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Sequel to Sunset's Beauty. Sunset Shimmer and Spike return to Ponyville after their honeymoon. They wont return and everything go back to normal, no sir. Follow as they face ponies who don't agree with their relationship and more issues and even start a family together.

-Looking for cover art. Please send me your drawings, even if i don't use it for the cover picture i will make sure you get a shout out.
-Credit to Draconian Soul for the idea of a dracony and the name of such.
-Edited by the best editor alive Alticron!

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I think a funny idea would be Twilight forcibly teaching Sunset how to use a soundproofing spell on her room so Spike and Sunset's noise don't keep her up all night / mentally scar her.


Personally, I say that Sunset and Spike would invite Twilight to one of their "sessions" for one night. The best way to get all the fear/mental scarring/loss of virginity fears it to get Twilight to get boned while Spike taking one up Sunset's naughty places. Get the fear and loathing out of the way: I feel that the only way Twilight deals with it is to experience passion and straight debauchery for herself. As intelligent as Twilight knows, she has to understand two things:

1/ Spike and Shimmer are married, and as newlyweds, they are gonna have sex as much if not more than on their honeymoon. And that is whether Twilight's there or not. She has to get used to it. Cue a soundproofing spell on Spike and Shimmer's bedroom. Don't quite need to have all of Ponyville be able to hear the loud lovemaking from 3 towns over.
2/ As a fellow princess, she needs to work with her friends, as well as Spike and Shimmer, to get not just Ponyville, but the rest of Equestria forgive Shimmer for what she did prior to the mirror incident. Sunset's did her time--there's no reason to have her continue to suffer for something that was ultimately a mistake and forgiven by the ones that matter the most.

A great way to start the sequel,
It'll help to really start putting in realistic situations that the 2 of them can get into,
and Also.........................................
SUBTLY start giving out hints that Sunset is....................ya know.............................
"wink wink"

3787132 I like that idea but i like this to stay to be just a SpikexSunset fic nothing else.


That's why I stressed ONE NIGHT. I personally think Twilight's terrified of it, and the best way to confront something that scares you is to face it head on. And a lengthened bird-and-the-bees talk just doesn't do it.

And it's well known that it is primarily Spike and Sunset Shimmer. Good for me.

Not to run too far off the beaten track, but are there going to be nods as to what is happening with all the other characters not named either Spike or Sunset? I could see a engagement or two happening, now that both Spike and Sunset are officially off the market, it could light a fire underneath some of the others to hook up and soon. :twilightsmile:

You have to swear that Sunset Shimmer will act more amorous to Spike.

3787206 won't happen for a a few chapters, that's why I'm taking requests

3787828 I actually have plans for that

3787132 an interesting idea but...... I don't think that would work with the tone of the story. I will actually be explaining twi's relationship status soonish

Eenope. Nope. Nopenopenopenopenopenope.


Shockwave– Fear not fellow user, you are not alone. Soundwave and I shall be tracking this story as it progresses.

3796735 I fail to see what is happening here

Id like to see Sunset actually getting a pair of wings, and Spike grows his also, and they can have flying lessons together. that would be cute :twilightsmile:

when are more chapters being posted?

3818015 when I have an idea and write it

I figured out what's wrong with Sunset. :pinkiehappy: Ohhh I hope she reacts well.

Subtle on the weird cravings............................
Very Subtle, but I can't wait to see what lies beyond the door,
What will they see, and what will happen to them...........................
9/10, well done!!!!

Bun or buns in the oven?

I now have a sudden craving for omelettes:rainbowderp:

3886829 I see you caught my reference

ah yes, charlie the unicorn reference. excellent! and with the pregnancy thing, you hit that spot on. When one of my best friends was pregnant, I was like her errand boy, and she would ask me to cook her the weirdest foods! :derpyderp2:

I can't wait to see when they find out she is prego.It would be funny to see her use the minding spell on Spike again and she finds out that she is smoking hot prego (bigger flank and things) oh men that would crack me up.:pinkiehappy::moustache:

I want to see what happens next.

Whoo! New chapter! also, the Netherlands are going back for revenge this time around :rainbowdetermined2:

4570727 did you see the game against Spain?

4570776 I almost felt bad for them.... almost :rainbowlaugh:

I play Civ 3, unfortunately my computer isn't strong enough to run Civ 5 very well.

hmmm sunset is pregnant im calling it :pinkiehappy:

IT LIVES!!!! Glad to see you back, another awesome chapter

I loved your work with Sunset's Beauty and I'm sure this will be awesome too.

When will the next chapter come out?

4882791 Art takes time, a lot more time when your schedule doesn't like me

Comment posted by Lord Predacord deleted Aug 21st, 2014

Sunset is preggers. Calling it now. Also, Good Dr, Do you mind me making a small HiE spin off of this?

5133550 no I do not, just give me credit and have fun :pinkiehappy:


You sir have my complete attention... for now.

regardless, I grant thee, 20 mustaches.


You are very welcome :twilightsmile:

All the evidence is here: weird food cravings, vomiting, and grumpiness: She's pregnant

now we're at pickle ice cream... she's pregnant, it's an amazing guess since I haven't reread the first chapter

Next Chapter? :applecry: Pweeeeeeeease?

To the IHOP/Denny's/Waffle House!

this could totally go for an update

Im so excited for you to write another chapter please write one soon!

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