• Published 14th Jan 2014
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Shimmering Gem - D0CT0RWHOOVES

Sequel to Sunset's Beauty. Sunset Shimmer and Spike return to Ponyville after their Honeymoon. Follow as they face issues of their relationship and start a family.

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Ch.1 Return

Sunset Shimmer and Spike had been married and they couldn’t be happier. They decided to take a bit of a long honeymoon of one month. They had decided to go to Bahllamas. It was an amazing month of relaxation and other “activities.” Well it had been one month since they left and were coming back today. The mane six had gathered at the train station to welcome their friends back.

“Now remember, Sunset likes being referred to as Princess as much as I do.” Twilight said reminding her friends.

“Yuppers Twi, don’t call her princess!” Pinkie said with her natural enthusiasm.

The rest of the group just nodded their heads in recognition. Twilight had been missing them both more than she thought she would. Now that she thought about it, it made sense. She had been with them just about every day for a year. She had been with Spike for most of her life. Twilight was very happy that her two best friends were coming back. Then Twilight heard something. She looked to the right and saw the train pulling in. She immediately put on the biggest grin one would ever see and pointed with her hoof.

“They’re here!” Twilight said with glee.

The other ponies followed her hoof and saw the Ponyville Express coming into sight. They all became even more excited for their friends to be coming home. They watched as the locomotive pulled into the station and stopped. The doors opened and then something odd happened. Trumpets began to play a regal tune and a red carpet rolled out of the car. The ponies all raised an eyebrow except for Pinkie who just smiled. Then out from the train came Sunset Shimmer and her new husband, Spike. But what was odd was that they were both wearing traditional Royal attire. They also seemed to be peeved off.

Why in Celestia’s name are they dressed like that?” Twilight thought to herself.

“Thanks Discord.” Sunset said aloud.

Oh.” Twilight thought.

After removing their clothes, the couple ran up to greet their friends.

“Oh, we’ve missed you sososososososo….” Pinkie started while grabbing everypony into a hug.

“We’ve missed you guys too.” Spike said.

Pinkie then let everypony go. Air never felt so nice to Sunset.

“So did you two have a fun time?” Everypony asked in their own fashion.

“Yes we did. We absolutely loved it there. The beaches are amazing.”

Twilight then noticed something else wrong with Sunset.

“Why do you have wings?” Twilight asked.

Sunset sighed.

“Discord thought it would be funny to give these to me for the rest of the day. They are really
uncomfortable.” Sunset said in frustration.

“I don’t know, they look good on you.” Spike said in a sly tone.

Then out of nowhere Discord appeared and began laughing.

“You should have seen the look on her face when I gave her those.” Discord said in between laughs.

Everypony but Spike and Sunset began snickering, or in Pinkie’s case, straight out laughing.
Sunset began shouting and Spike climbed onto her back to hug her. After a few minutes Everypony calmed down.

“Well, I would looooove to stay, but I have legally abiding chaos to cause.” Discord said and with a poof, he was gone.

“So, now that that’s over, shall we be off?” Rarity suggested.

Everypony nodded and began walking towards the library. Along the way, Twilight thought of a question.

“So, now that the year is up and you two are married, does this mean you two are going to move away?” Twilight asked in a slightly worried tone.

“If you would be okay with it, we’d like to stay at the library.” Spike replied, earning a nod from Sunset.

Twilight nodded and felt relieved. She really didn’t want them to leave.

“So what’s happened since we’ve been gone?” Sunset asked.

“Oh Oh!” Pinkie said raising her hoof.

“Yes Pinkie?” Sunset asked.

Pinkie then pulled Applejack over to her.

“Well Twilight figured out that me and AJ are related but AJ wasn't sure so I went on a Road trip with the apple family!” Pinkie said, surprisingly in one breath.
Sunset looked quizzically at Twi.

“It’s true; she found it in a genealogy scroll I was looking at.” Twilight said.

“Yup, so now Pinkie is a member or both the Pie an’ Apple families!” Applejack said in her
southern drawl.

“Well that’s something.” Spike commented.

They kept up their idle chat up as they walked to the library. Both Sunset and Spike were really happy to be home. Though Sunset wasn’t happy about the new stares she was getting for being both a princess and an alicorn. She couldn’t wait to be rid of the wings. They felt awkward and she didn’t even know how to use them. When they reached the library Pinkie spoke up.

“Hey, you gotta knock first silly!” Pinkie said.

“But wh…. Never mind.” Sunset said bringing a hoof to the hard wood door.

As it opened they all saw Pinkie inside and yell surprise. Everypony looked back to where she had been and saw nothing. They all came to the conclusion that Pinkie was secretly a unicorn who somehow lost her horn but could still use magic. Twilight actually decided to test this later. Sunset and Spike were both happy nonetheless that their pink friend thrown them a party. They all walked in and began the festivities. It was one of Pinkie’s best parties. Pinkie even got DJ P0N3 to play. They all danced and had a merry time. Even Fluttershy came out of her shell a bit. Though the best part was, surprisingly, when they learned Discord could DJ just as good, if not better than DJ P0N3. It was a night to truly remember. But all good things must come to an end. Around nine, everypony had left. The three cleaned up the mess and put away leftovers. Soon they were all in their beds. Spike had taken up permanent residence in Sunset’s room. They both clambered into bed and snuggled up close.

“Welcome home honey.” Sunset said to Spike.

“Love you.” Spike said.

“Love you too.” Sunset said as she kissed her drake.

Author's Note:

Here is the first chapter the squeal to Sunset's Beauty! I hope you enjoy, in fact, tell me your thoughts in the comments! Would you like to see a certain situation occur? Have an Idea for the story? Like to see something explained in the story? Well than let me know in the comments and i may use your idea! (Another way of saying you guys do my work for me :) )