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My god, anon actually did it...*Cue Slow clap of glory*

Nice greentexting but wheres the spaghetti?
And the bel-air?

Oh my god WHY...
They are RAVENOUS for Rainbro.
I think... I think ANOTHER one is going to happen.
I hope they get tired of it soon. Variety is good for you.

Oh Anon, you so frustratingly oblivious.

Every chapter in here is a self contained story.
For some reason, they just really seem to want more Rainbro. In fact, I'm about to go start up another one!


Lol @ last line. Looks like Twi and Luna have something in common.


Rainbro has it's charm (Are the namefags jealous of Anon yet?) but the Spike Griffon and Pinkie ones were BALLS OUT.

The Rainbro stuff does bring up the most morbid memory I have. Someone had just died in the Trauma room where I work and another guy (full on Jersey Shore looking), not sure if family, was in there crying and shouting "NOOOOO, BRO... SPEAK TO ME BRO!". He was obviously beside himself with grief and shock and I felt really bad for him, but I had to leave because I was going to start laughing, not at his pain or loss, just at him. I felt so bad about it and consider myself a horrible person to this day.

you made me make a account just to comment.
Moar -

Yeah that was a shitty ending. I don't mind "good" endings as long as they are funny. That would be easy to turn into a bad ending though. Say a line like that and get bucked in the junk?

I actually really hate the "wingboner" concept but it's a meme and this is written on 4chan so It's unavoidable.

Anyway, these are stupid but funny as hell. The first half of this latest one made me lol irl. Smile too. My face feels like I've been reenacting the Governator's vacuum suffocation scene from the end of Total Recall (I secretly think that's his orgasm face).

Hmm, what about one where Anon walks around naked all day just to go with the flow?

Who the hell was Applebloom making out with?

Also You NEED to work Scoots into this at some point.
That way this can be your cover image:

"You silly filly, you're not Celestia OR Luna! You're Pinkie Pie! It's okay, sometimes I get confused, too. One time, I thought I was Marcellus Wallace for a whole day before I looked in a mirror and realized I kinda did look like a bitch."

I busted my fucking gut.

Stop being ashamed of these, man, they're fantastic.

Oh, you. Who's a silly pony. Time to update your tags.:pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by UseFistNotMouth deleted Sep 2nd, 2013

The moment he knew Cerulean was a color and not just the town where you get your Cascade badge, I knew.

Quite possibly the funniest of all these snippets.

At the start I had some kind of strange feeling this fic was going to be AJ related :ajsmug:
But then all that other stuff happened.
Stop rustling my jimmies.

Time travel is hella messy.

So you finally write something with more depth and it's another Dash related time travel fic?

Also is the last line an allusion or just an awkwardly worded happy end?

Also are you an AppleDash fan? Is that why AJ seems to be the least utilized character in these writes?

It's an awkwardly worded happy end, calling back to earlier in the piece when Anon says that contemplating whether or not he's making the right choice (by killing off his earth-self) would break him.

It's also got the most fun plot of all of these, and I'm a little tempted to turn it into a 'legitimate' fic. Buuut that won't be for a long time. My current projects are stalled enough without adding another.

I'm a straight up Dash fan. While hetero-Dash puts a pleasant rustle in my jimmies, there aren't enough male characters. AJ just makes a lot of sense.


Ah cool. If this fic went "srs" I could see the suicide angle being controversial. But it was quite fun. For a sec I was almost expecting some weird time loop where he and Dash are his own real parents. Like Lister in Red Dwarf.

If I have a choice I just assume ponies are universally bisexual.
I think AppleDash makes a lot of sense too.
However it is probably the only mane 6 pairing I dislike.
Contradiction much?
I find that while it is a pairing I enjoy conceptually, most AppleDash shipping just seems OOC. It's weird.:applejackconfused::rainbowhuh:

That was some fucking creepy shit.
Not super disturbing, just creepy.
Someone needs to get some damn birth control from Zecora.

That was... weird.
I really really am not a fan of rape unless it's explicitly or implicitly fantasy roleplay.
Of course fiction IS fantasy but I put a lot of stock in the portrayal.
I feel more protective of females than males so at least it wasn't an alternate victim of the 3 characters in the fic. Then again, this wasn't much better.

That is the second most fucked up thing I have ever read the first fucked up one being cupcakes at the top of my list:pinkiecrazy:

I loved this. Your Rainbrodash stories are my favorites when it comes to short fanfics, even if they always start as me being an oblivious jerk.

This is probably one of my favorite fics of all time. Seriously, it's completely awesome. If I had the motivation (and permission), I'd totally re-write this as a serious fanfiction without the greentext 4chan stuff, and with some more details.

Though, greentext formatting can keep AiE generally fast-paced.

Yeah, that was a freaking horrible. I did laugh but not "ha ha that's funny" more like "ah ha ha what the fuck am I reading!?".

Clearly there should be a clop!

put your cinnamon stick in my tertiary cake hole

what is this I don't even :rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh:

...And what about the secondary?


Well there's the one cake goes in, the one cake comes out, and then the one that cake gets eaten out of.

one of the funniest ones yet. DISREGARD BITCHES, ACQUIRE CAKE had me in stitches :rainbowlaugh:




wait? so Gilda raped anon and then dash killed Gilda and fed her to him?

Yeah... not sad to see that one just putter off and die. The "random factor" was nice, but you're too clever and you can't mix clever and random. Now I kind of want to see one where Anon is a terrestrial equine. Same personality, different culture. [strike]Giant horseco-[/strike]

Aw, man. This was going great, and then you just had to turn it into yet another damn 'Horse in Equestria' story. Sheesh.:trollestia:

I was honestly expecting (and kind of hoping) him to say "Males of my species die after we have sex" just to mess her up. :raritydespair:

It's funny... I almost thought you were kidding in that blog post...
Also I just realized, the expressions on our avatar pics are unstintingly similar...

My favorite part was

> > 3171067

Strangely, I actually like plotlines like this. For instance my favorite RPG is Shadow Hearts, in which the first game has 2 endings, good and bad, the 2nd game makes the bad ending canon. But the 2nd game has also a good and bad ending. The 3rd game makes the good ending of the 2nd game canon. But here's the mindfuck: the good ending of the 2nd game sends the hero back in time to the beginning of the first game with all foreknowledge in order to make the first game's good ending canon.
So the entire series has the continuity of: Game 1 Bad > Game 2 Good > Game 1 Good > Game 3.

Okay, wait, if all the time travel bullshit was a hallucination, then what was the actual deal with Batman etc?

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