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Ray from Achievement hunter has ended up in Equestria and he is going to have a great time. He's going to have great time in his time in Equestria whether he like it or not.

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rated teen for swearing.

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Dude ..... I love you so much right now

Yeah. Look up twow443 if you don't know what a riff is

I always knew one day he would Let's Play so hard he would break the Universe.


I don't know. My first thought would be no. I think it would be funny if he had a faux relationship with Twilight, where he just does it to embarrass her, like he did with Spike.

3653922 well I can say that would not be the case

LOL!!!:pinkiehappy: this was so funny

I don't want a romance tag for this its just pure fun :pinkiehappy:

Well, AJ is best pony. :ajsmug:

Eh, keep it as a side plot and mainly work on the lulz! :pinkiehappy:

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Comment posted by RD_Fanboy deleted Jan 25th, 2014

Pretty good so far.Still waiting for Ray to jerk off in a corner.

3941015 I will i'm just need time to gather my ideas

When will this be continued?

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