• Published 14th Jan 2014
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Shimmering Gem - D0CT0RWHOOVES

Sequel to Sunset's Beauty. Sunset Shimmer and Spike return to Ponyville after their Honeymoon. Follow as they face issues of their relationship and start a family.

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Ch.3 The Door Part 2

Both Sunset and Spike experienced a fleeting moment of light-headedness. This however passed when they reopened their eyes. When they did, they both looked to see if the other was still there. They were in fact both there. This relieved them. Sunset however thought of a troubling idea. What if this Spike was a fake and part of her nightmare?

“Spike?” Sunset asked with trepidation.

“Y-Yes?” Spike asked with a hint of fear.

“Is that really you?” Sunset asked.

Sunset knew that it was a dumb question, but she had to ask.

“Yeah. That is you, the real Sunset Shimmer, yes?” Spike asked now sounding relieved.

“Yeah, it is me.” Sunset said, relatively convinced it was him.

The couple then observed their surroundings. They were in a field, it looked really familiar though.

“Hey Sunset?” Spike asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah?” Sunset replied.

“Does this look familiar to you?” Spike asked and began to look around.

“Yeah it does. Hey, isn’t this where we got married?” Sunset said, realizing where they were.

“Hey yeah, it is!” Spike said realizing the same thing as her.

Not a second after they had come to this conclusion did the field change. No longer was it empty, now it was full. Not just with random items either, but it looked as though there was going to be a wedding. It actually looked just like theirs! Sunset looked around to see if this were true or not. She saw the single empty bowl left out from the tarp the rest of the food was under. Sunset actually laughed at the memory. She and Spike knew Discord would make it rain Chocolate milk, so they left that out to gain some of the delicious drink.

“Hey Spike, why do you think we’re here?” Sunset asked whilst looking around.

“I don't know, the last time I was in the door, I was already in a nightmare. “ Spike said.

“Do you...” Sunset started.

“Do you, Prince Spike, take Sunset Shimmer to be your lawfully wedded wife?” A ghostly image
Celestia said.

Both startled, they quickly looked to see the apparition of Celestia. Sunset and Spike also noticed ghostly apparitions of everypony who had been at the wedding, in the spot they were.

“Spike….what’s happening?” Sunset said moving towards Spike.

“It looks like we’re watching our own wedding. But that’s no nightmare.” Spike said, perplexed at the situation.

“I say we watch and see.” Sunset suggested while motioning for a place to sit.

Spike merely nodded, interested in seeing how this would play out.

“I do!” The ghostly apparition of Spike said with enthusiasm.

“And do you, Sunset Shimmer, take Prince Spike to be your lawfully wedded husband?” The
pseudo Celestia asked.

“I do!” The apparition of Sunset said with the same enthusiasm.

“Then by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you Dragon and Mare, you may kiss the
bride.” The ghostly Celestia said, just as she had said before.
During the short time in which this occurred, Sunset and Spike had ended up hugging each other. After that played out they kissed each other, in synch with their pseudo counterparts.

“Wait, that was more of a dream come true, not a nightmare. What’s going on?” Sunset asked to nopony in particular.

“Because, this door can only show your worst fears.” The ghostly Celestia said looking at the two.

“Yeah and now you guys have no fears, you have each other and you know you always will.”
Said the apparition of Spike.

“So instead, we showed you your greatest joy!” The apparition of Sunset said in suit.

“Wow.” Was all the couple could muster.

Without another word, they were both enveloped in a bright light. When they both reopened their eyes the scene had changed. No longer were they at their own wedding, now they were at a beach. Sunset raised an eyebrow and looked around, she saw Spike who was doing the same.

“Hey Sunset?” Spike called while continuing to look around.

“Yeah?” Sunset asked doing the same.

“Isn’t this where we stayed in the Bahllamas?” Spike asked.

Sunset then realized that was where this was. The memories of their honeymoon began to flood back into her mind. But an apparition of both her and Spike appeared before she could say anything.

“Shall we watch?” Sunset said taking a seat close to him.

Spike silently agreed and took a seat next to her.

Spike and Sunset watched the scene play out before them as it had when they had actually done
it. Even after that memory was finished, the door wasn’t. It played back many other pleasant memories for what seemed like weeks to the couple. However they did not mind, they felt as if they had all the time in the world. This continued until the final scene played out, the train ride back.

“Well, this was, unexpected.” Sunset concluded.

“Yeah, I expected to cry like a hatchling, but this is better.” Spike said with laugh.

Sunset giggled and hugged her dragon. In that moment they felt the world shift around them. They didn’t get a chance to say a word before they were engulfed in light. They both reopened their eyes to see Twilight watching over them.

“So, what happened?” Twilight said cutting to the chase.

“Well we didn’t have bad nightmares for one!” Spike said with happiness.

“So what did you see then?” Twilight asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, we saw all of our happy memories.” Sunset replied dusting herself off.

Twilight’s eyebrow rose higher and she urged them to continue.

“Well, there was a voice.” Spike said.

“And it said that since were together and have no more fears, that it showed us our joy instead.”
Sunset added with a smile.

Twi smiled at the two.

“Well I’m glad it was good experience then. You two have been a great help. I now have a greater
understanding of this door. And if what you said is true, then maybe I can contact the spirits in the door.” Twilight said starting to ramble off.

Sunset and Spike decided to slip out silently while the purple alicorn rambled. They had another issue to deal with. By the look of the sun, they had only been out for an hour at most. It was time Sunset confronted Discord and got rid of her wings…… but that could wait until she had some pickle ice cream….

“Shall we be off?” Sunset said as she finished off her odd desert.

“Yeah, and I’m starting to worry about your cravings.” Spike said as they walked out of the library.

“Fine, I’ll see a doctor later, first Discord.” Sunset said with determination.

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