• Published 14th Mar 2012
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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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Obession and Stupidity

Rarity was now confused “A stalker? No, can’t say I have.”

“Well god bless you, I did. She lived so close and we went to the same school, double points against me.”

“How bad was it dear?”

“Well that’s the thing, it wasn’t bad at first. We were in the same class, triple points, and I liked her first.”

“You did, how did it get like this then?”

“Well you see, one day I got the courage to ask her out and she said yes. We go see a movie and get a bite to eat. It went without a hitch, and then it became a regular thing. After a month or so, things got, a little darker. She clung to me and tried to turn away my friend when they were around. I was both flattered and a little annoyed. She’d call me when I was at my part-time job and at night, asking how I was doing, what I was doing and talking about ‘us’. Then she started to buy me stuff and what not. But I must digress; I did…like what…she got me.”

“Well what did she get you?”

“[Sigh] She got me matching dog collars. I don’t know why in god honest name I liked that but I did, sue me, Quad points! But back to the point, she’d always wear hers and try to make me wear mine in public, which I ended up doing once in a while. But that isn’t where it stopped; I have no idea where she got it, but I was at her house one day and I found she was going to give me a CHAIN LEASH, you know a collar with a chain attached! But me being the loving, good hearted, moron I am; I don’t talk to her about it and accept it when she gives it to me. Rarity believe me when I say I was nowhere near ready for this next bit. Get this, not a full three months into it; now I have no idea what your perspective on this is but hear me out; she wants to have sex.”

Rarity stood there, soaking in all the information. “Well, um, that seems… flattering?” She had no idea what to think. “So how did it go?”

“Oh… it didn’t go anywhere, we were only 17! If I was anyone else most likely I would have done it. But I simply have a different mind process then most and it seemed somewhat crazy, so I slowly broke ties.”

“So, she is like that because she still wanted you?”

“Yes, but only after what happened three nights after we were totally done. I love the moon, it’s just so…beyond me. Three nights after we broke up I was sitting on my back porch staring at the moon; I started to fell, nostalgic. I go inside and grab my coat and my walking stick, don’t need it just love having it. I’m about to walk out the door when I think once more, go into my room and grab that dumb dog collar my Lacy me. That was the nostalgia kicking in and I go for a long walk, just walk anywhere. I walk for about an hour and end up thinking back to the happy times I had with Lacy.

I end up going to her house and put the damn collar on in hopes to have a second go. I knock on the door and who but not Lacy opens the door and invites me in. I go inside and find a spot on her couch, she goes in the kitchen and gets me a drink we call, ‘Pepsi’ and tells me that her parents were out tonight, it was a Saturday after all. I sit her down and talk to her about the whole relationship and how sorry I was. But she needs to learn that I’m not going to just focus on her and that she can’t just focus on me. What happen next scared me Rarity, no for me but for her. She said that I don’t need to focus on her but that she’ll focus on me. I just gave her a hug and left, from that day on I have not tried anything to be with her. Yet she has tried to get to be with me, I have confronted her multiple times about it but she just says she loves me and with get me back. That scares the live crap out of me, to be the target of a madwoman. Can’t but fell responsible for being the one that caused that and stupid for trying to fix it, it just got worse."

Mythic sat on his hunches and though about it. ‘Why did It have to be me, I just hope she is ok.’ Rarity shuffles over to Mythic and strokes his mane, being careful not to touch his back. “I don’t completely understand what went on darling, but it sounds like you cared for her on a different level then she cared for you.” Mythic shed a single tear and sniffed while trying to keeping composure. “Rarity, my world is mad, crazy and unpredictable, I’m the only guy I know how would think the way I do. I cared for her, I wanted to do so many things with her and others around me… but she had a different agenda. She just wanted me and only to do anything that involved only me. So yeah, love on different levels.”

Rarity kept comforting Mythic, seeing that he just confessed one of what seemed to be the biggest weights on his heart. “Well I’m sure this Lacy will be alright while you’re gone. I mean how bad could it have been?”

Mythic glared at Rarity some. “My school day begins at 7:30 and I don’t leave till about 6:30. That’s about eleven hours a day I spend in class, my athletics’ and any other clubs I do. She is there in the lobby of the school every morning and evening just to see me. She is always wearing that damn collar, like it symbolizes her damn crusade to get me back!” Mythic then stood up and kicked his sleeping legs in order to regain feeling. “Welp, thanks for hearing me out Rare, you’re slowly becoming my favorite pony.” He gave off a wide smile and patted Rarity’s head.

Rarity shooed away Mythics hoof. "Rare ?”

“Oh, don’t like it? I just thought since you heard that long ass nestelgia story about some of my life, you get a nickname.”
Rarity grew a smile. “Well as long as it’s you, it’s ok. I’ve heard Applejack call me something similar, but I think it’s her accent. But enough of all this, I am finished with your measurements and just need to know what kind of style you’ll be wearing, dear.”

With his tongue hanging out and hoof under his chin, Mythic though for a good while. It was hard to choose, not to mention the laughter coming from Rarity has his face become a quick and funny joke. “Well, do you know what a kimono is?” A nod from a still chuckling Rarity was his only answer. “I want a couple of those, Purple with orange trim and a runic circle designed, got it?”

“Of course dear, it shouldn't take long, but you might want to go see the rest of the town, yes?"

“Hell yeah!” Mythic was pumped up to go see the town.

“Well you can go; I would stop by Sugercube Corner if I was you. Yesterday was Pinkie Pie’s day to watch over you and she was absolutely depressed to see you just lying there in bed. She’ll be happy to know you’re alright.” Rarity levitated the discarded shirts off the floor and back around Mythic and retied them. She then walked him down stairs and gave him directions to the bakery. She saw him off and waved good bye.

As he walked alone, Mythic though back on what Rarity said about Pinkie Pie. “So she is upset that I was out for all that time aye? And I’m basing this off of the first time we meet, but I think I know how to cheer her up instantly." Mythic walked for about two more minutes before coming up to the bakery. He looked through the glass to see if there was any sign of Pinkie, he couldn’t see her anywhere. He then opened the door into the bakery and cracked his neck side to side.

"Lets do this!"

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