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Don't Step on a Rune. - Warpony

A human, Rune magic and enemies. This is the story of Mythic (Daniel) Rune, the human and the Mystic

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Recovery is a Rarity (Revised)

As Mythic laid down in silence, he heard waves meeting stones a few feet away from him. He felt the warmth of the sun on his face and soft grass under him. Mythic opened his eyes to see a lake surrounded by a forest in the distance. He was back on the small island he was on before and he could see the child from before sitting on the same stone he was on the first time. “You like that rock don’t you kid?”

The child turned around with a smile plastered to his lips. “It’s the softest damn rock out here, and where am I going anyway?”

Mythic chuckled. “True, by the way I never caught your name, kid.”

“ Well...just call me Victor, alright?” Victor asked in a cheery tone.

"Alright Victor, but why am I back here? Last thing I remember is teleporting to PonyVille with that Luna person-pony, whatever you want to put it.”

“Well you ‘were’ in a fight with an Elite Corrupt; you were beaten so bad you fell unconscious but you are still alive, don’t worry. You are here in your ethereal form, your mind is here." Mythic looked over his body, it did seem transparent. Victor continued to speak. "The ponies got your body to a hospital just before you went into critical condition. Next time you see them you’d better thank them". Victor finished in a demanding voice but then put back on his smile. “It’s good to see you’re alright.”

Mythic nodded, agreeing with Victor. “Yeah that Talos was on tough son of a bitch. Glad he’s gone, though.”

“Oh he is tough alright, but he isn't gone. He is an elite, he was simply knocked out from the impact when he it Luna’s Runic shield.” Victor stated in his matter-of-fact voice.

Mythic’s eyes widened with dilated pupils. “Are you serious, he’s that tough!? I'm so screwed next time I'm fighting."

Victor gave a nod.“No shit, he is an Elite Corrupt, one of the few who can keep their own mind intact after becoming a Corrupt. The Shard may have control over them, but they allow the strongest to keep their conscious. It’s like an award for being strong enough or something like that. But right about know, I think that might not be the cause anymore. His master is probably pissed off that Talos didn't kill you. But there will be more, most will be weaker, but others will be just as strong and others stronger still."

"Well thanks for the vote of confidence." Mythic said with a sour look.

“Mythic, I know most and see most. I’m like God in some ways.” As Victor spoke he picked up a large rock in his hand and weighed it. “But it’s almost time for you to return. Train in order to use all your abilities; you have a crazy future my friend. Tougher opponents will be coming your way, live well Mythic. Also there will be a little surprise for you when you get back. And that pink friend of yours, tell her to stay out of your liquor cabinet.” Victor threw the rock at Mythic and hit him in on the forehead just as he spurted his final words. “Wait why would-” Mythic vanished into thin air and all that was left behind was the rock that was thrown at him. “Cause she’ll get hammered otherwise.”

Mythic vanished from Victors sight but fell through what felt like a twister. The black void once again surrounded him, but this was only for mere seconds. As he fell he screamed a high pitched wail as he was about to smack impact with a Rune, similiar to the one that brought him and Luna to PonyVille.

Inside the Ponyville hospital, Mythic laid in his bed unconscious and unaware of his surroundings. A white unicorn with a curled purple mane sat at his side while reading one of her romance novels. Today was her day to watch him well the others took care of business elsewhere. It was early in the day and she hadn't had any business pass through for a while, so not being at work wasn't an issue. The clock on the wall read 9:37, and the white mare looked over to the sleeping Alicorn and let out a sigh. He was covered in bandages and bruises. He's wings were bandaged and tied to his back. “Oh, why did you have to push so hard? You nearly died you know, so many broken bones and blood lose. And your wings were crushed, just how on earth did you survive?” She continued to speak as though Mythic was listening. “Don’t get me wrong I’m so very happy you’re alive, deary. Oh I’ll make you a dashing new outfit when you wake up, you’ll love it. Maybe you’ll like a hat too.” Out of nowhere she pulled out measuring tape. She then began to whisper to herself. “But first, what is your horn size.” She tried to reach for his horn, but the bed was too large for her to tack a proper measurement.

“Drat” She couldn't get the measurement while standing next to him, so she climbed onto the bed and positioned herself on top of him. She wasn't aware though, and began to measure his neck and cranium. She was about to measure his horn but then Mythic’s eyes shot open, causing her to pull back in surprise. “What the h-”

Mythic at the same time yelled from where he left off while jumping forward. “-she be i-” As a result the two met face to face, mouth to mouth.

[ It begins ]

"Rarity!" Mythic yelled in shock, not sure what was happening.

"Mythic!" Rarity, stunned by Mythic's sudden action.

“Why are you on me!”

“I wasn't doing anything at all, you pounced on me!” Trying to hide a blush by turning away.

“No way, don’t point this at me, I know I'm sexy but damn!”

“Don't fool yourself." Her blush grew, clearly visible. "You are not that attractive at all and it's not like I wanted to be on top of you." Rarity stated.

“Damn it woman,mare, tell me why you’re on top of me or so help me God-!”

“Oh help you, I was going to make you a new outfit. I was getting the measurements and then you kissed me!”

“Kissed you, please tell me you’re joking! You like taking advantage of people as the sleep, don’t you?

“What! No, no you-”

“If you liked me you just had to say so, but I’m not into that stuff!" 'Yes I am.'

"I'm not either, its just a miss understanding that's all."

“If you say you’re sorry, I’ll forgive you.” Mythic gave a sly smirk. He had seen the blush on Rarity growing during the course of the argument, he felt as though he had won and waited for a response.

“But, but I didn't do anything!” Rarity began to complain. “I didn't do a single thing to you!”

“Yeah a ‘single’ thing, how long have I been out?, who knows what you did to me.” He gasped at one idea. “*gasp* Did you..!” He spoke, half angry-half scared. He checked under the covers to face his fears. “All good in the hood, okay you're safe for now but don't do that ever again. This whole thing was an accident." He leaned back down on his pillow with his hooves by his side. “So Rarity, how long have I been out?”

Rarity didn't register Mythic’s word as she drew nothing but blanks in her mind. ‘What just happened here, was it my fault or his! Oh dear Celestia what is going on!'

Mythic then spoke a little harder as he tried to catch her attention. “Rarity!”

She snapped out of it and came responded. “What do you~ want Mythic!"

“How long have I been out, a day or two?”

“No you've been out for one week. But the doctor said you’d be out for at least a two week, you suffered heavy injuries. You’ll be lucky to move within two months.”

“Really, is that a fact now? Then how come a can do this!” He garbed Rarity by both cheeks and brought her down to his face, just in front of his muzzle. “Now…tell me how I’ll not move within two months.” He then let go of her face. She just stared at him; he wasn't sure if the red tone she was giving off was a blush or she was so angry she was turning red and ready to hit him, but before it came to that he lifted her off the bed and down to the floor with his fore legs. “Now can you get the Doctor?" He motioned for her to go and she surprisingly did just that, as she opened the door Mythic call back to her.

(Play here)

“Oh and one more thing. If you wanted to measure me than why didn't you use magic to take it.” Rarity was stunned for the third time in five minutes. “You know you want this.” He then posed by laying on his side and bringing his hind hoof up a little. He ripped off the hospital gown he had been wearing and placed one fore hoof on his mouth. “You know you want this.”

But before Rarity could react, the Doctor walked past the door and saw Mythic was awake. “Ah, Mr. Rune you’re wake! This is unexpected, we thought you’d be asleep longer and it seems your healing faster the expected as well. I'm Doctor Med If I can, I’d like to get one more x-ray to see how far you’ve recovered. Is that fine with you?”

Mythic nodded. “The faster I’m out, the happier I’ll be. Isn't that right Rarity?”

Mythic was having the time off his life messing with Rarity. “Huh, what? Never mind I’m going to get Twilight, she’ll want to see you.”

As she walked out Mythic rubbed his chest seductively. “I’ll be waiting.” He let out a loud chuckle, barely holding himself together. Rarity walked out of the room with her nose in the air and huffed in annoyance.

The doctor stood there in confusion. “I’m sorry did I interrupt something?”

Mythic shock his head. “You didn't, I’m just messing with her, sorry if you felt awkward. She was way too easy, so what’s the situation Doc?”

After Doctor Med took more X-rays of Mythic and confirmed that his bones were healed, he asked him some questions. “Well Mr. Rune, it seem your bones have healed fully! How in Equestria is that possible?”

Mythic shrugged. “Don’t know how, I’m just tough I guess. By the way, aren't you surprised that I’m an Alicorn?”

The doctor cleared his throat. “Well when you came here a week ago, I was quite surprised, yes. The only other two are The Princesses; would you be Royalty like them?”

Mythic shock his head. “I’m not Royalty, just a friend.” He gave a false smile. ‘I don’t think I should tell anyone I’m human.’ “I was just dropping by and… had an accident as you could see.”

Before the Doctor asked another question, Twilight and Rarity knocked on the door and opened it. Twilight was the first to pop her head inside the door frame. “Hello Mythic, it’s good to see you up and you’re healed from what Rarity told me.” She finished with a flatted tone as her ears flopped down. Rarity then stepped in and huffed. “Yes Mythic, tell her how healed you are.”

‘Have you learned nothing?’ Mythic let out a sigh. “Doc, can you give us a moment?”

The Doctor nodded. “That’s all we had to take care of anyway, you can leave anytime you like.” The Doctor then walked out and closed the door.

Mythic then looked the mare in the eye, ready to have some more fun. “Twilight it was awful, I woke up and Rarity was taking advantage of me! As I slept here, she used me body for God knows what!” He shot out of the bed and ran to Twilight and hugged her legs, ignoring the fact that even laying down he was bigger than her. “Please, for all that is good in this world, don’t let her do it again, I beg of you kind-woman-pony!”

Twilight gave an annoyed look down at Mythic. “Rarity said you’d probably pull some stunt like this. Get up off the ground and say you’re sorry.You can't just can't go around doing things like that!” Twilight bellowed out.

But Mythic just stood up. “Noway, all I know is the second I’m back in my body, Rarity is all over me. I’m not saying sorry, she liked it and she can't lie about it!" Mythic glared over to Rarity, who was making circles in the floor with her fore hoof. His glare then met with Twilight's.

Play here

The two stared at each other, measuring the another. They stared deep into the others eyes, each others soul’s even. A bead of sweat dripped form Mythic’s brow, yet he held his best poker face. Twilight bit her lower lip, she was about to give in, Mythic eye’s burned her vary being. She whelped and closed her eyes, they’d become watery. She thought that he was worse than Fluttershy. She quickly gave in, she had no chance of winning. “You win,okay you win!”

Mythic jumped into the air with joy and exhaled a breath that he had held for the minute long stare down. “That makes two for two, in one day! That’s like the best record of anyone back home. This is better than holding the blue flag! You all must now warship me as though I were a God!” Mythic roared and bathed in his triumph.

After his short victory Mythic he settled himself down and returned to his original voice. “Alright now that we buried that died hamster, has anything happened since I went under?” Mythic had forced the events of earlier into the back of his mind. He hoped the two mares would do the same. He liked not to get into awkward situation and tried to play it off when they did arise. But it wasn't going to work twice.

Twilight rubbed her eyes and blinked, she really felt slight pain when she stared at Mythic. She finishes readjusting herself and tried once more to throw daggers his way. “How can you just change the subject like that? This is serious; you kissed her for Celestia’s sake!” Twilight started to just yell at him while her volume nearly deafened Mythic along with Rarity in the process.

Mythic shivered with worry as Twilight screamed, we could have sworn that her mane turned yellow and red for a spit second. After her little episode, Mythic tried to use his hoof to clean out his ears and to make sure he could still hear. Once he was certain he wasn't deaf, he started in a calm manner. “Well my little Twilight, I can change anything I damn well please. Beside that’s in the past and this is now, it was an accident.” He turned towards Rarity, still checking her own hearing. But he did understand it was uncouth and wrong in some ways. “Look Rarity, *sigh* I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable. When I woke up, I was startled and it just happened. I just don’t handle situations like that well, sorry. Can we just forget about it?” Mythic put on his poker face once more.

Rarity, had only heard Mythic about half way through, but had the general idea, he was sorry for what happened. She began to walked to him. Rarity took one step back but then continued forward. She ended up at his side stroking his coat. “It’s okay, it was an accident. You didn't mean to that to me, but why did jump up when you awoke, did you have a nightmare or something?”

Mythic straightened himself out and explained with a rasp in his voice. “Well the reason I jumped was because I was hit with a Goddamn rock on the forehead and was falling through the void towards a large Rune expecting to fall straight into it. Damn Victor, I’m going to hit him, even if he is a child.” Mythic finish by rubbing the area right below his horn were the rock had hit him.

Twilight and Rarity simply gave him a confused expression, felt lost among his words. “That makes no sense, how can someone hit you with a rock when you were asleep. And who is this Victor fellow?” Rarity kept close to Mythic, and now went into ‘caring mode’.

Mythic sighed. ‘Will this chick make up her mind? Hate me or like me, that’s how females work right? Don’t care I got two out of two today in arguments. That’s new in my book.’ Mythic came back to a subject he hadn't yet get an answer for. “I’ll tell you later Rarity, but first.” He looked away from Rarity and back at a now calmed down version of Twilight. “Twilight, did anything weird happen while I was asleep? It could be something small or… just anything really.” Mythic probed Twilight for information, he was both curious and worried that something might have accrued. ‘That damn Victor said a surprise,’ he glanced at Rarity. ‘I hope that wasn't all. And what the hell did he mean by my liquor cabinet? I don’t even have a house, or am I going to say here that long?’

Twilight rubbed the back of her head with an embracing look while evading Mythic’s eyes. “While um, you see… there is one thing, it happened yesterday. And it’s not small, it showed up at the spot just outside of town were your Rune teleported all of us. It seems to be a big flat Rune stone, it just showed up and it had something fall on top of it. Well not fall but I think you should see for yourself.”

Mythic shrugged not sure about what Twilight was saying. He felt thought that it had to be better than the hospital. “Alright well should we get going? I don’t have ‘all day’.”

After the three left the hospital, they walked down a side street located behind most of the shops and houses. Even from where he walked though, Mythic saw that Ponyville was a beautiful town. He wished more places back home could be like this, but he did notice something odd. “Hey why are we walking the out of sight, I can barely see the whole town from here.”

He tried to turn a corner but was quickly corrected by Twilight. “Mythic, you can’t go into any open areas. Don’t you remember, there are only two Alicorns, they are Royalty, you’re an Alicorn...” Twilight hoped that Mythic would catch on, but he wasn't. She let out a grunt in annoyance. “How dense are you? They’ll think you’re Royalty as well and we can’t have that. It was bad enough that the hospital staff saw you."

“But why not, that would be so awesome!” Mythic cleared his throat and held his head such a manner as though giving a speech. “I am your king, Mythic Rune the First! You shall bow before my might and worship me as though I was a God! Bwhahaha!” His insane laughter began to annoy Twilight, her horn glowed and a zip popped out of thin air and attached itself to Mythic face. “Mhmhmh” He struggled to form word, but alas, the zipped was stuck on his face. After a few minutes of pulling on the zipper and needless rolling on the dirt, Mythic gave up. He gave a muffled sigh and began to write in the dirt with his hoof. ‘You take this off, I’ll shut up.’ The message brought a smile to both the mares’ faces and Twilights horn glowed once more as the zipper disappeared.

“You know, you can be conceded.” Twilight stated in vex.

“Well sorry Ms. Twilight, some of us, mainly me, probably won’t be able to enjoy their time as much as others. Now can we get on with this thing please, I need to know about any unusual thing that happened and you said-” Mythic badgered Twilight but was interrupted by a purple flash, followed by a delightful sight. “Is this what you were talking about?” Mythic was pleased and hoped he wasn't being played with.

“Yeah, it just showed up here like it was teleported. It looks like some sort of manner, but I can’t understand why it’s here.” She walked up to the structure. It was about 50 yards in length and about 25 in width. It seemed two stories high; the building was a cream hue with black roofing and built in a colonial fashion. Its foundation was clearly visible, a large flat stone with Runic lettering etched into the surface. “So what do you think it is, a house maybe. Do you have any ideas Rarity?” Asking in an quizzically.

“I have no idea Twilight; it does look like it’s made to be occupied. Mythic you’re not from Equestria, is this something from your home, dear?”

“Oh, so I’m ‘dear’ now?" Mythic huffed. "Whatever, I am too happy right know, I thought I’d have to live in a box or something!” He ran the small distance between himself and the establishment. ‘I thought I’d have to shit in a box.’ He then kissed the siding of the house softly. ‘I’ll keep you safe.’ He turned back to the mares behind him, now coming closer as while. “Rarity, this isn't something from home.” He started in a lordly tone. “This beauty is my home! Four bedrooms, three baths and a half stocked fridge.” He walk to the front door, but remembered he locked it, along with the back door. “Damn it, I locked the door when I got home. To the garage!” Mythic bolted around the corner of the building, leaving Rarity and Twilight to follow behind him.

As Mythic neared the large brown door that lead into the garage, he slowed his pace and began to trot so he didn't hit it, as well as giving the two ponies he left behind a chance to catch up. As he reaches for the bottom of the door to grab hold of the handle and lift the door, be looked down at his hooves. “Wait a second!” He looked to the left side of the door frame and saw the automated garage lock that kept the door shut. “Damn it, how am I supposed to use a hoof to open that, the buttons are to small!” He thought to himself, with his tongue sticking out as Rarity approached his side.

“What is going on, deary, is there a problem.?"

Mythic shook his head. “Nope” He then lowered his head and pressed a select few buttons gently with his horn. After a few seconds he hit the ‘Enter’ key and the door rose. He cracked a smile in succession. “No problem at all, now that I’m home that is.” As the door rose, Mythic could see his garage was a mess with metal and wires and other electrical equipment. “Um, you guys want to come in?” ‘I’m just being kind, DON'T SAY-’

“Yes, I would love to see the inside!” Rarity cheered with glee. “I would love to see what kind of architecture you use in your world.”

‘Damn it Rarity!, Twilight help me.' Mythic felt uneasy just having Rarity with him.

“I’m sorry, I can’t right now. I need to get back to the library.” Twilight apologized to Mythic. “But I’ll get the others and come by later, you can meet Spike.”

‘Is that like a dog, Twilight you hate me don’t you?’ Mythic sighed. “Okay, see you later Twilight. Be back soon.”

Twilight teleported out and Mythic started to the door, but was interrupted by Rarity. “Mythic, can you tell me what this room is?”

“It’s officially a garage, but my family never puts their cars in here so it’s my workshop. You see the equipment over there next to the bench? That’s where I work.” Half the room was filled with his equipment; wires, piping, tubes, batteries and other things.

Rarity scanned over the room, amazed by all the devices she had seen. "Can you tell me what those things do please.

Mythic shrugged, not really minding answering some of her questions. "Alright what do you want to know about?"

"Well if you can, all of it."

Mythic thought for a moment. ‘Screw that crap! It’ll take forever to explain all that crap to her.’ He gulped in horror at the thought. “Well, maybe what the others get here and I need to check the inside. That’s what you wanted to see right?” Rarity nodded shyly. “Alright than let’s go.” Mythic started to the door and turned the knob. ‘Still can’t believe that works’ as he opened the door he was saw the inside of his home was still the same. In front of him were the laundry room and some supply closets. “Okay, first off on tour de Rune, this is where I do my laundry and keep the cleaning supplies now if you follow me down the hall…” They both trotted down a short corridor that held frames of all sorts. It led to a large open room that held three sofas, a T.V., the entrance to an open kitchen and stairs and cat walk that exposed the upper level. “… This is the living room and kitchen, that’s the upstairs and front door. Hold on for a moment please.” He walked away from Rarity to the front door and opened it. The sun was not even at its apex and he felt it’d be a shame not to air out the house. “It’s okay if I leave my door open right? They aren't any thieves or ponies like that here are there?” Mythic was becoming cautious and hesitated to keep open his door.

Rarity reassured him. “No dear, there aren't any thieves; we don’t have problems like that too often.”

‘Close enough’ Mythic left the door open and a gust of wind entered the house, pleasing Mythic. “Oh yeah, I haven’t felt that in a while. So anything else you want to see?”

Rarity inspected the room and silently judged the fixtures. “Well it isn’t the best design, but I guess that might be a different case back home.” Rarity said, not sure how to say it.

Mythic nodded. “Yup, not the best back on earth either, but it keeps me safe and warm at night so,” He stood on his hind legs and kicked an imaginary ball and threw his fore hooves in the air. “,It’s good!” He roared at the top of his lungs.

"My, my Mythic. You remind me a little of Pinkie Pie." Rarity’s comment sounded like a compliment and insult in one go. “You can be so random at times, you know that right?” She sounded concerned for a moment.

Mythic just chuckled. “Well back home I wasn't one to be ‘normal’ as some might say. Everyone in my class would look so serious or mopey, why be like that? I decided to not be like that; as a result I was called many a things. Some being crazy and other’s not so much, but I’m not always like that. I do know when to be serious and when to let it all hang out.” He jumped towards one of his sofas and landed on back. He whined when he felt the pain shoot through his back. “Crap, forgot about the wings.” He spoke through his teeth as he fought to roll to his stomach, once situated he sighed in relief. “Yes, this sofa is so~ comfy I might just take a nap.”

He was about to close his eyes when Rarity whined in protest. “But I want to see the second floor. Come on I want to see it~”

Mythic wanted to go against it, but felt he had to. “Fine, but just don’t touch a thing you hear?” Rarity nodded violently. “Follow me, to the bedrooms!” As the words came out, he heard what he had said and slightly blushed. “And the bath, the bedrooms and the bath.” ‘Mythic you dirt dog you, clean out your mind man!’ He lead the way up the stairs to a hallway with four doors two on the left, one on the right and one on the far side of the hall. The closest on the left lead to the bathroom. “Here we have ‘my’ royal Throne.” He opened the door and there they say two sinks, a huge tube, a shower in the corner and a toilet next to the shower. He then closed the door and trotted to the door next to the bathroom. “This is my parents room, the one on the right side of the hall is my brothers and the one at the end is mine. Okay, got it, good.” He then turned and started to the stairs but heard a creek from behind. ‘No, she didn't!’ As he turned to the source, he saw his door wide open with Rarity looking inside. “Are you deaf, did you not hear me? I said-” She walked in all the way and disappeared from sight. His demanding tone flattened. “-don’t go in there. *Sigh*”

Rarity opened all of Mythic's dressers and tossed out articles of clothing everywhere. “My dear Mythic, you don’t have suitable clothes, we need to change that.” Rarity spoke almost as if she was getting at something. “You really most come by the boutique and let me make you some new clothes.”

Mythic stood at the door with a flattened smile. “Rarity I am in no need of new clothes I’m sure I can fit into these” he looked at one of the shirts that landed at his hooves, it looked way to small for him now. “…maybe I’ll take you up on that offer, I don’t want to admit it but I do feel sort of naked. Now please stop throwing my clothes everywhere please. I had everything set up the way I wanted it and then you come in here and throw clothes like you’re mad at me! Why do you hate Mythic so much?” He began to speak in third person. “Why do you hate us so much Rarity?”

Rarity turns around confused by what Mythic said. “Hate you? No dear I just don’t see any useful wear in here. I'm sorry and I'’ll stop.” Rarity dropped a pair of red boxers, on the floor and walked over the chaos she created. She walked out the door and flicked her tail in Mythic’s face and passed it over his face seductively. “Let’s get you fitted with something more appropriate. Come on you.”

Mythic stood there mind blown. ‘What happened here? She barges in, rustles through my dressers and throws my clothes everywhere, and then is about to get me new clothes? Why didn't you gift me with the ability to read women Victor? WHY!’

Just then Mythic heard a low noise from on top of his bed. He pushes some clothes out of the way and found his phone on vibrate. He picks it up with a hoof and answers it cautiously. “H-hello, who is this?”

A sigh was heard on the other side of the line and then a yell from a slightly squeaky voice. “It’s the ghost of death at your front door!" The voice then became more serious and deep. "Who do you think? It’s me, Victor!”

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