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Does this look infected to you?

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In response I felt more of Celelestia’s weight settle down onto my face,

And great story brah.

Loved it. You should make a sequel!

Next story: Cadance comes and gets her chance!!

But great story, Nom. Like and fave!!! And here, to show my appreciation, is Spike showing the effects of Twilight Sparkle Spell #25: :moustache:

Tarox #4 · Oct 11th, 2013 · · 2 ·

So awesome!!:rainbowkiss:

Horse Name! How clever! :rainbowlaugh:

Oh My ~ :twilightblush::rainbowwild::trollestia::moustache::pinkiecrazy:

that face of twi's is what i have for my skype image lol.....

so when you say featuring you i assume you mean that icon you have for your pony self though in proper fim style right?....

3332817 Thanks! Fixed the error!


3333007 Congratulations on being the first one to mention that...


life is never comeplet without :heart:love:heart::eeyup:

WOAH! And featured?

Damn! Thanks everypony!


“Sorry I’m late! The Crystal Kingdom...” She looked up at me directly. “Aw dammit!”
best line ever!!!!!!!
made the whole story 20% cooler:rainbowkiss:
4 mustaches sir or madam

Oh my God!

For some reason after just reading the title and the description I can't stop laughing.


It is because we like your penis stories. :rainbowwild:

*eyes the story*

*eyes description*


Y'know what? Normally I'd disregard this, but I appreciate the honesty. I'll read it. Gimme a little bit.

Edit: Alrighty. That was a story all right. Moving on.

Amusing and Enjoyable. Also Fun, Clever, and Well Done. I have a few more words to describe this, but really, it was a good story. The ending was great, the twist with the wife was great, it was a solid 10/10.

awwwww Cadie didn't get any action?! poor Cadie :pinkiesad2:

3333631 Mustache ratings and 20% cooler have gotten so old they still have VHS copies of The Huckleberry Hound Show.

sorry, but once i saw the self insert i didnt like the story but i wont down rate it but give it a like :twilightblush:

3334571 The self-insert was part of the request for this story. That and me being with the three Princesses of the tale. It's not something that I would normally do--and won't do again--but it was a different challenge. And, ultimately, I like the message of the story.


nothing like the classics to show how classy you think someone is:ajsmug:

Good lord.

You've finally done it.

You've finally put a straight-up, openly admitted self-insert clopfic into the feature box.

Congratulations, man. We've bottomed out. There is literally no lower depth to which we as a subset of the fandom can sink.

God help us all.

3336052 Aqua. You're being douche again. Keep up the good work.

My jaw fucking dropped once I realized who wrote this, another great story man.:pinkiehappy:

3333882 Hey, thanks for reading it. I realize that this sort of thing isn't popular with everyone--and apparently downright hated by some--but you can't really judge until you've read something, in my opinion. So, I appreciate you taking the time to do so.


This story has a moral??? It's not often you read a clopfic with a real point.

3336739 Yeah. I know why you wrote it, and I know there's no distinction really but when a story isn't self-insert you can at least pretend the author isn't writing his own sexual fantasies. Even though you know most of them are.

3338059 Fair enough. But would it surprise you that I wasn't writing my own sexual fantasies? I actually have never once fantasized/dreamt/imagined myself having sex with any character from MLP. Yes, I do write clop, but that is because I'm imagining the sexual lives of those characters.

And what's more, a lot of this story is based on events from my life. I've been married to my wife for seventeen years, and she is a Domme, so most of the events were pony-ized things that have happened (minus the magic, of course).

I know that doesn't really change the story, I just wanted to clarify.


3338345 Yeeeah, that does the opposite of helping :D

It's like General Tso's chicken: both hot and sweet! :heart::pinkiehappy:

3338449 Did you want egg rolls with that?


3336052 Oh, you got him bro. You're so cool. Please, teach me your secrets, so I can be as cool as you. :raritywink:

I-- hmmm, hot:ajsmug:

Damn I'm going to need a fan for such a hot story! Very nice work! :pinkiehappy:

you know you're famous when you start cannibalizing on your own stuff :rainbowlaugh:

Also your wife. I can't I'm sorry I can't even someone help

3338545 Yes. Yes, I do. :twilightsmile:

(OMG! Is he flirting with me? Squee! :raritystarry:)

3341856 so no one thinks she's creepy: DM actually knows my wife and I. She keeds, she keeds.


Oop! Busted! :derpyderp1:

/tis true
//i keed a lots


Great piece of clopfic! :twilightsmile::moustache:

Wow... This was one of the more thoughtful entries I've read so far here. Bonus points for the wife tribute! :raritywink:

I was going to say that cadence will make it 20%cooler before reading this.
I saw a pink pony with a multicolored mane come rushing into the room.“Sorry I’m late! The Crystal Kingdom...” She looked up at me directly. “Aw dammit!” :applejackunsure:
At the word pink pony my mind rushed to pinke:rainbowlaugh: crazy right?

The premise is hilarious.

Looks like Cadance missed out on the action. :rainbowlaugh:

Wait... it's hard to look directly at Celestia for too long? ... Dare I say this is a clever pun? :twilightsmile:

3381614 mmmmmmm...could be. :trollestia:


dang lol , i put this off a bit afraid that it was going to be to corny/cheesy with the story being not just an oc but a self insert to be worth reading , but then it turned out to be so cheesy that it made me want to keep reading to continue the interactions causing the funnies , and then i was super disappointed when the sex came cause there was no more cheesyness to be had and especially at that scene it appeared to transition way to abruptly , i wanted to find out more about what celestia knew and how she knew what she knew and how she knew what she thought you knew and what she thought about it and so on , thought there was going to be an actual break down of the story's canon in there , which would have been great :/ .........

also im really surprised , i thought for sure you were going to go all out with your style of powerplay clop on this one.....

First Clop story with a moral lesson at the end.

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