fear for centuries to come! Shout it so the heavens can hear their new champion!"

On the platform, lighting shrunk every where, in clouds that had just faded into existence, everypony and the Corrupt hear a voice that shook the very ground.




Ready to Fight (Revised)

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After hearing the strange and thunderous voice came from nowhere, all the mares on the platform were in a state of pure terror. They wondered and feared what was about to happen. The fearsome figure that had been watching them was standing and had his weapon drawn. They were also fearful of the rune portal in the sky as it slowly descended to the floor. When finally hit the floor, it caused a gust of wind to burst outward and then suck the wind back in, simulating an implosion with no fire but a bright light. They tried to cover their eyes to prevent any damage from the light. As their hooves reached their face’s they saw a blur of purple come from the portal and hit the Corrupt and causing them to both fall off the edge of the platform, but then reemerged and took flight.

The blur had slowed down and was given shape. All anyone could see was that it was a large pegasus, he was throwing punch after punch; most landed on the Corrupts head and a few around it’s chest. The presumed pegasus sped up his attacks and then flew behind the Corrupt and kicked with his back hooves. This caused the Corrupt to be hurled over the platform; he was overhead when the mares saw him being grabbed by the large stallion and they began to spin. The spin quickly turned into a pile driver, a second before impact the stallion threw the Corrupt to the floor and flew back up into the air for a body slam. He flew done with great force and stomped on the Corrupts back. He got of the Corrupt and backed away from the body.

The Corrupt laid there in silence, for the time being. The stallion had his back turn to the group of mares as he inspected his enemy’s body. He was satisfied and turns to see the mares’ faces. They had just seen the most one sided fight ever, but that was not all they gawked at, they were gawking at the fact the stallion had a horn, as well as wings. They had only ever heard of two Alicorns, there was no way there could be any more than two. They were Goddesses after all. “Oi, anyone home?”

The Alicorn waved his hoof in front of the mares’ faces. He was purple with orange stripes like a Zebra. His mane and tail was mostly orange with purple highlights and tips at the end of his tail. His wings looked as though they had a metal guard on them and his horn gleamed at it sharp edge. He had a cutie mark that was a white rune circle in a field of black.

Without a second thought the mares all bowed their heads' in a sign of respect. Even though they didn't know who this was, they thought it might be a good idea to show respect either way. “Umm, why are you bowing? Twilight, Applejack and the rest of you need to go home.” They all looked up with confused faces. The Alicorn then facehoofed. “You don’t recognize me, do you? It’s me, Daniel! Who else could be this badass?” He then struck a pose; he stood on his hind legs with his wings extended.

Twilight was the first to raise her head and speak. “Daniel, how is that you’re an Alicorn? There are only two in all of Equestria and the Princesses have that honor.”

He looked at her, stood on all four hooves again and replied with a smirk. “Well I’m not from Equestria” he walked over and patted her head. “Also, you can call me Mythic Rune from now on.” Mythic then turned to the portal and in a demanding voice told them to go home. “You six need to go back to Equestria, I’ll be coming with you after I clean up the mess over there.” He then turned back to the Corrupt, now standing and panted heavily. “Now go.” The mares didn't wait, and walked toward the rune that Mythic came from. It was ready to take them back to the field just outside Ponyville.

Rarity turned to Mythic. "Are you going to be alright deary?"

Mythic looked at her and gave her a smile for comfort, "I'll be peachy." They then disappeared as a bright light gleamed and then faded away.

Mythic turned to the Corrupt, an amused look on his face. “Ready for round two, Mystic? It’s been two long since I’ve fought with someone who could actually hurt me a little.” His amused expression turned to an all-out grin. “Would you like to know why I was there right after you received your little gifts?” Mythic didn’t reply, only glaring at his enemy, ready for an all out fight. “It’s because I am in the elite guard who is tasked with eliminating any and all intruders. I’ve been here for a long time since no one uses this Inter-realm zone. I knew about you the second you got here, but I waited a while and watched until I knew I could have some fun.” Mythic charged at the corrupt trying to body slam him. The corrupt spun on his heel and kicked Mythic when he was within range, causing him to fly in another direction. As Mythic flew he recovered by doing a barrel roll and flapped his wings, giving him momentum and launched him forward has he did a loop in the air and headed straight for the corrupt. The corrupt simply threw a punch and Mythic was once again flying in the opposite direction, this time skidding across the floor. “Is that all you got in you Mystic?” He then flew up into the air. “Where is your blade, you should be using that instead of those weak punches. Hell, I’ll even make the playing field a little even.” With that he flew back down to the platform and surrounded himself with dark energy. Mythic struggled to lift himself up as he saw the corrupt be engulfed with dark energy.

The dark vale was lifting itself slowly, and Mythic saw a new figure stand were the old was. It was a Pegasus with an ebony coat with a yellow and black tail. He wore a helmet which covered any mane he had and showed off his dark yellow eyes. He had a sheathed sword under his wing which he grabbed with his… hoof? Mythic had to test this so he quickly focused on summoning his Eclipse blade and put his curiosity to rest. He could hold it with his hoof. He was shocked by this, it felt like invisible fingers held his blade’s hilt. He gave a few swings and judged he would do fine fighting like this. The Corrupt called over to him in a mocking tone, “Ready to die now?”

He then leaped into the air hovering in position. Mythic only followed the Corrupt's steps and flew into the air. “Do you have a name?”

“What did you just ask?” Confused by his question.

“I asked if you had a name, well do you?”

“No, we have no need for names. If our masters call us we are simply brought to them.”

“Well then, if you don’t mind I’m going to put Talos on your headstone.”

“Why is that, Mystic?”

“He was a tough son of a bitch from Earth.”

The Corrupt smirked “I accept your little joke. Now prepare Mystic!” Talos flew forward with his sword held over head so he could chop down at Mythic. Mythic blocked his attack this own blade and in a whisper said, “Come at me, bro.” They both brought their arms back for another swing and once again clashed.

Back in Ponyville, Spike was awake and had sent a letter to Celestia asking her to come to Ponyville. He then received a reply that stated she will be there as soon as possible. That was little over an hour ago and the sun began its scheduled descent. Spike was waiting outside the library pacing back and forth with worry for his friends. “Man this is scary. Where could Twi have possibly gone to? Why wasn't she there when I woke up?, man, I have a bad feeling.” Just then Spike heard a faint humming and then saw a large purple circle appear just outside of town. It had appeared in the sky but was slowly descending to the ground below. “What could that be?” he began to scratch the scales on his head and began to think. ‘Maybe it is Twilight!’

He spent no more time on the subject and dashed off to the plain outside of town, where the runic circle was about to descend on. Just has he got there he saw it burst out a purple light and fade away as quickly as it came. In the middle of the runic circle were six mares, Spike began to cry out for them. “Hey Twilight, Twilight!” He jumped and screamed and waved trying to get the mares’ attention.

“Spike!” Twilight finally saw him and ran to him. When the met, Spike jumped up and began to hug Twilight. “Twilight, I thought I lost you.”

He began to whimper a little but was quickly comforted by Twilight. “Shh… don’t worry Spike, you have nothing to worry about.”

Spike looked into her eye’s, teary, “Whe…Where did you go Twilight. I wrote a little to Celestia, she’ll be here soon.”

Twilight began to stroke his head. “I was somewhere I hope I never go to again. We met someone who helped us get out. As for the Princess, I’ll need to speak to her.” As she finished she heard a low thud behind her.

“You’ll need to speak to me for what reason Twilight?” The Princess asked in a tone that she usually doesn’t use, she sounded worried. “Spike sent me a letter telling me about what happened, are you alright?”

Twilight let go of Spike and turn toward the Princess and bowed. She then picked up her head and began to speak. “Yes, I’m fine, but I think we might have a problem. Do you know anything about there being a third Alicorn?”

Celestia was puzzled by the question. “What do you mean Twilight, how ‘could’ there be another Alicorn besides Luna and me. Alicorns are only born in the Royal family.”

Twilight thought about how she would explain what happened. “Well, it seems that statement is false Princess, we met one.” The Princess didn’t show any expression, but was still befouled on the inside. “His name is Daniel, but he was Human when we met him at first and he had a sword that resembled day and night. He was fighting this monster and asked for our help. We used the Elements but then he disappeared. The monster kept watching us, saying Daniel would be back, but called him a Mystic.” The Princess’s eyes grew at the sound of ‘Mystic’. “Then this rune showed up and we saw that he became an Alicorn. He called himself, Mythic Rune. Princess, do you now any thing?"

Celestia closed her eyes and then slowly opened them. "No."

Extraction (Revised)

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"No." Princess Celestia spoke with the utmost confidence in her voice. Eve with her confined voice, her eyes said otherwise.

But Twilight knew that the Princess was keeping something hidden from them, she had to know. “Princess Celestia, are you sure you know nothing? This is important and if you know anything and you are not telling us-”

Before she could continue, Celestia interrupted with fury in her voice. "Twilight Sparkle! How dare you question my word, I'm telling you the truth!"

Twilight was not convinced but would not question Celestia any further.“Fine Princess, but Mythic still needs help.” Twilight urged. “Who knows what the monster is doing with him. He could be seriously injured and he has no one to give back up. He might be able to use rune magic, but I don’t think he is very good at it or any other magic for that matter.”

Celestia pondered on the subject for a moment she weighed her options and reasons. She then let out a loud sigh in compliance. “He will receive his help, just give me a moment. I’ll be back with somepony who can help.” As she finished, her horn glowed white and she then teleported, leaving Twilight to think. ‘Who could she have been talking about?’

( In order to understand how damn borde they are... the clock )

Luna sat in the Royal throne room, as it was night which was her turn to take care of royal duties for the day. She sat there on the Throne bored out of her mind; Celestia had cancelled all of the few appointments they had scheduled for the day, which meant Luna only had to raise and lower the moon to night. Luna didn’t like to deal with any nobles or politics , but she hated having nothing to do even more. There was a large clock in the room that hung on the far right side of the wall, it was old and made a ticking noise that usually bearable or just unheard. But this evening it was easily audible and slow became loader.

*Tic TIC TIC TIC* “Guard.” Luna called over one of her personal bodyguards. A grey stallion, wearing dark blue armor, walked from the side one side of throne and stood in front of it.

“Yes your Majesty.” He said in a half question- half statement manner.

“Go and check the time on the clock, will you?” *TIC TIC TIC* The clock kept ticking away, almost as if it had a mind of it’s own, it became louder.

“Yes, ma’am.” The guard walked over to the old wooden frame of the clock and checked the time. He then strolled back over to the Princess. “It’s about to be 6:10 ma’am.”

“Thank you, return to your position.” Luna ordered. Guard nodded and walked back around to his post right by the throne.
*TIC TIC TIC* Luna sat completely still and looked at the rather large wooden door the lead to the hall outside. She did not show any expression on her face, her eyes seem cold and heartless. *TIC TIC TIC*

The guard thought it was strange that Princess would ask for the time, but he didn't let it go too far within his mind as he thought it should be an easy day. Not having to hear the snobby nobles or politicians whine about one thing or another. *TIC TIC TIC* The guard let out a sigh and felt a shiver down his spine. As he shook the feeling off, he looked around the room and saw another guard looking at him from the door.

The guard at the door nodded to the guard at the Throne, giving off a silent message. ‘Sup’ *TIC TiC TIC*

The guard at the throne nodded and gave a quick shrug afterwards which was followed by another head movement. ‘Sup, nothing, you? *TIC TIC TIC*

[Shrug, sigh, hoof to the side of head] ‘Nothing, bored, somepony shot me!’

[Hoof’s holding side, point, head tilt with hoof by mouth, tap hoof} ‘Oh you. You and me drinking tonight.’ *TIC TIC TIC*

[Violent nod] ‘HELL YA!’ *TIC TIC…TOC*

Out of nowhere, Luna jumped out of the throne and few into the air. Her horn began to glow dark blue and fired a beam of arcane energy at the clock. (Play here)

It exploded into smolder and ash as the remnants fell to the ground. "Much better." She said with cheer as she fluttered back to her Throne.

But before she sat back down, a bright white flash blinding the room followed by Celestia. "Hi Tia, what's up?" Luna gave a satisfied grin, basking in her victory over the ticking clock.

Celestia was about to tell Luna about the Elements and Mythic but got distracted by the smell of a dying fire and ash. “Luna, did somepony start a fire?” She looked around the room for the source of the smell and then saw the smoldering remands of a clock. Celestia relieved a short sigh, “Oh. You finally did it, didn’t you?”

Luna placed her fore-hooves together and swung her body side to side. “Maaaaaaaybe.”

Celestia face-hoofed in annoyance. “Ugh, we don’t have time for this, go get you armor on.”

Luna stopped her childish behavior and looked at Celestia in confusion. “Why would I put that old thing on? What, you want me to lead the troops in to battle?” Luna chuckled thinking she was funny.

“No troops, just you. It seems that someone needs ‘your’ help.” Celestia placed a little emphasis in her words.

“Oh yeah? How would that be, that you yourself can’t handle it?” Luna said with skepticism. “Did you and Twilight fight and you need your sister to help? Because I believe you are lying.”

“What is the one thing you excel at that not even I can compare to, hmm?” Celestia was starting to grow impatient.

Luna thought for a second and came up with an answer. “Well it’s obviously looks.” She then struck a pose. “ Aren't I just sexy?”

Celestia charged Luna and was about to ram her, but stopped about a foot before her. “Don’t buck with me Luna! You and I both know you are better at Rune magic than me, someone’s life is on the line!” Celestia could not contain the rage her sister brought. “Now go put the armor on, NOW!

Luna teleported to her room, scared that her sister would do something to her. “Man what got her so stressed out? Now where did I put that set of-AHA!” Luna had spotted a set of dusty, old armor she once wore for show. The set of armor had a dark blue chest plat with a silver moon in the middle. A helmet fitted to her own specification and boots for her hind and fore legs. “What is so important that I need to put this on?”

Luna walked back into the Throne room with her old armor on and saw Celestia pacing back and forth rapidly. No guards where in the room, Celestia had ordered them to leave. “Okay so I have this on, what now?”

Celestia stood in place and stared at Luna unsure how she was going to explain the situation. “Luna, do you remember back when mother and father were still around?” Luna nodded. “Do you remember how we sometimes had, ‘strange’ guest?” Luna nodded once more. “Well when we caused the eclipse earlier, it caused an anomaly which dragged the Element holders and one such guest into a space where the six elements where held and then rescued. But because of their rescue, this ‘guest’ is now lock in combat with some monster, this is all I know so far.”

Luna now understood everything now except… “So why am I going and not you?”

Celestia hesitated for a moment. “Well it turns out he was Human.”

“What do you mean by ‘was’?”

"Well that's the thing, he turn into an Alicorn.”

Luna’s jaw dropped dumbfounded would be an understatement. “That cannot be all the information you have! My goodness, another Alicorn.”

“From what Twilight said his name is Mythic Rune. He had this sword that resembled the night and day. But that’s not what makes you the best to help him. It turns out that he can use Rune magic.”

After hearing this, Luna was in shock. ‘First he is an Alicorn and then he can use Rune magic!’ “We must rescue him sister, lead the way!” Celestia nodded and teleported Luna and herself back to PonyVille.


Their swords clashed once more, sending sounds of metal clinging into the distance. The two flew in opposite directions at top speeds only to come back and clash again. The two continued to gain speed and loop back around in attempts to strike the other with their blade. Sparks flew from their blades as two streaks of purple and orange and black and yellow could be seen, making an infinite loop. After their final clash, Talos did a one hundred and eighty degree spin in the air and chased after Mythic that was quicker than before.

Mythic didn't realize this and was struck by Talos’s sword. It had nicked his lower back and caused a quick flow of blood to come out. Mythic bore is teeth in pain. “Damn”

Talos was almost literally on his tail. Mythic tried to escape by making a sharp nose dive, catching Talos off guard as he kept flying straight. This gave Mythic time to recover and regain speed as he flew underneath Talos. Mythic then flew at a sharp angle intersecting Talos and allowing Mythic an opportunity to cut his underbelly. Mythic timed his swing perfectly, but didn’t cut Talos deep enough for a fatal wound. Talos cried in pain as he fell from the sky and landed on the platform below him. He was losing blood slowly, but the bleeding wasn't going to stop unless dressed with gauze. “Damn you, this form is useless.”

Mythic was hovering in the air over Talos staring at him with no expression. “That and I’m just not a scared as before, your first form was more frightening.”

Talos laughed like a madman for a few seconds then went back to a blank expression. “True, this form isn't as fearsome as I planned.” He rolled on his back so he could hold his wound. He picks up his sword and threw it to the side. “Enough of the toys, I think it’s time for the ‘big guns’ as they say.” Talos raised his left hoof and pointed it in Mythic’s direction. Mythic didn’t understand and mistook as some gesture.

“What are you doing, pointing isn't polite you know? Considering you’re losing this fight by my standers, shouldn't you be begging?"

“Nope” Talos replied in a cold lifeless tone. His hoof began to glow with a faint yellow glow. A ball of energy began to form on his hoof and it crackled like lightning.

Mythic took a step back and watched Talos form some kind of ball in his hoof.“What is that?” Urgency and panic tinted his voice.

Talos’s expressionless face began to shift as he let a smile creep on his lips. “This is payback, RAM BURST.” The ball in his hoof now shot out and launched towards Mythic, who had no time to react. The ball of energy made contact with Mythic’s chest, causing his to fly back and skid across the hard glass.

Mythic laid there unable to move, the attack hit one of his lungs and he began to wheeze air in and out, in an attempt to gain oxygen. ‘Damn, how is he able to use magic? He took the form of a Pegasus, if he was a unicorn then maybe he could use magic…but still!

As Mythic struggled to catch a breath, Talos had picked up his sword with his mouth and walked over to Mythic. His wound began to bleed out more as he took every step. He now looked over Mythic with demented joy. “I haven’t had fun like that in a long time.” He took his sword and slashed at Mythic’s exposed right side. “But I’m afraid your time is up, I must report to my masters about this incident. But I think I’ll play with your corpus a little, now die.”

Talos then picked Mythic off the ground with his fore hooves and began to beat him. He punched him in the face rapidly, not letting up for a moment and then began at Mythic’s gut. He hit him around the around his chest a few times then threw him into the air. As Mythic was launched into the air, Talos followed close behind punching Mythic's stomach, which gave even more momentum to their upward travels. As Talos finished the assault on Mythic’s midsection, he flew past him. Talos judged he reached a high enough and rushed back down to Mythic’s back unleashing a kick that sent him flying back to the floor.

Mythic laid there, bleeding from the cut on his side and his nose and mouth. He thought ‘Maybe I should have gone with the mares instead of trying to be a badass. Next chance I get I’m using that damn teleportation rune.’

As he lay there, on top of cracked glass and blood, Talos flew down and then hovered above him. “Three times you escaped death today, but it now claims you.” Talos had a second magic attack ready to be fired at Mythic. “But…maybe if you beg, I’ll think about asking my master if he could turn you into a Corrupt, what do you say?” Talos gave an evil smirk wanting to hear Mythic beg for his life.

Mythic looked into Talos’s dark yellow eye’s, he was able to speak a few last words. “Bite me bitch.”

Talos sighed lightly and smiled. “No, I’ll just kill you.” Talos flew back up to the sky and unleashed his attack like he had before. A beam of energy shot from his hoof and was heading towards Mythic.

‘Once again on death row, was it really three? I counted two but that doesn't matter. That kid wasted his time, like I could every be a savior or whatever, I didn't even use magic. It has to do with the user’s will or something right? *sigh* I just want a wall, to keep me safe. Please, just give me goddamn a wall!’ Mythic pointed his hoof to the magic beam about to hit the ground. He closed his eyes and prayed. ‘If this works I live, if not I die, work magic!’ He could feel it coming closer, it was just about to hit. He waited in suspense, but then there was nothing. All he hear was a loud thud and the sound of what sounded like water passing him, as though being blocked by a window. Mythic peeked open his eye to see what had happened. He saw that the attack had been blocked by a runic circle and the energy from the attack was parting as it hit.

The attack started to lighten up but Mythic’s shield started to crack from the pressure. Mythic began to panic. ‘This thing isn't going to hold and longer, I might survive this though. If I could only get a chance to run then I can reach the Rune.’ He focused on his hind legs trying to determine the how far he could get. They barely moved so he tried to move his wing’s, they felt to heavy and he couldn't flap either one. He muttered a curse and judged the distance to the Rune. ‘If I push, I think I can make it. The second he stops I’ll make a run for it, man he likes over killing things.’ The attack lasted another moment and then faded as the remaining energy hit, the shield it crack and sent out a sound similar to braking glass. ‘GO’

Mythic leaped of his back and ran towards the Rune in the center of the platform. He made it about five steps before he felt a bone in his right hind leg brake. The pain soared through him as he collapsed to the floor. That didn't stop him though; he began to move all his usable limbs toward the Rune before Talos noticed. But he failed and Talos flew from his position in the air and prepared to dive-bombed Mythic as he inched away. Mythic struggled to move as he turned his head to check for any sign of Talos when he saw the dark pegasus fly at high speed on a coalition course. Mythic halted his struggle in an attempt at producing another runic shield. This time it appeared on command, Mythic raised the shield to the rapidly approaching kamikaze. He hoped this one will hold on impact, if not he was done for. He could not take much more before he went unconscious or just died from the pain and shock to his body.

Talos had closed most of the gap between the two when Mythic barely heard a hum coming from behind him, followed by a flash of blue light. Mythic was stunned to see a dark blue pony with armor on. She had a sliver moon in the middle of a blue chest piece, a helmet and leggings. He saw that she had a horn coming out from the helmet and had wings that were tucked to her side. She was watching as Talos fly towards Mythic, he hadn't noticed her as he was fixed on Mythic and his rune shield. Mythic’s eyes were stuck on the pony that stood not too far from him. He then snapped out of his trance and turned his head back to Talos, who was about to crash into the shield. Just before impact a second runic circle was summoned to backup the first. It was different from the first, it was blue instead of purple and it was twice as large as well. Talos had no time to react and flew straight into it. Mythic's shield shattered with ease, but Talos came to a halt when he hit the second. The second held fast and showed no signs of damage as Talos fell to the floor in pain the impact caused.

“Well that wasn't a challenge at all, how disappointing.” The dark blue pony said in depression. She turned her attention to Mythic who was lying on the floor in surprise as Talos, who was full of energy one moment ago and now laid on the floor knocked out. “Now that the threat is taken care of, are you alright Mythic?”

Mythic was silent, he didn't know what to say, so he just said yes. “Yeah I’m fine, who are you though? Are you a friend of Twilights or something, if so can you help me up?”

“Of course, come we must leave now before he wakes up. And I’m Luna.” Luna engulfed Mythic with her magic and levitated him towards the teleportation Rune. As she walked, the Rune hummed and began to glow. The Runic lettering on the Rune began to rotate and accelerate clockwise. They were engulfed by a purple light, the scene around them disappeared and was replaced by a new one.

From what Mythic saw, he was just outside a small town; most of the buildings looked out of date to him. Some looked like they were built with 18th century designs, while some looked more modern. Before he could analyze the area any further, he heard some voices calling out his name. He tilted his head as much as he could and saw a rainbow streak rushing towards him. “Mythic! Ohmygosh ohmygosh you’re covered in bruises and blood!” Rainbow Dash was the first at the scene and held her hooves to her face in horror.

Mythic put on a false smile to try and deflate the situation. “It’s not that bad, I’m alive aren't I? But I must admit this cut on my side hurts like a Mofo, is there a hospital around here?”

Rainbow Dash examined the cut that Talos had given Mythic earlier; it was still bleeding some and looked deep. "Didn't you tell us you’d be okay? This is not okay!” By this time the rest of the group arrived, along with Spike and Celestia. Celestia cleared her throat ready to speak. “Ahem. I think we need to get him into intensive care before something worst happens. Luna bring him to the hospital and hurry!

"Right sister, let's go Mythic." Luna waited for a reply. Mythic said nothing, he was unconscious. If he wasn't held up by Luna's magic he would have fallen limp. "Oh my-" Luna shot off into the air flying towards the hospital. ' Hold on, can't have you dying on me.'

Recovery is a Rarity (Revised)

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As Mythic laid down in silence, he heard waves meeting stones a few feet away from him. He felt the warmth of the sun on his face and soft grass under him. Mythic opened his eyes to see a lake surrounded by a forest in the distance. He was back on the small island he was on before and he could see the child from before sitting on the same stone he was on the first time. “You like that rock don’t you kid?”

The child turned around with a smile plastered to his lips. “It’s the softest damn rock out here, and where am I going anyway?”

Mythic chuckled. “True, by the way I never caught your name, kid.”

“ Well...just call me Victor, alright?” Victor asked in a cheery tone.

"Alright Victor, but why am I back here? Last thing I remember is teleporting to PonyVille with that Luna person-pony, whatever you want to put it.”

“Well you ‘were’ in a fight with an Elite Corrupt; you were beaten so bad you fell unconscious but you are still alive, don’t worry. You are here in your ethereal form, your mind is here." Mythic looked over his body, it did seem transparent. Victor continued to speak. "The ponies got your body to a hospital just before you went into critical condition. Next time you see them you’d better thank them". Victor finished in a demanding voice but then put back on his smile. “It’s good to see you’re alright.”

Mythic nodded, agreeing with Victor. “Yeah that Talos was on tough son of a bitch. Glad he’s gone, though.”

“Oh he is tough alright, but he isn't gone. He is an elite, he was simply knocked out from the impact when he it Luna’s Runic shield.” Victor stated in his matter-of-fact voice.

Mythic’s eyes widened with dilated pupils. “Are you serious, he’s that tough!? I'm so screwed next time I'm fighting."

Victor gave a nod.“No shit, he is an Elite Corrupt, one of the few who can keep their own mind intact after becoming a Corrupt. The Shard may have control over them, but they allow the strongest to keep their conscious. It’s like an award for being strong enough or something like that. But right about know, I think that might not be the cause anymore. His master is probably pissed off that Talos didn't kill you. But there will be more, most will be weaker, but others will be just as strong and others stronger still."

"Well thanks for the vote of confidence." Mythic said with a sour look.

“Mythic, I know most and see most. I’m like God in some ways.” As Victor spoke he picked up a large rock in his hand and weighed it. “But it’s almost time for you to return. Train in order to use all your abilities; you have a crazy future my friend. Tougher opponents will be coming your way, live well Mythic. Also there will be a little surprise for you when you get back. And that pink friend of yours, tell her to stay out of your liquor cabinet.” Victor threw the rock at Mythic and hit him in on the forehead just as he spurted his final words. “Wait why would-” Mythic vanished into thin air and all that was left behind was the rock that was thrown at him. “Cause she’ll get hammered otherwise.”

Mythic vanished from Victors sight but fell through what felt like a twister. The black void once again surrounded him, but this was only for mere seconds. As he fell he screamed a high pitched wail as he was about to smack impact with a Rune, similiar to the one that brought him and Luna to PonyVille.

Inside the Ponyville hospital, Mythic laid in his bed unconscious and unaware of his surroundings. A white unicorn with a curled purple mane sat at his side while reading one of her romance novels. Today was her day to watch him well the others took care of business elsewhere. It was early in the day and she hadn't had any business pass through for a while, so not being at work wasn't an issue. The clock on the wall read 9:37, and the white mare looked over to the sleeping Alicorn and let out a sigh. He was covered in bandages and bruises. He's wings were bandaged and tied to his back. “Oh, why did you have to push so hard? You nearly died you know, so many broken bones and blood lose. And your wings were crushed, just how on earth did you survive?” She continued to speak as though Mythic was listening. “Don’t get me wrong I’m so very happy you’re alive, deary. Oh I’ll make you a dashing new outfit when you wake up, you’ll love it. Maybe you’ll like a hat too.” Out of nowhere she pulled out measuring tape. She then began to whisper to herself. “But first, what is your horn size.” She tried to reach for his horn, but the bed was too large for her to tack a proper measurement.

“Drat” She couldn't get the measurement while standing next to him, so she climbed onto the bed and positioned herself on top of him. She wasn't aware though, and began to measure his neck and cranium. She was about to measure his horn but then Mythic’s eyes shot open, causing her to pull back in surprise. “What the h-”

Mythic at the same time yelled from where he left off while jumping forward. “-she be i-” As a result the two met face to face, mouth to mouth.

[ It begins ]

"Rarity!" Mythic yelled in shock, not sure what was happening.

"Mythic!" Rarity, stunned by Mythic's sudden action.

“Why are you on me!”

“I wasn't doing anything at all, you pounced on me!” Trying to hide a blush by turning away.

“No way, don’t point this at me, I know I'm sexy but damn!”

“Don't fool yourself." Her blush grew, clearly visible. "You are not that attractive at all and it's not like I wanted to be on top of you." Rarity stated.

“Damn it woman,mare, tell me why you’re on top of me or so help me God-!”

“Oh help you, I was going to make you a new outfit. I was getting the measurements and then you kissed me!”

“Kissed you, please tell me you’re joking! You like taking advantage of people as the sleep, don’t you?

“What! No, no you-”

“If you liked me you just had to say so, but I’m not into that stuff!" 'Yes I am.'

"I'm not either, its just a miss understanding that's all."

“If you say you’re sorry, I’ll forgive you.” Mythic gave a sly smirk. He had seen the blush on Rarity growing during the course of the argument, he felt as though he had won and waited for a response.

“But, but I didn't do anything!” Rarity began to complain. “I didn't do a single thing to you!”

“Yeah a ‘single’ thing, how long have I been out?, who knows what you did to me.” He gasped at one idea. “*gasp* Did you..!” He spoke, half angry-half scared. He checked under the covers to face his fears. “All good in the hood, okay you're safe for now but don't do that ever again. This whole thing was an accident." He leaned back down on his pillow with his hooves by his side. “So Rarity, how long have I been out?”

Rarity didn't register Mythic’s word as she drew nothing but blanks in her mind. ‘What just happened here, was it my fault or his! Oh dear Celestia what is going on!'

Mythic then spoke a little harder as he tried to catch her attention. “Rarity!”

She snapped out of it and came responded. “What do you~ want Mythic!"

“How long have I been out, a day or two?”

“No you've been out for one week. But the doctor said you’d be out for at least a two week, you suffered heavy injuries. You’ll be lucky to move within two months.”

“Really, is that a fact now? Then how come a can do this!” He garbed Rarity by both cheeks and brought her down to his face, just in front of his muzzle. “Now…tell me how I’ll not move within two months.” He then let go of her face. She just stared at him; he wasn't sure if the red tone she was giving off was a blush or she was so angry she was turning red and ready to hit him, but before it came to that he lifted her off the bed and down to the floor with his fore legs. “Now can you get the Doctor?" He motioned for her to go and she surprisingly did just that, as she opened the door Mythic call back to her.

(Play here)

“Oh and one more thing. If you wanted to measure me than why didn't you use magic to take it.” Rarity was stunned for the third time in five minutes. “You know you want this.” He then posed by laying on his side and bringing his hind hoof up a little. He ripped off the hospital gown he had been wearing and placed one fore hoof on his mouth. “You know you want this.”

But before Rarity could react, the Doctor walked past the door and saw Mythic was awake. “Ah, Mr. Rune you’re wake! This is unexpected, we thought you’d be asleep longer and it seems your healing faster the expected as well. I'm Doctor Med If I can, I’d like to get one more x-ray to see how far you’ve recovered. Is that fine with you?”

Mythic nodded. “The faster I’m out, the happier I’ll be. Isn't that right Rarity?”

Mythic was having the time off his life messing with Rarity. “Huh, what? Never mind I’m going to get Twilight, she’ll want to see you.”

As she walked out Mythic rubbed his chest seductively. “I’ll be waiting.” He let out a loud chuckle, barely holding himself together. Rarity walked out of the room with her nose in the air and huffed in annoyance.

The doctor stood there in confusion. “I’m sorry did I interrupt something?”

Mythic shock his head. “You didn't, I’m just messing with her, sorry if you felt awkward. She was way too easy, so what’s the situation Doc?”

After Doctor Med took more X-rays of Mythic and confirmed that his bones were healed, he asked him some questions. “Well Mr. Rune, it seem your bones have healed fully! How in Equestria is that possible?”

Mythic shrugged. “Don’t know how, I’m just tough I guess. By the way, aren't you surprised that I’m an Alicorn?”

The doctor cleared his throat. “Well when you came here a week ago, I was quite surprised, yes. The only other two are The Princesses; would you be Royalty like them?”

Mythic shock his head. “I’m not Royalty, just a friend.” He gave a false smile. ‘I don’t think I should tell anyone I’m human.’ “I was just dropping by and… had an accident as you could see.”

Before the Doctor asked another question, Twilight and Rarity knocked on the door and opened it. Twilight was the first to pop her head inside the door frame. “Hello Mythic, it’s good to see you up and you’re healed from what Rarity told me.” She finished with a flatted tone as her ears flopped down. Rarity then stepped in and huffed. “Yes Mythic, tell her how healed you are.”

‘Have you learned nothing?’ Mythic let out a sigh. “Doc, can you give us a moment?”

The Doctor nodded. “That’s all we had to take care of anyway, you can leave anytime you like.” The Doctor then walked out and closed the door.

Mythic then looked the mare in the eye, ready to have some more fun. “Twilight it was awful, I woke up and Rarity was taking advantage of me! As I slept here, she used me body for God knows what!” He shot out of the bed and ran to Twilight and hugged her legs, ignoring the fact that even laying down he was bigger than her. “Please, for all that is good in this world, don’t let her do it again, I beg of you kind-woman-pony!”

Twilight gave an annoyed look down at Mythic. “Rarity said you’d probably pull some stunt like this. Get up off the ground and say you’re sorry.You can't just can't go around doing things like that!” Twilight bellowed out.

But Mythic just stood up. “Noway, all I know is the second I’m back in my body, Rarity is all over me. I’m not saying sorry, she liked it and she can't lie about it!" Mythic glared over to Rarity, who was making circles in the floor with her fore hoof. His glare then met with Twilight's.

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The two stared at each other, measuring the another. They stared deep into the others eyes, each others soul’s even. A bead of sweat dripped form Mythic’s brow, yet he held his best poker face. Twilight bit her lower lip, she was about to give in, Mythic eye’s burned her vary being. She whelped and closed her eyes, they’d become watery. She thought that he was worse than Fluttershy. She quickly gave in, she had no chance of winning. “You win,okay you win!”

Mythic jumped into the air with joy and exhaled a breath that he had held for the minute long stare down. “That makes two for two, in one day! That’s like the best record of anyone back home. This is better than holding the blue flag! You all must now warship me as though I were a God!” Mythic roared and bathed in his triumph.

After his short victory Mythic he settled himself down and returned to his original voice. “Alright now that we buried that died hamster, has anything happened since I went under?” Mythic had forced the events of earlier into the back of his mind. He hoped the two mares would do the same. He liked not to get into awkward situation and tried to play it off when they did arise. But it wasn't going to work twice.

Twilight rubbed her eyes and blinked, she really felt slight pain when she stared at Mythic. She finishes readjusting herself and tried once more to throw daggers his way. “How can you just change the subject like that? This is serious; you kissed her for Celestia’s sake!” Twilight started to just yell at him while her volume nearly deafened Mythic along with Rarity in the process.

Mythic shivered with worry as Twilight screamed, we could have sworn that her mane turned yellow and red for a spit second. After her little episode, Mythic tried to use his hoof to clean out his ears and to make sure he could still hear. Once he was certain he wasn't deaf, he started in a calm manner. “Well my little Twilight, I can change anything I damn well please. Beside that’s in the past and this is now, it was an accident.” He turned towards Rarity, still checking her own hearing. But he did understand it was uncouth and wrong in some ways. “Look Rarity, *sigh* I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable. When I woke up, I was startled and it just happened. I just don’t handle situations like that well, sorry. Can we just forget about it?” Mythic put on his poker face once more.

Rarity, had only heard Mythic about half way through, but had the general idea, he was sorry for what happened. She began to walked to him. Rarity took one step back but then continued forward. She ended up at his side stroking his coat. “It’s okay, it was an accident. You didn't mean to that to me, but why did jump up when you awoke, did you have a nightmare or something?”

Mythic straightened himself out and explained with a rasp in his voice. “Well the reason I jumped was because I was hit with a Goddamn rock on the forehead and was falling through the void towards a large Rune expecting to fall straight into it. Damn Victor, I’m going to hit him, even if he is a child.” Mythic finish by rubbing the area right below his horn were the rock had hit him.

Twilight and Rarity simply gave him a confused expression, felt lost among his words. “That makes no sense, how can someone hit you with a rock when you were asleep. And who is this Victor fellow?” Rarity kept close to Mythic, and now went into ‘caring mode’.

Mythic sighed. ‘Will this chick make up her mind? Hate me or like me, that’s how females work right? Don’t care I got two out of two today in arguments. That’s new in my book.’ Mythic came back to a subject he hadn't yet get an answer for. “I’ll tell you later Rarity, but first.” He looked away from Rarity and back at a now calmed down version of Twilight. “Twilight, did anything weird happen while I was asleep? It could be something small or… just anything really.” Mythic probed Twilight for information, he was both curious and worried that something might have accrued. ‘That damn Victor said a surprise,’ he glanced at Rarity. ‘I hope that wasn't all. And what the hell did he mean by my liquor cabinet? I don’t even have a house, or am I going to say here that long?’

Twilight rubbed the back of her head with an embracing look while evading Mythic’s eyes. “While um, you see… there is one thing, it happened yesterday. And it’s not small, it showed up at the spot just outside of town were your Rune teleported all of us. It seems to be a big flat Rune stone, it just showed up and it had something fall on top of it. Well not fall but I think you should see for yourself.”

Mythic shrugged not sure about what Twilight was saying. He felt thought that it had to be better than the hospital. “Alright well should we get going? I don’t have ‘all day’.”

After the three left the hospital, they walked down a side street located behind most of the shops and houses. Even from where he walked though, Mythic saw that Ponyville was a beautiful town. He wished more places back home could be like this, but he did notice something odd. “Hey why are we walking the out of sight, I can barely see the whole town from here.”

He tried to turn a corner but was quickly corrected by Twilight. “Mythic, you can’t go into any open areas. Don’t you remember, there are only two Alicorns, they are Royalty, you’re an Alicorn...” Twilight hoped that Mythic would catch on, but he wasn't. She let out a grunt in annoyance. “How dense are you? They’ll think you’re Royalty as well and we can’t have that. It was bad enough that the hospital staff saw you."

“But why not, that would be so awesome!” Mythic cleared his throat and held his head such a manner as though giving a speech. “I am your king, Mythic Rune the First! You shall bow before my might and worship me as though I was a God! Bwhahaha!” His insane laughter began to annoy Twilight, her horn glowed and a zip popped out of thin air and attached itself to Mythic face. “Mhmhmh” He struggled to form word, but alas, the zipped was stuck on his face. After a few minutes of pulling on the zipper and needless rolling on the dirt, Mythic gave up. He gave a muffled sigh and began to write in the dirt with his hoof. ‘You take this off, I’ll shut up.’ The message brought a smile to both the mares’ faces and Twilights horn glowed once more as the zipper disappeared.

“You know, you can be conceded.” Twilight stated in vex.

“Well sorry Ms. Twilight, some of us, mainly me, probably won’t be able to enjoy their time as much as others. Now can we get on with this thing please, I need to know about any unusual thing that happened and you said-” Mythic badgered Twilight but was interrupted by a purple flash, followed by a delightful sight. “Is this what you were talking about?” Mythic was pleased and hoped he wasn't being played with.

“Yeah, it just showed up here like it was teleported. It looks like some sort of manner, but I can’t understand why it’s here.” She walked up to the structure. It was about 50 yards in length and about 25 in width. It seemed two stories high; the building was a cream hue with black roofing and built in a colonial fashion. Its foundation was clearly visible, a large flat stone with Runic lettering etched into the surface. “So what do you think it is, a house maybe. Do you have any ideas Rarity?” Asking in an quizzically.

“I have no idea Twilight; it does look like it’s made to be occupied. Mythic you’re not from Equestria, is this something from your home, dear?”

“Oh, so I’m ‘dear’ now?" Mythic huffed. "Whatever, I am too happy right know, I thought I’d have to live in a box or something!” He ran the small distance between himself and the establishment. ‘I thought I’d have to shit in a box.’ He then kissed the siding of the house softly. ‘I’ll keep you safe.’ He turned back to the mares behind him, now coming closer as while. “Rarity, this isn't something from home.” He started in a lordly tone. “This beauty is my home! Four bedrooms, three baths and a half stocked fridge.” He walk to the front door, but remembered he locked it, along with the back door. “Damn it, I locked the door when I got home. To the garage!” Mythic bolted around the corner of the building, leaving Rarity and Twilight to follow behind him.

As Mythic neared the large brown door that lead into the garage, he slowed his pace and began to trot so he didn't hit it, as well as giving the two ponies he left behind a chance to catch up. As he reaches for the bottom of the door to grab hold of the handle and lift the door, be looked down at his hooves. “Wait a second!” He looked to the left side of the door frame and saw the automated garage lock that kept the door shut. “Damn it, how am I supposed to use a hoof to open that, the buttons are to small!” He thought to himself, with his tongue sticking out as Rarity approached his side.

“What is going on, deary, is there a problem.?"

Mythic shook his head. “Nope” He then lowered his head and pressed a select few buttons gently with his horn. After a few seconds he hit the ‘Enter’ key and the door rose. He cracked a smile in succession. “No problem at all, now that I’m home that is.” As the door rose, Mythic could see his garage was a mess with metal and wires and other electrical equipment. “Um, you guys want to come in?” ‘I’m just being kind, DON'T SAY-’

“Yes, I would love to see the inside!” Rarity cheered with glee. “I would love to see what kind of architecture you use in your world.”

‘Damn it Rarity!, Twilight help me.' Mythic felt uneasy just having Rarity with him.

“I’m sorry, I can’t right now. I need to get back to the library.” Twilight apologized to Mythic. “But I’ll get the others and come by later, you can meet Spike.”

‘Is that like a dog, Twilight you hate me don’t you?’ Mythic sighed. “Okay, see you later Twilight. Be back soon.”

Twilight teleported out and Mythic started to the door, but was interrupted by Rarity. “Mythic, can you tell me what this room is?”

“It’s officially a garage, but my family never puts their cars in here so it’s my workshop. You see the equipment over there next to the bench? That’s where I work.” Half the room was filled with his equipment; wires, piping, tubes, batteries and other things.

Rarity scanned over the room, amazed by all the devices she had seen. "Can you tell me what those things do please.

Mythic shrugged, not really minding answering some of her questions. "Alright what do you want to know about?"

"Well if you can, all of it."

Mythic thought for a moment. ‘Screw that crap! It’ll take forever to explain all that crap to her.’ He gulped in horror at the thought. “Well, maybe what the others get here and I need to check the inside. That’s what you wanted to see right?” Rarity nodded shyly. “Alright than let’s go.” Mythic started to the door and turned the knob. ‘Still can’t believe that works’ as he opened the door he was saw the inside of his home was still the same. In front of him were the laundry room and some supply closets. “Okay, first off on tour de Rune, this is where I do my laundry and keep the cleaning supplies now if you follow me down the hall…” They both trotted down a short corridor that held frames of all sorts. It led to a large open room that held three sofas, a T.V., the entrance to an open kitchen and stairs and cat walk that exposed the upper level. “… This is the living room and kitchen, that’s the upstairs and front door. Hold on for a moment please.” He walked away from Rarity to the front door and opened it. The sun was not even at its apex and he felt it’d be a shame not to air out the house. “It’s okay if I leave my door open right? They aren't any thieves or ponies like that here are there?” Mythic was becoming cautious and hesitated to keep open his door.

Rarity reassured him. “No dear, there aren't any thieves; we don’t have problems like that too often.”

‘Close enough’ Mythic left the door open and a gust of wind entered the house, pleasing Mythic. “Oh yeah, I haven’t felt that in a while. So anything else you want to see?”

Rarity inspected the room and silently judged the fixtures. “Well it isn’t the best design, but I guess that might be a different case back home.” Rarity said, not sure how to say it.

Mythic nodded. “Yup, not the best back on earth either, but it keeps me safe and warm at night so,” He stood on his hind legs and kicked an imaginary ball and threw his fore hooves in the air. “,It’s good!” He roared at the top of his lungs.

"My, my Mythic. You remind me a little of Pinkie Pie." Rarity’s comment sounded like a compliment and insult in one go. “You can be so random at times, you know that right?” She sounded concerned for a moment.

Mythic just chuckled. “Well back home I wasn't one to be ‘normal’ as some might say. Everyone in my class would look so serious or mopey, why be like that? I decided to not be like that; as a result I was called many a things. Some being crazy and other’s not so much, but I’m not always like that. I do know when to be serious and when to let it all hang out.” He jumped towards one of his sofas and landed on back. He whined when he felt the pain shoot through his back. “Crap, forgot about the wings.” He spoke through his teeth as he fought to roll to his stomach, once situated he sighed in relief. “Yes, this sofa is so~ comfy I might just take a nap.”

He was about to close his eyes when Rarity whined in protest. “But I want to see the second floor. Come on I want to see it~”

Mythic wanted to go against it, but felt he had to. “Fine, but just don’t touch a thing you hear?” Rarity nodded violently. “Follow me, to the bedrooms!” As the words came out, he heard what he had said and slightly blushed. “And the bath, the bedrooms and the bath.” ‘Mythic you dirt dog you, clean out your mind man!’ He lead the way up the stairs to a hallway with four doors two on the left, one on the right and one on the far side of the hall. The closest on the left lead to the bathroom. “Here we have ‘my’ royal Throne.” He opened the door and there they say two sinks, a huge tube, a shower in the corner and a toilet next to the shower. He then closed the door and trotted to the door next to the bathroom. “This is my parents room, the one on the right side of the hall is my brothers and the one at the end is mine. Okay, got it, good.” He then turned and started to the stairs but heard a creek from behind. ‘No, she didn't!’ As he turned to the source, he saw his door wide open with Rarity looking inside. “Are you deaf, did you not hear me? I said-” She walked in all the way and disappeared from sight. His demanding tone flattened. “-don’t go in there. *Sigh*”

Rarity opened all of Mythic's dressers and tossed out articles of clothing everywhere. “My dear Mythic, you don’t have suitable clothes, we need to change that.” Rarity spoke almost as if she was getting at something. “You really most come by the boutique and let me make you some new clothes.”

Mythic stood at the door with a flattened smile. “Rarity I am in no need of new clothes I’m sure I can fit into these” he looked at one of the shirts that landed at his hooves, it looked way to small for him now. “…maybe I’ll take you up on that offer, I don’t want to admit it but I do feel sort of naked. Now please stop throwing my clothes everywhere please. I had everything set up the way I wanted it and then you come in here and throw clothes like you’re mad at me! Why do you hate Mythic so much?” He began to speak in third person. “Why do you hate us so much Rarity?”

Rarity turns around confused by what Mythic said. “Hate you? No dear I just don’t see any useful wear in here. I'm sorry and I'’ll stop.” Rarity dropped a pair of red boxers, on the floor and walked over the chaos she created. She walked out the door and flicked her tail in Mythic’s face and passed it over his face seductively. “Let’s get you fitted with something more appropriate. Come on you.”

Mythic stood there mind blown. ‘What happened here? She barges in, rustles through my dressers and throws my clothes everywhere, and then is about to get me new clothes? Why didn't you gift me with the ability to read women Victor? WHY!’

Just then Mythic heard a low noise from on top of his bed. He pushes some clothes out of the way and found his phone on vibrate. He picks it up with a hoof and answers it cautiously. “H-hello, who is this?”

A sigh was heard on the other side of the line and then a yell from a slightly squeaky voice. “It’s the ghost of death at your front door!" The voice then became more serious and deep. "Who do you think? It’s me, Victor!”

Victor and Awkwardness

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“It’s me, Victor!” Victor shouted over the phone. This forced Mythic to move the phone from his ear, but once Victor was done he placed it back. “How the hell are you talking through my phone and how the hell is this even working? There can’t be any towers around here, is this some sort of magic?” Mythic doubted there was any logic sense in the matter. “Duh, how else would you get service? And don’t worry about your minutes; you’re on the Victor plan package! Think of it as a gift for causing you slight pain and making you live through a very awkward situation.” Victor said with a slight hint of remorse, before laughing like he as crazy. “But the look on your face when you kissed Rarity, Hahahah, it was hilarious! Dear ancient, that was funny.” his laughter died down but not before Mythic yelled to at him. “That was not funny, I nearly died from the fear embarrassment. Do you know what I think? I'm scared now that Rarity will plot to kill me for what i did; the only good thing that came out of it was I got to play a little mind game. But that isn’t even worth it, know why did you call and more importantly, how am i standing in my house?!” Mythic pressed Victor for information, now waiting for a response.

“Well, a few things, one I ‘was’ going to say sorry for what happened, but the screw that it was too funny. Two, the phone is a way for us to keep in contact in cause you need me to answer some question, or inform you about how to train in a certain field and I’m not using a phone just a crystal ball. Cliché, I know . Three, there is no way I could give you the ability to understand the female gender. And this is not your house; I used a duplication method to make you a second home here in Equestria, but with some… modifications to your food supply… how do I put this?” Mythic’s heart dropped. “Well you see, you are biped now, they don’t eat meat, so therefore…” Mythic only had one response option. He inhaled and screamed so loud, that both Victor, Rarity who stood downstairs waiting, and the ponies all over PonyVille winced in pain as their ear drums nearly burst. “WHY IN GODS NAME WOULD YOU DO THAT? YOU SAID YOU KNOW MUST RIGHT, DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE MY STAKES?!”

Victor was silent over the phone; frankly, he had no idea what to say. “I’D KILL FOR THEM!” Mythic screeched into the phone. Victor tried making Mythic see reason in a cowardly voice. “But you can’t eat it. You’re not made to eat it in this realm, your body won’t digest it and you can’t even chew it properly. You might have had cravings back on Earth but here you’ll get used to not eating meat. You will find other sources of protein and such. It’s not a big deal, besides you’ll look crazy eating meat, the Ponies will think you’re a cannibal!” Mythic stopped his howling and thought about what Victor said. ‘Damn it, he has a good point, but I lived off the stuff! How am I supposed to change that?’ Mythic spoke, now this a cooled down attitude. “I-I- I’m sorry, it’s just… I never thought It’d come to this. I have spent so much time dreaming and thinking, what would happen if this happened, or if that accrued. Never have I ever thought about not having my beloved meat taken from me.” A tear dripped from his eye. “It’s scary, ok”

Victor was silent once more before yelling at Mythic this time. “Are you serious!? You can deal with becoming a 'animal', finding out you need to fight beings that can simply destroy you and deal with all other situations, but brake down when you can’t have meat? I swear, if this is not delayed shock, you are just stupid!”

“That sort of hurts my feelings. For a higher being, you sure are mean.”

“Don’t care. And you started it. Now go do what you have to do and get to training, the Shard will be sending Corrupt at you soon, most likely” Victor said with a grim fashion.

“Like Talos?” Mythic gulped in horror at the thought. He heard steps coming up the stairs; he stuck his head out the door and saw Rarity walking up the stairs with an expression of fright. She could hardly form a sentence. “M-Mythic, w-was that y-you?” Mythic’s previous roaring scared the living hell out of her and most likely a few other ponies in town. He covers the speaker of the phone and whispered to her. “Sorry for that. I’ll be down soon, give me a second” He then put the phone back to his ear.

“No, they can’t just send out their elite for ‘every’ fight. First they’ll test you current strength and determine the best course of action. Then they’ll send in the big boys. I suggest you get Luna to help you with your rune magic.”

“Why her, why not Twilight or someone more available?” Mythic didn’t understand, surely the Princess had more important matters to attend to.

“Well that would make more sense, but she is the only one who can use Runes in Equestria. Well Celestia as well, but Luna doesn’t do much ruling.” Victor said with a matter of fact manner.

“Oh, well I guess that makes sense, is that all?”

“Yeah, oh wait; along with the house you have electricity and running water.

”Mythic was both in joy and surprise. “How is that possible? That isn’t logical.”

“Really, you’re siding with logic? Its magic dumbass, and who needs logic anyway? I’ll see you around.” With that, Victor’s voice went silent and a dull beep was heard from the phone.

“Hello, Victor?” BEEP BEEP BEEP. “Damn it, non-explaining-magic son of a bitch. Well at least i don't need to go dig hole in the yard."

And with that he threw the phone on the bed and walked away. Rarity was still at the top step, waiting for Mythic. “Is everything ok? You scared me half to death with your yelling earlier.”

Mythic chuckled “Yeah, I sounded crazy I know. But everything is better, for now. I have to get things done and quickly, you still going to make me some clothes?”

Rarity nodded “I’d love to, but I don’t know teleportation magic and we can’t have ponies see that you’re an Alicorn.” She rubbed her chin. “There has to be a way to get to my boutique without anypony seeing…”

Mythic though and rubbed his chin as well, for a minute they thought. Mythic then hit his head with a hoof and laughed. He walked back into his room and picked up some of his larger shirts and held them in his mouth. He walked back into the hall and dropped them on the floor, his face holding a brilliant smile."Well as much I want to just send you fall to go get your stuff, I want to see the town. And besides" He pointed to the “Who says they don’t have to see me? They just can’t see my wings, which are already tied down.” He chuckled “I’m brilliant!”

“I didn’t think this through. They are so uncomfortable under all this cloth, why did you make it so~ tight?” It was not three minutes since the two left Mythic’s house and entered the town. Through both their efforts, Rarity was able to tie five white shirts around Mythic and cover both the bandage and his wings. But it was in vain, Mythic kept fidgeting with his sides as the shirts and bandaged wings kept making friction sending Mythic into a rant about his discomfort. “Was there no other way to do this Rarity?”

Rarity gave him a monotone reply. “Yes, there was no other way. I don’t mean to be rude, but shut up we are half way there. We simply need to cut through the market and you can stop wearing that last minute rag-tag getup.” After that she huffed and lifted her nose in the air.

What a stuck up, wait, don’t go down that road. Let us ponder for a moment, look at this in her view for a second dumbass. You kiss her, not your fault but still, and then make her and Twilight see me act a fool in the street. Skip to the house, I yell and scare her then whine. Scratch the last bit, complain is what I mean to say. He he, bit… he he he…ponies.’ Mythic was lost in his pun for a minute before coming back to reality. ‘Focus, focus, you need to say sorry. You have done this before, expect mix results. Dear lord please don’t be like last time.’ Mythic cleared his throat and run up to Rarity who was leading the way through the market. He got up to her side and started “Rarity, I don’t think this should go without saying, I’m sorry if I have been less then, well, appreciative. I truly am thankful of you doing this; it would have been weird for me walking around naked.”

Rarity stopped in the middle of the market to listen to Mythic. The two were making somewhat a scene in the market and quickly grow the curiosity of some pass biers and cart owners, but Mythic was oblivious. “Look at me Rarity, please. I might not have done much bad, but I have not done any good either. I can tell you’re annoyed by my attitude and I can whine like a child, but please forgive me?” Mythic got on three knees and extended one hoof out to Rarity. Nopony knew what was going on but watch the two with intensity in their eyes. They didn’t know who he was but didn’t care at the moment; this was to some very entertaining. Rarity looked down at Mythic, who put on his bad poker face. She looked down at him for a straight two minutes before smiling and grabbing his hoof. She lends in and gave him a hug and began talking to him. “You don’t need to worry Mythic dear, I’m not mad at you. But yes you can whine so~ much, you have been here for the shortest while and I haven’t heard so much complaining from one pony! But I do forgive you.” All the ponies around them cheered.

‘Hug plus crowd of cheering strangers equals, awkward. Must move away, NOW!’ Mythic struggled to escape Rarity’s embrace. “OK Rarity let go, now. I want to get out of here, people are looking.”

“Oh right sorry, dear. And don’t fret, we are nearly there.” Rarity let go of Mythic and they started again, it wasn’t long before they made it to Rarity’s Boutique. As they got closer Mythic heard the sounds of young ponies playing around coming from the front door, it was open. He could see an orange Pegasus jumping around with two others, but they couldn’t be seen. Rarity cringed somewhat at the sound coming from the Boutique. “Well I guess you’ll need to wait Mythic, I have some fillies to take care of.” She the stomped off into the building and left Mythic in a state of panic and confusion. ‘What does she mean by take care of? Oh lord is she a mother, did I kiss a mother!? What of her husband, they have that practice here right? Of course they do, they have some much other stuff and he is going to kill me if he finds out! Only one word can describe my life right now, BUCK… the hell?’ “Buck… buck… Buckity Mcbuck buck. What the hell, I can’t say it!” Mythic was astonished and horrified by this discovery, he couldn’t wrap his mind around it, he lost the ability to say a word, why? ‘Victor now has one more thing to die for! Buck, damn it all, I want my cloths and then I’m heading home and talking to that prick. If I can punch a damn button that is! Mythic walk to the door frame to catch Rarity lecturing three fillies. Mythic took note of them; one was orange Pegasus with a purplish mane and tail. ‘I already like that one.’ A yellow earth pony with a red mane and tail, she had a red bow in her mane. ‘Dawww’ The last was a white unicorn with a purple and pick mane and tail. ‘Meh, wait a damn second!’ He took a good look at her, that at Rarity, then back at the filly, then back to Rarity. He did this about seven times till it clicked in his head. 'That must be the one! The other two must be friends or something, but she is definitely related to Rarity. I mean look at her!'

Rarity was finishing up her rant when the little unicorn spotted Mythic out by the door. “Um…Rarity? I think someone’s at the door.” Sweetie Bell then pointed to the door as Mythic slowly trotted backwards away. Too late. Rarity turned around and called for Mythic. “Mythic come here please, I’d like you to meet these three.” Mythic sighed and walked back into the building, he lazily made his way to Rarity’s side. “I’d like you to meet, Scootaloo, Applebloom and Sweetie Bell. Applebloom is Applejacks sister and Sweetie Bell is my sister.” Mythic smiled and waved to the three fillies. ‘Thank sweet baby oh lord! I’m … not safe she could still have a man, stallion whatever the term is. Still screwed!’

“Girls, I’d like you to meet Mythic Rune. He is a friend of mine and just moved into town.” The three fillies gave Mythic a smile and waved back at him. “Like I said before I don’t mind you playing around in her dears, just keep it down ok?” They all nodded in unison which made Mythic chuckle in amusement. “Now then, I’ll be upstairs working on Mythic here. I ask not to be disturbed, come with me Mythic.” Rarity leads the way and walked up the stairs on into her own room, but Mythic stood there as the little ones rushed all around him. They wanted to ask him questions but they had to much, so mythic clamed them down and told them he’d answer one each.

Sweetie Bell went first. “How do you know my sister, sir, she never said anything about you?” Mythic pondered for a moment. ‘I don’t like to lie per say, but I’ll tell her the vague truth.’ “Well, I helped Rarity out in a tough spot a while back and that’s how we met. I’m sorry Sweetie Bell, but I can’t go into detail about what happened, she doesn't likle to talk about it..” Sweetie bell nodded and stepped away from Mythic, next was Scootaloo.

Scootaloo walked up to Mythic and stared at him. She analyzed his whole body. “I don’t mean to be rude sir, but why do you have stripes like a zebra?” ‘Damn it, I didn’t think about that, why I got so much attention back in the market? Think, think, thonk!’ Mythic cleared his throat. “Well my little Pegasus, were I come from it is not normal to have these stripes. But they are important because it tells those around me that I’m uhmm a great um magic user, that’s right a powerful and great unicorn. For you see i was born in a temple were monk would study the old ways. But that’s a secret between you and me.” Mythic then winked to Scootaloo who raised an eyebrow but quickly nodded in acceptance.

It was Applebloom’s and her friend, gave Mythic a once over. “Why ah got them shirts on ya lik’ that?” ‘A decent question.’ “Well I have these here shirts on like this because I have bandages on, but the injury was very bad. So it makes me feel better to have them covered up my dear little Applebloom, but I had small shirts so I tied them up to cover the whole thing.” Applebloom jumped to Mythic’s side and studied the makeshift wrap that covered his hurt wings. She raised a hoof to pock at it but Mythic jump over to give him some space. He panicked for a moment and quickly shuffled to the stairs. “Sorry little one, but the doctor said it would really hurt should I be touched in the side. Bye now!” He shot for the door at the top of the stairs and shut it closed as he went in. The slam spooked Rarity as she shuffled mannequins and fabrics, causing everything in her magic grasp to fall to the floor.

“Mythic, why would you slam my door, you made me drop everything!?” She was in vex.

“Sorry Rarity, the little ones were asking me questions and I had to lie, to an extent. But Applebloom was about to touch my wing so I freaked out! What if they knew, huh? You heard Twilight before; I can’t show my bad boys off, at least not yet anyway.” He tried to use logic to calm Rarity down. “Should we start? I really want some clothes; I just don’t know how you ponies do it, not wear clothes all the time that is.” As mythic spoke he turned his head back and bit the shirt that was closest and tore it off with his teeth.

Rarity lifted up all that she dropped and sighed. “All right you can stop that, I’ll handle it.” Using her magic she untied the remaining shirts off Mythic. “Now come over her so I can measure you properly.” As he walked over he smiled and chuckled to himself, making Rarity confused. “What is so funny?”

Mythic now stood in front of Rarity and just kept smiling. “You were going to use magic this time? We don’t want a repeat of last time you were ‘measuring’... or do you?” He twitched his eye brow and laughed a little. Rarity blushed a little and hit him on the head with a roll of blue fabric, making him wince. “Oi, that hurt to an extent there little missy.” She shot him a glare. “Ok, ok sorry. But seriously, can we start now?”

After about three minutes of silence, Mythic started to make small talk. “So~ anypony in your life right now?” ‘I just can’t stay quite, huh?’ Rarity finished measuring Mythic’s legs and spoke nearly unfazed by the question. “Not right now, no darling.'Oh thank god!' Why, are you offering?” She gave him a playful wink.

“See Rarity, now you’re starting to understand my psyche, but no. I’m just making small talk.” Mythic smiled.

“Oh well, how about you Mythic. Did you leave a love behind?”

“No not really, my family yes. But other from that, not too much of an impact i’ll be leaving back on earth. There was this one girl that… never mind.”

“No tell me, I wish to hear it.”

“[sigh] Alright, there was this one girl, Lacy, who did like me but it was, awkward. You ever had a stalker?”

Obession and Stupidity

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Rarity was now confused “A stalker? No, can’t say I have.”

“Well god bless you, I did. She lived so close and we went to the same school, double points against me.”

“How bad was it dear?”

“Well that’s the thing, it wasn’t bad at first. We were in the same class, triple points, and I liked her first.”

“You did, how did it get like this then?”

“Well you see, one day I got the courage to ask her out and she said yes. We go see a movie and get a bite to eat. It went without a hitch, and then it became a regular thing. After a month or so, things got, a little darker. She clung to me and tried to turn away my friend when they were around. I was both flattered and a little annoyed. She’d call me when I was at my part-time job and at night, asking how I was doing, what I was doing and talking about ‘us’. Then she started to buy me stuff and what not. But I must digress; I did…like what…she got me.”

“Well what did she get you?”

“[Sigh] She got me matching dog collars. I don’t know why in god honest name I liked that but I did, sue me, Quad points! But back to the point, she’d always wear hers and try to make me wear mine in public, which I ended up doing once in a while. But that isn’t where it stopped; I have no idea where she got it, but I was at her house one day and I found she was going to give me a CHAIN LEASH, you know a collar with a chain attached! But me being the loving, good hearted, moron I am; I don’t talk to her about it and accept it when she gives it to me. Rarity believe me when I say I was nowhere near ready for this next bit. Get this, not a full three months into it; now I have no idea what your perspective on this is but hear me out; she wants to have sex.”

Rarity stood there, soaking in all the information. “Well, um, that seems… flattering?” She had no idea what to think. “So how did it go?”

“Oh… it didn’t go anywhere, we were only 17! If I was anyone else most likely I would have done it. But I simply have a different mind process then most and it seemed somewhat crazy, so I slowly broke ties.”

“So, she is like that because she still wanted you?”

“Yes, but only after what happened three nights after we were totally done. I love the moon, it’s just so…beyond me. Three nights after we broke up I was sitting on my back porch staring at the moon; I started to fell, nostalgic. I go inside and grab my coat and my walking stick, don’t need it just love having it. I’m about to walk out the door when I think once more, go into my room and grab that dumb dog collar my Lacy me. That was the nostalgia kicking in and I go for a long walk, just walk anywhere. I walk for about an hour and end up thinking back to the happy times I had with Lacy.

I end up going to her house and put the damn collar on in hopes to have a second go. I knock on the door and who but not Lacy opens the door and invites me in. I go inside and find a spot on her couch, she goes in the kitchen and gets me a drink we call, ‘Pepsi’ and tells me that her parents were out tonight, it was a Saturday after all. I sit her down and talk to her about the whole relationship and how sorry I was. But she needs to learn that I’m not going to just focus on her and that she can’t just focus on me. What happen next scared me Rarity, no for me but for her. She said that I don’t need to focus on her but that she’ll focus on me. I just gave her a hug and left, from that day on I have not tried anything to be with her. Yet she has tried to get to be with me, I have confronted her multiple times about it but she just says she loves me and with get me back. That scares the live crap out of me, to be the target of a madwoman. Can’t but fell responsible for being the one that caused that and stupid for trying to fix it, it just got worse."

Mythic sat on his hunches and though about it. ‘Why did It have to be me, I just hope she is ok.’ Rarity shuffles over to Mythic and strokes his mane, being careful not to touch his back. “I don’t completely understand what went on darling, but it sounds like you cared for her on a different level then she cared for you.” Mythic shed a single tear and sniffed while trying to keeping composure. “Rarity, my world is mad, crazy and unpredictable, I’m the only guy I know how would think the way I do. I cared for her, I wanted to do so many things with her and others around me… but she had a different agenda. She just wanted me and only to do anything that involved only me. So yeah, love on different levels.”

Rarity kept comforting Mythic, seeing that he just confessed one of what seemed to be the biggest weights on his heart. “Well I’m sure this Lacy will be alright while you’re gone. I mean how bad could it have been?”

Mythic glared at Rarity some. “My school day begins at 7:30 and I don’t leave till about 6:30. That’s about eleven hours a day I spend in class, my athletics’ and any other clubs I do. She is there in the lobby of the school every morning and evening just to see me. She is always wearing that damn collar, like it symbolizes her damn crusade to get me back!” Mythic then stood up and kicked his sleeping legs in order to regain feeling. “Welp, thanks for hearing me out Rare, you’re slowly becoming my favorite pony.” He gave off a wide smile and patted Rarity’s head.

Rarity shooed away Mythics hoof. "Rare ?”

“Oh, don’t like it? I just thought since you heard that long ass nestelgia story about some of my life, you get a nickname.”
Rarity grew a smile. “Well as long as it’s you, it’s ok. I’ve heard Applejack call me something similar, but I think it’s her accent. But enough of all this, I am finished with your measurements and just need to know what kind of style you’ll be wearing, dear.”

With his tongue hanging out and hoof under his chin, Mythic though for a good while. It was hard to choose, not to mention the laughter coming from Rarity has his face become a quick and funny joke. “Well, do you know what a kimono is?” A nod from a still chuckling Rarity was his only answer. “I want a couple of those, Purple with orange trim and a runic circle designed, got it?”

“Of course dear, it shouldn't take long, but you might want to go see the rest of the town, yes?"

“Hell yeah!” Mythic was pumped up to go see the town.

“Well you can go; I would stop by Sugercube Corner if I was you. Yesterday was Pinkie Pie’s day to watch over you and she was absolutely depressed to see you just lying there in bed. She’ll be happy to know you’re alright.” Rarity levitated the discarded shirts off the floor and back around Mythic and retied them. She then walked him down stairs and gave him directions to the bakery. She saw him off and waved good bye.

As he walked alone, Mythic though back on what Rarity said about Pinkie Pie. “So she is upset that I was out for all that time aye? And I’m basing this off of the first time we meet, but I think I know how to cheer her up instantly." Mythic walked for about two more minutes before coming up to the bakery. He looked through the glass to see if there was any sign of Pinkie, he couldn’t see her anywhere. He then opened the door into the bakery and cracked his neck side to side.

"Lets do this!"


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As Mythic opened the door into the bakery, and walked up to the counter. He tapped his hoof waiting for someone to come out and service him, but no one did and he grew inpatient. “Hello, is anyone there?” He soon heard hoof steps coming from the back and soon a yellow earth pony walked into the room wearing some kind of work uniform. “I’m sorry sir but we are closed at the moment. Please come back tomorrow.” The earth pony walked back into the kitchen of the bakery.

“Sorry, I was told a Pinkie Pie worked her?” Hearing this made the earth pony turn around and head straight to Mythic. “My apologizes, I haven’t seen you around town, are you new?” Mythic nodded. “Just moved here from a far, so I take it she is here. Are you her co-worker or something?” The earth pony extended his hoof for a shake. “I’m her boss Mr. Cake, and yes Pinkie is here. She has been up in her room, but isn't feeling to good."

“Yeah I know, that’s why I’m here. You see we were recently befriended and I had an accident, so that’s probably why she’s upset.” Mythic spotted a set of stairs out the corner of his eye and started towards it. “You said she was up stairs right.” Mr. Cake nodded in response. “Yes here room is the one with the… well pink door. But first, what is your name?” Mythic stopped right in front of the stairs but didn’t face Mr. Cake. “Mr. Cake there is a set of things you should know about me. One, my name is Rune, Mythic Rune. Second, over the course of years of training I have developed a set of unique skills I use to accomplish my goals. And third…” Mythic then walked up the stairs and scouted the upper level and spotted his target. He then trotted back down where an anxious Mr. Cake waited. “What is third?”

Mythic stood at the bottom step and ran is hoof along the ground, he prepared to charge. “Third… I go by a second name back home and it is...” He didn’t wait for Mr. Cake to ask, Mythic just rushed up the stairs and roared at the top of his lungs. “LEEROYYYYYYYY…. J-J-J-J-J-JENKINSSSSSSSS!!!” At top speed he jumps at the door and spins around, allowing him to buck the door open. “I have waited my whole life to do that.” He looked in the room with a smile and saw Pinkie Pie sitting on her bed eating a couple of cupcakes, but just about to chocked when she heard her door slam in. She coughed a few times and managed to clear her throat from the chunks of pastry.

“Wha…what was that? Oh Mythic!” When Mythic first entered the room, Pinkie Pies mane was deflated in a way. But now seemed to return to the puffy state it was in when the two met. She jumped off the bed and rushed to him and hugged him with great force, which nearly chocked ‘him’ to death! “Oyo Mythic I’m so~ glad you're out of the hospital. I worried you’d be there for like ever, you just slept all day for like a week! But that’s over now and I’m happy Pinkie!” She tightened her grip and caused Mythic to go limp for a moment. His mind functioned, but his body was quickly losing blood flow.

‘This is it huh? I thought I was supposed to fight and most likely die in an epic blaze of glory. But nope: Doctor what was the C.O.D, strangulation by one Pinkie Pie.’ For a split second Pinkie’s grip loosened and allowed Mythic to gain some much needed oxygen. “Pi… Pinkie le…let go. Blea” With those last words he went limp once more with his tongue hanging from his mouth. “Oh, sorry about that Mythic.” Pinkie let go of him completely and the oxygen flow slowly returned to normal in Mythic’s body. “ Aha… I live to die another day!"

Pinkie chuckled and returns to lie on her bed; she continued to eat the unfinished cupcake she had been nibbling at earlier. “Yummy, want one Mythic?” Mythic shuffled to the bed and examines the colorful pastry on the crumb filled bed. ‘Can I really eat it in this form? Number what, five to ask Victor?’ Mythic leans in and takes a bite of the cupcake. As the chunk he bit off touches his tongue, his eyes widen and a goofy smiles creeps up. “Holy buck that’s good! I have never tasted something so good!” Mythic then devours the rest of the cupcake in one bite. “Mythic, you should use that kind of language you know.” Pinkie pointed her hoof into Mythic’s chest.

“Wait, that’s a curse here?” Pinkie nodded. “Well now, who cares? Back on earth there is worse to be said I’m sure.” Then Mythic suddenly had a thought that made his smile menacingly. “Hey Pinkie, do you know what skittles are?” He begged in the back of his mind she didn’t. Pinkie thought for a minute, but came up short. “Nopy dopy, no idea what that is.” The smile on Mythic’s face grew even larger. “That is good young one, grab a bag and follow me. We must return to the Rune cave!” Mythic emphasizes by stading on hind legs and throwing one hoof in the air while another sits on his side. Even though Pinkie was confused she liked Mythic’s attitude. She walked to a closet and pulled out a settle bag and threw it on. “Okie dokie lokie, but why may I ask?”

“Two things need to be accomplished here. One we need to get back to my house to get the supplies. Two, we need to find Rainbow Dash; the most crucial part is finding her.” Mythic led the way out but stopped just outside the door. “Oi Pinkie, do you think your door is ok? I didn’t mean to do any damage… ok scratch that it would be totally worth busting in a door.” Pinkie bounced from her closet to the door and tried to swing it closed. The knob appeared to be stuck in the wall and cracked the area around the impact. Yet the only one to see this was Pinkie. “It seems ok to me, let’s go!” Mythic led the way down stairs and out the door before being stopped by Mr. Cake, who simply shouted out a question to the two. “What was that noise earlier?” Mythic turned around and with cold eyes and an emotionless voice stared into the eyes of Mr. Cake. “That sir… was me… being an overpowered badass.” He then turned and headed for what he that was the general direction of home, followed by a bouncing Pinkie Pie.

In about several minutes, Mythic and Pinkie arrived outside the manor like home. “Yup, I know I was good with directions. Probably the only man, er, stallion that good, come on inside Pinkie and I’ll get the stuff.” Mythic opened his front door and invited Pinkie in. She followed and closed the door behind her, being left in the living room as Mythic went on a hunt for his special stash in the kitchen. Loud sounds as pots and pans fell could be heard. “Mythic are you ok in there silly?” The window that acted as a second entrance into the kitchen was suddenly filled with the sight of Mythic with a bag of flower over his head. He had opened an over head cupboard and the bag fell on his head. “Come on man! I don’t even own this! Strike six, Victor that MoFo had to have planned this. I love the kid but... just damn it.” He threw the flower on the ground and squealed like a girl and shook is whole body as he caught sight a brown bag in the corner of the cupboard. He then reached up and grabbed it with his hooves. “Pinkie come here please I have something for you.”

Pinkie bounced into the kitchen and next to Mythic. “What is it, is it a surprise? I like those a lot but if it’s not it’s ok but just know I like surprises!” Mythic sighed and face hoofed. “Pinkie, open the bag please and yes, sorry but it is a surprise that will be short lived.” Pinkie opened the bag and Mythic placed the brown bag in the bigger settle bag. “ Alrighty then~ just need to find Rainbow Dash. You have any Idea where she could be, you’re her friend.”

Pinkie chuckled. “Well you’re her friend now too silly head.”

“Ok fine, but we still need to get to her.”

“That’s easy; she is always up in the cloud when she isn’t working. Everypony knows that much about her. Oh, I forgot you’re new.” Pinkie rubbed the back of her head.

Mythic patted her head. “It’s ok Pinkie, but when you say, ‘in the clouds.’ Are you being metaphoric or…?” Mythic waited.

“Nope, she is always sleeping on a cloud. But it should be easy enough, I mean you being a big powerful Alicorn!” Pinkie jumped around in excitement.

Mythic sighed once again in grief. “I know what you mean, but I can’t fly right now. My wings got injured during my fight with Talos. Plus Twilight said not to let anypony see my wings, so I put them under these shirts.” Mythic pointed to the bundle tied around his body. Pinkie stopped and rushed to Mythic’s side to examine what he meant. “Yeah, I thought that was just a fashion statement or something. But if you can’t fly, we should go get Fluttershy to help. She doesn’t live to far I think, did you notice the large forest that stretches to the east of your house?"

Mythic shrugged. “Never noticed it before, does she live close to it?” Pinkie smiled and nodded. “Cool… wait a second, Fluttershy? You mean that yellow Pegasus with pink mane, that Fluttershy?” Pinkie nodded slowly. “That cute little, shy, Pegasus lives close by?” Pinkie smirked and nodded again without making a sound. ‘Oh. My. Gosh. She was so cute and small and helpless. It was so adorable, I could just squeeze her and stroke that mane I mean… holy buck I should really think before I speak. Wait aren’t I thinking right now? Huh, a thought within a thought .......... (Play it)

With that, Mythic didn’t acknowledge Pinkie anymore, he didn’t acknowledge anything anymore. He simply stared one thousand miles into a wall. His mind flowed out of its prison of flesh and bone and flowed along the currents of eternity. Mythic entered a near astral form and floated into a rift in space-time. He saw colors never seen before and shapes that he could never comprehend. His mind absorbed information he could never understand and ideals that made both complete and at the same time no sense. His whole life flashed before his eyes, but not all of it made sense, it was like he saw different outcomes and probabilities. He floated into one more rift and ascended into a white grand hall and appeared a pedestal with a black crown on a golden cushion. He reached for it and took hold of it. He placed it on his head and roar with great might to the heavens. “I AM THE MASTER!” From behind he heard crowds’ cheer and angles sing. He stood with pride and roar once more without saying anything, just a roar to show is power. But before anything else a small Pink pony popped out of a third rift and dragged him in with her. (Stop playing)

"Mythic, are you okay there?" Pinkie waved her hoof furiously in front of Mythic’s face. His eyes were darkened and stale, a cold expression on the rest of his face. Slowly his eyes lit up and he started to shake his head. “What… Pinkie… what happened?” Pinkie shrugged. “Don’t know you were asking about Flutteshy and then you when crazy. Not crazy crazy, but dead still crazy!” Mythic blinked violently. “It… felt… so real though.” Under her breath Pinkie couldn’t help say something. “It usually does the first few times…”

“Pinkie you say something?” Mythic was still readjusting to his surroundings. Pinkie perked up a little more. “Oh, nothing, we should head out for Fluttershy!” !” Mythic shook the last bit of himself and started for the door. “Right you lead and I’ll follow.” He opened the door and they were off to get Fluttershy and then Rainbow Dash. ‘I shall put it to rest. My lifelong dream, I shall taste… the true Rainbow! Then we’ll see what Rainbows really taste like!'

For Love!... of Skittles

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Mythic and Pinkie had just left the house and had walked for not two minutes when he had a quick though enter the front of his mind. “Pinkie stop, we forgot something!” Pinkie was startled and jumped a yard in the year. “Wha… what are you talking about?” Mythic turned and ran back to the house, leaving Pinkie behind. He came up to the door and threw it open; he rushed to the kitchen and ran through the cabinets. After about a minute Pinkie rushes in to find Mythic still searching for what, she doesn’t know. “Mythic what are you doing now?”

“Tally-ho MoFo, found it!” With a bag in his mouth Mythic trotted out of the kitchen and swung it with his teeth. The bag was filled with white gooey clumps of sugar. “Pinkie, this is part of my life’s work. So please be patient while I eat this marshmallow. Dear god this...this might be the key!” With that, Mythic open the bag of marshmallows and took one in to his mouth. His eyes slowly grew and his lips curve, he then swallowed the marshmallow whole. “Wow, I had a feeling she tasted familiar. Now I definitely need to find Rainbow Dash, came on Pinkie.” Pinkie groaned in frustration. "Aagh, make up your mind!"
As Mythic and Pinkie Pie set off on their task, two others were enjoying a late lunch.

“Luna I can’t thank you enough for joining me for late lunch. I’ve had the longest day in a long while.” Celestia took a sip of her tea merrily. Luna sat on the opposite side of her sister while on a balcony looking over the city of Canterlot and PonyVille. “[Yawn]. It is truly a lovely day and it is no problem Tia. I was getting hungry in my sleep anyway.” Luna then took a bite of a doughnut designed with chocolate and star sprinkles. “Mm, delicious, Tia I have been wondering about, Mythic. Have you gotten word of his conduction?”

Celesta softly sighed. “No, I haven’t gotten word on Mythic. He started out as a human remember?, they always were the toughest. Or so I gathered.” She once more sipped her tea. Luna took one more bite of her doughnut as well. “While it is true I have a vague memory of them, why is Mythic not in his other form? Do you think…?” Celestia raised a hoof to stop Luna. “Please Luna, you now my feeling upon the subject. But yes, he probably does have a…”
Before Celestia could finish, a green flame conjured in front of her and a scroll came forth. “It seems Twilight has written something.” Celestia began to open and examine the scroll.

Luna sighed and made a sly remark under her breath. “No, you don’t say?” And bit into her doughnut. Celestia stopped and glared over to Luna. “Did you say something, Sister?” Luna swallowed. “Nope.” With that Celestia finished reading Twilights letter, then releasing another long sigh; she never looked up from the scroll. “Well, it seems Mythic is awake. Good for him.” Venom dripped as she spoke. “Does that satisfy your earlier concern, Luna?” No answer. “Luna?” Celestia looked up to see an empty seat and half finished doughnut on the table. “Well if she thinks what I’m thinking…” Celestia stood up and walked into the Castle and headed to where she thought her sister would be going in such a rush.

Luna flew through the halls of Canterlot Castle in a hurry. She turned corners and nearly hit a few servants. “Sorry!” ‘I hope I get there before Tia get’s to me.’ She burst opened the door into her own chambers and with her magic, levitated a few bags and stared to fill them with some personal trinkets and books. She felt that she was safe of she finished gathering her things and closed the bags. As she trotted to one of her larger closets, she felt as though an arrow was had been shot into the back of her head. She turned and saw Celestia at an uncomforting close distance. “Agh, Sister!” Luna then stumbled to the floor. “I’m… sorry I had to leave… I had, um… stomach issue's?” Luna tried her very best to play it off, she is a damn foal.

“Luna, where do you plan on going?” Celestia raised her brow. “You’re not planning to pay Mythic a visit are you?” Luna smiled slyly. “I’m not planning on visiting him, I plan on visiting Twilight Sparkle.” Celestia didn’t say a word and just glared at Luna, making her crack a little. “And maybe some of her friends…” Celestia kept it up; her glare turned into a stare the rivaled Fluttershy’s. “… and see how Mythic’s doing?”


"Why what?"

“You know how I feel so, why would you go and associate with one of them?” Celestia was now on the verge of using the royal Canterlot voice.

“Celestia, I may not be as old as you, but I think we both know what it means since he is here.”

“That does not answer the question!”

“You know already know why. You’re not going to teach him! So I will do it myself, what would father…”

“Don’t bring him into this, don’t you dare!” Celestia was now screaming at the top of her lungs. The sudden reminder of her parents forced tears to flow out like flood gates. She had tried to forget about what happened, but Luna brought it all back.

“Don’t… just don’t, please.” She continued to sob.

Luna walked to her sister. “Celestia, you know what needs to be done. I think we both had a hoof in this, me more than you and that id why I will take responsibility. Plus sister…” Luna took in a deep breath. “You know what Aura Sight said to Mother and Father.” Celestia regained some of her composure. “He was a damn fool, Aura Sight, that old stallion died in an inferno. He might have been great for his time, but I’m not going to get involved in problems of the old world. I promised them I’d not allow another invasion into our world.”

“But that’s the problem, now that Mythic is here. Now they will defiantly come back, I was small back then but I still remember that it was horrifying. If you don’t want anypony to die, I must go and train him. We both know it to be true.” Luna stood tall and returned to opening the closet. Inside were her royal armor pieces and a large stack of tomes. Luna levitated a trunk over to the closet and placed the tomes in first. She then went for her armor, but it was already in her sisters grasp. "Luna, if I let you go, I need you to do two things. One, I need you to keep an eye out for trouble, that means keep an eye on Mythic at all times.” Luna nodded. “And two, I think you’d need a disguise in order to keep commotion down to a minimal. Don’t you think so?” Celestia then released the armor from her grasp and placed into the trunk. “So~, I can go?” Luna didn’t expect Celestia to just let her go.

“[Sigh] I will allow you to teach Mythic how to use Runes and other magic. But only if you follow these terms and conditions. I am not happy about it, but you might just be right about this. I have no idea ‘how’ it could of happen, but we caused this. But you did have more to do with it, so you go.” She then wiped away her last tear. “I’ll be able to handle the Moon and Sun while you’re gone. I’ve done it before.” She then put on a large but fake smile.

“Tia, I can still handle the moon. If you really are against this, just tell me. But keep in mind; I was there to retrieve him from his fight. From the look of things, he was about to die and his runic shield cracked so easily.”

“Luna, I don’t like it at all. I don’t hate anything, but I hate his kind. They were responsible for what happened and they couldn’t deal with it. Yet I do agree that he needs to learn how to use his abilities. I just can’t shake this feeling of hate; maybe he can redeem the mistakes’ of his ancestors, who knows.” Celestia then hugged Luna and started to walk out of her chambers. “Would you like me to call a chariot for you Luna?”

“That won’t be necessary Tia, I’ll simply teleport.” Luna horn began to glow bright blue. “I’ll also shift when I get to PonyVille, I have a hat and pair of shades I’d like to wear. Bye Tia” Luna waved to her sister and disappeared along with her bags and trunk. Celestia smiled back at the empty room and then walked back to her balcony and sat there for a few minutes, looking over her kingdom.

Pinkie and Mythic were only a short distance from Fluttershy’s cottage. The whole trip the two talked about their favorite treats and the like. Pinkie was almost absorbed in Mythic tales of the ‘Oreo’. “I love them, almost as much as Skittles. An oreo is made of two chocolate cookies squishing cream in the center, usually white cream but they sometimes make ones with different colors. Hasn’t happened in a while though, mofos.” Mythic grunted as he finished his explanation. Pinkie twisted her head at hearing the last part. “Hey Mythic, what is mofo?”

“Well my dear Pinkie it is short for a curse back home.”

“What’s the curse?”

Mythic raised a brow. “Well, just remember that i never say it to an actual person or pony, it means MotherBucker…” ‘Damn it Victor, I’ll say what I want!’ Before Mythic could go into depth of is hatred for Victor on multiple levels, Pinkie squealed. “Hey we’re almost there!” Mythic looked to see what Pinkie meant. He saw a small land bridge leading over a steam. Beyond that, was a small cottage with all types of flora covering the roof.

“That is her house?”

“No silly, that’s her cottage!”

“Oh~, didn’t know there was a difference. Starting to wish I had a robe right now, but that won’t faze me. Tally-ho Mofo!"

The two walked up to the door and Pinkie knocked on the door. After a moment they heard hoof steps and then saw Fluttershy open the door. “Oh, hi Pinkie, are you here to pick up gummy?” She then shifted her vision and saw Mythic right behind Pinkie. “Mythic, you’re awake!” She bolted out the door frame and tackle hugged Mythic. “It’s good to see you’re up and about!” Mythic wasn’t exactly choking, but Fluttershy held on tight to his neck. ‘At least she isn’t touching my wings, damn them, why are they… don’t you bucking tell me that’s how they work! Thank god for these shirts, got to get her off before they notice!’ “Okay Fluttershy, you can get off now, please.” She was a little harder to remove then expected but she got off of him. She then looked over to see the shirts tied around his side. “Um, why do you have those shirts covering your wing, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Well you see, Twilight went crazy on me and told me not to allow anyone to see my wings. They are also bandaged up for the time being, but the doc said I’ll be good to go in no time at all.” He gave Fluttershy a reassuring smile. “I just can’t let anybody touch them, go near them, or look at them… don’t look at them!” He put his face in Fluttershy’s and stared into her eyes, just to make sure they had an understanding. It would have worked, if his stomach didn’t roar like a damn lion at that very second. Pinkie giggled. “I think someone is hungry.”

“Well I haven’t eaten all day, give me a break. Oh that reminds me Fluttershy I need your help to taste Rainbow Dash.” He said casually with a smile. Fluttershy just stared at him, not even Pinkie had a reaction. “Don’t worry girls, it for science! It also involves what’s in the bag I gave you Pinkie Pie. Please open it.” Pinkie hesitantly opened her sattle bag and retrieved the smaller brown bag. She then hoofed it to Mythic. “Yes finally I was waiting for you, you dirty…dirty girl you.” He then kissed the bag and ripped it to shreds. From within the brown bag was another plastic bag, completely filled with small pieces of rainbow colored candies. “Girls, meet skittles… my addiction and my pleasure.”

Fluttershy was the first to question Mythic. “So, um… what-t do y-you mean by… taste… Rainbow Dash?” Mythic looked up at Fluttershy with a slight blush and a sly smile. “Can you keep a secret?” Pinkie and Fluttershy nodded in silence. “Ok well today when I woke up… Rarity kissed me.” They gasped. “I know right? I think she was trying to seduce me while I slept, but Twilight took her side in the matter so I dropped it. But she left a familiar taste in my mouth; I didn’t know what it was so I let it be. Later I went to see Pinkie.” He emphasized by pointing at the named mare. “We talked and stuff, she then gave me a cupcake and it was to die for. I have never tasted something like it, the only two things I enjoyed at a similar level was chocolate and skittles. That is when I remembered the taste of skittles and connected to Rainbow Dash inside my head.” He finished off be knocking on his head.

Fluttershy still didn’t understand. “But what makes you think Rainbow tastes like, well the Rainbow.”

“Well when I was going about my business, I though upon what Rarity tasted like, it kept nagging me. I was coming to ask for your help in finding Rainbow Dash when I had an idea. Pinkie, that’s when I rush back to the house and ate the marshmallow. It then dawned on me, Rarity tasted like a marshmallow! Now I’m on a crusade to taste the Rainbow, the boys back on earth wouldn’t believe this!” He then looked over to the two mares, stunned by his reasoning. Pinkie jumped over to Mythic with a hoof out. “Can I try one?”

He shrugged and poured some of the skittles out of the bag and into Pinkie’s hoof. “Go ahead.” Pinkie then threw her head back and engulfed all the skittles that where in her hoof. After a few seconds a hug burst of energy rushed through the pink earth pony. She jumped around and ran and even bounced on Mythic’s head for a few moments. “OH MY GOSH, THESE ARE BETTER THEN ANY RAINBOW!” She then died down back at Fluttershy’s side. Mythic did not expect that. “What do you mean ‘its better than any rainbow’?” Pinkie laughed. “Well you see, I have tasted a real rainbow. They are really really spicy, nothing like those.”

Mythic was stunned and twitched. He didn’t want to believe Pinkie and just turned to look at Fluttershy, who was chuckling a little. “Fluttershy, is she pulling my leg here?” Fluttershy shook her head, leaving Mythic disappointed. “Well damn it, here I thought the rainbow taste awesome. You know what, screw it, I’m going home it get some food. Hey Fluttershy, what time is it anyway? I haven’t looked at a damn clock all day.”

Fluttershy placed a hoof on her chin. “Last I check it was about two forty-five.”

Mythic face hoofed. “I spent all that time not eating, safe for a few pieces of candy and a cupcake. Alas, I need to go see if I can cook with these… hooves of doom!” Pinkie Pie chimed in. “Why don’t you get Twilight to help you with your magic, then you can cook with magic. I would like to eat magic food, I wonder if I can order that next time I…” she stopped her babbling for a whole minute. “What we talking about again?”

Mythic’s face started to hurt with all of the hooves it as received in one day. “We were talking about how you’re going to bring me to Twilight. You know where she is right?” Pinkie nodded violently. “Ok then, for the rest of the day you are staying by my side so I don’t get last. Fluttershy would you like to come along?” Fluttershy smiled. “If its ok with you, I just finished feeding the animals. I could go out for a while.” Mythic patted Fluttershy’s head. “Good to hear it, let’s go learn some magic."

Magic, gotta love it.

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“So Twi, did the Princess responded to the letter yet?” Spike sat on top of a ladder, reorganizing book after book that Twilight had long discarded. Twilight poked her head out of a pile that surrounded her like a medieval fortress. “Um, Spike I think you’d be the first to know, dah.” Spike huffed at the insult. “I knew that, I’m just so bored. I want to go see this Mythic dude already, from what I heard you tell me, he sounds awesome!” Twilight shot him a glare. “You call getting nearly killed by some monster awesome? Besides I need to see if there is any mention of that please we were taken to.”

“You’ve been doing that for nearly a whole week, why don’t you just ask Mythic or the Princesses about it?” Spike started to climb down the ladder, while Twilight climbed over the books. “Because Spike, the first time I asked the Princess she snapped at me. I was quiet scared, besides it's not like Princess Celestia would just show up." Spike sighed and walked over to Twilight. "Listen, one thing i have learned by living here, and being friends with Pinkie, is not to expect anything!" As if on que, a large ball of blue light burst out of nowhere in the center of the library. Inside was Princess Luna, along with her luggage. The bubble surrounding her faded and left Twilight in surprise while Spike held on to a smug grin. “Told ya.”

Twilight bowed her head in the presences of Luna. "Princess Luna, i-its nice to see you again, might i ask why you are here though?" Luna approached Twilight and brought herself down to her level. “You don’t have to do that you know?” Twilight picked her head up. “Now, to answer your question, I’m here for Mythic.”

“Well sorry Princess but he isn’t here. I left him with Rarity a while ago.”

“Well then we will have to go and get him than, it is a very important matter.” Luna then used her magic to levitate her luggage over to a corn her of the room. She opened one bag and pulled out a pair of shades and a hat. Twilight was very skeptical. “Um, Princess if you are planning on going out in a disguise, I think you’ll need more than that.”

“True, but this is not all I’m using mind you. Now back away for a moment would you?” Twilight complied and moved away from Luna. Luna then focused magic to engulf her body, causing it to glow and form a shell around her figure. She grew bright blue and started to shrink, her wings reseeded into her body and her horn shrunk. She took a minute at her current high and finalized her new form. When the magic dispersed, there stood a dark blue unicorn with a black and purple mane and tail. Her mane and tail were done in a way similar to before it had it's ethereal stars and flow. She wore purple shades and a knitted hat. “Is this disguise good enough?” Luna chucked.

Twilight stood with her jaw on the floor. “H-h-h-how could you do that!” Luna just laughed. “My dear Twilight, you think this is the first time me or my sister went out in public without detection?” Before either two could go on a ramble, the front door slammed open. Before it, reveled Mythic, Pinkie and Fluttershy. “I’ve come to learn magic and eat food!”

Spike yelped and jumped in the air, to which Twilight gave him a sly smirk. “I thought you said something about not expecting anything?” Spike collected himself. “So what, it was loud and who is that? Is that the Mythic guy?” Twilight nodded. Spike jumped in glee and rushed towards Mythic. But as he came into range Mythics eyes shot open and a devilish smirk was drawn on his lips.

( It had to be done )

“Pinkie, helmet, now!” Pinkie rushed out of the library and in five second came back with a strange looking armor piece. Everyone else in the room looked at his like he was crazy, which only got worse. “You little dragon, do you know who I am?” Spike nodded his head. “Oh you do, do you? Then you know I’ll the slayer of dragons, the champion of the ponies, destroyer of evil and the hero of harmony!” They all looked at his in confusion, except Pinkie Pie who sat behind him shaking in excitement. “I am the king, the master and the soul savoir. I am the Dovahkni! Do you know what I say to dragons like you?” Spike shook his head. Mythic inhaled a deep breath and then yelled. “Fus Ro Da’wwwwwww”

( Stop playing- if you want )

He picked up Spike and hugged the dragon. “I couldn’t do it, may my friend back home strike me with stone I couldn’t do it. You are too cool looking to do it. Sorry Pinkie, couldn’t Fus Ro Dah him. He is to awesome looking.” He is to awesome looking.” Pinkie sunk her head. “I thought you said you were stronger than this. I should’ve known better.”

“You didn’t tell me how cool he was! I mean come ~ on, there are no dragons back on earth and he’s a baby too!” Mythic kept his attention on Spike the whole time, but looked around and saw the faces of everypony in the room. “What? Ohhh, you have no idea what just went to, do you?” All the mares and dragon shook their heads. “Well you see back home there is this thing where it is held in the belief that if you see a dragon you yell Fus Ro Dah at it. I’m sorry little guy Pinkie told me about you on the way here and I was ready to do it, but I just can’t! May the almighty strike me down with lightning!” He dropped spike and covered his head. He cowered for a few minutes and then poked his head up. “I’m still here? That’s good, now if we can all forget that little display I just did, I need a favor Twilight.”

“What would that be, oh hero of harmony?” Everyone laughed at the joke. “Hey, what I just say!?” Twilight’s laughter died down after a few good bursts. “I’m sorry it was just funny, so what do you need?”

He was about to explain when he finally took notice of Luna in her new form. “Oh, I do apologize miss, I don’t think we have been introduced.” He walked up to her and extended his hoof. “I’m Rune, Mythic Rune. I do hope you enjoyed my performance back there.”

Luna chucked. “Um, Mythic , its Luna. The pony that saved you?”

Mythic shot her a thankful smile and dropped to the floor to start kissing her hooves. “Oh thank you, thank you. I would have died back in the void! God bless your soul kind pony lady!” He stood and blushed slightly, now aware of what he just did. “He he, sorry. But I must say, I remember you being just a smidge… bigger and badass really.”

“Well this is a form I take on when I want to good out among the common pony folk. It is my minor form.” She strutted around showing off here minor form. Mythic whistled at Luna. “Wow, pony bodies are nice.” ‘Creeping myself out, but can deal with it.’ “So what Twilight about that favor…” Luna threw a hoof in Mythic’s face to stop him.

“Sorry but we have important business to talk about, you and I.”

“What would that be, my dear Princess?” Mythic mocked a bow.

“Well, I’m here to teach you magic. I assumed you didn’t know any.”

“That’s the damn truth; I thought it was fiction or a rare reality before being dragged into the damn void. That is actually why I came here.”

“Yes, so I gathered when you burst through the door. It was quiet funny.” Luna chuckled.

“Yes… yes laugh at the human-gone-pony. But seriously when do I start learning? I have food at home, waiting to be cooked and eaten by me!” He rubbed his stomach showing it growling.

“Well then, what is your housing situation?”

“My house is just outside of town, nice huge back and front yard, it’s actually just the fields . Two baths, four bed rooms nice and big. Why do you ask?” Luna’s horn then began to glow and her luggage hit Mythic’s side. “Ouch, why would you hit me with that… wait, what ‘is’ that?” He examined the trunk that had just hit him. ‘Why would she hit me with a damn trunk? Uh, just shrug it off. Wait a tick, 2+2=4, damn it! Here I thought I could have some me time.’ “Um, Princess? “

“You can just call me Luna. Night Blur in public though.”

“Ok, Luna. Is that luggage?” She nodded. “So you aren’t going to your castle or something, and you’re staying here?” She nodded again. “You asked me about my housing because you’re staying with me, aren’t you?” She nodded for the last time. ‘Ding ding, I better say good bye to my… anime, computer and laptop, Manga, Play station. And the bottom right dresser drawer, amazing Rarity didn't open it.’

“Tell me Mythic, how did you guess? Was it that obvious?”

“I’m quick to understand what might just kill me inside. So I guess we should go?”

“I guess, this will be a wonderful opportunity for you to learn basic levitation.” Luna clapped her hooves. “I get to teach somepony, just like sister!” Luna then picked up her belongings and headed for the door but turned towards Twilight. “Sorry for the intrusion Twilight, I’ll be off now. Come along young one.”

Mythic huffed. “Who are you calling young one, ay?” Luna just kept walking. “Why that… [sigh] see ya Twilight. You and the rest can drop by at anytime, except twelve forty-one till one thirty at night. That is Mythic time and nopony else’s!” He walked to the door. “By the way, sorry for the earlier idiocy Spike, see ya again little buddy.” He patted Spikes head, followed by Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. “Bye girls!” He then left the three mares and dragon behind.

“Soooo, what you two wanna’ do?” Pinkie asked. “I wasn’t working today, Fluttershy, Twilight?”

“Well, um… maybe we should tell the Rainbow and Applejack about Mythic and the Princess?” Fluttershy pointed out. “The only other one who knows he’s awake is Rarity… right?”

Twilight nodded. “That’s a good idea. Rainbow is probably with Applejack.” She looked down at Spike. “Hold down the fort while I’m gone Spike.”

“Not like I have anything else to do” As he said that, he climbed back up his ladder.

“Alright you two, let’s go see Rainbow and AJ."

“… And ah said get outta’ there!”

“No can do AJ, your trees are the best for sleeping in!”

“That don’t mean ya could just sleep in em’!”

“If I beat you in hoof wrestling I could.”

“Ya really think ya could beat me?”

Rainbow Dash bolted to a nearby tree stump. “Bring it on!” Applejack complied and the two went at it. For about half an hour, the two were caught in a stalemate, until Pinkie Pie jumped out of nowhere. “Hey, AJ, Dashie. How’s it going?” This sent Applejack and Rainbow stumbling backwards, hitting their heads on the ground. While they tended to their sure to be bruised head’s the both saw Twilight and Fluttershy walked down the dirt path close by. Twilight waved at the two. “Hey Rainbow, AJ! “

“Hey Twi, what do ah owe the pleasure for?” She stood up and walked over to her friends, meeting them half way. “Oh, I just came to tell you Mythic is awake and he said we could visit at anytime.”

“Really, finally that slowpoke is up.” Rainbow glided to the group. “So where is he? I want to show him a few tricks.” From behind her, she heard Pinkie chuckle a little. “What is so funny?”

“Nothing.” Pinkie said nonchalantly. “Mythic wanted to show you a trick too! He said to come and see him the second you can.” Pinkie then extended a hoof off in the distance. “His house is outside town, can’t miss it. He is on his way there with Princess Luna, so you should hurry.”

“Did he say what kind of trick it is?”


“Well all right I’ll you later. And AJ, I can sleep where I want.” Without a second though Rainbow jumped into the air and dashed off towards the outskirts of town. Fluttershy and Twilight glared at Pinkie Pie. Twilight said. “Pinkie I don’t think Mythic said anything about tricks back at the library.”

Pinkie Pie turned to her. “Well, Fluttershy knows what is going to happen.” Fluttershy tilted her head. “Um Pinkie, what do you mean?”

“What did Mythic he wanted to do, when we were back at your cottage?” Pinkie put on a sly smile.

“Well he said he would like to ta… oh~ my. Fluttershy blushed. “You don’t think…?”
Applejack and Twilight felt lost in the dark. “What are you two talking about?”

“Come and you’ll see.” Pinkie then bounced off towards Mythic’s house. The rest followed suit. But as they walked, Twilight pointed out. “Shouldn’t we go get Rarity? I mean we are ‘all’ going to see him after all.”

“Ow, your right. First Rarity and then Mythic.”

"That didn't take long." Rarity was putting the final touches on Mythic kimono. She had done much of this style before, but it also didn't take too long to make. That and her own skills made the task much easier. Even though it was easy, it was only the first and she still wanted to make three more. From upstairs she heard the bells chime from her door to signal a customer. She turned to her open door and shouted. "I'll be right there, please give me just a moment!" She folded the kimono and placed it on her bed.

As Rarity made her descent down her stair case, she saw the forms of four of her friends. "Oh, i wasn't expecting you four." She took notice of who was present. 'Applejack, Fluttershy, Twilight and Pinkie Pie... wait.' "Um Pinkie dear, did Mythic ever get around to seeing you? He took off a few hours ago, i also just finished one part of a request he made. It is unique, you won't see many asking for his style."

Pinkie smiled. "Mythic saw me earlier yeah. We spent a while lot of time together, but he went home with Princess Luna. oh yeah Luna is in town and she is disguised as a regular unicorn, so yeah! And she is going to teach him magic and stuff like that."

Rarity's ears flopped down. "I see, well he must be very busy, i just see him later than." Rarity began to return to her workshop when Pinkie pointed what Mythic said out to her. "You can go and see him right now if you really wanted. He was feeling hungry, that's way he left. He said we can go visit anytime too! But why would you want to go and see him now?"

", like I said, I finished part of his order and I thought he'd like it now. You know, to get those shirts off his sides? He doesn't look very dashing in that." Rarity bolted to her room and rushed back down with Mythic's Kimono. "But he would look very appealing in this." With a smile she summoned a saddlebag and placed the kimono in it, nice and folded. "I think i'll drop this off at Mythic's house. Would you girls be going that way as well?"

Applejack spoke up. "Sur' are, ah hadn't seen Mythic since he came back all batter'd up."

"Well than, lets not keep him waiting!" With that Rarity happily led herself and her friends to the outskirts of town.

"Impressive home you have here Mythic." Luna and Mythic now stood outside at the front door, as Luna's first lesson for Mythic, he had to open the door with his unicorn magic.They have been standing out side his house for about four minutes. but it only took three to annoy him. "Okay, this is a bitch! How am i supposed to do this, maybe i'm just not able to do it?"

"Mythic it is not your ability to do this, you are able to use Rune magic! You just need to understand the concept, an invisible force that does as you ask it to. You don't need to worry about your strength in this matter, it is only a knob after all. Your horn is a way to focus the magic energies. "

Mythic sighed. "Fine, just give me a second. A force under my control..."

"No!" Luna snapped. "It is not under your control, magic is like a current. You can only guide it, only ask of it to do a task. But not like any other sentient being, you must feel and think about what must be done. Once we get inside, I have books and tome that with help you in the matter of understanding magic."

Mythic thought on what Luna said. He never though magic would work in that way. "Well..." He once again focused on the knob. He knew one way that might work, he thought the closest thing to what she said was like a prayer. "So, is it like a prayer or something?"

Luna looked over to him through her shads. "What do you mean prayer?"

"Never mind, give me a tick." Mythic closed his eyes and envisioned the knob and door, opening. His horn glowed faintly. 'Focus, open the door, magic.' He envisioned the knob turning and opening the door, he felt a quick burst fly through him. What this burst he could not explain, he felt a chill, warmth, and shock electricity all at once. He felt it run through him and gather at the tip of his horn. The door flew open and slammed into the wall, knocking down a picture frame down to the ground. The glow around Mythic’s horn died and he was left jumping in excitement. “Yeah, magic level up bitches! Spell, open a bucking door!”

Luna applauded. “Well done Mythic, maybe you put too much, but still nice work. Now for lesson two…” She threw her luggage in front of Mythic and set it down. “…Levitate my belongings to my room. I’ll be right behind you and then you can give me the tour.”

“This shouldn’t be too hard.” Mythic focused in one of the bags and thought about lifting it off the ground. I was not like the door, he couldn’t just think about it floating in the air. He then began to feel the same chill he had a moment before, but nothing happened except his horn glowed along with the bag. ‘Well it seems it’s like highlighting two points on a board, just need to connect them. Would a hand suffice or something else perhaps?’ Mythic thought back to Luna. ‘A force to do a task that I ask of it.’

“If you need to, you can envision something holding it until you become more fluent in its use.”

Mythic ignored her, if he was going to do this, he well do it the right way. He did, however, draw a connection in his mind between the bag and this horn. This resulted in another burst to move through him, but this one was less striking then the others. The two before felt similar, but also compared to this one, different. The two burst before felt like blocks that had been in the way and were being pushed out of the way. This burst felt like a block that was begin pushed just like the others, but with more ease.

The bag floated off the ground and into the air. Mythic was happy with the results, but didn’t speak. He turned to the other bags and did the same. The more he did it, the easier it becomes, even the trunk didn’t give him much trouble. “Good!” Luna jumped in joy. “I honestly didn’t think you’d get it that quickly. But now I think we should…” Luna was interrupted by a cyan blur passing over head followed by a faint rainbow, this gathering both their attentions. “Oh, I think we’re going to have a little show. That most be Rainbow dash overhead."

“How could you tell that’s her?” ‘Thud’ “Crap!” Releasing his concentration, Luna’s luggage fell to the ground. “I’ll get that later, anyway are you sure that’s Rainbow?”

Luna tilted her shads and glared at him. “You know any other Rainbow mane, cyan Pegasus?” Mythic shook his head. “Well then…”

Rainbow Dash began to descend by doing a corkscrew right above Mythic. Just before she was 10 feet off the ground she straightened out and glides away from the two on the ground and does a loop. She used her momentum to glide over head once more before landing right next to Mythic and Luna. “Sup Mythic, how’s it going?” She displayed a prideful smug look.

“Ah, you know how it is. Wake up, find a surprise on your lap, get yelled at, walk around and talk to ponies. Every day stuff, also learning magic can’t forget magic. Love the stuff!”

“That’s good to hear… who’s your friend?” She walked up to his ear to whisper. “I heard you were with the Princess.”

“Yeah… that’s Luna in disguise. Luna is teaching me magic.”

Rainbow Dash stood confused and stared blankly at Luna. “No way could that be Luna! And what do you mean, why would she teach you magic?” Luna removed her shads and revealed her eyes. She then looked Rainbow in the eyes, staring her down. "You want me to prove that?" Rainbow stood down and shook her head fearfully. "I'm good."

Mythic chuckled. “Well I need to learn how to use all my abilities properly, if ever I wish to fight using it. I plus while I’m here, I can’t just look like a unicorn and not use magic, now can I?” Mythic stated in a matter of fact way.

“What do you mean, look like a unicorn?”

“I’ll let Twilight answer that one.”

“Ok, well I’m here because Pinkie said you had a trick to show me.” Rainbow Dash hurried back to her reason of being there.

“Well she must be crazy, because I don’t have anything to… show… you…” Mythic came to a realization and face hoofed. He bore his teeth and talked though them in annoyed voice. “She had her saddlebag with her?” Rainbow nodded in confirmation. “She still has them, she still has my skittles!”

“Well she and the others will probably come back here in a little while anyway. Sooo you didn’t have anything to show me?”

“Well I could show you the house, but it might be better to hold it off if the others are coming. But since I have to show Luna here around, I guess it won’t kill me to do it three times.” He then picked the luggage back up and moved into the house.

“Stay here for a tick.” He then moved for the stairs and into the upstairs hall. “Ok, Princess gets big room.” He then manually opened the door into his parents’ room and dropped off the luggage before heading back down.

“Alright ladies, follow me on our tour of Rune Manner.” As he moved about the two mares followed close behind him. “Ok first floor holds the garage slash workshop. Right next to that is the laundry and supply room. We are in the living room slash dining room. The Kitchen is over there, oh knew I forgot something! Rarity was over but I forgot to mention about the guest room and bath. The entrance is in the kitchen also.” He moved for them to follow up stairs.

The now stood in the hall way. “This is where the bedrooms are and the main bathroom.” He opened the door to the bathroom. “Do you see the beauty of my throne? My baby.” He then closed the door and moved on to his parents’ bedroom.

“Now this is where you will you be staying, Luna. I hope it works out.” He closed the door and pointed to his own door. “And that is my room, I ask that you don’t….” The second they heard that, Rainbow and Luna bolted into his room. ‘Why do you try again? I don’t know.’

“Why is your room messy? What is all this weird stuff? Why…” Rainbow dash and Luna’s judgment of the room was stopped by Mythic’s hooves in their mouths.

“First of all, don’t leave when someone is talking! Second, Rarity had a fit or something and threw my clothes everywhere. Third, that weird stuff…” Mythic pointed to his computer, laptop and Playstation. “And that stuff…” He then pointed over to the other side of his room where there stood a book case with his collection of Manga, Mythology and Anime laid. All this was untouched by Rarity’s earlier rampage. “This is all my belongings, my books and games and media.”

“Games and Media?”

“If you two behave, I’ll show you what I mean. But only after I get something to eat, I think I’m in the mood for Penne Alla Vodka. I love my Vodka!” His eyes dilated and he grew a smile Luna and Rainbow dash found frightening. “I love my Vodka. Victor better have not taken all my Vodka!”

Entertaining the Guests

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With a menacing grin, Mythic walked out of his room with two mares in tow. Luna and Rainbow didn’t understand what Mythic was talking about, but didn’t feel like doing anything while he had that face. He looked like he was insane!

“Alright girls I need you two to wait on the sofas for just a tick while I take… ‘Stock’.” He walked down the steppes and in to the kitchen as Rainbow and Luna sat, more like laid down on the sofas. Mythic then approached a specific cupboard, right above the stove, it wasn’t as large as the others but it was wider. He dropped to his knees and prayed. ‘Dear lord, please don’t allow Victor to buck this up!’ He then reach for the knob to open the small doors, but decided to practice his magic same more. His horn glowed and the small double doors burst open. It his utmost pleasure, the cabinet had not been touched except a few things. It was full, half with Vodka and the other with Bacardi. Both the drinks of kings! There were also two small notes, pink and purple. Mythic reached for the purple on first and it read, ‘Mythic, I told you I know most. Don’t be a bitch! And you’re welcome.’ “That MoFo, he is awesome! What’s the other one say?” he reached for the other with his magic and it read, ‘Pinkie Pie, you don’t know me, but I know you. Get the hell out! This is the only stash like this in the world, do-not-touch it!!!’

“Victor is redeemed.” Mythic dropped both notes and pulled out a bottle of Vodka, his eyes widened and his smile turned evil with greed. “Alright, step one, check. Step two…” He gently placed the bottle on the counter and search for the other ingredients need for his meal.

After about two minutes of searching, he found all that was need, save for bacon but that was expected. No meat for Mythic, Victor said so. “Alright, yo featherbrain!” Before five seconds, Rainbow bolted into the kitchen standing eye to eye with Mythic and his poker face. “What did you just call me?”

"What, are you talking to me? I called you fair beauty. But now that you’re here I need you and Queen Moony over there to help me. But first I need you to stay here for a tick.” Mythic ran out of the kitchen before Rainbow could protest and ran back up the stairs. He ran into his room and ran through his drawers. “Come on, where are you?” He shuffled socks and boxers until he uncovered his IPod. “What is your deal with me bitch?” He bit down on it and closed the drawer, just before noticing a large pouch out the corner of his eye. He though to examine it, but left his room and entered his parents room. There on the far wall was an old IHome he focused his magic and lifted it up and brought both items down stairs. He trotted back into the kitchen and settled down both items on a counter, out of the way of the oncoming shit storm that is cooking a meal, for two hours!

He plugged in the IHome into the outlet and plugged the IPod into the former. He was about to touch the screen, when he face hoofed. How would he operate the touch screen, can his hooves work? Once more he put his new limbs to the test and attempted to scroll up and down the music selections. For the seventh time, he was bewildered. His hoof was able to scroll up and down the screen. “Step three, complete. Now to start, Luna gets in her.”
Luna strolled into the kitchen. “Yeah, Mythic?”

“Two things need to happen. One is taking of your shades, you’re indoors and that is just rude.” Luna shot Mythic a glare, but complied. “Good now I need your help cooking. Still not the best at magic and this is one thing I’d hate to mess up.”

“Well I guess I could help, but keep in mind I’m a Princess. I don’t cook myself; don’t think I could be any good.”

“Well then you can just stand in the corner and look pretty.” He turned to Rainbow Dash, who was hovering in the air over the both of them. “Can you cook, Rainbow?” Rainbow came down and nodded. “I live by myself, I can cook certain things but I’m not that good at it.”

“Well I’m going to need some help. I’ll need you to help me with the sauce, the most vital part of this dish. In that cabinet is the pot and skillet needed to make it.” He then pointed to a slim cabinet at the bottom of the stove. “I need you to grab it will I prepare for preparing. This bad boy is being made from scratch; it needs careful hooves and a steady mind.” As Rainbow moved to grab the pot and skillet, Mythic moved back to the IPod and hit play on one of his favorites.

" Catgroove "

Rainbow Dash and Luna looked quizzically at the device as it emitted music. "What is that?" Luna asked.

“Cat groove, now let’s cook some food.” Mythic glanced at the microwave and read the time. It was 3:34. “Ok, Dash I need you to wash the tomatoes and chop them, so that it’ll be easier and richer in the blender. I’ll chop up the garlic and get the pot, ready? Let’s go go go!” He clapped his hooves and they were off. For the next thirty minutes, Rainbow Dash and Mythic work vigorously on the Alla Vodka sauce. As they worked, Mythic’s stomach could be heard as they chopped veggies and blended them together. The base for the sauce was finished and now comes the fun part.

“Ok Rainbow, now that the base is finished we need to put in the good stuff!” His menacing grin returned with full force and his eyes held a spark of delight.

Rainbow put down the skillet in which the sauce was held. She turned to acknowledge Mythic, but sees his evil like expression. “And what would that be, if I might ask?” Luna popped up out of the corner and stood next to Rainbow. “Yeah, what has you so worked up?”

Mythic approached the bottle of Vodka he had placed down before beginning. “This here is the greatest liquor in the history of man, other than Rum, but aside from racial favorites. It is the boom, it ain’t call liquid gold for nothin’!

The mares tilted their heads and examined the bottle. “But it’s not gold.” Luna said.

“It’s a metaphor.” Mythic lifted the bottle with his magic and brought it over to the skillet. He opened the cap; he thought it was similar to the knob in the way his magic worked on it. He poured it into the batch and stirred as it poured out. “A little for the stew…” He then turns the bottle to himself and was about to take a swig when there is a knock at the door. He sighs and puts the bottle down. “I’ll get it.” A hint of sadden in his voice.

Has he opened the door, he could see five mares in the frame. Rarity, Applejack, Twilight, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. “Hello there, my dear mares. What do I owe the pleasure, oh Rare tell me that it’s…!”

Rarity hugged Mythic. “Yes, it’s your order. But only one kimono, I’m not done with the others. Might we come in?” Mythic chuckled. “Yeah, I’m cooking right now; you girls can sit in the living room till I’m done. Anypony hungry, it like four something right?” He walked out of the door and greeted each mare, all up to Applejack. “I haven’t seen you in awhile. How’s it goin’?”

“Ah can’t complain none. How about ya’ll?” AppleJack replied

“Well I’m cooking for some reason. But other than that, alright for the time being.” He motioned to the sofas. The rest seemed to already getting comfortable. “If you need anything, I’ll be in the kitchen with Luna and Dash. Pinkie?”

The pink party pony popped her head up. “Yeah, Mythic?”

“Take my baby out of your saddle bag right now. Or you shall fell pain, pain Pinkie. I don’t want to, but it will be done.” He held a clod stare. Pinkie simple laughed and opened her saddle bags on the floor. His skittles were intact; Pinkie placed them on the coffee table and Mythic smiled. He walked over and bit down on the bag and walked back to the kitchen. He placed the bag in a cupboard and returned to his sauce. He turned the stove on and stirred the batch of pasta sauce.

“Wait, a little for the stew… a lot for the chef.” He levitated the vodka back over to him and gulped it down for a good split second. “DAMN THAT’S GOOD VODKA!” He yelled in joy, his voice tinted with a Russia accent. “But I can just be too greedy. That reminds me. Hey Luna?” While Mythic was at the door, Luna and Rainbow got distracted by the IPod and fooled around with it. Resulting in the change of the music’s set track.


She spun around and hummed in innocent tone. “Yes~ Mythic?”

Mythic wasn’t bothered by the change in music. “Anyway, what is the drinking age here in Equestria?”

“Oh that old thing? It’s twelve, why do you ask?”

Mythic heard this and held an expression half happy and confused. Hearing the young age, he thought he could finally hit a bar. But twelve years old, really? “Luna are you joking right now? Please tell me you’re joking.” The Princess shook her head.

“But… but, you don’t have problems with that?”


“Back on earth it was like 21! This is great.” He stirred the sauce with vigor.

“Why so high? Aren’t your people mature at the age of 12?”

“Hell no, so many whining…” The two were interrupted by Twilight as she entered the kitchen. “What is that noise?”

“That’s my music, now Twilight, what is your drinking age here in town?”

“The drinking age is about twelve, you’re old enough right?” She then noticed his horn was aglow and the wooden spoon mixing the sauce surrounded in an orange glow. “Hey, you learned some spells, that’s good.”

“Yeah, I know it’s good. But damn, wait what is your life span?”

“About eighty to a hundred. Pretty old right?”

“No shit that’s old!” From the living room Pinkie could be heard yell out at Mythic. “What did I say about your mouth?” Mythic winced. “Sorry ma’am. But yeah this place is way different in more than one way.” Mythic turned down the heat on the stove and levitated two boxes of penne pasta over to the pot full of boiled water and poured both boxes in. “So just out of my minds sake, how old are you Twilight?”

“Me?” Twilight responded. “I’m sixteen.” Mythic nodded and reach out for his bottle of Vodka and began reading all the labels. He turned the bottle up and over, not sure what he was looking for. He took another swig and took a spit take. “What did you just say!?” Twilight was taken back and shook slightly in fear. “I-I said sixteen.”

“Holy mother of Norris, I’m actually older then you?" He took a moment to calm himself and think about it in depth. "That’s crazy, must be the way you guys live.” Mythic was excited; he didn’t know why, just another crazy fact of life. “Now I’m a smart guy and could tell we probably mature at different rates. When is a mare able to have children?”

Twilight tapped her chin; she was more knowledgeable in magic, not biology. “I think it’s around ten. It goes like this. Minors are 11 and under, adults are 12 to 59 and elders are 60 up. What about your world?”

Mythic tapped a hoof and thought. “Well, minors are 17 and under. You’re considered an adult at 18 but can't drink till your 21 and an elder at about 60. I guess you just live and learn.” He spoke rhythmically. “Hanging on the edge of tomorrow~!” Twilight raised her brow in confusion. “What does that have to do with anything?”

Mythic shrugged, he left the sauce and cooking pasta and walked to the fridge. “I need water before it takes effects.” He opened the fridge door and pulled out a bottle of water with his hoof. “I’ll never understand.” He then spun the cap off and chugged all the contents. He sighed in relief and launched the bottle over his back. Once his trash was disposed of, he pulled out a strainer out of the bottom cabinet. "You two can go into the living room, I’m almost done.” On his word, Twilight and the lingering Luna walked out of the kitchen and left Mythic alone.

Twilight whispered in a concerned tone. “That was really weird don’t you think Princess? He asked strange questions.”

“He is only getting an understanding of his new home. That’s why tomorrow; you’re going to come by with books on history and Equestrian culture.” Luna responded in a demanding voice.

“I was already planning on it, that doesn’t have to be an order you know.” Twilight rebuttaled.

“Hey Princess, how’s it going?” Pinkie shot up from the corner of a couch.

“Fine, how are you girls doing?” Luna asked out of politeness and care.

All the mares said fine or alright, for the next few minutes they all talked while Mythic finished up his meal. The pasta was strained; the sauce was mixed in with the penne. Mythic threw all unnecessary cookware in the sink and hovered over the pot of Penne Alla Vodka like a vulture ready to dive in for the final, killing blow. He squealed in joy, rushed to grab all the silverware and china he needed. He grabbed his portion and sat at the table in the corner of the living room that connected to the dinner room. “Oi, I have a crap ton of food, anyone want a bite?”

Luna, Twilight, Rarity and Fluttershy propped themselves up so they can see just what they were being offered. They didn’t recognize the reddish orange sauce and had adopted Twilights skepticism. Fluttershy was surprisingly the first to ask. “Um, w-well I haven’t eaten. But what exactly is it?”

“This is Penne pasta with Alla Vodka sauce; it is the boom back on earth. I mean it’s really ruined for me.” He said with a smile.

“How is having something ruined a good thing?” Rarity nip picked at Mythic’s terms. “That is just awful; I couldn't imagine why you’d like that.” Mythic waved a hoof in defense. “No no you don’t understand, I sometimes use that term when I get or taste something and I can only have it in a certain fashion. This is one of those things. I love Alla Vodka… there is only one problem.” Mythic lips curved from up to downward. “Only my mother makes it the best, if it ain’t hers, than I’m not eating it.” He pointed down to his plate. “However, I followed all the steps she does one hundred percent on this, so it should be good.” He bent over and took a bite into the pile of pasta. His smile slowly returned. “So, anypony want in on this?”

The four mares standing next to him nodded. Mythic instructed them to serve themselves and where what item would be. They all came back with a small amount on their plates; even though they trusted Mythic they didn’t trust his taste in food. Rarity was the first to take in the spice like dish that lay before her. They taste was so unique she thought, she tasted the tomato, garlic and other small seasonings. There was though, this one she couldn’t put her hoof on. “Mythic what did you put in this? Not to say anything negative, but there is something I just can’t recognize. I have been to many restaurants but I just can't identify this, is it an herb or something?”

Mythic shook his head comically as he finished off his plate like an animal. “That, will more than likely be the…” He cleared his throat and prepared his Russian accent. “…VODKA! Thy, most beautiful drink of my home world. Many have died for it, loved it and hated it. It is and always will be, one of my favorites. They called me the ‘Tan Russian’ at high school parties."

“Now why is that?” Twilight chimed in.

Mythic grab a napkin and patted away any marks on his face caused by eating. He thought he had to keep looking, ‘Like a Boss’. “Well because I have the best liver anyone alive knows of and because my favorite drink is stereotypical, they called me Russian. The Tan is because of my heritage, I’m a…” Before Mythic could finish, he felt something move in his bowels. He jumped up and ran to the bathroom. “Be right back!”

He jumped over the couch with bolted upstairs; he heard the mares downstairs say something about a hat but didn’t care. He burst through the door, locked it sat down and the toilet, stunned that he could do that and did his peace. After about five minutes he came out a renewed stallion. He whistled and trotted down the steps. All the mares looked at him like he was crazy, mostly because he was. But AppleJack looked at him like she was pissed. ‘2+2=4’ “So, I dropped your hat on the way up?” She nodded. “Well sorry, had to drop a pave load.” In the time he was gone; the mares finished eating and clean the dishes for Mythic. As he walked into the kitchen he took notice that Fluttershy was at the sink with a sponge and plate in her hooves. “Thanks Fluttershy, you didn’t have to do that.”

“Think nothing of in Mythic. I wanted too, but Dash also told me about the stuff in your room. I-If you don’t mind me asking, could I see it, your room I mean?” Fluttershy spoke in her timid and shrunken voice while finishing with the dishes. He walked over to her and patted her head and stroked her mane. “You sure can Fluttershy, you sure can.” ‘Dear god she is silk smooth, hold it together.’ “You can come up right now if you want.” They both agreed and approached the stairs.

“Hey Mythic, where you and Shy going?” Rainbow Dash, who as been silent for a surprisingly long time yelled out from across the living room. “Ow, yeah.” Mythic remembered “You want to see what I meant earlier by games?” Pinkie heard the magic word and bounced up into the air and made a bee line for Mythic. “Did you say games? I love games!” Mythic winced.

“Yeah, I think you said that once, no like three times I’m sure. Well if you want you guys can come up, I’m sure it’ll be new for all you. It’s be like seeing alien technology or something!” He ascended and walked into his room, soon filled to the brim with mares. ‘I’m feeling like a pimp right know, why couldn’t it be this easy back home?’ He laid on his bed, along with Rarity, Luna and Fluttershy. Rainbow, AJ, Twilight and Pinkie sat on the floor around the bed. Mythic settled in and lifted the T.V. remote and a PS3 controller over to him. He turned on the T.V. and PS3, filling the room with the start up sounds.

“Alright girls, I’m going to show you one of my favorites, Marvel vs. Capcom.” The game disk was already in the console as well, so Mythic used his magic to move the analog sticks and move along the menu. He hit start and soon the screen was filled with a colorful cinematic of heroes fighting. Mythic chuckled as the sight before them caused the seven mares around him it gasp in awe, Rainbow in particular. “Oh…my…gosh, this is so cool!” Mythic tried to calm the over excited pony down.

“Wow there Nelly, I haven’t even started yet.” Once the opening cinematic was over, the main menu popped open and Mythic continued into arcade mode. “Alright, now by this time I’m guessing you could tell this game is about fighting. This is my favorite mode, arcade mode. Here I could chose three characters to fight as, I always in my best team no matter what.”
Rainbow couldn’t wait and flapped her wings uncontrollable. “Oh who?”

“Well um, you wouldn't even know who they are.”


“That is not an answer, but I won’t argue. They’re Dante, Trish and Amaterasu. I always play as those three.” Pinkie tapped her chin. “So what is the point of this game? I’ve never seen something like this and I’ve played all the games I have ever heard of.”

As Mythic sorted his characters and started the game he answered Pinkie. “Well in this game, you pick three people to fight with and you fight three other heroes or villains. You fight for about five stages and win in order to fight the boss and win the mode. The best method I use is combos and hyper moves.” The first stage loaded and Mythic turned his attention. The seven guests watched in amazement as Mythic mowed through the combatants with ease as he used combo after combo. He had beaten two adversaries with just Dante and swapped him out with the canine Amaterasu to finish off the last one. Twilight poked Mythic’s side so she could get his attention.

“That was amazing; I’ve never seen something like that. Do you think I could try?” Mythic turned back to the T.V. “Sure, but you’d need to understand the controls first. I think the booklet is in the bottom drawer over there.” Twilight smile and thanked Mythic.

She got up and shuffled to the dresser, she noticed that there were two drawers. She shrugged and was about to open the right when Mythic yelled in fear. “No! Not that one, for the love of God do not. I repeat, do not, open that drawer!” This sent the whole room into a state of fear. “Sorry, I just have some stuff that is… less then polite to show to others.” He tried to cover his own fear with a smile and started playing again as Twilight opened the left drawer and retrieved the game case and booklet.

For about fifteen minutes, Mythic wiped the floor with all adversaries. He had beaten Galactuce and went through for another run. Even though he was showing a great deal of skill, he did lose one fight. Rarity shuffled over to him and laid right next to him. Mythic had been this close to girls before, but he was completely distracted by her closeness. He felt her breathing, they were that close. He ended up doing stupid mistakes and losing a stage. “Damn it,[sigh],continue.” After that, Mythic continued off from that stage and made a few more mistakes but none as severe. He then got bored and looked over to Twilight. “Hey Twilight, you ready to give this a shot?”

“I sure am. This will be a piece of cake; I’ve memorized all the moves shown in the booklet.” They both shared a smile; Mythic levitated the controller over to Twilight and let her have a go. He told her she could sit on the bed but she didn’t mind the floor. He acknowledged and let it be. Mythic then decided to let the girls have their fun and catch up on so reading. Reading his manga anyway. He looked at his small shelf in the corner and picked a new one he had bought a few days before his vacation. Not the vacation he had in mind though. He was in the mall and saw it, skimmed through it and liked it. ‘Ao No Exorcist’.

He flipped through it to the page that held his marker and began reading it. As everyone else was focused on Twilights display of combos and what not, Rarity focused on Mythic. “What is that you’re looking at, a book?” Mythic stopped reading to explain. “This is manga, Ao No Exorcist to be exact. Manga is a form of comic that started in another country from my own. See” HE then turned the book so Rarity could look in between the covers. She saw a human boy covered in flames and wielding a sword. “Oh my, why is that human in flames?”

“Well you’d have to read it to understand. He is basic they the son of the devil and he has been protected his whole life by his father, who is in charge of a church. One day, event out of his own control causes demons to chase after him and the devil himself as well. His father tells him why and dies by being taken control of. He is controlled by the devil, who is trying to convince the boy to allow him to take over his body. Turns out, there is this sword that he inherited and his is cover in blue flames. I that’s all I understand up till now.” Mythic turned back to reading.

“But that is awful.” Rarity commented.

“I know but it’s just a story. That’s not going to happen to me, nor you. I’m forty percent sure.” Mythic said confidently yet under his breath.

Rarity didn’t catch what Mythic said, which surprised her considering how close they were. “What was that dear?”

“Nothing, what time does the clock say?”

“It says six o' clock, why?”

“Because it’s been a hour or something more, yet you have failed in presenting my order.” Mythic licked his hoof and turn the page. Rarity jumped. “That’s right!” She dashed out the room, tripped over AppleJack and ran down the stairs.

AppleJack growled. “That’s twice 'n one day, next pony to do t'at…” She didn’t finish her threat as Rarity rushed back in with her saddlebag. “Here it is Mythic.” She smiled and presented his kimono. Mythic placed the book back on the shelf and examined the clothing Rarity made. Pinkie joined Mythic in its examination. “Oww, pretty robe.”

Mythic agreed with Pinkie and soon the whole room looked upon Rarity’s work. It was a long robe; it was a brighter shade of purple than Mythic and had white trim on the edges of the cloth. It came with an orange sash to hold it closed. Mythic was shaking with joy, but just about died when he saw the back of the kimono. On the back was an insignia matching his own cutimark. “Rare I love you so much right now. It’s amazing, great craftsmen ship and the stitching… Thank you so much.” He hugged her and then grabbed the kimono and quickly put it on. He shrugged a few times and lifted his forelegs to get a feel for it. “This is great, I can’t thank you enough. If you need me to do something, anything, it’s yours. A hundred percent yours.”

Rarity chuckled and gave him a sly smirk. “Don’t worry, I’ll come to you.” Mythic smiled and walked out of the room. “That’s good; I’ll get you a drink. You can have a drink right? That reminds me, what are your ages anyways?”
“Well, I’m seventeen and must defiantly could go for have a drink.” Rarity said in with a matter of fact vibe. “AppleJack, Twilight and Fluttershy are sixteen. Rainbow and Pinkie are both fifteen.”

“Really, you’re as old as me? The way you were listening to me back in your boutique, made you seem older.” Mythic now was walking out the bedroom with Rarity in tow. “But I will be older soon, birthday in two months. August fifth I turn eighteen.” He walked into the kitchen, opened the liquor cabinet and took out two shot glasses.

“I was born in August too, on the seventh though. It is simply amazing,how must is the same even though we are from two different worlds. Like how you speak Equestrian.” Mythic stopped in his tracks and slowly tilted his head up and arched his brow. “What do you mean by, Equestrian? We be speaken English up in here!” He took out both the opened Vodka bottle and a Bacardi.

“No, we are speaking Equestrian.”

“I’m just going to say its magic causing us to speak the same and nothing more. Now what do you want, the Grey goose or Rum?”

“The Grey goose and what?”

“Rum, Rare, rum. Don’t worry I took a swig of the Vodka earlier, it won’t kill you to take a shot.”

“Well I guess, but I’ll take the goose.”

“Good choice, I haven’t had any of the rum yet.” He poured the drinks and put the bottles down. They brought their glasses to their muzzles, brought their heads back and took the shots. Rarity’s face flushed and turned bright red, causing Mythic to laugh. “Don’t tell me you’re a lightweight Rare.”

“Me, a lightweight? Just let me see this ‘Tan Russian’ your friends call you huh?” Mythic laughed like madman. “You challenge me Rare?” He stood on his hind legs and crossed his fore hooves with a raised brow. Rarity mimicked his movements but added a nod. Mythic smirked and huffed. “Challenge accepted.”

The next scene involves drunk ponies. They are slurring. Just be warned

For the next hour the two tried to drink each other under the table. They didn’t even realize their friends came down ten minutes after they started. They cheered one or the other to beat the other. Pinkie and Dash made bets. They called each other out with slurred words. “Sho Rare, jew give up?” Rarity shook her head. “Nofe, it seems like somepo-he is talk’in punny.”

“I ain’t talk’in punny! I speaky cursive!” poured another shot and brought it back. Rarity did the same. They both sway for side to side and collapse on the floor. Rainbow dash was the first to pike up mythic and comment. “Darn it, I ain’t getting any bits today. But wow they lasted a good while.” Pinkie chimed in, lifting up Rarity and putting her on her back. “Yeah, they were going at it! You think they like each other?”

“No way would Rarity go for Mythic, she’d probably go for some rich stallion with fancy stuff. And Mythic, I don’t know Mythic well enough, but he would probably like the crazy types, like you Pinkie!” Pinkie smiled at what she took as a compliment. “Do you really think so?”

“Enough of this!” Luna had watched and observed. Now she acted. “I think we should get this mess cleaned up and put them in bed. It’s getting pretty late as well, so all of you should go home.” At this they of awed in sadness. “Don’t fret, shouldn’t somepony be planning a party anyway?”

Pinkie Pie gasped in remembrance. “You’re right Princess; I’ll bring Rarity home and get right on that! Bye girls.” Pinkie carried Rarity out the house and towards home. Not too long after that Rainbow place Mythic up in his room and took off his Kimono. She folded it and put it on his night stand. Rainbow looked at Mythic, sleeping soundly and watch over him. His wings still bandaged, she had felt sorry for him. “Don’t worry bud, you’ll be flying soon.” She then felt an impulse and kiss the top of his head. She bolted out the door and out of the house. AppleJack and Fluttershy said goodbye and walked to their respective homes.

Luna held Twilight back and reminded her to bring some studying materials for Mythic tomorrow. They talked for a few more minutes after that and Twilight left. Luna was all alone with a drunken and sleeping Mythic up stairs. She closed the door, finished checking the house over and went to her new room. She hadn’t spent any time in her room, so she hadn’t noticed that it was cold and she knew cold. She tried to unpack, but kept shivering. She couldn’t feel any comfort in staying in there and left. Now in the hall, she heard Mythic snoring in his room and went to check on him.

Entering his room, Luna was caught off guard and laughed silently. Mythic laid on his bed spread out like a dog, tongue hanging out and his hind leg jerking. He then rolled onto his side and turned his back to Luna. She thought it was funny and came all the way into his room. It was warm and inviting unlike the other bedroom. She sat on his bed and began to think. She thought about the day, her sister and the other mares. She thought about what she should teach Mythic tomorrow, magic, rune magic or culture? She didn’t know and she let out a sigh for each thought. As she thought, Luna hadn’t noticed Mythic stopped snoring.

“Luna.” Mythic suddenly said. This startled Luna, but only to a degree. “Yes Mythic?”

“Is something wrong?” He sat up right and focused on Luna even though he was still not all together yet. Luna shook her
head. “Nothing is wrong; I’m just sitting here thinking. It’s also cold in my room.”

Mythic spoke while yawning. “I’m sorry; I’ll check it out in the morning.” He shuffled over some and made space on the bed. “If you want, you can sleep here tonight.” He then turns his back to her and returned to his sleep, leaving Luna alone once more. She contemplated on his offer. ‘I don’t want to go sleep in that room, but what he tries something?’ She though on this and ended taking the offer. She climbed under the covers and tried to fall asleep. She had a better feeling, but couldn’t sleep as she turned and twisted. She woke Mythic up once more with all her moving and he asked what was going on. She explained that she couldn’t go to sleep and Mythic came up with an idea. He took her to face away from him and lay on her side. Luna did as she was told and face away from Mythic. She was surprised when he put his forelegs around her, she jerked and Mythic said it was ok. She didn’t fight it, he felt warm as he pulled her in. She welcomed Mythic’s embrace and fell asleep in his warmth. Mythic smile and followed Luna into sleep. He didn’t know why, but he too was cold earlier and now he was warm. That night the both sleep with smiles on their faces and sweet dreams.

Moon Fang: I

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“Talos!” Daniel zipped through the crumbling ruins at top speed. His hand gripped the handle of his blade so hard that he felt it could shatter. He swung his sword at the humanoid Talos, who was ready to charge another Ram burst. Daniel’s sword cut Talos clean through, he cried out in pain but did not die. “Damn you Mystic. My masters will come for you!” He then disappeared as a black mist.

Daniel landed on the dirt floor of the old castle. His kimono open, reviling his many abs and other muscles. His hair combed back and straight, allowed his green eyes to look at the fleeting mist. “Let them come, as long as I am alive and human, they will not beat me!”

Off in the distance, Daniel could see two women walk to him. He could tell they were female by the curves on their bodies, but other from that they were just shadows. One called out, calling him a hero while the other cheered and cried out his name. The both then ran to him and pounced on him, they hugged his mind section and giggled. Daniel squirmed in glee as they began to kiss him. “Girls that’s not necessary.” Against his own words he enjoyed every moment of it. One of the two reached up to his face and prepared to kiss him.

“Wow that was a close one.” Luna was now awake at eight in the morning. Her sweet slumber was disturbed by an alarm clock Mythic had on his night stand. Emphases on ‘had’. Now that she was awake, she could see the sun was out. She thought Celestia must have done it for her. But that is not was she was thinking about right now. She sat leaning back on the bed board and watched as Mythic made kissy faces with a pillow. To be more precise, the pillow she had been sleeping on. “He must be having one nice dream.” As she watched Mythic sleep, she giggled at the comical scene in front of her. “I wonder what he’s dreaming about. Me perhaps?” She giggled again and climbed out of bed, leaving Mythic by himself.

She closed the door behind her and headed back into her own room. She was now able to unpack her belongings. There was a surprising lack of clothing in any drawer or closet. Once she officially unpacked, Luna walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to search for some breakfast. She opened cabinets and cupboards, but she couldn’t find anything she saw as edible. Finally she though it is about time for Mythic to wake up from his good time. She walked back up stairs and slammed open the door. Mythic stirred in his sleep, but didn’t wake up. Luna proceeded to calmly wake Mythic be cooing in his ear. “Mythic, wake up~ you silly pony. I need something to eat~.” Mythic’s eyes flickered open and saw Luna staring right at him. “Hey Luna. I had the best dream ever.” He yawned and stretched his legs. As he fixed himself to sit up straight he felt his as though his back was stiff. He rotated to try and pop his back, but found the problem was not his back but his wings. "The hell's up with my wings?"

Luna calmly backed away from the bed and out the door. "I'll just give you a minute to yourself so you can clam down. I'll be down stairs, alright?"

"What are you talking about, is there a problem with my wings? Whats wrong?"

"You have... morning wing." She then bolted out and rushed down the stairs.

"Morning wing? Now what could that..." Mythic didn't quite understand what Luna was saying. He thought about it for a minute. He put the pieces he had together. '2+2=4' He came to a horrid conclusion that sent an impulse that froze his whole body.

"Oh my...not even... Luna i'm sorry you had to see that!" Mythic yelled down stairs hoping Luna would hear and forgive him. "You just caught me in the middle of a great dream. Luna i'm sorry! This has never happen to me, I swear!" There was no reply and Mythic gave up. He sighed, got out of the bed and went straight into his bathroom. He had the instinct to take a shirt off, but he skipped that due to the lack of said item and unwrapped the bandages. They seems to fall right off. He looked in the mirror and examined his wings. The metal guard on the top of his wings didn't seem scuffed and the rest seemed fine. He jumped in the shower and proceeded to do his daily ritual of bathing and grooming. He grabbed the soap and lathered it on his purple and orange coat. He stood there in the luke warm water as it turned cold. He dropped the soap and left it there on the porcelain floor, as he entered deep thought.'Why am i here again? I know Victor said i have special blood or something, but is there no one better fit? The corrupt, the shard and Victor. What is the story? Questions with no answers, but i'll get them. In all my 17 years, I couldn't fathom i'd be someone important as what Victor made it sound like. Now that i'm think, what did he mean by Ancients? He referred to them when we last spoke.' Mythic reached out and turned the water off. 'I'm getting worked up over nothing. I need to clean house before looking for any other messes.' Mythic drew the curtain and grabbed a towel to dry himself off and his tooth brash.

He walked out the bathroom clean and rejuvenated. He trotted down stairs to find Luna staring at him while siting on the couch. "Can we talk?" Mythic stopped in his trot and in a split second remembered all the bad things he had done in his life. He remembered 'every thing' wrong he did, but quickly snapped out of it. "Umm... sure i just need to get some food." He walked into the kitchen and Luna followed.

"Mythic about last nigh... Every man worst night mare is about to unfold. And i didn't even get any! ...I don't want you to get the impression..." Mythic put his hoof over her mouth to silence her, he sighed. "Look Luna, i'm not going to go in depth here. You were cold, I was cold and you looked like you could use a friend in bed." He immediately face hoofed. "I mean it wasn't that big a deal. You were cold and couldn't sleep so I helped you, no strings." He walked away and proceeded to grab a box of cereal out of a cabinet and pour it to a bowl. He opened the fridge and pulled out milk and eggs. Luna came back to argue as Mythic pulled out a spoon and pot. "Really, nothing? I felt you heart beating, you were excited and loving it."

Mythic poured water in the pot and set it to boil. "Well you got me there. But what man doesn't feel like that when you have a woman in their bed. Well in this case stallion and mare, but that's not the point. The point here is... what is the point here?" he lifted four eggs into the pot and began to eat the cereal.

"The point is I don't want you to mistake anything." Luna clarified. "It was a one night thing, I want you to check my windows. Sorry, but I'm not taking any chances."

Mythic looked at her as though she were stupid. "Look." He swallowed the bits of food stuff in his mouth. "There is nothing on earth or Equestrian that you can do, to turn me on. I ain't no damn switch so don't worry." He continued to devour his premeal- meal.

"Really, there is nothing a beautiful mare as myself could do to stimulate you?" Mythic shook his head. "There is nothing." Luna huffed from her nostrils. She stared at Mythic as he chowed with a smile. He looked down in the pot of eggs at the hardened. Not long now he thought. Luna walked over to him as he was distracted and stood right in front of him. "Mythic?"

Mythic turned away from the pot. "Yeah Lumhm...!" Mythic speech was halted. Luna jumped forward and placed a kiss on Mythic's lips. She held it for a good five seconds before letting him go. Mythic's mind went blank, the same as Rarity's the day before. Even though his mind was for the most part blank, he was still able to regain speech. "That... meant nothing. You have no effect on me you cruel witch."

"Are you sure. Mythic?"

"Most diffidently."

"Then why are your wings stiff?" Luna chuckled and pointed to Mythic's back, his wings had indeed stiffened. Mythic turned away to look at his back and away from Luna. He was stunned, twice in not even an hour. 'Damn it all! Think, rebound, rebound.' "I uh... remembered a funny joke, that's all." 'Really? Thanks for nothing brain!.'

In a very British accent, a voice appeared from nowhere. " Your welcome. You crude sir, you.

"See, I told you." Luna smirked.

"And what is there to be proud of, Queen Elizabeth? You keep that up, and you ain't eating." Mythic said as he finish his bowl of cereal. He was also trying to put down his wings, yet stopped as it started to worsen.

"You can't threaten me! I'm Princess of the Night!" Luna shouted.

"And i'm the Fourth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf! Now please just stop, I just want to learn magic and Runes. Not how to evade the female gender!" He lifted the pot and drained the water form the pot. He opened the cupboard and pulled out to small bowls. "You want some eggs?" Luna stiffened her lip, but gave in and relaxed. She sighed with acceptance and took the bowl of two eggs while Mythic took the other. He took the spoon and broke the eggs in two, he knew it wasn't the right thing to use but didn't care.

After their short breakfast and talk, Mythic got an idea. This idea shattered his hold on reality and the laws of the known universe. It was so powerful in fact, it could make him a God among men. He dashed to his room and looked for a note pod so he could right it down. He rummaged through all his drawers and found it, the one note pad he had. He opened it and was about to write something down when he saw his phone, on the nightstand, vibrating. "Victor?" He through his note pad away and picked up the phone. The number that was calling didn't look readable, it wasn't even a number, just Runic lettering. Mythic pressed talk but no voice came out, just a screech. He threw the phone to the floor and panicked. "Holy buck, what was that!" The screeching stopped and Mythic calmed down. He reached for the phone and picked it up, no more noise.

"Well that was scary... What was i doing? Probably wasn't important." He was about to walk out went he remembered the kimono. He rushed to it and threw it on, tied the sash and struck a pose in the mirror. "Who's a badass? Your a badass! Who's going to save the world? You are!" He then summoned his sword in order to finish off his display of cockiness.

The Eclipse blade materialized in front of him, or was about to anyway. The blade was engulfed in white light and retained its familiar dual bladed, shape just for a moment. It then shattered into a million pieces, as the pieces fell to the floor they disappeared. Mythic's eyes grew and his pupils shrunk. "No, no nononono... NO! Why is this happening! I barely even used it!" He reached for his phone and hoped it would be there, he used his magic and pressed buttons and found his way to his contacts. Mythic scrolled through the numbers and his heart filled with dread as he reach near the bottom and there was no sign of Victor anywhere. He though he was a fool to think he could just call him. He was a Demigod like being, could he really... just be in his favorites? There he was, Victor had placed himself inside Mythic's favorites. His number was replaced with runic lettering and a picture of him giving the peace sign. Mythic didn't waste a second and pressed call. The phone rang and there was a sound like a receiver being picked up. "Hello, Mystic hot line how might I help you?"

"Victor this is serious shit! The Eclipse blade, it... it..." Mythic couldn't pull it together and explain.

"Don't worry Mythic, it's only reforging." Victor stated. "Didn't I tell you that last time we talked?"

"No we didn't. What do you mean reforging and why?" Mythic demanded answers and was ready to receive them.

"Well that means it's changing form. It was the way it was in the void because it was adapting to its new master. It also changes to better fit your fighting style. It can do this for many times before it must return to its original form."

"Alright, but how do you know this? Sorry if i sound ungrateful, but i thought you said that you didn't give it to me. You said it belonged to Aura something." Mythic wasn't able to piece it together. So it was reforging to his specifications, but how did Victor know all this?

"Sight." Victor corrected Mythic on his faulty memory. "Aura Sight indeed was the last owner, but not the only. Before him there were about nine others. Existence goes back awhile, so long ago..." Victor halted, his whole being filled to the brim with hypermnesia, trying to remember, but just couldn't past a point. "Well" He continued. "The ancients i talked about, remember those? Yeah, the were around before most of creation. They made many things from one source of power, that is how the Eclipse blade was made and why its so picky. For ancients sake, it saw the birth of most of creation. Well not saw but was around, it is alive. Floating in time and space, ready to be used. It went by many names and forms, so don't worry. That thing survived more than hell itself."

Mythic grew a smile. He was the wielder of something like that! It was unbelievable, just a few more things. "Thanks a lot, I was sacred shitless for a second there. But I have a few more questions."

"Well... to bad I need to go. Important Demigod stuff and all that. But i can answer you this. I fixed your vocabulary because you curse to much. Also,hurry up with your training. Don't you want your human form back?" With that, Victor turned off his crystal ball and shut the connection between Mythic. "He is going to be just fine." He smiled and laid down on the grass below. He stayed there for a while and felt the wind, until it changed. He rushed up and looked around, he scouted the water and tree line. He didn't see anything at first, but then saw a shift in the bush. "And i though he'd be good for awhile"

Back in his room Mythic's eye twitched. "My human... form Are you kidding me!? I need to train to get it back!?" He slammed his phone on the bed and watched it bounce. He was about to go on a rant when Luna opened his door with her shades on and asked. "What happened Mythic? I was outside waiting for Twilight when i heard you yell."

"Two things. One what did I say... about the shades?" She didn't want to try, so she took them off. "And two, I just spoke to my friend Victor. That MoFo know how to make me fell good and bad at the same time." Luna walked over to Mythic and looked into his eyes with a smile. "I guess i just found a new friend." She joked.

"Right, whatever. Can we just train please. I want my human form back, hell a lot easier to hold a sword and fight." He moved but was stopped as Luna placed a hoof on his shoulder. "What did you just say? Your human form?" Luna knew what he meant and what it was bout. She just need to see if some extra information could fall in her lap.

"Yeah, you know my real form. I'm not a real pony."

"Yes i was informed when i rescued you from the void."

"My buddy Victor said i could change back if I train. I just don't know how ling though, that's why we must start now!" A stern look of determination in his eyes was set ablaze. He wanted not only his human form, but to learn new spells and runes. If Luna could offer that, then he'd listen.

Luna smiled. "That's good, Twilight was coming up to the house as I walked in she should be here any second now."

"Then don't keep her waiting, go greet her. The is something i must do first." He smiled and motioned Luna to leave. She took her shades and left. Once he was sure she was gone, Mythic looked for the note pad he threw. He found it under his bed and scribbled down only one phrase and a few sentences. 'Battle-Burst' 'If possible, learn space distortion or something. Gather as much metals and such, need a buckton of wire.' He then placed the note pad on the night stand. He walked to his drawer and pulled out a pair of silver and black aviators. He put them on and walked out of his room and towards the front door. As he got close he heard Luna and Twilight talking. He thought it'd be funny and jumped on Luna's back, causing her to buck. "Get along little pony, ye-ha!" He regretted doing that so few seconds later. Luna bucked him off and kicked him in the stomach. "Dayum girl, just sharing the love!"

Luna turned and glared at him "Try that again and i'll kick you... with my horn!"

"That's not possible." Twilight chimed in. She had stood there watching the display known as Mythic being a dumb-ass. Mythic recovering from his hit looked at her. "Twilight, I say screw the possible. Anyway do you have books and what not?" Twilight nodded and showed her saddlebags full of books. "Cool, Luna. Lets play nice and get this over." Luna agreed and the hoof shook.

For the next five hours, Mythic was taught a few minor spells and recent and important history. The decided to practice outside, the sky was lovely and they need the space for a few spells. The bright day was easy on all three except Twilight, as Mythic and the disguised Luna had their shades on. They picked a nice patch right by the forest and field, Mythic was loving the view but not the lessons. He would daze off sometimes and not pay much attention on the history. 'And here I though i was out of classes. Damn it!' Even though he didn't care or show interest in the history, he had the opposite feelings towards the magic. He grabbed hold of each concept and executed each spell to near perfection. Twilight and Luna were stunned at the level of progress he was making. Twilight more than Luna, for Luna knew why he was so good at it. He had Mythic blood running through him. Mythic was finishing up a basic energy beam spell when Luna that he was ready. She called Twilight over and told her she could go if she liked.

"Why would i go now? He is make such progress." Twilight had the feeling she was doing something wrong or out of place. She bit her bottom lip. "Did I do something wrong Luna?"

Luna raised a hoof and placed it on Twilight's shoulder. "You did nothing wrong, i'm just moving on to something you can't help with. That's all, you could stay and watch if you so desire." Luna offered.

"Well what can you teach him that I can't?" Twilight was rather drawn back by this. She was knowledgeable on ever subject in the world. But before she could ask, Mythic jumped up out of thin air. "Hey Luna, is it time? I have an itch that need to be fixed!"

"Yes Mythic, it's time for the Runes." Luna clarified.

"So that's what you're going to teach him?" Luna nodded her head. Twilight thought this would be a golden opportunity and took it. "You think I could try?" She smiled and fluttered her eyelashes. Luna backed away a step to regain some composure. She didn't have any real objections, she was just scared be Twilight failed attempt at puppy eyes. "Um yes, but i'll warn you it is not easy. As you probably know, this is a nearly lost art. Only me and my sister are know to be able to do this and that's a secrete. This form of magic as-" Luna tried to explain but got distracted by the sound of rustling bushes. She looked in the direction of the forest, thinking she'd find Mythic jumping like and mad-stallion. She turned and saw nothing, Mythic was in the other direction dancing and singing about him being sexy and he knows it. She disregarded the sound on pulled Mythic's attention. "Mythic are you ready to start or do you need more time?"

"Don't! I need to start right.The.Buck.Now!" His eyes once again had the fire of determination in them. If he had fingers they'd be clenched. Luna smiled again also, she loved that determined spirit he gave off. Like a little Pegasus ready to fly or a unicorn casting their spell for the first time. "Right. First, remember what I told you yesterday about magic being a current?" Mythic nodded violently. "Well, Rune magic is different in that respect. With rune magic, you are in control. You don't need to worry about allowing it to flow, you pull it in and use it. When you first learn a new rune, you'll need to practice charging it. But runes aren't just those runic circles you've sen thous far." Luna looked around for a stick for her next bit. "You see, the letters on a rune..."

Mythic interjected. "The letters on a rune are really the alphabet of an old language right?" He then gave Luna a smirk, he knew that part already.

"Yes that's right Mythic." She talked unfazed and still looking for a stick. She found one just by the tree line, levitated it over and started to draw a few markings in the ground. "You see those marks? This is the basic patter for a shield, just like the one you used while fighting that... monster."

'Talos' Mythic's thoughts returned to that fight one week ago. But it wasn't one week ago to him, it was three days ago and still fresh in his mind. "What is the point here? Do want me to draw that on the ground with that stick?"

"No I want you too..." Luna threw the stick back at forest. Mythic and Twilight were about to ask what she was going, but then they heard the sound of wood hitting something. They had no idea what it was, it didn't sound like rock or wood or flesh. But they knew it hit something. Mythic rose a brow and glared at Luna through his shades. "The hell was that Luna? Did you know that something was in there?"

"Mythic, can you summon your shield again? The one you used in your fight." Luna said as though she was expecting something. They then saw a few black streaks move in the trees.

Mythic took off his shades and tossed them to Twilight, who was shaking a bit. "Twilight, hold those. Luna i'll try, I was nearly killed last time. But if i can use it once, I can again." Mythic focused on the markings on the ground and drew them in his mind. He felt a burst of energy erupt from his core. He was then gifted with a runic shield, he tapped on it a few times to check if it was solid. It sure was, and felt strong too. But will it hold out? Before anything else, something from the trees jumped the whole distance from the forest, right at Mythic and landed on his newly formed shield. What Mythic saw nearly made him laugh and yell at the same time.

What attacked Mythic was a creature that looked like it was from the bowels of hell. It's 'skin' was dark black and looked sleek, almost like oil. It was about the same size as a regular pony, but had hands and feet. It had claws and it's head had two antennas and sickly yellow eyes. It dropped to the ground and stood, clawing at Mythic's shield. "What is that thing!?"

Luna and Twilight both yelled out that they had no idea. Mythic was a little paranoid by the little creature and yelled out cusses. The creature just kept attacking Mythic's shield, not caring for Luna or Twilight. Mythic's tried to analyze the creature more and found something that relieved him and then suddenly feel him with dread. He the creatures torso was void, it had a small hole where its heart should be. Mythic knew what it was, it was not of this world that was for sure. He hoped he would have more time to prepare, but life doesn't work like that. He let the shield go and ran a short distance to the creature. HE then stood on his hind legs and raised his fore hooves, ready to fight.

( Battle )

The hell spawn leaped for Mythic and swiped his claws at him. Mythic stepped to the side and threw a punch. ' It's easy to stand on my back two. Who knew?' The punch landed right on the imp like creatures temple. It flew four feet and landed, just as it hit the floor it launched it leaped back at Mythic. Mythic, still on his hind legs like a human, threw another punch and missed. The corrupt stepped to the side and clawed at Mythic, leaving flesh wounds and ripped kimono. "You little bastard." Mythic hissed through the pain. He felt his blood rushing to cover the wound, the corrupt changed again. Mythic reacted with perfection and gave the imp an uppercut. He expected it to fly in the air and come back down, but it just turn to mist. The punch hit the corrupt and it turn to a black, dense mist. "Go to hell where you belong!"

Twilight, still a little shaken, fell to her knees. "Wa- what was that thing."

"The corrupt, I thought i'd have more time. Damn it, I could have had a whole nother day to prepare! But that thing was weak, in general that means... shit!"

( Better affect )

Mythic looked over to the tree line and saw dozens of the corrupt, leaping and rushing at him. "I'll call them Shadows... because there so damn annoying and persistent!" Mythic cast his newly learn energy beam spell at the hoard heading his way. As he fired, he yelled at Luna to get Twilight out of there. Luna froze for a second, Mythic then yelled at her again, snapping her out of her trance. Luna ran to Twilight and grabbed her. She then teleported to a hill, over looking the scene they just escaped. Twilight squirmed. "Princess you can let go now." The Princess only tightened her grip. "No, if I let you go you'll rush to his aid. This is a golden chance... if he needs it then i'll jump in to save him."

"But Princess, there are so many of them. He'll be killed!" Twilight continued to resist. She fought for her freedom, but had not the strength to win. She sighed and watch the fight unfold. "If he dies... you'll never hear the end of it."

"Buck! Die Shadows! Die!" Mythic was panting like a dog. He still had the strength to stand on his back two legs, but even that was taking some concentration. It had been only five minutes since the first appeared and now he had figured out some sort of attack patter. All they did was swing their claws and jump at him, like rabid animals. He'd taken about four of them out on the way with his magic beam and ten more with his punches. He wasn't going to last much longer though, not with out his weapon. He thought about summoning it, but didn't know how long it'll take to reforge. He just kept throwing punches, till one of the shadows clawed at his back. He was standing still when a Shadow swiped at his back and tore of a hole in his kimono. The hole allowed his wings to unfold and stretch out. Mythic became uneasy, he wasn't even sure his wings were healed. But he thought now would be a good time to check. He ran threw the crowd of shadows and tried to make room. He fluttered his wings, they were healed, he had one more advantage! Mythic broke out into a hard gallop and flapped his wings. He slowly felt his body ascend, he then gave one last powerful flap and he took off. "Haha, come get me you corrupted demons!"

Mythic enjoyed a victory...short lived. As he flew up he turned and hoovered, ready to dive bomb when he saw the Shadows were right behind him. The Shadows had grown twisted, webbed wings, not even a bat's could describe them. They flew lazily, but where just behind him. The sheer number of them could make them be mistaken for a storm. Mythic didn't think, just reacted. He flew away from the cloud of Shadow and toward a few mountains in an attempt to thin out the herd. He flew harder and harder until he started to feel a burning pain in his back. 'Damn it all in fire! My wings, they weren't ready!

Fear pulsated through him. Fear that he'd fall, that the ponies would be killed by those damned creatures. He feared he'd never see... his family. That's when it hit him, his family. Only once did he think of his family back on earth, if he fails here, i'll be killed by those things. And in the air, he'll fall and die, the risk of air combat hadn't hit him during his fight with Talos because of the adrenaline and his focus. This time it was broken allowing thoughts to spin around his head. But that single thought made him fear... fear death more then anything. That's why he'd win. Hesitate and Die. Caste off my fear. That's how I roll. I promised i'll never let anyone die. Never again! Mythic turned to face the on coming storm. His eyes glazed with anger and rage at one memory he'd locked away. He yelled and rushed the Shadow, not in a blaze of glory, but in hope to kill every lost one. "For Wilson!"

( Stop Music now. Play this here )

Mythic flew right into the heart of the Shadow swarm and started to kick and punch every living thing. He stabbed some with his horn. The numbers were decreasing at an alarming rate, but so was his stamina. He though he had room for one last attack, He managed to grab two Shadows and flew back to the field where the two mares waited. He put them in a headlock and took off. There was about twenty Shadows left, minus the two in his arms. As he reached the field, he began to spin. He did a continuous barrel roll and became an orange and purple blur. With his horn, he looked like a drill digging through the air. He was twelve yards above the ground when he released the two captives and threw them on the ground. With out breaking his spin or momentum he pulled up and dug back into the swarm. He picked off three Shadows. '15' He then broke his speed and fire off twelve energy shots. He missed six but landed the other half. '9' He flew back to the ground to catch his breath, and try and regain some stamina.

"D-d- damn it. T-there t-t-to many." He panted looking at the incoming crowd. 'Only nine left. they drop live flies. But damn do they pop up like em' too.' He looked up to the hill that held Twilight and Luna, he could see the fear Twilight was emitting. But Luna was just watching, was she scared on the inside. Or was she up to something else? Maybe observing?

Mythic turned back to the Shadows as they approached. "I really hope... never mine. With my luck their are." Mythic rushed them once more when they touched the ground. He uppercut two and they disappeared. '7' He then body slammed one and stabbed another. '5' They remaining five jumped on him and clawed at him. He bleed out from six wounds and more where on the way. The blood rushed to the surface, the flow made him enraged. He hissed in rage, and tried to shake loss the corrupt of of his coat. In his violent shaking the fell off, Mythic spent no time in stomping on them. He stomped on three of their heads and bucked one more. '1'

Mythic, seeing only one left, grew a hateful smile. "You're the last one. I think you deserve a medal. I'll send it to you... in hell!" He then punched the corrupt in the gut and face, he then watched it as it turned to mist. He took hard breaths and panted. He then yelled to the heavens. On the hill, Twilight and Luna cheered. Mythic lived through an assault like that and lived. While pulling off a few tricks, just in time to save his hide. He might be covered in blood and wounds, but those will clear up.

Twilight and Luna teleported back to Mythic. Twilight ran to Mythic an hugged him. "Oh my gosh, that was amazing! You beat them all! And that spin move you did, Rainbow would be proud!" Mythic rubbed his nose with a cocky smirk. "Ready? Wasn't that big a deal." Twilight then punched his shoulder. "Don't act cocky! You could have died out there."

"Mythic!" Luna screeched. "Look!" She pointed to the tree line where more of the corrupt were shooting out of.

Mythic frowned and shook with rage. "Why!" He took and stance, all four legs supporting his upper body. "Won't!" He hated these things. The were swarming in like flies. "You!" He tried to force out an energy beam spell, but nothing came out. "Die!"

"Luna, Twilight run!" Mythic pulled up a runic shield, but it quickly faded. He thanked god that he was so far away from the tree line, but they were moving fast. Luna followed Mythic's order and returned with Twilight to the hill, closer this time. He was preparing to attack when a small group of Shadows separated from the herd and sprinted towards him. He stood on his back legs ready to punch, when they jumped into the air and flew down towards him. The leader was about slash at Mythic face when a blur caused it to land into the ground. The few that followed met a similar end, Mythic was stunned but didn't question it. He looked around to find the object or creature that had done him this favor. "Mythic!"

From behind him he heard a feminine voice. A blue mare with a Rainbow mane. "Rainbow! Thanks, now get out of here!" Rainbow Dash landed landed right next to him. "There's no way that's happening. I saw you over by the mountains, what is going on?"

Moon Fang: II

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"Hell's about to freeze over, now go!" The first shadow was now upon him and Mythic punched it in the face. More and more came their way and Mythic threw punch after punch. With out a second thought, Rainbow Dash also began to fighting the corrupt. "What are these things?" Mythic threw a shadow over his head and into the oncoming hoard. "They're corrupt, now go. I will not have your death on my hands. Please just go with Luna and Twilight!" Rainbow Dash did not comply and kept on attacking the corrupt on her own. "Like I said, not happening."

"Rainbow Dash. Please... just go. If you die..." Mythic began to tear up. "I already have blood on my hands. Now GO!" Mythic leaped into the crowd of Shadows and made a path through the black, dispersing mist. He expected Rainbow to follow, but she stood fighting. That mare was still throwing punch after punch, she was even throwing a few to the side and in to each other.

Mythic heard her cry and galloped. The Shadow just kept coming out of nowhere, a steady flow of corrupt kept coming out of the forest. Mythic charged to Rainbow Dash, his heart clenched. He started to remember, remember one thing he tried to lock away. He remembers the death of someone, someone he loved a long time ago. The sound enraged him and made him run harder. He found his way back to Rainbow Dash and jumped over her. He positioned himself so they where back to back.

"Rainbow, you are hurt. You need to go." He received a glare as a response. "Fine, you can stay. But i swear, to almighty if you get in my way... i'll throw you." He then dodged a swipe and countered with an uppercut. Rainbow chuckled and kicked two oncoming Shadows. "I'd like to see you try. Maybe 'you' should sit this out."

"Now don't do anything drastic or dramatic. Now i'm going to try something, hold them off if you can. If it gets too hot, get out of here." 'Let’s check the forge!' Mythic fluttered his wings once more, they hurt but could probably hold his up for another minute. Mythic jumped into the air, followed by Rainbow Dash. He didn't know how long it'll take they grow wings so he didn't waste time. He quickly tried to summon the Eclipse blade once more. He prayed that it was done, he had no idea how long it would take. But he prayed it was overdone.

The summoning circles form out of the air and a something started to materialize. Two separate blades came forth, both in a white glow. Due to their shapes, Mythic could tell they were katana swords. 'I guess when Victor said my fighting style, he also meant what weapon i'd want. The other style was cool, but this is better.' As Mythic reached for one, it burst in to pieces just like last time. Mythic yelled curses as the pieces fell to the ground and disappeared. The Shadows where on their way into the sky and Rainbow was already in the middle of aerial combat.

One last shot to take before heading back into hell Mythic thought. He reached out to the sword and flinched with caution. The blade didn't burst or anything, it waited for him it grab hold. With his hoof, Mythic felt a tug, almost like a thread. The blade then jumped to his hoof and threw off it's white shell. Underneath was an ebony blade with a guard and hilt as white as snow. Mythic studied the blade , sleek and smooth. He was about to turn full speed into battle along side Rainbow when everything stopped.

Quite literally, everything stopped. He saw Rainbow Dash punching a Shadow in the face, but was not moving. He saw Luna and Twilight and they weren't moving. It was like someone held the frame of the universe. Mythic wanted to fly over and check on Rainbow Dash and found he couldn't move either. He tried to think aloud, but found his mouth didn't move.

In front of him, a Runic seal appeared. Mythic thought it was the enemy or something else that would teleport him. Mythic watched from his fixed position, as a body faded out from the rune. The body was small and was in the form of a boy, but was covered in a white shell. Mythic guessed and his guess was confirmed when the rest of the form faded in behind. Mythic saw the hair, clothes and skin come from underneath the shell. Victor stood in front of Mythic with a frown. "Mythic, i'm sorry. I didn't know they'd show themselves do soon. I would have given it another week."

Mythic felt the bones in his jaw relax and found his ability to speak. "Nice to see you too. What did you do to me?"

"I suspended you and everything else in time for the moment. We need to talk."

"Okay, hurry though. I need to help Rainbow Dash with the corrupt."

"I know, that's why I stopped time. Listen to this, for I shall say it once. And do this once, so open your mind." Mythic gave the okay. "Good. Now because the Corrupt attacked so soon you didn't have the time to prepare for the fight. In fact it's a miracle that you lasted as long as you did without proper training."

"Thank the Japanese... and anime... and video-"

"Okay stop!" Victor rubbed his eyes and continued. "But to the point, you weren't able to train enough to naturally learn about the runic language. There something I can do for you to fix that. I can lend you my knowledge on the subject. How use it at a basic level and what not. But the skill, experience and form they take will be up to you. Along with this knowledge is the ability to covert magic into pure energy. The same as Talos, i'm sure you'll be happy with that, correct?" Myhtic chuckled and agreed. Victor walked on air and placed his hand on Mythic's forehead. Victor's arm pulsated with a green light and knowledge flowed into Mythic mind. Mythic soon found a tome's worth of knowledge sink into his mind. "Victor I understand now. You can stop." Victor pulled away from Mythic and stood by his side.

"So can I ask you something, Mythic?"

"Sure, what is it, Victor?"

"Why is the Eclipse blade in that form? Would you want a longer sword or maybe a pistol like you humans use?"

"It can do that!? Holy shit, but no this is perfect. The katana is the perfect weapon, plus i'll just look cooler." Victor chuckled.

"Victor can you do me a favor?"

"Sure what is it."

"Take Rainbow Dash over to the hill. I have an idea on how to wipe these corrupt out in a single cut!" Mythic then grinned a smile that even Victor flinched at. Victor began to speak, but was interrupted. "Victor before you say a damn thing. You know most, there for i'm sure you know what i'm going to do." Victor sigh and told Mythic he'll be by the hill holding Rainbow Dash down.

Victor then walked over to Rainbow Dash as she was still in her frozen state and brought her over to the hill. He tied her in a green band of magic and place her on the ground. He looked up at Mythic and snapped his fingers.

As time sped forward to it's normal pace. Rainbow Dash jerked around as her mind and body tried to catch up to her new surroundings. Luna and Twilight searched the skies for the missing Rainbow Dash as her yells came out for the base of the hill. Below they first saw Dash as she was jerking around, trying to break free from her binds. They gasped at the sight. Twilight rushed over to Rainbow, Victor was only noticed by Luna. Her eyes opened wide as he disappeared and reappeared right by her side. "W-Who are you?"

Victor smiled and extended his hand. "You can call me Victor. I'm with Mythic."

Luna stared at Victor, scanning his body. "So your with Mythic, huh? I guess my theory was correct."

"Theory? You know who and what I am?"

"Not who you are, but I know what you are. Tell me, tell me why you are here."

Victor raised his arm and pointed to Mythic in the air as he dove straight into the swarm of shadow corrupt. "Him, Mythic just might make it. You know about the events that happened all that time ago, don't you? That's the only way you could know about me. Mythic wasn't picked at random, even though he thinks he might be. I told him the son of man will come back to finish the fight. But that's all I really told him. He as no idea... i'm sad to say that I interfered too much already. I'm here just to watch this."

Luna rose her brow and looked up at Mythic, fighting and swinging his blade. "Where did the blade came from? Is it from you, Lord Victor?"

"Please, i'm not a Lord yet. The old man is still kicking rocks somewhere out there. But no, the Eclipse blade was Aura Sight's. You know the blade he gave to your father?"

"That's impossible! That is not the same sword as the one Aura gave to my father. Tell me what is happening now!" Luna stomped her hoof into the ground. She threw her shades off and transformed back into her Alicorn form. Victor chuckled. "My dear Princess, I have said too much. All I can say, is nothing. Now watch."

As time sped up to its normal pace, Mythic held his sword with two hooves. The corrupt began to realize their enemy was gone and out off sight. They scanned the skies for the first thing that moved and quickly locked on the Mythic who flew straight into the crowd and slashed his way threw it to the other side. He slashed every Shadow he saw, he thrust his blade threw every Shadow he saw and he killed every Shadow he saw.

Though he fought Talos in this form, he was still surprised that his skeletal structure allowed for such movement. Just like both times before, as the numbers thinned out more came from the forest. Something was different this time, the Shadow didn't go start to Mythic. The Shadow converged on a single point and waited. The swarm finished grouping and spun around in the sky.

As the Shadow spun, Mythic could hear voices from below. Rainbow and Twilight yelled up to him. He didn't hear what they were yelling exactly but knew what they were yelling about. They were warning him to get away, Twilight was warning him to get away. Rainbow Dash yelled at him, she yelled at him because she though he had something to do with her binds and called him a mule. He then diverted his attention to the mares and left the Shadow alone for a moment. "Twilight, don't worry i'll be fine! Rainbow, just sit tight! My buddy Victor will get you out of those after i'm done!"

Mythic turned back to face the Shadow swarm, now just a black ball. Mythic flew higher and higher waiting for the sphere to either open or dissolved. His gazed over the object. It was huge, black and moved like it was made of oil. His glance then turned to movement he saw on the ground, he feared what he saw. A group of brave ponies had seen the earlier display when Mythic flew over to the mountains. They obviously were either curious or stupid, Mythic thought. They had spotted the black ball as it was now opening.

( Awakening )

Inside was just one Shadow, a large Shadow. It had wings like a warped bat, arms and legs and had grown teeth that were sharp as razers. It's eyes were still dark yellow and it was still black as oil. It's size was greater then Mythic's and it screeched and flew towards him.

Luna, Twilight and Rainbow watched in horror as the super-sized Shadow charged at Mythic. Mythic flew to the left and dodged the charge. The Super Shadow did a U-turn and body slammed into Mythic, causing him to fall to the ground. Mythic began his descant and turned his body in an attempt to correct his flight path. His back now faced the Super Shadow and he flew down to the ground. He began to pick up speed and flew just over the small group of ponies. He couldn't make out any details, but saw that one was a stallion and three were mares. He pulled up and looped around to charged at the corrupt. Half way to his enemy, Mythic began to spin like he did before. The Shadow screeched as Mythic spun towards it, it launched forward with it's large wings and readied it's claws to cut Mythic. Mythic spun faster and faster and the corrupt flapped harder.

Below on the ground Twilight and Rainbow struggled to free the binds that held her. Twilight used her magic while Rainbow used her own physical strength to over come the binds. Through their combined efforts, the binds didn't break. Their combine efforts had no result on the binds that Victor placed on Rainbow Dash. Twilight told Rainbow Dash to stay calm while she went to get Luna. Twilight left Rainbow Dash and turned back to Luna, in her normal form standing next to Victor. Twilight yelped at the sight of another creature the same shape as Mythic was, when in his human form. She saw that he was wearing clothing similar to Mythic and appeared to be a younger human. Twilight called to Luna asking for help with the binds. Luna turned to Victor and received a nod from him. Luna then flew over to Twilight and Rainbow Dash. Luna then landed next to Rainbow Dash and drew a rune in the ground with her magic. The rune glowed bright blue the binds on Rainbow Dash were broken.Rainbow stood up and shook her legs to stretch them out, followed by her wings. "Who does that guy think he is? That mule, i'll show him!"

Above Mythic and the Super Shadow collided and rebounded off each other. Mythic with his blade, cut the Shadow as it did the same with it's claws. The two kept at this for three more encounter's before Mythic changed his tactics. Mythic flew towards the Shadow and slashed at it's face, cutting one of it's eyes. The creature screeched in pain and went into a frenzy. With one eye blinded it clawed at the air around it trying to find Mythic and kill him. Mythic took this chance to make a quick landing. He flew over to the hill were his friend waited and tried to explain his next course of action.

"Victor!" Mythic hoovered over his four friends. "Victor how do I do that think. You know the 'thing' that Talos did, you gave me knowledge, but not on how to release it once it's ready to fire."

Victor face palmed. "You have got to be kidding me! Really? Just use it how you'd like to, you've watched all that... anime. Dear ancients how do you sleep at night?" Victor then shook as though he was shivering.

"Don't bring the drawer into this! Also, you're telling me I just have to give it a form, like you said before?"

"Yeah... dumbass."

"What did you say?"

"Nothing. Also Rainbow is pissed off at you! She doesn't like being tied up."

"Why is she mad at me?" Mythic pointed a hoof to himself. He then pointed it at Victor. "You tied her in that magic. She should be mad at you!" He then noticed Luna was in her Alicorn form. "Is that Luna? You are one pretty looking pony. Now, if I were a regular stallion..." In the background, the wheals of the Shadow were changed. It sounded like it had found a target and began attacking it. Mythic feared he was found out and turned ready to fight the beast. As he turned he saw the creature was not flying at him, but was fighting Rainbow Dash in aerial combat. "Shit." Mythic scanned the area for Twilight, she was now coming up the hill. "Twilight!" Mythic dashed over to her and hoovered above her. "Twilight, did you free her. That was her own protection!" Twilight glared at him. "No Mythic, Luna did that. I think she asked that thing over there before she did it though. By the way, what is he. He looks similar to you, before you know, you became an Alicorn."

"He is Victor, my buddy. Now when you saw asked him, do you mean she asked him to undo them? Actually forget it, either way he didn't do me my favor!" Mythic checked on the battle in the air, Rainbow was in good shape. He gave Twilight his attention once more. "Alright Twilight. Over on the other side of the field is a group of ponies, get them out of here. And please hurry, i'm about to do something I can only dream of doing. Don't want innocents' hurt by accented."

"Alright, but what do I tell them? That a circus act got away?"

"No, truth is always the best policy. I know you wanted to keep it a secret, but I think that that isn't going to be possible. Or if you can come up with a better plan, tell me now." Mythic spoke and sounded slightly frustrated as he waited for a response from Twilight, who stood quiet. She looked down at the ground and mumbled just so that Mythic didn't here her. "What Twilight, what did you say?" She looked up at him with a teary eye. "You don't talk have to me like that. I'm only trying to help you. I doubt you would want ponies to watch your every move. You may have acted like that yesterday, but I don't think you know how it would effect you."

Mythic truned back to Rainbow Dash. She was kicking and punching the Shadow and dodging it's every attack. 'Damn that chick is nice. I guess I can leave it to her for a moment more.' "Twilight, i'm sorry." Mythic landed in front of Twilight and began to apologize. "Look, we only just met. To you it's been a week, but to me it's only been only three days. Not even full days. You don't know me and I don't know you. But... I can already tell you were concerned. That makes you a friend, I can tell you you won't find to many of my friends that concerned back on earth. I'm sorry if I sounded angry, but I have a fight to win. If you are up for it, i'll do something nice for you later, K?"

Twilight sniffed and smiled. "That'd be great. I'll go get those ponies you talked about." Mythic nodded and dashed off into the sky. 'Keep up these favors a-day crap and I'll go into debt.' Mythic came up to the scene of the action and rushed the Shadow, who now held Dash in it's sight. He took this chance and slashed the base of one of it's wings while flying upwards. This caused a cry to come from the Shadow. It slowly went lop sided and fell to the ground, right in the middle of the field. Rainbow Dash panted from the exhaustion fight and looked up at Mythic. "So you think you can take me out of the fight huh?" She flew in front of him and punched him in the gut, causing him to gasp. "I don't know how, but I know you did it."

Mythic didn't fight it, he just accepted it. "Yup, that was me. But like I said, I was going to have my buddy free you. But now is the time I finish this fight. Don't follow this time, i'm not sure how mush of this I can control yet." Mythic then flew done to the ground. He landed next to the monster as it tried to regain flight. Mythic slashed it's other wing, cut the ligaments in the arms and legs. He immobilized it and then stood in front of it. He was about to try his new power when he felt a tug at his heart, his soul. He looked at the creature that laid before him, tiered and near death. On this day he remembered a death and a vow he had made.

( Sadness ) You might want to play this a few times.

"You, Shadow, corrupt. I heard my friend tell me you were once the souls of men. Men and other living creatures. I'm so sorry, he told me that you were turned into this thing of hate and darkness. I'm sorry, but you must die." The beast roared and screech in response. "But, i'll take pity on you. You, that was once a living creature, you must have died by the hand of the Shards. You well be remembered. I long ago took a vow, sad to say I forgot it as I grew up. I forgot it along with another." Once again the corrupt roared, but softer this time. It was as though it understood him. "I had once, an uncle. He was a priest in training, he was young. I was only seven, it was a party and he had to go out for something. I don't know what and don't care. I tagged along and he didn't mind. We walked five blocks to the store and back. We were held up because I had acted up and wanted to play with him out on the side walk."

"I ran into an ally, and there was this man standing there, He held a knife, long and rusty. He was deranged, he looked like he was sick or something. My uncle found me and brought me out of the ally. He then went back to check on the man, to see if he needed help. The man attacked him with the knife and ran away. My uncle was stabbed in the chest, right above the heart. I screamed for help, luckily there were people close by and got an ambulance on the way. He wasn't going to make it though, the blade on the knife was infected and it in turn infected his system." The sight before everyone shocked them. Luna, Rainbow and Twilight, who had been running back to the fight. She dealt with the ponies, she told them the truth. She told them why they needed to stay quiet till he reviled himself and they accepted it. They all ran or flew to him, except Victor who knew the story, he knew it because he knew all about Mythic and his life on earth. The mares ran and flew to him, but were cautious not to irritate the huge corrupt who was being soothed by Mythic. The were now in hearing distance. "The infection was enough to kill him, but the wound was also more than enough. He lived one hour after that. His final words, I forgot them once, but never again."

"He said 'Daniel, you are here with me. I thank you my boy. After I pass I want you to do three things for me, so that I might live happy in the after life. One, tell the family that I love all of them and will miss them. Two, no matter what, keep that family together. It is your job now, I was the peacekeeper for our hectic life and I did a damn good job at it to. Ether it gets bigger or smaller, keep the unified. And three. Take a vow please. You are so young and full of life, you might forget. But this is in hope you remember when it counts. Pity the foolish and misguided. Protect the weak and hopeless. Stay strong and always do your best. This may sound strange to you, but please promise me this. I have no son, you have no cousin from me. You will be my legacy, please don't forget me and remember your vow.' He died in the hospital that same day."

Mythic took his blade and pointed it straight at the calm corrupt. "This day I retake my vow. I will pity the foolish and misguided. I'll protect the weak and hopeless. I'll stay strong and do my best. If that means you must die, then so be it. I'll kill every single corrupt that's out there. And the Shard and anything else that stands in my way! I pity you for you are not what you are suppose to be, i'll free you." Mythic stuck his blade into the earth beneath him and looked the Shadow in the eyes. He then felt a burst erupt from inside him, he stood on his hind legs and threw one fore leg out into the Shadows face. It screeched once more. "May you find peace." Mythic's hoof glowed with a blue aura and in turned brighter and brighter. It glowed like a small star in his hoof. It then became blue with a silver hue. He shot the energy at the corrupt and it was cut in two. By the angle, the shot fired over PonyVille and left a trail in it's wake. Even though the sun was still high in the sky, the trail could be seen clearly. The two halves of the corrupt slowly disappeared into black mist.

Victor then smiled. "Now that's one of you traits. Soon you'll learn why you were perfect for this task. You are normal human, with abnormal history. You have friends, family, you go to school and even work. But you took on something like that at a young age. So much in store for you, Mythic... Daniel. May my father watch both of us and those who are and will be in your heart." Victor then walked over to the sight of Mythic being surrounded by the mares. Luna was the first to react after hearing him.

"Mythic, is... is all that true?" Mythic just looked straight ahead. Watching the blue trail disappear. "So you really just told your story to the thing you just killed, why?"

Mythic took a long breath and sighed. "We both needed to know why. I remembered today, the worst thing in my life that happened. There was worse things out there and i'm not happy for those who it happens to but... this is mine. I lived my life well up till this point, and i'll keep living well. I don't know why it started now, but events have started, may good help us." Mythic turned towards the sky to see Dash tearing up a bit. He smile. "Good work out there Dash. Glad you didn't listen to me." He saw Twilight walking to him, a tear in her eye from hearing his past story. "You too Twilight, i'd give you a hug, but i'm covered in blood and cuts, haha." He then looked to the hill seeing Victor slowly walk over. ' Victor, i'm sorry for my doubts, but your hiding the whole truth. And i'll have it, count on it.'

"Mythic," Rainbow Dash fluttered her wings while in the air above Mythic. "Do you really think I did good today? I didn't come out wound free you know." Rainbow pointed to a few bruises and the cut she had on her side. Mythic chuckled. "Better then me."

Twilight was still walking over to Mythic when she started to cry. She sobbed and walked into Mythic. "Mythic, is it right to kill them. Like you said, misguided, you'll take pity on them right?" Mythic shook his head. "Twilight, you probably don't get it. The corrupt are mindless, that one listened because I immobilized it first. And for the Shard..." Mythic looked over to Victor walking not to far from them now. "... i'll have too think about it. But, while i'm in this strange new world i'll need help." Mythic looked at Luna, Twilight and Rainbow Dash. "Till i'm fully prepared, will you girls help me?" The all nodded soberly but with smiles. Twilight being the closest, gave Mythic a hug. The other two proceeded to do the same. "What about me?" Victor scolded the four ponies for not including him.

Mythic chuckled a little, trying to lighten the mood. "Don't worry Vic, you're under obligation, Victor package plan, remember?" Victor smiled. "Yeah, it was only yesterday. Listen I know it is kind of tense around here so.... group picture?" They all rose a brow to his comment but nodded. "Cool." Victor opened another runic circle and summoned an old flash photography camera. He set the timer and jumped in the middle. "Say happy!"

"HAPPY!" The flash went off and the picture was taken automatically. Those five in one picture. The Princess, the Flier, the Student of magic, the Human and the Demigod.

Saturday Afternoon is the Worst.

View Online

"Ouch... damn Twi that hurts. Be gentle please."

"If I were more gentle I won't even be touching you, Mythic. Now stop acting like a baby, Spike acts tougher then you."

"Fine, what ever you say missy." Mythic sat in his kitchen while Twilight cleaned his battle wounds. She used rubbing alcohol on the wounds and used gauze to cover the wounds. The bleeding stop some time ago after the fighting was complete. It was about five o'clock in the after noon and the sun was just over the horizon, making the sky orange.

Luna transformed back into her disguise and went into her own room and Victor laid on Mythic's sofa, sleeping. Rainbow Dash received very few injuries during the fighting and just needed to be clean quickly. Once she was cleaned, she flew off and said she was going home and would be back later. Twilight had been cleaning Mythic's wounds for about five minutes now and was almost done. Mythic wore bandages and gauze all around his body. Mythic thought he would look cooler with all the bandages while Twilight cleaned and sighed at his remarks. Twilight applied the last bandage and told Mythic she was done. "Alright Mythic, that was the last one."

Mythic stood up from the ground and shook himself over to get the feeling of tightness out of his muscles "Finally, thanks Twilight. I've cleaned a cut or two before, but those weren't cuts I can just clean myself. So what you're you going to do now?"

"What do you mean? Do I have to leave or something?"

"Not at all, I just assumed you'd have something else to do. But you know, crazy day and all. I'm just heading up to my room to figure something out. You can come up if you want, you like books and learning right?" Twilight nodded. "Well i'm about to mindblow you right now, come on." Mythic and Twilight left the kitchen and went into the living room were the sleeping Victor was disturbed by Mythic. "Yo Victor! What does the package plan include?"

Victor turn to face the destroyer of dreams and fluttered his eyes and yawned. "Well, it includes phone, cable and internet. Have fun, now that you disturbed my sleep... go to hell." He then turned onto his stomach and fell back to sleep.

"Sorry buddy." Mythic and Twilight ascended up the stairs and into the hall. Twilight felt free and entered Mythic's room as he stayed in the hallway. On the wall next to door was the picture taken about an hour ago. Luna, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Mythic and Victor all huddled together. The picture came out so clear. Gotta love magic, Mythic thought. He laughed at the sight, not because he found it funny but because he found it amazing that it was taken in the last hour or so. He walked into his room and found Twilight floating through his bookshelf. She pulled in three books with her magic, a book on Mythology, one history and a manga. Twilight dropped the history book first and then the manga. She studied the Mythology book and skimmed through it. "What you looking at over there? My mythology, eh? In my world that's all believed to be fiction."

"What!?" Twilight dropped the book and turned with a look of disbelief. "How can you believe this is all fiction!? Well, the parts with the humans are fiction to use, but all the creatures are real in one form or another."

"Well you need to remember Twilight, two worlds equals to realities. Or something along those lines." Mythic walked or from the door to a desk, that was out of the way in the corner. He looked at it was passion. 'Missed you babe.' He ran his hoof over the surface of the tower and pressed the power button. The screen flashed to life and presented a dell logo. He jumped in the folding chair he had and got ready. The password entry came up soon after and Mythic tried to type with his hooves. After realizing the amount of characters in the box, he face hoofed and resulted to using his magic. A chime sounded off and his desktop popped open. Twilight placed the books back in the shelf and shuffled over to Mythic. "What is that thing, is it like that thing over by your...?"

"Those two are call a T.V. and Playstation. This is called a personal computer, the greatest thing I own. I can play games, chat with friends with my webcam and read or watch stuff. I'll show you an news article to help explain." Mythic typed in with his magic, an article about the face on mars. "Look, this is also a part of my world, space travel. Bu the point here is the ability to transport information through a quick and almost effortless mean. What do you think."

Twilight's left eye began to twitch. This computer amazed her, a source of information like this baffled her. "What other information can you retrieve?"

"Oh that's easy, name a topic."


"Give me a second..." Mythic typed and brought up information about the election year and same bills that were in debate at the time of the article. "Alright look here. This year is an election year on my home world and these here are some laws that were being discussed about. Read it if you want, I need to talk to a man about a horse." Twilight would usually asked what he was talking about but ignored that impulse, she was absorbed with the fascinating device that rested in front of her. Mythic allowed Twilight to play around with the computer as he left the room and walked into the hall. He knocked on Luna's door and told her he was walking in. He opened the door and found Luna writing a letter and lighting in on green fire. He didn't bother asking about the fire but still asked about the letter. "Hey Luna, what was that I just saw?"

"That was my letter to my sister. Celestia, you know who she is right?"

"I heard of her, but I haven't seen her. Goddess of the sun, right?" Luna nodded. "Alright then, right on one thing. I just came by to check the window like I said." He walked to the window that rested on the wall next to the bed. As he studied the window frame Luna made a remark. "You remembered that? Weren't you like half asleep last night."

"Luna I was almost fully asleep."

"Also, even I forgot about it due to... todays events. You really remembered?"

"Well yeah, I thought i'd forget as well. But it was always in the back of my mind. Never was one for that kind of stuff, so I bothered me all day." Mythic backed away from the window and to Luna. "Well the window seems fine, and I don't think the heater would even have something to do with it. Sorry but I have zero idea what the problem is... good luck!" Mythic proceeded to walk out of the room when Luna call back at him. "Really, that is it? You can't fine a problem?"

"Nope, see ya." Mythic walked out the door and closed it behind him. He poked his head back into his room and saw Twilight reading some more articles. He chuckled and left her alone. Mythic decided to roam around his house like a ghost thinking of his life back on earth. 'I wonder what the family is doing right now. My house hold is out on the trip and will be gone for like two mouths. With them gone though, the house might get mess with dust and rotten food. But i'm here and they are on their trip, and I feel like i'm going to be here a while. Perhaps I can go back for a second or two if things become calm. But what about my friends? I'll reported missing if someone goes by the house. I'm so fired, no question, thats a fact. But that brings me to the worst fear I have... how to rack in the money? A job is no option, not with the Shard attacking me... me. Is it me or this world. That doesn't make sense, is they out grew their own then why would they...

"Victor, we need to talk now!" Mythic slammed his hooves as he rushed down the stairs and jumped the length from the stairs to Victor, now string from his sleep. "Victor, I don't think you've been telling me the whole truth."

Victor rose from the sofa and sat straight up. "Well everything I have said his mostly true. But don't worry, i'll tell you everything soon. Let me just say, that they are looking for something. And that something is big and powerful, what else would anyone leave home for? But rest asured, I won't leave you in the dark."

"Can you tell me what that something is?"

"Not yet, I don't want to overload your human mind. Your kind goes crazy with that thing... in ten point three seconds run!" Victor bolted for the stairs and ran up them. Mythic watched in both annoyance that he didn't get an answer and confusion to what Victor just said. 'Run from what?' He heard the door slam close upstairs and the door open to the side of him. In the door way was Rainbow Dash, blood-lust in her eyes. With her were two boxes and a turtle on her back. "You... you did it!

"Did what?" Mythic was taken back a bit but kept most of his composure.

"You destroyed my cloud house! You put cut it in half and now it needs to be rebuilt! You're lucky Tank didn't get hurt or i'd have your hide!" Rainbow Dash stomped through the door and place the boxes and turtle on the floor.

"Well i'm sorry Rainbow, but what do you want me to do about it?"

"I'm staying here till my house his repaired. Your fault, that means your house!" Rainbow stomped her hoof on the ground, showing that she wasn't playing around.

Mythic didn't even try to fight it. "Alright Rainbow, I can see where you're coming from. You can stay in the guest room, you know where it is. But really isn't my fault."

"Yes it is! I got home and half of it was gone! Boom, evaporated!"

"Not my fault your house was in the way of the excess blast."

"What does that mean?"

"That means, on this day, Rainbow Dash was not given a single buck." Mythic looked away and back at the stairs. He began to ascend when he felt a hoof on his shoulder. "I already told you... Dash?" Mythic turned and froze in fear. If it was an anime, Mythic thought, there would be fire in her eyes and all around her. "Rainbow Dash?"

Rainbow spoke with her voice dripping malice and hate. "So, you don't give a buck, eh?" She then place her other hoof on Mythic's shoulder. She lifted him in the air. "Then take this!' She threw him on the ground and began beating him senseless while the others heard his cries for help.

"Told him to run." Victor took refuge in Mythic's room and stood next to Twilight. "So what are you doing there Twilight?"

"Huh, oh i'm just reading some articles Mythic let me look at. So much policy on earth, do you know why?"

"Because they can't function with out..." Mythic interrupter Victor as he rushed into the room with new bruises. "Someone help me damn you!" He was then pulled out of the doorway and back into the as he held the frame for dear life. "HELP!" Rainbow Dash yelled. "Oh no you don't, you're coming with me!"

"Vic, buddy, pal, help!" He was then dragged out of the room and down the stairs. Out of sight the two witnesses only caught audio of the massacre the unfolded. "No Rainbow, i'm sorry! Don't that hurts, wait why do you have... God no! No! Hel..." Victor slammed the door and the sounds of Mythic's pain stopped. "Told him to run. What do you think Twilight?"

"Me, I think he should really watch what he says. He has two mares living with him now, he needs to show some more respect."

"Naw, he doesn't lack respect. I think he respects you guys... girls, he just needs to think about what he does. I mean he asked for you to help him right, thats something."

"I guess thats true. hey can I ask you a question Victor?"


"I just, I don't know whats going on and I don't like not knowing things. I need to know whats going on so I can come up with a plan or something."

"Well short version his..." He then began to inhale a large amount of air. "The reason mythic is here is for two reasons really. He need to train in order to use his power in his human form and being in the form that uses it the easiest is the quickest way. He is one of the last humans that contain a special blood type that is nearly gone on his home world. The corrupt are controlled by the Shard, who are magic users. They are looking for something, but thats only part if the equation. Looking for years, and its all about to be set in motion. Humans are the most powerful, if they master magic." Victor then sighed and exhaled. "But enough of that business. Enjoy the life we have right now and all that." Victor left Twilight and went to the book shelf, he grabbed one of the thicker books. 'The Odyssey' and started to skim through it.

Luna walked into the room with a smile, ignore the screams of pain coming from downs stairs. "Hey guys..." 'The pain!' "...whats up?" 'Alright I give a buck!'. She closed the door and fully entered the room.

"Nothing, Twilight is reading stuff and i'm reading better stuff. What stuff you up to?" Victor asked, reading and not looking away.

"Not much, just sent a letter to Celestia about what happened today. Nothing crazy, just said that some monsters popped up and Mythic took control over the situation. Plain and simple..." Luna looked over the room. She looked all around and walked ever inch of the room. Twilight finished reading the article but didn't know how to work the computer. She left the machine and turned her attention to Luna still scanning the room. "Luna what are you doing?"

"I'm looking for something that can give off a good amount of heat. Mythic said that there wasn't a problem with my room... so there is something in here." Luna crouched down and looked under the bed, she found nothing.

Victor sighed and closed the book. "Luna, there is nothing in here. I should know, i'm the one who duplicated the house."

Twilight was feeling felt in the dark, for Victor and Luna knew what was going on but she didn't. "So whats going on again?"

"Luna slept with Mythic and she slept like a foal. She slept on cozy in his arms... legs." Luna blush slightly and glared at Victor for the input. "What?... Come on you know you slept like a baby. No shame."

"Princess is that true!? You slept with Mythic?" Twilight was taken back by the news. She didn't think the Princess would of something like that. "You and Mythic, huh?"

"Twilight Sparkle! It is not like that at all. I had trouble sleeping and he helped. I was cold and he was so warm, like a big teddy bear. Think of it like that." Luna blushed some more and tried play the whole thing off. Twilight accepted the answer and left it, she remembered the last time she pressed a Princess.

Just as thing settled, Mythic oped the door, covered in new bruises and shallow cuts. "Just remember I love all you. But right now, buck all you." He trotted to his computer. "Victor, I get updates?"

"Full serves, just like back home" Victor snapped his fingers and Mythic turned in alarm. "What was that?"


"Better be nothing." He spit venom at Victor, who ignored it. Mythic then checked all his e-mail and other sources of personal states. He got e-mail saying he was fired from his job. he sighed and deleted it. He then saw he had like ten messages from his mother and father asking were is was and if he was okay. "Shit, thats right! They have zero idea where I am. Victor you think I can..."

"Go ahead, doesn't affect my life much."

"Great." Mythic read the last message. It was sent on the 10th of June. "What is todays date?"

Twilight came out and said it was the 11th. "Alrighty then, that was yesterday." Mythic pulled up the instant messenger and sent a message it his parents.

'Hey guys, it be awhile. Sorry I couldn't get back to you, i've be busy with some crazy stuff. How is the trip, you guy been to the island yet. You should, grand parents came from there. But yeah, love you guys miss you. I hope to see you guys, later.'

He then sent the message off and sighed. "You know it's weird..."

"Whats weird?" Rainbow Dash asked as she came into the door way, silent as a cat.

"Holy shit! Rainbow, don't do that you scared me. Both the way you came in and your presents. You didn't need to use my bat on me." 'Bitch' Mythic glared daggers at her,

"You shouldn't have said that you didn't care. You wouldn't have been hurt. But now that it's over I am sorry. It just sort of bothered me that you said that." Rainbow dash lowered her head and drew circles in the floor.

Mythic to felt ashamed for the way he acted. "Rainbow i'm sorry to, I shouldn't have said that. i do care that your house got messed up, I acted like an ass for a minute there." Mythic shuffled his hooves over to Rainbow Dash and hugged her. "It's alright, everything is going to be fixed by the Pegasi." Mythic broke the embrace and walked back to his computer, where he found a new message from his mother.

'Thank god your alright. Why haven you answered, what kept you busy. No we are in Europe right now. I'm want to see you, we brought that webcam. Send me a message when your ready to talk. And that means now!'

Mythic read the message and sighed. He didn't want to disrespect his mothers wishes, but... he was not human. "Hey Victor?"

Victor lifted his head from the book and looked at Mythic. His smirked. "Yes Mythic, I know what you want. The answer for you, is only when someone wants to see you. Time for some fan service!" Victor drew three circles around the mares in the room and snapped his fingers.

(Have fun with this.)

Mythic dropped his mouth on the floor with the sight he had. In front of him was Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Luna. They were transformed into human girls. Twilight was about 5'7, her skin was slightly tan and she had the same hair color and style. Rainbow Dash was 5'6 with pale skin and she still had her messy hair style and rainbow colors. Luna stood at 6 feet tall, her hair dropped just past her shoulders and was a baby blue and black. Mythic rubbed his eyes and stared at them. He wasn't so surprised by their transformation as to the fact they were, naked.

Rainbow Dash was the first to react. "Hey whats the big idea! Why are we like this?" She turned to Victor. "What did you do to us?"

Victor started to laugh. "I broke Mythic! Hahaha"

The all turned to Mythic, well were Mythic once stood. He bolted out the room and into the bathroom. He threw the shower curtain open and threw the water on cold and sat in the shower. 'Deadpuppydeadpuppydeadpuppy DEAD MOTHERBUCK PUPPY! Please go away, wings of bone.' He sat in the water and let it flow over him. He panicked when a rune appeared around him and in a flash of light, he was back to being a human. "No! I wasn't done with the water!"

Mythic now in his human form, stood up in the shower, due to uncomfort. He stood in the shower and turn the water to a colder setting. There was a knock at the door and he panicked when Twilight came in, barely able to stand in her new form. "Mythic, are you okay?"

He wimped for a second before responding. "I'm alright in here Twilight. Just, if you need to say my name, call me Daniel while i'm in human form." He shivered a little and made a noise that alarmed Twilight. "Are you sure you're all right? You don't sound like it. I'm sorry but i'm coming in." With her new hands, Twilight fumbled around with knob. Daniel cried out not to open the door but she ignored the warning. She wanted to make sure he was alright, it has been like that for about a year know. To make sure everyone of her friends were okay. She final got a grip on the knob and turned it. Daniel pulled the curtain shut and asked her to leave. He hid his whole body except his head, which changed. His hair actually. Before he came to Equestria, he had black hair. He know had orange hair with a dash of purple highlights.

"Whats wrong, Daniel tell me?"

"Twilight just go back to the room and put a shirt on please. Tell Luna and Dash to do the same, i'll be there soon. Victor, help them please!" He got a sure as a response from the Demigod child. After Twilight left, Daniel got out of the shower and dried himself off. He walked back into the room and saw the girls fully clothed now. Rainbow Dash was wearing one of his tank-tops with a pair of sweat pants. Twilight wore a white dress shirt with a pair of his khakis, Luna wore a tight black t-shirt and pair of blue jeans. Daniel sighed. "It'll have to do." He then went to his dresser and closet for a pair of boxers and a pair of jeans. He went into the hall and put them on before entering again. He then pulled out a red t-shirt that read 'Numba 8#' in black lettering.

"So why do we need to be wearing clothing." Rainbow Dash said as she picked at the clothes she wore.

"Because, humans don't walk around naked. You thing I wear that shit for fashion. Although you girls make it work... back to business." Daniel sat in his folding chair and turned the webcam on. He set everything up and opened a link to his father's laptop, the one his mother used to message him. In no time at all a window opened up with the image of his mother and father sitting in two chairs on a beach. They had the laptop on the same table that held their beers. "Hey mom, dad. Sup?"

His mother wore shades and glared at him through them. "What do you mean, Sup! We haven't heard from you in a week and now I see you and you died your hair! What the hell is the matter with you?"

Daniels mother was pulled away by his father. "Son..."

Daniel glared at his father. "Father..."

The both looked at each other with cold eyes and faces... for about five second before acting like fools. The both smiled and shouted. "WAZZZ UP!" They shared a laugh, but his father got back to interrogation. "Tell me Daniel, why didn't you call us or something. We were worried about you dude."

"Dad i'm sorry, thing just aren't as calm as they seem. I've made some new friends and i've been out some much. And the hair is just a bet I lost. Yeah, I bet I could out run a pitbull and lost. Bastard clawed and bit me but i'm okay! I got all cleaned and patched up by one of my friends." Daniel then smiled.

"Well, you were always one not to bitch about that sort of stuff." His father added before Victor to interjected. "HA! You say he doesn't bitch? He bitches so~ much it's not even funny!"

Daniel glared daggers over at Victor. His father asked who that was and he told him it was the brother of one of his friends. His father then asked to see him and Mythic complied, turning the camera. "Really, that little child?"

"Yeah, I just ignore him. His name is Victor, Victor the prick."

"Don't talk about a child like that Daniel. Lean in for a second." He complied and his father whispered. "So which one of those chick is it? Which one is the new girlfriend?" His mother the punched his fathers arm playfully. "Danny, don't talk to your son like that."

Hear something about them, Twilight walked over to the computer and bent over to look into the camera. "Hello my name is-"

"Twila, her name is Twila." Daniel interjected. "The one in the tank-top is Dash and yes the name is unisex. The other girl is Lulu." ' Brain, you just might redeem yourself.'

Thank you master.

"I'm sorry girls, but those are some strange names. But I do like your hair, so pretty." His mother said. His father, Danny, came back to comment. "So is it this girl right here? She must be, shes wearing your dress shirt." His mother threw a fit after hearing that. "What! Daniel Rivera, is that girl wearing your nice dress shirt!? Why is she wearing that!?"

Daniel began to mentally over heat. How would he explain this to... "Oh that? I needed a shirt to wear." he can began to write his will.

"Why would you need one of my sons shirts to wear?"

"Oh because I didn't have one." Twilight smiled, she thought it would be best to tell the truth.

"You didn't have a shirt? What do you mean, Miss Twila? Have you and my son been... close?"

Daniel didn't react. He couldn't react, it was like something held a force that prevented him from interacting with the world. ' What is going on here! I can't even react to this, why?'

"This is for messing with my sleep, love you buddy!"

'Victor? Come on man, this ain't some ecchi anime, this is really shit!'

"To bad.. it's about to get good."

Twilight tapped her chin with her hand. "Well we were kind of close earlier. Why, is that bad?" Before Daniels mother could answer, Victor jumped in. "Oh yes, miss. They were really close today. Hey Daniel, tell them how you slept last night with Lulu wrapped around your arms!" 'Killing that bastard is going to be like an early Christmas!'

Luna blushed. "It's not what you think! I couldn't sleep, Miss, you mustn't be miss taken."

"That is Mrs.Rivera to you. And you Daniel, how could you?" His father jumped in to view. "He can do it like his old man! That's how! Putting the stuff to work good son, good son. But I think we need to go, your brothers are in trouble and I need to go get them. So, Miss Twila, Miss Lulu and Miss Dash, take care of my son while i'm gone. See ya kid!"

"Don't worry dude." Dash jumped in front of the camera. "He's in good care with me around."

"Hope so, cheers!" With that, the window closed and Daniels parents were gone.

Daniel was able to move and slowly looked over at Victor, smirking like a cheeky bastard. Daniel stood up and folded the chair and placed it under his bed. He walked over to Victor and sat on the bed. "Look, buddy, I like you. Your like, my first friend in this whole mess, so i'm going to be real blunt. That shit happens again. I'll be getting the answers to life! Do you hear me?"

"Crystal." Victor continued to smile. He walked out the room and snapped his fingers, returning every one to their pony form. They all still wore the clothing, Mythic was surprised, he thought the clothing wouldn't survive. Looking over the he didn't think of it, except Twilight. He saw her in that shirt and looked it, he like that look she had. "You guys can keep the clothes if you want."

The sun was now setting and the moon had be risen by Luna. Rainbow Dash roamed the house, but always came back to the Mythic's room. Were he and Twilight had been exchanging knowledge. She looked at them and chuckled, she never seen some one who could keep up with the bookworm. Luna was with Victor down stairs. Victor was teaching Luna the magic of the human Television. But Rainbow Dash was all on her own in the house. She glided up the stairs and walked into Mythic and Twilight's little nerd meeting as they laid on the bed. "And that's how 'you' learned to love the bomb?"

"Yeah, I never took you for a drinker, Twilight."

"Yeah, well... I could be full of surprises. You just never know."

"Gross are you two flirting?" Rainbow Dash chuckled, causing the two in question to flinch. "Damn it Dash" Mythic started. "If you want this, you just need to ask. Hahaha!" Twilight just glared at her.

"Well then, good to know. Um Twilight, aren't we supposed to be getting to that thing?" Dash winked.

"That's right , the thing with the ponies!" Twilight winked. "You should come Mythic, the thing with the ponies is awesome." She nudged him in encouragement.

"I have a felling you are trying to seduce me, Miss Robinson." Mythic chuckled.

The two mares rose a brow. "It's a figure-of-speech. I'd love to come to... where are we going?"

Rainbow Dash chuckled. "Oh it's going to be fun. Just you wait and see."

Saturday Night is Live!

View Online

"Just wait and see, eh?" Mythic tapped his chin, thinking about the offer. "Well, I guess i'll come. Just let me put a shirt on. After the change back, that shirt I wore fit nicely." Mythic crawled off the bed and walked to his closet. He pulled out the 'Numba 8#' shirt and threw it on. The shirt cover his wings perfectly. "So girls, do I blend in?"

Rainbow Dash taps her chin, analyzing Mythic with his shirt on. "To be honest, I think that would look better on me. Other then that you'll be okay. Ready Twilight?"

"Yeah just a second." Twilight walked over to her saddle bags and retrieved the dress shirt she had worn earlier. "Should I ware this? We are going out after all."

"Naw, why would you..." Rainbow Dash was cut off but a hyper Mythic.

"It would look nice on you. You should wear it." Mythic smirked. Twilight began to pull the shirt on, putting her hooves in the holes and buttoning it up. ' Brain, mental pictures, now!'

Yes sir. [click] [click] [click] Mental data stored master.

'Mythic please, Brain.'

Alright, Master Mythic

'Close enough.'

"Come on ladies, its a night on the town! I saved it's ass and now i'm going to run it's ass." Mythic walked out the door with a gleeful step. He walked downstairs and said hello to Luna and Victor. They ask where he was off to and Mythic told them he was going out to the town with Dash and Twilight. Victor asked why was he wearing the shirt. "So, whats up with the shirt?"

"What? Can't a guy just look..." He pulled out a pair of shades. "Dashing?"

"You didn't just do that, did you?" Victor shook his head in disbelief. "Well I must admit those shades do look quite..." Victor mimicked Mythic. "Sparkling."

"Thanks, i'd better go before it's no longer... Twilight"

"Did you know, today I saw a...Rainbow?" The two laughed like lunatics and hoof-hand pound. Luna, Twilight and Rainbow Looked at them, bemused. And shook their heads. Mythic threw the shades across the room, walked to and opened the door and stood outside. "Come on girls, I want to paint this town red! You couch potatoes coming or what?"

Luna rose from her seat. "Well I think I should go with you. Lord Victor, will you be coming?" Victor looked up at her, with a stern look on his childlike face. "What did I say? I said no Lord! Naw, you guys have fun." He continued to flip through the channels. He stopped when he so a particular show, set in Miami. Victor and Mythic looked at each other and laughed, leaving the three mares in the dark. Mythic said good bye to Victor and he was off.

Just outside PonyVille

"The reports said one week ago. And then there was that ruckus in the fields nearby, perfect time to come back. I've been preparing for this moment for quite some time." The dark pony walked along the cobble path towards here destination. The moon on the rise and the sun sinking, it gave her a feeling that made her remember that night. The night that put her on this path, the path of change. She aimed to thank and challenge that one mare.

"This is it? A motherbucking library, a closed one at that. Isn't this where you work?" Mythic wore a frown on his lips. He was told that there would be fun, a huge-ass study was not fun! Luna and Rainbow chuckled behind him but stopped when he turned and glared at them. Twilight for the other hand, punched his arm and got a compliant.

"This is where I live. I have to drop off my saddlebag." Twilight said as she pushed the door open. It was dark in the tree house.

"Fine, i'll amuse you. We stop by... then go party!" The irony that blew up in his face after he said that. He stepped into the tree and instantly, the light are thrown on and what seems like a thousand ponies jump and yell surprise. Mythic flinched back at the sheer shock and almost had a heart attack. He managed to realize what it was before cursing out loud.' Motherbucker that was scary! Holy lord buck me with a cactus in the ass, that was scary! Ow, punch and cake...'

As the other ponies still cheered, Mythic's Pink friend jumped and bounced her way to him. "You suprised, ha? Were ya, were ya? Twilight was like that the first time too, so don't worry. Lets get this party started!" Just then a white mare with a techno blue mane popped up and stared to play some music.

( Get it in gear )

The beats in the music caught Mythic off. The unexpected techno beats, they got those? he thought. But right as the music hit, Mythic got an idea. But first he'd need to get to Victor or have somepony do it for him. But he thought it could wait, right now there were a bunch of ponies crowding him. They were all asking him questions, 'Where you come from?''Where you get that shirt?'What is your name again?''Why do you have zebra strips?' . It went on for almost an hour, good thing the ponies cam up in groups. He finally got away from the chaos and went to get some punch. "It been awhile you and I, my friend." Mythic whispered to the bowl. He gleefully poured some into a cup and licked his lips. He was about to chug it down when he saw a mare staring at him. He too had punch, but what Mythic really cared about was the flask she had.

he looked at the flask and back at the mare. She was dark pinkish mane and coat and grapes and strawberry as her cutiemark. She winked at Mythic and shook the flask, she then pointed to the cup. Mythic nodded and they walked over to one another. The mare poured the contents of the flask into the flask and Mythic thanked her. "Thank, I was hoping someone here had some." He then sipped the piked punch.

"You're welcome. I'm Berry Punch, nice to meet you, Mythic. I've heard some rumors about you." She leaned in and whisperer. "Some ponies think that you're with Rarity. Because of the little display yesterday. Also some think you've been here for a while, but not seen."

Mythic pulled away from Berry and took another sip of the punch. "Well, that is half true. I've been in town for about a week. I've been in the hospital for all that time, got out yesterday. But i'm not with anypony at the moment."

"Oh." She took a sip. "Well, just remember, there aren't to many stallions in PonyVille. You just might become someponies apple of the eye." Berry Punch chugged down the rest of her glass and nodded to behind Mythic. "Speaking of which. Twilight and her groups coming this way. I'll see you around."

"Stay close by, i'll be needing you later." The two shared a laugh and walked away. Berry Punch walked up to her friends Lyra and Bon-Bon, who where talking to a stallion with a brown mane and light brown coat. He was wearing a green tie and had an hourglass cutiemark. "Hey guys, whats up?"

"Oh nothing at all, well maybe nothing." The brown stallion replied in a unusual accent. "That stallion you were just talking to, he's the new arrival correct? I want to speak to him."

"You need to stop that Clock Work." Lyra touched Clock Work's shoulder. "I mean he does look like that guy from earlier, but, Berry did you talk to him?"

"Yeah, he said he's been in the hospital for a week, he got out yesterday. Oh, he also he doesn't like Rarity."

"Are you sure?" Bon bon join the conversation. "Is that what he said or are you just para-phrasing, again?"

"Fine he said he's not with her or anypony else. But, he looks like the type to have been snatched up quickly." She walked to a punch bowl close by, refilled her cup and walked back. She swiveled the cup. "Maybe i'll give him a try?" She then giggled and drank from the cup.

Clock Work objected. "You are not getting near him till I talk to him first. He is new, a potential threat... and were did he get that shirt from? I haven't seen clothing like that for a while, seems, i don't know... 21st?" Clock Work then walked to the otherside of the crowd. "Be right back girls."

On the otherside of the crowd was Mythic, Twilight, Luna and company. They exchanged greetings and mingled. Rarity gave Mythic a hard time about not wear the kimono she made, but was quick to clam down when told of the days events. Rarity and the rest gasped as they told ever detail of the fight. Mythic assured them that he'd been okay and could handle the situation at anytime.

As Clock Work approached, he could here Mythic staring to tell a joke. "Alright ladies listen to this. The Republicans are the party of bad ideas and the Democrats are the party-

"Of no ideas!" Clock Work was now in yelling distance over the music. They group of eight ponies looked over at him and Mythic just stood baffled. "That's right. How could you know that?"

"The same way I know this one. Me and My wife are either going to buy a dog or have a child. We can't decide-"

"Whether to ruin the carpet or our live! Haha!~ " Mythic finished the joke and laughed with Clock Work. "How do you know that joke? It's... not from around here or is it?"

Clock Work shook. "Nope, it is special. Not the joke, the fact that you know it." Clock Work then saw Luna in her disguise and turned to her for the moment. "How might you be?"

Luna reacted quickly. "I'm Night Blur, nice to meet you." Mythic then jumped into the greeting."I'm Mythic and you are, who?"

"They call me Clock Work." He leaned in to whisper. "You aren't from Equestria, are you?" Mythic's eyes opened wide and turned to the mares. "I'll be right back!" The two walked outside and finished the conversation. Mythic started. "Alright, 'Clock Work', just who are you? Are you working with the shard or something? Because if you are-!"

"I'm not working with or for anyone. I'm not from here as well, I came here about seven months ago. Tell me, does the word, Earth, mean anything?" Clock Work asked with hope in his eyes and voice.

"How do you know about my home. I'm human, are you human too!? That would be great." Clock Work jumped in joy, he skipped and sang merrily up and down the street. "What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing! I thought it was the end! But you blimey bastards just don't die, it brilliantine! Wait... how did you get here." Out of nowhere, Clock Work pulled out a metal device and turn on a blue light. He moved it up and down Mythic. "Have you be in contact with radiation? Wormholes? Anything like a portal or something? Is earth in trouble, again?"

"What? No, no. Nothing like that." Mythic lied. He had been in contact with magic runes, but didn't know this guy. He was asking weird questions, Mythic thought. "Why, should that be the reason?"

The stallion finished scanning Mythic with his little tool and put it, god know where. "It doesn't seem like you were in contact with anything. Let me ask you a personal question. Today where you fighting a big bat, griffon like monster?"

Mythic connected some dots in his head and came to a conclusion. 2+2=4 "So you were the one out there! You could have died out there you know?"

"Naw, you looked like you could handle the situation. So what are you really?"

Mythic hesitated, but he knew so much already. He thought it best to try and true Clock Work. "The true is, i'm a Mystic. Well technically, I don't think i am just yet. Just got started a week ago. Don't know how many others are out there."

Clock Work looked puzzled. "Mystic? I don't think I've heard of those."

"Just know i'm not here to hurt anyone. I'm here for training and I think that is all. Victor really hasn't told me what happens next. But hey, you want to listen to some real human music?"

Clock Work shrugged but didn't respond. "Good, tell my friends i'll be back. Just stopping by the house for a tick. I'll see you around, Clock Work. But first tell me, what are 'you'?"

"Only time will tell you that." Clock Work smile and walked back inside. Mythic shrugged and thought it to be too cryptic. He then ran to his house on the out skirts of two.
(Stop Music.)

Mythic, tired of the running, walked as neared the edge of PonyVille. He stopped for a moment and stared up at the sky, dark but full of light. He was captivation by the view he took a wrong run and headed up a dirt path, leading up a hill and out of PonyVille. As he strolled along, Mythic heard a slow rolling sound. Mythic removed his vision from the sky and placed it to the ground.


His eyes grow to the sight in front of him, a wooden trailer rolling down the steep hill. He froze and then heard a feminine voice shout run. "Damn, this day just gets better." He then proceeded to bolt down the dirt road, back to town. He ran and ran, but was tired. The wooden trailer was just about to hit him when he was engulfed in magic and hoisted onto the trailer. He sighed in relief and relaxed as he rode the wagon till it lost momentum. On the top with him was a mare wearing a cape and cloth band around her horn. She was blue with a white mane. "Sorry about this, the trailer got away from me." Mythic nodded. "Stuff happens. I"m Mythic." He extended his hoof for a shake. The mare shook it. "I'm Trixie." The trailer began to loss speed and slowly stopped at an intersection, still outside town.

"Nice to meet you, well, better then scraping me off the bottom of the trailer. Nice cape by the way." The cape Trixie wore did indeed catch Mythic's eye. It had a blue rhombus in a purple rectangle. Within each corner of the rectangle was a yellow star. The band on her horn too was covered in stars and was purple. "Where you off to Trixie?" They both descended into the trailer via a hatch, as the only way down was going in.

"Oh i'm heading into PonyVille. I travel a lot and decided to stop by and say hello to somepony." Trixie opened the door to leave the trailer. "And where are you off to? You are quite a way out of town."

"I'm just heading home for some stuff, party in town and i'm going to blow everyponies mind! It's just that it's all going to be so heavy to carry, even with magic."

"Oh, let me help with that." Trixie jumped at the chance.

"Really, you're just offering to help me?" Mythic stunned by the mare.

"Yeah, but I almost hurt you. Besides that, i'm trying to be a good pony. Some things happened and... well you're from PonyVille, you know." Trixie frowned a little.

"I'm not from PonyVille. In fact, I just moved here, the party is for me. You should come by and hang out. After we get my stuff." Mythic nudged her foreleg.

"Um okay, were do we go from here?"

Mythic pointed to field where Trixie could make out a building. She the used her magic to form reins and the trailer moved on it's own. On the way to the house, the two made small talk, but didn't get into any big conversations. As they rolled into the front Mythic could hear the house blasting with music. He ran to the window and saw Victor, in a white shirt... no pants... in socks skiing across the floor. Mythic shakes his head and goes to the door.


Mythic opens the door silently and stairs at Victor. Victor dances and does a turn and is shocked to see Mythic standing there. "Umm hey there guy..."

"Are those my socks?" Mythic says with venom on his tongue.

" ...What?"

"Are...!?" Mythic yells.

(Stop Music)

Trixie walks up to the door. "Is everything alright?"

"Yeah." Mythic says as he hides the door way. "It's just my buddy Victor, who is going out... THE BACK DOOR!" He yells as he turns head to Victor, jumping out a window. "In overview, that was dumb. Sorry Trixie, I bring the trailer to the side of the house."

Trixie complied and brought her trailer to the side off the house. A few minutes later, Mythic opened the garage and brought out a bag and two amps. He smiled and threw the amps into the trailer. "That's it... Tally-ho MoFo!"

The party was in full swing, but there was still no sign of Mythic. The mares were getting worried, while most worried he got lost, Twilight, Rainbow and Luna worried about something else. The three were in a small huddled and spoke quietly. "Do you think he got attacked?" Rainbow started.

Luna shook his head. "The fighting would surely be heard. Those things did draw attention.

Twilight agreed. "So where could he be?"

"Alright, Trixie now that it's all set up. I need you to draw their attention outside. Can you do that?" Mythic was on top of the trailer, hooking up wires and plugs outside the library.

"Mythic, after what I did to this town, the mere sight of me will draw a rabbit from it's hole."

"What did you do anyways?"

"I just boasted so much that it caused the town to almost be destroyed. Some colts went and got an Ursa minor, thinking I could stop it. I couldn't and that's when everypony found out I was a fraud. Twilight Sparkle was the one to defeat it. I then traveled hating her. I traveled and learned new spells and became stronger. In my travels I meet an elderly stallion, draped in a black cloth. He followed me, but I never paid attention to him. One day I asked why was he following me, he told me he was here to warn me. But warn me from what? I asked him and he told me. He told me that humility was necessary and that I lacked it. I told the old stallion off and kept traveling. Something in my mind kept nagging me to remember what he said, it went on for weeks. I then came on to a small village, were the children were sick. Now looking back on it, I was pretty pathetic. All I had on me were a few fireworks and about five bits. I spent about a week in the town, before I started to feel uneasy. Seeing all the sick children made me sick, and the frowns made it worse. I thought one day it would be nice to put on a small show for the little ones. The faces they made were so beautiful, the smiles they made filled my heart with joy. I thought I was going to regain fame, but that thought brought the nagging back. From that day on I've tried to follow the road toward friendship, just like Twilight Sparkle."

"Well I say you're on the right track! I'm happy for you. Now lets rock some ponies." Mythic jumped down and nudged Trixie. Trixie then smiled and nodded. "Right!"

Trixie then ran into the tree, where she received puzzled looks from many ponies. She saw the DJ booth and got an idea. She teleported to the booth and shut the music off, getting a few curses from DJ Pon3. "Listen everypony! I have your lovey Mythic, trapped in my hooves. If you want him back then step outside and face me once again, Twilight Sparkle!"

"Trixie! What are you doing here?" Twilight pushed through the crowd and made her way to the DJ booth. "What have you done to Mythic?" She took a position, ready to cast a magic beam at Trixie.

"I haven't done anything, yet. If you want him alive, you simply need to walk outside. All of you, walk outside now! I promise I won't hurt you." Trixie smiled and laughed like a cliche villain. Twilight snarling a little, but complied. Twilight didn't think Trixie would come back like this. She hoped she'd come back a nicer, more caring pony. She though Trixie didn't learn anything. The crowd flowed out of the tree and found a wooden trailer with huge stereos waiting for them.

Once most of the ponies where out in the street, Mythic popped up from inside the trailer and waved to everyone. "Hey everypony! What's up? Oh yeah, THIS!" Mythic then levitated his bag to his side, it held two bottles of Vodka and his laptop. He hit a key and music started to boom from the stereos.

Party Rock!

Everypony covered their ears for a moment, but adapted to the sounds. Some started to bob their head to the sounds. While Pinkie jumped around, Mythic began to sing along with the recording.

Party Rock is in the house tonight
Everybody just have a good time.
And we gonna make you lose your mind
Everybody just have a good time.

Party rock is in the house tonight
Everybody just have a good time
And we gonna make you lose your mind
We just wanna see ya.... Shake that. Mythic jumped down from the trailer and began to dance. Dancing around and with all the ponies who started to join in. The closest being Luna.

In the club party rock, lookin' for your girl? She on my jock
Nonstop when we in the spot, booty movin' weight like she on the block
Where the drank? I gots to know, tight jeans, tattoo 'cause I'm rock 'n' roll
Half black, half white, domino, game the money, op-a-doe Mythic then jumped over to Rainbow Dash, and started to do the running man next to her.

Yo, I'm runnin' through these ho's like Drano
I got that devilish flow, rock 'n' roll, no halo
We party rock, yeah, that's the crew that I'm reppin'
On the rise to the top, no lead in our zeppelin, hey

Party rock is in the house tonight
Everybody just have a good time
And we gonna make you lose your mind
Everybody just have a good time

Party rock is in the house tonight
Everybody just have a good time
And we gonna make you lose your mind
We just wanna see ya Shake that

Everyday I'm shufflin'
Shufflin', shufflin'

Step up fast and be the first girl to make me throw this cash
We gettin' money, don't be mad now, stop, hatin' is bad

One more shot for us, another round
Please fill up my cup, don't mess around
We just wanna see you shake it now
Now you wanna be, you're naked now

Get up, get down, put your hooves up to the sound
Get up, get down, put your hooves up to the sound
Get up, get down, put your hooves up to the sound
Put your hooves up to the sound, put your hooves up to the sound

Get up, get up, get up, get up
Get up, get up, get up, get up
Get up, put your hoovess up to the sound, to the sound
Put your hooves up, put your hooves up, put your hooves up, put your hooves up

Party rock is in the house tonight
(Put your hooves up)
Everybody just have a good time
(Put your hooves up)
And we gonna make you lose your mind
(Put your hooves up)
Everybody just have a good, good, good time

Put your hooves up
Put your hooves up
Put your hooves up

Mythic jumped back up onto the trailer And shouted to the now cheering crowd of ponies. "You want more!?" The all in unison screamed yes. "Okay then! Let me just abject this... plug in that.... boom!" Mythic hit another key and the music went on a track cycle.

Mythic took a bow and entered the trailer. He emerged through the front door, crowded by ponies asking him where he got that music. He just told them it was from home, but assured them that you'll have more if they wish it. Walking back to his friends, Mythic encountered Vinyl Scratch. "Hey dude, that was rad! But try not to up stage me, or you'll be learning from a really DJ!" She then smiled and walked away. Mythic was stranded in confusion. "Was that a compliment or warning? I'll take compliment."

"Mythic, Mythic!" Rarity called through the crowd and was followed by the six other mares. She ran up to him and started to exclaim her excitement. Her excitement was soon overlapped by that of the pink party pony herself. Pinkie jumped around in her hyperactive state. She spouted sounds, but nothing that can be made audio able. "Wow wow slow down girls! It not that great. I just need to find Trixie.... there she is."

By the door of the library, Mythic saw Trixie talking to Luna, Twilight and Rainbow Dash. He couldn't hear what they said but so a smile grow on Twilight's face as Trixie spoke. Mythic guessed she was apologizing for what she did. As he walked closer he saw the smile on Twilight's face turn to confusion. He picked up his pace and managed to catch the final words Trixie spoke. "... at dusk tomorrow. I hope to see you there." Trixie trotted off toward her trailer, passing mythic. "What was that?" Mythic asked.

"I just challenged Twilight to a magic duel. She accepted, now I can finally show her how much I've grown. Don't worry it's just a friendly sparing match. Neither of use will be hurt. I'll see ya around." With that Trixie trotted off.

Mythic went to Twilight who was being encouraged by Rainbow. "Don't worry Twilight, she my have practiced, but there is no mare alive who can beat you. You're Celestia student for.. well Celestia's sake."

"I know Rainbow Dash, but to receiving an apology and challenge in the same? I still think that's a little boast full." Twilight said.

Mythic walked up to her and placed a hoof on her shoulder. "Don't worry Twilight! She just wants to show you how much she's grown. She just showed you mentally, now she just need to show you physically.... using her magic I mean." 'Dirty mind you.'

"Mythic is right." Luna agreed. "She simply wishes to become your friend. This is how she'll start making friends, just go through with it."

"I guess.."

"Good!" Mythic yelled and caused everypony to jump. "I think it's to time to put this party into high gear!" Mythic stared to run to the trailer and jumped inside and ran to the top where all his equipment lied. He yelled out to the ponies and encouraged their party behavior. Everypony cheered as Mythic started to play all the greatest hits back on earth. 'Lets do this!'


The rest of the night flew by. Mythic and Vinyl had a DJ battle, which Mythic lose horrible. The ponies laughed at his lack of skill, but he laughed with them. As the DJ bumped the music, the ponies got into contests of all kinds. Berry Punch, Rarity, Fluttershy, Mythic and Twilight got into a drinking contest. The surprising victor was Fluttershy, who didn't act so shy after a few shots. Mythic dropped out before getting to smashed, he had a whole night to party. He missed the one he was supposed to go to back before this mess and he damn well was going to party now. Next Pinkie had an eating contest. She, Mythic, AppleJack, Rainbow and Bon-Bon and a few others joined. The winner being Pinkie Pie of course. Mythic laughed and had a blast with the ponies. Mythic, Pinkie and Rainbow spent some time delivering pranks to those who weren't to cautious. Trixie and Mythic talked more and more as the night led on. The both of them came up with a splendid idea. They rubbed their hooves and laughed in a sinister fashion. The ran into the trailer and emerged with a ton of fire works. They set them off with delight. The crowd of ponies in the street awed at the sight of the fireworks in the night time sky. With a little magic, Trixie caused the fireworks to form new shapes as the exploded, entertaining the crowd even more. The night continued like this for a few more hours.

Four hours later

"Holy buck do ponies party." Mythic sighed heavily. The party had ended an hour or so ago. It was close to midnight and plenty of ponies seemed tired. Mythic had gathered his laptop and stereos. The bottles of vodka had disappeared into the night. Mythic, Luna and Rainbow Dash left in Trixie's trailer as she offered to return him and his equipment to the house. She left and rode off to the center of PonyVille. Rainbow had since been asleep and Victor was nowhere to be found. Mythic thought the demigod can take care of himself. Mythic himself didn't feel tired, so stayed out on the roof with his bag of candy. The moon filled him with a feeling he could not explain. He felt himself drawn to it, he reached out a hoof in a childish attempt to grasp it. "What is it about you? You, the silver disk and silver droplets of the black ocean."

"That's a good question." A voice said softly behind Mythic. Mythic did not jump, yet slowly turned to see the goddess of the moon herself in her natural form. Her mane blended in with the night itself as she looked up at the sky as well. "Do you enjoy my moon Mythic?"

"Yeah. I've loved it since birth. The moon and the sun are the tow things I think stay the same, no matter where you go." Mythic used his magic to levitate a few skittles into his mouth. "Want some?" Luna smiled and took the candy as Mythic continued. "You know, you most be so very powerful, Luna. To control all those stars and the moon too."

Luna swallowed her candy and said. "It is wonderful yes, but my sister controls the sun. I'll never be as powerful or wonderful as my sister."

"But the stars are for more beautiful, their just far away suns you know." Mythic popped another piece of candy into his mouth. "They both serve such purpose. The sun gives us warmth and beauty in the day while the moon gives us a cool and beautiful night. Many would pay to here me talking right now." He smirked.

"You really think so?" Luna asked.

"Oh yeah, they love to hear that stuff."

"No, I mean the day and night. Is that what you think?"

Mythic looked up to Luna and raised his right eyebrow. "Well if I said it, it most be true. Every night before I went to sleep I looked up at it. The sky back on earth is worse then here, we couldn't see all the stars. But here, I can see all of them. Completely different mood now then before, huh?"

"What do you mean?"

"A few hours ago, I was parting like the nineties child I am, then this. Siting on my roof, doing my nightly gazing. Good work by the way, on the stars."

"That wasn't me. The moon and most of the older stars were my fathers work. I just took over when he...." Luna's joy was replaced with sadness.

Mythic knew what she meant. "He died, right?" He said bluntly. Luna nodded and started to tear. "I'm sorry Luna." Mythic moved over to right shoulder so he could comfort her. "Did he die of old age?"

"No, neither did my moth- my mother." Luna started to full blow cry at the memory. "I just didn't want to talk about it." She sniffled.

"That's fine with me. I think it's about time for me to get some sleep. Good night Luna." Mythic left her side, took his bag of candy and flew down to the ground. He walked in through the front door, threw the bag of candy on the living room table and went to clean himself. As he walked into the bathroom, Luna came through the open door, closed it and walked to her room, which had it's own bathroom. She cleaned herself as well and climbed into bed.

As he came out from the bathroom, ten minutes later, he came to his room and jumped into bed. He sank into the mattress and grew comfortable. He was then hit by a chill that ran through his whole body. He was managing not to shiver but couldn't sleep once more. He turned his back to the door, but then heard it open. He stayed still, his natural instinct. He listened to the clopping of hooves as Luna trotted over. "Mythic?" She said in a low, hushed voice thinking Mythic to be asleep.

"Yeah, Luna? What's up." He spoke too in a hushed voice.

"I thought you checked my window. It's cold in my room again."

"Sorry. I don't know the problem, it looked okay to me." Mythic turned to face her. "I just can't help you with the window. Do you want my blanket or something?" Mythic offered the blanket by raising it up to Luna. Instead of taking the blanket or denying it, Luna instead slipped under it through the gap. "Weren't you saying something about this, this morning?"

"Yes, but I just need some warmth. I think the walls are too thin. I'll just sleep her tonight, is that a problem?" Mythic shook his head. "Good, goodnight Mythic." Luna turned to her side and faced away from Mythic. "You can wrap around me."

"What!" Mythic asked in hushed yell. "Where did that come from?"

Luna blushed. "I-I- I don't know, but it'll help me."

"Alright then, I have no objections." Just like the night before, Mythic wrapped Luna in his fore legs. The two slept like that for the whole night. The both had wonderful dreams, till the sun arrived.


View Online

Bang...Bang...Bang As Mythic and Luna slept, they began to stir to the sounds of a large bang at the front door. Once again they heard three bangs at the door. Mythic stirred from his sleep and awake to a sight he didn't quite expect. He saw Luna with her hair in disarray, softly snoring with a small bit of drool. Mythic found it cute, but thought it would be easy to disturb her sleep. He gently lifted the covers and removed himself from the bed. He quietly arched over Luna, as his bed was against the wall. Mythic found himself stuck over Luna as she slept. Bang...Bang...Bang The sudden banging cause Mythic to fall in his half-wakened state. He fell flat on his face and winced at the pain.

All the noise caused Luna to also awaken from her dreams. She opened her eyes lazily and lifted her head. She looked to where Mythic had slept but found him on the floor. "Mythic, why are you on the floor?"

Mythic wished to play off his clumsiness, so he thought of an old classic. "I was checking for termites. You know can't ever be to sure." He then lifted himself off the floor and dusted himself off. He walked out the bedroom door to go down stairs. He came up to the front door and opened it. Before him stood two white pegasi, dawning golden armor.

"Greeting sir, is this the home of a Mythic Rune?" The guard on the left asked.

"Yeah this is my house. How might I help you, sir?" Mythic asked uneasily. The guard on the right moved away from the door. "What is this all about?"

"Mr. Rune, is Princess Luna in the house at this moment?" The one guard that stayed asked.

"Yeah, she's here."

"Good. Might you go fetch her for us? Princess Celestia wishes to speak to her."

"Her sister, aye? Alright i'll be right back." As Mythic turned, he revealed his wings and the guard gasped. "What's wrong?"

"Are you- you're really an Ali-Alicorn?"

"Yes, but i'm not royalty or anything. Don't worry, i'll be right back." Mythic walked up the stairs and disappeared from the sight of the guard. The guard sighed heavily a looked to his left to see his partner escorting Celestia to the house. "Her Majesty, were you aware that there is an Alicorn living in this house?"

"I was fully aware of that." Celestia said in a slightly harsh tone. "But he is not of noble blood, so don't do anything for him."

"Sister." Luna called from the stairs. She trotted down the steps and run to hug Celestia. "It's nice to see you Tia."

Celestia smiled with joy. "It's not even been two full days, Luna."

"That doesn't matter, it's still good to see you. You didn't tell me you were coming today."

"And I didn't expect you to sleep in this late."

"Wait, what time is it?"

"It's twelve thirty. Didn't you get my letter?" The two sisters where interrupted by Mythic, who held a scroll in his mouth. He walked down stairs and dropped in like a dog would a newspaper. "Is this anyone's? Found it under my bed." He left it on the floor and trotted into the kitchen. He fetched an apple and started to eat it. He levitated the fruit in front of his face, the moved to the garage. "If you need me, i'll be doing some stuff in the garage."

"Alright Mythic, see ya soon." Luna waved to him, even though he wasn't really going anywhere. He then walked into the dark room. The stale air irritated Mythic so he pushed the button to lift the large garage door and let fresh air and sun light fill the large dull grey room. He sat by the door and finished his apple before starting on his work. For about five minutes Mythic worked on a project he's been working on for a whole year. He worked on a high pressurized cannon, he was almost done with setting up the air tank when he heard the flapping of wings right outside the garage entrance. He looked up and through his leather strap, metal rim goggles, saw Rainbow Dash with a purple saddle bag in her mouth. Mythic dropped the goggles around his neck and greeted his friend. "Hey Rainbow, how's it going?"

"Oh hey, you're final awake. It's all go, just went on cloud patrol. Went by to see how everyone was doing after the party last night. Man that was awesome!"

"I'm glad you all liked it. What I did was so risky, takes balls to do what I did." Mythic chuckled.

"Yeah well that's debatable. Rarity wanted me to drop this off. She said it's full of your orders." Mythic levitated the bag over to his workbench. The bag was purple with an orange flame as the buckle. He opened both of the buckles and found three robs inside. One was identical to that of the kimono he wore yesterday, another was white with orange trim and a purple sash. The last one was orange with purple trim and a white sash. "These are awesome. I've got to put one on." Mythic took out the purple kimono and smiled at it.

"Look, it's even got holes for your wings." Dash pointed out. Mythic looked to the back looked to the rob confused.

"Why would she do that? The others don't seem to have holes for my wings." Mythic started to try on the rob.

"I don't know. Is the Princess up yet? I saw a chariot in front of the house, so I thought she was going somewhere."

"You're half right. Luna is awake, but her sister is here."

"Celestia is here!? Why, did something bad happen? What did you do?" Rainbow began to panic.

"I didn't do anything. I think it's just a nice, friendly, sisterly visit." Mythic closed the saddle bag. He then proceeded to enter the house to put the others away. Rainbow followed and the both entered the living room, where they found the two royal sister in a slight argument.

"You could have been hurt."

"No, I wouldn't. He had the whole situation under control."

"That doesn't matter. You made it sound so dangerous. If he had it under control then why send a letter? Answer that."

"......." Luna had no rebuttal for her sister.

While the two debated Mythic had slipped pass them and gone up stairs to put the bag down. He made the bed and opened his window for more fresh air. Mythic then decided to look lay on his bed. He then heard the vibrating of phone on the night stand. He brought it over to and say the same runic letters on it. Before he could do anything, he heard Luna call for him. He threw the phone on his bed and walked downs stairs. "Sup Luna."

"Mythic please explain to my sister that you can handle any situation that comes your way."

Mythic looked over to Celestia. "Madam, I can not handle everything that is thrown at me. But I will handle it with honor and dignity."

"That's not what I said!"

"No, that is what I just said."

"Well..." Celestia spoke up. "You are honest, i'll give you that. But i'm not going to allowed my sister, co-ruler of Equestria, to be harmed."

"Well if that's true, then why not keep her in the castle? She'll be safe and sound in there."

"I can't do that to her."

"Why not?"

"I can't do that because she must be allowed to do what she wishes. I love her, there for I can not contain her."

"You do, do you?"


"Well then don't worry if she gets hurt. If she is allowed to go where she likes, she might like the danger. Your Majesty, you can't let a bird fly and think it won't get lost or get hurt. Luna, to me, looks fully grown. She can surely think for herself and determine what is dangerous and what is safe."

"......" Celestia couldn't break Mythic logic.

"You care for her, i'm aware. You don't want her hurt, I too don't want harm to fall upon your land. Thats why I will fight the danger that rises. I've heard that my people once fought along side your own. Is that true?" Now I can get a few things straight '

Celestia looked sternly at Mythic. She as heard him and determined that he spoke with the truth. She liked his truth. "Yes. The 'Humans' did ally themselves with the ponies and many other races."

So Victor was telling me the truth, on that level. "What else do you know?"

Celestia looked to her guards and Rainbow Dash, who stood off in the corner, teasing one of the guards. "I ask that you three step outside for a moment." With out any response, the three pegasi bowed their heads and left through the front door. "Are you sure you want to here this. I don't promise a happy ending."

"Life isn't all flowers and rainbows. I've been through some tough shit." Mythic reassured Celestia.

"Fine, but i'll only tell you what I know. When I was little, just a foal with a pink mane and no cutiemark, there was not just ponies, griffons, diamond dogs and dragons. They came from another worlds, other realms. There were hundreds of them, all different in size, color and shape. The brightest minds and most powerful of magic users would pass through or world, not just the Kingdom of Equestria. They would pass through the whole world, they'd walk Terra's soil and learn from the people. This was also true for my parents, Queen Solaria and King Nocturnus. They would go away for a time, learning from the different races different things. While they were gone, their Housecarl, and an earth pony by the name of Aura Sight, would be in charge of the kingdom till their return.

It would be years later, after Luna was born and I had matured, that something foul happened. Now that i'm the ruler, I was give the information, but at the time I didn't know what was happening. Another race of powerful beings came and attacked not my land, but others. This happened for years with out me knowing. My parents kept the knowledge to a minimal in an effort to keep the peace. One day, with out warning, a massive portal opened over our home of Canterlot. Strange creatures that did not speak nor feel attacked. The force was small, but dealt much damage. The creatures were black, yellowed eyed and could grow wings that a bat of the night would frown upon. I believe Luna detailed something similar in her letter to me. They ravaged the city till a small number of what are now called Mystics, came and fought them off. It was like this for a time, and it always got harder and harder. Always at the head of the pack was Aura Sight, that old man was the greatest, given his condition."

"What kind of condition? Was he near death?"

"No, Aura was blind. He was born a blind foal."

"So how could he fight?"

"No one could ever figure it out. They say he could see, but pretended to be blind. Others say he was really blind, but use magic to see all around him. But others say it was his weapon, that it was enchanted to give him the power that he had."

"And what weapon was that?" 'Like I need to ask.'

"He called it Deity Boon. But if what I think is try, then you know that you have the same weapon."

"That's true, it's in a different form and I call it Eclipse. But it is the same weapon, from what I gather."

"Then you know that it was give to my father before Aura's death. There fore it's mine by right."

"That's not an option. See for yourself." Mythic then summoned his black Eclipse blade. He then hoofed it to Celestia, she tried to levitate it with her magic but it didn't respond. She then tried to move it with her hooves but it didn't budge. "I knew it. Now lets try something else." Mythic walked to the door, opened it and threw the blade into the forest near by. The sudden action caused the guards and Rainbow Dash, who still taunted one of the guards, to jump. He turned around closed the door and summoned the blade once more. "Told you, this baby is mine. It chooses it's wielder. Which is me, it's not your birth right. So tell me, how did Aura die."

"He died in an inferno."


Celestia sighed. "After a few years, the... do you have a name for them?"

"The black creatures are called corrupt."

"Well, after a few years of the attacks, a new people came through the portals. They called themselves the humans. They were younger then the rest. The humans seemed afraid of the world before them, but journeyed forward anyway. No one had heard of them till a small group of explorers found them in a field on a different world. Even among all the magic out there, there is much surrounding humanity. What do you think you were born of?"

"That's a touchy subject, your Highness."

"Well many thought that you are made by the very hands of the gods. The humans were very powerful, a natural talent in the ways of Rune magic. Through their leadership, the monsters were destroyed. But the humans go ambitious and went to the source of the problem. It was never really told what they found, but many died. Aura Sight was one of the many who died in the fighting. But he left behind his sword. He told of an old of an elderly creature that came to him in a dream. The creature was shrouded in dark cloth and spoke in cryptic messages. Aura said that this being warned him ever since his youth and he trusted it. He gave his Deity Boon to my father and lead the final assault. My father had ordered me and Luna be seen to our safe haven in Everfree castle. There laid the Elements of Harmony, the most powerful weapon in the world. It was believed to be one of the most powerful in all the realms. For there are legends of other tools of magic that can surpass that of the Elements."

"And what happened to Aura. Luna also told me that... well..." Mythic didn't want to finish, but Celestia knew what his question was.

"You mean my mother and father?" Mythic nodded. "They died in the same fire that claimed a million lives. The link between the worlds were held by a two main portals. One was over head near Canterlot and one was held near Everfree. The reason I say Aura Sight died that day, is because a large fire, black and tainted, came through the portal over Cantrelot. It twisted and ran wild till it hit the castle. The whole city was burnt." Celestia strong domineer faded as tears started to pour from here eyes. "They died in the flames, we never were able to uncover the bodies. They were chard with the rest of... of the ponies and others. I promised i'd never let something like that happen again. After that,we tried to contact other worlds, but none responded. We didn't know what happened, except that I just inherited a nation in ruin. Any and all Mystic that came through the portals and lived, scattered across Terra. After that, anything to deal with Mythic's is out the window." Celestia and Luna broke into tears.

"I'm sorry Celestia."

"No, don't. It's because you humans wanted to attack that there died. Because of humans, my parents are died!" Celestia used the royal voice on Mythic. "If your ancestors didn't attack, if they weren't so eager to fight, then they'd be alive."

Mythic didn't saw anything. He watch as Celestia cried and blamed him for it. As Celestia started to control her tears, Mythic asked one question. "So you hate me or what happened?"

Celestia looked down to him. "What did you just say?"

"Do you hate me or do you hate what happened?"

"I hate you!"

"So you don't hate what happened?"

"Well of course I hate what happened!"

Mythic rose his brow. "So you hate what happened?"

Celestia screamed. "I hate both of you!"

"No you don't, Princess Celestia. You hate the fact that it was human mystics that called the shots and got all those people killed. You loath that it caused there deaths. You dislike me because of my ancestry."

"No, I hate you!"


"Princess you don't hate me. You hate what happened, my people are just a medium for that hate." Clestia stood silent. "I know what it's like to lose a loved one. I lose one almost every year, old age, accident.... murder. I've seen my own family be put in the earth. Some I would play with, some i'd fight with. But it's always the same feeling, death behind your back. Looking at them cold and forever gone. Only to be reunited at the end of it all. But they really aren't gone, I should know. Ten years have passed, but i'll be forever etched into my mind. My uncle, the man I looked up to, died in my arms. At the tender of seven, my idol died in my arms. Stabbed and bleeding out, he asked me to do one thing. Be the best I can be, do all that is done of a noble soul. I have tried, I really have. But Princess, let me tell you this. I haven't seen just family die, i've seen millions die in the blink of an eye. Bombs, shoot outs, war, all of it I've seen it all. Not in person but i've seen it. It's a cruel thing. I'm not going to say I went out and traveled to stop it.It cruel but lovely in my world. But i've been living a mostly grand life, but I always look at the past. Those who died, we are their legacy. You are the legacy of your mother and father, while i'm the legacy of my family as well. I don't expect you to fully accept this idea, but I thank you for listening. I want you to be my friend, not my enemy. Once more i'll ask, do you hate me?"

Celestia teared some more, she looked over to Luna who too was crying. But Luna smiled a bit and looked to her sister and nodded in silence. The Princess then looked back over to Mythic. She gulped. "No. A creature with that much sprite can't be all bad. I don't fully trust you, but i'll accept your friendship."

Mythic sighed. "I excepted much, but I never said you had to trust me. But this is a start." Mythic extended his hoof out and Celestia shook it. "I'm sorry Princess, but I think we need to end this short, I want to get same more training with my Runes in. If you don't mind me snatching your sister that is."

"No problem at all. I think I should get going anyway."

"You should go see Twilight if you haven't already. She's going to be in a duel or match or whatever the called it."

Celestia rose looked confused. "What do you mean?"

"Well last night a mare name Trixie came into town and apologized for her behavior and actions the last time she was her. She then challenged Twilight, just a friendly spar she said."

"I see, are you two going to watch?"

"I guess I could, she said at dusk. I'll leave in about five hours."

"Then i'll see you later." She then hugged Luna and walked out the door. Allowing Rainbow Dash to enter the house.

"What happened, I heard yelling?"

"Nothing. I just made a new friend. Luna!" He turned to his teacher and friend. "Prepare for teaching! For I have seen through the vale and understand the basics, thanks to Victor. So I think we should move on to some more up scale stuff."

"I agree, there's a few placement runes I think you'll like."

"Then lets get moving my Princess of the night. I mean come on, what kind of trouble can happen today?"

Ram Burst vs. Moon Fang

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"What kind of trouble can happen today?"

"Don't talk like that. You know what can happen." Luna said while walking over to the open front door. "Come on Mythic, I'll show you how a rune can be used to attack a target."

"Nice, finally. All I have is that damn shield. Come on Rainbow." Mythic then followed Luna and Rainbow Dash him.

"Yes but this is a tricky rune to get the hang of. The shield just holds the magic together. This will cause you to fire projectiles." Luna explained as they walked to the nearby field. "You need to learn that there are three types of runes. Connections, condenser and conversion. Connections are transportation and summoning runes. Condenser runes are mostly for amplification. Like the runic shield for example, it's just a runic circle, but gathers magic and becomes solid. But it can be used for other things like..."

Luna stopped walking when the reached the field. She turned to Mythic, who was barely paying attention. Dash hovered over both of them bored as well. Luna glared at both of them. She proceeded to summon a rune, small enough to fill on her hoof and stomped the ground. The ground under her began to shake and break open.

She flew off the ground, leaving Mythic to fall in the pit. He shrieked and fell on his face ten feet in the earth. Luna glide to the edge and talked down to him. "Will you pay attention now, Mr. I'm a mystic so I know everything."

From the bottom of the pit Mythic called out. "I never said that! But now that I know that I can do that..." He staggered to his hooves and flew up. He got in Luna face with a hyperactive glee. "Now that I know that, Shut up and take my money!"

"Yeah." Luna backed away. "Just listen. That was condenser, but we're here to learn conversion. It just what it sounds like, it converts magic into what you will it to be. This will be basic projectiles. Now watch, and don't get hit." Luna turned toward's the forest tree line. She drew a rune in the air and aimed the circle at the trees.It then hummed and fired two, blue shots made of magic. The projectiles weren't spherical in shape, yet more like small missiles. When the missiles hit the trees it erupted in blue smoke. When the smoke blew away, the tree was no loner there, just a stump.

Mythic and Rainbow rubbed there eye. The then said in unison. "Holy....Buck."

Harmonies Rock

Victor sat on his rock, looking over the water. It was clean, blue and the sun over head shined down adding to its beauty. Victor gave a low sigh. He know he should do something, but even Demigods like to stop and watch the world around them. He got up from his sitting rock and moved to the middle of his small island. he then sat on the flat rune stone and laid down. He stared at the sky with a smile. "Good day, nothing to bad. Just the suns bright a little to bright." He closed his eyes to block out the sun. He laid there for an hour undisturbed.

Bad news.

Victor then heard a noise, a high pitched whistle. He sat up and looked around. "The gate is that?" He stood and scouted the water, clear and still. He then looked to the trees, still as well. Victor then saw a shadow form on the ground, but there wasn't a cloud in sight. The reality of the problem started to scare him, but he know what had to be done. He looked up at the sky and saw a black dot, growing bigger. It fell to the ground at high speeds and landed at the shore of the island. The object kicked up dust, sand and water.

As the dust and sand cleared, Victor could see the object. It was a person, small, red hair, and female. It looked just like a human girl, hair pass the shoulders, blue eyes and she wore a red and green rob with a hod. She could pass for a human, except she had small horns growing from her forehead like a ram. She landed back towards Victor and looked around, looking for something. Victor slowly backed away and started to activate his rune stone to escape this creature. As the humming started, the stranger turned and smiled menacingly. "Oh no you don't" She said.

"Agh!" Victor yells in fear and summons the rune. He disappears from sight as he steps through the summoning rune. The stranger is left standing there. She walks to the runes and activates them as well. "He won't get away."

The training field
Outside PonyVille

It has been four hours since Princess Luna started teaching Mythic how to fire projectiles with the runes. In that time he manged not to successful fire off two missiles. In that time Rainbow Dash had gotten bored and flown off to meet with her friends. Luna was being patient with Mythic, while he bashed his head into the ground curse at himself for not doing a simple task. "Why... Can't...I...Get....It....Right!?"

"Mythic calm down." Luna said in a comforting voice. "You maybe a mystic but you can't get it all right the first time."

Mythic stopped hitting his head but couldn't stand straight as he spun around. He found his footing and shook the dizziness off. "But in four hours? In four hours I've only shot on at a time."

"But that's good, it means you can do it. This is practice."

"I guess." Mythic looked at the sun at it began to fall slightly. It was about four something, Mythic thought. He then looked over at the trees that he used for practice, all burned and broken.'Think here for second. Two missiles, but I'm only firing one. What if I...' Mythic thought process was interrupted by the noise of a rune opening behind him. From it, came a tried looking Victor. "Holy shit, what happened!?"

"Never mind that! I need to run!" Victor yelped as another summon circle faded in next to him. From it came the same stranger. "Your not getting away, Victor."

"Who the hell are you?" Mythic asked, ready to fight this strange person.

"I should ask you the same."

"I asked first."

"True. My name is Aries, Victor's sister." Aries said proudly. "Now who are you?"

"I'm Mythic Rune, Victors friend."

The serious tone of Aries changed to that of kindness. "Oh, you're a friend of big brother! I'm sorry if I came on a little strong. I thought you were a stranger."

"No... i'm a friendly"

Aries turned and glared at Victor with a frown. "I didn't know you had friends. See you never let me into your life. You are always evading me."

"Um, Ms. Aries?" Mythic asked

"Yes Mr.Rune?"

"Why do you have horns."

"Oh, that's because the race I watch over has them."


Aries turned to Victor. "What?"

"I haven't told him all about that yet"

"Oh, sorry."

Victor sighed and looked at Mythic. "Well, see you guy I gotta run!" He then bolted into the forest and disappeared. Aries chasing after him. Mythic and Luna just stood there. Luna looked over to Mythic. "What just happened?"

Mythic looked over to Luna. "I think we just watched a pair of demigod siblings argue and run after one another. But how care, i'm going to see if the duel is starting soon." Mythic then took off into the air. He was soon halted by Luna magic and floated in midair. "The heck?"

"You should wait for a lady, Mythic. It might just save your life." Luna flew up behind Mythic.

"Yes you Majesty, of course you Highness. Now let me go." Luna huffed and released her magic. Mythic returned to hovering. "Thank you, my Princess of the Night." He then smiled.

They flew into PonyVille and landed on the balcony of the library. There was nopony in sight so they knocked on the balcony door. Few seconds passed by and Spike opened the door. "OH, hey ya Princess, hey Mythic."

"Sup little dude. Can we come in?"

"Sure" Spike stepped out the way, allowing the two Alicorns to enter. "But why didn't you two use the front door?"

Mythic looked to Luna. He looked her up and down. "I forgot my wings are showing. And Luna for got to change."

The small dragon shrugged and walked downstairs. Mythic followed and found Twilight and Rarity sitting on the floor talking. Twilight was concerned about the duel. "What if she tries something dirty?"

"Don't worry Twilight." Mythic called from the stairs. "If she does something dirty. You kick the dust and blind her. Thats the best way I can think of keeping it fair."

The unicorns jumped a little at the sudden input. "I didn't know you were here, Mythic. Is the princess with you?" Mythic stepped out of the way and reviled Luna. Twilight and Rarity bowed their heads. "Your Highness."

Mythic looked over to Luna. "This happens all the time?" Luna nodded with a guilty grin. "Explains when they saw me. You two should get up. It's almost dusk and I need to find a go place to watch the figh- I man dual... yeah dual." He got mixed looks. "Fine what ever, I said fight. What, man can't see two chicks fight? Spike agrees with me."

"What!?" Spike yelled.

Mythic looked down at him. "You agree right?" Spike started to sweat and gulped. He slowly nodded. "Boom, kid earned candy next time. So when are we heading out?"

"It starts in a few minutes." Rarity said.

"Nice, were?"

"In town square, that's were she'll make a formal apologie." Mythic then aw'ed. He then asked if Celestia had visited. "Oh yeah. She came by a while ago but then left. She told here guards that she had other things to attend to."

"Mythic, maybe you should go ahead and find a cloud to watch from." Twilight said. Mythic's mouth hit the floor. "What, did I say something?"

"I can sit on clouds!?" Twilight nodded. "That's awesome! See you girls in a bit!" Mythic then ran upstairs and flew out the balcony door. He flew to the town square and found fluffy cloud just above a wooden trailer. He landed and saw Trixie setting up a microphone on the top of her trailer. "Yo, Trixie!" Mythic called down.

Trixie looked up and saw Mythic waving down at her. "Mythic! How did you get up there?"

'Oh shit. Brain, options!'

'A- Truth
B-Lie, it was a spell
C-Lie,This is a hallucination'

'Thanks Brain'

'Your welcome Master Rune.'

Mythic cleared his throat and spoke in a ghost like whisper. "Trixiw this is just a hallucination. I'm not really on a cloud."

Trixie tilled her head. "But I haven't touched popseed in two years."

Mythic went wide eye. 'Are those drugs?' "Fine I used a spell to get up here. Happy?" Mythic heard ponies walking to the center of town. Large crowds formed as the sun set over the hills. "Well, looks like the masses have arrived. Good luck!"

Trixie gulped and turned to face the crowd. 'You can do it. You've practiced this for a month.' She saw in the crowd Twilight, Rarity, Spike and a unicorn Luna. They walked to the front and were joined by Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. The crowd grew and it seemed like everypony in town was there. Trixie tapped on the mic and started her speech. She levitated ten flashcards to her face. Once Mythic saw this, he sighed. 'This is going to take awhile. I wonder what Victor is doing.


"Just listen to me!" Aries called out as she ran through the brush. "This is important!"

"Nothing you say can cause me to stop!" Victor yelled as he jumped from branch to branch. "I won't stop, you'll never do 'that' to me again!"

"You're still mad at that?"

"I'm your damn brother! Older non-the-less." Victor spouted with disgust.

"Come on, we're going to be gods. You know how it goes. You spent to much time watching the humans." Aries jumped over a rock and onto a low branch. The two have been running like this for almost thirty minutes. Victor had held the lead, but Aries was catching up. But on hearing Aries speak ill of the humans, Victor slowed down.

"You know what!? The humans my not be perfect, but they had so much potential." Victor jumped from the branch to the ground. He made a mad dash to a large cliff side he saw. Aries too jumped back down, but didn't run. She took a breath and opened a rune portal. She jumped through it and came out the side of the cliff, blocking off Victors escape route.

"Stop, this is very important. They sent one."

Victor skidded to a stop. He had a face of confusion. "What?"

"An elite is coming."

Victor's eye widened. "Your kidding me right?" Aries shook her head. "Shit, when do you think they'll get here?"

"Within thirty minutes. You could of had more time, but you were being a little child."

Victor sighed. "Aries i'm sorry. We need to get back to the house. They'll be sending him plus foot soldiers right?"

"When don't they?"

"Mythic will need help." Victor sighed. "Luna has here armor at the house, Twilight and Rainbow can help him too."

Aries shook her head once more. "No, no. They have an invasion size group moving in!"

Victor froze in fear. He bit his lower lip and yelled. "FUCK! We're totally fucked! Unless..." Victor shuttered at the notion. "Aries."

"Yes brother?"

"How many do you have left on Albion?"

Aries frowned. "I only have one left. And you know how hard it is to find them if they don't discover their power. You were lucky. Mythic's blood was triggered. I mean, they still use magic, but hitting the level of Mystic is different."

"I know Aries." Victor walked to her side, he placed his hand on her shoulder. "But you need to go and fine her. We'll hold them off here. And after the fighting, i'll go look for the rest on earth." He then let go of her. "Now go, before.... creek...Fuck!" Victor turned to the sky and in the distance saw a large summoning rune. He slowly turned to Aries. "Sister get going. I'll handle this."

"You know not to interfere."

"I don't. I just push and encourage." With that the siblings drew their own runes and disappeared.

Back in PonyVille, Trixie was ending her speech. The ponies in the crowd cheered and accepted, this caused her to smile like an idiot. Up in the cloud Mythic listened. "Sounds like she thought that out for quiet sometime." Mythic said to himself.

Out of nowhere, a strangers voice answered. "It sure does. That is wonderful." Mythic jumped a little and turned around. Behind him was a very light pink pegasus pony. She had a hot pink mane and stood with authority. "Hey there, Mythic."

"Who... how...why..." Mythic rubbed his temples and formed the sentences. "Who are you? How do you know my name, I did see anypony like you last night at the party. And why did you sneak up on me? Also, please don't tell anyone about my wings. I need to stay hidden till the right time."

The pegasus chuckled. "Oh that's all simple. I sneaked up behind you because I thought it would be a good way to observe you."


"For the rest, I don't look familiar?" The pegasus strutted on the could and walked around Mythic. He thought it to enjoyable it he saw her flank. On her flank was a sun, a full sun. Mythic feared what he was about to do, but needed to. He took her face and looked at her eyes, they were purple. He let go of her face and thought on the information before him in his mind. Purple eyes, sun on her ass, plus... if Luna can transform into a unicorn... what says that.... "Celestia?"

"Yup." Mythic let go of Celestia face.

"Oh, god. Don't do that to me. I thought you were... something else." Mythic shuddered.

"What do you mean?"

"Just... never mind. Why are you a pegasus anyway?"

"Oh, I wanted to watch my student, didn't want all the ponies to feel pressure since i'm around. Plus I prefer to be a pegasus then a unicorn. More freedom." Celestia spoke, not with authority but like anypony else. She truly felt free as a pegasus.

Down below, Trixie bowed as she finished. Twilight thought to be the first to show her friendship. Twilight waited by the door and when Trixie walked out she hugged her. Seeing this, Mythic and Celestia with the rest of the crowd let out a d'aw.

Mythic twitched. "The hell?" He felt a shudder rush down his spine. He heard a creek come from nowhere. It was loud enough to draw the attention of the ponies around him. He scouted the area, but didn't find the source of the creaking. Nothing from the ground, buildings or hills looked like it could cause the noise. Mythic then looked up, he saw a huge summoning rune over the town. "What...The...Hell?"

Talk from the crowd began to grow. Suddenly with out warning, a dark figure shot out from the rune and landed on Trixie's trailer. Earning some yelling from the owner. The rune over head was both yellow and black, causing Mythic to panic. "Please, please don't tell me..."

Celestai too was worried. "Mythic... is that what I think it is?"

"Sadly, I think so."

From the rubble of the trailer, a figure began to make it's way to the crowd. It was a black pegasus, yellow and black tail and he wore a helmet, hole in his chest. Mythic's eyes grew, he turned to Celestia and spoke with out emotion, almost a whisper. "Princess get everyone out of here. Now."

"Mythic what is going to happen?"

Mythic spoke with rage in his eyes. "Round 3"

"Hello, tiny...little...pathetic ponies! I am here to retrieve the Mystic and if you comply, I just might not kill you all." This cause the crowd to scream and talk, asking who this strange pony meant. A lone stallion in the crowd walked up. "We're not going to be intimidated by thugs like you."

The black pegasus stood on his back legs, flapped his wings and drew out a sheathed sword. He pointed it at the stallion who talked out. "Are you sure, young fool." The stallion slowly backed away into the crowd. Twilight took Trixie and tried to find with the crowd when the pegasus called her out. "Stop right there, little miss magic." Twilight stopped, but pushed Trixie to go into the crowd. "That's right, we did some research on this world. It seems you are the element of magic, one of the Elements of Harmony. You were also with the mystic while in the Inter realm zone. If I kill you, he'll have to com out of hiding."

He raised his sword over head and leaped at Twilight. Before he got to her, everyone heard a roar coming from the clouds above. The pegasus stopped his attack and smiled, he know that voice so well. From the clouds, everpony saw a purple dot coming down from a high altitude. "Talos! Round Three!" Mythic dive bombed with his Eclipse blade. Talos held his blade out and the two parried. Mythic's momentum kept going though, and caused him to cut Talos's helmet. The helmet cracked and broke in two halves, reviling a yellow and black mane.

"Tell me Talos, why are you still in that form? More fun?" Mythic mocked.

"No. My master forced me into this form until I bring back your body." Talos laughed. He stuck his sword in the ground and stomped his hooves. The rune above widened and swarms of corrupt flew through it. Most had wings, while some just floated to the ground. "And i'll be taking your body back to him very soon."

Mythic glared at Talos, who was laughing like a madman. Mythic turned to Twilight, standing a few feet away. "Twilight, you need to get everyone here out now. Hide them, tell them to run, I don't care. Just get all the innocent out of here. This fight's going to get ugly."

"Are you sure? You almost died la-"

"YES! Now go." Mythic yelled. Annoyed. 'She needs to learn that when I say i'm sure. I'm sure.' Mythic then rush Talos and swung at him from the side with one hoof. Talos quickly drew his sword form the ground and block Mythic's attack. "You ready?"

"Ready for what?" Talos asked chuckling.

"I owe you one for that Ram Burst when we last fought." Talos rose a brow. He then saw Mythic's hand glow blue. Mythic smiled menacingly as the glow grew. He then placed his hoof next to Talos's face. "MOON FANG!" HE then released the energy in the attack and it sent Talos flying into the air. "That's for last week bitch!"

"Mythic!" Luna called from the crowd. "Mythic, i'll be right back. I need to get my armor. I'll come help after." Luna then teleported away. Next, Celestia came down from her cloud and stood next to Mythic. "I'll call the guard to mobilize this instant. I'll also get the elements for the bearers."

"Good. But tell everyone to get out of town. There 'will' be damage. I should now." Mythic unfolded his wings, ready to launch. "I'm the one who's going to cause it." He then flapped his wings and flew after Talos.

In the crowd, other groups of ponies began to talk. 'Did he just fly off? Who was that? What did he mean mystic?' Twilight then gathered the attention of the ponies. "Listen to me, everypony needs to evacuate town right now! Head to the train station!" Once they heard her, everypony started to run to the train station. But the corrupt started to circle around the town and swarm around the ponies. The shook in fear.

Rainbow Dash, being the brash mare she is, attacked the corrupt like she did the day before. Her hooves flew the swarms that were raining down. She flew in zig-zag patterns, landing her punches on every shadow that fell and flew from the summon rune. On the ground, shadows attacked the civilians. Twilight used her magic to blast the shadow into mist and made paths for the rest of the ponies to run. AppleJack kicked shadows as they would make their way to the crowds of escaping ponies. Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity simply escorted and assisted anypony that was hurt from the shadows attacks.

Outside PonyVille, in Mythic's house, Luna had arrived and was putting on her armor. She heard a noise down in the kitchen and went to investigate. Down stairs she found Victor. He was rushing through the liquor cabinet and talking to himself. "The rum or vodka, rum or vodka, rum or vodka. Screw it, i'll take both! Rum for strength, Vodka for speed."

"Victor, what are you doing?" Luna asked. She dawned her helmet and chest piece, but yet to put on her boots.

"I'm getting ready." He placed the bottles in a satchel and closed it. "What are you doing here? You should be out there helping in the fight."

"I will, do you not see the armor?"

"Sorry, sorry... just tense. I may seem it, but i've been alive a long time. I've seen some bad stuff."

"Well now's not the time for that talk. We need to get out and help my little ponies."

"You mean 'you' help. I can't help with this. I can only help you, help yourselves. That's what these bottle are for." He patted the satchel.

"Aren't those just bottle of Mythic liquor?"

"Trust me. It can be more then that. Now go put on your boots and go. I need to make a delivery." With that he disappeared into a rune he had summoned.

Luna rushed back up stairs, placed her boots on her hooves and ran to the door. She opened her wings and flew the distance to PonyVille. She saw the ponies running into trains, while shadows would mindlessly destroy the town in general and corner pockets of ponies that strayed away from the crowds. Luna landed by one such pocket of five ponies. Ten shadows cornered them in an ally and had injured all of them. Before it got worse, Luna came behind them and blasted them with rune missiles. She took out four, then the rest leaped away from the injured ponies to Luna. With a few more shots of magic, she killed five more, leaving one. The one survivor was quickly pulverized as Luna stomped on it.

"How badly injured are you?" She said to the civilians. One of the stallions in the groups claimed that they would make it to the station. Luna know better, she escorted them half way their till she saw Rainbow Dash flying down. "Rainbow Dash, have you seen Mythic?"

"Yeah. He is still by the square." Rainbow landed next to Luna and took one of the smaller ponies on her back. "Come one Princess. We need to get these guys to the trains." Luna nodded and they hurried to the station. There, inside the station they left the injured in the hooves of some nurses that had sent up tents in cause things got worse. All who were at the station gasped at the sight of a Princess in armor. They began to whisper back and forth. Luna grow curios, she leaned into a conversation being held by two unicorns. "It has to be an invasion from a foreign country."

"But those things... what are they? Where did they come from?"

"I don't know. Didn't that pegasus say something about a mystic guy. You think he meant to say 'Mythic" not 'Mystic'?"

"Maybe. He said he wanted him, should we comply?"

"You shall not listen to that thing!" Luna finally spoke out. "These thing's are here to destroy and that's it. This is not a foreign power, this is an evil that has killed thousands upon thousands before your time." By this time, Luna had gathered a crowd of ponies listening to her. "They are here to do harm, but don't be afraid. For we have ponies fighting this battle for you. The Elements of Harmony are fighting these creatures. Along with them is Mythic Rune. Some of you know him, but for the rest of you, know this." Luna took a deep breath. All the ponies had gathered to listen to her. At this point all the bearer had gathered at the station and too were listening. "Mythic will beat this threat. He will save all of you, I should know this. Believe in him, he will do his best to protect you all."

From the crowd, alone mare shouted. "Really? Then where is he? Tell us!"

Luna grew furious. "He is in combat with the leader of these creatures! The pegasus you saw in the middle of town was no pony, but one of the creatures in the form of a pony. Mythic is doing all he can to stop the threat." Just then, a crash could be heard outside. Those who were by the windows could see Mythic and Talos in a crater.

The two kept up there sword play and stayed in a standstill. They had their blades against the others and pushed. Mythic had the upper hand, but Talos took over with superior strength and pushed Mythic away. Mythic had no time to recover from the push, so he had to quickly summon a shield to take the next few blows from Talos. Has Talos assaulted the shield, Mythic panted catching his breath. Not better then last time. Damn it.' Mythic regained most of his stamina. He waited and let the shield take the hits for him. Once he heard it crack, Mythic flew off into the air and away from the station. 'Not better because of civilians. Need to get him away from the large-' Mythic's thought was interrupted by Talos, who was flying right behind him. Talos swung his sword and cut Mythic's back left leg. "Gah!"

Mythic flinched from the pain. Talos took this chance and flew pass Mythic. He took a sharp U-turn but didn't proceed. "Mythic, did I ever tell you I was human?"

"Yes, why?" The two hovered in the air. Mythic felt his warm blood run down his leg.

"Well, from a human to human. Why are you doing this? It's much better being on the side of the shard."

"What makes you say that?"

"It just is. Now answer me."

Mythic mockingly smiled and scratched his chin. "I don't now, maybe I have an avengers complex. Oh wait, I know!" He put his hoof down and frowned. "Maybe it is because I promised to do so. To pity the foolish and misguided. Protect the weak and hopeless. Stay strong and always do your best. I'll kill every corrupt and Shard in order to do so."

Talos laughed. "HA! You call that a promise? Who did you promise that to, your mother on your birthday? HA!"

"No" Mythic rushed forward. He was in Talos's face, looking right into his eyes. "It was a dying man's wish!" Mythic the slashed Talos in the right side. and backed away. "That was for last week as well!" Talos coughed up some blood. "Now you die!" The two went into a frenzy of attacks, they slashed and hack and swung with all their strength.

The sun was fully set down now and Luna had taken a moment to raise the moon. Even in battle she had to try and do her duty. The first of the royal guards also started to arrive a ponies were being lead out the town while the guards fought off the corrupt. Celestia herself had come back to PonyVille against the advice of the guard captains. She came and brought with her the Elements of Harmony and a few select captains. Yet she could not find the bearers. She sent out a search part to find the six wielders and Luna. A pegasus guard flew to Celestia to inform her of evacuation. "Madam, all the civilians are now out of the town. They are either on carriage,Train or walking a good minimal safe distance."

"Good work solider. Any word on the bearer and my sister?"

"No madam, but..."

"But what?"

The guard looked over to were the rune was over the town square. "We haven't gone to the square due to the steady flow of those creature that are coming from there."

"Well go check. We have to try and use the Elements to close that portal."

"Yes your Majesty!" The guard then flew away, leaving Celestia to herself. 'Where could they be?'

As the corrupt flowed through, Luna and the bearers of the Elements watched as Mythic and Talos fought with all there might. Talos kept getting the upper hand when ever the two held their blades together. But Mythic would get when the parried and come back with a quick slash. But they were both equal with the amount of blood and cut and bruises they had. As much as some of the mares wanted to, Luna held them back. Rainbow darted to the fight up above, but would be pulled down by Luna. "Rainbow Dash. You can not interfere with his fight. That his Mythic's enemy, if you want to fight, then go get some of the shadow that are everywhere! But leave those two be."

As if on que, the shadow started to form around the seven remaining ponies. Luna and Rainbow were the first to act, while Twilight and Applejack too joined once the shadows hit the ground. Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie where left to stay out of the way. They didn't know what to do. Rarity didn't have spells like Twilight. Pinkie Pie couldn't fight like AJ. FlutterShy was to scared to do anything. As the three huddled, a summoning rune opened behind them. From it walked Victor dripping with sweat. "Oi, don't ever! Ever! Piss off a giant dragon made of silver."

He walked over to the three mares. "Don't worry ladies, i'm friendly. I'm Victor, Mythic's friend. Now can someone tell me what happened after the portal opened?"

Rarity spoke as the other two were too scared to do so. "We-well um... those creature came out, attacked the town. We evacuated everypony in town and now it's just us. Oh and that guard is here."

"Good. That should make this easier. Now you three need to trust me. Okay?" The three nodded, mostly out of fear due to their surroundings. Victor smiled. He reached into his bag and pulled out two bottles, one was Rum and the other was Vodka. But the bottles looked like they had a glow to them. Victor shoved the bottles into Pinkie and FlutterShy's hooves. "Now I need you to drink the Vodka Fluttershy. And you to drink the Rum Pinkie. Even though I swore, this is an emergency. And Rarity..." Victor dug back into the satchel and pulled out a ring made of a red metallic substance. "I need you too wear this, focus magic into it and t will shot a beam that will turn what ever it hits into a crystal." Victor placed the ring around Rarity's horn.

Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy drank the bottles, but only a sip. "No, you two need to drink the whole thing." The two looked at each other and gulped. They chugged the whole bottles. They expected to throw up do the the amount they just drank but instead fell fast asleep. "Well, that is a good sign. Now I got to run away, see ya Rare!" Victor then ran down an alleyway and out of sight. Before Rarity could do a thing, shadows swarmed her. For a moment she panicked and fired off magic at one of the shadow. When the magic was released, it came out in the form off not a beam but a bolt of magic. When it hit, the shadow slowly stiffened and turned into a blue crystal.

Rarity was more pleased then shocked. She fired off more bolts and the shadows around her slowly turned into a wall of crystals. She turned to see Pinkie and Fluttershy still asleep. Rarity dragged the two into a nearby alley and put them up against a wall. Rarity then checked to see is the coast is clear and it wasn't. Twenty shadow had crowded the entrance into alleyway and were slowly crawling their way to Rarity. Rarity blasted bolt after bolt at the shadow and they just kept coming. She slowly backed away and then she passed Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.

(Play this)

A shadow turned away from Rarity and attacked the sleeping Pinkie Pie. As it swung it's claw it her, her hoof was thrown up and caught it. Pinkie quickly opened her eyes and punch the shadow in the face, sending into the wall behind it before turning into mist. Another flew from the air at Fluttershy. As it neared her, Fluttershy quickly rolled out the way and causing the shadow to slam into the ground. She then stood up head facing the floor, like she was dazed. Rarity warned the two to move out of the way, but they ignored her. As Rarity called out more but stopped as the two looked back at her.

Rarity could see fire burning in their eyes and stopped talking. The pegasus and earth pony looked at each other and slowly and silently nodded. Without warning Pinkie rushed the hoard in front of her with ease as Fluttershy darted into the sky at a speed Rainbow would gawk at. Which meant Rarity was stunned to say the lest. But she was quickly pulled from her trance as another group of shadow came from behind her. She shrieked and ran out of the alley and found herself running into Twilight. "Rarity, what happened?"

Rarity tried to speak but found it easier to force Twilight's head to the sky and show her Fluttershy punching and kicking the corrupt at high speeds. She became a blur as she ripped the shadow apart. She roar like she had lost all sense. A swarm quickly formed around her. She didn't attack any of the shadows but instead fly around in a circle. She slowly began to pick up speed. She spun around and around. The air around her then began to spin as well, making a small tornado. The tornado grew and grew as Fluttershy spun faster.

Looking away from her own fight, Rainbow saw what Fluttershy was doing and gawked. Shadows were being pulled in and turning to mist so quickly it was slightly scary. For three minutes the tornado kept spinning when Fluttershy flew from the eye of the tornado. Without her to keep it going, it slowly lost control and diminished. Rainbow flew up to Fluttershy. "Fluttershy, when did you get"

"You mean so hotblooded?" Fluttershy smirked. "You think i'm hotblooded, look out for Pinkie Pie."

"Where is Pinkie Pie anyway?" Fluttershy pointed down to a group of thirty or so shadows looking for something or somepony. "But I don't see her." Fluttershy, still smirking, pointed up to the sky. Rainbow Dash squinted and could make out a tiny dot in the night sky. As she stared at it, it got bigger and As the object fell from high orbit, EVERYONE in or around the town heard the two same words. PARTY BOMB

Pinkie Pie, the greatest party goer know to the world... was breaking through the atmosphere. No one knows how she did it, but she did it. Through the dark night time sky, ponies for miles could see a pink falling star. All the fighting stopped for one split second as everyone looked up to see the first ever atomic bomb dropped on Equestrian soil. She still had a ways to go, but she was on a direct course for the square. Mythic looked up at her. "Damn she so hotblooded." Pinkie began to pick up speed and the sound barrier formed around her as she fell. It was no use though, it could cushion the impact. Pinkie landed in the middle of thirty shadows and caused a large crater to form beneath her. The crash also caused a pinkie mushroom cloud to form.

"It looks like we know where they are now, Princess."

"That's true Shining Armor. Send guards to that location right this second." Celestia demanded. Shining Armor, one of the Captains Celestia pick and brother to the element of magic, saluted and marched off to direct troops.

"Where the hay are you Luna?"

"Right here." Celestia jumped at the sudden reply made by Luna. She had just arrived from her own fight, tired and exhausted. "Sorry to worry you sister, but I had heard from Twilight a while ago that a zebra lived in Everfree. I went to check and see if she was still there. She was meditating, so I warned her that she should leave. She thanked me and gave me some potions." Luna moved her wing to revile a satchel stocked with bottles. "She said these are fast acting heal elixirs. He might need some."

"Who might need them?" Celestia asked.

"Mythic of course. The Elements as well. Do you bring them?"

"Yes, they are right here sister." Celestia levitated a box up from her side and reviled the six Elements of Harmony to Luna. Luna took the box and held it with her magic. "Thank you sister." She then took off back into town.

"I must admit, that was impressive. No more messing around!" Talos flew away from Mythic and landed on the ground. He then stomped his hooves once more. When he stomped, the rune unleashed more shadow. With the shadows came one super-shadow. As he unleashed the hoard, Talos was confronted by ten guards. "Halt! Are you the one responsible for this?"

Talos smirked. "Why yes I am." He then took his sword and charged the guards. Talos's attack was once again halted by Mythic, who had flown down to chase Talos. "Don't take your eyes off the enemy!" Their swords clashed and they rebounded off each other. "You guards need to get out of here, this guys mine. But the girls are not to far off, go help them." The guards nodded and ran off to assist the mares in their own fights. Talos slashed at Mythic, causing him to jump back. Mythic saw Talos standing there, ready to attack, be Talos didn't. Mythic flew back a good twenty yards.

"You sure about this? They could of helped you." Talos stuck his sword in the ground. With a cocky smile he walked to Mythic.

"I'm sure. This is you and me." Mythic stuck his blade in the ground as well. With a look of determination, Mythic walked over to Talos.

Talos picked up the pace and so did Mythic. They both charged energy into their hooves. When the two met, they cross-countered with their most powerful punch they had left. The two enemies flew back and landed on their backs, they stayed unconscious.

(Stop Music)

Stop the Invasion

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Luna flew over the town, half destroyed. She didn't have to search to find Twilight and friend in one unified attack group. Fluttershy and Rainbow were dominating the air while Pinkie Pie and Applejack demolished the hoard on the ground. Twilight and Rarity stood among them, as they where going toe to toe with the super-shadow. Rarity shot bolts of magic to turn the limbs of the super-shadow into crystal. Twilight would shot the crystallized limbs with a powerful magic beam. The crystallized limbs broke off one by one till there where non left. The Super-shadow then dissolved into mist as it's head was turned to crystal.

Luna swooped down to the sight where the super-shadow once stood. "Good work Twilight, Rarity."

The two bowed their heads, then stood once more when Luna began to speak. "We must unite the Elements and close the portal. I have them with me, but we need to rest of your friends. You don't need to win those fights, the guard are on their way. You can leave it to them." Twilight and Rarity then heard a stamped of hooves coming from down the road. They saw half a hundred guards marching towards them. "See, their on the way. Now go get your friends and meet me at the square, I need to fine Mythic. Oh, wait" Luna reached into her satchel and took out two of the four bottles of elixir. "These are for injuries. If somepony is hurt, drink it." Luna flew off, leaving the unicorns to gather their friends.

As the guards approached, Twilight heard one call of from the head of the unit. "Twily!" Twilight turned and saw her brother, Shining Armor. "Shining Armor!" Twilight rushed to meet her brother. "What are you doing here?"

"Celestia order some Captain to come with her. I was hoof picked to come and order the guard."

Twilight hugged Shining Armor. "Well it's good to see you. We need to go, can your stallions handle this?"

"Pfff. Easy."

"Good see ya. And be careful."

Luna scouted the area below her. She was heading to the center of town as that was the most likely place she'd find Mythic. As she searched, she found him close to the square like she though she would. She lands right next to his unconscious body. Luna feared the worst. She threw off her helmet and press her ear against he chest. Bump Bump Bump "Ah, thank goodness. Mythic wake up."

Luna shook Mythic, who started to stir. Mythic started to groan. " a rock. Oh, hey Luna. Did we win?"

Luna shook her head. "Not yet, we still need to close the rune with the Elements. I have a healing elixir, you need to take." Luna reaches into the satchel and pulls out a red bottle. Mythic leans up from his position on the ground and sips the contains of the bottle. "Blah. This tastes like shit." Mythic spit out the remains of the potion.

"Don't do that, you need all of it." But as Luna spoke the elixir took affect. The smaller bruises on Mythic disappeared and the cut on his legs closed. Mythic feels some strength back to him. "This is the stuff man. I'm not one hundred percent, but i'm good enough to fight."

"Well lets hope you don't have to." Luna helped Mythic to his hooves. She heard hooves clopping and wings flapping. The Element wielders had arrived at the at the scene. Mythic looked over at them. They were bruised and cut, except Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, who had dazed looks about them. "Over here." Luna called out. The six mares ran over to Luna as she helping Mythic up off the ground.

"So Luna." Mythic started. "Whats the plain here? You going to use some magic to close the rune?" Mythic pointed up to the summoning rune. "Because that is still throwing out corrupt."

"I have the Elements right here." Luna pulled the box out of here satchel. She opened it and relieved the Elements of Harmony. The mares went and took each of their own and put them on. "Good now close that-" A yellow burst of energy instantly hit Luna in her side, sending her back a two yards. Mythic gasped and went wide eye. He tracked the source of the blast and found Talos lifting his body of the ground with a smirk.

"Well now isn't this a nice surprise. The ponies from before, how have you been?" Talos laughed mockingly. "Oh this is going to be pleasant. Mystic, my apologizes, my aim was a little off. But now, we shall continue." Talos gathered more energy into his hoof for another attack.

Mythic looked at Talos with his eyes once more burned, more with hatred then anything else. He slow turned away from Talos and went to check on Luna. Talos shouted out to Mythic and launched a Ram Burst at him. Mythic quickly turned back to Talos and made a rune shield. The energy from the attack dispersed and the letters on the shield shifted. The rune then hummed and fired two missiles of magic at Talos. The force from the impact alone sent Talos flying into a building.

Mythic walked over to Luna as she crawled to her hooves. "Are you alright Luna, how bad did he get you?"

Luna groaned. "It isn't that bad." Luna stood up straight. "Twilight use the Elements now!"

"Right Princess!" Twilight turned to her friends. "Are you ready girls?" The rest said yes in unison. The wielders began to harmonize and were lifted off the ground. They began to glow and hum... but failed and fell back down to the ground. "Wha' the hay is goin' on here?" Applejack exclaimed.

"The Elements aren't working!" Pinkie Pie yelled.

Luna was shocked. She know that the Elements failed with Discord once, but nothing wrong this time. "What happened!?"

"Yeah, what happened?" Mythic repeated. "You guys going to shot that Rainbow thing?" Luna Looked over to Mythic. "What, did I say something?"

"You've seen the Elements work before?"

"Yeah, while I was still in the Void. When Talos over there was still a huge monster, I asked the girls to try and use the Elements on him. It worked...slightly."

"What do you mean by slightly?" Luna asked. She thought that the Elements were now I a hibernation state and couldn't be used.

"Well, while in the Void I had this medallion. When they activated the Elements, they formed a circle around me and shot off the power of the Elements. The medallion I had also shot off a light and the Elements hit me, not Talos." Mythic heard Rainbow Dash call something out and turned his head. He saw Talos flying towards him with his hoof cocked back.

"You called!" Mythic was given a swift punch in the face. Talos grabbed the collar of Mythic kimono and dragged him into the air. "Don't take your eyes off your enemy!" He flew up four miles at high speed. Once he reached the apex, he readjusted his grip, did a u-turn and dived right back down as Mythic fought to free himself.

"How can you take such a beating? Not even the Super-shadow lasted this long!" Mythic asked as he kicked Talos in desperate attempt to break free.

"I told you. I'm an Elite! We have the toughest bodies. Now lets test yours." The rapidly approached the ground. It came into view.

'Come on come on... I got it!' "Sure, lets test it!" Mythic grinned. He stopped struggling and wrapped his hooves around Talos. Mythic flapped his wings with the little room he had and shifted his weight. Both he and Talos started to spin while heading to the ground. They spun faster as their momentum carried them downward. "Get ready! Super..." Mythic started. "...Barrel..." They were a mere mile above the ground. "...Stomp!"

The constant spinning loosened Talos's grip. Mythic had just enough room to gain a few inches of leverage. He then completely broke Talos's grip be unfolding his wings all the way. The Mythic then threw Talos over his head and into the ground below him. In stead of flying back up, Mythic added a body slam on top of the impact. He flew start down onto Talos, his hoof hitting the back of Talos.

"AGH! You son of a whore!" Talos raged out. "You dare use su-agh!"

"You dare hurt...[Bump]...Luna!" Mythic yelled as he removed his hoof from Talos and stomped on him once more. He stood over his limp enemy. "I told you. This is our fight! But now... it's over." Walking away, Mythic could hear Talos mumbling. He then started to laugh. "What is so funny?"

"You think it's over. That's whats so funny." Talos slowly staggered to his hooves. "Have you forgotten, I have an army!" Talos straightened up right. He then flapped his wings and launched into the sky. Up till this point, the corrupt that flowed through, had just attacked the guards or circled around the town. But now they started to gather under the summoning rune. Mythic prepares to follow him, but stops as he stops at the sound of Luna.

"Mythic!" Luna called out. She flew to his side. "What's happening? Where is he going?"

"I don't know. But i'm going to end this... tonight." Mythic opened his wings, ready to take off.

"Good luck Mythic." Luna encouraged. "I... We are counting on you.We will figure out whats wrong with the Elements while you fight."

"Right. Good luck..[Bump]...Luna." Mythic flew off after Talos. 'Luna...Damn it. Get a grip dumb ass. No time to think about that. Time to fight.'

Talos hovered under over the rune. As the swarms and hoards of corrupt returned to the rune, a dark mist flows out of the rune. Talos waited as Mythic flew in closer. As Mythic flew closer, corrupt started to fly towards him. 'Damn these bastards.' Mythic summoned the Eclipse blade and readied himself.

"Nicely done brothers. Keep him busy while we prepare." Talos smiled and looked down at the crowds of corrupt below. The dark mist that flowed from the rune slowly became a sphere. As the black sphere formed, the corrupt that weren't holding Mythic off slowly entered the ball and melted away. As the Corrupt entered and melted, the ball grew. "Just some more time."

"What do you think happened, Twilight?" Luna asked. She moved the mares and herself into a building untouched by the battle outside. This will buy them time should anything go amiss.

"I don't know. The one other time they didn't work was when Discord was unleashed. But that was along time ago." Twilight paced back and forth, making a visible path on the warn wooden floor. "Is it possible that they just can't work on those runes?"

"I think their just busted." Rainbow Dash commented.

"Naw can't be, could it?" Applejack added.

"I just don't know. Ugh!" Twilight groaned. "Why won't they work!?"

"Damn, calm down." Everone in the room stood still after the sudden interruption. The sound came from a set of stairs off to the side. "Well, is anyone going to say hello?"

Rainbow was the first to face the unknown, but familiar voice. Sitting on the steps was Victor holding a small green box. "Oh, hey Victor."

"Sup Rainbow. Where is Mythic?"

"Well he's outside fighting. What else?"

"Ah, I see. Well time to get down to business." Victor took the box in his left hand and walked down the rest of the steps. "Now, you six are not the only Elements of Harmony any more." There was a unison gasp, but it didn't effect Victor. "Yes, yes. Shocking I know." He said with out any feeling, yet a hint of sarcasm. "Inside this box, is the seventh Element. I encourage one of you to take it to Mythic." Victor lifted the lid and relived a gold medallion holding seven gems of all colors.

"So someone needs to go out there and give that to him?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"I-I'm sorry... b-but I can g-go out there." Fluttershy peeped out.

"It would have to be so very-" Rarity started before she was interrupted

"I'll do it." Luna spoke out, confident in her tone. "I'll go out and get this to Mythic. The rest of you wait here while I'm gone. I'll come back and get you."

Rainbow stepped forward. "Now wait just a second there Princess. We don't even now whats happening out there. If I go, it'll be much quicker. Then 'i'll" come back and get the rest."

"No." Luna replied. "I said i'll do it. That is an order as Princess. Will you disobey me?" Luna gave a stern frown to Rainbow.

Rainbow cringed and then backed away. "I'm sorry Princess."

"It's alright Rainbow Dash. This is what I want to do. Victor, the box." Victor tossed the box over to Luna. She caught it with her magic and placed it into her satchel. Luna then walked to the door. "Get ready. The second I get back we must move." There was a variety of yes's. Luna then opened the door and flew off, to reach Mythic before anything worse could happen.

"Alright. I'll see you girls in a bit. I have to go see some other ponies." Victor said. He summoned his Rune circle and disappeared.

Outside PonyVille, there were still some Ponies who didn't want to leave, along with some other things. A guard walked up to Celestia, looking over the Town on top of a hill. "Your Majesty. Spike the dragon, Twilight's assistant is here to see you."

Celestia turned away from the town, the sight of a few crumbling building due to the rampage the Corrupt had a a little while ago. The portal in the sky, releasing a dark smoke that blended horrifyingly well with the night sky. She gave a quizzical look to the guard. "So he didn't leave with the others?"

"No ma'am. And there are a few others with him."

"Very well. Send them up." Celestia gestured her hoof forward. The guard bowed and left. He came back a minute later with Spike. With him were three ponies. There was Clock Work, Trixie and Applejack's brother, Big Mac.

"Spike, it is good to see you again. What can I help you with?"

"Princess." Spike said with a teary eye. "Have you seen Twilight? I couldn't find her among the other ponies that left. Or Applejack or Mythic." The ponies behind him nodded.

"Spike. I am sorry but Twilight is still in the town along with Applejack, Mythic, Luna and the others."

Clock Works steps forward. "Well do you know where they are?"

"No, I don't know where they are or what they're up to."

"I do!" Came a disembodied voice. All five heads twisted and turned to find the one who just spoke. From behind a tree came Victor with a smile on his face. "Hello there. Don't be alarmed i'm friendly. My name is Victor and I know where the Elements and their wielders are." He stepped forward and approached Celestia. "Your Majesty, its nice to meet you."

"So you are the Victor from Luna letter. It is a pleasure to meet you Lord Victor." Celestia bowed her head, shocking the four others and receiving a displeased look from Victor. "Is something the matter Lo-" Celestia held her tongue as Victor raised his hand.

"Please... don't call me Lord Victor. If I hear that title one more time... i'll flip out." He lowered his hand and turned to Celestia's subjects. "You guys want to see your friends?" They slowly nodded their heads. "Well then come with me. Celestia i'll be coming back." Victor snapped his fingers and a rune circle opened on the ground. It sucked in Spike, Trixie, Clock Work and Big Mac. Victor waved to the Princess and disappeared as well.

Celestia sighed and looked back at the town. She saw figures flying around, her guards and the Corrupt. But she saw something else, she'd been fixed on the guards location that she didn't see it before. It was barely visible at against the sky, but now that the moon was at the apex of the night, she could see black ball growing in the center of town. Also above it was a pony fighting the Corrupt, not one of her guards that was for sure. "Is that Mythic Rune?"

High in the sky over PonyVille, Mythic dodged the kamikaze tactics of the Corrupt. It had been going on like this for more then what felt like an hour. The Corrupt didn't claw at him like they would normally. They now just rushed and tackled him, keeping them the focus of attention. Mythic had collected new bruises and a few cuts. He panted heavily from all the dodging and last second turns. 'I'm screwed. These guys just don't give up, and there just more and more coming from the Rune portal. I'd say fighting Talos was easier then this, I'd just have to keep an eye on him. Where the hell is he anyway?' Mythic scanned the sky, but couldn't find Talos. He looked to the ground and saw a black ball growing in size as the army of Corrupt walked into it and melted away. "What the buck is that?"

"Mythic!" A voice shouted to him from the roof tops. The voice came from Luna. "I have something for you!"

"This isn't the time. Have you seen Talos? That bastard is up to something!" A winged Shadow charged at Mythic, but had quickly become the target of a rune missile from Luna.

"Victor said to give it to you. He said its your medallion, the seventh Element!" Luna then fired more shot up into the air, disposing of the Shadow that plaque Mythic.

'My medallion! I was wondering where that went.' Mythic fly sown from the sky, Luna shot off more missiles at Corrupt chasing after Mythic. "Where is it?"

Luna pulls out the box from her satchel. She lifts the lip and presents Mythic with the gold medallion, all seven gems shine in the moon light. "Here put this on and..." Luna blinks and turns her head. She sees the ball of dark mist growing as big as the buildings or bigger and Talos had his eyes closed as he sat right next to it. "What is that?" She points to it.

"I have no idea. But I think I just found Talos." Mythic grabs the Medallion and placed it on his neck. "Now what?"

"Now I get the others and activate the Elements."

"Okay. I'll give Talos an ass beating while you do that." Mythic turned and face the black ball. Luna placed a hoof and his shoulder and pecked his cheek with a soft kiss. They both instantly lit up with a crimson blush. Luna whispered in his ear. "That was for good luck and nothing more." She flew off back to the other Elements.

Mythic was stunned. 'I thought nothing could surprise me anymore.

Mythic shook himself off and cracked his joints. "You got this, you can do this. Fly in and kick his ass. Stop that black ball thing and go get some sleep." Mythic sniffed and jumped off the building. He flapped his wings at full force and held his blade cocked back, ready to slash right through Talos. He was in range and about to swing his sword when a huge arm emerged from the black ball and grabbed Mythic. "The hell!?"

Talos opened his eyes and gave Mythic a toothy grin. "Its about time. You sure can keep a person waiting." He stood and the figure attached to the arm began to move in the black ball. The head came out first and then the rest of the body. The creature looked just like Talos did before. It had dark yellow eyes and a hole in its chest. It didn't have any armor on like Talos once did, but it had a hole in its chest. It roared and gazed at with pure eye of hate. Talos laughed. "This is a Behemoth. Thought i'd name it for you before you die."

"Just so you know if I had any fingers, i'd be flipping you off right now."

"Good to know. Now kill him." As Talos said it, the Behemoth did it. It began to tighten the grip it had on Mythic. Mythic began to chock and struggle to breath. He began going limp and dropped the Eclipse blade out of his grasp. A voice boomed out of nowhere. "Let him go! I must speak to him first!"

The Behemoth followed the order and loosened the grip on Mythic. Mythic fell out of the hand and landed on his back. Five black summoning runes opened and from them all, a single figure from each stepped through. They were all clocked in mostly black except the one that stood in the middle. The one in the middle wore a white robe with a hood and a vale of black. "You are named Mythic Rune, in this world. You are the one we seek yes?" Mythic nodded. "Good. I am Azath. These are my allies, Zakath, Belgarian, Mortem Rex and Zedramas. And we sir, have a proposition."


Twilight and her friends sat around the front room of the building in silence. The unicorns sat on the couch. Applejack and Rainbow were in the corner just leaning on the wall. Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy felt sleepy and where dozing off until they heard a low hum. A Green summoning rune opened on an empty wall and Victor walked through followed by his four guests. The six mare gasped as they saw Trixie, Spike, Big Mac and Clock Work walking behind Victor. Spike and Trixie ran to Twilight as Big Mac walked over to Applejack and Clock work examined Pinkie and Fluttershy.

"Oh Twilight, Rarity, I worried about you so much. Whats happening out there?" Spike hugged the two unicorns. Trixie followed Spikes actions and hugged the two, but tightened her grip on Twilight a little.

"Sis, you okay? You hurt any where?" Big Mac asked with worry. Applejack reassured Big Mac and hugged him.

Clock Work pulled out a his blue light and moved it over and around Pinkie and then Fluttershy. "Have you two come into contact with any strange substance recently?" The two didn't speak but pointed to Victor.

"Oh them, I just gave them some magically enhanced drinks to make them fight better. It's almost out of their systems now, they'll be fine." Victor gestured his hand dismissively.

The door was slammed open by Luna as she rushed inside. She stopped when she found the five additional occupants. "Victor, why are these ponies and dragon here?"

"This was just a little visit. We are leaving right now." He clapped his hands. "Okay everypony, time is up. These mares need to save the world." They didn't listen and stayed put. Victor sighed and snapped his fingers. The four guest flew back and into the rune. "Well nice to see..." Victors body then jerked after his pause in mid sentence. He looked up to Luna in fear. "Run, get back to Mythic now! They're here, the damn Court is here! They are bad news, run!" Victor then jumped into his rune and disappeared.

"You heard him! Lets move!" Luna was the first by the door, so she was the first one out. The rest where close behind her. 'Who does he mean by the Court?'

(Play here)

"We have a proposition for you." Azath said through his vale.

"That would be, what exactly?" Mythic said as he stood up and dusted himself off.

"We want you to join our ranks. Become an ally of the shard, you have so much potential. You are one of the last Mystic humans, you wield a Masterwork, there is so much in you that we can use." Azath said with excitement. "With you helping us, we can finally get to the level of Gods!"

"The hell are you talking about? The level of God is unreachable." Mythic replied.

Azath chuckled. "So your Demigod friend didn't tell you? Oh they are becoming less trusting by the year. Well to start off, the level of Gods can be reached by mortal hands. It just takes a little work, just like your weapon. You are the wielder of a Masterwork young one, it was made by the Gods themselves. Through the power of Rune magic and the principles of Alchemy. They used their source of power to construct that weapon, for what we don't know. What we do know is that it is made of the rarest of materials. You, Mythic 'Daniel' Rune." Azath chuckled. "You hold the product of a Philosopher stone."

Mythic stood in shook. He looked down at his blade on the floor and quickly picked it up. He stared at it. 'There is no way in hell that can be true. But... that can explain some stuff.' Mythic looked up at Azath. "Tell me, how can a Philosopher stone even be made. If my memory service me right... then that is almost impossible. The perfect material, what does this have to do with reaching the level of Gods?"

"Trust us, you can help us get there. Join us and rule your own world! I can help teach you to use your power to the maximum"

"Then why do you go around realms killing people?"

"That is necessary, all living things hold magic within. That magic is needed to open the gate as well. Join us and we can show you how and why." Azath smiled behind his vale.

Mythic thought about the offer and smiled. "I'd have to be stupid not to take the offer." He walked forward with a smile on his face.

"Yes child, come with us. Become an ally of the Shard."

As Mythic came and was right in front of Azath. "I just have one question."

"What would that be Mythic Rune?"

Mythic's smile died down and he raised his left hoof and put it in Azath's face. "Can you go...Buck yourself!" His hoof began to quickly glow blue and he fired off Moon Fang straight at Azath. Azath frowned behind his vale and conjured a runic shield to divert the blast. How ever the force of the blast caused the wind to force Azaths hood and vale back behind his head.

Mythic's eyes widened at the sight of Azath's face. Azath was pale skinned with a bald head. He had a beard that was black and think. His eyes were green but cold, like they could freeze you where you stood. He looked just like a human, only deathly and hallow ."You are stupid young one. You will die just like the rest. Begone, kill him. Come with us... we'll keep your name as Talos" Azath covered his head and the Behemoth roared once again and more Corrupt pored through. Azath and his the Court walked back into their own rune portals. Talos glared at Mythic and flew through through the large summoning rune in the sky. Mythic was left to kill the Behemoth and close the rune portal... but not on his own.

Under the roar of the Behemoth, Mythic could hear the stomping of hooves coming from an a street corner. The Behemoth swung it's arm at Mythic. He ran away from the arm and to the corner. He saw a squad of guards coming his way. One of the guards ran in front of the rest, a white unicorn with a blue mane. He was decorated like a Caption or Commander. "Sir! Are you Mythic Rune?"

"Yeah! Who the bloody hell are you?"

"I'm Caption Shining Armor. We are here to contain the creatures." Shining Armor said with a stern look.

"Well thanks but I got this. I just need-"

"Mythic!" A voice cried out. "We're here!" Luna flew down from the sky to land next to him. Mythic saw the other six close behind and all wore their Elements, as did he with his medallion. "You need to activate them now!"

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"About time! Oh shit!" The Behemoth ran towards Mythic and into a building. Mythic flew into the air and over the Behemoth. He began to slash at its back as it tried to free it's self from the building. But with every cut, the beast regenerated. "Now ladies!" Mythic Flew away from the monstrous creature and went to the his friends to activate the Elements. He landed right in front of them.

"Right!" The Twilight, Rainbow, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rarity and Applejack formed a circle a few yards away from the Behemoth and around Mythic. They began to hum and glow a bright white light. The six began to float into the air and shot out six colored beams of light. Red, blue, pink, orange, purple and pinkish beams fired up into the air. Mythic's eyes became white and a green beam of light shot from him and mixed with the others. The rainbow of colors mixed and faded into a pure white pool of light in the sky. The energy from the Elements died down while the pool of light spun like a vortex in the sky. It then shot from the sky right onto Mythic, lifting him of the ground.

As Mythic was lifted into the sky, the guards, Shining Armor, Luna and the other six mares looked up to see the very light become an almost solid form. It moved around Mythic and covered his whole body. It then completely engulfed him and
the light became brighter, blinding anyone in close proximity.

But outside PonyVille, Celestia could see the light and gasped at its beauty. "What is that?" She asked herself.

Victor popped out of nowhere, but didn't alarm the Princess. "You did a fine job keeping the Elements safe. But I must ask you a question, Princess. Why do you call them Harmony?"

"Well, that's the what my father called them when he found them. Kindness, Honesty, Loyalty, Laughter, Generosity and Magic. The Elements of Harmony."

Victor chuckled. "That is a good answer. But what is Harmony...with out Unification?" Victor smiles and points to the light in the sky. "There is the Element of Unification, Mythic Rune. A human who can and will bring people, ponies, everyone together. He is the Seventh Element and the focusing mechanism to unleash it's true power." Victor opened a summoning rune and gestured Celestia into it. "You're going to want to see this." Celestia hesitated, but complied. Victor closed the Rune behind him. They then reappeared in an alleyway close to the scene of the action. They looked up, Victor a wide smile and Celestia an open jaw in shook along with the rest of who saw Mythic.

Mythic stood in the air as the light faded, but not entirely. He was on display for all to see. His eyes were blinding white and his form was mostly the same. But the thing that caught the attention of all the ponies was his mane and tail. They both flowed like an ethereal flame, a burning orange with a royal purple at the tips of his mane and tail. He was in a state of focus, he did not blink or smile or frown. He only held a stern look and determination. He held out his hoof and pointed his blade at the Behemoth. Ten Runic circles appeared around Mythic. In four seconds they all fired a barrage of missiles at the Behemoth, who had just stood in one spot like the mindless beast it was. Every missile hit and erupted into a purple smoke.

Without warning, Mythic darted towards the smoke and the hidden Behemoth. He didn't say a word or make a sound as he cut the monster with his Eclipse blade. The Behemoth didn't or couldn't regenerate as Mythic continued his onslaught. It tried to attack, but Mythic flew at high speed and moved with to much agility to be caught.

Luna, the Guards and six mares gasped at Mythic and his new abilities. They were then dumb founded when Mythic did something out of fiction. He stuck his blade into the neck of the Behemoth, with enough force to topple it over. Mythic flew to it's side and caught the beast. Mythic grunted as he lifted the monster with his hooves, off the ground and into the air. He flapped his wings with all his might and thrusted himself and the Behemoth high over the town into the night sky. He charged energy into his hooves and blasted a Moon Fang at the Behemoth, not killing it, but thrusting it higher and further.

As his enemy was launched into orbit, Mythic rushed back down to the ground. He landed right by the Rune portal and began to charge another attack. All the ponies around him stayed silent and watched with anticipation. The Behemoth began to fall from the sky and fast. But Mythic kept his eyes on the Rune portal and kept feeling the flow of energy coarse through him. He began to feel the chill and bursting feeling he had when he first used magic, this time it was on a whole new scale. The blue and sliver glow now became red and bronze. The Behemoth was now directly over the portal and Mythic jerked his head to bring it in view. Mythic then rushed under the portal and flew up closer to it. He extended both his hooves out and launched his attack while shouting in a voice that sounded like two different beings. "SOLAR CLAW!" The energy from his hooves came out in the form of a beam like his Moon Fang, but bigger.

It made contact with the Rune and shattered it, causing it to sound like a broken glass. It kept going though, until it reach the Behemoth. The burst of magical energy hit the monster head on and with the additional force of gravity, caused the impact to be that much harder. The energy was too much to sustain and Mythic couldn't hold it anymore. The glow in his eyes went out like a candle and the ethereal look to his hair faded to that of it normal look. He then fell to the ground and laid there unconscious. Rainbow Dash reacted first and flew to his aid, but a loud explosion stopped her. The area in the sky where the Rune portal once was opened back up and caused a back-draft effect, sucking in the Behemoth as it once more fell and picked up Mythic off the ground.

All that was left was a stunned crowd as Victor ran from the alleyway to the blast sight yelling. "What the fuck just happened!?"

Enter: Albion

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"What the fuck happen!?" Victor yelled. "That was not supposed to happen." Victor panicked and held his head with both hands pacing back and forth muttering to himself. "I got it!" Victor reached into his rob and pulled out his crystal ball. With in was a green dot pulsating in the center. Victor gave a sigh of relief. "He's alive! But what the hell happened? Oh shit, back-draft." Victor sat on the ground and pondered on what could have resulted in the back-draft.

Celestia walked out of the alleyway and approached her sister, surprised to see her. "Is everypony alright, any injuries?" They all let out a united no.

"Princess" Twilight started. "Do you have any idea what? I mean with Mythic. He just exhibited amazing abilities one minute and the next he falls unconscious."

"That was the power of the Elements!" Victor shouted. He stood up and turned to face the ponies. "The Elements are this world most powerful magical artifacts. They were designed with the intention to be a sort of fail-safe in the event something bad happened and one of us couldn't intervein. But also in cause the event was that someone took hold of them in someway and used them for evil intent, there was a fail-safe in the fail-safe, not all the Elements were left to you. Not saying we don't trust you, just saying thinks could happen."

Celestia and Twilight nodded in understanding. "But way did it give him that sort of power?"

"The Elements can do two things. They can purge and balance the hearts of those it is used one. But that is comparing an ember to a flame. All seven can give abilities like you have just seen you just saw to the one who unifies the Elements. Mythic is the focusing mechanism for the true power." Victor pulled out his crystal ball once more. "But all that power was too much and he could have died. He is still not yet ready, he's been at this for only a few days. And now he is drifting along the void."

"Well can't you do something!?" Rarity cried out. "You have to be able to do something surly!"

"Yeah!" Rainbow Dash yelled in agreement. "You are a God for goodness sake. Just do some, I don't know, Godlike stuff!"

Victor shook his head. "No can do. He left through a Rune portal not meant for him. He isn't dead, but it'll take a while to track him down. But don't worry, I can get into contact with some family and ask them to keep an eye out. Should be easy to spot a magic read like his."

The sisters and Element bearers all sighed with relief. Celestia thanked Victor. "Thank you Lo... Thank you Victor. But we can't just worry about Mythic, we need to get our own situation under control. I think there are still a few of those monsters floating around. I'll have the guards in the town take care of that." She turned to Twilight. "I'm going to have you and your friend come to Canterlot till the town is repaired and secure."

"I think we can stay and deal with that." Twilight replied. "There should only be a few left and the town isn't that bad. We don't need to go. But if you really think so, we'll leave."

"Please, let my guards clean up this mess and get you to the Castle."

"I'll stay behind sister." Luna stated. "I'll help with the clean up, you go."

"I will Luna, thank you. Come now my little ponies, we must not worry about Mythic here. You can talk in the carriage."

After their talk, Celestia ordered the guards to search and destroy any remaining Corrupt. The mares left with Celestia in carriages while Victor left through his own Rune portal. Luna looked up at the moon and sighed. "Where in Tartaros are you going, Mythic?"


With in the void, Mythic floated aimlessly through the dark space around him. Just like the time before, he was motionless and unaware of the environment. The Behemoth that entered the Void had began to decay into a black mist.

Mythic's unconscious body began to draw closer to a platform made of white and plain glass. He softly landed on the surface and laid there for a time. A runic circle began to slowly form around him and his body.A vortex of wind and light began to spin around his body. His form slowly began to shift from that of a pony, into that of his human self. His tail grew back into his body and his mane retracted to his head. His fur began to turn into his tan skin and his hooves grew fingers and toes. His muzzle shrunk into his nose structure. He was had completely transformed into a human.

The vortex spun faster and the light enveloped Mythic, or now Daniel once more. He disappeared in a flash.



Inside a large forest, in the middle of the night, a summoning Rune opened. From it, light and wind flowed through, bearing Daniel and his unconscious body. For half the remainder of the night he laid there still and undisturbed. But a rattling in the bushes echoed through out a small portion of the wood. From behind the brush, came a cloaked figure with a lantern. Whoever this person was, they didn't seem to have any ill feelings toward Daniel. This person dragged him to a small village of wood and stone. Most of the lights were dead except for a hand full of torches on the tops of wooden pillars.

The cloaked figure brought Daniel behind a building and into what looked like a very large shed. Inside were three rooms, one held a bed and a chair, along with other furnishings. Daniel was hoisted onto the bed and quickly covered with a white sheet and light red pillow.

The stranger walked back into the front room, which seemed to be a herbalist's workshop. They began to grin plants and herbs into a mortar and began to make a liquid substance. Dawn was soon approaching and the stranger yawned and rub their eyes.

They put the mixture they made to a boil and pored in a blue powder. They mixed the solution and removed it from the flame and into a bottle. They removed the cloak and exposed their body to the dim flame and the sun though a tinted window. A girl standing five feet and six inches stood in the dark room. She had hair of green and red with green eyes. Her skin was a fair tan and sleek. Once the cloak was removed, she only wore a tunic and a skirt. But the feature that stood out was her head, horns stood out from her head like a ram's.

She looked over to the window and used magic to close it. While the curtains were surrounded by a glow like the ponies magic, it was magic none the less. She burned a candle and walked back into the bedroom where Daniel lay, twisting and turning in his sleep. The girl put her hand on his forehead. "Who are you?"

Daniel stopped moving when her hand was placed on his forehead. A smile on his face, he settled into the bed. The girl walked back into the front room and took the solution she made earlier. She came back into the room and leaned Daniel up straight with her one free hand. She began to feed the potion to Daniel and he drank it.

His eyes began to flutter, they soon fully opened. "Oooohh. What the hell happened?" The girl ran behind the door way and peeked into the room.

Daniel reached for his face and dragged this hands down, trying to wipe off his tried state. He shot open his eyes at the sight. "I have my digits! Wait..." He felt his forehead. "I don't have a horn? I'm back to being human! Think, what happened? Luna? Twilight? Victor?" Daniel gulped with fear of what happened last time he fell unconscious. "Rarity? This is weird."

"Who are you?" The girl peeped out of the corner with a shy tone.

"Me? Who are you and where am I?"

"I'm sorry, I asked first."

"That's true. I'm Myth... i'm Daniel... and what the hell are those on your head!

"These?" The girl tapped here horns. "These are my horns, where are yours?"

"I don't have those, i'm human." Daniel suddenly facepalmed. "Now I remember! I went... what should I call it? I'll figure it out later. Now please answer my questions.

"Oh, i'm sorry. I am Bonsia Storm."

"Really, Bonsia Storm?" Bonsia nodded. "Fine, Bonsia Storm, i'm not in Equestria am I?" Daniel know the answer, he just needed to hear it.

"I'm not sure where that it, but I can tell you no. You're in the kingdom of Albion. You're in my village of Riverhook." She came closer and sat in the chair by the bed. "What is a human?"

Daniel sighed. "Girl, if I had to explain it all, i'd die. But short story is, from what I see...'And so far I like what I see.'...we are just like you. Except the horns. Can your people use magic?"

Bonsia looked at him with confusion. "Well, um, yes. Can't you?"

"I can, but not too many humans can. I'm a special human that can you a different kind of magic."

Bonsia looked down at him with interest. "What kind of magic? Is it black arts?"

"Black arts? No, Rune magic. My buddy Victor found me a... how long have I been out?"

"I just found you last night. I went walking and saw a light and wind in the forest. That is where I found you, um..." Bonsia blushed hard at the thought.

"I need you to show me. I think I maybe able to get into contact with my friends if I can get to the site." Daniel threw the covers off and jumped out of the bed. His kimono was torn and didn't fit him well in his human form, it was a cold morning. And Daniel felt the breeze hit him hard. He was completely exposed for all the new world to see. Daniel looked down, blushed and looked back up to see Bonsia blushing and peeking through her hands. Daniel's eye twitched.

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"This...Is...Worse...Then...Last...Time..." Daniel jumped back into the bed and threw the covers over his body. "I...Am...So...Sorry... This almost never happens. Do you have any pants or something?"

"I don't mind it if-"

"I need pants! Please, i'll owe you a favor if you get me some pants!"

"Okay." Bonsia ran out the room and out the front door. In three minute she was back with a pair of what looked like a pair of what looked like blue breeches with extra cloth hanging from the sides. "These are my grandfathers pants, but he won't need them... for a while anyway."

"Thanks, just leave them and i'll put them on." Bonsia placed the pants on the bed and left the room, with a shy smile. Daniel sighed and got out of the bed. "New world, so many things I could have done. I show my self to a stranger and ask for pants." Daniel sighs again and heavier. He takes the pants and puts them around his ankles. He pulls them up in one fluid motion along with his head. He sees Bonsia looking into the room and stops. "Can I help you?"

Bonsia blushes harder and turns around. Daniel ties the pants tight and walks out of the room and stubble to the ground. "Shit! I need more time to recover." Bonsia picks him up and helps him back to the bed. "Thanks."

"What happened to you?"

"You won't believe me."

Bonsia gave Daniel a sad look. "Please?"

Daniel sighed. "Fine, but to understand the fight. You're going to have to understand some things first. First off, if you haven't guessed, i'm from another world."

Harmonies Rock

"Damn it, where the hell is he?" Victor mumbled to himself. He spent hours looking for Daniel in the void and near by worlds but there was no sign of him. He heard a whistling sound form above him and sighed. "Not a good time, sister."

Aries fell into the water and made a large splash. Victor was just out of it's way but was still not amused. "Aries! What in Ancients name are you doing here!?"

"Victor! I think I found her!"

One Easy Day.

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"What the hell are you talking about?" Victor asked as he walked over to the water of the lake.

"What does it sound like? I got a Mystic reading, I think blood was activated!" Aries shouted from the water. "Told you i'd find her. The last Mystic of Albion, you're not so tough now Victor." She swam around excited and happily.

"You find one and I lose one. The hell is happening to my life?" Closed his eyes and shook his head. He fell to his knees and yelled to the sky. "Why Father!? You make Aries my partner, you take away my mystic and give her one!? What did I do to you!? You old bastard!" A single bolt of lightning struck Victor out of nowhere. There was no clouds or other objects to cause a reaction. The bolt hit Victor, who took it full force, and yet he did not fill the effects. He jumped to his feet and waved his fist in sudden victory at the sky. "Ha! Next time bring it your A game, jackass!"

"I don't think you shouldn't take about Dad like that."

"Shut it Aries! I win every round against that old God."

"But, do you need to say it like that? Do you your really hate me?" Aries made her way to shore and pouted. "Don't you like me?"

Victor jumped back from Aries. He took two fingers and made a cross. "It's not that, I love you." Aries brightened to hear this, Victor was quick to correct himself though. "I love you as my SISTER. Not as my partner."

"Aw, those humans truly cramped your style. I'm here for you..." She pouted a little more and widened her eyes.

"Aries, don't you dare. Aries!"

Aries cleared her throat and spoke in a voice that could make any living creature jump off a cliff should she ask. "I love you, Victor. I truly do."

Victor clutched his chest and fell to the ground. "Hhnngg! You win, you win. You damned Goddess." Aries smiled with pleasure. "Please, stop. Bane of Men, stop!"

"Fine, give me a kiss first."

"On second thought... You said you a Mystic?"


"Let me see the reading."

"Kiss." Victor sighed and came closer to Aries. He gave her a peek on the cheek. "No, here." She tapped her lips. Victor shuddered. He reached into her rob and dug out a crystal ball and pushed her away. "I think you touched my breast." She said flirty.

"Don't...Ever...Joke." He turned away and studied the orb in his hands. Inside was a bright green dot. "You dumb had to end up there. You had to give her a motherloving reason to come here!" He turned to Aries grinning with sass. "This ain't your Mystic, its Mythic Rune. But it seems that he's changed form, he's back to being human." Victor throw the crystal ball to Aries before walking back to his rune stones. He heard a thud and Aries fell to the ground. "Huh? Oh shit, Aries are you okay?"

"I...*sniff*...I think so. It hit my head." Victor crouched next to Aries and examined her forehead. "You hurt it, kiss it."

"The hell is wrong with you? You're acting like you're ten."

"Ten, ten thousand. It doesn't matter, it's your fault. Kiss my forehead."

"Fine, little baby." Victor leaned in to give Aries's forehead a kiss. Aries leaned up and stole it with her own lips. Victor stubble back and gasped.

His eye twitched and he started to laugh like a crazy man. "Hahaha. Aries I love. But you need to be punished." He snapped his fingers and the sky darkened. The water began to stir and the wind blew and howled. The sky opened and a barrage of rocks began to fall. "Maelstrom, phase one! You should of learned Aries!" Victor pointed his finger at Aries and the rocks began to head to her location.

"Had to try! I'm out of here!" In a flash, Aries opened up a summoning rune and leaped through. It closed too slow though, Victor had rushed through it.

"Not so fast, you're mine!"

Albion, Riverhook

"If you haven't guessed, i'm from another world."

Bonsia looked at Daniel with more intensity. "I thought you sounded weird. But...not that different."

"Not having horns didn't give it away?"

"Oh, well, sometimes a person is born without them. I just thought that you were one. It's a rare cause, but I saw a man without his horns once."

"Alright, anyway. What do you call yourselves? Like all the people back on earth are humans."

"We call ourselves Litacons. All our people are Litacons."

Daniel crossed his arms and nodded. "I see. Weird name, but I'll probably weird to you."

"Not at all. I think you're...unique." Bonsia blushed.

Daniel looked over to Bonsia as she twiddled her thumbs in her chair. "Aw, you're cool too."

"Is it cold in here? I'll get you-"

"Dear God I never though it would happen to me." Daniel inserted his face into his palm with a loud smack. "It's a figure of speech."

"Oh, sorry."

"It's fine, do you want to hear my story, about how I got here?" Daniel asked as he removed his hand. Bonsia nodded. "Alright, well it started about a week ago. I was dragged into an empty place that was all black. There I found some new abilities and my weapon. I named it Eclipse, she quite beautiful. But I only got her when this monster attacked me." Daniel proceeded to make sounds like a bear in an attempt to put on a show for Bonsia. He got a smile and a laugh. "But I took me sword and fought with all my might. But it wasn't enough, considering I got launched into a damn pillar and and to fly my ass out of there."

"You can fly?" Astonishment over came Bonsia.

"Oh yeah~. That's was a gift from my friend Victor, more about him in a bit. I flew away from that place and found a platform of sorts in the darkness. Around it were my ponies I call friends and happy about that fact."

"Ponies? Like... little horses?"

"This is going to take awhile." Daniel proceeded to explain more about is story, how he met Rarity, Twilight and the rest. He talked about Victor, the Mystic power he had, Corrupt, his transformation, the fight with Talos and waking up to Victor. At all this, Bonsia gasped and awed even though Daniel didn't go into detail about the Corrupt. The tale was enveloping her. "And then Victor threw a rock at my head. I then woke up and... I was...I was oh-so 'generously' welcomed to PonyVille. That is the town i'm staying at over in Equestria, nice place." He continued on about the next day or so. Telling Bonsia about the Rune magic, the first Super-Shadow, the party and Luna.

"Luna, by far, one of the coolest girls I have ever met. I love that mare..." Bonsia tensed up. "In a friendly way." Bonsia relaxed a bit. "Although we do share a bed."

Bonsia frowned a bit and tensed back up. "What? You share a bed with a woman already?" Bonsia sounded sad to hear Daniel say he and Luna slept together.

"Yeah, we sleep together, for two nights. No sexual acts, just sleep. She needed help and I didn't fight it." Daniel then became confused. "Um, why are you asking, is that frowned upon? We didn't do anything." Daniel was now turning a bright crimson.

Bonsia gave a long sigh in relief. "Well, it's not frowned upon. Just... curious, that's all." 'Quick change the subject. Um... men like food. He must be hungry, he must be!' "Are you hungry, I sure am. I'll go get us some food." Bonsia got up off the chair and left the room. She shuffled through a few cabinets and a small meat locker, in the three and last room the shed like building held. Inside the held salted meats and bread. On a counter, there were fruits and vegetables. Bonsia took a loaf of bread and an apple and brought it back to Daniel. "Here, this should hold you over till i'm done with the meat."

"Meat! I love meat! Thank you kind elf like lady!" Daniel took the apple and bread. He opened his arms and gestured her closer. "You earn a hug." Bonsia beamed with a smile. She drew closer and entered the embrace. Daniel held it for about four seconds before he let go while Bonsia held on like she'd die is other wise. "Um you can let go now."

"Oh right. Sorry." Bonsia let go of Daniel, she placed her hands behind her back and smiled. An idea then sprung up in her mind, it gave her a wide smile. "I just remembered something. Since you're going to be here for what looks like awhile, you need to have something." She walked over to a dresser and pulled out a small box. Daniel raised a brow and tried to see over Bonsia's shoulder to see what she was talking about. She took the lip of the box and relieved a collar like accessory. "The men here 'need' to wear these. Put it on."

"Why do I have too?" Daniel said skeptically.

"Just trust me. I wouldn't steer you wrong. Now please, put the collar on." She handed it to Daniel and he took it. The collar was red with a green buckle. Dangling from it was a single silver rose pedal-shaped pendent with the inscription B.S. on the back.

Daniel examined it with care and shrugged. "I guess, but just till I leave." Daniel placed the collar around his neck and played with the pendent. He yawned and stretched. "Man, if you don't mind i'll take a nap till the meal is ready." He shuffled his body and laid on his side. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Bonsia stroked his orange and purple hair. "Shh. Daniel." She sat on the side of the bed watching him sleep of a few minutes. A sudden knock on the door pulled her from her trance. She approached the brown wooden door and opened it. A fairly tall woman with green and blue hair, wearing a suit of iron armor stood in the doorway. Her helmet, that looked more like a cap, in one hand and a pouch of silver and copper coins in the other.

She had a sword sheathed at her left side. "Hello sister Bonsia. How is is going?"

Bonsia hugged the women tightly. "Sister Jika! I haven't seen you in over a month. Does the guard keep you that busy?"

"All the time. Just recently we got a report about some ominousness creatures in the forests. Luckily I got some a leave from the Caption. I'm here for one week, then back to the grind stones, as the smiths' say. But enough about me, how has the shop been holding up, little sister?"

Bonsia took Jika into her home and work space. She sat her at a table in the front room and they began to talk. "The shop as been doing wonderfully. Not as much as I hoped, but what is a novice herbalist to do? But that doesn't matter. I met someone last night." Bonsia emitted a high pitched squeal in happiness.

"Really, you met someone? Who is it?" Jika placed her items on the table. She leaned forward and put her head on the backside of her hands, supporting her head.

"Oh, that is the best part. It's a man!"

Jika gasped in awe. "No way. All the men around here are taken."

"I know they are, but he isn't from around here. I found him in the forest asleep on the ground. What to see?" Jika nodded and the two left the table. Jika walked into Bonsia's bedroom and looked down at Daniel sleeping with his back towards them. "He woke up just before dawn and we talked for a long time. He said he was tired so he went back to sleep just now. He is amazing."

"Where are his horns or was he born without them?"

"He was born without them."

"He still looks like he can work a good crop and other work. You get his name right?"

"He is Daniel, but I also got him to put on my collar."

Jika looked nervous and worried. "Sister, I think it might be way too early for that. I know that there aren't to many men around and the temptation of jumping on the first one you see his great. You need to wait though, like I did. I waited three months before I gave my collar to Marco. Does he even know what it means?"

Bonsia twiddled her thumbs and made a circle in the floor with her foot. " don't think so. But what is the problem? He put it on." She said in a whine.

"That is the problem. If he doesn't know that you just gave him the symbol of your love, things could get out of hand." Jika looked back to Daniel with disagreement. She studied him harder this time, studying the remains of his kimono and more important the symbol his back. His runic symbol was intact, for the most part. Jika crouched down. "Bonsia, did he tell you anything about this seal on the back of his clothing?"

"No, is that important to something sister?"

"The creatures I spoke about, I was sent to a cave that was said to hold some of them inside. I didn't find any, but I found a seal like this on the back of the cave. It was etched into the stone itself." Jika stood back at her full height yet kept her eyes trained on Daniel. "I will need to speak to him when he wakes up. Go cook something please, i'm famished."

"Um...Okay. It won't take to long." Bonsia walked out the room and put a fire on and began to cook meat and a few pieces of vegetables.

Jika sat in the chair with her sword in her lap. "Did you kill all those people?"

Canterlot Castle.

Inside a tower being accommodated for them, Rarity was being consulted by her friends as she cried. "But where is he!? Where is my Mythic Ru-Ru-Ruuune? Hoooo..." Rarity had been crying ever since the six mares entered the carriage. She had held back her tears, but couldn't anymore. She had been like this the whole night and well into the early morning light. "Where is he! Victor said he'd find him! Where is Victor, i'm going to kick his flack like the mule he his!"

"Rarity, please calm down." Twilight cooed.

"Yeah, shut it!" Rainbow yelled from the above them both. "I couldn't get much sleep because of your whining. Mythic is a stallion, he can take care of himself! I should know, I have fought with him."

"That's not helping Rainbow." Twilight said, irritated.

"No...*sniff*...she is right Twilight. Mythic is a stallion, he can take care. I'm just worried too much. We my have only met a short time ago and not have spent that much time together, but i'm worried! What is he doesn't wake up from being unconscious this time? What if some crazy monster gets him? Even worse, what is a crazy mare gets her hooves on him!?"

"Now how is that relevant?" Twilight asked.

"He told me about some of his life back one Earth. He went out with a crazy girl, he didn't like that."

"Well you're sort of acting crazy right now." Rainbow chimed in.

Before either of the two unicorns could comment on Rainbow Dash's statement, there was a knock on the door. "Hello? Anypony in there? It's Princess Luna, I just got back from PonyVille." Rainbow flew over and opened the door for her. "Hey Luna, whats up?"

"We took care of the Corrupt that were left in town. And repair teams were been dispatched before I got here. The damage was not that bad, a few days and we can go back."

"That is great news! Now we just-" A sudden noise interrupted Twilight and a bright light drew their attention to the ceiling. From it fell Victor, he wore a blood stained white headband and carried...Sniper rifle?

"Where is that bitch? Is she here? Aries get the hell out here now!" Rushed to the nearest window. "There you are!" He took his rifle and feed into the chamber a single glowing white stone. Victor looked through the scope and found Aries hiding behind a barrel. He slowed down his breathing and aimed at her head. "Four for the money. Three for the honey. Two for a cup of Joe. One for this bucking-" Victor pulled the trigger and a thundering bang echoed through the castle. Aries had a split second reaction before the stone his her forehead and stunned her. It shattered on impact, but released a liquid that quickly soaked her whole body. She yelled out a deafening 'No' before she was engulfed in a green light and transported to a different location.

"Victor, what the hell do you think you are doing!" Luna roared.

"Payback. Bucking payback. Oh I also know where Mythic is now. Or should I say Daniel, he's back in his human form."

Rarity perked up and smiled with hope. "Oh, thank Celestia, where is he?"

"He is in another world. He is in Albion safe and sound. I'm going to retrieve him, any of you ladies wish to come? Inter-realm travel isn't just for Mystics and Gods." Victor held out his hand out.

"Oh i'd love to Victor my dear, but I must deny. I am to tiered and I frankly am too scared. But good luck."

"A new world, that would be awesome!"

"I'm with Rainbow Dash, I could learn some new things."

Luna was the only one who hesitated. The others looked at her with worry. "Are you sure Mythic is okay? Because if he isn't...then we well have a problem on our hooves here Victor."

Victor chuckled. "Right~, you can take a 'real' Demigod. I'll believe it when I see it. But before we go and get him, we need to get some things first. Let's go, M.R.S.T!" All the ponies looked at Victor confused and he let out a sigh. "Mythic Retrieval and Support Team." They let out a unified 'oh'. Victor ignored it and opened a Rune portal. "Here we come, Daniel."

Albion, Riverhook

Daniel yawned and spoke with a groggy voice. "Who called my name?" We wiped a tear from his eye. "I heard someone say my name."

"You're finally awake." Jika spoke in a stern and serious tone.

"Yeah! Now who the hell are you?" Looked Jika up and down. 'Brain, catalog info. Armor made of iron, short sword made of most likely iron or steel. Combat level is unknown.'

Cataloged, sir


"I am Jika Storm, Bonsia's sister, Lieutenant of the guard and nicknamed 'Fire Storm'. Now tell me who you are."

"I am Daniel Rivera, a.k.a. Mythic Rune, Mystic of the humans and nicknamed 'The Tan Russian'. Nice to meet you." They stared at each other. Measuring each other as well as trying to intimidate. They sparks could very well be visible as they stared into each other. A knock on the door frame drew Daniel's attention and Jika's as well. Bonsia's head peeped out.

"The food is ready. I'm happy to see that you are awake Daniel." Bonsia fully entered the room and sat down on the bed. "Did my sister cause any problems?"

Daniel faked a pleasant smile. "No at all, she is quite delightful."

Jika spoke in mono tone. "Like wise." Jika didn't hide her displeasure with Daniel and glared at him.

"Well, lets go eat." Bonsia took Daniels arm and nearly dragged him out of the bed. Only to get a look of disapproval from Jika. Bonsia didn't mind Jika and kept waking. Daniel was seated and a large plate of pork was given to him. The pork was crisp and clean cut. The loaf of bread Daniel hadn't eaten was now cut in half and placed on the plate, along with a glass of water. Bonsia sat down right next to Daniel and watched him eat. Jika joined the table and too began to eat off a separate plate laid out for just for her. The plate was slightly smaller but still held the some amount of pork and bread. "I hope you are enjoying it. I put some spice on it just for you Daniel." Bonsia beamed a smile as she rested her head in her hands.

Daniel chewed the pork that was in his mouth tenderly and tasted the spice. He swallowed and bit of a piece of bread. "This is great, I love it! Thanks Bonsia, I owe you one." He took a sip of water while the bread was still in his mouth, making it moist and clumpy. Daniel swallowed hard and gasp and smiled.

Jika ate slowly as she studied Daniel behavior and movements. Biting off a piece of bread, she swallowed and then finally spoke, straight to business. "Daniel tell about your robe, I haven't seen one like it around here."

Daniel swallowed another cut of pork. "Well...there is nothing to tell. A friend of mine made it for me, specially made, just for me. I have more back home."

"Back home. Are you traveling or something?"

"I just popped on by for a moment. I should be getting a left soon, I friends must be worried sick. I have the feeling one was crying, but that's just nonsense." Daniel waved his hand dismissively.

"Just drop on by? How long have you been here for?"

"I just got here last night. Bonsia here found me in the forest unconscious. Sorry but why are you asking me all this?" Daniel bit down on his pork.

"Just asking." Jika pushed her plate forward, half full with her meal. "Just two more things. What is the seal on your back? The back of your robe."

"It is a Kimono, not a robe. But you don't need to know what the Runic circle, so I won't explain." He took a sip of water.

"Runic circle?" Jika sounded more interested.

Daniel put on on a cocky smile and leaned back into his chair. "Yup, you have your magic and I have mine."

"Yeah Jika." Bonsia added. "He told me about it. He sounds so um... whats the"

"Yup" Daniel patted Bonsia on the head. "Very good." Bonsia leaped from her chair and a foot and a half to the side into Daniel, placing her arms around him. He threw his and hands into the air and looked at her confused. "Okay, okay. You don't need to do all that now." Bonsia didn't listen and just nuzzled Daniels chest. He looked over to Jika, worried. "Is she always like this to practical strangers?"

"So you really don't know? You must have been living under a rock." Jika smoothed out her eye brows and chuckled as she talked.

"Lets say I have been, what of it?"

"Do you know about the population?"

"Nope, is that relevant?"

"Hmm, well since the men have been getting lower in number, they are considered more valuable. Now a days it's only about
one man in a crowd of six."

"What! Damn, when did this start?" Daniel exclaimed.

"About two hundred and forty six years ago. The birth rate wasn't too bad, till years later when took then generational census."

"You have a census?" Daniel said with surprise.

"Wow, you really have been living under a rock. Where the hell are you from anyway?"

"That my good Litacon, is secret information. I told your sister here because she helped me out, but that's all." Daniel pointed down at Bonsia, who was still wrapped around him. "I have a question though. Why do men have to wear these collars? What does it mean?"

Jika giggled and shook her head. "Daniel Rivera, you don't get it do you? You are a man, men are valuable, you can do heavy work that women can't. You seem to be at a mature age and my sister is also at a mature age...get the picture? Also forgot to say, women are held to higher standers then men even though they are lacking in number." Jika smiled cockily.

'Brain, calculation please. If I do i,t I just might just scare myself.'

Sir, It is 2+2. The outcome is 4. Would you like to active protocol 14 or 3?

'I'm going to ask Bonsia what it means directly. If it is the outcome, active protocol 3.'

Are you sure sir?.

'Yes we must be gentle. We do have a job to get back to.'

He took in a deep breathe. "Bonsia Storm." He nervously chuckled. "This collar means you claimed me, doesn't it?" Bonsia just nuzzled his chest more. "I'll take that as a yes. While I am very flattered, i must protest." Daniel reached for the collar and took it off. He neatly placed it on the table and managed to pry Bonsia off his body. "I have a job and life to get back to. Friends and enemies and all that good stuff. I told you this Bonsia, I am a bucking Human. And besides..." He took her by the chin and looked at her. "You're a pretty girl, you'll find someone."

Bonsia began to sob a little. "But I want you! Is it because we just met? We can take our time if you want."

"No we can't. I told you all about what is going on, we 'can't'!" Daniel placed a sorry hand on her head and began to walk to the door. "I'm sorry about this."

"Is it because if that Luna person? You are even more different too her then me!"

"I see your rebuttal. But...maybe it is her. I had a dream about her both when you found me and when I took that nap. I don't know if I like her or am worried about her. But Luna...I need to get back to Equestria." Daniel slowly opened the door when a helmet was slammed on the table. Jika had heard enough of Daniel and was quite upset.

"Listen to me Daniel! I don't understand all was what you just said, but I do know is that you are an ass! My sister has affections for you and you are going to do this to her! Even if I disapproved earlier, I will not let this stand. I here by place you under arrest for suspicion of the deaths of twenty farmers and other villagers!" Jika was ready to unsheathe her sword.

"Woe woe woe, I didn't kill anyone!" Daniel threw both his hands in the air and waved them frantically." I am against killing the Innocent, I even aim to protect them. Why would you suspect me?"

"Because you have a seal similar to that I found at a mass grave in a cave on your back."

Daniel's frantic behavior stopped. His face became on of interest with a hint of fear. "Show me, show me the cave."

"What!? Why would I even consider?"

"Because I am from a different world, one. I might know what the marking is, two. And died bodies only means that there is something out there that I might just know about, three. Holy trinity right there."

Jika relaxed a bit and thought about Daniel's reasons. She stood there looking at his face, more precisely, his eyes. There where still and full of burner. A burning, she didn't know. Jika came to a conclusion and rested her sword on her hip. She took her helmet and held it in her hand. She walked next to Daniel and then moved passed him out the door. "Come with me. If you can best me in combat, i'll take you to the cave. The smith owes me a favor and we can get you a sword from there."

Daniel chuckled. "I have my weapon. I just put it away till it's needed. So where will we do you want to 'duel'? Air quote."

"You hide your weapon? Is it a dagger? I hate cowards."

"No,no. I don't have daggers. It's just I have not bucking clue where it is right now. But it always finds me, true me, now where to?"

Away from Albion and back in Equestria, Victor made a quick pit stop at the lovely Rune home. He asked the mares to stay down stairs while he looked for something in the dressers and drawers. "Damn it, he needs to clean this room when he gets back. Now where are you... there!" Victor had searched through the dressers to find the Mystic's phone. "Now we can get a proper link. Just need to do a little tinkering will the...yes! Now we can get a proper fix on him well there." Victor was about to place the phone in his robe when it started to sound off. ""

Jika had taken Daniel to the center of Riverhook. It was large circular, open area with a single well in the smack middle. It was just before high noon now. The center well also acted as a halfway mark as the village was cut in half and you could easily see the forest at the end of the street. There were spectator crowding the area with both curiosity and interest. The fight between Jika and the new arrival Daniel was spread fast around the village. A total of fifty spectators showed up. Women, children and even some Men, but not that many, just like Jika said.

The village's own Jika stood at one end of the street while Daniel stood at the other. Bonsia, still weeping a little, stood in the middle with a cloth of blue silk. The wind began to blow in Jika's favor, Bonsia then dropped the cloth and ran into the crowd. Jika did not unsheathe her weapon just yet, but ran towards Daniel. Daniel did not relieve his weapon either and ran forward. In seconds they met at the well.

Jika threw out a taunt. "Now know why they call me Fire Storm!" As she unsheathed her sword a blue flame followed. Her sword itself was on fire, steel base with a blue flame.

"Time for 'you' to learn why I am named Mythic Rune!" Taunted back. Jika was only a few feet way from him now. He though it best not to use use blade, so he went with a passive-aggressive tactic. He formed a shield in front of him and caused Jika to nearly run into it. "Aw, I thought you would slam face first. Next time you will."

"What the hell is that?" Jika asked.

"My magic. Rune magic, very proud of it." Daniel smirked. He watched as Jika continued to slash at the runic shield, trying to break it down with her flaming sword.

"Fight me like a man or you will taste my magic!"

"What kind?"

Jika stopped her barrage of attacks on the shield and just looked at Daniel through it. "The hot kind." Jika shot her hand out. A large ball of red fire began to form and she shot it out. It caused a loud explosion and smoke flooded the area for a moment. As it cleared, Daniel could be seen on the ground and his shield shattered.

Daniel raised up off the ground. and dusted himself off. "Damn girl. You got some attack there. You need to show me how to do that later. But I have one of my own." He readied himself and fired of a runic missile, not at full power though. It flew and hit the ground as Jika leaped to the side of the explosion. It wasn't enough to cause to much damage, but it still sent Jika flying just about a foot to the side. He fired off two more and hit the ground directly behind Jika, enveloping her in a blue explosion. The crowd to the side gasped. Daniel looked over to see the crowd give him dirty looks. But he focused on Bonsia still weeping.


Yes you're being an ass...sir.

'Fine! Override protocol 3'

You are going to be man about this?

'Yes, now shut it.'

Daniel sat down on the ground with his hands behind his back. "Oi, Jika! Get up, i'm done here. Take me to prison or the jail house or what ever you have." The crowd gasped at his sudden forfeit. But they gasped even more when Jika walked out of the blue smoke with out a visible injury. "Damn, to like power on my part?"

Jika sheathed her sword and smirked. "Probably. But made you suddenly give up? I could see in your eyes back at the shop you were innocent."

"Not my eyes, you sisters. I couldn't take causing those tears." Daniel said shamefully.

Jika crouched next to Daniel. "But there is still another, isn't there?"

"I don't know, we've only known each other for about three days. But I do think I like her, it's complicated."

"What makes her special?"

"I just don't know. I've felt something in my heart. At night I can't sleep without Luna, like I said; complicated. I don't know if I like her or if i'm just attracted."

"This Luna, she is from another world too?"

"Yes, I come from one world and I was just in her world. Training and fighting along side her." Daniel extended his arm up. Jika took it and lifted him to his feet.

"I see." Jika finally took off her helmet and held it in her hand.

"Not just her. I fought with another, Rainbow Dash. Even though it wasn't that long, and I had her taken out of the fight quickly. Didn't want to get her hurt."

"You must care about your allies. You'd be a good edition to the guard." Jika threw her arm around Daniel encouragingly. "If you ever find yourself bored, come on by if you can."

Daniel rolled his eyes teasingly. "Sure~, let me check my calendar. Haha" The two walked back to the crowd as they cheered. "I just like to make the crowds cheer, don't I?"

"Don't flatter yourself. By the way, if you don't mind me asking, what do you fight for?"

"I have reasons. I accepted a dying wish, and a not to long ago it turned into more. There is an evil out there and I stood against it."

"Well I hope you fight with all your honor and strength. Now lets get you-" Jika was interrupted by the sounds of a women running into town. She was covered in blood and her clothes were ripped on the back. The women fell on her face and and began to crawl. Jika and Daniel ran over to her, trying to calm her down to get information. "Miss, please calm down. What happened?"

"I-i-it wa-was-a-Li-Lind-Lindworm! A Lindworm is coming, it killed my husband and four others! It's coming this way!" In the distance a horrifying screech was heard. The women began to shake and quiver. "Here it comes!" She began to cry.

Daniel looked over to the crowd, which was in the middle of dispersing. Bonsia stood still and didn't move out of fear. "Jika, i'll be right back." He began to walk over top Bonsia. As he got closer to her, so did the screeching, but it was still distant. Daniel came on to Bonsia and pulled her in to an embrace, shocking her. "Look Bonisa, i'm sorry. I'm sorry that i'm not from here and i'm sorry I have a job to do. I'm also sorry that there might be someone else. If these things didn't factor in, i'd gladly be yours. But I can't stay, I have a job to do and I...I do like someone else. But i'll tell you this, after i'm done dealing with what ever is coming this way i'll do one thing for you. Like I said before, I owe you one." Daniel let go of the embrace. "Now go hide."

"Okay, but what ever I want?"

"Within reason of course." Daniel smiled and turned away, walking back to Jika. Bonsia ran into a nearby building with others and watched through the windows. The women that ran into town was nowhere to be seen and the sounds of a beast grew louder as trees began to shake. "So Jika, what are we dealing with?"

Jika was looking down the road and into the forest. She turned around with her eyebrow cocked. "You sure you want to fight this?"

"Any other reason i'd be asking? Now tell me." Daniel stood be Jika's side with his arms crossed patiently.

"Well it's a Lindworm. They mostly live in caves, like the one I was in. They mostly eat wild bears and other big game, but there are reports of feasting of Litacons."

"I already know it's a wingless dragon, correct?"

"Yes. They have tough outer scales and a tail length of about ten yards for the fully grow adult. It's know that they can breathe fire and crush stone. They have an eye sight of one hundred and eighty degrees. The total body length is thirty yards and the claws are three feet long. Fangs are sharp as a clean razor and the head is crowned with about three to five horns. From the sound coming from the forest, it must be an adult. So they the weakest point would be the throat, a foot from the base." Jika placed her hand on her sword and waited for the beast to show itself.

"You know alot about them, don't you?"

"I need to know all there is. They did something that I can never forgive, even if it's an animal." Jika tightened her grip and spoke with a tainted voice.

Daniel could see the Lindworm getting closer to the treeline. He felt that he know what Jika meant, but he needed to ask. "What did it do to earn such a hatred for it's whole kind?"

The Lindworm burst through the trees. It matched almost every description Jika made. Four horns crowned the head. A long tail and longer body. Fangs and claws, it also had spikes going upward on its back. It was white with red eyes. The only thing odd about it, was the black armor on it's neck, chest and upper back. Jika ignored the unusual and unsheathed her sword, blue flames and all.

(Play here)

"It killed my mother, father and husband!" She then charged forward, sword ablaze with fire and soul ablaze with hate.

Daniel shook his head. "Don't think that's the bast way to handle a Lindworm!" Daniel fired two runic missiles before rushing after Jika. The missiles made contact before Jika could reach the Lindworm and exploded. The explosion stunned the Lindworm and the smoke blinded it. Jika continued her charge though and came up under its neck. She slashed at the legs and drew blood. The beast roared in pain, throwing it's claws out in a frenzy, it hit Jika. She flew to the left side and hit her back on a lamppost. She was quick to recover though. She leaped off the post and slashed the dragons legs and claws. Daniel halted in his tracks and stared at the action before him. "Wow, maybe she could handle this on her own. Not!"

Daniel turned his body, so that his shoulder faced the Lindworm. He planted his feet into the dirt and bent his knees slightly. He brought his hands together so that his wrists touched and brought them back. "Here we go." Daniel started to build up his magical energy. He focused it into his palms and the blue glow of his Moon fang began to grow. It was a sensation to Daniel in his human form, the energy flowed through him quicker and stronger. The attack was ready to fire, but Daniel waited even longer. He felt even more magic being converted and added to the already strong enough attack. Daniel finally decided it was time and began the final preparations. "Jika get out of my way! This will take care of him!"

"Give me a moment!" Jika dodged a low swing of the dragon's claws. It lowered it's head and snapped at her, biting off a piece of Jika's shoulder armor plating. The Lindworm didn't take any meat or flesh off of her but Jika still bled out of her wound. "Damn it!" She stumbled back and fell. She yelled back to Daniel. "No time! Fire your magic!"

The Lindworm began to raise it's body upward to stomp on Jika. Daniel took the chance and fired. He threw his hands forward and the energy shot out at high speeds. The blue and silver energy connected with the beast's chest. The armor took the impact, but not the force. The dragon was carried back forty yards, and landed on it's back with a loud thud.
(Stop here)

Daniel felt slightly drained after the release, but managed to run and pick Jika up off the ground. "Woo boy. That took a good chuck out of me. How bad is the shoulder?"

"Well i'm bleeding. But at least that damn thing is down. Nice attack." Daniel threw Jika's good arm over his neck and began to assist her back for medical attention.

"Thanks,it is my own special technique. I just thank god that was easy." Daniel chuckled.

"You think that was easy!?" Jika exclaimed.

"I'm just going to say yes." A woman in a white blouse came and met the two half way, long with her was Bonsia. Daniel didn't need to be told what to do. He handed Jika over to the woman and slowly walked to the shade with Bonsia in tow. "Bonsia, i'm sorry about Jika. If I was closer I could have helped her."

Bonsia grabbed Daniel's hand with both of hers. "She'll be okay. She is in the guard, they are always getting into things. But now I need to ask you something."

"That favor I owe you?" Bonsia shyly said yes. "Alright, what would you like me to lady?" Daniel playfully bowed.

"Can you take me with you? When you leave to go home, can I came with you?" Bonsia said hopefully.

Daniel raised a brow. He took his free hand and rubbed the back of his head. " I don't know."

"I can protect myself if that's the problem. I may be an herbalist, but i've earned the nickname 'Crashing Storm'."

"That is not really the problem. The problem is 'could you even come with me', but that is for when my-" A sudden flash green light stole the attention of Daniel and Bonsia. Off in the corner was a low humming and then the appearance of a summoning circle faded in. "Ride is here."

Investigations Begin... After lunch."

View Online

The runic circle appeared in the corner, on the side of a stone wall in an alley. He silently rushed over to it, making sure that no body other than Bonsia was the one to see it. A little boy could be seen in the door way looking over at Daniel. He waved the boy in a dismissive way and the boy ran away into the building. Soon a familiar figure stepped from the portal. Victor stepped out with a tired look on his face.

Daniel took Bonsia by the hand and brought her into the alley. "Come on. I want you to meet Victor."

"Are you sure its okay?" Bonsia said nervously. "He doesn't look happy. I don't want to further upset a Demigod."

"Don't worry, he doesn't look upset, just tired." Daniel fully entered the alley and called over to his friend. "Hey Victor buddy! How you doin'?" Victor snapped his head over to Daniel. He took a small object from his robe and threw it at Daniel. He didn't catch it and was hit in the head by what appeared to be his cell phone. "The hell man?"

"Your mother is so damn annoying! She call and I picked it up by accident. Do you know the fucking pain I just went through, do you? She was asking about you and why the hell I picked up the phone. It took me five damn minutes just to shut her up." Victor let out an annoyed sigh. "Oh and I brought the girls."

"Which girls?"

Victor slammed his hand into his face. "I brought Trixie and Celestia." He said sarcastically. "Who the hell do you think I brought!?"

Victor stepped away from the rune and allowed three feminine beings to walk through. The first ran out and hit the wall. It was obvious Rainbow Dash. Her rainbow hair wasn't the most obvious indicator, the wings had something to do with that. She wore a black leather vest with blue trim running down the side in a single thick line. Under the vest was a plain white long sleeve shirt. A pair of khaki shorts that dropped down to her knees and black boots with blue laces. Her head, with her messy rainbow hair, was dawned with a pair of goggles and a light blue bandanna was tied around her neck. On her hands were black, finger less, gloves made with padding. She rubbed her head from the injury the wall was so kind enough to give. "You alright there Dash?"

"Yeah i'm okay. But darn that hurt." Dash groan.

Daniel chuckled. "Damn Dash, don't rush into things."

Dash stopped rubbing her head and looked up to the voice. She found Daniel smiling and hand extended to help her up. She took the hand and was lifted off the ground. "Thanks. It's good to see you."

"I could say the same, but last time you were human you didn't have wings." Daniel looked over to Victor. "Was this you?"

"Well I thought you were in danger, again. So I made their bodies to keep a few features this time. Like Dashes wings, Twilight has her horn...speaking of whom." Victor and Daniel looked over to see someone else stepping through.

Twilight calmly walked out into the alley. She wore a long robe that covered her body from the neck to just above the her feet. The robe was white with dark purple trim in the shape of flames around her hands and neck. A light red hood hung below her shoulders and she wore black shoes. On both of her sides were a large tome, one filled already and the other empty, both being held by straps that were slung over Twilight's shoulders. Her hair was long and her bangs covered her forehead and almost one of her eyes. But behind it was her horn, shrunk and just visible.

"Hey Twilight." Daniel waved.

Twilight turned to her left and saw Daniel standing behind Dash and Victor, and without her knowledge Bonsia just around the corner. "Hey Mythic, or shall I say Daniel?"

"While human I'm named Daniel. Mythic is my pony name . I can see you still have your horn as well." Daniel once again looked down to Victor. "Am I going to have to get a horn again? That hurt last time."

"Don't worry you big bitch. The horn was only to get your body used to accessing the magic flow. Humans don't naturally have them do they? No, so shut it."

"What about wings?"

"That I can do for you, later though. But only if needed, i'm still cooling down after your mother. Dear Ancients, the mouth on that women can kill someone and send them to hell just to escape. Never mind that now, we have one last Equestrian to go." The next figure emerged from the portal.

The Lunar Princess, Luna, stepped into the alley slowly and with a serious attitude. Luna wore what seemed to be a uniform of some kind. It was made with a material that seemed to be have the texture of leather. A dark blue jacket with four golden buttons and tassels , white cuffs and gloves. Her flat-front pants were also dark blue with a black and sliver belt. The cuff of each leg was decorated with a silver flame, perfectly symmetrical with three tips. Her black dress boots pocked out from the bottom of her pants. Luna's head still dawned a small black crown that laid perfectly on top of her black and blue hair. Her hair covered most of her horn, but like Dash, her wings could be clearly seen. On her waist was a sheathed sword, silver plated hilt and guard with a black leather grip.

Bonisa stepped into the alleyway and tried to hide behind him while the others were focused on Luna. But he started to move forward, causing her to jump out of the alley once again.

"Luna! My look ready to lead an army." Daniel joked. He waked past Victor and Dash, stopping right next to Twilight. "But seriously, it's good to see you all. Did you worry about me?

Luna turned on her heel, walked forward. "I'm happy to see your safe Daniel. Yes, everyone was worried for you."

"If they were worried, why didn't they come with you?"

"Well...It was short notice and we couldn't find them." Luna lied. Yes it was short noticed but they could have easily found everyone. Rarity was too scared though and they forgot about the rest in the moment.

Daniel didn't see through Luna and bought the bluff. "Alright then, too bad. Wait a second, if it was short notice then why do you have all this cool gear?"

"That was Victor, he got it for us. He thought these would go well on us. He said they'd suit the way he would fight as humans. So knowing you, where is the trouble?"

Daniel half closed his eyes and curled his lips up. He looked bemused and began to walk out the alley. His four friends followed him as he came to a stop in the middle of the road. He stood with his back against the Lindworm and pointed his thumb over his shoulder. "You are two minutes late."

Twilight, fascinated, asked. "What is that thing, is it a dragon?"

"It is a Lindworm, a wingless dragon that lives in caves." A strangers voice said. Twilight, Dash, Luna and Victor turned around and found Bonsia standing behind them. "It is very deadly, it already killed some people. Daniel and my sister were able to kill it though."

"Eyup. That thing was no match for my Moon fang, but shit I forgot about Jika!" Daniel looked around and saw the building that Jika was taken to. Their was a crowd of people surrounding a stone and mortar building with a wooden roof with straw as an added layer. "Bonsia, come on. Lets check in on your sister." He turned back to the other four with him. "I want you guys to stay here. I'll be right back." He then slowly ran over to the crowd with Bonsia and pushed his way through.

"Should we do as he says?" Luna asked.

"I would like to document this Lindworm thing." Twilight replied.

"I can help her with that." Victor insisted. "But first, put on the bracelets I gave to you three. We don't want to attract too much attention." Like Victor instructed, the three transformed women took a small bracelet out of their pockets and strapped it on to their wrists. In three seconds their wings and/or horns disappeared until the next time they remove the bracelets. "Okay, first thing you need to know, Twilight, is that the Lindworm it is in-fact a member of the draconic family..." Twilight took out a quell and magic inkwell and began to write in her empty tome.

"Well i'm not standing around here. I want to know where Daniel ran of to with that girl." Dash replied. "Come on Princess, lets find out." Dash began to jog after Daniel and Bonsia with Luna in tow.

Daniel and Bonsia managed to muscle their way through the crowd and entered what seemed to be the infirmary. Medical cabinets decorated the whole room with a dozen beds lined up in a two rows. The woman that took Jika had placed her on a bed at the front and had just finished taking off Jika's breastplate and shoulder-plates. Underneath was a leather vest that cover Jikas chest and midsection. Daniel walked over to examine the damage. Jika winced some, but didn't complain about the wound to much.

As he neared, he could see the metal of the shoulder-plate was bent inward. "Jika, how are you holding up?"

"Well the bleeding slowed down, thank the Gods. The attack of the Lindowrm pushed the shoulder-plate into my,well,shoulder. The penetration made a lot of room for the blood to flow out. But Nurse Cerlek here has been doing this for a while, she'll take good care of me."

"That is good to hear." Daniel turned to the nurse as she began to clean the wound. "Thanks for this ma'am."

"It is my pleasure! Jika is a town hero and sweetheart, I couldn't ever just not help her. Plus it's my job, but also you protected us, a man without horns. That is curious though, how can you use magic without your horns?"

"It's complex, trust me." Daniel answered.

Nurse Cerlek shrugged and continued to clean and dress the wound in Jika.

Daniel sat on a bed to the side of Jika. "Well Jika, I think it's about time we talked."

"Talk about wha-agh!" Jika let out a small yelp as Cerlek applied rubbing alcohol on her. Cerlek gave a nervous smile and went back to work. "Damn it. So what are you on about Daniel?"

"The reason you wanted to arrest me. You wen-"

"Oh right! We can leave as soon as i'm done here. It is about half a days trip on horse, so we will need to get ready. Two horses won't be that expensive."

Daniel nervously smiled and rubbed his head. "Well um, the thing is, we might need more then two horses."

Jika rose a brow. "Why do you say that? Is Bonisa coming with us?" Just then, two others entered the room as the crowd started to disperse. "Who are you two?"

Dash ignored Jika and walked over to Daniel. "Why did you run away like that?" She asked in an annoyed tone.

"I was checking up on Jika here. Does that concern you Dash?" Daniel returned Dash's attitude.

"Well um, yeah, we thought we lost you back in Equstria! So yeah, um, it does concern us."

"Dash is right Daniel." Luna stepped in. "We were concerned, so we were curios as to why you ran off and told us to stay put."

"Well I needed to check up on my friend here. Plus the natives don't exactly have wings and... where did they go?" The two showed him the bracelets. "Oh, that is cool."

"We know, but why would you tell us to stay in the road in the first place?" Luna reasoned.

"Um,well...shut up!" Daniel roared.

Dash chuckled. "Ha! You can't think of a reason, Luna wins!"

"Can someone tell me what the hell is going on?" Jika cut in. "Daniel, who are these two?"

Daniel inhaled a deep breathe and calmed down. "These two are Rainbow Dash and Luna-"

"'Princess' Luna." The princess of the night added.

"I'm not recognizing that title! *Ahem* Anyway, they are friends of mine the ones I talked about. I have two others outside. You know, the ones from a different world, complex stuff."

Nurse Cerlek finished mending the wound and cleaned up all of her supplies. "Well I don't know what you are all talking about, but I don't care. Jika you are all finished, just take it easy on that arm for awhile okay? Have a nice day everyone." Cerlek then walked away into a back room, where she was out of sight.

Bonsia examined Dash and Luna. "Um, Daniel, they don't look the same you described them."

"That is because the were transformed into humanoids, dugh" Daniel laid down and rested his head on a pillow. "So when are we leaving? I'm hungry." He then rubbed his stomach.

"We ate about two hours ago. How are you hungry?" Jika asked as she gathered her armor.

Daniel stared at her like she should know the answer already. "I, Daniel Rivera, also know as Mythic Rune, am a fat-ass. I am hungry, therefore I shall go in search of food." Daniel then arched his back as he stretched. He rolled off the bed and landed on the floor with a solid thud. He jumped up and dusted himself off. "I meant to do that." As the others rolled their eyes, Daniel began to walk off to the door outside.

"...And that is all there is to a Lindworm."

"Thanks Victor, this is amazing! Brand new information to bring back to Equestria, the Princess will be proud." Twilight finished scribbling in her tome. She let the ink settle and then shut the record closed.

"Not a problem, just be careful who reads the information you collect. Only those who know about other worlds are allowed to read this, okay?"

"Okay, but that seems like a waste of knowledge to me."

"Trust me, it's better to restrict then to deny, and this needs to be restricted. Think of this as a personal data bank."

Twilight shrugged. "I guess that is okay. But why is this Lindworm wearing a metal chest-piece?"

"That is a good point." Victor placed his hand on the metal. The black metal was cold against the warm hand of the Demigod. Victor held his hand there for a minute, the metal didn't heat up, his hand became colder. 'What the hell? This metal is not from here, it is from... no, no i'm just over think things.'

"Oi, Victor, lets get some food!" Daniel yelled from the doorway. Victor didn't pay attention at first, so Daniel called again. "Hey Vic, are you hungry?" Victor still didn't respond which made Daniel slightly upset. He sighed and began to walk over to Twilight instead. "Hey Twilight, what are you doing?"

"Oh, I was just writing done some new information about Lindworms." Twilight giggled "This is so amazing!"

"Okay, okay calm down there Twi. So anyway, you hungry too?"

"Well." Twilight held her stomach. "I guess I could get something to eat. But where will we get it?"

"I have no clue!" Daniel said with enthusiasm and a smile, making Twilight laugh. "But we can look around till we find a place."

"You don't have to do that!" Bonsia called from the doorway of the infirmary. "I don't mind cooking another meal for you, Daniel."

"Well thanks Bonsia, that would be awesome! Bring Luna, Dash and Twilight over to your place please. I'll catch up, I just need to look over something." Daniel then asked Twilight to go with Bonsia and she complied. Soon the others came out of the infirmary and they began walking back to Bonsia's shop and house. Daniel smiled and waved them off.

As the five of them turned a corner and disappeared, Daniel's smile became a frown. He started to walk over to Victor and stood next to the Demigod. "So." He began with a serious and worried voice. "What is it?"

(Play here)

"Dumbass, it's a Lindworm." Victor answered.

"You know what I mean Vic. I might still be new to this whole different world stuff, but I know that a dragon isn't born with metal and chains attached. Someone tried to capture this thing and failed."

"That...or they succeed." Victor replied grimly.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, what if they wanted this thing to attack this village? What if someone wanted to kill all these people?"

"But why would someone do that? This seems like a pretty out of the way place, don't you think?"

"I know what you mean and I agree. I've been to this world before and I know for a fact that this place is not that close to anything important. The fact is this place would be a bother to have as a military post, a mine or anything like that. There is also something strange about this armor setup on the dragon. The metal is not of this world. When I touched it, it felt like it wanted to devour me. That hostility, coming from something non sentient is scary."

Daniel crossed his arms and focused hard on the metal. "Do you think it could be them?"

"I am sorry to say I think so."

"Damn it!" Daniel threw a fist of rage into the black metallic shell of the Lindworm. "Why are they moving so damn fast?" He said between his teeth. "What happened to knowing most, Victor?"

"That is fact, I know most. This though, this whole situation is outside my mind. I'm just like you on this one Daniel."

"Well can you get rid of the body? I don't think the Litacon will like a huge dead body in the middle of the road." Like a command, Victor snapped his fingers and the Lindworm disappeared in a green light. "Thanks Victor. One more thing though."

"What is it?"

"If they are coming into this world too, than-"

"Than yes...Earth, Equestria and Albion aren't the first, only or last. I may be older then my siblings but that doesn't mean there are few of them. They want to branch out even further then before.

"Then can we find a Mystic for this world?" Daniel said with hope.

"We can't, that is Aries's job. She alone can find the last Mystic of this world."

"So this world only has one?"

(Stop playing music)

"Yes, and the power of a Mystic isn't something that just awaken out of the blue sky. Your blood was triggered by the activation of the rune-stone that laid beneath your house. On the other hand though, it couldn't be activated unless a Mystic was nearby to activate it. It is the design.

"That leaves a large room for non-use though, doesn't it?"

Victor chuckled. "I wish, you don't know how drawn humans can be to magic. Plus the Earth is littered with them, the most famous is Stonehenge."

"I see, so what other ways are there?"

"Right, blood being triggered is one way. Manuel activation by a Demigod is also possible, that is two. The third is how powerful magic users find out they're Mystics. A huge amount of magical energy courses throughout the body and awakens the potential in the blood. This can either be intentional or accidental."

"Wouldn't that be like trigger?"

"It is similar to trigger, but trigger can be anything. Plus this was before trigger, it was the proper way of the Mystic birth."

"So i'm an accident?"

"In one way, yes. But I still think you still are the one who will win against the Corrupt. I've seen inside your soul. You are a genuinely good young man and I believe in you, but boy can you fuck up sometimes. I mean I know about that time you were running in a forest and you it a tree and fell down that hole."

At the memory Victor resurfaced, Daniel began to sulk. "It took them two days to find me."

"Whatever you big bitch, you want to know bad shit? Go talk to my sister...speaking of whom. Follow me." Victor and Daniel left the site where the dragon once laid. They approached the same alley where Victor's rune had appeared minutes before. Victor snapped his fingers and a red summoning rune opened up on the wall. From it Aries stumbled out, tired and covered in sweat. "Will you ever do that again, sister?"

Aries panted as she fought the combined weight of her exhausted body and sweat drenched rob. She pushed up with her arms and got on her knees. " this?"

"Because i'm going to change things and I want you to understand how serious I am."

"Change things? What are you talking about Victor, what will you change?"

"Its God stuff Daniel, don't worry about it."

"Okay whatever you say. We should get back to Bonsia's house. We can discuss more there, but before that, what are we going to do with your sister here?"

They both looked down at the sad sight of Aries staggering to her feet. "Oh, right. Well sister, if you learned your lesson, you need to go get Daniel here some new clothes. His clothes are tattered and those pants don't go well with that kimono." Victor snapped his fingers and Aries was dragged into a new green summoning rune. "Now we can go."

"Damn man, what happens to a God that does that?" Daniel asked without realizing it.

Victor smiled menacingly. "That is a truly riveting tale. We have time right?"

Daniel started to feel slightly uncomfortable. "Yeah"

"Good. It all started with my other sister, Aite..."

Four minutes after leaving him, Daniel's female companies had entered Bonsia's house. Bonsia herself started cooking more meat and soup for the visitors. Jika, Dash and Luna sat at the table in the front room while Twilight examined Bonsia's work area. It was still full of plants she used that morning. It was quiet till Luna thanked Bonsia.

"Your home is very cozy Bonsia, thank you for your kindness."

"It is a pleasure, Princess Luna! I am honored to have royalty in my home."

"Eh, it's okay." Dash leaned back in her chair.

"Rainbow, that is not the proper way to thank someone."

"Fine, Twilight. Thank you for letting us stay here and eat your food."

"Well it shouldn't be that big a deal. My sister is one of the only two herbalists in the village so she gets plenty of commission. The only other is our grandfather and he is staying the capital now. Bonsia keeps his house clean though."

"That's right. Everyday I go inside and tidy up any dust or dirt I can see. Twilight, can you pass me the salt from the table, this soup isn't going to taste right without it."

"Sure thing." Twilight, instead of grabbing it with her hand, used her magic to levitate the salt shaker over to Bonsia. "Here you go."

Bonsia grabbed the shaker out of the air. "Thanks."

"No problem. So how long have you been an herbalist?"

"A few years now. My sister joined the Albion guard and I needed to take care of myself. They didn't want me joining my sister in the guard so I became an herbalist instead. I know they are in noway related, but its the best thing I could do."

Dash straightened up in her seat and looked at Bonsia with a confused look. "Why wouldn't the guard want you to join? Was there no room or something?"

"That wasn't the problem." Jika said. "The issue was our family household. Our parents were killed by a Lindworm when she was only fourteen and they wanted the bloodline to continue. That is the policy, if I were to die, she'd be the only Storm left. Our family was always small, now it's us and our distant grandfather."

"I'm so sorry to hear that, Jika. I know what it is like to lose my parents, it was a very dark day."

"Thank you Luna, but it isn't just our parents. A Lindworm killed my husband too." Jika started to tear. "It was so,so bloody."

"Shh, it's okay Jika." Luna consoled her. "You don't need to talk about it if you don't want to."

"*sniff* Thanks. It is pretty pathetic, seeing a Lieutenant crying." Jika wiped a tear away. "But yes, our household and Bonsia's magic abilities were problems."

"Sister!" Bonsia protested. "I don't think they need to know about that."

At Bonsia's sudden snap, Dash got very curious. "What is wrong with her magic?"

"Nothing!" Bonsia shouted. "Nothing is wrong with my magic. I just...can't limit it."

Now Twilight got interested. "What do you mean you can't limit it?"

Bonsia stopped stirring her pot and took in a deep breathe. "Well, there have been occasions were I don't always have full control over my magic. You see my sister's magic can create fire, I can convert magic into a beam. That is the only magic I know for fighting though, the rest is to help me with my chores and making my potions."

"Well I'm sure I could help." Twilight offered. "I lost control when I was young, but I learned to control it. Maybe I could help?"

"That would be great, but you will be leaving soon. Or are you still bringing Daniel to that cave, Jika?"

"Still plan on it."

"Um, what are you two talking about?" Dash asked.

"Jika was going to take Daniel to a cave where she found something that peaked his interest. Where is he anyway, it shouldn't take this-" Bonsia was interrupted by a loud slam that came from the front door being opened.

From it, Victor and Daniel stepped through with Daniel shouting in astonishment. "-It could do that!?"

"Yup, just like that."

"But doing that for seventy-two hours is impossible! I mean fire I could understand, but fucking lighting? She had to run away from that for all that time? You sir are just pure evil."

"I warned them all but she did it anyway."

"It had five fucking heads!"

"Damn it man, lower your voice. We are in someones home, use your inside voice."

Daniel blushed from embarrassed when he realized where he was. Everyone looked at him with slight annoyance and he hunched his shoulders. "Sorry."

"It is okay Daniel." Bonsia said. "Victor must have told you a great story."

"This guy is mad! He put is own sister in a hellish plain and made her run from this monster that, well, you don't want to know all the details."

"Please, how bad could it have been?" Dash asked dismissively. Daniel glared at her before whispering in her ear. As he told her, Dashes eyes widened. "Dude, that is your sister! How could you possibly do those things to her? My brothers would never do that to me, ever!"

Victor didn't care about Dashes comment and waved her off. "Yeah, yeah whatever. It is Demigod punishment anyway."

"Well it still sucked ass." A voice from the doorway. Aries stepped inside with a dufflebag in her arms, still covered in sweat but not tired as she was before. "You are too harsh, Victor."

Victor shrugged off the insult.

"So Aries," Daniel said. "Is that for me?"

"Yeah, hope the pants fit, had to make them myself." Aries tossed the bag over to Daniel and he caught it by his knees. Daniel placed the bag on the floor and zipped the zipper. Inside was Daniel's white kimono Rarity had made for him and a pair of pants that were made of soft cotton, or what seemed like cotton. Under that, there was a pair of socks and sandals with straps to tie around Daniel's ankles.

"Wow, thanks for getting this stuff Aries." Daniel closed the bag and held in to one hand. "Do you have a bucket of water or something Bonsia?"

"There is a sink in the bedroom. On the left side of the bed, and a mirror right above it. You should have seen it when you woke up before."

Daniel stared for the bedroom. "I should, shouldn't I?" He walked into the room and closed the door.

"So Bonsia, what are you cooking over there?" Victor asked.

"Pork and soup, shouldn't be to long."

"Umm, how much soup did you make?"

"I actually made plenty. Daniel already talked about how those three aren't accustomed to, you know."

"Yeah, thanks. Have they look at it weird?"

"Nope, I think we should stop talking about it though."

"Agreed." So for the next ten minutes the room was mostly silent. Well, it was silent except for the constant questions Twilight asked about Albion. Jika answered all of her questions and Twilight wrote all the information down. But as soon as Bonsia was done with the soup and meat, Daniel emerged from the bedroom fully clothed with a clean face.

"I hear the meat call my name!" Daniel shouted.

"I said inside voice." Victor bickered.

Daniel ignored Victor and walk over to the pot where Bonsia started to pour the soup into six bowls. "Here let me help you with that." Daniel took two of the bowls that were already filled and brought them over to the table where his friends sat.

"Thank you, Daniel. Already everyone, time to eat!"

The Cave, The Crystal and Dear God What Else?

View Online

"Thank you Bonsia, that was awesome!" Daniel leaned back in his chair and rubbed his stomach as he finished his meal of pork and soup. As he looked around he saw everyone staring, he just got his food two minutes.

"You are already done? The rest of us have barely started our meal."

"You where there when I said it, Bonsia. I was hungry so I ate it, good eating too."

Bonsia blushed a little. "Thank you, how was the pork?"

"This stuff is great!" Dash shouted. "Why don't we have this stuff in Equestria?" She then took a second bite of the pork Bonsia had cooked. As she chewed, Daniel, Victor, Aries and Bonsia stared at her with horror. When she swallowed, Daniel threw his hand up and covered his mouth with a gasp. "What?"

"Dash, oh poor innocent, Dash. Who gave that to her!?"

Jika raised her good arm. "I did, is that a problem?"

"Sort of yes." Victor said. "Oi girls, what were you before we came here?"

In a unified answer, the three said. "Ponies."

Jika put her hand down and cringed. "Oh, my bad."

"What is the big deal? It's only, pork you called it right?" Dash ask.

"It's a pig." Aries said bluntly. "You are eating a pig."

Dash's eye shot open and she spit the remnants of the meat out her mouth. "Why did no one tell me? That is horrifying, I know a pig once!"

Daniel facepalmed. "That is why we didn't give it to you. So don't eat it, Twilight and Luna, don't eat it."

"We didn't plan on it." Luna said.

"Good, just hurry up please. I want to get to this cave before too long."

"You do realize i'm right here, right?" Victor asked.

"Yes I know you are there, so what?"

"I can take us anywhere in a matter of seconds."

"You can?" Jika asked. "If that is true, then how will you know where to go?"

Victor smirked. "I can see your memories and from there I can determine where we need to go."

"Wow, that is amazing." Jika said in aw.

"Yeah, yeah." Daniel mocked. "He is a Demigod and he has cool God abilities. Can we just hurry up please?"

"Whats with the rush?" Twilight asked.

"Its nothing Twilight." Victor said. "Even though he is acting like an ass right now, I share his view." He looked over to Daniel and was given a nod. "We think the Shard are coming into this world." Everyone in the room froze and didn't utter a sound. "The armor on the Lindworm was not of this world and it had this, this presence. It was dark and corrupt, that is why we need to get to this cave. You said there was a runic circle carved into the stone, Jika."

"That is right, did Daniel tell you that?"

"Nope, I already dived into your mine the moment I walked in this house. That is a seal you saw, shouldn't be anything too ugly, but i'm thinking we be on guard when we get there. Now eat, oh and I picked up your phone, Daniel. Don't lose that thing."

"Right, thanks."

After everyone finished their meals in silence, all eight allies left Bonsia's home and walked to the back were no one could see them. There, Victor began to open a rune portal. Once it was opened, Aries walked through, then Daniel, Jika, Bonsia, Dash,Twilight, Luna and finally Victor.

As they walked out, one by one they could see a the entrance the cave Jika spoke of. They were surrounded by a thick part of the forest, dense brush blinded them pass twenty feet. The small clearing around the cave was all they had to go on with it's location. The entrance was not large but very open, you could see the inside clearly from the outside. It was set into the side of a cliff where vegetation had grown twisted and incorrect. Clouds hung over the location, giving it a vague and mysterious. "Here we are." Jika announced.

As Victor came forth, he looked around in confusion. "Hold up, this isn't right."

"No, you got it right." Jika assured.

"No, I meant for us to be inside. I meant for us to be at the exact location of that carving." Victor opened a new portal and ran through it, next to it a identical one opened and Victor ran out of it. "What the hell is this? Aries, its your world, what do you think?"

"I have no idea. If something is messing with our powers though, this cave needs to be searched. Jika and Daniel, you two lead the way and the rest of us will follow." Aries commanded and the rest fell in line. Jika and Daniel led the way as the rest followed. As they walked inside, they noticed the cave stayed bright even though they continued deeper. Light gleamed off the stones, lighting the path for its travelers.

"Alright, just remember not to take deep breathes." Jika warned. "Last time I was here, there where corpses."

"How many?" Daniel asked.

"Just about thirty, but we had them picked up. I don't know what happened to them though. The bodies where so mangled, what can do that to so many?" Jika turned to Daniel. "Just what?"

"I have an idea what." Daniel stopped and for the first time since he arrived, he summoned the Eclipse Blade. The display of lights stunned Bonsia and Jika as Daniel closed his hand around the blades hilt. The glimmering white guard, hilt and pommel and the dark black blade. "Now I'm comfy, lets continue Jika." Daniel started to move again.

Jika was still focused on Daniel's Eclipse Blade. "What? Oh, right!" Jika snapped out of her astonishment and continued to lead the group.

Daniel tightened his grip on the hilt. 'Keep your eyes peeled Daniel, we don't want anything getting the jump on us. But what the hell can stop a Demigod from going somewhere?' As Daniel thought, Jika stopped abruptly. "Why are we stopping?"

"Do you not have eyes? We are here."

Daniel looked around, he didn't see any wall or carvings. "Um~ no were not. There is still plenty of cave to go," he pointed forward. "See?"

Twilight walked forward and touched Daniel's shoulder. "Daniel, are you okay?"

Daniel threw Twilight's hand off his shoulder. "Are you guys okay?" Daniel continued down the path and then he hear Dash cry out.

"Where did he go!?"

"Um, I'm right here! Damn, are you girls blind?" Daniel asked in frustration.

Aries and Victor looked at each-other. "Magic gate?"

"Magic gate."

Twilight turned to the Demigods. "A Magic gate?"

"Yes," Victor answered. "Just like the name implies, it is a gate made from magic. This one must be made to block out anyone that is fit the requirements, one being Mystic power. Only Daniel, Aries and I can pass through from here on." He started to walk forward and passed the gate.

"You five stay put, got that? We will be right back." Aries commanded once more before disappearing behind the Magic gate.
The three then dived deeper into the no darkening cave.

"Mystic power?" Twilight said in confusion. "Don't you have that Princess?"

"I don't have Mystic blood Twilight. I can use rune magic, but i'm not a Mystic like Daniel. Victor and Aries are also, true Gods." Luna the last part with some sadness . Knowing Victor and now Aries made her think her and her sisters titles of 'Goddesses' were unfit or they didn't deserve them.

Bonsia saw Luna's discomfort and tried to console her. "Princess Luna, are you okay? You seem troubled."

"Well it just seems...never mined, you wouldn't understand."

"I can try." Bonsia assured.

Luna sighed. "I don't know what to do. I have know about the worlds beyond my own and the Demigods, but I didn't think about it too much. Now though, now I think my title of Goddess is undeserved. I mean, I'm not like Aries or Victor. They are real Gods, not me."

"You were right, I don't understand. Let me ask you a question though, are you good to your people?"

"Of course I am." Luna answered. "Ever since I could remember I tried to be the best I could be, just like my father. Even when my sister and I first came into power, I decided i'd earn my title as Goddess. The there came a time I could barely remember, a time where I did bad things to the ones I was meant to rule and protect. I wanted to encase the world in dark night forever. But then Twilight, Rainbow Dash and their friends freed me from that corrupt mindset. They gave me back my mind, the way it should be." Luna looked over to the two mentioned heros and smiled.

"I see, but why did you want to bring darkness to your world?"

"I don't know really. One day it just felt like I wanted to, I don't know really, just carve the world in my image maybe? What ever the case is, I don't feel like that anymore and hopefully I never will again."

"Well Princess Luna," Jika entered the discussion. "To me you seem quite fit of that title. I just hope you have the power to back it up."

"Don't worry, I know how to fight. There have be a few attempts at my throne, I have taken care of them all. Except one awhile back. I slept through that one, but it was taken care of by a nice newly wedded couple."

"Alright, what ever you say Princess. I just wanted to know how well you fight. That goes for the rest of you too." Jika directed her question to Dash and Twilight.

"Me? I am the fasted flyer in Equestria, I can also get a few good punches in." Dash boasted.

"I am very good in my magic skills." Twilight reassured. " I also got this book with a few new spells inside, so I'm good. I'm worried about you though."

"Don't be, I still have one good arm and my magic too. I don't need to worry about Daniel, he can put up a good fight, for his age I mean."

"Oh, we know." Luna and two others said. Bonsia stood silently next to Luna. She couldn't defend herself, her magic would go wild. She had to rely on the others, but nothing bad is going to happen, right?

The five women started to get comfortable when Aries and Victor ran through the Magic gate, panting. Victor pointed his finger back to the entrance and tried to spoke. "Ru-run ba-back to the entrance. Wow, we need to amp up our bodies sister."

Aries agreed. "I think your right, but later." She took in a deep breathe. "What the hell are you standing here for? Run!"

A Few Minutes Earlier

Daniel and the Demigods walked deeper into the cave. When they first started it got darker, but now it started to brighten up by some blue grow off in the distance. They turned a corner and entered a wide open area, it also served as a dead-end. The ceiling was high but dark, so they could see how high. In the center was a mote that moved clock-wise and was decorated with black and white stones on opposite sides. The mote surrounded a small island that held a stone carved into a seat and a small crystal ball laid in the set. It pulsated black and white in slow intervals.

A man in a black cloak and hood seemed to be standing next to it and studying it. Daniel stopped at the entrance and stopped Aries and Victor with his arm. He spoke in a low voice in order not to be detected. "Stop, someone is over their. What is this place, Aries?"

"I have no idea. I'm trying to remember, but I don't think there is anything important. This whole place is out of my mind, i'm not like Victor. I don't know everything."

"Nether do I, sister."

"Alright, you guys stay here while I go see whats up. Hide behind the corner." Daniel then gave Victor his blade to hold, the Demigod took the blade and was able to hold it. They then ran behind the corner they came form and pocked their heads out of the sides. Daniel then started to walk over to the mote and the cloaked man. "Um, hello there."

"What?" The man asked, shocked at the presence of another person. "Oh thank The King, you the guard they sent right? You are two days late."

"Sorry about that?"

The man grunted. "Uh, whatever. They told you whats going on here right?"

"Um, lets say I have no idea what is going on." 'At least that is true.'

The man stomped the ground. "Damn it! Do I have to explain everything?"

"Now lets say I was born yesterday."

"I thought they told the Kings soldiers everything." *sigh* "Okay this place is the home of a crack in the Well and you are here to protect me just in case something happens. You know about the Well right?"

Daniel shook his head.

"Is this your first fucking day, kid?" *sigh* "Fine, I guess I can play teacher for a minute. In the beginning, there was the ancients. They created everything using the power of the Mana Well. With the Well, they created Rune magic and used the principles of what we call Alchemy. With that power they created all the worlds and they made their children take care of them. There is a myth that says that from the Mana Well also created souls and all that is alive. Around the Mana Well is what they call the Karma Cycle, its like the Heaven and Hell belief. The mote you see around us represents the cycle, those who did what they saw as right and did good for the world, would go with the white stone. Those who did what they wanted and it had a negative impact, would go with the black stones. Then there are those who how were given a break and allowed to try again. They did things that both did good and bad on an equal scale, intentional and accidental."

Daniel's mind was completely blown away. "Are you serious? That can change entire religions, from every world!"

"Yup. And I'm here to look over this crystal ball here. This location is sort of a, how do I put this in layman, a rift in the Well. The energy has been collecting in this thing for awhile now. From the looks of things, I'm starting to believe the Cycle exists. Lord Azath is going to be so please when we bring this back to him. Well, shouldn't waste your time, just be careful with the cannon-fodder." The man pointed to the ceiling. As Daniel focused on it, he could see it was moving. Dozens of Corrupt littered the ceiling like bats. "The bastards have been acting crazy, killed the last guy and went on a rampage outside. That caused my new pet to runaway, and I just got him that harness too.

"Oh my...God." Daniel quickened his pace and walked to the side of the man. "What is your name?"

"I'm Otan. That's right, I didn't get your name."

"So, Otan, how long have you been here?"

"Four days and the last time I talked to someone other than the last guard was about three days ago. When they dispatched you."

"So they didn't give out a memo?"

"Why would they need to contact me? I'm almost done here anyway." Otan said.

"I'll give you one warning. Step away from that crystal, now." Daniel commanded with a voice he rarely used, powerful and threatening.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"They should have warned everyone. Be on the look out for a male in his later teens. Light tan skin, orange and purple hair. Six foot tall, Human and," Daniel summoned his Eclipse Blade. "A Mystic."

"Dear King! Who are you?"

"I'm Daniel, now step away from the crystal ball-holding energy thing."

"The cannon-fodder might have gone crazy, but they will still attack on command!" Otan snapped his fingers and the hoard above Daniel began to move. The Corrupt started to drop down or glide on wings, Shadows surrounded the area.

(Play here)

Daniel looked over and saw Victor and Aries standing in the entrance. "Run! Get everyone out now!" A Shadow then attacked and cut Daniel's back, making him bleed and wince.

"Don't think I'll let them have all the fun! It has always been a dream to fight an Mystic from another world." Otan jumped away from Daniel and blasted him with a wave of magic, sending him back and into the mote. "Get up, or the Super will get you." At the mention of the name, the ceiling once again began to move and shake. Light began to flood the cave and the form of a Super-Shadow could be seen crawling down on the walls.

"Shit, what a wonderful fucking day I'm having! You wouldn't want to hear a story by chance, would you?"

"What the hell are you standing here for? Run!" Aries shouted. Without an explanation, Aries and Victor continued to run with their five companies through and out of the cave. They soon heard the screeches of Corrupt as they continued to get closer.

As soon as they where outside, Victor encouraged the Equestrians to take off their bracelets. "Twilight, Luna, Dash, take off the bracelets! Jika and Bonsia, don't get scared because these girls are about to show off a few new features and a shit ton of monsters are coming this way. So no pressure!" Victor grabbed Aries hand in a rush. "Come on, Sister! We-are-outta here!" In a blink the Demigods disappeared in Victors green rune portal.

The three stated friends did as Victor had instructed and removed their bracelets. In seconds their wings and horns returned to there proper places. Bonsia and Jika were shocked, but where shocked even further when the Corrupt started to rush out of the cave. Jika quickly drew her sword with her good arm and it became engulfed in her signature blue flame. Luna did the same with her silver blade. Twilight was the first to attack with a new fire spell she learned from in her tome. She sent an intense wall of fire forward and singed the first wave Corrupt. Dash slammed a fist into her palm and flapped her wings with excitement. She took a running start but quickly started to use her wings as she was lifted off the ground.

(Play here)

Dash, with her swift speed, started to punch and kick a few winged Shadows. An upper-cut, a knee to the head, elbow to the ribs. (If they had any.) Dash executed combo after combo, she was fired up like never before! A section of Shadows halted for a moment and gather in numbers. They then took to the air and barreled after Dash. As she finished off another victim, she turn to face the oncoming crowd. She gave a low chuckle and flew up higher, playing chase with her pursuers.

As the Corrupt continued to flow from the cave, Twilight used her magic to go on the offensive. She blasted fire at her attackers at a distance. Yet the attacks missed most of the targets, allowing the Corrupt to charge closer. As they sealed her in, Twilight used her magic once more to create small icebergs to grow from the ground. The bergs slammed into the Corrupt, destroying them on impact. The numbers dwindled, but more survived. As a last attack to gain breathing room, Twilight summoned steel blades and flung them at the Corrupt. She continued to do this till there were non left. Twilight took this moment to flip through her tome as the next batch of heartless beasts already started to seal her in. In her frantic state, Twilight found what she was looking for and began to charge her magic into a ball in her hands. A ball of blue colored light formed in her palms and began to swirl around like wind. The Corrupt where now at a striking distance and reared their claws back. The fastest cut Twilight's right cheek.

In the moment, Twilight fell to her left side and discharge the spell. A shock wave ran through the earth beneath her, she and the Corrupt were thrown into the air. As the rocks flew, they made contact with the Corrupt and the larger ones killed them as the landed. Twilight reached the apex of her flight and was slowly beginning to fall. A breeze past her and her hand was taken by Luna, who gently brought her down to the ground. "Thank Princess."

"No problem, Twilight." Luna left Twilight be and returned to her own fights. A numerous hoard approached her as she calmly walked away from her comrade. Her sword in hand, the Princess stuck it into the ground and waited. 'Lets see...37. I wonder what Daniel's record is, huh.' Luna fired two rune missiles at the dark forms in her path. She could see that due to the explosion, five Shadows were killed. "32" Luna drew her sword from the ground and calmly walked forward, closing the gap faster. A few brave Shadows rushed after her, only to be cut down by the beautiful Goddess in three easy swings. "29" More began to grow their warped wings and jumped into the air, now leading the assault. Luna flapped her wings and leaped into the air as well. Unlike Dash, Luna did not fly higher, but used her wings to give her a boost into the air. As the Shadows bolted, Luna seemed to be suspended in the air, even without the help of her wings. The first attacked, cut down the middle, the second, decapitation. The third, stabbed in the gut. (If they have those) Luna gave a graceful display of attack. "26". This display was the very image of art in 'The art of war.'

This display caught the attention of Bonsia, who hid behind a tree while her sister fought six feet away. "Wow."

"Bonsia, stay alert!" Jika yelled to her sister. The flow of Corrupt had ended but they where still lingering. Jika just needed to defend herself and Bonsia, it was good thing that only a few remained. She couldn't use he right arm, but was still holding the sword with her left hand. A section of seven Shadows advanced on her and she stood at the ready. Even if her arm hurt and she could not swing with it, Jika still used her magic; she cast five balls of fire at her targets. With her experience and precision, she hit ever target and nearly cleared them out. With one last attack, the remaining two leap for her from opposite sides. Jika faced the left and slashed the Corrupt as it was in the air, cutting of the head in one fluid motion. Without halt, she spun around and pierced the skull of her last opponent. "That was not that bad."

"That was amazing, Jika!" Bonsia shouted from behind her tree. She was startled when a Shadow fell from the sky and smashed into her tree.

Above her, Rainbow Dash flapped her wings as she smirked. "You two haven't even seen the big boys, those where nothing."

(Play here)

The sisters looked up at her with confusion. Jika sheathed her sword and brought Bonsia out of hiding. "What do you mean, 'Big boys'?"

With a low rumbling, out of the top of the cliff the Super-Shadow emergent. Light now fully entered the cave now, but that was of no current concern. The Super-Shadow was waling and turning violently as it flew up higher. On its back, everyone could see their favorite Human with his blade plunged into the spine of the beast. Daniel used it as a sort of stringing device as he struggled to stay on, trying to keep the beast level as it inclined toward the clouds. Daniel felt the monster change course, so he removed and reinserted he blade deeper into the spine. This only enraged it further and made it fly above the clouds. "Tally-Ho Mofo!"

Victor popped out from a tree with Aries and looked up at Daniel. "And this is why I love Humanity. They are crazy as hell!"

From the back of the Super-Shadow, Daniel pushed his blade forward. The motion jerked the beast to follow suit and plunge to the earth below. "Yippi-kay-ay, motherfucker!" Daniel removed his blade and jumped off the back of the kamikaze-like monster. Just as he leaped off, he threw the blade back at the head of the best and struck the temple. "Rainbow, get over here!"

Just like a wish, Rainbow dashed up to her falling friend and caught his heavy body by grabbing his hands. "Darn it. Why are you so heavy?"

"I'm a fat-ass. Did I not say that before?" Daniel argued. He watched as the beast crashed into the trees a few yards away from the tree line. The dark mist from its body already started to be released, indicating its death. "So, what do you think of my little stunt there?"

"I know what Twilight and Luna are going to say, so listen closely. You are crazy! You really think that was cool?"


"Well it was, but I'm not coming to defend you against those monsters." Rainbow gentle brought Daniel done and his feet touched dirt.

"Thank you, Dash." Daniel began to dig around in his kimono. He then touched something that rested right above his sash, inside. he pulled out the crystal orb from before, not a solid dark solid green hue. "And thank you Otan."

Back flash

"No stories!" Otan fired a ball of ice with his magic at Daniel, who took the hit in the chest. He was still in the water and could feel the water turn to ice around him. His legs were froze but his arms were free, he pushed his body up but stood still. With his blade, he picked at the ice and freed one leg. Otan then threw a ball of what seemed to be compressed air at Daniel, knocking him out of the ices hold and into the comfy, hard as hell stone of the cave wall.

The Super-Shadow ran o the wall over to the stone imprisoned Mystic and grabbed him with it's black claws. It roared in his face and began to squeeze him tight. "Get..the..hell off of me!" Before he could be completely crushed, Daniel summoned a rune and shot out a missile into the face of the Super-Shadow. The grip on Daniel was broken, giving him the time he needed to breath and collect himself. As Daniel gathered his strength, he looked up to see Otan charging another attack.

With the power he had left, Daniel ran from the Shadow and over to Otan as he guarded the crystal. Otan rubbed his hand together and a fire began to form. Otan then caste the spell, a flamethrower. Daniel stopped and created a rune-shield to protect himself from the flames. As the hot flames washed over and to the sides of the shield, Daniel could also hear the Shadow begin to recover from its daze. With in the confines of his mind, Daniel devised a plan. 'Brain, calculate.'

'The Super is about six yards away, Otan is three feet away from the crystal. And yes we don't know what will happen should we remove it. Time it right, hit him with the pommel and we are good. Sir.'

'This is why I love you.'

The flames died, Daniel dispelled the shield and he gripped his blade in his right hand tight. He ran through the mote and jumped up to the small island. Otan threw his hand in air to attack, but Daniel threw his left hand and deflected Otan's. He then brought the pommel of Eclipse, the but end, and struck Otans head with enough force to leave him unconscious. "Doesn't feel good, does it?"

Daniel quickly took the crystal ball that laid in set. It stopped pulsating and turned to a solid green, no more black and white. He then looked at the back of the stone and saw some writing, but didn't finish. The Super was now charging towards him now more then half the way there. Daniel ran as well but he jumped up off the island in the middle of the shallow mote. The Shadow was close enough to jump onto and Daniel did so. He grabbed it by the neck and held on tight, slowly trying to make his way to the back as the Super tried in vain to remove him. Once on the back, Daniel stuck the tip of the blade into the beast and then violently, shoved the rest into the spine. "Now try to move bitch, ha!"

The beast unfolded it wings and prepared to take off. "Son of a bitch."

Back to present (If music didn't stop, stop playing)

"You took it?" Victor yelled from a tree. "What if the energy backfired and went through your body and killed you?"

"Then we would have known not to touch it again!" Daniel yelled back. "I think you should hold onto it for know. Come get it." He loured Victor.

Twilight rushed over to examine the artifact Daniel retrieved. "What is this?"

"That is what I'd like to know. just give me a moment."

Victor jumped down from the tree, followed by Aries. The two approached Daniel and Victor held his hand out. Daniel pulled him in and looked him in the eye. "Was what that guy in there true? About all that stuff, the Well, the Cycle?"

Victor pulled his arm free and snatched the crystal from Daniel. "Lets get back to Equestria and I'll answer all you questions there."

"You promise?"


"Good we can leave whenever." Daniel sat on the ground. "Damn, one day in a new world and all this shit happens. I better go to heaven after all this shit."

"Well you better hold off on that trip." Twilight said. "I want to help Bonsia with her magic."

"Shh! I didn't tell him yet!" Bonsia protested.

Daniel was confused. "What? I thought you said you could defend yourself, 'Crashing Storm'."

Jika chuckled. "That is what the village called her the last time she tried to use her magic attack."

"Really? Why would you lie to me Bonsia? You want to come with me that bad?"

Bonsia nodded in guilt.

Victor placed a hand on Aries shoulder and whispered into her ear. "That is true. You 'could' go with him, Bonsia. I am the Demigod of this world and I don't care." She turned to Jika. "Objections?"

Jika rubbed her chin. "Well, I'm on leave for awhile, plus that was intense fight. My sister could use the help and I'l love to get the change in scenery. Can I came too?" Jika asked with a grin.

"Why the hell not?" Aries said. "You know about the Corrupt and other worlds know. Plus...screw the plus, lets get ready!"

Daniel leaned down to Victor and whispered. "Dude, what did you say?"

"I think I just screwed myself."

Exit: Albion

View Online

It was now night in Albion, Daniel and company returned to Bonsia home till there departure. Luna and Twilight had been giving Daniel a 'Lecture' on why it is never a good idea to jump off a monster plummeting to the ground without wings, and wings. "Just never do it again okay?"

"Yes, Twilight," Daniel whined. "I will never jump off a giant monster flying into the ground in order to save my life and kill said monster in the process." He raised his hand to his head. "Scouts honor."

Twilight raised a brow and knowingly said "You never were a scout, were you?"

Daniel dropped his hand and smirked. "Nope, can't promise I'll never do that again also."

"Daniel please," Luna begged. "Don't do that again. You might now have Dash to save you next time."

"Oh, so I have to rely on Dash to save me too? I am a fully grown young man, I can take care of myself. I bet you were wishing I was there to fight for you, my dear Queen Elizabeth."

"Fight for me? Oh-ho-ho, so you think I need you to fight for me? I should let you know I more than two dozen Corrupt back there."

Daniel leaned against the wall with his smug grin. "Really? Well-well-well, we got a badass over here!"

Luna growled. "Daniel!"

He chuckled. "Relax, I was joking."

Victor sat next to Aries at the table. Aries kept trying to drew Victor into an embrace but he kept fidgeting and Aries was getting mad. "Stop it, you said-"

"I know what I said! Just not here okay?" Victor pleaded.

Aries sighed. "Fine, but when we get back..." She whispered something into Victors ear and they both blushed. "That is what you can do for me to make up for throwing me into the fire."

Victor smiled nervously and nodded. "Yes sister, of course sister. 'If I see that old man, I'm going to kill him! Why do you make these stupid rules? I'm the oldest, I should get what I want! Okay I am really acting too childish.' "Do I have to do all that?"

Aries smiled a wild grin. "Yes~"

Fuck me...scratch that, she might like it.

Moments later, from behind a the closed door, Bonsia and Jika emerged from the bedroom wearing vests and long sleeved shirts underneath. Bonsia held a bag in her hand and one on her back. "This is going to be so so, what is that phrase? This is going to be so cool!"

"Damn straight it is." Dash yelled from the other side of the room, where she had napped since they came back. "The first time I went through Victors portal thing. It was so tingly, I just had to run!"

"That was this mourning, Dash." Said the Demigod. "But we shall be taking off soon or now?"

"Now!" Both Bonsia and Aries screamed, leaving Victor and Daniel slightly scared and staring at each other. Victor got up from his set next to the anxious Aries and started to create the rune-portal, as the more you bring through the more power it needs. It took a minute, but it was done, the portal was now active.

"Now, ladies go first." Victor generously stated. He gestured to it and all the females walked right on threw. Aries was last, and blew Victor a kiss before stepping threw. He then shook violently after she left. "Daniel, when you are back in Equestria I want you to hide the crystal somewhere safe. I'll be going to the house to get a few things but I need you to take the time. Got it!?"

"Yeah, but dude why are you like this?"

"Well having your own sister hit on you might have something to do with that!" Victor hugged himself and held on tightly, shaken and disturbed.

"That-that is just freaky. Your own sister? Dude that is just-just, my God!"

"It's his damn fault! I was going to pick a nice, mortal woman. But no! I had to get my sister. I love her with all my heart but not like that Daniel, not like that."

"How is it your fathers fault?"

"He said it was a rule or something. He said we need to, 'Keep the blood blue'. Yet he can bang all the chicks he wants when he gets bored? I say screw you Dad."

"I hear you Vic, our women can be kind of hot." Daniel nodded his head, remembering all the 'lovely ladies' he has seen over the years. Seen them, not touch them. He then sighed in nostalgia. "Lets roll buddy." Daniel then ran straight threw the portal, followed slowly by Victor as he closed the portal.

It was now quiet in the town of Riverhook, few people where outside and those who where now turned to their homes for a nights sleep. Not everyone though was in a state of such calm. For in the cave miles away from the village, Otan began to awaken after his short conflict with the Mystic. "Damn it all, he got away with the crystal! The boss is not going to like this."

Otan hear two simple steps came from across the room. A rather bulky man with his hands behind his back looked over to him through his black vale. "That is right." The man spoke with a calm voice, yet Otan could tell he was upset. "I am not to happy right now, Otan. One simple mission, to study the crystal and the crack in the Well walls. Yet you allow the human to take it?"

Otan rushed to the man's feet and started to kiss the ground and plead. "Sir Mortem Rex, I am so sorry. I had him in check and then he just, he just got away. Please forgive me, even though he got the Crystal we can use another right?"

"No, the rift was closed. A God has fixed the rift already, it seems one of their children was aware of the opening. But that is only my first concern, what of the message on the stone seat?" Mortem Rex demanded information.

"Of course my lord." Otan jumped up off the ground and ran back to the seat carved from stone. On the back was a stream of runic letters, written to be a phrase or a passage of some kind. "It took me a while but I have it now. It says here, well it continues from here. *Ahem* '-strikes the eleventh, then-' then it cuts off, sir. I'm sorry but that is all there is on here." He turned his head and Mortem Rex was right next to him. Mortem Rex took Otan by the neck and began to squeeze. "Sir- what are-you-doing?"

"You wasted my time and you allowed a foe to escape. You may be a simple researcher, but that is too much. Don't worry, we shall keep record of your services. Good night, Otan, I never did like you weaklings." Then with his superior magic, Mortem began to gather heat into his free hand. It was not fire, it was pure heat and Mortem Rex threw his fist into Otan face. The night air was filled with the howls of a dying Shard, how did his best and failed. After his extreme death, Otan's lifeless body was thrown back to the ground. "Hm, -Strike the Eleventh, then-; I shall bring this back to the Court."

"So why are we all here again?" Rarity asked, confused and currently being deprived of beauty sleep.

"I told you, my Pinkie sense was acting up." Pinkie explained. "My mane started twisting and my tail wrapped around my leg. Then my eyes began to pop out and my tongue got sweaty. So that is why we are in the Throne room."

"Yes fine, but must be be here while the Princess is on the Throne, I do not wish to disrupt her duties."

"Yeah, I wouldn't want t-to disturber the Princess." Fluttershy added. "Plus Pinkie, not going against your Pinkie sense of course, but what does that even mean. Please explain."

"I can't it explain it. It is just a feeling I got."

"Now wha' in tarnation are ya'll on about Pinkie?" Applejack looked mused at her pink friend.

From her high Throne, Princess Celestia looked down to her subjects in slight amusement. As the conversion between the four ponies continued, Celestia thought to herself while looking out a window into the night sky. 'Where is that sister of mine? Rarity said Victor took you early in my mourning. It can't take you this long to simple rescue someone.' A loud shriek pierced the air and Celestia's thinking was interrupted. She quickly turned her head to see what the problem was and found the four mares dashing away from the center of the room. A green circle was being formed on the tiled floor and low humming was heard. Slowly a portal opened up in the center of the room and strange figures started to pour out of the portal. Celestia stood on guard as her actual guards surrounded the portal and unfamiliar visitors. "Stop right there. Who are you?"

The first to have stepped through was Luna, still in humanoid form. "Sister, do you not recognize me?"

Celestia looked over Luna, not able to instantly recognize her Luna. "Who are...Lulu?" Luna nodded with a nervous smile. "I want all the guards outside the room, now!" She finished with a yell. The guards did not wait a second and ran out the room, not hearing their Princess yell like that in a long time caused an unusual fear inside them. The four guards in the room bolted for the door, the first hitting it with his snout. The second pushed him out of the way and slammed opened the door, being ran over by the third. The third left three hoof prints on the back of his comrade, who was dragged out by the fourth. As the door was slammed shut, the first was stuck to the wall and in imprint was lift as he slowly fell off. The four rushed back inside in order to retrieve his friend. He grabbed him by the collar of the first with his teeth and walked backwards out the door. This time it was slowly and softly closed. "What am I going to do with those four?"

"Maybe they should take a page out of Tacks and Hacks book." Luna chuckled.

"You always seem to get the competent guards, don't you?"

Luna brought her hands to her back and swayed her hips like a little girl. "Maybe~."

Celestia chuckled. "Yup, you're Luna alright. But why are you in that...form?"

Twilight and Rainbow stepped out of the portal at the same time. They seemed to over hear the last part of the conversation, as Twilight answered the question. "We are like this because Victor had us turn into humanoids. I shall worn you though, being a Human can be fun."

"Damn right it is!" Rainbow cursed aloud. "Man, it is so easy kicking tail in this body. I was kicking and punching and using elbows to hurt Corrupt. It was so awesome, you need to try Princess." Rainbow bolted over to the closest of her friends, being Fluttershy, and picked her up. "I mean it was freaking awesome. Fluttershy, you need to try this!"

"Please...put me down Rainbow." Fluttershy asked with a nervous tune,

As Dash complied, three new figures walked through the portal. Aries, Bonsia and Jika looked around the large, open room with it's high ceiling and beautiful stain windows. Bonsia and Aries awed that the decor while Jika was stunned to see the large Alicorn right in front of her. "Holy shit, that pony is huge!"

"That is my sister." Luna explained. "She is Princess Celestia, Goddess of the Sun. She is the ruler of this land, she'd say co-ruler but I barely do anything."

"Well then, I'll just have to throw a few more appointment your way." Celestia joked with Luna, though her sister found it a scary thought and did not realize she was joking.

Luna pleaded. "Please don't sister, please! Those nobles are so damn whinny." She got on her knees and begged.

"What is the problem here? Queen Elizabeth can't handle a few nobles?" Daniel's mocking voice echoed through out the Throne room. He stepped out of the light of the portal and his full figure was shown to all in the room. His hand held the green crystal ball that acted as the energy collector in the cave. "Hello there Princess, hey mares." He greeted his friend, waving to each one with a smile. Applejack tilted her hat, Pinkie Pie jumped up and down in a fit of happy emotions to see Daniel. Fluttershy waved back in a polite manner while Rarity ran up to Daniel and hugged his leg.

"I was so worried! What happened to you? Are you okay? Where did you go? How-" Rarity's insane shattering started to become to much for Daniel. He bent down and grabbed her muzzle with his hand and closed it shut.

He be looked into her eyes and smirked with satisfaction. Her then whispered to her. "I'm going to let go. When I do, you slow the hell down. Do we have a deal, my dear?" He pulled back and saw her nod here head. "Good." He slowly let go of her muzzle and backed away. "Okay, go."

Rarity cleared her throat to start with and then began to interrogate Daniel. "Well first please don't ever do that again. If you do I don't know what might happen. Next so where did you go?"

"He went to Albion." Victor answered as he stepped forth from the portal, closing as he exited.

Daniel nodded. "Yup, I went to a whole new world, again. I was sort of unconscious though on arrival."

"Well you did collapse back in PonyVille." Twilight reminded Daniel.

"Yeah whatever. Anyway Bonsia here found me in the middle of the night and brought me back to her place. She wiped me up a potion and I woke up. We talked for awhile till I got sleepy. Then her sister, Jika, came home on leave apparently. I woke up and I ate some food, Jika tried to arrest me under suspension, I fought her and then a Lindworm. That is a wingless dragon by the way. We killed it, Victor shows up and we all go on a little adventure where I get then Crystal filled to the brim in energy. Which I would like to put away before something causes a reaction."

Celestia stepped forth and took the Crystal from Daniel with her magic. "I can take care of that." In a blink the Crystal was gone in a white flash. "I've placed it inside the chamber where the Elements reside, It is one of the safest places around."

Daniel thanked Celestia. "Thanks Princess Celestia. Now ba-" Daniel was rudely interrupted by Luna.

Luna took her hand and grabbed Daniel shoulder. She then spun him around. "Hold the freaking letter. So my sister is Princess and you don't address me as such?"

Daniel smirked at Luna's annoyed look. "Problem my Queen Elizabeth?"

"Yes, as a mat-"

"Well hold on, I'm telling a story here." Daniel removed Luna's hand to turn back around to Rarity and the rest. "So I had to knock some dude out with the but end of my blade, ride the back of a Super-Shadow and jump off Bruce Willies style. That covers most if not all bases. I hope you enjoyed the presentation, now I must talk with my dear Luna." Daniel bowed to the four mares. He stood back up, turned back to Luna and placed her hand back on his shoulder. "As you were saying."

"Oh never mind!" Luna pouted.

"Okay, my Queen of the Night." Daniel chuckled. He motioned to Victor to come closer. "Hey Victor, you think it's time to turn back?"

"Naw, we can stay like this for aw-" Victor was tied up with a rope and stuffed with an apple in his mouth. At the end of the rope, Aries held onto it and reeled Victor in.

She began to tie him up with the excess rope and made the bonds tighter. "Actually, Daniel that is a great idea. It is getting late and Victor and I need to be going. I'll turn you back, don't worry. Just gather around and I'll begin, that goes for you too Bonsia and Jika."

"Do we have too? I though I'd just get a vacation, not a make-over." Jika pleaded.

"I don't know, is it safe?" Bonsia worried.

"It is totally safe," Aries confirmed. "Plus, do you want others to stare at you all the time?" The girls shook their heads. "Then get with the others. I'll take a second."

As the six humanoids gathered, Daniel, the soon to be Mythic once more, chuckled. "Once second? Please don't kid around. The last time I went through this, Victor gave a huge-" A bright flash of red light blinded him for a second and he falls to all fours. He looks down to see he had hooves and his purple coat with orange stripes. "-speech. The buck Victor!? I was in pain last time you Demi-prick! Aries," Mythic addressed the Demigoddess. "You may have your way with him, you may go now."

The sound of this made Aries cheer and Victor putter muffled curses. "Come on Victor. We don't want to waste time." Aries grabbed hold of Victor and threw him onto her shoulder. Yes, a little girl carrying away her captive over her shoulder. Aries opened a new portal and walked right on through.

As he saw Victor leave in the clutches of Aries, he looked into his eyes to see fear and rage. he just laughed and waved goodbye. "See you later you two. Don't get hitched without inviting me!"

As she walked, Aries giggled like a little girl while Victor tried to break loose. Victor calmed down for a moment to plan his moves. He bit down on the apple in his mouth, allowing it to fall onto the floor. He spit the piece he had in his mouth and yelled over to Mythic. "When I see you, I SHALL EAT YOUR SOUL!" He roared in an almost demonic voice. Mythic laughed and kept waving as the two disappeared into the portal.

"Ah, good old payback. I love you tenth in my heart." Daniel sighed.

"What the hell is going on here!?" Jika screamed. Everyone turned to where Jika once stood and found a new figure in it's place. A green earth pony with ram like horns from her fore head stood there. Her mane was blue and green, the same as her vest and undershirt which was now more like a full body outfit on its own. Her eyes were blue and she didn't look too happy.

"Wow, I did think this would ever happen." Bonsia simply stated, unlike her sister. Bonsia, though didn't share her sister's view on the transformation, shared most of the details. The only major difference was that all the blue on Jika, was red on Bonsia. Her eyes. horns and under shirt were all red. Her skin though, was green and also her main and tail had green mixed with the red.

Mythic looked over the two, judging their new appearance. "Um, needs to be 20% more mythical. That aside, you two are looking like quite the ponies."

Jika felt slight anger. "Quite the ponies? Quite the ponies! I'm a little bucking horse! I did not signup for this."

"Don't be so judgmental Jika." Bonsia advise. "Maybe it won't be that bad?"

Mythic nodded his head at Bonsia. "That is the attitude I'm looking for. Good job on adjusting to a new reality Bonsia."

"Yeah and maybe a giant dragon will grant my three wishes. Or a huge tree will give me silk or gold." Bonsia smiled menacingly and her eyes slowly drifted apart in an overload of her mental capacity. "Ha, haha-hahahahahaha!" She rolled on the floor and laughed like a crazy-mare. The intensity caused even Pinkie Pie to flinch in a sober state.

Jika sighed and lifted her sister off the ground with her mouth. "Shomeone hold her pleash." As asked, Twilight held the crazed Bonsia up with her magic. "Thanks. NOW WAKE THE HELL UP!" Jika slapped Bonsia across the face, knocking her out like a light. "Now can we please get a place to put the mad-mare for the night?"

Celestia nodded. "But of course. I have another guest next to the one Twilight and her friends are in. You should find everything to your liking I hope."

Jika bowed. "Of course your Majesty. If you don't mind, I'll be heading there now."

"Yeah." Rainbow Dash yawned. "I think I'll be hitting the hay too. Twilight, Applejack, Mythic?" Her companies nodded in agreement and they began to file out of the Throne room, allowing the guards to come back in.

"Yes,*yawn*, today has been rather tiring. I haven't slept since yesterday." Luna said with drowsiness overwhelming her.

"Are you kidding me? You stayed up all night and all day? You didn't like the bit tired today." Mythic said in awe at the Princesses resilience.

Celestia places a hoof on Luina's head. "Well then, I suggest you go get some sleep Luna."

"Yeah, I will. See you tomorrow Tia." Luna hugged her sister and walked away. Once she was out of sight, Mythic yawned as well.

"Yup, nothing beats a day of inter realm transport, fighting stuff and making new friends."

"Maybe you should write a report about it?" Celestia joked.

Mythic's mind clicked for a brief moment in remembrance. "Damn it. I keep forgetting to write in my journal. Meh, I'll remember next time."

"What do you mean? You really keep a record?"

"Yes ma'am. You see sometimes I get these cool ideas or crazy dreams. I right them down and keep them for later. Well," Mythic stretched out his wings. "I'm off to bed, even Humans have their limits and I just hit mine for the day." He started for the door, but was called back by Celestia.

"Wait, I can have a servant show you to a room."

Mythic waved his hoof, dismissing the offer. "I'm all okay Princess. If I can catch up, I can have Luna show me." He winked and trotted off, leaving a confused Celestia to go back to sitting on here Throne. As Mythic trotted out of the Throne room, he saw Luna standing by the corner waiting for him. "What is the hold up Miss Moon. You waiting for someone?"

"You know what is going to happen here, don't you?" Luna asked.

"Maybe, maybe not." Mythic joked.

"Well here is what is going to happen. We are going to go to your room and I'm going to leave you there. I'm going to go to my chambers and sleep. Got it?"

"All clear as crystal, Princess." Mythic winked as he said the last part. Luna only huffed at the comment as she turned to lead the way for Mythic. As they walked down the white halls of the castle, the two did not speak with the occasional yawn. Two minutes later and Mythic arrived to his guestroom. White walls with white sheets on a Queen size bed. A clean stain glass window and a white couch. The room was basically stark. 'Conceded much?' "Well thanks Luna, see you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow, Mythic. Sleep well." Luna closed the door and walked to her own chambers. Mythic jumped into bed and covered himself in the soft white sheets. He laid in bed for half an hour, awake and waiting for sleep to take him. He wasn't has cold as on the other first nights. His eyes flickered and he began to fall into a dream like state. "Finally, sleep take me you love woman. I guess it was the windows after all." A sudden burst opened the door and his eyes shot open. "How did I bucking know?"


As she laid in her bed, Bonsia slowly awoke. She rubbed her face, feeling a stinging sensation all around it. "What happened?"

Next to her was her sister laying in another bed, the room was much like Mythic's own. "Hey there. You went crazy, so I slapped you."

"Did you have to?" Bonsia complained.

"You went really crazy, Bonsia. But your lovely sister, Jika is here to save you. Now go back to bed."

"Okay." Bonsia laid back down and closed her eyes. After a few minutes laying there, she opened them back up. "Hey Jika?"

"What?" Her sister said in annoyance.

"Is it just me, or is it a little chilly in here?"

Night at Canterlot Castle

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Jika looked over to her sister, mused. "Did you just ask if it is cold? The damn window is stuck open and we have no freaking blankets. What the hell do you think? It.Is.Freezing!"

Bonsia flinched as her sister barked at her. She said nothing as Jika turned over and tried to sleep once more. The wind blew and she shivered, having only the little warmth of her clothes. Not wanting to disturb her already mad sister, Bonsia silently sighed and moved to leave her bed. The movements were hard to understand, but with instinct Bonsia was able to move her new equine body. Left, right, left... she got off the bed, then fell on her face. Without moving, Jika laughed before commenting on Bonsia's failed attempt. "Don't try too hard. I fell like ten times just getting to the room from the throne."

Bonsia sighed as she rubbed her hurt muzzle. Like a newborn, she tried once more at walking. She made it to the door before falling face first into it. She laid on the wood for a minute before pushing off and tending to the pain in her face. "Damn it. I think I'll just go back to bed."

Jika laughed once more. "That would be smart. You maybe nineteen, but you are a newborn when it comes to walking. Get some sleep and we can try again tomorrow."

"Okay." Bonsia slowly turned around and staggered back to her bed. As she crawls into her bed she thinks to herself, 'I wonder if the others are comfortable."


As Mythic laid in bed the door slammed open, along with his eyes. "I bucking knew it." He turned over to see Luna in the doorway. To his dismay, it was not Luna but a sight that scared and just down right made a shiver crawl down his spin. A pair of Luna's personal guards walked in, one with his hoof around the other's neck. He was whispering dirty thing to his partner. "And when I'm done there I'll work my way back up to you-"

Mythic eyes went wide eyed and he halted the scene before he heard anything else that could scar him. "Whoa Whoa Whoa. Hold the bucking phone and get the hell out!" The guards frozen in the wake of Mythic's sudden barks. "What the buck is wrong with you? I have nothing against that stuff but I'm trying to sleep here! Go some where else!"

Both guards stood at attention in a quick panic. "Sorry sir!" They then bolted out the door, slamming it closed and knocking over a flower in a vase. Mythic didn't cringe at the shattering glass or the sound of the door slamming, he just looked at the now empty doorway with a mused look. "Damn straight, you better run." He turned back over with a furled brow, he closed his eyes again and laid there for ten minutes. As he finally began to sleep he hear the door next to his room fly open. The same voice as before spoke muffled only by one thing that Mythic didn't want to know about.

"You know what? Buck this, I'm out." He used his magic and threw the sheets into the air, leaving them there. He hopped out of his bed and placed the sheets on his back before leaving the room. He walked out, slammed the door behind him and looked down both sides of the hallway. "Lets try...right." He then proceed down the right corridor.

After walking for five minutes around the huge castle, Mythic began to tire of his aimless searching. "Dear God, send me a sign that I'm going in the right direction." Mythic's plea was responded to by a crashing of pots and pans in what seemed to be the kitchen down the hall. "Thanks, I think." He trotted up to a pair of double swinging doors and pushed one open. He didn't see anyone right away so he walked further inward. The lights where off and the only light came from the three windows lined up on the right wall with the sinks and one candle laying on the counter.

A cabinet was opened and its contents spilled out onto the floor. There seemed to be bits of chocolate scattered on the floor along with a puff of...cotton candy? It seemed to be that, a puff of cotton candy behind an island counter. Suddenly, a fire was started behind the island and the figure of a pony could be seen. 'Why... in hell would someone start a fire in here? Wait, they started a fire! Mythic then ran to the flame, stepping on stick on the way there. "Why is there a stick in here?"

The figure flinched at the sound and began to move from a sitting position to standing on all for legs. Mythic looked up from the stick to see a gas mask starring at him with red lenses, making it look like red eyes. "I'm too tired for this shit!" Mythic proceeded to run out of the kitchen with bed sheets on his back and pieces of crumbled wood on the floor.

The figure lifted the mask to relieve Pinkie Pie. "Why did he run off? I was just about to make s'mores." She lifted a stick that held a heated marshmallow. She then slid it off onto a gram-cracker and threw a piece of chocolate in between. Pinkie Pie took a large bite and chowed. "Yum."

Mythic ran and ran until he remembered he had wings. He ripped his cloths so he could expose his wings and flap out a window and off to a short tower connected to a larger section of the castle. He saw a balcony on the east side of the tower and landed on the small overlook to the courtyard. The door into the tower was made of glass-pain, the roof was a golden brown and the overall paint was white. There also seemed to be a telescope left outside by someone, how careless. Mythic examined the object and looked up at the moon. "Hmm." He placed the sheets down on the floor and started to play with the telescope, looking up at his favorite celestial mass. "Why my dear, are you so beautiful?" Mythic pulled away from the telescope and started to spread his sheets out on the floor. He flattened out each corner and smoothed out all the wrinkles before laying on his back and looking up at the night sky. He spent much time just looking up at the dark sky and the white dots. He drew pictures in his mind of what he thought were the constellations.

He reached up with his hoof and began a childish attempt at holding the moon in it. He started to close his eyes with a smile, slowly drifting off into sleep. He began to snore softly at first, but twenty minutes it was like a lion roaring. A series of soft hoof steps could be hear behind the balcony door before it was swung inward.

Luna stared down at the sleeping Mythic with a smile of amusement. "Dear goodness, what am I going to do with you?" She sat beside him and sighed. The longer she sat there the more peaceful Mythic became. "Hm, you disturbed my sleep you know. Turns out it was your windows, so you might want to call someone for that. You know, I hear Rainbow Dash is good at reconstruction." Mythic kept on sleeping. "You know this would be much better if you were awake."


"Ugh, come on then." Luna enveloped Mythic in a field of magic and levitated him off the ground. His body followed Luna as she walked into the tower and down a short staircase that led to her bedroom. She crawled into her bed, and with on other place to put Mythic, brought him in right next to her. "I thought I was being assertive when I told you we weren't going to do this."


"Well I thought I was." Luna said in a low disappointed yawn. Luna closed her eyes and focused on sleeping. That is when a hoof was thrown over her, grabbed her and turned her over. She was spooked and thought Mythic was messing with her, but his eyes where still closed and his breathing was steady and unchanging. Mythic enveloped her in an embrace while in his sleep, while his mind is away, it seems his heart will play. Luna tried to push off of him, but quickly quit the fighting as she started to fall asleep in his hooves. "Mythic, are you awake? This isn't...that...funn-" She was asleep in Mythic's hooves now, the moon gazer was holding onto it with out knowing.

Day in the Castle

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The time was now for the Sun's rising and the servants where about and Celestia was awake from her sleep. She yawned and rubbed her eyes open. Her room, full of greens and pinks and stark white almost blinded her. She let out a lazy moan and crawled out of bed with a frown. "I dislike this part of the day." She lazily walked over to her balcony and opened the door, a cool breeze hitting her white coat sending a refreshing sensation through her body. Celestia approached the railing and leaned over it, not ready to raise the Sun. She slouched over the rail thinking about the events that have happened in such a short time. "Uh, the things I've seen. Nightmare, Discord, Chrysalis and the days of the Mystics. How long is this crisis going to last? How long am I going to have to be the ruler that deals with all this. I love my ponies and my Equestria, but I need someone other than Luna to help me." Celestia then noticed a leaf on the rail, she pushed it off and sighed. "I think I need a King. *sigh* "

With her horn aglow Celestia rose the sun with minimal effort over the horizon. She looked over her castle and then over to the far woods by Canterlot. It was her escape for peace in time were the console of the ponies around her wouldn't make a difference, like when her parents died. Even as old as she was, as wise as she was, Celestia still wanted to go out and be free from the weight of her crown and the back pain of her throne. She wanted to go out and see the world, not for political debts but for pleasure from the sights. She herself couldn't do it that often, but Luna can. Luna could go around the world and Celestia would let her. Hell, she'd push her to do it. For the truth was that those two weren't immortal, they were Goddesses yes, but immortal no. In fact the title of Goddess was given to them by the ponies, if anyone was a Godly it would be her Mother and Father.

She moved from her slouched position on the balcony and moved into her room. From there she went to her royal bathroom to clean and groom herself. She first took a ten minutes shower, then combed her ethereal mane. Celestia then took a soft bristle brush and proceeded to brush her white coat to its pristine shape and style for another thirty minutes. After she brushed her coat, she did the same to her teeth for five minutes. The Princess spent over half an hour grooming, and she was still tired. As Celestia left her bathroom, she say a servant had left a tray on her writing table. On the tray a mug piped out steam, pure black coffee. A weak smile curled up on Celestia's face as she picked up the mug and drank from it. She eyes sparkled and she felt ready for the day after the first sip. She removed the mug from her muzzle and sighed happily, Celestia then began to chug the whole mug down like a champion! Celestia roar with victor, ready to tackle this day like the champ she was! First to breakfast though.

Walking through the halls of Canterlot castle, Celestia waved to all the servants as they went about their business. Celestia was now happy, the day was young and much could be done today. She neared the dinning hall and hear voices from within. She opened the double doors and saw Twilight and her friends already seated and talking about something interesting she was sure. The six mares sat in the middle of a what was obviously the grand dinning room. The table was long enough to hold twelve ponies, plus one head at each end so a total of fourteen. "Hello my little ponies. It is good to see you all this mourning."

Everyone in the room turned toward's their ruler and bowed their heads. "Hello Princess!" They all called out. "We are doing fine." Twilight continued without the group. "How are you doing Princess?"

"Oh me? I'm doing fine, just getting breakfast before a hard day of ruling." Celestia walked over to the north head of the table. "So did everypony get a good nights rest?" They nodded their heads, Pinkie slightly less than the others. "Good, oh Black Tie!" Celestia called and an older unicorn sir, dressed in a black suit and combed hair walked out a pair of side doors that led to the kitchen. He had a fine black 'moustache' against his brown coat. "Good mourning Black Tie."

"And a good mourning to you Princess Celestia. Will you be having the usually salad with oatmeal and coffee?" Celestia nodded and Black Tie pulled out a pen and notepad. "Alright and will Twilight and her friends be joining you?" Celestia nodded once more. Black Tie then began to take the orders of all the mares, mostly salads or pancake and the like, except for Pinkie Pie who said she already had a lot to eat the night before and still need to get over the stomach ache. "Well I hope you feel better Miss Pie. As for the rest of you, I am sorry to say that the kitchen staff showed up late today and your meals might came out slightly behind schedule."

"Oh that is fine my good sir." Rarity said from between Fluttershy and Applejack. "Quality over um, what is the word-"

Black Tie assisted Rarity by saying, "Proximity. The word you are looking for dear is proximity." Black Tie nodded to Celestia and walked back into the kitchen.

"Well now," Celestia started. "Has anyone seen-" The doors of the dining room opened once more and Shining Armor walked in with his helmet on. "Oh, hello Shining Armor."

Shinning Armor stood at attention. "Ma'am i am glad to say that within the past day and night we have managed to check all the buildings in PonyVille to insure their stability. So far only the ten buildings that had obvious damage are the only ones with problems. We will start sending the populist back to PonyVille this afternoon."

"That is good to hear Captain Armor, I am proud of the dedication you show. No matter the situation."

"Thank you ma'am," Shining Armor looked over to Twilight with a smirk. "It runs in the family."

"You don't have to tell me twice. Have you eaten yet by any chance?"

"No your majesty."

"The take a seat we have just about four empty."

"Are you sure Princess?" Celestia nodded and gestured to a seat on the far end by Twilight and the south head of the table. Shining Armor took off his helmet and placed it on the floor. "So how is everyone?"


"That's good. So Twi I really didn't get a chance to ask you. Who was that Alicorn who was in PonyVille?"

"Oh him? That was Mythic Rune, also known as Daniel. He is," Twilight then went wide eye for she remembered that she couldn't tell anyone that didn't already know. "...for somewhere far away."

"Okaaay? So does anyone know what those things were?"

"Oh, those? Those were Corrupt, I don't know all the details but they are bad. But don't worry, Mythic can handle them with ease."

"With ease huh? Hey what ever happened to him?"

"Oh that. Well um... he, was sent to a different location! Yeah different location. Turns out he landed in the Everfree forest and Luna had to go get him yesterday. They showed up last night. By the way," Twilight turned to her friends. "Has anyone seen-" The doors of the dinner hall opened once more.

Bonsia and Jika stumbled into the room more stable than their attempts at walking yesterday. Jika was staring at her hooves while Bonsia greeted everyone. "Good mourning everyone. Good mourning your Highness."

"Oh, good mourning. It was Bonsia and Jika yes?"

"Yes your Majesty." Jika answered. "I am honored you remembered our names."

"Of course I would. You are guests here and I am honored to house you for the time being. Please take a seat at the end of the table."

"Thank you, your Majesty." Jika and Bonsia proceeded, very carefully to the far end of the table and took their seats. Now seated on Celestia's right was an empty seat, then Fluttershy, Rarity Applejack and Jika and another seat. On her left was a seat, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Twilight, Shining Armor and Bonsia.

"Well this is the fullest my table has been in a long time. But still, as anyone seen-" Celestia was interuppted once more by the opening of doors. This time, Prince Bloodblue and Princess Cadence walked in arguing.

It seems Blueblood still doesn't know that mares go through the door first. "Please cosine, I shall be going first."

"Oh no your'e not, mares go first."

"No, Princes go first."

"Well I'm a 'Princess'. Princesses go first."

Celestia facehoofed before calling them both out. "Well you two stop acting like fouls? We have guests, go sit down."

Taking the advantage over the distracted Blueblood, Cadence slipped by him and walked over to Shinig Armor. "Hey honey." She kissed him.

"Hey Babe."

Twilight waved to Cadence. "Hey Cadence."

"Hello Twilight. How are you doing?"

"Fine. How about you?"

"Better now that Shining Armor is home." Cadence then walked over to the south head of the table and sat in the seat, directly across from Celestia. She took note of Jika and Bonsia. "Oh my. Who might you two be?"

"We are Jika and Bonsia Storm. We are new here." Jika answered.

"Well I can see that. I am Princess Cadence and the is my cosine, Prince Blueblood. Don't mind him though, he can be oh-so bitchy."

"I do not get bitchy! I get annoyed." Blueblood walked around the table and sat across Shining Armor and beside Jika. He looked over the table and noticed who was siting just two ponies away. "Oh, hello Rarity."

Rarity didn't look over to Blueblood but expressionlessly said, "Blueblood."

"Well, now that the table is almost full." Celestia once more started. "Has anyone seen Mythic and Luna?"


Ten Minutes Later

Mythic laid in bed with Luna in his grasp and during the coarse of the night Luna took hold of Mythic. Their breathes were steady and calm, both were just in the process of ending a dream. It was not a good or bad dream, just a regular, dull dream but a dream none the less. Mythic was the first to awaken but kept his eyes shut for the time being. He expected to feel the thin sheets and then the wooden floor underneath him. Instead he felt the envelopment of a soft bed and the gentle warmth of another figure touching him. He felt the hot breath of Luna hit his face as his hit her. "Luna?"

Luna slowly awoke and opened her eyes to see Mythic right in front of her. "Yes Mythic?"

He half opened his green eyes and looked into her half open teal eyes. "When did this happen?"

"You fell asleep on my balcony and I didn't want to leave you up there."

"Okay. Why are we hugging?"

"Well you grabbed me and I fell asleep."

"Did I do anything else?"

"I don't know. Let me check." Luna then lazily looked under her sheets. "Nope."

"Good." He smacked his lips trying to get mourning taste out. "Hey you want to get some breakfast?"

Luna yawned out, "I guess. Can you carry?"

Mythic sighed. "Yeah I guess. Can I get something other than my kimono? It's dirty."

"I have an extra neck piece you could have."

Mythic sighed his his groggy sleep voice. "That is good enough." Mythic hopped out of bed and threw off he kimono. It landed at the foot of the bed and he went off in search of something to wear. "Where is it?"

Luna called from the bed, her face in a pillow. "Its in the closet."

Mythic shrugged and walked to an oak wood door on the wall. He opened it and inside saw a collection of necklaces and other neck pieces. One stood amongst the others, a dark purple one with a hollow white circle. Mythic took it a placed it around his neck, it surprisingly fit well on him. He looked in a nearby mirror and decided it looked well on him. Mythic then returned to the bed and picked Luna off the bed with his magic and placed her on his back. "Come on sleepy filly. Lets get some food in you... why is you mane light blue?"

"Oh, I'm to tired to make it ethereal. So it just goes blue." Luna's head was right on top of Mythic's and she held onto his neck as they walked down the hall. Both their eyes were half closed and they both slouched. Mythic walked lazily down the halls with directions provided by Luna. For about five minutes, Mythic carried the Princess on his back. A few servants roamed the halls ans whispered to each other as Mythic passed by. "Luna," Mythic whined. "Where is the dining hall?"

"Um. It is the next left turn." And just like Luna said, a large double door came into view as Mythic turned the corner. A pair of guards stood by it and looked confused at Mythic and Luna. "Mourning, can you open the doors?" The guards looked at each other and then began to push opened the doors. Behind the doors Mythic saw that he had just entered through one of two doors, the other being on the left side of the grand dinning hall. He walked through the main entrance and saw that the table was filled with his friends and a few unfamiliar faces.

"Okay Luna we are here." Mythic knelt down and allowed Luna to climb off of him. Once she was on the ground, they both flapped their wings and flew over to the only open seats right by Celestia. The two waved to their friends as the landed in their seats. "Hey everyone. How are you guys doing?"


"Good. Now who are you two?" Mythic addressed Blueblood and Cadence.

Blueblood stood. "I am Prince Blueblood. Nephew of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. This is my cosine Princess Cadence."

Mythic took note that Cadence was an Alicorn. "Well nice to meet you two. Now Princess Cadence, do you control something?" She looked at him confused. "You know Princess Celestia controls the Sun and my dear Queen of Night here controls the Moon."

"Oh that, nope. I don't have any powers like that. I have never seen you though, but Twilight and Rainbow Dash told us some stuff. Like of you are from some for of land. What is the name of it?"

"It's called Connecticut. What else did she tell you?"

"Well she said you were really powerful, but you don't take care in the way you use them."

Mythic perked up for a second and laughed. "Ha ha ha ha!" He then went back to his sleepy mused state. "No. I can control all my powers pretty damn well. She is just made she can't do this. Luna, magic beam." Mythic threw up a small runic shield while Luna blasted three short fire magic beams with her horn. The beams hit the shield and Mythic dismissed the shield. "See? Now where is the food at? Luna and I are starving."

Just then Black Tie walked out with a cart full of food for everyone, even Armor, Cadence and Blueblood who were currently in aw at Mythic's display. Black Tie passed out the meals to everyone and then turned his attention to Luna. "Hello your Majesty Luna. What will you behaving to day?"

Luna groaned, "The usually please."

"Okay and for you Majesty Sir?"

Mythic glared at Black Tie. "You need to get the memo. I am not a Majesty. I am Mythic Rune, and I don't know. I'll have what Luna is having."

"My apologizes Mythic, it won't happen again. I must inform you though that Luna's meal is special and we only have one platter for her."

Luna rose her head off the table. "It's fine Black Tie, we will split it."

"Okay your Majesty, it'll be right out." Black Tie then proceeded to journey back into the kitchen.

"Thanks Luna."

"No problem Mythic. You like doughnuts right?" Black Tie then came back in with a cart full of doughnuts three platters. There were jelly filled, glazed, frosted. Mythic's mouth watered at the sight and look perked up. "So I guess you do like them."

"Oh dear Queen of the Night. Thank you for this bountiful harvest. Bless this unicorn stallion and all those who had a hoof in making these beauties." Black Tie placed one platter in front of both Alicorns and one in the middle before walking away. "This is for Queen and country. This is for the highlanders. This is for Sparta." Mythic stood up and took a doughnut
in hoof. He bit down on it before yelling out, "For the Horde!" All the Twilight and friends, the Storm sisters and the Princess facehooded while the other three occupants of the room stared at him like he was crazy.


Five minutes, Mythic was almost done with his platter of doughnuts when he realized something. "Hey Jika!"

From the other side of the table Jika answered, "What?"

"You are a guard right? Wouldn't you need to get permission to leave the country? I know you are on leave, but I don't know when Victor will be back."

"Meh. It's alright, I'm a Lieutenant. They can't get rid of me even if they hated me. The Queens guard doesn't need permission to leave the country."

"Oh, alright. And Twilight?"

"Yeah Mythic?"

"When do you plan on help Bonsia out with her magic?"

"Today or tomorrow, why?"

"Just wondering when I can go home. I still need Luna to help me with my Rune magic." Mythic glanced over Luna. "You can still help me with that right?"

Luna swallowed the doughnut she had in her mouth and grabbed another one with her magic. "Mythc, you don't need to ask me. You know I'd help you with anything."

"Cool, thanks." Mythic quickly scarfed down his doughnut and looked to take then next one. His platter was empty and the one in the middle only had one left. He used his magic and levitated it over to his face. He was about to eat it when he say Luna looking down to her own platter as there was none left. Mythic looked at the doughnut, chocolate frosted with white star sprinkles. He looked back over to Luna and back at his doughnut. Brain, options.

Just give her the damn doughnut you dumbass.

'Holy God, when did you get so hostile?'

I found heart in the control center.

'So, what is the big deal?'

Nothing Mythic. Please continue.

"Hey Luna, want this doughnut?"

Luna looked over to Mythic like a dog awaiting a treat. "Please!"

"Okay, here." He then floated the doughnut over to Luna who just jumped up and snatched into up. She then politely shoved in her face. 'Dear God she eats like me.'


After breakfast, Mythic spent his day relaxing any and everywhere. For two hours he just Sun bathed and slept some more. He spent sometime in the library looking up books and even a few spells Twilight said she'd teach him. A flew around with Rainbow Dash for awhile, learning a trick or two. Mythic spent some time with Applejack, having a hoof race around the castle grounds. At lunch, he talked with Rarity and Fluttershy. He told them stories about his antics back on Earth.

"And so this one time, I was going down a hill with my scooter. So I'm getting ready to go done when I do a double check to make sure nothing is in the way. I ride down the pavement, I see a girl appear out of nowhere. I turn my head to get a better look at her and I slam into a tree. This tree I swear to God was not there when I check. So then when I go to see if the girl is going to laugh at me, she isn't even there anymore." Mythic sips his tea like a sir. "And that is why I am sacred of trees." Rarity looks over to Fluttershy, who is sipping tea with her eyes closed.

Fluttershy places her cup down and rests her head on her hooves. She looks at Mythic and says, "Really? That is interesting."

After his lunch, Mythic went and spent some time with Pinkie Pie down in the city. Pinkie Pie wanted to get somethings only found in Canterlot and this was the perfect chance. While in the market they met a shady looking earth pony. He said he was selling a new type of candy called, Popseed. Pinkie bought some and placed a bag of it in her saddlebags. Mythic thought it strange that such a small bag cost so much and he had suspensions about the salespony. He didn't even have a shop or stall, just a wagon! Mythic forgot about it for awhile and the two went back to castle.

It was late afternoon, almost night even and Mythic was lunging around in Luna's room with a notepad. Mythic held the notepad above his head with magic while laying on Luna's bed. He was writing things down when Luna walked in and saw him. "Hey Mythic, what are you doing on my bed?"

Mythic picked his head up and waved to Luna. "Oh hey, I was just writing a few possible names down."

Luna flew over to Mythic and land on her bed. "Names for what?"

Mythic rolled over to his side to get a better look at Luna. "Well I was thinking. If I am going to use that power I had when I used the Elements again, I should follow the Human tradition of naming. I have a few done right here. Harmony's Release, Eternal Phoenix, Harmonic Full-bring, Descending Sun, Tearing Heavens and Unconquered Soul. What do you think?"

"Well Harmony's Release sounds nice, but I don't think you need to name it. It is you who is using that power, not another being."

"Yeah. I guess you are right." Mythic looked at Luna, a smile formed on his face. 'Wow, Luna, wow. No-no-no stop it. You said that stuff about Luna to Jika back when we fought yes, but only to make Bonsia and her feel better about not taking her claim. You can not like her! You are from different worlds! You do not like her, you do not like her. Come on Mythic, keep it together. Plus she is older than you, yeah older! She is way over one thousand, but way is she so young and...No.

"Mythic," Luna finally said innocently. "The stares with be coming out soon. Would you like to join me?"

Mythic gulp. "Sure?" 'Damn you Brain, I don't want to go.'

'It's not me Sir. Heart took over again!'

'Mythic, get in there! I am only doing this because you are feeling it. It is my mother-bucking job!

"I'm sorry Princess, I forgot I needed to go do something." Mythic rolled off the bed and ran out of the room. He left the notepad and ran to the nearest open window. He climbed out and flew off to the roof of the castle. There he stayed for what seemed like hours, he watched the Sun set and the Moon rise. He watched as the stares glittered the dark sea, the white and round pedal in the black pound. It was bad poetry, but Mythic thought it classic. He once more reached up to the sky and in a childish attempt, take the Moon from the sky. "You tease me, you know that?"

"What was that?" A voice called out from behind. Luna stepped from behind and sat next to Mythic. "I thought you had something to do."

"I did and I did it."

"What was it?"

Mythic tore himself from the Moon and looked at the owner. "I had to get away from you."

Luna rose her brown in confusion, feeling insulted. "Why would you have to get away from me?"

"Because I just need to."

"That is not a valid excuse!"

(Play here)

"Yes it is." Mythic turned back to the Moon. "You can't understand. It is a Human emotion."

"Don't give me that! Tell me I demand to know!" Luna now blocked Mythic's view of the Moon and got in his face.

Mythic turned his eyes away. "It is complex. I need to face this on my own."

"Well than let me help you." Luna offered.

"You can't help because you are the problem!" Mythic raged but quickly caught himself. "You, Princess Luna are the problem."

Luna was taken back by this. "What? How am I the problem?"

"I can't..." Mythic whispered. "I just can't..."

"You can't what, tell me? Look Mythic if I'm the problem we need to discuss this."

"Why are you trying so hard? It is because you are tying to be a good friend or something?"

Luna pulled away from Mythic. "No Mythic is because I like you."

Mythic looked up at her, confused. "Well duh you like me. You consider me your friend."

(Play Here)

Luna shook her head. "No Mythic. *Sigh* You, Mythic Rune make me feel...different."

"Different how?"

"Well I like you Mythic, but I have been contemplating it. I mean we are from two different worlds, two different forms of life. I wanted you to join me so we can discuss this, but it seems you truly are a different walk of life." Luna turned away from Mythic and was prepared to leave when he placed a hoof on her shoulder. "Don't worry Mythic, I will still teach you Rune magic and you can tell me what I did that made you feel this way."

Mythic was shaking, his nerves were failing and he felt like he's faint at any second. "L-Luna. A Human can fall in love at the first glance, did you know that? And that feeling can grow over time, but I am not the case. I saw you at first and only thought you were the rescue. Over the days though, I grew feelings. Those feeling have grown a little more. Luna, would you like to know what my biggest wish is?"

Luna was chocking up a little. "Wh...what would that be?"

"I want to grab a hold of the Moon and hold onto it for a long time. Do you think I can do that?" Mythic gave a nervous smile.

Luna gulped down some spit that formed. She than planted a firm and long kiss on Mythic's lips. She held it there for a good thirty second before breaking away. Mythic went wide eye and stared at Luna with his emerald green eyes. She then pushed Mythic off and flew away in a panic.

Mythic was left in a daze. "So...what now?"

SPECIAL: A Waking Nighmare

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[A/N]:Here it is, the joke I made among my Brony Brothers over Skype. Okay so what this is, is a sub story. One day me and some friend of mine were on Skype and I had a crazy idea. So I stared to typing it up and boom, this little sugar baby was born. Now I would like to point out in big bold lettering that THIS IS NOT PART OF THE MAIN PLOT LINE! IN ANYWAY, SHAPE OR FORM! This is just a little something I thought you would like. It won't be that long and if you like I can do more. If you don't like it, than you may properly and gracefully leave the Special and wait till the next real chapter. Now it is time for, A Waking Nightmare.

As Luna's lips pressed against my own, I could not do anything but feel my heart rage at the possibility of it's end. For the moment we touched, I was shocked by the soft and moist blue lips of the Moon Goddess. Her tongue burrowed into my mouth and started to wrest my own. My heart beat speed up and hit hard against my chest. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I thought to myself, "Dear God, don't let this end. If it must end, kill me for this is too good."

To my dismay, it ended. Luna pulled her tongue out of my mouth and her lips away from my own. It was pure ecstasy the way her lips touched me, it was like being hit with a brick when it ended though. My heart still raced and my wings stood stiff. She had tasted like mint, cool and refreshing. He breath was like a mist as we parted ways. She did not stay though, for she flew off the second it was over. A mad dash to her balcony and four seconds later, I was left by myself on the rooftop. "What now?"

It was all I could say or think, what now? Do I stay here and think about it and what to do? Or do I grow another pair and go in after her? Me, being the big balled son of a bitch I am flew after her. Which is hard when your wings are, well, hard. I flew to her balcony and opened the door...and heard her crying. Crying, why would she be crying? I walked down the stairs and saw her leaning on a dresser with a mirror. "Luna?"

She picked her head, took a quick glance and went back to crying with her hooves on her eyes. I tried to approach her, but then she threw a jewelry box at me. "Go away!" She didn't sound sad or angry when she said this, she sounded sacred and a panic. "It started, go away Mythic! Go get my sister!"

"Luna what the hell are you talking about?" I ran up to her and she covered her eyes. "Luna tell me, what his wrong?"

"Me." She said in defeat. "I am wrong. I am not suppose to be here." Luna uncovered her eyes, her beautiful teal colored eyes were now draconic. "You see now? She is coming back, I was not meant to last. It seems I was only meant to delay here return for a shorter while. It was good though, I got to meet you." Luna placed a weak smile on her face, the tears unstoppable.

"She? Return? Luna who the buck do you mean? Let me help you Luna!" I grabbed her hooves and looked into her eyes. "Please."

"You can only do one thing now." Luna leaned in and started to kiss me again, this time softer and lighter. I did not let her go this time, I held her tighter and kissed her back. I might be rusty, but I remember how to kiss pretty damn well. As we kissed, I parted her lips with my tongue which was naturally longer than normal even as an Alicorn. I hit her teeth and waited till she opened up to me, never breaking the kiss. Luna slowly opened her mouth wider and allowed my tongue to enter her. We started to wrestle and exchanged saliva as we did. I fluttered my wings and flew the both of us over to her bed, breaking the kiss once and only for a brief and very brief second. It was so sensual, but why did she keep crying? I laid her on her back and kept up the wrestle as I started to fuddle her a little. I rubbed my hooves down her sides to her flank.

Luna pulled away from me. She whimpered before looking me back in the eyes. A shaky smile appeared on her face and a dark glow started to envelope us both. I asked her, "What is going on?" In a panic.

Luna just kept looking at me with her unsure smile. She closed her eyes for ten second before opening them again, her tears had stopped. He smile was steady and showed her teeth. Luna then leaned in, gave me a peek on the lips and then whispered in my ear, "Times up." The dark energy condensed around her and lunched me backwards into a wall where I hit my head before falling to the floor. I closed my eyes for what felt like an eternity, but was really just ten seconds. I rubbed the back of my head with my hoof and tried to look over to Luna's bed. The black mist now turned a shade of night sky blue, inside it were tiny sparkles of white.

I stumbled over to the field that had surrounded Luna and touched it. "Luna, are you okay?" I yelled. "Luna, talk to me!"

"Oh I can hear you." That...was in no way Luna. The voice was older, darker and... sultry? Well I found it sultry. The mist dispersed but did not completely disappear. It retracted into the mane and tail of a new figure that slightly scared me. Luna's blue coat turned jet black, just like her soul. Her wings grew larger, just like her fangs. Her eyes looked hungry with her purple eye-shadow. "Hello Mythic Rune, Daniel Rivera, Lover boy."

I looked at this evil looking Alicorn. What the buck happened to Luna? "Holy shit and who are you?"

The Alicron looked to me with a confused brow. "What? Did Twilight and her friends not talk about me? The threat that brought them together? Man talk about being tossed to the back of the closet." She sighs.

Wait a bucking second! Jet black coat? Blue mane mist? Menacing as hell and was a part of Luna? "Wait, are you...Nightmare Moon?"

"Yup!" Nightmare smiled. "Nice of you to join the story, we are on page forty-two."

Holy shit and tig ol bitties! This is impossible, how? "That is not possible though. Twilight and the others hit you with the Elements of Harmony. They said you were defeated and Luna returned to her normal self! What the buck are you doing here and what is going to happen to Luna?"

Nightmare sighed. She laid on the bed, almost looking tired. "Well about that. You see, Luna was only a place holder. She was real yes, but only because she was a version of my younger self. Now when the Elements made contact with me, they changed my body, my mind set and almost everything back about one thousand and ten years. That was before I got pissed and jealous at my damn sister. The spell was suppose to last longer, but the extreme shift in Luna caused the release. I think." Nightmare started to tap her chin. I think she was either confused or was spewing bullshit.

"Do you expect me to believe that shit?" I walked up to her and got in her black muzzle. "Do you honestly expect me to trust you? The mare who tried to bring darkness to the land?"

Nightmare Moon smiled at me and said, "My dear Mythic, you really think it was all that? I will admit that I wanted the night to last, but not for that long. I over exaggerated a bit, but I was jealous yeah. How doesn't? Every little pony loved and played in the day back then and they slept and ignored the night." Nightmare then frowned, it mad me feel a little sad for her. She still tried to do some dumb shit though!

If Nightmare was telling the truth, what should I do? "Are you telling me the truth, Nightmare?"

She looked at me with a flat smile and nodded. "I am. I now realize I was wrong and I want to say sorry for what I did. Celestia didn't need to put me on the damn Moon for all that time though!"

"Well that I can't say anything about and you shouldn't be saying sorry to me. But if you are sincere, I will help you." I smiled down at her.

"You want Luna back don't you Mythic?" Yup she saw through that bullshit.

"Okay Nightmare, I'll be straight with you. Is there anyway to get my Luna back?"

"No. The effects off the Elements are gone and I am back to stay." Nightmare then sat up and leaned into my face. "I should let you know though. The feelings Luna had were my feeling as well and she was only the younger version of me. I am Nightmare Moon, I am Luna." She then got even closer, an inch from my face. "I am you love." Nightmare then started to kiss me, pushing the both of us to the ground.

I tried to fight it, but found it useless. I, Mythic Rune, found what seemed like love. Then it is replaced with a dark princess. MY LIFE IS BUCK AWESOME NO? Hahaha, no. My life just might suck.

Chapter 29...Screw The Names

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A/N: Before we begin, a fun fact. Diurnal, [di-urn-al], is the opposite of Nocturnal. Diurnal means daily or active during day and Nocturnal means nightly or active during the night.

The more you know!

"What now?" That was all Mythic could say and think about. He was just kissed by Luna and she just flew off, what the hell? He was too confused to make head or tails of this. She liked him too, but she just flew off. What in the bloody hell was that? "Maybe, maybe she was nervous? Yeah, yeah nervous." Mythic sat on the roof of the castle for a while, thinking it over in his mind. He occasionally touched his lips, Luna's taste and feel was still implanted on them. He would like his lips just to taste her again.

"Does this mean we are together now or what? Wait, I can't be going out! I have an enemy to fight and it is big, how could I have time to be going out? Well she will be helping me, but if we do go out I can't have her fighting. Right?" Mythic grabbed his head and started to hit it. "Damn-you. Why-didn't-you-think-this-through!?" He then yelled while still hitting himself. He gave up when the answer didn't land in his lap. "Buck it all, I'm going after her." He opened his wings and flew through the air into a nearby window, receiving a few looks from servants and guards. He smiled sheepishly and ran off to Luna's room.

He walked through the double doors and closed them behind him. Sitting on her bed was Luna, staring at Mythic. All she muttered was, "So...what now?"

Mythic sighed and and walked over to her with a quizzical look on his face. "I don't know Luna. I mean does that we are a couple? Because you know the girl stays after the kiss."

Luna rubbed the back of her neck in embarrassment. "Yeah. I just got scared for a second."

"That is alright Luna. We understand each other's feelings now, that is good." Mythic jumped onto the bed and laid there with his eyes closed. Resting after a long day of activities. "I do have one concern though."

"What would that be Mythic?"

"Do we tell the others?"

Luna facehoofed realizing they would have to tell the others. Rainbow was living with Mythic at the moment, so she'd find out either way. Celestia wouldn't be too excited about it, so what do they do? But to hell with it. "I say we tell them at breakfast tomorrow. But it isn't a big deal, we just like each other and want to be a couple. It's not like we are going to be serious here."

Mythic opened his eyes and smiled at her. "Yup, you are a keeper. Sensibility, number one trait any male looks for. Not to mention you can kick some serious ass."

"That's right." Luna gave him a cocky smirk. "Now then," She crawled into the covers of her bed and tapped her hoof next to her. "I think we should get some sleep."

"Ms. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me. Aren't you?" Mythic said with a smile. Luna only giggled.

'Sir I think we hit the jackpot.'

'Damn straight, Brain!'

"Just get into bed. We are going back to PonyVille tomorrow, there is a trick I want to teach you before we go and I want see if you can get it before we leave. So hurry up." Luna shifted and closed here eyes.

"Sure thing, Luna." Mythic crawled over the sheets and slid underneath them. Once he was comfortable, he took Luna into his arms and closed his eyes. Even though they laid there in bed, neither could sleep. The event that happen only a half and hour before kept racing in both their minds. Eventually though, Mythic was the first to fall under the nights spell. Luna was too hyper to sleep. Yet the sand stallion eventually found his way to her in an hour or so. There they slept till dawn once more, and dawn came a camera.

Unknown Realm

Azath sat on his throne in the dark hall. His lessors sat in seats next to his, all but one taken. Zedramas was sitting in her seat with a rather angered look. "Where the hell is Mortem Rex? He was suppose to be back by now. What the hell is taking him so damn long?"

Azath sighed. "Patience my dear. He will come to us in good time, just like the Mythic boy. It is quite funny when you think about it, humans changing their names. Ha."

Zedramas chuckled. "It really is!" A black rune opened up in front of them and from it Mortem Rex stepped out of it. "Finally, what took you so long?"

"My apologizes everyone, but there seems to be an development. In Albion, the young Mystic arrived and he took the crystal that was containing the Well energy. We know he went back to the land of Equestria and hid it. It seems we also deciphered the writing on the alter. It said -strikes the eleventh, then-. That is all that was written."

"I see." Azath stood from his throne and cracked his neck. "I think it's time we started recruiting again."


Oh the mourning in Canterlot, so peaceful. The birds would sing while riding the smooth current of wind. The flowers blossom and embrace the Sun. The young would awaken with smiles at the bright mourning star. Today it was not so peaceful, for in Canterlot Castle our hero was disturbed but a hideous beast that threatens his very life!

Mythic was awaken by the sounds of flashes. He took his hoof off Luna's chest and rubbed his eyes, removing crust that had gathered during the night hours. With a groggy yawn, he opened his green eyes and was blinded by a light that was accompanied with the sound of a flash. In a moment of panic, he pushed Luna and shot straight up off the pillows. He held his eyes with his hooves in fear that his attacker would strike a second time.

Mythic was about to make the split decision to summon the Eclipse Blade. Before he did though, he heard a familiar voice giggle and say, "My dear Mythic, that face was so funny. You two do make a cute couple I must admit. I'm not even mad at you for sleeping with my sister. Well I am but I won't beat you on the spot." Mythic's eyes shot open and as the white blur and mixed colors faded he saw Celestia with a camera. The pure terror would drive an normal man or stallion mad!

"Celestia, what do you think you're doing? I almost cut your ass with Eclipse! What's up with the camera?" Mythic then proceeded to crack his neck and back. He had a previous problem with relaxing his muscles, so cracking a popping was all he could do.

The camera was enveloped in Celestia magic as she waved it back and forth, teasing Mythic. "Well I was coming in here to wake Luna up earlier than yesterday for breakfast, then I find you in her bed. I was ready to beat the everfree living hell out of you. You look so cute together though, so peaceful. Now get up, the others will be awaking any second now. Plus your train will be arriving in the station in about five hours. So come on."

Mythic looked at the Goddess of the Sun for about five seconds. He then threw his head back on the pillow. "No, this is a trap, this is a bucking trap. I have watched enough anime and T.V. to know what the hell a trap is. This is a trap."

Celestia puts her camera on the ground and looked at Mythic confused. "Anime? What the everfree is that?"

"Ugh! That's right. All you need to know is this. It is how I know to be badass, through the power of anime. Thank you Japan, American cartoons weren't enough for my childhood." Mythic took this moment to reflect in nostalgia before returning to Celestia. "So yeah, not getting off this bed." Mythic smiled and embarrassed the pillow, he became one with it's soul and the soul of the universe. And it told him to ignore Celestia, or was that his mind?

Celestia scratched her chin in thought, then the bell rang in her head. "Well I guess you don't want to know about a new spell to make yourself more 'badass'." Celestia air quoted before walking off to the door.

Mythic's ears pinged and he jumped up off the bed. "New spell? What does it do?"

"Oh makes," Celestia didn't really think he'd fall for it. With only a second left before Mythic would lose interest, she pulled the spell out of her flank. "It makes you stronger if you are diurnal?"

Mythic sighed and shook his head. He saw right through Celestia's fib. "Princess, please don't insult my intelligence. You hesitated too long. You kept my focus but lost my trust."

"True." Cleestia admitted. "Now that you are up, go to the dinning hall. I will wake up the Night Queen."

"Nope." Mythic put a hoof in Celestia's face. "It is my duty as a man-stallion, to wake up my other. Behold the power of man!" Mythic walked back to the bed, now on Luna's side.

He looked over the sleeping Princess and smiled. "D'aw." He loved the look of her messy blue mane. She didn't really explain how she does that. Changing it from starry to solid blue, but that was not the current issue. He nudged her side and cooed in her ear. "Luna, Luna come on get out of bed." Luna rolled over, facing away from Mythic who nudged her side again. "Come on babe, wake up. If you don't wake up than I'll eat all those doughnuts by myself~"

Like a rocket, Luna shot straight up. He eyes scanning the room for the source of such an evil threat. Once she had found Mythic, by her side she changed from threat to normal. "Oh, good mourning Mythic." Looking at Mythic with a smile, she heard someone clear their throat. Turning her head once more, Luna saw Celestia standing there with a sly smile. "Oh, mourning sister." Celestia's smile widened as she picked the camera up off the ground and shook it in her face. "What is that?"

Celestia giggled and turned to the door. "Nothing. Just something to keep around." The Princess opened and walked through the door. Before closing it, she turned back and whispered in the loudest of voices. "And Mythic was fondling you in your sleep." She then slammed the door.

"What?" Mythic said confused. "I didn't fondle Luna in her sleep."

"Mythic, is this true?" Luna asked, her hair draped over her face.

"No, it is not. I would not do that to you." Mythic crossed his hooves with a stiff upper lip. 'Not yet anyway.' A devilish smile crossed his face. Just when Mythic thought he was clearing his name, Celestia came back in. She had a photo in her magic and flew it over to Luna. She then bursts out laughing and closes the door once more. "What the hell was that all about?"

Luna examines the photo and hisses at Mythic,"Mythic, why would you lie to me?"

"What? I didn't lie to you, Luna." Luna then gives the photo to Mythic. He takes the picture and looks at it. It is him, holding Luna with a devilish smile. His eyes are open and his hoof is under the sheets, it seems like they are rubbing Luna's flank and licking her ear.

Arousing, the soft-core magazines would love this.

"What the buck is this shit! I did not do that. This has to be magic photoshoped or something because that is not me!" Mythic tore the photo, the crime against his being and threw it to the floor. He snapped his head to Luna to plea again but now he saw her face. Oh that face, once so beautiful now looked ready to bite his face off.

"Just what the hell was that?! What the hell did you do?!"

"I did nothing!"

"Did we not agree we are not going to be serious? And there you were licking and rubbing me." Luna pulled back her anger and blushed, but still looked mad. "Please don't do that."

"Luna, I will say this once more. It, was not, me!" Mythic emphasis on the me. "I am going to breakfast are you coming?" Luna pouted, but nodded all the same. "Good, now come on." 'Celestia is either a troll or a bitch. The next move will determine it.

At The Same Time Elsewhere

"Jika, look! I am going backwards!" Bonsia called out to her sister in the hall. During the past day, the two worked hard at using their new pony bodies. Bonsia was showing off her new display of hoof work by walking backwards.

Jika laughed at Bonsia's performance. She decided she wanted to try as well and was succeeding. "Me too! This is awesome once you get use to it."

The two sisters laughed, Bonsia's more childish than Jika's. They continued down the hall and turn a corner. As they kept walking backwards, Bonsia knocks into a vase. She gasps and quickly turns around, a moment before the vase is about to hit the ground. "Oh no!" Bonsia envelopes the vase in a field of magic, fixing the vase and pulling into the correct position.

"Bonsia! How did you do that?" Jika astonished her sister was able to do magic.

"Do what, the magic?"

"Yes the damn magic! You can control it? I am still having difficulty with that."

"Oh well you see...."

Yay! Flashback

Yesterday Afternoon, Library/ Magic Study

Bonsia had just finished explaining her worries to Twilight as they sat in the magic library. "...and that is why I want to get it done as fast as possible."

Twilight nodded her head, showing that she understood Bonsia. "I see, the quicker you can control your magic the quicker you can learn new magic. Seems simple enough, but why so urgent? I already said I'd help you back in Albion."

"I know. I just, well... Seeing you all fight those monsters made me think. If I can get it down packed, than I can be like my sister or even you!"

Twilight blushed due to the admiration Bonsia gave her. "Really, like me?"

"Yeah, you were so cool out there and I just hid behind a tree."

"Oh please stop it."

"No I won't!" Bonsia slammed her hoof on the small table they sat at. "I can only use small mediocre magic with out nearly fainting and I don't know if I can even use it in this form!" A single tear dropped down her face.

Twilight stops blushing and looks at Bonsia somberly. "Well then, we need to get started." Twilight reached over to Bonsia and pulled her face up. She then smiled. "All we need to do is find the reason you can't control it. The reason I couldn't control mine was because, well its hard to explain. Really what happened."

Bonsia looked to Twilight with interest. "What happened?"

Twilight sighed. "Well it all goes back to when I was a filly." Yay! Another flashback! "I was at the entrance examine for Celestia's school for gifted unicorns. I was suppose to hatch a dragon egg, which no pony ever really did but none the less they made me try. After many attempts at this I finally gave up, which by the way you should never do. That was when, miles away, Rainbow Dash executed her first sonic rainboom. The shock wave carried all the way to Canterlot, that's when all my magically power was shown for the first time. I last control, but regained it shortly."

"Yes, but how?"

Twilight rested her face on her hooves and smirked. "Princess Celestia is what happened. She came into the room and just stopped me. Till this day I don't fully understand why I stopped, but I am glad I did. After that I became her star pupil."

"That is so wonderful." Bonsia said. "That isn't what I am looking for though."

Twilight facehoofed with a sigh. "Alright then, lets try a simple spell." Darting her head around, Twilight found a book on the table. "Try and lift up that book."

Bonsia stared at the object in question. "Just pick it up with my magic?" Twilight nodded and Bonsia shrugged. Bonsia focused in the book, following the practices they taught back home. She first thought of the object and what she needed it to do. Then she started to try and channel the flow of magic, the hardest part for her. She would feel as though it was trying to mentally drowned her. The way Bonsia thought about it was quite simple. If she needed only a small amount of water in a bucket, a normal user would get that amount. She on the other hand got more than what she needed. She had worked a way around that though. Just use the water you have before you fill it up.

Over the years this has been useful, but the more she used this method the less it worked. As though magic itself had a mind all its own and was adapting to her methods. These were not common though, like her own use of magic. None the less she managed to at least shake the book. Twilight cheered Bonsia on. "Come on Bonsia, I see you are moving it. Just a little more."

Bonsia kept it up, focusing the magic on the book. A jolt of electricity shot through her. She didn't quite know what it was, but it caused the book to jump up and it the ceiling. Twilight flinched and backed away for a moment. "Whoa there Bonsia. That was a little too much."

Bonsia fell flat on the table and huffed hot air. "See what I mean?"

"Yes I see what you mean, but what did you feel?"


"When you use magic, you can feel it flow through you. Come on, lets try it once more."

Present Time

"Then we kept at it for a few more hours. Just me and her for about six hours. I was final able to practice simple levitation. That vase was small, but any bigger and it would have fallen."

Jika listened and smiled at Bonsia. "Bonsia my dear sister I am proud of you."

Bonsia smiled. "Thanks Jika, what did you do all day?"

"I slept and relaxed. I'm not here to do anything except take my leave and watch over you."

"Are you sure that is it?"

"Yes, now come on. Breakfast should begin soon."

Back Home

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Five Minutes Into Breakfast

The table was once more full as everyone ate their meals. The Elements of Harmony, the Storm and Royal sisters and Mythic Rune ate in relative silence. As Mythic ate a plate of pancakes, he and Luna stared daggers at the white and older Alicorn. Without taking his eyes off her, Mythic cut his pancake with a knife in his magic's grasp. He then took the cut piece and opened his mouth to bite it. Luna took her doughnuts and ripped off a large chunk like an animal.

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, being the two sitting closest, could help but notice what Luna and Mythic were doing. Rainbow leaned into Mythic's ear and whispered, "Mythic, what are you and Luna doing?"

Mythic swallowed the food in his mouth and turned to Rainbow for a quick minute. "We are keeping an eye on Celetsia."

Rainbow looked at Mythic quizzically. "Why?"

"Well that is a Alicorn matter." Mythic avoided the question.

Rainbow Dash didn't settle for that answer. "Come on, tell me.

Mythic caved in and told Rainbow. "Alright I'll tell you. Earlier this morning Celestia took an embarrassing picture of me and Luna."

"Hold on a second." Rainbow responded. "What do you mean by 'Me and Luna'?"

Mythic sighed a deep breath. He took one last piece of his pancake and pushed it to the side. Looking at Luna, Mythic stood from his seat and walked over to Celestia. "Excuse me Princess." He then pushed Celestia out of the way along with her chair and jumped on top of the table.

Luna, knowing full well what her new partner was doing, sighed as she placed her doughnut on her dish. "Mythic, are you doing it right now? Maybe we should allow the other to finish their meals before dropping this on them."

Mythic looked at Luna with his brow raised. "Really, you think so? I find doing things instantaneous to be more digestible."

"Is that a fact?" Celestia said as she rose a butter knife in Mythic direction. "Tell us, what is so important that you pushed me in order to receive full attention?"

"Oh I didn't push you for full attention." Mythic smiled a satisfied smug. "I pushed you as payback for this morning."

"Why you little-"

"Anyway!" Mythic turned back to the mares at the table. "Well as I see you are all here I have some news. I really don't think it concerns you all but me and Luna decided we are going to be a couple now, blah blah blah, um so if you see being a little handy..." Mythic paused as he looked down at his hooves and found his error. "I mean if you see mean hoofy, do not be alarmed." Mythic smiled. "I am simply enjoying myself." As Mythic finished, the dinning hall was in an uproar. All but three mares gasped at the news. Those three were Jika, Princess Celestia and Rainbow Dash.

Jika took a bite out of her oatmeal and looked over to Mythic as though he were a buffoon. "Mythic, you know you just made an ass out of yourself. I hope you know that."

Rainbow Dash rubbed the back of her neck looking slightly ashamed. "Yeah sorry, but I'm going to have to agree with Jika on that one. I sort of saw this coming."

"Honestly," Celestia added. "You make it sound so extravagant when it isn't. My sister had to put her at the same level as you." Celestia took Luna's hooves and folded them. "Luna I know what I saw this morning and I am sorry I didn't act sooner."

"Hey! I thought you said we make a cute couple?" Mythic interjected.

"I said that because Luna was with you. Take her out and it is just you, nasty."

"To think." Mythic responded. "A few days ago I thought we were making progress in our relationship."

"Oh please, Mythic. I'm just teasing."

Rarity jumped up and hallered. "Well this is quite the development!"

Rainbow waved dismissively at Rarity's comment. "Pft, please tell me you're joking. Since I moved into his house I guessed this would happen."

Jika nodded, agreeing with Rainbow. "When he came to Riverhook he told me he had feeling for her even then."

Celestia thought for a quick second as to what she could present as evidence that she too saw this unfolding. "Well this morning I found them in bed."

"..oh my...."

As almost everyone found themselves stunned by this news, Jika shouted from the end of the table. "Not bad kid!"

Mythic and Luna both looked at Celestia and in unison shouted. "What the buck!?"

Four Hours Later- 10 Minutes Till Train Departure
Train Station

As the Elements and Storm sisters waited in the station for there train to arrive, they tried to stay away from the topic that was all on their minds. Rarity was visible shaking while sweat poured down her face her friend sitting on the bench next to her not as visibly, or at all, hyper about Mythic and Luna's new relationship. "Okay!" She cried out. "Can so one please tell me how the hell this happened?"

The others gasped at her choice of words, Fluttershy and Pinkie the most. Having the ears of virgins, they really haven't heard that language except around Mythic once or twice. "Rarity," Fluttershy scowled. "Watch your mouth."

"I am sorry, darling. I really am, I am just wondering who this happened?" Rarity held a face of pure awe. "Mythic, with the beautiful and elegant Princess Luna. It does not add up in my head!"

Rainbow Dash covered Rarity's mouth with a hoof and really forced her to stop. "Rarity, do not start." Rainbow growled. "You always do this. Every time you think or even know about someponies becoming couples, you do this. You over analyze things."

Rarity muffled, "No I don't." But was not heard.

"I'm sorry Rarity," Twilight held her friends shoulder. "But you do this. More often than not." The whistle of the train blew and the conductor was making his last call. "Well here it is. Come on, Mythic and Luna shouldn't be long. We ca wait for them on the train."

Eleven minutes later, the train pulls out of the station. The wheels turn and the smoke pipe blows the exhaust from within the engine. Rainbow and Twilight sat side by side. Rainbow was about to make a comment when Twilight beat her to it with a, "Don't even say it."

For the rest of the trip they all stayed in silence. With the eight mares were quiet while a couple, unicorn mare and earth stallion made kissy faces the whole train ride. The also began to kiss openly as they got closer to Ponyville. The inter-race couple sat over in the back, only allowing there coats and manes to be seen. The mare held her purple mane brushed to the right and back, like her tail. Her coat was dark blue and she was wearing shades.

The stallion purple with a orange brownish mane. It was ruffled up a little but styled to be like that. His tail was short and brushed. He too wore a pair of shades and his cutie mark not noticeable.

Rainbow Dash was starting to become frustrated with the moans and gasps for air the couple would make. She jumped out of her seat and made a bee line for the couple to yell at them. "Can you two shut up with that? It's annoying!"

The mare looked away and covered her face. "Sorry, our bad."

"No it isn't." The stallion said. "Listen her, if we want to make out we will do just that." He then smile devilishly. "Unless you want to join in Dash?" The mare then slapped him, both mares. "A simple no would have been enough, Dash."

"How do you know my name? Who are you?" Dash panicked.

One Long Ass Explanation Later!

The couple turned out to be Luna and Mythic in disguise. Luna had wanted to teach Mythic how to use magic to change his psychical appearance. Mythic was not able to learn the spell for Luna had to caste it on both of them. Mythic thought it would be funny to not tell the others tell they got off the train but failed. The two then explained how the spell worked and it's out comes. "And that is how it worked. Luna can be a unicorn, Celestia a pegasus and well me? Earthing, human, I get turned into an earth pony. Kind of funny if you think about it. Weird thing is they tried it on Cadence once but it didn't work, but meh. Life goes on."

"I can see all that happening." Dash said. The whistle of the train blew and train came to a stop. They had now arrived in Ponyville. "Finally! These train rides are getting longer and longer."

"Well we better get moving." Mythic trotted out the door as they were opened for him by the conductor. "Than you gent. Come on Bonsia, Jika, you two are coming with me."

"Where are we going?" Bonsia rushed up to him and asked.

"Well since you two are here you might as well join the alien club. We are going to my house, I have an open room you and Jika can share. Hope that is fine."

"That is fine with me!" Jika called from behind.

"Yeah, me too." Bonsia agreed.

"Good, now come on. I need to make sure bugs haven't gotten in. They are the bucking bane of my existence."

A/N Sorry for a filler, I have a lot of stuff I need to do. I really am sorry.

I'll...Just Be...In My Room

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One Long Walk Across Town Later In Which Nothing Important Happens

Mythic had taken the lead, followed by the nine mares. They had walked in a nearly straight path from one side of Ponyville to the other. The buildings had all been repair and it looked like nothing had happened. Well, maybe the crater in the center of town stuck out. Other than that, nothing was out of placed. The group made their way to the out skirts of town and there, in the glistening sun was Mythic's prize and treasure. "There she is, Casa de Rune. Daddy missed you baby! I'm home!" He ran up to the side of his home and nuzzled it like a fine mare that had been dressed in the finest of silks of the most lovely of nights.

Jika and Bonsia watched as Mythic began to become emotional with his house. They were stuck between confused and disappointed, mostly disappointed in the way he was acting. Jika grunted, "Can we just get inside already?"

Mythic stared daggers at Jika, but slowly made his way to the garage. He mumbled to himself as he cantered. "Can we just get inside? Oh I'm Jika and I want to go inside. Pft, women from other worlds." He started for the front door as the rest came closer. As he opened the door, a beetle buzzed over his head and entered the house. "No! Die you motherbucker!" Mythic leaped into the air and swatted at the air borne beetle.

He used his hoof as a hammer as smashed the bug on the floor, causing a mess of green tiny guts to spatter. "Ewe, bug blood. First thing when I get home, clean up bug guts." Mythic grunted in anger as he looked at the miss on the floor. The mares stood behind him, trying to see his minor dilemma. Mythic turned around to face them. "Well I guess you all have things go get home to. I will see you all later I have-" Just then a small boy launched out at him. Victor was wearing a wrinkled tuxedo and breathing heavily.

Victor turned Mythic over and started to punch his face. "You son of a whore! Do you know the hell I went through?" Victor shouted. "I had to take her to dinner!" One punch. "And then we saw a movie!" Another. "Then we went for a day out on the beach!" Victor smash their head together. Luna tried to pull two apart, but Victor was to powerful and had a strong grip. "You know what else we did? We went to a fucking ball to dance! That's right, with dancing and shit! Do you know how embarrassing it is looking like a ten year with orange and purple hair dancing with your scarlet haired sister?" He let go of Mythic and dropped him on the ground before cracking his joints.

Mythic spit up a little blood and looked at Victor with his cracked shades. "It couldn't have been that bad."

Victor laughed. "That bad?" He repeated. "It wasn't bad at all! I had a great time! My sister may be wired, but I love spending time with." Victor finished with a smile. "The only problem is she wants to take it to a higher level."

Mythic collected himself and stood on all hooves with Luna and Rainbow Dash's help. The latter yelling at him as she flapped her wings in the air. "Than way in Equestrian would you attack him!?"

Victor loosened the tie and looked up at the rainbow maned pegasus. "I told him I was going to eat his soul next time I saw him. This is easier though." He spun on his heel with a smirk and walked back into the house. "Mythic." Victor suddenly said and looked behind at the bruised Mythic. "Do you still want to talk?" His serious demeanor surfacing.

Mythic took a deep breath and followed the Demigod, leaving the mares behind. They walked up the stairs and into the Mystic's room. Victor hopped on the bed and Mythic closed the door. "Okay Victor, like I said in Albion. Start talking. You've been holding out on me and I want to know why."

"I can't." Victor plead. "Somethings can't be told to you."

Mythic huffed through his nostrils. "Well then you better paint a pretty picture of what you can tell me."

Victor stared at him for a few seconds before sighing. "Fine." He sighed in defeat. "Anything I tell you is between us. No telling anyone else."

Mythic leaned against the wall. "I had the figured that out." He spoke in a bemused tone.

Victor started to remove his tuxedo as he spoke. "Well I should start by saying I never meant for things to go this way. I thought...maybe if I took you we could steam roll over the Shard, the Corrupt and be done with it." Victor took off his tie. "I have been thinking I should tell you the whole truth. Must of what I told you is true, but with some alterations."

Mythic rose a brow. "What are you trying to say?"

"What I'm saying is that I lied." Victor said bluntly. "For instance the thing that stopped Mystic's from being born on earth. It wasn't just magic, it was a fucking fire that claimed all their lives. Another is rune stones, I lied about that too." Mythic glared at him. "This is the confessions, so don't go crazy on me." Victor took off his shoes. "I was indeed the one who brought you to the Void. There were rune stones on earth, but they have been destroyed by the black flame."

"Black flame?" Mythic repeated. "I remember Celestia mentioning a black fire the came and burnt Canterlot. She had to have it rebuilt once she came back into power."

Victor nodded. "That was the same fire, it is a dark and corrupt thing. It has swallowed many lives and has been sealed back up by the Gods it can leak out just like the Mana Well."

"So tell me about the Well, Victor." Mythic encouraged.

"Well everything you heard was right. It is where all the energy from creation is held. Imagine a lake if you will. This lake is at the center of the forest and branches out into all directions. The sections of the forest that the rivers or streams move in are individual worlds and the water is magic. Now the world you came from, Earth, survives on a simple stream while this world, Eques , thrives of a river. Now this has Pro and Cons on both sides. The Equestrians have a large flow of magic and can use it easily, but Humans can survive on low quantities of focus on smaller amounts. A Human can be introduced to a world full of magical energy and their bodies will start to suck it all in. Another race that is used to a lot off magic would take time to adjust.

"A Mystic can survive in both due to their innate ability to force magic and pull it into them. Like a vacuum you can suck it in when you use Runic seals, the proper term for circles. They are the focal point where you take in and push out magic."

Mythic nodded his head. "I see where you are going with this. What do you mean force magic though?"

"A normal magic user must use the magic with in their world around them to caste." Victor unbuttoned his shirt. "They need to tap into the flow from the Mana Well and use that magic that is coming to them. A Mystic can caste magic that their race would normally use plus the Runes. They can pull in magic from the Well directly."

Mythic seemed to understand Victor. "Alright I think I understand. Just one thing though."

"Yes?" Victor asked as he ruffled his combed hair.

"If I can really just adapt, then why the hell am I still a pony!?" Mythic yelled in Victors face.

The Demigod smirked. "Well if you want I can change you back." Victor snapped his fingers and a green glow engulfed Mythic. In a few seconds he returned to his Human form. "Welcome back, Daniel."

"I thing we should stick with Mythic. It's starting to confuse even me." Mythic rubbed his head. He stood in his room with his clothes on, feeling comfortable while his hair was still colorful. A moment of realization over came the young man. "Wait, last time this happened you-" A shriek came from down stairs and Victor grinned. Mythic looked at Victor with cold eyes. "You are a son of a bitch, you know that."

"Hurry up." Victor said with his toothy grin. "I left a little game out and knowing Pinkie they are all playing it,"

Mythic grew nervous for a moment as he heard yelling from down stairs. "What game?"

"Twist-" Victor was allowed to finish before Mythic ran out of the room. "-er."

Mythic rushed down the stair and looked into the living room. Before him were nine naked girls. Their bodies twisted around as they tried to stay up on a wide sheet of white with colorful circles printed on it. "What the hell is going on?" Mythic muttered out.

Bonsia was the only one facing him directly and panicked. "T-This isn't what it looks like D-D-."

"Mythic please." He muttered.

Jika picked her head up out of the pile of bodies and glared. "Well it doesn't matter what you call yourself just get me out of here!"

Rainbow Dash was the second to complain. "Yeah! What gives?"

Applejack called out as well. "Wha' in the name of the Princess is goin' on here?"

Twilight asked. "Was this Victor's doing, Mythic?"

Luna was int the middle and was forced to look upside down. "Mythic dear, what is wrong? Your bleeding."

Mythic picked his hand up and touched his nose. He looked at the pile of naked girls again and fainted after he shouted. "GOD IS JUST!" He hit the wooden floor with a thud.

Victor walked down the stairs and whistled. "Looking good there ladies." He chuckled at his handy work.

"Victor..." Fluttershy peeped from behind her large breasts. "Why are we like this?"

"You're like that because Mythic wanted to be like that." Victor answered with a shit-eating grin. "So lets wake him up, someone wants to take to him."

As Rarity tried to wiggle free, asked Victor in a calm tone even though she was upset. "Who might that be, Victor?"

Victor took a pleasure in his answer. "Well I got his mother on the monitor waiting for her son. So yeah....his mother."

A Mothers Calls, A Son Falls

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"Where is he?" Mythic's mother yelled from the monitor. Her husband and other two sons huddled around her. "I'll ask you one last time to bring me that boy now!"

Victor tried to calm her down. "Listen, Miss Rivera. Your son is fine, he just fell asleep. We are trying to wake him up as I speak."

"We?" She repeated. "Who is we?"

'Ah, shit.' Victor chuckled nervously. "Well you see ma'am-" Victor was interrupted with Mythic walking into the door with a small stream blood on his chest. "Well that was easy."

Mythic looked down at Victor. "You do that shit again and I will beat you like a normal child." He said coldly. "That was not funny! Okay? That was tormenting a young man! For Gods sake they were-" Victor threw his hand on Mythic's mouth and turned him to the monitor. He waved at it and removed Victor's hand. "Hey Mom, Dad, Bros. How is it going?"

"Oh I'll tell you!" Miss Rivera yelled. "I have called your phone for three days and you have not picked up. I have called the house and you don't pick you. And who else is in the house? Why are you bleeding?"

Victor twitched. "Well I'm going to leave and check how the others are doing." Victor stormed out, scratching his dual color head.

Mythic sat down in his folding chair and smiled. "Well for starters I missed you guys too. The phones I didn't pick up because I wasn't in the house and I kept forgetting to bring my phone with me. The nose bleed is because I hit my face on the wall while trying to serve a few of my friends." Mythic held strong to his lie and his poker face. 'Just take the lie woman!'

His mother nodded. "Fine, I'll let it go for know. Your father wants to talk to you." The webcam shifted and now Mythic's father was on. "Daniel!" He shouted joyfully.

Mythic shouted back at his father. "Daniel!"

"Pinkie!" Pinkie Pie jumped up from behind Mythic. Her curly pink mess. The short skinny Pinkie was five feet tall and fair toned. Her completion fairly smooth and plush like her emotions. She was also still naked. "Hi!"

The eyes of both parties shot open. Mythic threw his hand over the webcam and glared at Pinkie. "What the hell are you doing?" He yelled at her. "Go put on a shirt! Victor!"

The young looking Demigod rushed into the room. "I have no idea how she got up here. I swear to my father!" Victor grabbed hold of Pinkie's arms and literally dragged her out of the bedroom. "I'll get them dressed." He said as he left with Pinkie squealing 'Wee'.

"Son...." Mythic's father said in a grim tone. Has the son turned to look at the father, he saw a thumb up. "You have those girls from before in the house don't you?" Mythic nodded. "They are naked, aren't they?" He nodded once more. "All I have to say is don't get stains on my furniture." Mythic just looked at him in shock.

As he rose a hand and was ready to speak, an intercom beeped in the background. "What was that sound?"

'Will flight two eight-eight please board now. Flight two eight-eight, to New York please board now.'

"That's us." Mythic's father stated, leaving his son in fear and confusion. He looked into the camera and smiled. "Well I should explain shouldn't I? Well it seems that our next destination in the Caribbean is being rescheduled. A lot of places are under quarantine so we are coming home. Right after we hit JFK airport we will drive down to Stratford and boom, we are home for a week!" A smiled creaked on Mister Rivera's face. "I hope to meet your girlfriends."

"One!" Mythic replied. "Only one girlfriend! The rest are just friends...girl...friends."

'Brain, opt-
One, we're boned.
Two, we are fucked.
Three, totally screwed in the ass.
Four, we have Victor take us home and somehow manage the situation with commonsense, strategy and care.
Or five. Self destruction.
'Well those are all totally useless.'

Mythic's mother came on screen. "And when we get home, we are having a very, VERY long talk mister!" The window close, signaling that the laptop was turned off.

Mythic leaned back in he chair and hit his head with his palm. "Think think think! How can we defuse the situation." A knock on the door caught Mythic's attention. In the door way stood Luna in a black tee shirt and boxers. "The hell is up with the boxers?"

Luna walked over and looked down. "Victor said you would like me wearing them. Do you not like me wearing them?" Luna said with a frown.

Mythic shook his head and grinned. "No I like it. Though I am a little scared at the fact Victor knows that." Mythic shook for a moment at the thought. 'Victor knowing what I like, that is scary.'

"Dear, are you alright?" Luna cooed as she sat on the bed. She swung her feet gently as she looked at Mythic. He nodded and waved her closer. Luna got up and walked to his side. Mythic took Luna by the hand and brought her lips to his for a peck. Luna blushed and shied away. Mythic ran his fingers through her black and blue hair for a moment before standing up.

He folded his chair and put it against the wall. He then went and sat on the bed, pulling Luna down with him. Mythic rested on his back while Luna laid on top of him, her chest against his. He gazed into her eyes and kissed her once more, Luna returning his gesture with her own lips.

Down stairs Victor was on his own crusade. "For the sake of the Well, put on a bra!" He yelled at Pinkie Pie.

The hyper girl was now shacking and sinking into the couch. "Bu-but I don't want to wear it." Pinkie peeped.

Victor sighed, as he held out her new attire. "Look Pinkie Pie, if you don't bad things happen to girls."

Pinkie sniffled. "What happens?"

Victor got closer and moved into Pinkie's face. "Their boobs start to sag! Bwahahaha!" He laughed evilly. A kick in the head shut him up. He rubbed his head and looked up to see Jika glaring at him. "Why did you do that? That hurt." He grumbled.

"Well that is for scaring a young lady!" Jika took the clothes from Victor and took Pinkie's hand. "Come on dear. Lets get you dressed." Pinkie nodded and followed Jika up the stairs to the bathroom. Leaving her sister and most of the others in the living room. As she ascended the stairs, she saw Rainbow Dash at the frame of Mythic's door. He had her head peering inside. Jika was confused and called her name. "Dash?"

The rainbow haired girl placed her figure to her lips. "Shh." Rainbow Dash pointed inside to the new couple making out on the bed. Jika and Pinkie walked over confused and peered inside. On the bed was Luna laying on top of Mythic as the two kissed. Jika just looked at the two, rolling her eyes as Pinkie grinned and started to giggle.

The couple was disturbed and turned to see Pinkie waving at them. "Pinkie!" Mythic roared. "Clothes, now!" He scowled her with his brow raised. Luna sighed deeply and Mythic was drawn back to her. "What?"

Luna looked at Pinkie Pie and then at Mythic. "If she wishes to be naked than let her be. That is how she has always lived and she probably will not like be constricted." Mythic nodded in acceptance. "Now that you agree, what was that chatter about? Was that your family on the thing once more?"

Mythic nodded and sighed with apathy. "Well it seems they are going back home for a little while." He rested his eyes and thought.

Luna looked at him in confusion. "That is a good thing though, is it not?" Mythic didn't answer. "Dear, is that not a good thing?"

Mythic lazily opened one eye. "Well think about it. I am here and I need to go back home. My father also wants you girls." Luna jumped off of him and to her feet. "See what I mean?"

"No, this is wonderful!" Luna exclaim, leaving Mythic confused. "I could meet your family and you can tell them about what you have been up to in person." She said with a smile.

Mythic's eye twitched. "I can't do that. I couldn't possibly do that." Mythic got off his bed and took Luna by the shoulders. "If my mother knew the things I have done she will die of a heart attack!"

Luna was bemused and removed his hands. "Look Dear, I do not think it will be that bad. They are your own family, they must know about this. You are risking your life and they need to know that you can handle yourself." She hugged him and brushed the back of his head.

Mythic leaned his head in and placed his head on Luna's shoulders. He kept his eyes half shut and smelled her hair with a smile. "I guess you are right, Luna. I guess maybe I should tell them about this whole thing."

"Tell how about the what now?" Within the door frame, Victor stood with an ice pack on his head. "So is the lovely couple up to now?"

Mythic stuck his tongue out at the Demigod and received the same gesture. Retracting his tongue, Mythic broke away from Luna and walked up to Victor. "Well for starters, what is with the ice pack?" Mythic pointed to the top of Victor's head.

The Demigod sighed. "Well Jika kicked me for trying to dress Pinkie Pie."

Mythic nodded, chuckling a little. "How bad does it hurt? Considering you're a Demigod."

"Well it is not that bad. Still in the form of a young boy those, so it stings." Victor lifted the bag and whinced in pain. HE lowered the ice back to his head. "Well what is going on with you? How are the folks."

"They are going back home." Aura said imminently. "They are on the plane right now."

Victor glared at him. "What are you saying?"

"I am saying we need to Earth." Mythic said.

Victor sighed heavily. "I just got here!" He closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Okay-okay. We are going but you need to tell them about the what you have done." Victor took an extremely quick look at Luna. "You also should tell them about what you are planning on doing."

Mythic scratched his head. "Maybe I should, I mean come on. You and I both know what could eventually happen." A long silence fell upon the Mystic and the Demigod. Mythic's fists tightened, he knew what could happen but he preferred to stay away from that mind frame. He had seen many family members die to an array of reasons. Many...but he pushed the issue aside for a later time. "But hey, that is for later." Victor nodded in agreement. "Wait'a watch a movie?"

"Lost Ark!" Victor shouted immediately . "Raiders of the Lost-freaking-Ark! I love Indiana!" Victor jumped up and down. "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?"

Mythic gestured for Victor to calm down. "Okay-okay. I'll play it on the television down stairs."

Luna stood to the side of the two with confusion. "What might you two be talking about?"

As Victor rushed out the room like an actually child, Mystic chuckled slightly. He turned to face Luna and smiled. "It is just a movie. Came and watch it with us, you'll love it." Mythic walked to his drawer of DVDs. He opened it and shuffled around to find the movie. "Indiana is best adventurer!" He pulled out the case from the bottom of the stack and closed his drawer. Mythic walked over and took her hand as she nodded. The two walked out of the bedroom and down to the living room. They saw that everyone had been fully dressed now. Rainbow Dash and Twilight in their attire they used before and the Storm sisters in their earlier attire as well.

The hyper Pinkie Pie wear a pink tee long sleeve shirt with tiny balloons on the chest. She matched with a pink and white plaid skirt and striped knee high socks. It looked quite fitting for her short figure and young appearance. Rarity laid on the sofa in a white sundress that went down to her lower thigh. Her ears displayed lever back earrings with blue diamonds inside raindrop design. Her eyes wear decorated with eyeliner and blue eyeshadow. Her appearance accompanied her elegant attitude. Fluttershy sat at the corn edge of a chair, her hair covering half her face. She kept her hands folded in her lap. She wore a yellow, sleeveless pullover sweater with khaki pants. Her clothes outlined her timid persona, though not by much.

Mythic looked around in confusion. "Where is Applejack?"

"I'm in here Sugarcube." The southern accented girl called from the kitchen. "I hope you don't mind but I was looking in your fridge. You don't seem to have a ton of...well food. Do you need some help with that?" She moved into the door frame. Her head dawned her stetson hat. Her upper body was covered by an orange plaid button down with a red tank-top underneath.

"Wait what?" Mythic walked over to the kitchen and to his dismay, the fridge was empty. "How can that be?"

"That was me!" Victor called out. "I got hungry and had a little to eat."

"Dude the fridge is empty when it was nearly full like four days ago!" Mythic cried out.

"Well I am a Demigod. We get hungry as hell!" Victor pleaded. With a sigh, Mythic walked back into the room. He walked up to Victor and slapped him. "The hell man!"

"That is for eatin' my food!" Mythic yelled down at Victor. "I have been getting kind of hungry you fool. I need food!" As Victor prepared his rebuttal, a knock was heard. His head snapped to the door. He turned and walked over to it and knocked back. Another knock was heard, this time he could tell it was from near the bottom of the door. "Hello, who is there?"

"Um...this is Mythic Rune's place right?" A young voice asked. "It is me, Spike."

"Oh Spike!" Mythic opened the door. "Sup like dude?" A smile crossed his face. "Where have you been?" The little dragon was still. "Spike?" Mythic reached down and picked him up with one hand. "Yo Twilight, I think I broke your dragon." Mythic walked inside and closed the door.

Twilight got up off the sofa and took hold of Spike. "Oh no, Spike, what is wrong? Did something bad happen?" She asked in a must concerned tone. Spike was still frozen. "Spike?"

"The poor dear is petrified of us I think." Rarity called out. "I mean look at us, Twilight. We are no our usual selves."

"Twi-Twilight?" Spike muttered from his stiff body. He turned his head to Rarity. "Ra-Rarity."

Mythic clapped. "I think he is getting the hint, Rare."

Applejack walked over and placed her hand on Spikes head. "Now don't fret none, Sugarcube. It's just use." She smiled down at the dragon.

"Bu-bu-but how?" He muttered again. Victor whistled and rose his hand. "Who are you?"

"I am Victor." He replied. "Demigod that usually watches the Earth. Meh, nothing big is happening right now so I am just chillin' with the asshole over there." He pointed to Mythic who gave him the middle figure in return. "You missed that, didn't you?"

"You have no idea how much." The Mystic put his hand down and grinned. "Can I start this movie now?"

"Yes! Play the Jones!" Victor squealed. "Harrison Ford is best actor!" Mythic tossed Victor the DVD case. He yanked it out of the air and he dashed over to the player. "Oh man oh man." He took the disc and placed it on the tray. "Oh man oh man." He closed the tray and sat on the sofa. "Oh man oh man."

As Victor shook with joy, the other worlders looked to Mythic for an explanation. "It is a movie that is really liked. Trust me it is- oh my god the popcorn!"

"The popcorn!" Victor repeated. He jumped up and ran into the kitchen. He threw open the cabinets and found a package of microwave popcorn. He pulled it out and ran to the microwave and threw it in for two minutes. "It's in!"

"Good, get over here!" Mythic called out. He sat on the sofa with Luna and Bonsia on his sides.

"So what is this again?" Bonsia asked.

"Oh that's right." Mythic realized. "Okay, so what the screen is called a television. What we are about to watch is a movie. People act in this like a play, but it involves more of everything. More money, more actors, more scenes and all that. It's about a man named Indiana Jones. He is an archaeologist and adventurer who was hired to find a lost artifact before a group called the Nazis get it. Both the character and the actor are the best of the best in my book."

Rainbow Dash rolled her eye. "Yeah right, nobody is a better adventurer than Daring Doo." She crossed her arms and looked at the screen as the movie started to play with a risen brow.

Mythic chuckled. "Oh you poor child." Mythic looked over to Spike, still in Twilight's arms. "You want to stay and watch Spike my boy...dragon." The baby dragon, still a little confused, shrugged. "Alright, well it's starting."

A ding was heard in the kitchen and Victor screamed. "Popcorn!"

One Hundred and Thirteen Minutes and a Bowl of Popcorn Later.

Everyone, with the exception of Mythic and Victor, were on the floor in front of the television. Rainbow being the most absorbed, didn't blink and was almost at the point of drooling. "I love him."

Mythic simple watched as the movie ended with a smile. "Told her." He looked as the others got disappointed as the credits started to roll. A unified groan filled the room and Rainbow Dash bolt up to the television.

She started to shake it. "No! I need more Indiana!"

"Damn Rainbow, calm down." Mythic urged. "I have two more movies if you want to see." Rainbow Dash's head snapped and at him with a grin. "I can tell we are going to be here a while. "Spike, came help me make dinner. I'm sure Victor left some."

Spike jumped up off the floor and followed Mythic. "Okay."

Two Movies and a Dinner Later

Mythic laid on his bed, and placed his hands behind his head. He had cooked the last of the rice and vegetables he had. He made just enough to served everyone in the house. After the last movie and a small episode of Rainbow Dash tantrum, Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy had been turned back into ponies and left. Unknowing to Mythic, they came back with sleeping bags. "A slumber party without my permission." He sighed. "I guess I'll allow it. I am tired anyways and they promised to keep it down." He took off his shirt and threw it on the floor. He looked out the window, the moon had been risen and a dark sky overcame the world. "So nice and cool here." He smiled and placed his head down on his pillow.

Down stairs, Victor entertained everyone by teaching them Poker. In the end he taught them all too well and he ended up in just just his underwear. "Okay you know what? Screw this." He threw the cards on the table and took his clothes. He took a dart board and placed it on the wall. "Hey Jika, how is your aim?"

The horned woman stood up and chuckled. "How good am I? I have beaten my General, all the recruits and my peers. I am the best." She took a dart from his hand and threw it with the assistance for her fire magic. It spiraled straight into the center. "Beat that, little God!"

"I know I ask others not to call me Lord but do show some respect." Victor asked. "I mean it is only natural because I am about to beat your ass." Victor took a dart and flicked it. In a split second, the sound barrier was broken and a small hold was left in the wall. "Boom...bitch." He walked up to the hole and looked at it. "Damn this wall is thin."

Upstairs, Mythic jerked awake. "The hell was that?" He jumped up of his bed and ran downstairs. He landed on the floor and stared gawking at Victor. "The bloody hell was that noise?"

Everyone pointed at the small Demigod. "And here I thought we were friends."

Mythic sighed and held his forehead with two fingertips. "Just don't do it again. I am trying to sleep. Remember Victor?"

"Oh crap that right!" Victor remembered. "Well don't worry, it will all be taken care of." He smiled. "Go sleep."

Mythic waved at everyone. "Goodnight." He received the same gesture in return. As he walked back up stairs, Luna came up behind him. The two simple smiled and continued on. They entered the bedroom and laid down on the bed. They crawled up next to each other and fell asleep. It didn't take the others too long to do the same and go to sleep down stairs. Bonsia and Jika were brought up to the empty room of Mystic's brothers.

As Victor stood in the hall, he waited to make sure everyone was asleep. He stood there for about an hour, just to make sure. The Demigod began to breathe in deeply and exhale. He channeled his power into a runic seal that surrounded the house. "Here we go."

The Next Morning

Mythic began to wiggle in his bed, Luna pressed against his chest. He felt a finger poking his back. "Whaaaaaaat" He groaned. The finger poked him again. "Victor is that you?" He opened one eye and turned his head.

A familiar face came into view. A woman with tan skin, glasses and black hair stood next to his bed with a look of anger. "Boy get up." She barked.

His eye shot open and he stood still in fear. His only reaction was to inhale and shout. "Fu-"

Boned Sir, so very boned.

Mother Vs. Goddess: The Epic Fight

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"-Uuuuuunny story actually." Mythic jumped out of his bed and stood above his short mother. "So I was-" She slapped him. "Okay that hurt but-" She slapped him once more. "I am trying to tell you-" Slap. "That." Slap. "I." Slap. "Okay I'll shut up."

Sir, you are a wuss.

His mother scowled him and crossed her arms. "Now tell me why I have two girls in your brothers beds, about six in the living room and this one sleeping in your bed with you."

"Hey!" Luna growled at Mythic's mother. "Don't hit him, even if you are his mother."

Mrs. Rivera rose a brow at Luna. "Well look here tramp, just who do you think you are?"

Luna's eye shot open and she shot straight up. "Tramp? Did you just call me tramp?"

Before the fighting could really start, a booming voice echoed throughout the house. "Daniel!" Mister Rivera yelled from the living room.

Oh crap.
You read my mind.
I am your mind...Sir.

Mythic's father rushed into his room to see his son barely dressed with Luna in his bed. He stomp his way up to his son with a look of anger. Mythic was extremely worried at this point and his heart was beating so fast and hard he could here it. His father rose a hand and threw it in front of Mythic. "High five boy!"

"Yeah!" Mythic gave his father a high five but both were then slapped. "Damn it, Mother!"

Mrs.Rivera shot open her eyes and rose a brow in disbelief. "What did you just say to me?" She said in a low and evil tone. Mythic shank compared to her. "Boy, get dressed, get you tramp dressed and get your ass in the living room." Mrs.Rivera and her husband turned and left the living room.

Mythic fell on to his bed and groaned. "Crap."

That was not handling with care, Sir.

Luna looked down at Mythic and said, "Mythic, why did you not defend yourself?"

"I didn't because that is my mother. I couldn't fight back, it's not something you do here." he said. "I can just talk to them, that's all." He sighed and looked back at Luna. He looked at her for a few seconds before reaching up and pulling her face down. He kissed her and let go. "Come on, I need to control the damage." Mythic got out of bed and threw on a shirt. He handed one to Luna and the two made their way down to the living room.

Mythic saw everyone on the sofa's. His family on one side of the room and the Equestrians on the other side. The Storm sisters sat on the small sofa in the middle. Victor was nowhere to be seen.

It seems Lord Victor is not here. He must have gone else where. Must likely as a result of using his power.
I'm not in the mood to talk to you. So shut it.
Yes Sir.

Mythic brought Luna over to the Equestrian side and they stood there. "Sup little brothers?" Mythic's little bothers sat next to his parents. The first was five foot and nine inches tall. He was the darkest in the family, having a bronze skin tone. His hair was smooth and black. He wore a stud earring had brown eyes. He had a black shirt and blue denim shorts on. The second was five feet and five inches. He was paler than the others and the quietest. His hair and eyes were the same has his twins. Though the overall looked extremely different, they were fraternal after all. He wore a grey shirt with a star decal and blue denim shorts. They were named Carlos and Chris.

Carlos smirked. "Nothing, but your about to get hemmed up." Mrs.Rivera pinched him. "Ow, what did I do!?" He complained as he rubbed his arm. "He's the one who is in trouble." He stated as he pointed to Mythic.

Chris slapped his brothers hand. "Don't point, it's not nice." He said low and quietly. Carlos lifted a fist and brought it close to his brothers face. Chris flinched, making his brother laugh.

Across the room, Fluttershy gasped. "That's not nice. You shouldn't do that to your brother." She said with a soft tone.

Carlos looked at her like she was crazy. "Who the hell are you to be talking?"

Rainbow Dash growled at Carlos, but Mythic was the one to say something. "Hey little punk. Don't, I mean don't, curse at Flutter." He said with a firm tone that showed he was serious. Carlos shrugged and took out his phone to start texting. Mythic turned his attention to his mother. "So what is the issue here?"

"The issue is that my son has been ignoring his family and has been hanging out with these girls." Mrs.Rivera stated as she pointed to the girls on the sofa. "Plus, no offence, they seem more like you brothers age."

Mr.Rivera added to his wife's statement. "Yeah man, I mean it's cool with shorty next to you." He pointed at Luna. "But I ain't havin' it if you with the others too. And why are they even sleeping in the living room?"

"Oh that? They where just sleeping over and I thought you like to meet them." Mythic said in a matter of fact tone. "Yet it seems that idea was shot out of the sky."

His mother shook his head. "Oh no, I just wanted to know why are they in my house but you answered that. Now who are all of these girls? I'll only seen three before...and that one." Mrs.Rivera glared at Pinkie Pie, who was shaking a little but kept a smile.

Mythic sighed. "Alright."

I have them already Sir.

Mythic walked over to Fluttershy. "This is Flounce. We call her Flutters." Mythic then walked over to Pinkie Pie. "This is Penelope. We call her Pinkie sometimes." He walked over to Rarity. "This is Rachael. Sometimes as a joke she is called Rarity." Mythic moved on to Applejack. "This is Jacky. She has an orchard so we call her Applejack." He then walked over to Jika and Bonsia. He placed his hand on their shoulders and placed his head between them. "This is Jika and Bonsia. They are here on vacation and foreign."

Brain you brilliantine bastard!
You're welcome Sir.

Jika nodded. "Yup, very foreign." Jika added with a smile.

Bonsia mimicked her sisters action. "No one's as foreign as us."

Mrs.Rivera nodded. "Alright, I'll buy it." She said as she laid back in sofa. Mr.Rivera agreed with his wife and got off the sofa. Mythic's brothers got up off the sofa and went up to their room. Mythic's mother glared over at Luna before getting up. "I'm going to get breakfast ready. Get yourselves settled."

Luna kept her eyes glued to Mrs.Rivera as she passed her. The two met eye to eye and without saying a word, knew the other was their enemy. Luna looked away and held Mythic tight. She cooed in his ear softly. "Mythic, I think your mother doesn't like me. Why do you think that is?"

Mythic's ears perked up like a cats and looked straight at Luna. "Babe I have no clue. Just like a father gets mad at a boy for dating his daughter. It is just a reaction. Just give her time, she'll lighten up." Mythic heard a knock at the door. He let Luna go and told her and the rest to go clean themselves up. As they got up off the sofa, Mythic walked over to the door. He opened it and saw Victor standing in the door way. "Hey little buddy. The orphanage is half a mile up the road." He chuckled at his joke.

Victor rolled his eyes. "Just let me in, it's boiling outside!" Mythic moved and allowed the Demigod to enter the house. "So how did the folks take it?"

"Take what?" Mythic asked.

"The Mystic news?" Victor looked at Mythic confused. "Tell me you told them. "

"I'll tell them soon." Mythic said.

Victor sighed. "Alright fine. But we are still going to train while we are here. We'll go tot he gym and track. We need to get your stamina up if we hope to use the seventh element effectively. Also I have a change of clothes for the girls." Victor pointed out the door and to an R.V. parked outside.

Mythic looked at it. "Huh, how did I miss that?" He threw the door closed. "I'll get it later." He walked up the stairs and to his room. He looked down the hall and didn't see a single person other than family in their rooms. He walked past the bathroom and hear a commission.

"Pinkie, please stop rubbing my butt." Twilight said, muffled by the door. Mythic stopped in mid-stride and listened. "I know this is tight but try to keep space." Mythic placed his ear next to the door.

"Sorry Twilight, it's just that Rarity is up against me." Pinkie offered a rebuttal.

Rarity gasped. "Well it wasn't my idea to shower three at a time. Speaking of which, who's idea was it anyway?"

"Oh that would be me!" Jika shouted. "We did it back home to save water. In the barracks it gave the recruits time to build stronger bonds. I know you are all friends already but why not?" Mythic's eye went wide as he pressed harder.

He then heard Bonsia's voice. "I understand sister, but we do we all have to be unclothed?" Mythic didn't even register anymore. He rushed to his room and searched his drawers. He found his camera and saw it still had battery life. He rushed back to bathroom. He looked around and made sure no one was looking. He turned the knob and it was unlocked.

Brain, make the calculations.
Running Precision.exe...booting Trigger finger.oct...
Already Sir, lets catch some booty!

Mythic got ready and turned the knob ad leaned against the door. He shouted a warning. "Flash bang!" He threw open the door and ran into a pitch black void. He was confused as he fell into the black. He turned his body up to see Victor. "You prick!"

Victor laughed at him as he fell. "It was way to easy!" He closed the door and it locked. "That's what he gets for trying to pull that shit." He looked down the hall and say Mr.Rivera. "Hello Daniel's dad. I am Victor, I am Lulu's little brother."

"Okay, yeah I saw you on the monitor. What was the yelling?" Mr.Rivera asked.

"Oh Daniel had to run out to go get something." Victor lied. "He said he'll try to be back soon."

"Okay then just don't steal anything." Mr.Rivera walked back into his room.

Victor waited and then knocked on the bathroom door. Luna opened it and looked down at Victor. "Hey Luna, I have clothes ready when you girls are ready. They'll be outside the door." Luna said thank you and went back into the bathroom. Victor went back down stairs and out the door. He walked into the R.V. and picked up a large suitcase. He picked it up and walked out of the R.V. and into the house. Mrs.Rivera spotted and said hi. "Hello Mrs.Rivera. I'm Victor. I just have a few things for the girls up stairs."

"That's fine sweetie." Mythic's mother replied. "Just no bombs okay?" She joked.

Victor laughed at her joke and walked up the stairs. The second he was out of sight he stopped laughing. "Not really funny." Victor placed the suitcase in front of the door and went to Mythic's room. "Time to read the Odyssey again."

Luna had finished cleaning herself and opened the door to check if the clothes were there. She found the suitcase and brought it inside. A few minutes later she came out with a black tank top, flip flops and very short shorts that only went down to her upper thigh. She didn't under stand why they were so short but she really didn't may much mind. She slowly walked into Mythic's room to see only Victor reading. She turned and walked into his brothers room, only to find the twins bickering.

Both brothers went quiet as Luna opened the door and stared at her. It was silent for a moment, eyes locked on the princess. Carlos then said bluntly. "No offence, I don't like you. I just don't, get the hell out."

Luna gasped. "Now on what basis can you say that?"

Carlos shrugged. "I don't know, I just don't like you. Bro should be going out with that Rachael or Bonsia chicks. just seem....different and..." He twisted his face trying to find the right word. "Old. For some reason you seem very very old."

Luna's eyes widened as she heard the insult. "What?" She said, confused.

The other brother nodded. "I am so very sorry, but I have to agree."

Luna wore a face of surprise and confusion. She slowly walked out of the room and closed the door. "I'm old?"

"You don't seem old." Mr.Rivera said as he walked out of his bedroom. "You seem...." He twisted his face as he searched for the right word. "Wiser? Okay sorry, but you look old in a way." He walked down stairs left Luna in the hallway even more confused.

Luna's eye twitched. "I'm...old?" Luna mumbled as she walked like a drone to the stairs. "I'm not old, I am young. I am not even three thousand. I am very young, energetic and vibrant. I am not old...they're old. Yeah, they're old and they know nothing." She hit the bottom step and walked into the kitchen.

Mrs.Rivera was beating some eggs in a bowl. She heard Luna walk in and turned to glare at her. "Oh, hello...Lulu, was it?" She said in a sinister voice. "So mind if I ask you how long you and my baby boy have been...doing this?" Luna was confused by her terminology. Mrs.Rivera sighed with irritation. "How long have you been sleeping with my son?"

Luna tapped her chin. "Hmm. When you say sleeping, do you mean sleeping in the same bed or sex?" She twisted her face in a cute way and smirked. "We have only been like this for a little while, about a week. No sex though."

Mrs.Rivera glared harder. "I see. So why did you take in interest in my son in the first place?"

Hearing this, Luna smiled. She didn't smile a smirk or cocky grin, no she smiled happily. "I just did, he makes me feel different and special. It's something you just couldn't understand." Luna thought back to a few nights ago when the two kissed for the first time.

"Aw, my boy still got the V card?" Mr.Rivera said from around the corner. Both ladies were surprised and jump, making him laugh. "Sorry ladies." He walked over to his wife and started to kiss her.

Luna slowly walked out of the kitchen and sat in the living room. She waited there for a few minutes till the rest of the Equestrians started to walk down the stairs, along with the Storm sisters. A knock was heard at the door and the closest one to the door was Bonsia. She looked at it and opened it. Mythic shot out of a black hole and started to skid onto the floor. In his hand was the Eclipse blade and he had a few bruises.

He laid on the floor an angry look on his face. Victor walked down the stairs and joined the growing crowd. Mythic looked at Victor and glared daggers at him. "That was the worst prank. Ever, of all time." He slowly stood up with the help of Bonsia and Luna.

Victor shrugged and looked at Mythic. "Not my fault, someone put a test dummy in the way." Victor pocked Mythic's right hand where a black and blue bruise has swollen up.

Mythic flinched back and retraced his hand. "Ouch, damn it Victor. For a Demigod, you aren't very ethical."
Mythic ignored his brain and kept at Victor. "In fact, your not much a God at all. You can only travel, you stopped time only once, you help me a tiny but. That is it." Mythic said.
Um, Sir?
"And I mean look at you! You look like your ten years old!" Mythic exclaimed. "I mean, shouldn't you be ripped with muscles and long as hair or something?"
What the hell do you want?
Turn...the fuck...around.
Mythic slowly turns around and sees his parents standing in the kitchen with their eyes wide open. Mythic took a deep sigh and looked at Victor. "You smart, crafty bastard." Victor smirked and folded his arms.

"What the fuck is going on?" Mrs.Rivera almost yelled at her son. She and her husband quickly walked up to him and examined him and the sword in his hand. "Oh my god, is that thing real?"

Mythic's father looked at it. "What the hell? Give me that thing!" He tried to pull it away from his son but it wouldn't move. "Let go, Daniel!"

Mythic sighed and released the blade, causing it to disappear and reappear in his other hand. "Mom, Dad, we need to talk." He gave a long sigh. "Talk for real this time." The two looked at each other and then back at their son. Mythic looked at Fluttershy, Bonsia and Pinkie. "Can you three please go and try to finish breakfast while we talk?" The three nodded silently and went into the kitchen. Mythic went over and dropped on the couch. "Alright well I should start off with what happened after you guys left." Mythic's parents went over to the sofa across from him. "So I was finishing up cleaning and dusting when I say an eclipse out the window."

One hour and a Half Later

"-That's how I survived up till this point." Mythic finished his recap as he placed his plate down. He looked up to his parents, their mouths gaping in shook at the words their son had just said. "It's all true too. Victor!"

"Yo." The small Demigod popped up behind the parents. The two jumped at the sudden appearance.

"Can I show them what I can do?" Mythic asked as he stood up.

"Go for it, not my house." Victor jumped over them and onto the floor in front of Mythic. He stepped out of the way and allowed Mythic to show his power.

The Mystic nodded and produced a rune shield. The seal levitated in the air and Mythic brought his hand up. He summoned his blade and started to attack the seal. After his last swing he caste Eclipse away till it was needed again. "See, magic." The reaction he got was his mother fainting and his father just staring at him. "...Not the best reaction I've had."

Start the Operation

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As Mr.Rivera sat there and on his couch, he closed his eyes. He analyzed all the information he had just been given and released a sigh. He glanced over to his fainted wife and held a level expression. His son was some sort of magic user, he was dating a Princess who was also a Goddess of the Night, he has been to two other worlds and has a Demigod as a friend slash mentor. He had been fighting a dark power and placed his life in danger. He also changed his name, the name he gave him when he was born. He looked at his son on the other couch and rubbed his eyes. Mr.Rivera and grabbed his son by the shoulders. He stood him up and looked at him dead in the eyes. "Dad?" Mythic said nervously. Mr.Rivera gave his son and toothy smile and a thumbs up. Mythic smiled and his eyes showed happiness.

"You little fucker." Mr.Rivera calmly whispered. Mythic pulled back but his father had a good grip on him. He looked around but he was just not about to get out of his father's grip. Mythic looked back into his father's eyes to see the intent to kill. "So you get a princess-goddess, magic powers, a black sword, badass black magic sword I should say and get to travel to other worlds?" Mr.Rivera frowned began to smack Mythic back and forth across the face comically. He kept slapping him as he talked. "At your age all I got was my license, fucked up car, pocket-knife and your mother! And she was bitchy all the time!"

Mythic turned red in the face and the others stared. Victor started to laugh as he watched. "Fatherly love for ya..." Victor walked up to Mr.Rivera and tapped him on the side. "Danny, you can stop now."

Mr.Rivera looked down to Victor and sighed. "I guess..." He slapped his son once more and threw him onto the sofa. "Well I'll be right back. I need to pick something up now before I kick your ass any harder." Mr.Rivera walked over to the kitchen as his son watched in disbelief. He took the keys and waved to the few girls in the kitchen. Mr.Rivera walked over to the door and gave his son a smile before opening the door and leaving.

Mythic was stuck on the couch as he stared with a still confused look. "What the fuck?"

"What did you just say?" Mrs.Rivera sprung awake. She looked at her son with a red face as anger.

"Fuck..." Mythic said in a state of defeat and sighed.

Elsewhere-Unknown Realm

Azath sat in his throne and watched as a large force both Shade and his own Shards gathered. Mortem Rex keeled before him. "My lord we are prepared. We have gathered the necessary force for the operation. Just give the word and we will be off."

Azath smiled behind his black vale. "Good my friend. We shall begin soon, I simply most speak to two more pieces of our plan. They will be necessary if we wish for it to be completed at maximum efficiency. Bring me...Talos." Mortem Rex nodded and stood. He snapped his large fingers and Talos started to walk through a black rift into the room. The Elite stood in his pony form. He knelt down in fornt of Azath. "Ah, Talos, soon glade you can make it."

The equine Shade stood up and gave his master a salute. He then asked his duties. "Master Azath, I am here to serve you. What do you wish for me to do my Lord?"

Azath stood from his throne and walked up to his minion. "Talos, you know what we are about to do correct?" Azath asked in a calm and friendly voice. It was not to be confused with his personality, it was simply how he talked.

Talos nodded and spoke with confidence. "Yes my Lord, I know what the operation is. Yet I didn't expect you'd wish me for it." Talos sucked his teeth as he remembered the reason behind his thought process. 'The Mystic.'

"Yes, the Mystic." Azath said bluntly. "Mythic Rune, he is a strange case. Nothing to worry about for long, because of you. You are going to insure we complete this operation on all fronts. Follow me, I will explain everything once we meet with the second."

Talos looked at Azath with confusion yet stayed silent. Mortem Rex took his final bow as he began to leave. "My Lord, I will be waiting on your word. I will have the Shade start moving."

"As you wish Mortem Rex." Azath waved him off with a casual tone. The Shard bowed and activated a Rune seal to send him and his small force off to their destination. The large hall was silent and empty, only the Shard and Elite Shade stood in it. Azath snapped his figures to open a rip in space. From it stepped forth a dark figure in a grey cloak similar to Azath's. Under both the stranger's hood and Azath a smile grew. "Now, lets begin the real operation."

Earth-Rivera Home

Jika and Bonsia sat in the back yard. It has been hours since the mourning passed and the moon began to rise. The twilight filled the sky with colors and the sisters looked up at it. Jika and her sister were back to back, leaning on the other. The soldier meditated as the herbalist started to dozed off. Jika sighed and stretched her neck up to get more air. "Why is the air so thin here?" She thought aloud. "Must be the world, strange place. I like Albion better, simple and clean."

In the middle of her rant, Mythic's brothers stepped outside. Carlos held Jika's sword which she left in their room from the morning. Chris pleaded with his bother. "Carlos, don't do it. You already tried and it is really dangerous. Even if you do it you can be hurt."

Carlos turned to his bother and yelled at him. "Maybe if you shut up I won't cut you with it once I open it! I mean come on, Daniel gets to do his stuff. I should get to do something too!"

"That is greedy and a horrid way to look at it you worthless sack of shit." Jika barked. She stood up off the ground and marched to him. Bonsia fell the ground and awoken from the impact. The soldier snatched the sword from him and hit him in the head with it. "Two things. Do not touch other peoples belongings and do not threaten to harm kin with a deadly weapon."

Carlos rubbed his head and grunted at Jika. "I only wanted to see it. It can't be that deadly!" The Albian unsheathed her blade and the blue flames escaped. They danced around on the sword for a moment before her shut it closed. Carlos stumbled back. "Oh my God!"

"Someone call?" Victor called from the window. "Also your dad is back and we wants everyone inside for this. Also it's Mythic you little shit." The Demigod popped back inside and waited for everyone.

The Rivera bothers walked back inside as Jika picked Bonsia up. "Lets go see what is going on, Bonsia." The elder sister dusted the younger off. He had was pushed aside and Bonsia finished. Jika sighed and turned to the door. Bonsia followed her and the sisters made their way through and to the living room.

On the sofa was Mythic with swelled cheeks and his father sitting next to him. He held in his hands a small black box and a sober expression. Mrs.Rivera sat across from the two with a nervous look. One she hardly used, rare in fact. As the last of the occupants gathered, Mr.Rivera stood up. He looked everyone over and opened his small box. "This morning I displayed my last expression of love for my child."

"That was love!?" Rainbow Dash exclaimed. "I'd hate to see it when you are mad."

Mr.Rivera glared at her. "Bitch please, man is talking."

'That was a funny one.'
"Shut the hell up Brain. Father is speaking."

Mr.Rivera pulled out a small pure white and handed it to Mythic. "Son, I always waited for this moment with dread. The day you truly outgrow this home. You are no longer my child, you are a man. You have many great things inside you, most important is your ability to get up after each fall you take. Ever since you were small I could see this, this person who will grow to excellence. I know this is not much but take this with you, it belonged to your uncle."

"The priest." Victor mumbled as he eyeballed to chain.

Jika watched from the back with Bonsia. The soldier held a black expression, but deep inside she envied Mythic. At one point she too went through something similar. Her envy quickly changed to nostalgia as her mind drifted off into the memories of past years. Bonsia was not that far away from following her sister down memory lane. The two thought back to times when they still had family. They release sighs of happiness but then frowned when they returned to the present. Jika hugged her sister and Bonsia returned the gesture.

Mythic held the chain and gazed at it. He rubbed his cheeks and was prepared to say his thanks when Mr.Rivera continued. "I may have said you are a man now, but do not be fooled. You're no longer the child of this family. You are the child of mankind. Now I leave it in your hands to give us a better reputation than we have for ourselves. And be carefully son, or you may get yourself killed."

Victor's ears pinged and eyes grew. "Fuck no!" A seal opened in the ceiling and Aries dropped down crying. Victor didn't expect this and felt a little bad for assuming she was her to manhandle him. "Aries?" Victor called with worry.

The female Demigod looked up and ran to her bother. "Victor! It is horrid!" She cried out as she sobbed.

"Slow down." Victor urged. "What is wrong?"

"They are about to attack! They won't stand a chance, they will die!" Aries yelled.

"Who is attacking and who will die?" Victor asked with confusion.

"The Shard...they are about to launch an attack on Albion." Her tears did not stop and even increased in rate. "They are sending one of the Council and worse. They have something that I don't know, dark and scary that should not even exist."

"What is it?" Victor panicked. "What or who is it."

Aries tried to calm down but was still crying. "I think it's family."

End of the Beginning: Lets Start a War

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Jika stood against the wall as Aries barely explained the situation. Victor had been trying for about an ten minutes to calm her down. It was all in vain, the Demi-Goddess was sobbing too much. She said that she felt a burning in her gut, a pain at the bottom of her heart. The solider couldn't take it anymore and stood in. "Victor! We don't need her to explain what is going on. She already said that my home is in the way of harm. Shouldn't we return and confront the enemy? We'll gain information once we get there."

Victor glared at Jika. "She said family could be involved. A fucking Demigod! Very few I know of would turn to the side of such deviltry! So when I am trying to get all I can, I get all I can!"

Jika was not phased by the Demigod. She than continued with her hands on her hip. "Can't you see she is shaken up to explain? Do you not have empathy for your sister?"

Victor stiffened his upper lip and sighed with a shameful breath. He turned to the Rivera family with a his head tilted. "Well Mythic say your finally good-byes. We are heading out in a few minutes once Aries has calmed down." Victor turned to his sister and gave her a hug, now trying to keep her silent.

Mythic nodded and walked with his father and mother into the kitchen to get a few minutes by themselves. Chris followed them as finally good-byes were given. Yet Carlos stayed in the living room with the muttering girls. Rainbow Dash was making big talk with Applejack and Fluttershy as Twilight and Rarity discussed the matter at hand. Pinkie Pie was assisting Victor with Aries's recovery. Bonsia and Jika waited in silence, both bitter to the fact their home was going to be attacked by the Shard and their Corrupt. Carlos walked up to Jika with a bitter look himself and glanced at her sword. "How do you do?" He asked with a sour tone.

Jika looked down to her sword and back at the boy. "Does it matter to you?" She growled at him.

"It matters because I couldn't open it. Is it broken or something?" He said in an ignorant tone.

Jika took her blade out in rapid intervals. "Looks fine to me."

Carlos shook his head. "But how do you do it? Are you special like my brother?"

Jika shook her head. "I am just a solider who was given a gift." Jika looked away and whispered in a bitter and angry voice. "Some gift it was."

Carlos picked up on what Jika said and looked at her with a confused look. "Some gift it was? So it is broken?"

Jika sucked her teeth. "No it is not broken. It would have to have worked first to be broken."

Bonsia looked at her sister with a sad stare. "Jika please, don't bring that up. You did all you could back-"

Jika turned with rage to Bonsia. "If I did all I could than way are they died? Why couldn't I have saved them? Why did that man give me such a hopeful tool, only to not work!"

Bonsia shrunk at her sisters outburst. "I..don't know."

Carlos went wide-eye along with most of the room. Even Aries stopped her whimpers in reaction to Jika's rage. Mythic pocked his head out with tears of his own from his mothers and fathers farewell. His chain still in hand, he dried his teas and came out. "What happen now, Jika?"

The solider started to go teary eye. "You want to know? I will tell you what happened, it happened when I was fourteen..."

One Decade Ago

In the town of Riverhook, the small Storm family was a looked over part of the community. Everything they did was nearly invisible compared to the feats of others. Jika and Bonsia's parents worked well though, living in a comfortable home with good food. Yet Jika for some reason never seemed relaxed, she was always moving, wanting to do something with purpose. She didn't have the skills though, to control her fury at her age. Rage, anger and bring hyper was her normal mood.

On one fateful day, something happened to her that will forever change her. Due to arguments with other villagers, Jika found herself in the woods fighting a group of older girls. They had beaten her to a point where she was quivering and barely standing. As she was taunted, something came forth from the trees. A Lindworm, small and young, came forth silently. It caught everyone off guard and attacked. With its claws, it smacked a handful of Jika's attackers against a tree. It then set it's sights on the young Jika Storm.

She tried to move but was only pinned down by the Lindworm. With a finally prayer to her Gods, Jika fainted. As she slipped into unconsciousness, a booming voice rung in her mind. "Damn you girl! You weak, pathetic excuse for a-" A silence took hold as a few select words were withdrawn from Jika's ears. "Do you think this is a game? Fine then! I shall save you this once, but I will only come back when you need to fight. Not for yourself either or your loved ones either. Remember well little girl, love is great and powerful, but Unity is stronger."

Jika started to slowly stir away, mutters turned to clear voices. Her eyes slowly opened to reveal a burnt clearing and a burning tree. The charred body of the Lindworm was tossed to the far side, nearly ashes at this point. Her parents, sister and other villagers came to see her on the ground with a mysterious sword in her hand. From that day on, she changed. She worked and trained to join the Guard so she could fight. She told others it was to serve and protect. In the back of her mind and in the bottom of her heart she only wanted to meet who it was, that voice that saved her. To say thank you or to ask questions, she will never know herself.

Years passed and she met a man, Marco, who she fell in love with. Jika had proposed to him after months of being a couple. Bonsia was happy for her sister, hoping she could be like her one day. Then one day, Marco took every out for a stroll. Jika was on leave and the whole family came. In midday, they sat in a field with a small spread of food. The birds started to fly away and deer ran pass them. Jika had keep her sword with her, even on his peaceful day.

Out of the trees came a Lindworm, hunting for food. This was only the second time she had seen one since that day years ago. She took it as a sign, but was wrong.


"I took it as a sign but was wrong beyond belief." Jika was crying. "I thought that if I took my time fighting it, I could hear that voice once more. Yet I was only hit in the head and dazed. In that time" She could no longer control herself and broke down. The message was clear though, to her sister and everyone else. "I let them die because I wanted to hear an imaginary voice! That is why it is useless, it didn't help when I needed it!"

Bonsia placed her hand on Jika's back, comforting her in her time of regret. Carlos cried a little but looked at Bonsia with still a curious look. "If they died, than why are you alive?"

Bonsia looked away with a sad look. "Well I was learning magic at the time, but I was no good as Twilight knows." Twilight nodded slightly, knowing what Bonsia can and can't do through teaching her. "I tried to defend the others but I still couldn't control my magic. It was never enough I gave it one go but it took too long. Marco's magic was worse than mine and my parents were to shocked." Bonsia began to chock up and cry some more.

As the sisters weep, Mythic approaches them. He placed his arms around the two to comfort them in their time of sadness. He said nothing, letting his actions speak for himself. Then Luna came to do the same, then Fluttershy. The steps repeated till every was gathered in a group hug. The weeping subsided after awhile of the affection shown. Soon everyone scattered, hearing the lack of sobs.

Mythic took the white chain from his hand and placed it out for the sisters to take it. Bonsia took it from his palm and gazed at it. Jika smiled as she took it from her sister. She unhooked the latch and wrapped it around Bonsia's neck. She then hooked it, letting it rest on Bonsia's neck and chest. The chain gleamed off with light coming from the ceiling. Jika smiled at her sister. "It looks good on you."

"Thank you." Bonsia said with a smile back to her sister.

Victor gave a smile and sigh at the back of the crowd. He stepped away and placed his hands together in a praying fashion. He conjured a Rune portal and stepped to its side. "Come on everyone, we are no a timer here. Move move move!" The Demigod ran into it first with a sudden rise in his own determination.

Rainbow Dash rose her fists and ran in. "Hooray!" Next Pinkie Pie jumped in yelling. So the rest filed out quickly, leaving only Mythic and Luna with the family.

Mr. Rivera placed a hand on his son's should. "Go show 'em what what you got." Mythic nodded and placed his sword through a belt loop before running in. Luna slowly made her way to her exit when Mr. Rivera placed a hand on her as well. He looked in her eyes and gave her a nod. "Keep him from dying please. He is never really safe with himself."

"Sir I knew that before I met him." Luna smiled and walked off into the portal.

The portal closed and the Rivera family stared as Mythic went off to fight a deadly fight. Mr. Rivera turned away and started to cry. His wife placed a hand on him but he threw his hands into the air in joy. "My child is a fucking badass! Using magic and swords and shit!" Chris, Carlos and Mr. Rivera shook their heads and facepalmed. "What? You know it's true."


In Equestria, Princess Celestia sat in her throne room with worry overcoming her. Her guards stood still till a portal opened in the center of Celestia's throne room. The Princess snapped to the foreign portal. "Luna?" She said with confusion.

Out of the yellow Rune portal came a dark equine. His helmet covering his mane but not his evil glance. His blade tucked under his wing. The guards pointed their spears at the intruder and closed in on him. Talos smirked and opened his wings. A surge of dark magic blasted the guards away, smashing the walls.

The Corrupt slowly made his way to Celestia, remaining seated with a clam expression. "What are you doing here, corrupted creature?" She said with silent anger.

Talos smiled as he got closer. "Well I came to pick up a few things." The Princess rose a brow as Talos stopped two yards away from her. "Now tell me, Princess Celestia, ruler of this Equstria." He dashed to her and was mere inches away from her face. With an angry tone he growled at Celestia. "Where is he?"

End of The Beginning: The Battle Starts with a Reunion

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Sparks, embers, flames and fire was all that was seen. The sky was turning into a blaze and the earth scorching red. His partner looking up at him as he tried to assist her. Mythic was kicked in the side, increasing his blood lose as his lungs barely held breath and his mouth released the crimson tide. He hit the ground with a powerful thud and rolled into a pile of stone. All he could think was one thing. "How could I let this happen?"

Two Hours Earlier

Mythic sat on a bench inside the magi tower of Codut, the capital city of Albion. He looked outside a window and sighed as he saw a large cloud slowly rolling forward across the sky. He wore a white rob with gold trimmings. Victor opened a pair of double doors, the creaking made Mythic look to him. "Do I really need to wear this?" He said in depression.

Victor rolled his eyes as he walked on the wooden floor to Mythic. He placed a hand on his shoulder and motioned his head back out the window. "This was the cloak their King once wore during visits on the battlefield. It will give the people a light in the dark that is coming." Victor takes in a deep breath. "I talked to Jika. She has all the armed forces ready and sent messages to the nearby towns and villages. She is making it look like world war."

Mythic gave a slight smile, finding humor in Victors words. "Well that is what this is. Only there is way more riding on this than just one home." He held the frame of the window tightly. "And I am no solider."

"Well you got that right, you are no solider." Victor placed a hand in his pocket and held onto something. The door opened again and Jika stood in steel armor with her sword and helmet at her waist. "But she is." Victor said to Mythic, making him turn his head ti the door.

Luna was standing next to her in the same blue uniform she wore the first time she came to this land. Between the two was Queen Ula, the ruler of Codut and all of Albion. She was young, only being nineteen. Her hair was black as night and her skin tone tan as bronze. Her green eyes focused on Mythic and Victor. She walked into the room with her green and brown gown dragging behind her. She stopped in front of the two and bowed. Queen Ula than spoke with a soft whisper. "Thank you once more for warning my people. We would have been complete caught of guard. I am forever in your debt brave one."

Mythic looked to her with a slightly blushed face. "Well than you Queen, it is no trouble at all." Mythic said with a smile.

Queen Ula stood back up with her eyes trained on Victor. "Why is the child here? He should be with the rest in safety." Queen Ula stuck her hand out for Victor to take. "Come along little one."

Victor glared at Queen Ula and moved her hand away. He than growled at her. "I am no child, I am Victor, eldest son of-!" Mythic placed his hand over Victors mouth.

As Victor struggled to speak, Mythic smiled apologetically to the Queen. "Sorry about that your Grace. Victor here is just a bit excited. How are my friends doing?"

"Oh, the other seven are doing their own parts." Queen Ula said as she retracted her hand. "I have them preparing the woman for battle, getting medical supply ready for use and escorting those who will not be fighting to safety." Ula turned to Jika and Luna after speaking to Mythic. She walked over to the two and stood by their sides.

Jika bowed to her Queen with respect. Once she stood up, she looked to Mythic who was still holding Victor's mouth shut. "We will be in the war room. Meet me there in no less that three minutes. The Generals and Lieutenants are gathering for a plan of action." The Queen and Jika left the room without another to say. Luna however stayed in the room, closing the door behind her.

She walked across the wooden floor to Mythic and gave him a hug. Mythic returned her affection with a kiss on the lips. "Mythic dear, this is going to be just as bad as what happened to Ponyville. Are you sure you are ready?" She looked into his eyes.

Mythic placed a hand on her head. "Luna we will be alright, nothing bad will happen." Mythic gave her a faint smile. 'This is going to be hell. I have to look strong though. Luna is strong, just worried for me.' Mythic let go of Luna and looked at Victor. "I'll see you guys after I am done in the war room."

As Mythic walked away, Luna turned to Victor. "Victor, you know things most don't."

"That's what I tell myself at night." Victor looked away and picked wax out his ear. "You are worried for your sister?" Luna nodded. "Well let me tell you something. She is a big mare Alicorn thing. I am sure she is just fine."

In the war room, Jika stood with three Generals and six of the Lieutenants. Mythic opened the large wooden door. The room was made of marble with no windows. The walls dawned scarlet red curtains that had been tied to tall and polished pillars, ten in total. The center of the room was occupied by a large round table with a perfect replica of the city. "He finally arrives." General Tullius said with a hint of annoyance. "What took you so long solider?"

Mythic walked to the war-map. He stood with his hands behind his back, knowing how to present himself to a degree. "I am no solider, General." He said with respect. "I am a simple young man who is ready to fight to keep the peace."

Tullius, with his short grey hair and darkened skin, gave a quick huff in amusement. He looked to the others, all women and back to the map. "I thought like that too and one point in my life." He rubbed his ramp-like horns, beaten and roughed. "Jika her tells me you can use magic. Even without the use of horns." He looked up to Mythic, a hint of curiosity in his eyes. He didn't let it distract him from the mission though. "I'll be seeing much of it, for you are going to be the first line of defense against this enemy."

The room of officers looked at the General as though he was mad. Jika, on the other hand, nodded with the decision. "A wide choice, Sir. Mythic Rune here has fought these monster many time, as I was told. He should be alright in the frontline."

Tullius smiled to Jika. "Why thank you. Glad to here his partner say so."

Jika gave him a confused look. "Sir?"

"You heard me Lieutenant!" General Tullius barked. "I know you were with him for all this time and I also know you have fought these Corrupt."

Jika and Mythic gawked at General Tullius, the former reacting first. "Who told you that, Sir?" Jika asked.

The door to the war room opened once more and Victor stood in the center. "I did, I want you on the line." He said in a almost demanding tone. He looked to General Tullius, with a heavy brow. "General, the time is here. Ready the women, the enemy is upon the walls."

In the armory, Rainbow Dash who wearing battle-maiden's armor, was busy stacking spears in weapon-racks. She muttered, feeling as though she was being treated unfairly. "This is totally unfair!" She yelled out. "Mythic, Luna, hell! Even Jika Storm gets to fight and I don't! This is total pony cr-"

"Watch yer mouth, Rainbow!" Applejack said from the other side of the room, in the same armor. She carried a large crate on her shoulder over to a near-by wall. "I know yer feelin' mistreated. But this here fight just ain't ours." She bent her knees and slid the crate onto a stack. She dusted her hands and turned back to Rainbow Dash. "Do ya, really think Mythic would just have use down here?"

"She is right you know, Dear." Rarity called from a grindstone behind a pillar. She was hard at work sharpening the bladed weapons for the Albion troops. Rarity stopped and stood up from her stool. She turned around the corner with a glasses on her face. "This is not our fight, especially not mine. None the less though, we are involved now. And as the Element of Generosity, I will generously assist these mar- I mean women in their fight. Even if that means I must work the grindstone and sharpen the weapons."

Rainbow Dash crossed her arms with a defiant motion. "Well whatever, I can fight damn well. Also, why does Pinkie and Fluttershy get to do the easy work with Bonsia!"

Rarity thought for a brief moment and came to a completely logical answer. "Well for one, Fluttershy is not all that cut out for this stuff. I mean she is great with cleaning, but she is better with the more medical and treatment aspect. She and Bonsia are getting medicinal supply read for use, as well as other items needed for the troops."

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes up and concluded it was a reasonable answer. "What about Pinkie Pie?"

"Well she is helping get the children and those who can't fight to safety. Also here in this place?" Rarity pointed to the racks of weapons, freshly sharpened.

Applejack nodded in agreement. "I agree with ya on that one."

Rainbow Dash huffed. "Well were is our book worm run off too?"

Hidden within the royal library, Twilight and Aries were hard at work. Mostly Aries, believe it or not. The Demi-Goddess held her crystal ball in both hands. She focused hard on it in an attempt to find the one Mystic of Albion. "Damn it all to my father's ass!" She whined. "This is not working! You'd think it'd be easy. Nope, it is totally hard!"

Twilight as next to her at the long, stone table. She was flipping through a leather covered tome with a rune on it. "So if it is so hard why not just let your brother do it?" She asked, not looking away from her literature.

Aries sighed. "This is my domain, my Mystic to find. There is something blocking me though."

Twilight rolled her eye to the side and looked at Aries. "Could it be the Corrupt coming? Some sort of barrier to stop you?" She reasoned.

The Demi-Goddess shook her head with frustration. "No, this has been happening for so long now! When their were more Mystics I could find them easily. This last one is the hardest though, it's like something as stopped me from finding her." Aries took the ball and displayed it for Twilight to see. Inside was a mist of silver and blue hues. A small light started to glow purple with a tiny ball of orange floating around it. "This on here is Mythic Rune. I can only know that because his Mystic blood was awakened. I can only see someone from another world if they have been awakened."

Twilight nodded as Aries continued to explain. A second ball of light began to glow. It was pure white, clean of traits. "Now this is the Mystic of Albion. See how the light is pure white and void of anything? This means they are still sleeping, their blood I mean." Aries focused a small fraction of her power into the crystal ball. Around the Mystic's avatar was suddenly a barrier of dark orange color. "This is stopping me from reaching this Mystic's identity."

"I see." Twilight muttered under her breath. "Well this is of the utmost interest. I think we should both examine this. Perhaps it is a not entirely a separate entity that is causing this. Perhaps this person knows what they are and are hiding from you. I mean, just look at what is happening outside." Twilight pointed to an open window, the sky was pitch black as a night with no light.

"I suppose that is a possibility" Aries agreed with Twilight. "It would be much easier with Victor here." Soon a guard in steel armor came up to the two sitting at the table. "What is this about, Madam?"

The guard stuck her head out for Aries to take it. "Quick child, the boy Victor says the enemy is at the wall!"

In the Alchemist's lab, Bonsia and Fluttershy were accompanied Luna. "So they have started the planning already?" Bonsia asked as she pulled the leaf off a flower for her brew.

Luna nodded her head, her bangs covering one eye as it slipped out of placed. "Yeah, I left Mythic awhile ago. I haven't seen Victor though." Luna moved her hair into place.

Fluttershy, grinding leaves in a mortar and pestle, lifted her head from her work. With a wipe of her sweaty forehead, she gave a smile to Luna. "I saw him not to long ago actually. Just before you showed up he said something about taking a nap somewhere. I had left to get water, so I have no clue where he is."

A solider ran in the room, a whole unit passing the doorway. The guard went up to Luna and gave her a salute. "Madam Luna, the boy Victor as requested you come to the city wall. He says the enemy is upon us and they need you."

Luna returned the salute to the guard. "I'll be there in a moment, go get armed." The woman nodded and ran out the door. Luna approached Bonsia and Fluttershy. She gave them both a hug. "Now both of you do your parts well. I'll be sure to play my part too." Luna then let them go and jobbed out the door.

Bonsia was left there, standing in thought. She gave a fake smile and turned to her ingredients. "Making medicine, that is always my part." Bonsia said under her breath. She plucked the pedals off a flower to be ground into the next batch of tonic. "I wish Victor had another part for me."

A yawn was heard from a pile of hay in the corner of the lab. From within the straw rose a Demi-God, he had a piece of the straw in his mouth and rubbed one eye. "Who called me?"

Fluttershy stopped grounding the mortar and looked to the sleepy Victor. "Victor? Shouldn't you be at the city wall with the others?"

The tired boy rubbed his butt. "Why would I be there?" He opened his eyes to see figures run passed the door. "Oh my Father! Are we under attack already?" Victor sniffed the air. "Yes, I can smell the danger...And also something foul like, wait a second." He gave the air one more sniff, twisting his face. He looked at the hay and then at the girls. "Where is this hay from?"

Bonsia pointed out a window, to the stables. "We got the hay from the stable. It is better to use it than with rags because it saves fabric. You just throw the hay on a spill and sweep, easy."

"And this is how the Black Plague began in the world of Albion." Victor said under his breath. He quickly took the straw out of his mouth and spat on the hay as he stepped out of it.

"I must ask once more, why are you not at the wall?" Bonsia asked.

Victor dusted himself off, finding a small 'pellet' on his back. "Eww. To answer you Bonsia, I have no idea what is going on. I talked to Mythic, walked down the stairs, talked to Flutter baby right here." Fluttershy tilled here head at the term, Flutter baby. "And then she left to grab something or other. That is when I dived into the pile of hay and took a few nice minutes of napping."

Bonsia was at this point, extremely confused. "Well if you didn't give the warning, who did?"

Codut City Wall

Mythic, along with Jika, stood on the top of the city wall. They looked over to the other side to find nothing but a large thunder cloud. "What is this?" Jika said in confusion. "Where are the corrupt?"

"I don't know." Mythic answered. "Victor said the enemy was already here." Mythic turned to Victor, who was standing next to him. "Victor, where are they Corrupt?"

Victor looked up at Mythic with a smile. "Well they aren't here, now are they? I said the enemy was at the wall, not the Corrupt."

Mythic bent down to Victors level and looked at him in the eye. "Look Vic, I know you are old as shit but that isn't an excuse to go crazy now." Mythic squinted as he stared at Victor. 'Something is up.'
I concur, Sir
'Brain, run a full diagnostic on Victor.'
....Done Sir, also we are royally fucked.
'Why do you say that?'

"Get away from him!" Shouted a voice in the distance. Bonsia was on horse back, along with Applejack, Rarity, Twilight and the newly found Pinkie. Bonsia rushed off her horse and tried to move through the army that had amassed at the wall and gate. "Get away from him!"

"What are you talking about?" Mythic yelled back at her. He noticed the lack of three others. "Where is Luna, Rainbow and Fluttershy?" High from the sky, a Rainbow hair girl swooped down and lifted Jika up off her feet. Mythic's hold reaction was to flinch as a pair of arms took him by surprise. "What the hell?" He questioned, none other than Luna. "Luna, what are you doing? Put me down."

Luna descended to the earth below, along with Rainbow Dash to place both Mythic and Jika down. Jika stumbled back. "Let go! What are you doing here?"

Rainbow Dash, folding her blue wings, stepped towards Jika with a tight fist risen. "We are here to save your lives." She pointed to Victor, up on the wall, looking down at them all. "That is not the real Victor! He is a fake!"

Mythic, hearing this felt as though it was the truth. He looked at Victor, knowing Rainbow Dash was right. "That is not my Victor." He mumbled.

"Glad to know you can tell!" Victor shouted from above, him and Aries being carried by Fluttershy. The yellow winged girl plopped the two onto the ground, Aries at least. Victor stood tall and firm. "Whoever this is he did a pretty good job at copying even my aura." Victors eyes glowed, a small flame emanating from his pupil. Victor slowly made his way to the stairs up to the top of the wall. As he climbed the stairs, he kept all focus on this doppelganger. Once both Victors were face to face, the real one examined him further.

"Why hello there, Victor." The doppelganger said in a pleased tone. "Hows it going? Life treating you swell?" He exaggerated with the swing of his arm and a smile.

Victor stopped the examination and stared into his copy cats eyes. "Who are you?

The doppelganger smile with a wide and toothy grin. "Who am I? I am Victor. Or as my family calls me, Victory King!" The title, no, Victor's real name shocked Aries and the real Victor. "I am also the King of Gods' son and brother to Aries King, my incest loving sister." He looked down at the red haired Demi-Goddess.

Aries blushed and gave the copy both of her middle fingers. "Fuck you!"

The doppelganger smile. "Why, because I look like lover boy here?" He took Victor by the face and swished his cheeks. "I mean look at that O so sexy face!" He let go, leaving a mark on Victors jaw line. "Did I mention I won all the battle I have fought?"

"Stop it." Victor muttered.

"I mean I even killed worlds full of magical beings. Ones that have now been extinct!"

"Stop it now."

"Oh, it seems I hit a soft spot." The doppelganger said with another smile. "But I mean, no one could hit your soft spot like your former mortal whore!"

"Be silent!" Victor roared, nearly sounding like a lions growl.

The doppelganger frowned at Victor and then the massively confused army before him. "Sorry folks, no more time to talk." His frown quickly turned into a big smile. "Though maybe he wouldn't mind talking about his baby brother, the one he let die. Mar King!"

A vain popped in Victor's forehead. His hand reached out and took the doppelgangers neck. Victors eyes went into a state of blood red against his green eyes. "You will tell me who you are, how you know my full name, how you know about Kye and how you know about my brother!" Victor yelled once more.

The doppelganger laughed and looked at Victor with a smirk. "I can answer this in two moves. One, I'm the one to kill them." He snapped his fingers and a Rune portal opened up in the sky. A swarm of Shadows flooding through, nearly invisible against the thunder clouds. The doppelgangers eyes changed from green, to sickly yellow. "And two, it's me cousin."

Victor had a chill sent down his back. Lightning flashed and thunder crackled. In an instant the reflection of Victor changed to someone else, a boy the same size as Victor. His hair was black with a white streak in the center. His skin was dark with wounds and cuts. He wore a white cloak with a hood. Victor was in shock, he know this Demi-God far too well. "Dom."

"Domination, bitch!" Dom smacked Victor across the face, sending him flying. As Victor landed into the side of a building, Dom floated into the air with the help of pure black wings. He turned not to chase Victor, but to look down at Mythic and his friends. "You, Mythic Rune, are here by issued one more chance."

From a second portal Talso appeared, still in equine form, with two things. In his mouth, was the beaten body of a woman in a white dress with multi-colored hair. Princess Celestia, as all of them could have guessed. Under Talos's wing, a box.

"Inside that box is the Elements of Harmony. With Talos is Princess Celestia. "Now if you join the Shard, you will be allowed to live and well will touch neither the land of the equines or Earth. Yet if you refuse, you will be fought and killed here by Talos and his handlers. So what is it going to be, Mystic boy?"

End of The Beginning: The Oncoming Storms

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"Now if you join the Shard, you will be allowed to live and we will touch neither the land of the equines nor Earth. Yet if you refuse, you will be fought and killed here by Talos and his handlers. So what is it going to be, Mystic boy?" Dom said, a large smile on his face.

Mythic eye'd Dom, but quickly looked away to the city around him. The swarm of Corrupt had already begun it's descent onto Albion. The guards had begun their fight with ground Shadows, while some of the more magic experienced fighters tried to counter act the airborne attackers. Mythic turned back the dark Demi-God. "Tell me, Dom." Mythic quickly summoned Eclipse to his side. He took a defiant step forward and glared at the enemy. "Who the hell does that work on?"

Dom squinted one eye. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me you. Has that line ever worked on a single living thing?" Mythic pointed Eclipse at the floating boy. "For as long as I have a free will, I will never join the Shard, the Corrupt or you!" He looked toward Talos. To think that he was once someone like me.

Dom slowly shook his head in disapproval. "Human, they were always the most stubborn of the lot." Dom flew down to Talos. He landed to his side and patted him on the head. "Good work, Talos. Drop the Princess and the box." Talos did as he was commanded, dropping Celestia and the Elements of Harmony. "Good, now go kill Mythic Rune!"

A pleasure to him, Talos eye'd Mythic with a grin. "Yes, Lord Dom." Talos bolted up into the air, taking his sword and readying himself for a dive bomb.

Mythic held his hands to the sky, and conjured a rune shield. It was not begin enough for more that one, so he urged to the others to get away. "Jika, Luna, get everyone away. Then I need you to take care of those damn Shadows."

"Mythic don't be foolish!" Luna said. "You don't really think you can hold off those three by yourself, do you?" Luna glared to the Demigod, Shard and Corrupt. "That is three against one. I will no leave you to fight this on your own."

"Neither am I!" Jika roared. "They have attacked my home, my land, my soil!" She took her sword into her hand and drew it. "I will fight now, not later."

"Morons!" Dom shouted from the air. He rose his hand into the air. A dark mist twisted around his arm soon turning into a spear. "More blood for me than!"

"Not so fast!" A harsh voice shouted from above. Victor, lifted in the air with no wings, shouted below. "You and me, Dom."

The Demigod looked up to Victor and smiled. "My pleasure cousin!" Dom flapped his wings and soared into the sky. His speared aimed for Victor's head.

Just before contact, Victor leaned back and started to freefall. He took a large pouch from his bag and tossed it to Mythic. "Catch!" Without waiting for a response, Victor turned and faced the ever approaching Dom. He placed his hands together and cried out. "Mythic release!" As he said this, Dom quickly grabbed him by the collar, Victor grabbing hold of him also. "Time to party, bitch." The two Demigods vanished in a flash of light, leaving the rest to their respected combatants.

Talos, hearing the Demigod yell, turned his eye once more to Mythic. He dropped Celestia and the Elements to the ground and dashed towards him. "Now it's our turn!" The black pegasus roared as he tackled Mythic, knocking down everyone around him.

Mythic, other than feeling the body that just made contact with him, felt wings ripping through his clothes. The were purple feathered and about six feet in span. Mythic looked back to his wings, only to see a wall fast approaching. He grabbed hold of Talos and did and spin, forcing him to land into the stone instead. Mythic than took his right fist and started to punch him in the snout. "Lets dance to the dead."

Luna quickly got up, seeing Talos and Mythic crashing into a wall. She turned to the air, the pouch still falling. She flew up and caught it. It dropped alittle, being heavier than expected. "What is in here, rocks?" Luna opened the pouch and pulled out a ring and two small vials of glowing liquid. At the bottom was Mythic's medallion. 'Damn that weighs a shit tone. Bad Luna! No cursing!'

The Princess slowly descended down to the ground when a large stream of fire was shot in front of her. She turned to the source to see Mortem Rex, who pulled back his hood. He was pale, with a red Mohawk and dark brown eyes. His eyes focused on Luna, only glancing at the crystal once every so often. He pulled a fist back and it started to glow red, gathering energy to fire at her. As he unleashed it, Mortem threw his fist forward, punching the air.

On the ground, Jika, along with most of the others, watched as a barrage of flames scattered into the sky and rushed the Moon Goddess. "Luna!" Jika grimaced, watching Luna trying to avoid the fires. A pouch started to fall from the sky, being caught by Jika. She opened it and found the contents. She looked to the Equestrians, handing the bag to the nearby Twilight. "Do you guys know what this stuff is?"

Twilight took the bag, nodded at Jika. "Yes, I know what this stuff is." Twilight turned to her friends, holding out the bag. "Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity."

The three girls walked up to Twilight and looked inside the bag. Rarity grabbed the ring and placed it on her finger. "Well it is about time! I was worried I'd be looking like a bystander in the mix." Rarity stood by as Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie took the two vials. "You know what to do girls. Drink up!"

Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie looked to each other and grimaced. "We really don't wanna." Pinkie Pie complained. "This stuff makes use feel weird."

"You're gonna feel died if you don't!" Rainbow Dashed said, flying back down with Celestia and the elements in her arms. "Now drink it or I'll force feed you both!" Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie started to drink both vials before the corks hit the ground. Both girls spun their heads slowly, dazed from the potion. But soon, they both started to take steps forward. A menacing look emerged on both faces. Pinkie Pie grabbed Fluttershy's hand and both took off into the air. "Well that...That is not reassuring."

"You're telling me." Rarity said in a low voice. From around the side of a building, Shadow's started to gather. Rarity called them out to the others. "We have company, girls!"

Rainbow Dash laid Princess Celestia on a pile of hay nearby for safety. He then slowly regathered with the others. "I've been waiting to fight all day."

Applejack snickered. "I'ma surprised ya didn't jump in the brawlen befer' now." Rainbow Dash glared at her, causing Applejack to roll her eyes. "Might as well get started than."

Jika rushed towards the Shadows and began to fight like her sisters had already done. "To battle, sisters!"

Bonsia stayed, unable to do anything. She simply lifted the unconscious Celestia onto her shoulder and slowly ran into a building where she was to wait out the fighting. She than ran back out to pick up the box that contained the Elements of Harmony. As she picked it up, a loud thud, like that of a smack, echoed. She turned to the sky and saw Mythic's fight, continuing to escalate.

Talos was thrown into the air, Mythic close behind. He flew under the Corrupt and dragged his blade on the ground. He tightened his grip and bolted into a vertical spin. A barrage of flames entered his field of vision. He halted his incline and protected himself with his Rune Shield. As he waited for the flames to die out, he caught glimpse of Mortem Rex, with Luna under his arm.

Mythic prepared to go after Mortem Rex, yet was turned away when he saw a yellow beam of magic quickly closing in on him. "Shit! No time to-" The magic attack hit Mythic hard and sent him to the ground. Dust rose from his crater, Mythic coughed as he tried to regain his breathe. "Little shit got me."

"Sir Rune!" Mythic heard a cry from just outside of his crater. A guard stood there with her spear. She run in and assisted him to his feet. "Are you injured, Sir?" She asked.

Mythic shook his head, looking around for Eclipse. "I am fine solider." He looked up into the air and saw both Talos and Mortem Rex. He stuck his blade into the ground and pulled his hands back. "Solider, you may want to get back in the fight. Many things to kill."

The solider saluted to Mythic and began to run away, returning to her own battle. Mythic started to channel magic into his hands. He bent his knees, cracked his neck and started to let out a low groan. Slowly, bright ball of magic formed in both his palms. He lifted both hands over his head, and brought them both down to his right side. Mythic's attack started to hum as the magic pulsed in his palms. "Eat this!" He shouted as he threw his hands forward into the sky, aimed at Talos and Mortem Rex. "Moon Fang!" The magic shot upwards, giving off bright blue and silver light.

Mortem Rex let go off Luna, letting her drop to the ground from the sky. He placed the Mana Well infused crystal in front of himself. Once Mythic's attack reached him, the energy was absorbed by the crystal. The residual magic swirled around Mortem Rex and evaporated into a mist. "Fool." Mortem Rex, instead of releasing the magic back at Mythic, turned the crystal towards the army down on the ground. "Death equals happiness."

Jika grunted and panted as he drove he burning blade into the abdomen of her final Corrupt. She was sweating profusely, and her helmet was long gone from close calls. A hand full of blade passed her head with Corrupt as though they were shishkebob.

Twilight dropped her hand to her side, taking deep breaths. She closed her spell book, a slight smile of victory on her lips. The smile quick disparate as a body was thrown over her head. She turned to see Applejack dusting her hands off. She rolled her eye towards Rarity.

The purple haired girl sat on a pedestal made of gems. He took the silver ring of her hand and rubbed her hand. A bruise was left where the ring rested. Rarity reacted with a gasp. "My dear Celestia! I have a bruised finger!"

"Oh pipe down, Rarity." Rainbow Dash said brashly as she floated down from the sky. She held a winged Shadown under her arm. Rainbow Dash quickly gave it a quick jab in the head, turning it into mist. "Has anyone seen the powerhouse twins?"

A rumbling from the earth beneath them signaled the return of their friends. A massive hole was drilled upward, a hoard of Corrupt being thrown out from under the surface. A pink and yellow streak blurred into the sky. A few seconds passed when Fluttershy, holding Pinkie Pie in her arms with a drill, landed. The hyper active duo roared in victory. "Hell yeah! Lets do that again!" The winged girl yelled.

Pinkie threw her drill down and threw her hands into the air. "Hell yeah!" The two collided in a high five, and then passed out.

Their friends gave each other a nervous look with a fake smile. "Should we, help them?" Jika inquired with he blade sheathed.

"I got em'!" A voice shouted from behind the group. Bonsia ran with two vials of pink liquid.

"Bonsia." Jika stepped in her way. "What are you doing here?"

Bonsia displayed a bag on her back and two vials of medicine. "I thought you guys could use some help?" She replied.

Jika sighed and moved out of her way. "Alright, till they awaken take them somewhere safe. And-"

"Moon Fang!" Mythic's roar was heard. A bright blue and silver light shot into the sky in the form of a beam of magic.

"There he goes again." Twilight side, watching as the magic quickly approuched Mortem Rex in the air. She saw him drop Luna and her eyes widened. "And there goes Luna!" Twilight turned to Rainbow Dash, already flapping her wings."

The rainbow haired girl dashed into the air and reached out for Luna. Rainbow caught her by the arm and pulled her up. "Damn, Luna is heavy!" She said aloud.

"Death equals happiness." Rainbow Dashes ears pinged as she heard Mortem Rex speak. She turned back to see him point the crystal in the direction of the armies main forces. A burst of flames was fired into the mass formation, exploding on contact.

The sight shocked Rainbow Dash and the others. Debris was sent into the air, burning wood, stone, weapons and even bodies.

Jika, in the moment, dropped to her knees. Her eyes were consumed by the sight before her. "Oh my Gods."

The fire burned high, scorching the earth below.

Mythic stared in shook, words could not describe the horror he had just witnessed. He heard the yelling, the pleas and the dropping and burning of debris. In front of him a skull, completely burnt, landed. It stared at him, and he at it. His breathing became rapid and irregular. He slowly gazed up into the sky, his vision blocked by the large body of his advisory.

Mortem Rex took Mythic by the neck with one hand and tightening his grip. With his strength, he lifted him into the air. The two slowly inclined to the sky, a smile of victor on his face. "Do you see what we, The Shard, can do?" Mortem Rex asked in a mighty tone. He snapped his fingers, a spark was released into the air. The sky turned ablaze, fire literally raining down to the ground. He looked into Mythic's eyes with a smirk before dropping him.

As he fell the world around Mythic slowed down. What do I do? What can I do? His mind now running faster than everything else. Can he truly do all that?

"Yes..." A low and sudden voice said in the back of Mythic's mind. He did not hear it though, so he could not respond.

That much destruction is untrue. No possible way he could do that. Are the Shard really like that?


Could I have power like that?

"Soon." The voice was now clear and heard. "You must first make room for your power. You must kill all who are stronger, you must be more powerful than anyone else. Kill, to gain power. Kill, to gain new found strength."

But I don't want to kill.

"Soon you will learn to love it." The voice faded, sending Mythic's mind back to it's normal train of thought.

Mythic was released from his slow and deep state of mind. His eyes snapped up to Mortem Rex, rage consuming his vision. slowed down to the ground. "He is going to die with my sword. Up! His! Ass!"

"Mythic!" Mythic turned around to catch the sight of his medallion flying right at him. The Mystic caught it and looked at Twilight, the one to throw it. He saw she and the others had dawned their own Elements. Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy barely standing with the assistance of the Storm sisters. "Hurry up and put it on!" Behind the small crowd, Luna rested on a pile of hay. She was mostly hidden on the side of a small stone building.

Mythic nodded and rushed to place his medallion on. Once he placed it on his neck though, he felt a hoof smack him in the face. Talos was flying at top speed and rammed into him. "Forget me, Mystic?"

"Sir, we must use the Elements now! It is our only chance to level the field!
I know that!

Mythic grabbed hold of Talos and spun him into the ground. "Not now, Dead man!" With Talos in the ground, Mythic ran back to the others. "Now damn it!"

Hearing Mystic's plea, the bearers started to harmonize their Elements in unison. They slowly ascended as a pure white light started to illuminate from the six bearers. Just as the process began though, a large burst of fire had crashed a short distance away from them. The force from the blast threw everyone, including the Storm sisters. The blast came from their monster-like advisory. Once he saw the Elements land on their face, Mortem Rex dived at Mythic with rage scarred on his face. "You will not be using that trick!"

Jika had quickly recovered from the blast, shooting her head up to search for the nearest danger. Watching Mortem Rex preparing to attack Mythic head on, she rushed to her feet and lifted her sword from the ground. Jika prepared to use a magic spell, placing her hand on the blue flames emanating from her weapon. Her pace quickened, drawing her closer to the eminent collision. The fire from his sword grew higher and Jika threw it in front of Mythic.

Mortem Rex reached out for Mythic, only to retract and stop as Jika's burning blade flew past him. The man looked in the direction the blade came from, only to find a ball of fire to greet him. Mortem blocked the fire with his arms, but was thrown back due to the force. Mortem Rex's eyes shot open at the shear power he was feeling from the magic. He groaned and then started to yell as he threw his arms and hands up, redirecting the fire.

Mythic watched in awe as Mortem Rex was pushed back. Jika grabbed his shoulder, urging to attack. "We need to attack now. Give the others time to do what they were doing."

"Right." Mythic nodded his head. He started to focus his magic into a seal, launching a barrage of missiles in his enemies direction. Five of the magic projectiles blaze through the air as they sought out Mortem Rex, who was forced into a hole.He heard Jika yell something, not able to hear clearly, he turned to face her. As he head swiveled to his right, Mythic saw Talos with his blade ready to impale him.

"Move, Mythic!" Jika pushed Mythic out of the way by leaning into him and shoving him forward. Talos was flying too fast to change his targets, he impaled Jika instead. Her blood slowly started to drip onto the blade, and onto the ground. Talos removed his sword from her side, the sudden shock sending her to the ground. Through the pain, she keep her eyes on Mythic at all times.

Mythic watched as Jika collapsed, his eyes witnessing an act so close to himself sent his mind into overdrive. His eyes darted over Jika and Talos. Anger burned in his heart, an emotion which was already becoming strong inside him. Without a thought to his movements, Mythic summoned his blade from the ground and took a powerful step forward. Talos was quicker however. Talos stabbed Mythic in his abdominal muscles, forcing the Mystic to a halt. The Corrupt slid his blade out slowly, enjoying the pain he saw on Mythic's face as he dropped to his knees.

Screams were heard, attention being diverted to the Element wielders. Tears poured from their faces as the bruised covered women struggled to stand. Rainbow Dashes lip poured blood as she bite down hard on it. Bonsia stared at the sight blankly, her mind finding a way to process what unfolded before them all.

Mortem Rex slowly climbed out of his hole and dusted himself off. When his eyes landed upon the sight off both Mythic and Jika, he grinned in pleasure. "Talos!" Mortem Rex shouted. "I commend you!"

Talos bowed before his master. "I thank you Lord Mortem Rex. I left the killing blows to you." He said in an obedient manner.

Mortem Rex laughed as he walked by Talos and towards Mythic and Jika. Her eyes fixed on the large, towering man. Mythic looked up at the conqueror. "I pity you, Mythic Rune. So young and so powerful in such a short time. You had a bright future." Mythic simply looked up at him, a tired expression overtook his face. Mortem Rex reached for his crystal and placed it in front of Mythic. "You see this? This it your-"

"I'll live!" Mythic shouted with what was his final strength. He caught Mortem Rex off guard and picked up Eclipse. With a powerful upward swing, he cut the Shard's arm off. The crystal went flying over their heads as a result. The Mystic snapped his head towards his friends with one final saying before his final punishment. "I think this is goodbye." Mythic heard a snap of finger, followed by Shadow crowding around his friends. "No!"

Sparks, embers, flames and fire was all that was seen. The sky was turning into a blaze and the earth scorching red. His partner looking up at him as he tried to assist her. Mythic was kicked in the side, increasing his blood lose as his lungs barely held breath and his mouth released the crimson tide. He hit the ground with a powerful thud and rolled into a pile of stone. All he could think was one thing. "How could I let this happen?"

Mortem Rex picked him up with his only hand and stared at Mythic with rage. "You were weak, pathetic and out matched. You were one Mystic, followed by a ragtag bunch of weakling. Most of whom, can't use magic. So you lose, I win." Mortem Rex dropped Mythic top the ground and kicked him once more. "I am the King of Death!"

Bonsia quivered, her fear taking over her body. She stood in the middle, surrounded by fighting. All her allies were doing everything they could to fight. Spells, attacks, everything to stay safe. A new and sudden sound of hacking and slashing caught her attention. She turned her head in the direction of the noise to find Princess Luna. She was attacking furiously with her sword.

Luna jumped into the air with her wings. She than started to caste magic down into the crowds of black with bolts of ice. Luna quickly thinned out the numbers of Corrupt, soon hearing her allies call her name. Luna landed next to the group, folding her wings for the time being. "Twilight! Where is Mythic?" The Princess asked with dread.

Twilight's tears told Luna more than words could. The purple haired girl pointed in the direction of Mortem Rex and Talos. The bodies of Mythic and Jika, slowly losing blood caught her sight.

Luna stared at Mythic, being dropped by the tall brute. She unfolded her wings and took off without another word. As her blade prepared to slash Mortem Rex's neck, Talos stopped the blade with his own. Luna screamed loudly, visible pushing Talos back.

Mythic slowly closed his eyes as he saw Luna fight with Talos. He smirked and reached out to his blade faintly. His arm was stepped on. He looked into and spat at Mortem Rex. "Go die in shit."

Jika's senses slowly started to fail her. Her voice died, her hearing was faint, she smelled the ashes less and less. Her vision too was soon to be lost until she saw Luna come from over her head and attack Talos. Her hopes were sparked for an instant, but she could no longer hold her eyes open.

Jika felt her spirit leaving her body. She started to float in darkness, cold and everlasting. Her emotions started to collide together, forming sadness and rage and guilt and remorse. "Why did it have to be like this?" She asked herself. "If I was given another chance...Please, Gods, give me a second-"

"Shut your mouth!" A booming voice lashed out at Jika. Jika's eyes shot open with new found strength and energy. "I wish not to hear a little girl cry just as I wake up."

"As you are just waking up?" Jika questioned. "What do you mean by that?"

The black abyss brightened to warm shades of yellow, orange and red. In the distance, a figure drew near. A dragon flew to her like a bird to it's nest. It was covered in red scales of crimson shade, two horns and tattered wings. The dragon's claws seemed to be made of metal, gleaming light off of an unknown source. The wide eyes of the beast were silver with pure black slits.

The winged creature then stopped in front of Jika, looking down at her. "Jika Storm!" The beast roared. "Do you know my name?" Jika shook her head, not of the Dragon's name. "You must learn my name if you wish to win your fights."

"This is the first time I have met you." Jika replied. "How could I possible know your name?"

The Dragon laughed, showing his fangs. In the top row of his teeth, a single fang seemed to be missing from the rest. "Little girl, we have met once before. Many years ago, you forced me to awaken so that I may save my investment."

"Your investment?" Jika asked, confused as to what the Dragon meant. Then she remembered back to when she was younger. "You were the voice that saved my life?" She asked.

The Dragon laughed hardily. "Do I look like only a voice, Jika?" He asked, receiving a shack of Jika's head. "The reason you are hear Jika, is to truly awakened."

Jika was ignorant as to what he meant by this. "Truly awaken?"

"Yes, now listen carefully to my words. They will teach you many things." The Dragon wrapped his wings around Jika. "Now, my name is..."

On the roof of the palace of Codut, Aries sat with teary eyes. She watched as her Albion slowly burnt to the ground. Most of the army had been burnt from Mortem Rex's attack earlier and the remaining forces had fallen back to the palace. Aries sobs drowned out the sounds of battle to only her ears alone.

From her midsection, she felt a warm presence. She opened her robe to find her crystal ball glowing bright red with a blaze swirling like a tornado. " this?"

Aries crystal ball grew a crack from within. The flames became too hot for her and she dropped it. "Ouch! What the fuck is going on?" The Demigoddess asked in a roar.

Across the city, Twilight and the others kept up their own fight. Luna had been keeping Talos busy for only a few short minutes while Mythic and Mortem Rex stared each other down. Twilight and the others had cleared most the Shadows away, allowing them to move freely.

Bonsia ran around, from cover to cover. While sprinting to a pillar, Bonsia spotted something laying on the ground. The crystal Mortem Rex had used along with his hand. Bonsia redirected herself towards the crystal and snatched it off the ground. Using her better judgement, Bonsia called out to Twilight. "Twilight!" The purple haired girl turned to Bonsia as she waved the crystal in the air.

"Bonsia!" Twilight shouted back ash she tried to hold off more of the Shadows. "What is it?" She shouted once more, making her way to Bonisa.

Mythic, holding his wound, looked away from Mortem Rex for an instant. He had spotted Bonsia with the Mana Well infused crystal and wore a face of emergency. Mortem Rex tracked his face over to Bonsia and smirked. The Shard then dashed towards the girl and launched a bolt of fire towards her. "Bonsia, look out!" Mythic shouted, grunting as the wound caused him more pain.

Bonsia heard Mythic, and also saw Mortem Rex with his magic attack. In defense, she threw her hands in front of her with the crystal. As the magic fire drew closer, it was taken in by the crystal. Bonsia's eyes flashed open as the magic started to surge from the crystal into her body. Bonsia started to scream in pain as the magic overflowed within her. A wave of arcane power shot out from her, clearing the area of Corrupt and Mortem Rex. The Equestrians were worried and confused once they saw what Bonsia had done. A bright ethereal glow illuminated off her as she squirmed. Even Mortem Rex stood still and silent.

Aries stepped through a Rune portal just in time to see the events unfolding. "My Lord father..."

"He's an asshole." A voice said from behind. Aries turned to see Victor, blood and cut decorated his body. He leaned on a spear for support. "What have I missed?"

Aries slapped Victor across the face. "What did you miss?" She said sarcasticly. "Not much, only the burning of Codut, a large fucking invasion and oh yes." Aries threw Victor in front of her so he had a clear view of Bonsia. "What the hell is going on?" She yelled at him.

Victor gasped at the scene. "Get me your ball now." She demanded in a low tone. Aries did as he asked and pulled it from her robe. She handed it to Victor and the Demigod held it at eye level. He examined the fire inside it and the crack. He witnessed as a small orb of light danced along with the flame. Victor smirked and threw the ball to the ground, forcing it to break. "Here we go."


From within the ball, the flames escaped and launched into the air. They danced and rushed past everything and everyone. The blaze traveled in a circular patterned over the body of Jika. Her spilt blood started to boil and her armor began to cook. The burning flames turned to a dark blue as a figure was shaped from them. A dragon with soul piercing eyes stood over Jika's body.

Deep within herself, Jika and the Dragon had finished their brief conversation. The blue and green haired woman was released from the Dragon's wings with her own body ablaze. Jika had awaken slowly, the Dragon disappearing and the flames placing themselves into her blade.

Mythic stared at Jika in aw. "My God. Jika-" Mythic had turned to Bonsia's screams as they hit their peek.

The red and green haired young woman's screams raged on as the wind started to turn. The clouds began to spin above Bonsia as magic flooded out of her. Aries rushed over to her with instructions Victor gave her. Aries grabbed hold of Bonsia, and reached for her neck. Under her collar, Aries found a silver necklace Mythic had given her. Aries started to focus Bonsia's magic overflow into the necklace as a way to lessen the amount coursing through her body.

Soon, Bonsia's screams softened into nothing. Her magic was still pulsating from her body though. Aries had nothing else to help her. Victor told her only to do those three simple things. The speed of the wind started to pick up though, even after Aries had redirected some of the magic. Bonsia's breaths soon became regular and she slowly opened her eyes. A new presence was felt around her, she was somehow stronger than before.

"-And Bonsia?" Mythic muttered.

"Yup." Victor said, standing next to Mythic with a vial. He handed it to Mythic is haste. "Hurry and drink."

Mythic took the vial and popped the cork. He drank the potion and could feel this body regenerate quickly. As much as it was gnawing at Mythic to know what he drank, Jika and Bonsia came to mind first. "Victor, what is going on with the sisters?"

Victor smiled and patted Mythic on the shoulder. "We aren't alone anymore."

Jika stood up from the ground and picked up her blade. She unsheathed it slowly, clean and unscratched metal. Her flames now burnt higher. "In the beginning of time, fire raged, war was planned and blood was meant to spill." Mortem Rex found himself taken back by Jika's words. Her snapped his fingers and summoned three Super-shadows to kill her. The monsters dived down onto her and covered her with their bodies.

"So in order to regulate this unfortunate case, few were chosen." An eruption of blue fire burnt the Corrupt to ashes. Jika now stood with a longer sword made of a tooth with sharpened edges. "Balthazar. Dragon of fire, war and challenges. I am Jika Storm, my eternal name is Fire Storm. And I am a Rune Solider."

Bonsia, placed her hand out towards Mortem Rex. "The chosen will bring the light to the dark and find the balance between two. Mortem Rex once more summoned a group of Super-shadows and commanded them to attack. The creatures of the dark crowded Bonsia, ready to end her life. To everyone's surprise, a Rune seal etched itself into the ground and became whole. It glowed white and sent the Corrupt high into the air where they turned to mist. Bosia pointed to her enemy with a narrow brow. "I was challenged and therefore I am stronger. I am Bonsia Storm." She looked to Aries at her said, who nodded like a proud mother and than to Victor and Mythic who also grinned. She turned back to Mortem Rex with confidence in her voice. "And I am a Mystic!"

Mystic Law: Phoenix Force

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Mortem Rex's hands trembled, his head was lowered and his blood boiled. "You, a Mystic?" He addressed Bonsia. "You are nothing more than a little, piss-shit woman from a back water land!" Mortem Rex threw his head up and glared at Bonsia. His eyes were filled with rage. The very ground around him turned to ash and he flew up into the air. "Damn the Masters orders!" The Shard snapped his fingers to summon another minion. From within the portal, out came a Corrupt much larger than even a Super-Shadow.

This creature floated down from the sky with stone legs the size of small homes. It's midsection was a block of stone, whole and with no cracks. The arms were bulky metal, with claws that would cut through all other metal. As it touched the ground, it's head was finally shown as a ball of black fire with twisted and whipped through the air. Carved into the stone chest was an insignia. A flame with thunder crashing down upon it.

The Shard above threw his hands above his head. He focused all his magic into a single point in his palm. They started to glow a dark and tainted red. "Now as my pet kills you, I will like this world!" Mortem Rex shouted down below. "Damn the Well! The Cycle! And even the Gods!" The ball of magic started to grow.

Victor gave a Mortem Rex a smirk before commenting on his statement. "Damn even the Gods? Well we only have demi and celestial Gods."

Mythic gave Victor a side stare. "You truly do have a way with words my friend."

"Oi, shut it and kick his ass." Victor commanded. "I'll get Luna and Celestia awake." The bruise covered Demigod looked to Mythic with an express of plea. His very eyes carried a message of worry to the Mystic. "It just started. Don't let the tail end here, Mythic."

Mythic stood up from his dirt seat. He smirked and chuckled in spite of the situation. Mythic ripped off the sleeves of his robe. He picked up his Eclipse blade and unfolded his wings. "Alright, time to get mythical."

Jika walked in front of Mythic. She stared at him with impatient annoyance. "Not so fast, Rune. You're not fighting this without us."

"That is right!" Bonsia shouted as she ran up to Mythic. "I got powerful magic now too. Hell, I wiped those Corrupt out in seconds."

Mythic smiled at the two. "Alright." He replied. He turned to the other six girls and gave them a wide smile in encouragement. "Girls. I think it is time to show 'em the power of Harmony."

In unison, the six girls shouted in a cheer. With approval, Mythic made his way to his friends. They surrounded him in a circle and started to activated the Elements around him. Mortem Rex's minion launched an attack at the Elements. It started towards them as its arms detached from the body. They flew toward the light that not engulfed Mythic, Twilight and the others. As it neared, Jika leaped into the air with her sword. She swung downward, cutting on of the two in half. Bonsia conjured a seal and fired a strong beam of magic at the second. The magic attack incinerated the metal arm into dust.

"Time to die!" Mortem Rex shouted from the sky. His magic ball had grown to colossus size. "Hell Impact!" Mortem Rex threw the magic down to the ground. It slowly descended with massive pressure. "Die under the pressure of a dwarf sun and return to the dust of eternity!"

Jika forced her magic into a blue fireball and shot it up towards the energy ball. It was snuffed by the more consecrated energy. Jika was left shocked, while Bonsia fired a high powered magic beam at the ball. In vain, the attack had no effect. Neither could fly or had Mortem Rex in their sight. "What the hell is that?" Jika shouted.

"It is your end!" Mortem Rex roared. "I told you all! I am the Death King! You can't escape it!"

The bright light from the Harmonization started to dim. With it, Mythic responded to his advisories taunt. "True, but death will not fall on us this day! I will keep my friends alive and avenge those who fell this day!" The Six Element bearers floated down and plopped to the ground. In the center of the six, Mythic stood tall.

His had appearance shift slightly. His face now had what seemed to be Celtic designs on his jawline. His arms displayed a total of ten tribal bands around them. His wings grew smaller and took up less space. His Eclipse blade was not with it's master though. It didn't worry Mythic much though. What did worry him was the fact that the Equestrians had turned back into ponies. "Girls, are you okay?" Mythic asked in haste.

Twilight nodded her head. "We're okay. Please don't worry about us. You have a fight to finish, please hurry."

Rainbow Dash lifter her head up and smiled at Mythic. "Give 'em a good pounding."

Mythic smiled at his friends. "Right." He closed his eyes for a moment before facing the massive magic ball heading for the ground. His expression turned serious as he ran towards Mortem Rex's Hell Impact. Mythic planted his feet into the ground and channeled his magic into a red and bronze beam. The Mystic then fired his magic. "Solar Claw!" He roared the name of his attack and watched as it made contact with the magic ball. As strong as it was, it was still not enough to destroy it. Mythic stood fast though and pumped more magic into his attack.

Jika ran to Mythic and shouted his name. "Rune!"

"Are you forgetting my minion?" Mortem Rex asked in a cocky tone. "Go, Brimstone!" The massive Corrupt was awakened from it's stand-by state and attacked Jika and Bonsia. Balls of fire and stones rained down, but the two dodged and counter-attacked well.

Jika thrusted her blade into the creatures midsection. The force caused the whole stone to crack, allowing Bonsia to finish the monster off with a strong magic bolt. As Brimstone fell, the flaming head died out. Bonsia quickly turned from the Corrupt and ran to Mythic. The Mystic was barely holding the magic ball at bay with his own attack. "Mythic!" Bonsia shouted at the top of her lungs. As she drew closer, a black pegasus.

Talos came from the shadows and held out his sword. "You Mystics are like weeds!" A silver blade was thrown from an unknown location. The flew through the air at an angle in which no air resistance left any effect. It passed Talos like an arrow accompanied by the sound of one. "Who the hell?" Talos looked in the general direction of the swords origin.

On top of a building, Luna stood with here wings open and a rather angry expression. "We have a score to settle, Talos!"

The elite Corrupts eyes widened in terror. "Ah shit." Luna soared off her roof top and flew fast towards Talos, who she picked up. Luna then threw him hard to the ground, causing a crater to form. Luna few down to find Talos knocked out. With a sigh, she ran to the ponies. She knelt down and saw they were alright. "Thank goodness."

"Indeed." Victor said as he walked close behind Luna. He turned his head towards Mythic. "It seems he is lasting longer than last time."

Luna nodded in agreement. "It does, but it isn't over yet."

Mythic started to sweat perfusely as he could feel his strength weakening. He dropped his head and one knee to save as much strength as he could. He felt his arms growing weaker and tighter as he prolonged the delay of the magical impact. Yet he could feel something deep inside him awaken. It was not power or renewed strength, but a moment of serenity. His mind was clear of his burden, causing him to notice something.

A cloud of dust was kicked up on both of Mythic's sides. Bonsia and Jika both stood next to Mythic, taking the same stance he had taken. Jika took her sword and pierced the ground, leaving one hand on the hilt. "Balthazar, give us strength!" The Rune Solider was then covered in brilliantine flames that coursed through her body. Jika placed a hand on Mythic's shoulder. Bonsia consecrated and was able to place a Rune seal around the three. Renewed magic started to course through Mythic. He felt both his friends magic flow through him and renew him. "Now Mythic." Jika in a rising voice. "Finish him!"

{Play here}

Mythic's eyes began to burned with stronger determination than before and he shouted with pride. "Right!" The Mystic lifted himself up off the ground and stood tall once more. He began to address his enemy floating in the sky. "Mortem! It is time for me to end this fight!"

Mortem Rex started to laughed hysterically at Mythic. "All that is going to end here is your life and the life of those around you!"

"No!" Mythic roar in defiance. "These friends of mine give me strength, they give me love and they give me even more reason to stop you! You say you are the Death King, but all I sense from you is a man with too much pride and darkness in his heart. A man who was never chose a path to follow or a true desire. But on this day, I swear I shall free you from darkness!" Mythic started to growl, which slowly turned into a mighty yell.

Soon and without fail, Mythic's magic over took Mortem Rex's own and destroyed his Hell Impact. Mythic canceled the flow of magic and spread his wings. "Mortem!" Mythic's voice echoed throughout the city. The dark clouds slowly started to open as Mythic gazed at the trembling man above. "This power and body I have is not just my own, it is that of my friends! It is more than Harmony or Unity! More then power or struggle! This power renews my soul, gives me the passion and hopes of my friends and loved ones. This is why I dub this, Phoenix Soul!"

"Ph-Phoenix Soul?" Mortem Rex stuttered. He turned away and tried to fly off before Mythic could do anything else.

"Your not going anywhere!" Mythic shouted. The Mystic launched into the air and chased after Mortem Rex quickly. His speed rivaled that of Rainbow Dashes. He soon came within yards of the Shard. "I'll end this with one swing!"

"Stay away!" Mortem Rex shouted behind him. He flew up into the air and spun. He used his magic to drop magic bombs on Mythic. The bombs ruptured into bright clouds of fire.

Luna and the others watched in anticipation. "Mythic!" The Princess shouted in a moment of weakness and worry. To his joy, Mythic shot out from the explosion and with no momentum lost. Mortem Rex once again fled, but now using his one hand to release fire as both a thruster and his source of flight.

"I'm going to end it here and now." Mythic said to himself. "Lets go, Eclipse!" Mythic stuck his hand out in front of him to summon his magical sword. Once his blade was within his grasp, he was shocked to see his weapon had taken on a new form itself. The once katana-like weapon was now a long, black sword. The hilt was white with two small wings, had been inverted for a mysterious reason. Attached to hilt was a small clear gem on a short tether.

Far below on the ground, Victor dropped a small tear. "I was right." He muttered to himself before letting a stream of tears run down his face. Luna caught glimpse of Victor and looked upon him with curiosity.

Mythic gazed over his new weapon, and then smiled. "Don't change on me too much." He looked back to Mortem Rex with narrowed brows. "Finishing move." Mythic took his new sword and flew quickly to Mortem Rex, who was had stopped. The Shard was still as Mythic closed in on him with bullet speed. The Mystic stuck his blade out in front and pierced Mortem Rex in his chest.

Mythic dug the blade in, hilt deep and looked Mortem Rex in his eyes. "Finisher." He said with sudden remorse. "Mystic Law: Phoenix Force." Behind Mythic, a large Rune seal emerged. It's lettering was black but it's circle glowed white. As the blood flowed from the wound, it was sucked into the seal. The gem which was on the short tether started to flash the colors of the rainbow before turning black. A magical surge was shot into the Shards body before an aura of pure blackness dripped out with the blood.

It was sucking into the seal quickly, causing Mortem Rex to yell in inhuman pain. The aura started to lose it's concentration, fading away into the seal. The gems dark glow began to fade along with the aura. Soon, the Rune seal closed behind Mythic. The Mystic huffed and puffed as his body started to feel the toll on his body from his fighting. Before starting his descent, he retracted his blade from Mortem Rex and took hold of him. Mythic's eye twitched as light from the sky above broke through the clouds. "Sorry. Mortem. But I have more at stake than you."

Mythic touched the ground and closed his wings. He laid Mortem Rex down before falling on top of him. In the distance, he could hear his friends calling out his name. The bright light shone down on them like angels, coming to greet him to paradise. As much as he wished to run up and meet them, he said on the ground. Before closing his eyes, Mythic took one last look at Mortem Rex and was astonished to find the mans pale skin had turned darker. Mythic laughed weakly. "Looks like you got some color in ya." Mythic closed his eyes and drifted into unconsciousness.

Mythic's body was lifted up by Jika, tired and worn. She looked down on him with a small smile. "We won, Mythic, we won." She whispered to him. Jika leaned into Mythic and gave his forehead a peek before placing her own with his. "Thank you."

Victor stepped next to the two with a sly smile. "What do we have here now?" The Demigod teased Jika, making her blush slightly. "Now now, no need to be upset. I'll stay hush."

"Bu-but I didn't do anything." Jika protested.

Victor grabbed hold of Mortem Rex and nodded. "I know you didn't do anything. You're only happy right now." The Demigod took the large man and threw him over his shoulder. "I'll meet you all once I am done with this man here." Victor turned away and stepped through a portal of his own creation. He stepped through and vanished from Albion until a later time.

Aries sat on top of small house, about a mile away from the rest of Mythic's friends. She heard foot steps, signaling the sleeping Princess had awakened. The Demigoddess jumped down from the roof and rushed to the door way. "Celestia, are you awake?"

The Princess stood weakly, both hands placed on a table for stability. "They took him." Celestia whispered as her head turned to Aries. Fear and rage consumed her eyes as she remembered. "The Shard took him. We must not let them-" Celestia fell to her knees. "Must not let them free him."

Aries ran to the Princesses side and picked her up. "Who are you taking about?" Celestia didn't respond, she had drifted into sleep once more. "Damn it Celestia, who have they taken?" Aires shouted.

Within the Shard stronghold, Azath, the Shard King and leader of the Council rested on his throne. He held a displeased expression under his white veil. Suddenly, a portal opened in front of him. From it, Dom stepped through with cut, bruises and blood covering his body. "So I take it you lost, Lord Domination."

Dom shrugged with a wide and toothy grin. "I'm just getting started, Azath. Did you complete your part?"

Azath nodded slowly. "Yes I did, It was hard to reason with her but I made it work." Azath stood from his throne when a second portal was conjured behind Dom. "Is that you Talos?"

From it, a battered and injured pegasus stepped through. "Yes, Lord Azath and Lord Domination." Talos bowed in respect and fear for the both of them.

Azath motioned the black equine towards himself. "Tell me Talos." He started. "Had you finished your part of the mission before going with Mortem Rex. Rest his soul."

Talos nodded before walking back into his black portal. Once he came out, he pushed an object out before him. It was large and made of stone. The statue was one of a creature made of many different animals and beasts. He stood frozen with his lion's paw and birds' talon held out. "The Princess was really defensive about this one, but I got him."

Azath smiled madly. "Perfect, now we are on step farther in our plans." Azath took a slow stroll to a door at the far end of the throne room. He opened it and bowed. "Please come in, Queen."

The buzzing of wings was heard a black equine-like creature steed through. It was tall and had the form of an Alicorn, but twisted and was like an insect. Holes decorated the legs, horn and wings. "Thank you, Lord Azath." She said with a sly smile.

Azath closed the door behind her. "No, thank you. Queen Chrysalis, Queen of the Changlings." Chrysalis chuckled politely at her introduction. "So how is the swarm?"

"The swarm is good. Working hard in the hive and all that." Chrysalis replied with a high tone. She looked around and spotted the statue. "Ah, I see Discord is still in stone."

Azath placed his hand on Discord and looked over the spirit. "Yes he is, but not for much longer." Azath stepped away from Discord and placed a hand on the ground. "Soon, he shall be risen. And be mine to control." Suddenly, a Rune seal was summoned underneath the statue. The yellow and white markings turned and rotated around the petrified spirit. A black aura crept from the seal and consumed Discord. "While we resurrect this chaotic spirit, we must grow our power." Azath lifted his veil and smiled widely. "Time to go Relic hunting."

No Where to Sleep

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Sleeping, that is all he was doing. Resting after a hard fought battle with his allies again his enemy. So why did it feel so queer this time? It has already been a full day since the fight with the Shard and Corrupt. Victor looked over Mythic as he rested in the Codut palace. The young mystic was recovering well, but had not yet awakened. The Demigod kept replaying the fight in his head over and over again like a movie. His fixation placed one one scene, Mythic and his final attack. "Mystic Law, an attack..." Victor fell silent for a brief moment. "How can he know of that?"

"Perhaps it is starting once more?" A voice said from the door way into Mythic's room. Victor turned to have his eye land on Aries. The Demigoddess approached slowly and with a curious gaze upon Mythic. As she made her way through the royal suit, she found herself wondering. "The cycle of rebirth."

Victor looked back at the sleeping Mythic and let go of a heavy sigh. "Since I first meet this young man, I have known he had a past life in this business. Yet something was not right about him." Victor explained. "As Demigods, you know we can dive into their past being. Yet with Mythic, that is not the cause."

Aries walked toward the mystic and placed her hand on him. With her God-like power, she attempted to see into his past. She saw his whole life up until this point. Once she reached his early days of life, everything stopped. She quickly retracted her hand. The reaction caused Victor to sigh once more. Aries looked to her brother and questioned him. "How can that be?" She was trapped in wonderment.

Victor stood up from his seat and started for the door. As he walked pasted Aries, he looked in her eyes. His eyes gave the impression of a tired mind. Victor placed a hand on his sisters shoulder and turned her around. "Lets not worry about that right now. We have time to figure this out." He told her as he escorted her out of the room.

"Victor." Aries pleaded. "You didn't answer my question." She removed his hand and looked at him with anticipation. "Is it starting once more?"

Victor continued to walk yet addressed her question with an answer. He held the door frame tight and looked back at her. "The Era of Slumber is over sister." Victor said in confidence.

Aries walked up to Victor and nods her head. "I had a feeling this wasn't just a phenomena." Aries said in a hushed voice. "Though, what about Mythic?" She said looking back at the sleeping mystic.

"If you mean his past being than you need not worry." Victor said with a slight smile. "Even without going into his past, I have a good idea on who it is."

"Really?" Aries asked in surprise. "Who?"

Victor gave a wide and victorious smile. "Well you see, it was very simple. His past being is-" Victor's stomach growled with and he threw his arms around it. "Damn it!" The Demigod ran down the hallway. "Where the hell is the water-closet?" He shouted.

Aries ran after he brother as he made his escape. "Victor! I know you can control your bowels!" She shouted, already knowing how Victor planned to escape. The elder Demigod sprinted forward and out a window. Beneath him, a Rune portal opened and he vanished. Aries reached the window just in time to watch him leave. "Damn it Victor!" She stomped her foot in anger and turned away.

Elsewhere in the palace, Luna and Celestia were speaking with Queen Ula. Celestia had finally recovered from her encounter with Talos in Equestria. She and her sister sat in the throne room as they finished their audience with the ruler of Albion. "Thank you for understanding the situation, Queen Ula." The elder sister said and bowed.

The Albion ruler shook her head with a smile. "No trouble in the least, Princess Celestia. Yet now is a time of celebration." The young Queen rose from her throne and walked down the few steps she had in front of her to the sisters.

Luna gave Ula a confused and risen brow. "Celebration? Your city was destroyed and your people dead. This is no time to celebrate, even if the day was ours." Luna held her arm, cut and bruised, as a sharp pain ran through it.

Ula stopped in front of the two Princesses and looked at Luna. With a heavy heart, she gave a them a weak smile. "I know my people have died, family never again to be reunited but at the end. If I'm not strong for my people though, who will be? This will be a celebration not just of your victory, but our survival." Ula held out her hand for Luna and Celestia to hold. "Also, out new friendship across worlds."

Celestia smiled and took Ula's hand, as well as Luna. The Sun Goddess nodded her head. "I expect it'll be a wonderful celebration."

"You will not be attending?" Ula asked with a saddened frown.

Celestia bowed and apologized. "I am sorry, but I must return to Equestria along with Luna. There is an important matter we must both turn our attention to."

Luna rose a brow at her sister and questioned her. "What matter would that be?"


As the town of Ponyville, along with all of Equestria neared the breaking point of insanity, a young Dragon laid in a law chair. His purple scales darkened by the rays of the twenty-four hour sun light. Spike looked around through his sun glasses and huffed a small puff of smoke. He saw many ponies running around his tree home in a panic. He looked down to his side and noticed his lemon aid had been vaporized by the sun's heat. He sighed and laid back down. "If I'am die, I'am die with an even crisp." The young Dragon flipped to his back. "Nice and even."

Luna's mind clicked and she blushed. "You mean 'that' matter! Yes, yes we must go." Luna shook Queen Ula's hand and looked around. "Celestia, where is Victor?"

From the ceiling, Victor fell from his Rune portal. "Someone call for a sexy Demigod?"

Luna gave Victor an ergant shaking. She then shouted in at Victor. "Me and sister need to get back home now!" After becoming dazed, Victor stumbled back and snapped his fingers. A new portal emerged in front of the Royal sisters. As the two stepped through, they were transformed back into their Alicorn form.

Before the portal was closed behind the two, Queen Ula had caught a glimpse of both sisters. She gasped in amazement. "They really are horses."

Victor tugged on Ula's dress. When she looked down, she found a slightly upset Victor. "They are Alicorns." He corrected her. "Not horses."

The Queen blushed in embarrassment. "Sorry, yet the same notion applies." Victor nodded in understanding. "Now came come small Victor, we have a celebration to attend to." Ula slowly escorted Victor out the Throne room. The two made their way down to the grand feasting hall which over looked the city. As they made their way, they past Mythic's suit. The two took a peek inside to see Jika sitting by the mystic's side. "Lets leave them be." The Queen told Victor, who already knew it was best.

As the two passed by, Jika did not notice. Her visit to simply deliver a bouquet of flowers as a simple gesture. Yet she had taken a seat and now looked down at the human mystic. She took a deep sigh and smiled. "What am I doing here?" She said like a naive girl in a hushed voice. She got up and turned around to leave his room. As she takes her first step, she hesitates to take the next.

Jika felt a presence in the air. Her ear twitched and she hear a creak come from a window near Mythic's bed. She waited a moment and felt a breeze enter the room, though blocked by an object. The sun's ray slowly entered the room, a a shadow was caste upon the floor for Jika to see. The Rune Soldier slowly reached for her sword strapped to her waist. Before Jika could reach her weapon, a person sucked their teeth and called out to Jika in a feminine voice. "Tch tch tch, I don't think that is such a good idea." Jika stopped and retracted her hand.

Even though Jika could not see her, she could her the woman get off the window sill and stand on the floor. The mysterious woman made her way to Mythic's bed. The woman sat down on Mythic's bed and looked at him. "He is so peaceful in this state, isn't he? I'd guess that was due to the effects of over doing it in his fight."

Jika tightened her fist and took a step to to turn but her body froze in place. "What is this?" She asked in surprise. She say a soft glow coming from beneath her and tilted her head to investigate. Her eyes shot open as she gazed upon a white and red Rune seal. Jika momentarily realized what was happening. "If that is a seal, then that means only one of two things."

"Well I hope you are right." The woman said as she placed a dagger to Jika's spine. "You have one chance and then I kill you."

Jika swallowed hard on saliva and spoke with a shaking voice. "You are a mystic, same as Mythic." The dagger was pulled away from Jika's back. She then took a sigh of relief. The woman slowly made her way into Jika's vision. The woman wore a veil over her face with a slick black and embellished gothic blouse. She wore a black bell-shaped skirt which dropped inches below her knees. On her long legs were stockings of black with Mary Janes on her small feet.

The woman smiled under her veil and nodded. "Very good, Rune Soldier. I don't think we have ever met, unlike my friend Mortem Rex."

"So you are a Shard?" Jika asked.

The woman chuckled. "I am more than just that." She slowly rose her veil and looked at Jika with her lust red eyes.Her hair was bleach blonde but her eyebrows were black. Her angelic features hinted a more sinister being. "I am Zedramas, daughter of Azath. King of our realm."

Hearing this, Jika sucked her teeth in annoyance. "What does the daughter of a king want here? We defeated Mortem Rex and his body is long go thanks to Victor."

Zedramas chuckled at Jika. "I know of that, Jika Storm." Zedramas explained to her captive. "I am here to simply examine my prey."

Jika knew instantly who she was taking about. Her eyes tried to turn to Mythic, but it was in vain. "So Mythic?"

The Shard smiled and nodded. She raised her dagger and flipped it up and down. "That was the plan, but you saw me." Zedramas frowned. "Therefore you die." She walked forward and placed the dagger against Jika's chest with a toothy grin. "Any prayers?"

Jika scolded Zedramas, but couldn't think of anything. The Shard mystic brought the dagger back and threw her hands forward. Jika closed her eyes and expected death to take her. The sound of metal clashing shot her eyes. In front of her, she found a black katana blocking the dagger. Mythic stood behind Jika with his hands on the hilt and blade. He looks at Zedramas with the intent to kill. "I was enjoying my nap damn it."

Zedramas pulled her blade back along with taking a step. She put her weapon away and relaxed her smile. "Sorry to wake you, Mythic Rune. I find it is time for me to depart." Zedramas winked at Mythic and jumped through the window. She opened a portal and disappeared.

Mythic sighed as the Rune seal beneath Jika disappeared along with the caster. "You alright, Jika?" Mythic asked as he put Eclipse down. He turned Jika around and embraced her. After a long moment, he released her from his arms. "Who was that just now?"

Jika took a step away from Mythic and looked at the window. She crossed her arms and held a sour expression. "Zedramas, daughter of Azath she said." Jika replied.

Mythic sighed a heavy breath. He placed a hand on Jika's shoulder and leaned on her. "Well I damn it. Got another bitch on my ass." Jika turned her head to Mythic and gave him a push. Mythic took a few steps back and held his hands up in a defensive position. "Alright, alright. Don't get so close, gotta ya." Mythic's nose twitched and he started to sniff the air. "There it is again."

Jika gave Mythic a languid expression of curiosity. "What is it boy? Toti trapped in a pound?" She asked mockingly.

Mythic glared at Jika and went to the door. "No, I smell something. It is strong and distinct, yet I do not know the nature." Mythic traveled out the door and started down the hall. Jika soon followed as Mythic found his nose guiding him through the palace. Both he and Jika found themselves approaching an open door from which many voice came from.

Mythic took a turn into the open door and found himself on a pavilion looking over the city. Canopies of silk and carpets of thick furs decorated the area along with a long table. On the red wood, a spread of meats, sweets, wines and other delights caught the young mans eye. "Ah! Speak of miracles and they shall come to pass." Mythic's sight turned to Queen Ula, with Aries and Victor by her side.

Sitting at the table, Twilight and friends waved at Mythic. They sat there in their true pony forms. A few small children had gathered around them, seeing them as entertainment of some sort. "Mythic!" Rarity called out as she patted a chair next to her cushion. "I saved you a seat my dear!"

Mythic smiled and started to stroll over to his friends. "Thank, Rare." Mythic found his travel to his seat one of many eyes. He was being watched by everyone, even those who where on the lower section and not on the pavilion. He sat down next to his pony friends and looked over the spread. "My Lord this is great."

Bonsia came up behind him and bent into his field of vision. "Mythic, I am so happy to see you're alright." She then gave him a tight hug.

Mythic returned the embrace with a smile. "Glad I'm alright too. And everyone else." He added at the last second. He let go of her and looked around to see soldiers and nobles around him, along with a few peasants from the looks of things. Mythic looked to the front of the table where Queen Ula sat. Beside her, a chair laid empty. "Pst, Bonsia." Mythic whispered. "Who's chair is that? King or something?"

Bonsia shook her head. "No, that seat is really for you." The fresh mystic looked at Rarity with a slight smile of mischief. "Not here, just for now." Rarity turned away, catching Bonsia's sly gesture.

Mythic shrugged and stood up. "Sorry, girls. Their land, their rules." Mythic slowly started making his way back to the Queen.
'You want me to measure her chest, don't you?'
"Damn straight."

Mythic sat down in the chair and a chill was sent down his spine. He glanced at the Queen and saw a pleasant smile on her face. He thought it angelic and smiled back. Ula stood and rose a chalice filled with wine. "A toast to Mythic Rune! For not only his assistance in our battle, but also his strength. We wish you a strong and happy life, in the days to come." Those at the tables cheered, making Mythic blush.

Mythic rose his own chalice and took a swig of the wine. "Damn that is fine."

Victor leaned into Mythic's ear and whispered. "The wine or the Queen?" Victor laughed and backed away to his sister, who proceeded to slap him for his rude joke. "Ow."

Mythic laughed at the Demigod and turned back to the fest. He sighed in happiness. "Enjoy." He whispered to himself.

As night slowly started to fall on Albion, Mythic and company had found themselves in the throne room. Pinkie Pie was pouting a bit due to their early departure. "No fair, why do we have ta leave so soon?" The pink mare asked.

Mythic leaned down as he took the last sip of a mug. "Well you see, you went over board and nearly ate half the spread, excluding meat. Also, Victor's orders. As much as I want to stay, I sorta agree. Plus he had to talk to Jika, Bonsia and myself."

"That is correct, my friend." The Demigod said as he walked into the throne room with his sister. "Bonsia, Jika, Mythic. I will be taking you three with me while Aries brings the ponies home."

Mythic shrugged. "I guess, alright then. Come on you two." Mythic beckoned the sisters. He then knelt down to Pinkie Pie and the rest. "I'll see you guys later. Keep Pinkie Pie under control till I get back." He patted the pink pony. "We'll start our own party after I get back." The frown on Pinkie Pie turned into a smile quickly.

"Alright my ponies." Aries said as she clapped her hands. A portal opened before them all which led back to Equestria. The Demigoddess then started to escort the mares through it. "Lets go home." Soon as the last mare was through, the portal closed behind them.

Victor waited a few moments before opening his own. "Alright, we are going to a certain place. Mythic knows it, but you two wouldn't."

The Passing Storm(s)

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As night slowly started to fall on Albion, Mythic and company had found themselves in the throne room. Pinkie Pie was pouting a bit due to their early departure. "No fair, why do we have to leave so soon?" The pink mare asked with a frown.

Mythic leaned down as he took the last sip of a mug. "Well you see, you went over board and nearly ate half the spread, excluding meat. Also, Victor's orders. As much as I want to stay, I sorta agree. Plus he had to talk to Jika, Bonsia and myself."

"That is correct, my friend. Yet you also nearly ate everything, including a fork." The Demigod said as he walked into the throne room with his sister. "Bonsia, Jika, Mythic. I will be taking you three with me while Aries brings the ponies home. Soon after she will join us."

Mythic shrugged. "Alrighty then, Victor. Come on you two." Mythic beckoned the sisters. He then knelt down to Pinkie Pie and the rest his hand on the mare's head. Mythic then turned his attention to the five others. "I'll see you girls later. Keep Pinkie Pie under control till I get back." He patted the pink pony. "We'll start our own party after I get back." The frown on Pinkie Pie turned into a smile quickly.

"Alright my ponies." Aries said as she clapped her hands. A portal opened before them all which led back to Equestria. The Demigoddess then started to escort the mares through it and to their homeland. "Lets go home." Soon after the last mare was through the portal closed behind them.

Bonsia waved them off as they left for home. "See ya!"

Victor waited a few moments before opening his own portal. The green vortex came after Victor chanted a small verse under his breath. He then stopped his chanting as the portal became stable. "Alright, we are going to a certain place. Mythic knows it, but you two wouldn't." Mythic rose his hand along with his mug, as though he were in a class room. Victor rose a brow and called Mythic out. "Um, yes Mythic?"

Mythic placed his hand down slowly and took another sip of his alcoholic beverage. He smiled and placed his mug on the floor. "Yeah, we're going to that place I first went when my powers awakened right?" Mythic asked knowingly. Victor nodded and confirmed his suspicion. "Alright then." Mythic then backed away from his mug and proceeded to line it up with the portal. Once he found the best angle, he run up to it and kicked it as though it were a can and keep running. He leaped through a moment after grabbing hold of his mug.

Jika stared at the portal was narrow eyes and slightly peeved expression. She turned to Victor, facepalming, and asked, "So why the hell did he just do that?"

Victor sighed heavily and shook his head. "Human's have the instinct to show off. And since he has been to this place before, he feels he must do just that." Victor placed his back to the portal. "I just don't get it. You two go in first."

Bonsia and Jika shrugged and proceeded to pass through the portal as instructed. Once through and out of sight, Victor took one last look around. The room was empty, causing him to smile. The Demigod then reached down to the floor and sprung into a back-flip and spin. He landed through the portal, making the gateway close behind it's creator.

As all the dust settled in Albion, the Throne room was silent, the only noise coming from the outside celebration. Yet far above the city of Codut, on the tip of a mountain, a man stood with a staff by his side. He dawned a hooded coat with a golden pentagram around his neck. "This world is connected." The man muttered. "Four worlds are now open once more. Earth, Albion, Equestria and the Shard's realm, Hyble." From above the man, the shadow of a figure emerged. He lifted his head up to a small writing pad. "I should make that five, including Optome." The man placed his writing back in his coat and turned to the sky behind him.

In the sky, a small boy was found. He had wings of white and golden feathers. The rest of his figure was shrouded by the sun. "Hew of Ginal! You dare travel without my permission?"

Hew chuckled softly. "I am so sorry, but I don't recognize you as authority." Hew raised his staff and brought it down. Around him, a magical wind cloaked him. In a matter of moments, the man was gone from the world. The dust settled and the winged boy flew away as well.

As Mythic exited the portal, he landed on soft grass. A rich and warm sun greeted him as he returned to Harmony Rock. "This place is so safe and nice." Mythic muttered as the others followed suit. To Mythic's joy, Victor flipped into the lake. The Mystic laughed at the Demigod and his mug spilled. "Vic, that was the best!"

Victor's nostrils flared and his brows narrowed. "Mythic, shut it or die." He threatened.

Mythic stopped his laughter and sat up. "Gomen'nasai!" The young man shouted sorry in Japanese.

Jika cleaned her ears and asked, "What did he say? Something about go, man, and sigh?" The Rune Soldier was confused to say the lest.

Bonsia nodded in agreement. "Yeah, that was just some crazy talk Mythic." The young woman sat down on the grass and looked around with a smile. "Though I must say this place looks peaceful. Where are we?" She asked.

Victor walked out of the water and up to the single tree on the small island. "This is Harmony Rock. This is my personal dominion, my home." He smiled as he gazed upon the Rune stones beside the tree.

Mythic narrowed his eyes at the Demigod. "So you have been mooching off my home this whole time?" Mythic added emphasis on mooching.

Victor simple glanced at Mythic and placed a hand on his tree. He smiled slightly and asked Mythic, "And just who allowed you that privileged?" His voice hinted at a more sinister tone then his smiled would suggest. Mythic placed his hand over his mouth and stayed silent from then on. Victor then gave a real smile as Mythic's action pleased him. "Better. Now lets get down to the business at hand."

"Which is what exactly, Victor?" JIka asked as she sat beside Mythic. she crossed her legs and rested her head on a fist. "Is this Mystic and magic related?"

Victor nodded as he slowly stepped up to a rock on the water line. As he sat upon it, he looked over the three. "That is right, now let me begin by explaining what you are Jika. As you already know, you are called a Rune Soldier. A Rune Soldier is similar to a Mystic in the since of ability. They gain their magic from source not accessible by most beings. Jike gained her magic through what I can only suspect is the Dragon spirit, Balthazar."

Jika nodded as Victor said Balthazar's name. "That is correct, it was Balthazar the Dragon." She replied.

"The spirit of war, battle, challenge and fire." Victor informed them. "He has been around longer than I have or even my father."

Mythic laid back on the grass and gave a heavy sigh. He rubbed his face with both hands and felt overwhelmed. "Every time I talk to you Victor, things just get a little more confusing and deep." Mythic complained. "Can't you just write me a book and let me read it? I am sure it would be much easier that way."

"I think it is more fun letting your brain hurt as I give up the information one piece at a time." Victor said with a devilish grin on his lips. "Besides, if I did that, it would be three times the size of the bible."

'Fucking ass hole.' Brain relayed to Mythic

Mythic crossed his arms as he gave the Demigod a glare. "The bible is not that long anyway."

"Unabridged." Victor added with a smile. "Plus a dictionary."

"Well I really didn't feel like reading that anyway." Mythic said in fake confidence, secretly amazed something could be that big.

"Let him get back to explaining." Bonsia said with a pleading voice to Mythic. She then looked back to Victor and waited for him to continue.

Victor waited a few seconds, looking over to the small waves coming up to the shore. After a moment of ensuring Mythic was silent, he cleared his throat and continued. "As I was saying before being interrupted." He glared at Mythic with his piercing eyes. "Balthazar is a being not created from one of the Gods. The Dragon is a creation of the Ancients, to be one of their legacies for the rest of time. He is not a God mind you, he resides not in a realm but has connection to those born to his sign." Victor steps off his rock and over to Jika. He placed a hand on her head. As he did this, her hand started to glow and burn in a red flame.

On her hand, an insignia was etched into her skin. A semi-circle facing the east enclosed a small flame with two crossing blades was formed, but vanished as Victor removed his hand from her head. "That is the sign of Balthazar the Dragon. Back when Mystics and Soldier were still walking around, that was a rare sign. My guess is because he would only loan his power to only those he knew and felt would grew to be battle hardened heroes." The Demigod sat back on his rock.

As the Demigod sat down, a portal opened up in the air above him. From it fell Aries, who grabbed onto Victor as she landed on him. The two landed behind the rock and hit their heads. Aries was the first to recover from the impact. As she leaned up, she noticed she was sitting on Victor. "Oh Victor." Aries said as she blushed. "Not in front of the mortals."

Victor shook his head and gasped at the sight before him. He bucked her off his waist and crawled back a few feet. "Bitch stay off me!" He yelled in surprise. Victor rushed to his feet and jumped behind Mythic and Jika. "Save me squire!"

Mythic turned around and glared at the cowering Demigod. "Clap your trap." He looked back at Aries. "Please wait till we are done with him."

The Demigoddess gave Mythic a sharp glare. "Four minutes."

"Mythic if you save me I will tell you why your Eclipse changed again." Victor bargained.

The Mystic looked at him with a bemused expression. "Easy, I am badass and I can use Bankai."

"I will tell you what that last move you used was. Mystic Force and why your Eclipse changed." Victor said nearly pleading.

"I am badass and can come up with new magic attacks." Mythic stiffened his lip, not giving in to Victor's demands.

"I can tell you who wins in a fight, Goku or Superman." Victor said, knowing that this was his final offer.

Mythic ran up to Aries and lifted her in the air. "Stay away from the Master you witch!" He then spun around and threw her up into the air and into the lack. As she made a splash, Mythic threw his hands into the air.

Victor sighed in relief. "Thank Father for this moron."

"So who wins?" Mythic asked excitedly.

Victor looked at the Mystic and punched him in the gut. "It's Goku you numb nut! Super Saiyan all the way bitch!" Jike and Bonsia both watched as Victor stood victorious over the young man. The Demigod returned to his place on his rock and continued. "In all seriousness I do know what happened."

Mythic held his gut and cringed while looking at Victor. "What the hell do you mean?" His breath was weighed down but the punch Victor delivered.

"I mean you are gaining knowledge from a past life you moron!" Victor shouted. "Mystic Law is extremely difficult technique that takes a life time to learn, let alone use it."

Mythic froze and gazed at Victor. He was diluted by Victor's explanation but stood up straight. His eye fell to the grass as he thought about it. "Well that might explain why it was like a reflex. But I thought that the Karma Cycle erased those sort of things from the life before."

"That is false." Victor stated. "Well in your case it is false. Perhaps you are a phenomena, whatever the case may be you are suffering from the bleed through effect. It may be slow but you are gaining something from your past life." Victor took in a heavy breath. He waited for a moment before smiling. "Well story time is over for now."

"But surely there is more to be told!" Jika shouted as she shot up from the ground. "Victor come on, there needs to be more!"

"Oh there is more, much more to be told." Victor replied with half closed eye. He looked over his shoulder into the lake to see Aries swimming slowly back to them. "Yet I am not the one to tell you. Sadly you are my sister's problem for now on."

Bonsia got up from her seat on the ground and walked up Victor. "What do you mean by that, Victor?" she asked in a small voice.

Aries finally reached the shore and walked up to the Storm sisters. "It means we are departing on a journey of our own for now. I will be training you personally, seeing as how you two are now my responsibly from the moment your powers awakened. I know you two would want to be with Mythic, I really do. That is not how it works though, we aren't even suppose to even be teaching you. And if others locate us then-"

"The amount of magical energy will pin point our location to other Demigods who will try to play judge or take you." Victor interjected with a rapid explanation. "I'll be surprised if no one was back at Albion checking things out."

Mythic glanced at the sisters, gazing at them for a moment before looking back at Victor. "I understand and also agree." Mythic shocked the Storm sisters, who thought he would be against it. "If Victor is telling the truth, and Aries is also right than I am all for it." He strolled to their sides and placed a hand on each other their shoulders. "It is not like we will never meet again." Mythic called forth his Eclipse blade, returned to it's normal state.

The Mystic took the blade and cut his palm, letting is slowly bleed. "Well will never be too far away. In battle or peace, or hearts and our friendship will break through the ether of space and time. As Mystic's and Rune Soldier, we fight to keep the peace, hope, and balance at level. Be the light at night and the shade in the day."

Jika nodded and smiled along with Mythic. She extended her hand out for him to cut her palm. As he did, she added to his words of encouragement. "Do it not for the glory of the weak, or the recognition of the strong. Not for the gold of gods or fear of demons but for the mortals that live here and now. To protect and serve those who are incapable to do it."

Bonsia placed her hand out without hesitation. Mythic cut her palm with a smile. She swallowed in nervousness and placed her hand out with the others. "We will be there always, to end the needless fighting, to harness the peace and spread it. And no matter the conflict we will be there for what is right and just."

Mythic smiled and grabbed both their hands. He placed his cut hand on top of theirs and looked at them. "And with that, we are Mystic Law." he said with a wide grin. Next he pulled the into a tight hug. "I'm going to miss you two."

Bonsia returned the hug and grabbed his back. "Same here, Mythic." She muttered as she held him close to her breast. She then wept a single tear, both happy and sad.

Jika tried to push Mythic off her as she kept her head turned. "Yeah, yeah." Jika kept a hand on his chest to keep the distance. She then realized what Mythic has said. "Wait a moment, Mystic Law?" she asked with a bemused expression. "Did you name that after-"

"It's a Human thing!" Mythic interrupted with urgency. He broke the hug and back up a little.

Jika started to chuckle at Mythic's reaction. "I was only joking." Aries came up behind Jika, tugging on her. She told her they should be leaving soon. The small Demigoddess went up to Mythic and shook his hand, giving him a small hug as well. She then walks over to Victor, how agreed to a quick hug. Aries opened a portal as she finished with Victor. She walked to the side of the red vortex and waited.

Bonsia sighed as Aries stood waiting. She looked at Mythic one last time and held a devilish smirk. She quickly stole a kiss from his lips and ran away. "Sorry Mythic, but I have been wanting that the whole time I've known you." She giggled as she jumped through the portal.

Mythic was taken aback by the kiss. He looked to Jika for help. "Jika, keep your sister under control." The Rune Soldier nodded, stealing a kiss of her own. "J-J-J-Jika!"

Jika placed her finger on his lips. "Shh, Luna doesn't need to know about one little kiss." Mythic's eyes quivered as she widened her smirk. Before leaving, she punched him in the gut and slowly walked away. She turned to Victor and waved. "Bye Victor, have a nice day."

The Demigod held a nervous smile as she left. He waved back at her and waited until she had left before taking a few steps away. "That is scary even to me. And I fought death."

"Oh, that reminds me." Aries perked up before leaving. "Cousin Death asked me to give this to you a long time ago. And I just remembered. Thanks!" The small Demigoddess reared her foot back and kicked Victor in his groan. "Well bye!" Aries kissed Victor's head and ran into her portal, having it close behind her.

The Demigod looked to Mythic and winced. He tried to walked to him, holding his groan and having his legs bent at an outward angle. "Lets go home." Victor stated with quick breath. Mythic gave a small nodded and pleaded with him. Victor snapped his fingers and his green portal opened to Equestria. Mythic slowly made his way into the portal, Victor close behind him.

Whelp...Their Goes the Show

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"Pinkie! Leave enough for the others." Rainbow Dash yelled as she flew over the bouncy mare. She was just about to finish placing a banner on the wall. As fluttered to the floor of the Canterlot throne room. "You know you gotta leave those alone or you're going to blow up."

Pinkie Pie looked up from the side of a table. In her hooves she held a plate of muffins and cupcakes. She pouted a bit as she looked at Rainbow Dash. "But Dashie, these are my favorites in the whole big wide world!"

"It doesn't matter Pinkie." Rainbow Dash trotted to her side. "You know as much as I do that Mythic will want some too. The guy is like a monster when it comes to eating. Did you not see what he was like at the table earlier?"

Rarity trotted over with a two platters of sweets in the air. She placed them on the table and looked to the two mares. "Rainbow does have a point Pinkie dear." She walked closer to the two. "Mythic was nearly inhaling the food. Not to mention the wine they were serving. You'd think the dear of an animal of some sort."

"That isn't very nice, Rarity." Fluttershy said as she walk into the room with a few birds, touching up the decorations Rainbow Dash had placed around the room. "Mythic was just very hungry I believe. Very very very hungry." The mare added emphasis on her verys'.

"I am sorry to say this Sugar Cube." Applejack gave a strong remark from across the room. "Mythic ate like a wide grizzly that went three days without apples. Lets be honest though, the stallion was fightin' pretty hard and was out for a day. So I reckon it's a good thing he didn't eat off someone's hands or hoof off." The farm mare trotted back over to her friends.

As the mare talked, Victor and Mythic limped out of their portal. Mythic, now on all fours, dropped his front legs. He winced as the pain still resided in his abdomen. "God please help me." The stallion called out in a low voice.

Victor followed close behind and dropped to his knees. He looked at the pained and hurting stallion. "Forget it, he doesn't help when it counts." The Demigod uttered under his breath. He looked over to the gathering of mares and held his hand out. "Assists, please."

Fluttershy, with her super kindness powers, quickly flew to the side of both Victor and Mythic. "Oh my goodness. What happened to you two that caused this much pain?"

The two glanced at on another, and in unison replied, "Nothing, nothing happened. We are male, we get hurt out of nowhere. It is normal nature for this to happen in our line of work." They bit their lower lips and gave painful smiles.

"Oh you poor dears." The butterscotch mare cooed as she stroked Victor's hair. "Come on now, lets get something to patch you up." She carried Victor a few inches off the ground, leaving Mythic behind.

The Mystic looked at the others and held out a hoof in plea. "Please, it hurts." Suddenly and without warning, Mythic was lifted into the air like magic. He felt pain slowly leaving his body. He gave a sigh of relief and looked down to see Twilight Sparkle. "Than you Twilight. You and all your tiny magic fairies!"

The mare rose a quizzical brow to Mythic's odd saying. Then again, he himself was a slight nut case at times in their eyes. "It is fine Mythic." The unicorn slowly placed him back onto the ground. She looked at the others and sighed heavily. "Well the surprise party was discovered a little to early from the looks of it."

Mythic gave a nervous smile and chuckle. "Yeah, we finished our business and came back."

"I can see that plenty." Twilight replied to Mythic. She looked around and found something missing. Three things to be exact. "Hey, where is Jika, Bonsia and Aries?" Twilight asked in a slightly confused manner. "Still at Albion?"

Mythic shook his head with small frown. His ears dropped as he looked away. "They are going to be gone for awhile." Mythic said with a small voice. "I don't know when they'll be back either. But don't worry, I'll be okay. I'm sure of it."

"Aw horse feathers!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she flew into the air above Mythic. "I wanted Jika to show me some of those moves she had back in Albion." Rainbow Dash started to mick punches and kicks around the air above Mythic.

"I can have one of the guards do that if you wish." Celestia said as she walked into the throne room. By her side was a Luna, wearing a smile. The sisters slowly approached the group of ponies and Demigod. Celestia and Luna looked over the attendance and found the same error as Twilight. "Mythic and Victor, I feel that we are missing a few mares and one Demigoddess."

"They are going to be gone for a while." Victor started as he sat on a cushion, provided by Pinkie Pie. "It is complicated, don't worry, they're not gone forever." The Demigod leaned back a little as he sat with his legs crossed. "Trust me, Aries always comes looking once in a while."

"Oh well, I am sure they are having loads of fun where ever they are." Pinkie Pie told the group as she grabbed a plate of sweets. "I mean come on, we just saved a bunch of folks. Meaning it is party time!" Seemingly out of nowhere, Pinkie Pie took a cannon and started shooting it. The cannon shot out confetti and string all over the room, making it more festive. Along with streamers, confetti and the like, a record player was dispensed. The party mare placed a record on said player.

Soon the music started playing, signaling the start of the little party the mares threw together. Soon after the start, another group of ponies strolled in with invitations. Said ponies happened to be the Apple family along with Sweetie Bell, Scooaloo, and Spike, who had a very dark but even tan. Trixie was also among the ponies who had came by invitation. The magician quickly trotted by Twilight, grabbing her attention.

As the day turned into night and the everyone was having fun, Victor was having a conversation with Celestia on her throne. "Yeah so what happened next you'd never guess."

"Oh do tell." The Princess requested Victor to continue his story.

"Okay, so after the guy goes Super, the other guy he is fighting sent down a ball of magic to blow up the world." Victor recited with a slight smirk. "Next thing you know, the two are fighting for about an hour when the world was going to blow up in about five. Go figure, some people just can't tell time. So after this plot called-" Victor paused his story and jerked his head around. "Celestia."

"What is the matter, Victor?" The Alicorn asked as she started to looked over the party also. She could see everyone having a good time, except for two. Two Alicorns. "Victor, where is Mythic Rune?"

Victor shook his head due to ignorance. "I do not know, Celestia. Where is Luna?"

"I do not know, Victor." Celestia said in a slightly worried tone. "I guess they must be somewhere else. Nothing wrong with that. I hope."

Victor was not buying it and his mind raced. "No, it is not alright. Something is telling me other wise. Think about it Princess. Mythic was fighting for so many lives two days ago, he could have been killed but came out on top. Plus she has not had a stallion in her life before, correct?" Celestia nodded slowly. "And Mythic is at the age where it is tempting to let his testosterone run wild and we all know they are a loving pair."

"What are you getting at, Victor?" Celestia asked, hoping he was suggesting what she was thinking.

Victor got close to Celestia's face and held the sides of her head. "Think mare! Those two are having-"

"Hey, what's going on?" Mythic asked as he crept up to the throne with a relaxed, cocky tone. He wore a saddle bag with a long sandwich sticking out.

Victor threw Celestia's face to the said and smiled. "Mythic, where have ya been?" The Demigod exclaimed.

"I was getting this sandwich." Mythic replied, pointing to his saddle. His horn glowed as he lifted it out with telekinesis magic.

Victor nodded in approval. "Kick-ass."

Mythic smiled and placed his sandwich for the Demigod to see in a better light. "Yeah dude. It has four different kinds of cheeses and six different kinds of hay." The stallion's eyes went wide as he gazed at his food. "I don't even know that many kinds of hay."

Victor examined the sandwich from his place by the throne. "Sounds like some fine cuisine."

"Where is my sister?" Celestia interjected before the madness, in her eye, between Victor and Mythic continued.

Before Mythic could take a bite of his food, he looked at the Princess from the side. He placed the yard long sandwich down. "She is with Candice doing something or other, not really sure. She said it was important but that I needed to leave. Thus I was given this yard long sub." Celestia attempted to wrap her mind around what Mythic had said, yet it was still a bit too much for her. Mythic started eating his food, but then spat it out. "Wait a second. I don't like hay!"

"I do!" Pinkie Pie shot up out of seemingly nowhere and took the whole sub into her mouth. With a quick swallow, she started to digest the food and walked away with a skip and a hop.

The door to the throne room opened, Princess Candice and Luna strolled in with elegance. Luna wore a pair of diamond earrings that sparkled with the fading sun light come in from the window. She walked through the large throne room and up to Mythic. The two exchanged an embrace and smiled. "Hello Mythic."

"Sup love?" Mythic replied as he let go of her.

Luna smiled and rolled her eyes to look around. "Oh nothing dear. I just have something I want to talk to you about something." She leaned into his ear to give him a barely heard whisper. "A nice, lovely, reward." She kissed his ear and smiled as she saw his iris grow and sparkle. "Tonight it'll be just the Moon, Luna, and-"

As Luna was about to finish he statement, a portal opened up and Bonsia ran out of it like a wild animal. "Mythic!" Her hooves clattered as she ran on the tiled floor and jumped into the air. Mythic used magic to hold her back. "Hey again!"

"What are you doing here?" The stallion asked with confusion. He slowly placed her on the ground, leading to her jumping back up at him. He was too late with his magic and she landed on him. With a thud, he hit the ground. "I thought Aries took you somewhere else!"

"Oh she did." Jika came out next with a bemused look on her face. The mare walked over to the scene of Bonsia's affection and looked down. "She brought us here though." The portal closed behind her. "What the hell? She was just behind me. Anyway." Jika turned to Victor, his face twisted as he stood next to the throne. "Aries told me to tell you, here come the."

"Here comes the what?" Victor asked with his brow cocked. Jika shrugged as an answer for her ignorance.

Luna used her magic to levitated Bonsia off Mythic, placing her up in the air. As the others started to gather, Mythic stood. He took Jika's words and thought about them. "Here comes the, what? Here comes the pain? Here comes the fight?" As continued to think, a light bulb clicked in his head. "Oh shit. Here comes the-"

"Boom." Victor finished with his eyes widened. A portal opened right in front of him, Aries shooting out at top speed. The two were thrown into a wall, leaving a mark in it. "Get this beast off me!"

"Come on Vic!" Aries shouted as she tired to get closer. Victor had placed his arms to keep them as far apart as he can, yet it was still close. "I didn't even give you a kiss like Bonsia and Jika did to Mythic." Suddenly the record on the play skipped and stopped playing. It was quite as all eyes fell on Mythic, his wide with shrunken irises. "Shouldn't have said that." Aries stated with a small smile.

"Mythic, dear." Luna said with her head tilted downward. "Is it true that you kissed these two?" She slowly inched her way closer to Mythic.

The stallion tried to back up, a wall made of magic blocking his way. "No! They did, they used me for my body! I was violated like a treaty!" Mythic pleaded as he dropped to the floor.

Luna looked down at him, her head tilted up. Her eyes could cut and look into his very being. "You were violated you say?" The Princess asked with authority. Mythic nodded violently. "Than why did you not first speak of it when you came back."

Mythic thought for a he tried to think up a reason. "You know what, that makes sense." Mythic then jumped up and bolted to out the windows. "Victor, lets move! You know all about it!"

The Demigod watched as Mythic flew out the window. "Why you son of a-" A bolt of magic passed his head, burning off some of his loss ends. He slowly turns to see Luna in rage, horn glowing bright and dark at the same time. He jumped up and ran out the window. He started to flew right behind Mythic. "If we live, I am killing you!"

Mythic looked back to replie to Victor, but saw Luna bolt out the window. She started to chase them. "Mythic! Get back here and pay for your crimes!"

"Nein!" Mythic shouted. He started to incline skyward, a small barrier forming around him. He bore his teeth as he pushed against it. The sound of ripping echoed just before Mythic was threw back due to the force of the sound barrier. He squirmed as he tried to regain control and fly. To his misfortune, he was caught in a field of magic. "Luna sweetie! Babe! Dear! Love, hows it going?" He tried to put on a false smile.

"You know whats about to happen don't you?" Luna asked in an angry tone.

"Oh yes I do." Mythic said through his nearly formed tears.

News Update

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Alright so here is the deal, I want to both revise the story and make some changes to it. The best way to do that? To Restart the whole story. I have come along way in my writing. Those who you who have been with me since the start of this story know what I mean. My skills at the beginning where little more than crap. Also a few things may just seem placed into the text to just be there throughout the story that might not even make sense. Thus is the reason I wish to start all over again from the top, and make the story better.

I would wish you understand and accept this.