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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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Entertaining the Guests

With a menacing grin, Mythic walked out of his room with two mares in tow. Luna and Rainbow didn’t understand what Mythic was talking about, but didn’t feel like doing anything while he had that face. He looked like he was insane!

“Alright girls I need you two to wait on the sofas for just a tick while I take… ‘Stock’.” He walked down the steppes and in to the kitchen as Rainbow and Luna sat, more like laid down on the sofas. Mythic then approached a specific cupboard, right above the stove, it wasn’t as large as the others but it was wider. He dropped to his knees and prayed. ‘Dear lord, please don’t allow Victor to buck this up!’ He then reach for the knob to open the small doors, but decided to practice his magic same more. His horn glowed and the small double doors burst open. It his utmost pleasure, the cabinet had not been touched except a few things. It was full, half with Vodka and the other with Bacardi. Both the drinks of kings! There were also two small notes, pink and purple. Mythic reached for the purple on first and it read, ‘Mythic, I told you I know most. Don’t be a bitch! And you’re welcome.’ “That MoFo, he is awesome! What’s the other one say?” he reached for the other with his magic and it read, ‘Pinkie Pie, you don’t know me, but I know you. Get the hell out! This is the only stash like this in the world, do-not-touch it!!!’

“Victor is redeemed.” Mythic dropped both notes and pulled out a bottle of Vodka, his eyes widened and his smile turned evil with greed. “Alright, step one, check. Step two…” He gently placed the bottle on the counter and search for the other ingredients need for his meal.

After about two minutes of searching, he found all that was need, save for bacon but that was expected. No meat for Mythic, Victor said so. “Alright, yo featherbrain!” Before five seconds, Rainbow bolted into the kitchen standing eye to eye with Mythic and his poker face. “What did you just call me?”

"What, are you talking to me? I called you fair beauty. But now that you’re here I need you and Queen Moony over there to help me. But first I need you to stay here for a tick.” Mythic ran out of the kitchen before Rainbow could protest and ran back up the stairs. He ran into his room and ran through his drawers. “Come on, where are you?” He shuffled socks and boxers until he uncovered his IPod. “What is your deal with me bitch?” He bit down on it and closed the drawer, just before noticing a large pouch out the corner of his eye. He though to examine it, but left his room and entered his parents room. There on the far wall was an old IHome he focused his magic and lifted it up and brought both items down stairs. He trotted back into the kitchen and settled down both items on a counter, out of the way of the oncoming shit storm that is cooking a meal, for two hours!

He plugged in the IHome into the outlet and plugged the IPod into the former. He was about to touch the screen, when he face hoofed. How would he operate the touch screen, can his hooves work? Once more he put his new limbs to the test and attempted to scroll up and down the music selections. For the seventh time, he was bewildered. His hoof was able to scroll up and down the screen. “Step three, complete. Now to start, Luna gets in her.”
Luna strolled into the kitchen. “Yeah, Mythic?”

“Two things need to happen. One is taking of your shades, you’re indoors and that is just rude.” Luna shot Mythic a glare, but complied. “Good now I need your help cooking. Still not the best at magic and this is one thing I’d hate to mess up.”

“Well I guess I could help, but keep in mind I’m a Princess. I don’t cook myself; don’t think I could be any good.”

“Well then you can just stand in the corner and look pretty.” He turned to Rainbow Dash, who was hovering in the air over the both of them. “Can you cook, Rainbow?” Rainbow came down and nodded. “I live by myself, I can cook certain things but I’m not that good at it.”

“Well I’m going to need some help. I’ll need you to help me with the sauce, the most vital part of this dish. In that cabinet is the pot and skillet needed to make it.” He then pointed to a slim cabinet at the bottom of the stove. “I need you to grab it will I prepare for preparing. This bad boy is being made from scratch; it needs careful hooves and a steady mind.” As Rainbow moved to grab the pot and skillet, Mythic moved back to the IPod and hit play on one of his favorites.

" Catgroove "

Rainbow Dash and Luna looked quizzically at the device as it emitted music. "What is that?" Luna asked.

“Cat groove, now let’s cook some food.” Mythic glanced at the microwave and read the time. It was 3:34. “Ok, Dash I need you to wash the tomatoes and chop them, so that it’ll be easier and richer in the blender. I’ll chop up the garlic and get the pot, ready? Let’s go go go!” He clapped his hooves and they were off. For the next thirty minutes, Rainbow Dash and Mythic work vigorously on the Alla Vodka sauce. As they worked, Mythic’s stomach could be heard as they chopped veggies and blended them together. The base for the sauce was finished and now comes the fun part.

“Ok Rainbow, now that the base is finished we need to put in the good stuff!” His menacing grin returned with full force and his eyes held a spark of delight.

Rainbow put down the skillet in which the sauce was held. She turned to acknowledge Mythic, but sees his evil like expression. “And what would that be, if I might ask?” Luna popped up out of the corner and stood next to Rainbow. “Yeah, what has you so worked up?”

Mythic approached the bottle of Vodka he had placed down before beginning. “This here is the greatest liquor in the history of man, other than Rum, but aside from racial favorites. It is the boom, it ain’t call liquid gold for nothin’!

The mares tilted their heads and examined the bottle. “But it’s not gold.” Luna said.

“It’s a metaphor.” Mythic lifted the bottle with his magic and brought it over to the skillet. He opened the cap; he thought it was similar to the knob in the way his magic worked on it. He poured it into the batch and stirred as it poured out. “A little for the stew…” He then turns the bottle to himself and was about to take a swig when there is a knock at the door. He sighs and puts the bottle down. “I’ll get it.” A hint of sadden in his voice.

Has he opened the door, he could see five mares in the frame. Rarity, Applejack, Twilight, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. “Hello there, my dear mares. What do I owe the pleasure, oh Rare tell me that it’s…!”

Rarity hugged Mythic. “Yes, it’s your order. But only one kimono, I’m not done with the others. Might we come in?” Mythic chuckled. “Yeah, I’m cooking right now; you girls can sit in the living room till I’m done. Anypony hungry, it like four something right?” He walked out of the door and greeted each mare, all up to Applejack. “I haven’t seen you in awhile. How’s it goin’?”

“Ah can’t complain none. How about ya’ll?” AppleJack replied

“Well I’m cooking for some reason. But other than that, alright for the time being.” He motioned to the sofas. The rest seemed to already getting comfortable. “If you need anything, I’ll be in the kitchen with Luna and Dash. Pinkie?”

The pink party pony popped her head up. “Yeah, Mythic?”

“Take my baby out of your saddle bag right now. Or you shall fell pain, pain Pinkie. I don’t want to, but it will be done.” He held a clod stare. Pinkie simple laughed and opened her saddle bags on the floor. His skittles were intact; Pinkie placed them on the coffee table and Mythic smiled. He walked over and bit down on the bag and walked back to the kitchen. He placed the bag in a cupboard and returned to his sauce. He turned the stove on and stirred the batch of pasta sauce.

“Wait, a little for the stew… a lot for the chef.” He levitated the vodka back over to him and gulped it down for a good split second. “DAMN THAT’S GOOD VODKA!” He yelled in joy, his voice tinted with a Russia accent. “But I can just be too greedy. That reminds me. Hey Luna?” While Mythic was at the door, Luna and Rainbow got distracted by the IPod and fooled around with it. Resulting in the change of the music’s set track.


She spun around and hummed in innocent tone. “Yes~ Mythic?”

Mythic wasn’t bothered by the change in music. “Anyway, what is the drinking age here in Equestria?”

“Oh that old thing? It’s twelve, why do you ask?”

Mythic heard this and held an expression half happy and confused. Hearing the young age, he thought he could finally hit a bar. But twelve years old, really? “Luna are you joking right now? Please tell me you’re joking.” The Princess shook her head.

“But… but, you don’t have problems with that?”


“Back on earth it was like 21! This is great.” He stirred the sauce with vigor.

“Why so high? Aren’t your people mature at the age of 12?”

“Hell no, so many whining…” The two were interrupted by Twilight as she entered the kitchen. “What is that noise?”

“That’s my music, now Twilight, what is your drinking age here in town?”

“The drinking age is about twelve, you’re old enough right?” She then noticed his horn was aglow and the wooden spoon mixing the sauce surrounded in an orange glow. “Hey, you learned some spells, that’s good.”

“Yeah, I know it’s good. But damn, wait what is your life span?”

“About eighty to a hundred. Pretty old right?”

“No shit that’s old!” From the living room Pinkie could be heard yell out at Mythic. “What did I say about your mouth?” Mythic winced. “Sorry ma’am. But yeah this place is way different in more than one way.” Mythic turned down the heat on the stove and levitated two boxes of penne pasta over to the pot full of boiled water and poured both boxes in. “So just out of my minds sake, how old are you Twilight?”

“Me?” Twilight responded. “I’m sixteen.” Mythic nodded and reach out for his bottle of Vodka and began reading all the labels. He turned the bottle up and over, not sure what he was looking for. He took another swig and took a spit take. “What did you just say!?” Twilight was taken back and shook slightly in fear. “I-I said sixteen.”

“Holy mother of Norris, I’m actually older then you?" He took a moment to calm himself and think about it in depth. "That’s crazy, must be the way you guys live.” Mythic was excited; he didn’t know why, just another crazy fact of life. “Now I’m a smart guy and could tell we probably mature at different rates. When is a mare able to have children?”

Twilight tapped her chin; she was more knowledgeable in magic, not biology. “I think it’s around ten. It goes like this. Minors are 11 and under, adults are 12 to 59 and elders are 60 up. What about your world?”

Mythic tapped a hoof and thought. “Well, minors are 17 and under. You’re considered an adult at 18 but can't drink till your 21 and an elder at about 60. I guess you just live and learn.” He spoke rhythmically. “Hanging on the edge of tomorrow~!” Twilight raised her brow in confusion. “What does that have to do with anything?”

Mythic shrugged, he left the sauce and cooking pasta and walked to the fridge. “I need water before it takes effects.” He opened the fridge door and pulled out a bottle of water with his hoof. “I’ll never understand.” He then spun the cap off and chugged all the contents. He sighed in relief and launched the bottle over his back. Once his trash was disposed of, he pulled out a strainer out of the bottom cabinet. "You two can go into the living room, I’m almost done.” On his word, Twilight and the lingering Luna walked out of the kitchen and left Mythic alone.

Twilight whispered in a concerned tone. “That was really weird don’t you think Princess? He asked strange questions.”

“He is only getting an understanding of his new home. That’s why tomorrow; you’re going to come by with books on history and Equestrian culture.” Luna responded in a demanding voice.

“I was already planning on it, that doesn’t have to be an order you know.” Twilight rebuttaled.

“Hey Princess, how’s it going?” Pinkie shot up from the corner of a couch.

“Fine, how are you girls doing?” Luna asked out of politeness and care.

All the mares said fine or alright, for the next few minutes they all talked while Mythic finished up his meal. The pasta was strained; the sauce was mixed in with the penne. Mythic threw all unnecessary cookware in the sink and hovered over the pot of Penne Alla Vodka like a vulture ready to dive in for the final, killing blow. He squealed in joy, rushed to grab all the silverware and china he needed. He grabbed his portion and sat at the table in the corner of the living room that connected to the dinner room. “Oi, I have a crap ton of food, anyone want a bite?”

Luna, Twilight, Rarity and Fluttershy propped themselves up so they can see just what they were being offered. They didn’t recognize the reddish orange sauce and had adopted Twilights skepticism. Fluttershy was surprisingly the first to ask. “Um, w-well I haven’t eaten. But what exactly is it?”

“This is Penne pasta with Alla Vodka sauce; it is the boom back on earth. I mean it’s really ruined for me.” He said with a smile.

“How is having something ruined a good thing?” Rarity nip picked at Mythic’s terms. “That is just awful; I couldn't imagine why you’d like that.” Mythic waved a hoof in defense. “No no you don’t understand, I sometimes use that term when I get or taste something and I can only have it in a certain fashion. This is one of those things. I love Alla Vodka… there is only one problem.” Mythic lips curved from up to downward. “Only my mother makes it the best, if it ain’t hers, than I’m not eating it.” He pointed down to his plate. “However, I followed all the steps she does one hundred percent on this, so it should be good.” He bent over and took a bite into the pile of pasta. His smile slowly returned. “So, anypony want in on this?”

The four mares standing next to him nodded. Mythic instructed them to serve themselves and where what item would be. They all came back with a small amount on their plates; even though they trusted Mythic they didn’t trust his taste in food. Rarity was the first to take in the spice like dish that lay before her. They taste was so unique she thought, she tasted the tomato, garlic and other small seasonings. There was though, this one she couldn’t put her hoof on. “Mythic what did you put in this? Not to say anything negative, but there is something I just can’t recognize. I have been to many restaurants but I just can't identify this, is it an herb or something?”

Mythic shook his head comically as he finished off his plate like an animal. “That, will more than likely be the…” He cleared his throat and prepared his Russian accent. “…VODKA! Thy, most beautiful drink of my home world. Many have died for it, loved it and hated it. It is and always will be, one of my favorites. They called me the ‘Tan Russian’ at high school parties."

“Now why is that?” Twilight chimed in.

Mythic grab a napkin and patted away any marks on his face caused by eating. He thought he had to keep looking, ‘Like a Boss’. “Well because I have the best liver anyone alive knows of and because my favorite drink is stereotypical, they called me Russian. The Tan is because of my heritage, I’m a…” Before Mythic could finish, he felt something move in his bowels. He jumped up and ran to the bathroom. “Be right back!”

He jumped over the couch with bolted upstairs; he heard the mares downstairs say something about a hat but didn’t care. He burst through the door, locked it sat down and the toilet, stunned that he could do that and did his peace. After about five minutes he came out a renewed stallion. He whistled and trotted down the steps. All the mares looked at him like he was crazy, mostly because he was. But AppleJack looked at him like she was pissed. ‘2+2=4’ “So, I dropped your hat on the way up?” She nodded. “Well sorry, had to drop a pave load.” In the time he was gone; the mares finished eating and clean the dishes for Mythic. As he walked into the kitchen he took notice that Fluttershy was at the sink with a sponge and plate in her hooves. “Thanks Fluttershy, you didn’t have to do that.”

“Think nothing of in Mythic. I wanted too, but Dash also told me about the stuff in your room. I-If you don’t mind me asking, could I see it, your room I mean?” Fluttershy spoke in her timid and shrunken voice while finishing with the dishes. He walked over to her and patted her head and stroked her mane. “You sure can Fluttershy, you sure can.” ‘Dear god she is silk smooth, hold it together.’ “You can come up right now if you want.” They both agreed and approached the stairs.

“Hey Mythic, where you and Shy going?” Rainbow Dash, who as been silent for a surprisingly long time yelled out from across the living room. “Ow, yeah.” Mythic remembered “You want to see what I meant earlier by games?” Pinkie heard the magic word and bounced up into the air and made a bee line for Mythic. “Did you say games? I love games!” Mythic winced.

“Yeah, I think you said that once, no like three times I’m sure. Well if you want you guys can come up, I’m sure it’ll be new for all you. It’s be like seeing alien technology or something!” He ascended and walked into his room, soon filled to the brim with mares. ‘I’m feeling like a pimp right know, why couldn’t it be this easy back home?’ He laid on his bed, along with Rarity, Luna and Fluttershy. Rainbow, AJ, Twilight and Pinkie sat on the floor around the bed. Mythic settled in and lifted the T.V. remote and a PS3 controller over to him. He turned on the T.V. and PS3, filling the room with the start up sounds.

“Alright girls, I’m going to show you one of my favorites, Marvel vs. Capcom.” The game disk was already in the console as well, so Mythic used his magic to move the analog sticks and move along the menu. He hit start and soon the screen was filled with a colorful cinematic of heroes fighting. Mythic chuckled as the sight before them caused the seven mares around him it gasp in awe, Rainbow in particular. “Oh…my…gosh, this is so cool!” Mythic tried to calm the over excited pony down.

“Wow there Nelly, I haven’t even started yet.” Once the opening cinematic was over, the main menu popped open and Mythic continued into arcade mode. “Alright, now by this time I’m guessing you could tell this game is about fighting. This is my favorite mode, arcade mode. Here I could chose three characters to fight as, I always in my best team no matter what.”
Rainbow couldn’t wait and flapped her wings uncontrollable. “Oh who?”

“Well um, you wouldn't even know who they are.”


“That is not an answer, but I won’t argue. They’re Dante, Trish and Amaterasu. I always play as those three.” Pinkie tapped her chin. “So what is the point of this game? I’ve never seen something like this and I’ve played all the games I have ever heard of.”

As Mythic sorted his characters and started the game he answered Pinkie. “Well in this game, you pick three people to fight with and you fight three other heroes or villains. You fight for about five stages and win in order to fight the boss and win the mode. The best method I use is combos and hyper moves.” The first stage loaded and Mythic turned his attention. The seven guests watched in amazement as Mythic mowed through the combatants with ease as he used combo after combo. He had beaten two adversaries with just Dante and swapped him out with the canine Amaterasu to finish off the last one. Twilight poked Mythic’s side so she could get his attention.

“That was amazing; I’ve never seen something like that. Do you think I could try?” Mythic turned back to the T.V. “Sure, but you’d need to understand the controls first. I think the booklet is in the bottom drawer over there.” Twilight smile and thanked Mythic.

She got up and shuffled to the dresser, she noticed that there were two drawers. She shrugged and was about to open the right when Mythic yelled in fear. “No! Not that one, for the love of God do not. I repeat, do not, open that drawer!” This sent the whole room into a state of fear. “Sorry, I just have some stuff that is… less then polite to show to others.” He tried to cover his own fear with a smile and started playing again as Twilight opened the left drawer and retrieved the game case and booklet.

For about fifteen minutes, Mythic wiped the floor with all adversaries. He had beaten Galactuce and went through for another run. Even though he was showing a great deal of skill, he did lose one fight. Rarity shuffled over to him and laid right next to him. Mythic had been this close to girls before, but he was completely distracted by her closeness. He felt her breathing, they were that close. He ended up doing stupid mistakes and losing a stage. “Damn it,[sigh],continue.” After that, Mythic continued off from that stage and made a few more mistakes but none as severe. He then got bored and looked over to Twilight. “Hey Twilight, you ready to give this a shot?”

“I sure am. This will be a piece of cake; I’ve memorized all the moves shown in the booklet.” They both shared a smile; Mythic levitated the controller over to Twilight and let her have a go. He told her she could sit on the bed but she didn’t mind the floor. He acknowledged and let it be. Mythic then decided to let the girls have their fun and catch up on so reading. Reading his manga anyway. He looked at his small shelf in the corner and picked a new one he had bought a few days before his vacation. Not the vacation he had in mind though. He was in the mall and saw it, skimmed through it and liked it. ‘Ao No Exorcist’.

He flipped through it to the page that held his marker and began reading it. As everyone else was focused on Twilights display of combos and what not, Rarity focused on Mythic. “What is that you’re looking at, a book?” Mythic stopped reading to explain. “This is manga, Ao No Exorcist to be exact. Manga is a form of comic that started in another country from my own. See” HE then turned the book so Rarity could look in between the covers. She saw a human boy covered in flames and wielding a sword. “Oh my, why is that human in flames?”

“Well you’d have to read it to understand. He is basic they the son of the devil and he has been protected his whole life by his father, who is in charge of a church. One day, event out of his own control causes demons to chase after him and the devil himself as well. His father tells him why and dies by being taken control of. He is controlled by the devil, who is trying to convince the boy to allow him to take over his body. Turns out, there is this sword that he inherited and his is cover in blue flames. I that’s all I understand up till now.” Mythic turned back to reading.

“But that is awful.” Rarity commented.

“I know but it’s just a story. That’s not going to happen to me, nor you. I’m forty percent sure.” Mythic said confidently yet under his breath.

Rarity didn’t catch what Mythic said, which surprised her considering how close they were. “What was that dear?”

“Nothing, what time does the clock say?”

“It says six o' clock, why?”

“Because it’s been a hour or something more, yet you have failed in presenting my order.” Mythic licked his hoof and turn the page. Rarity jumped. “That’s right!” She dashed out the room, tripped over AppleJack and ran down the stairs.

AppleJack growled. “That’s twice 'n one day, next pony to do t'at…” She didn’t finish her threat as Rarity rushed back in with her saddlebag. “Here it is Mythic.” She smiled and presented his kimono. Mythic placed the book back on the shelf and examined the clothing Rarity made. Pinkie joined Mythic in its examination. “Oww, pretty robe.”

Mythic agreed with Pinkie and soon the whole room looked upon Rarity’s work. It was a long robe; it was a brighter shade of purple than Mythic and had white trim on the edges of the cloth. It came with an orange sash to hold it closed. Mythic was shaking with joy, but just about died when he saw the back of the kimono. On the back was an insignia matching his own cutimark. “Rare I love you so much right now. It’s amazing, great craftsmen ship and the stitching… Thank you so much.” He hugged her and then grabbed the kimono and quickly put it on. He shrugged a few times and lifted his forelegs to get a feel for it. “This is great, I can’t thank you enough. If you need me to do something, anything, it’s yours. A hundred percent yours.”

Rarity chuckled and gave him a sly smirk. “Don’t worry, I’ll come to you.” Mythic smiled and walked out of the room. “That’s good; I’ll get you a drink. You can have a drink right? That reminds me, what are your ages anyways?”
“Well, I’m seventeen and must defiantly could go for have a drink.” Rarity said in with a matter of fact vibe. “AppleJack, Twilight and Fluttershy are sixteen. Rainbow and Pinkie are both fifteen.”

“Really, you’re as old as me? The way you were listening to me back in your boutique, made you seem older.” Mythic now was walking out the bedroom with Rarity in tow. “But I will be older soon, birthday in two months. August fifth I turn eighteen.” He walked into the kitchen, opened the liquor cabinet and took out two shot glasses.

“I was born in August too, on the seventh though. It is simply amazing,how must is the same even though we are from two different worlds. Like how you speak Equestrian.” Mythic stopped in his tracks and slowly tilted his head up and arched his brow. “What do you mean by, Equestrian? We be speaken English up in here!” He took out both the opened Vodka bottle and a Bacardi.

“No, we are speaking Equestrian.”

“I’m just going to say its magic causing us to speak the same and nothing more. Now what do you want, the Grey goose or Rum?”

“The Grey goose and what?”

“Rum, Rare, rum. Don’t worry I took a swig of the Vodka earlier, it won’t kill you to take a shot.”

“Well I guess, but I’ll take the goose.”

“Good choice, I haven’t had any of the rum yet.” He poured the drinks and put the bottles down. They brought their glasses to their muzzles, brought their heads back and took the shots. Rarity’s face flushed and turned bright red, causing Mythic to laugh. “Don’t tell me you’re a lightweight Rare.”

“Me, a lightweight? Just let me see this ‘Tan Russian’ your friends call you huh?” Mythic laughed like madman. “You challenge me Rare?” He stood on his hind legs and crossed his fore hooves with a raised brow. Rarity mimicked his movements but added a nod. Mythic smirked and huffed. “Challenge accepted.”

The next scene involves drunk ponies. They are slurring. Just be warned

For the next hour the two tried to drink each other under the table. They didn’t even realize their friends came down ten minutes after they started. They cheered one or the other to beat the other. Pinkie and Dash made bets. They called each other out with slurred words. “Sho Rare, jew give up?” Rarity shook her head. “Nofe, it seems like somepo-he is talk’in punny.”

“I ain’t talk’in punny! I speaky cursive!” poured another shot and brought it back. Rarity did the same. They both sway for side to side and collapse on the floor. Rainbow dash was the first to pike up mythic and comment. “Darn it, I ain’t getting any bits today. But wow they lasted a good while.” Pinkie chimed in, lifting up Rarity and putting her on her back. “Yeah, they were going at it! You think they like each other?”

“No way would Rarity go for Mythic, she’d probably go for some rich stallion with fancy stuff. And Mythic, I don’t know Mythic well enough, but he would probably like the crazy types, like you Pinkie!” Pinkie smiled at what she took as a compliment. “Do you really think so?”

“Enough of this!” Luna had watched and observed. Now she acted. “I think we should get this mess cleaned up and put them in bed. It’s getting pretty late as well, so all of you should go home.” At this they of awed in sadness. “Don’t fret, shouldn’t somepony be planning a party anyway?”

Pinkie Pie gasped in remembrance. “You’re right Princess; I’ll bring Rarity home and get right on that! Bye girls.” Pinkie carried Rarity out the house and towards home. Not too long after that Rainbow place Mythic up in his room and took off his Kimono. She folded it and put it on his night stand. Rainbow looked at Mythic, sleeping soundly and watch over him. His wings still bandaged, she had felt sorry for him. “Don’t worry bud, you’ll be flying soon.” She then felt an impulse and kiss the top of his head. She bolted out the door and out of the house. AppleJack and Fluttershy said goodbye and walked to their respective homes.

Luna held Twilight back and reminded her to bring some studying materials for Mythic tomorrow. They talked for a few more minutes after that and Twilight left. Luna was all alone with a drunken and sleeping Mythic up stairs. She closed the door, finished checking the house over and went to her new room. She hadn’t spent any time in her room, so she hadn’t noticed that it was cold and she knew cold. She tried to unpack, but kept shivering. She couldn’t feel any comfort in staying in there and left. Now in the hall, she heard Mythic snoring in his room and went to check on him.

Entering his room, Luna was caught off guard and laughed silently. Mythic laid on his bed spread out like a dog, tongue hanging out and his hind leg jerking. He then rolled onto his side and turned his back to Luna. She thought it was funny and came all the way into his room. It was warm and inviting unlike the other bedroom. She sat on his bed and began to think. She thought about the day, her sister and the other mares. She thought about what she should teach Mythic tomorrow, magic, rune magic or culture? She didn’t know and she let out a sigh for each thought. As she thought, Luna hadn’t noticed Mythic stopped snoring.

“Luna.” Mythic suddenly said. This startled Luna, but only to a degree. “Yes Mythic?”

“Is something wrong?” He sat up right and focused on Luna even though he was still not all together yet. Luna shook her
head. “Nothing is wrong; I’m just sitting here thinking. It’s also cold in my room.”

Mythic spoke while yawning. “I’m sorry; I’ll check it out in the morning.” He shuffled over some and made space on the bed. “If you want, you can sleep here tonight.” He then turns his back to her and returned to his sleep, leaving Luna alone once more. She contemplated on his offer. ‘I don’t want to go sleep in that room, but what he tries something?’ She though on this and ended taking the offer. She climbed under the covers and tried to fall asleep. She had a better feeling, but couldn’t sleep as she turned and twisted. She woke Mythic up once more with all her moving and he asked what was going on. She explained that she couldn’t go to sleep and Mythic came up with an idea. He took her to face away from him and lay on her side. Luna did as she was told and face away from Mythic. She was surprised when he put his forelegs around her, she jerked and Mythic said it was ok. She didn’t fight it, he felt warm as he pulled her in. She welcomed Mythic’s embrace and fell asleep in his warmth. Mythic smile and followed Luna into sleep. He didn’t know why, but he too was cold earlier and now he was warm. That night the both sleep with smiles on their faces and sweet dreams.

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