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One major mistake I could make out:

"evil" plan.

Not sure what that means, but it probably doesn't belong there...

And then, there's a couple of misplaced spaces here and there. Apart from that, I honestly enjoyed it. The pacing and character description was brilliant, and it really puts some depth to the whole Nightmare Moon story. And you're right it wasn't exactly creepy, though I don't think it has to.
Thumbs up and favorite from me, mate. Keep up the good work, I'd say!

I like the writing style.

5253413 thank you very much!!!
and i will fix the mistakes when i have the time...

There are a couple of mis steps, and a couple formatting errors, but honestly this was a decent effort.

It wasn't necessarily creepy, as you already noted, but there are ways to make it more effective. Maybe add some more detail on Luna's transformation. While it definitely works to let the mind work on it, it really doesn't make it entirely effective. Add more detail next time around.

While you do that, I'll like, favourite, and follow. Keep it up!

5253865 thank you very much!
i'll do that:raritywink:

Added to Sad Luna.

5253815 Always glad to help:raritywink:

I just finished my (first) french translation, and it was about this fic !

When I read this fiction I was like omg and I decided to translate.

Great stuff !!!

5257617 glad you enjoyed :twilightsmile:and thanks for the follow!!!!!!:heart:

That was a pretty interesting fic. I liked it. I'm not that good at catching errors, but I can tell you that it got a little repetitive at times.

5315238 thank you for reading and Thank you for telling me my mistakes

6367904 and yes, thank you for reviewing . And I have other stories you can criticize as well

This was way before Celestia banished luna.

How far back exactly?

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