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Can't wait to read it. Is there a list of fetishes I can expect in the story, or would you prefer for it to remain a mystery?


No particular fetishes, really, because the guy is sort of vanilla (He didn't even want lesbian content) just a lot of different positions and personalities. Maybe you could count the Streak Brother's chapter as incesty and group sex, and Soarin's chapter has non-sexual hoofplay and minor hoof worship.


Is that you, Shooter? If it is, I am so glad you liked it. It took a while but it was really a labor of love.

3086191 No, but I had to show my appreciation of this!


Ah, thank you! I was wondering, he's prone to similar exclamations.


Lets hope she's not in estrus. *wink wink*



I'm a bit confused. Are they ponies, or humans? Her tail was tugged but hands are mentioned...


It... it says right in the tags. It has a giant "ANTHRO" right there. I mean... do you not tag check? You must get some nasty surprises. :pinkiesick:

Excellent chapter.

My only gripe is that it ends too soon after the orgasm. You really shine at writing sweet afterglow scenes. It would've been nice to see one here.


Thank you! Shooter is a HUGE Soarin/Dash fan so I had to put a lot into it. The problem was that I ran a bit long with all the romantic bits and needed to hammer out the last chapter as well as finish up that one. I sort of skimped on the afterglow because I felt bad about how long I made him wait for this.

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3119301 Its anthro. They're bipedal, but they still carry the animalistic properties, such as snouts, manes, and tails.


More like she's willing to take her own pleasure and enjoy it.

Good chapter just get an editor:rainbowwild:

..........................those profile pics.......:twilightoops:

I only have one problem. The fact that RD is pregnant with 5 foals.... All different parents? It's not possible to be pregnant with 2 kids from 2 different fathers at the same time... Unless there's a few billion people who don't know how impregnation works.... From what I know the only way you can have twins is the egg goes into two after fertilized...(Then up and up for however many and there has been a lot at once...) I'm no scientist I would look up the terms but I am to lazy at the moment. Hell science class was a while we. We moved on to other subjects. Cells and reproduction is long gone.


Magic. That's really all I've got. No one seems to question clop with swelling, hyper bits, macro, and completely insane mutilation, as well as weird monsters. Does multiple impregnations in a story written by an impregnophile really seem so weird?

3932554 good enough excellent writing :)

3930954 Not actually correct. While that's the most common way for twins (or even mmore) to occur, it's not the only way. On rare cases more than one egg is released. That's why you can have twins of different genders, if they grew from the same egg they would be the same gender. These are called fraternal twins. There also have been cases of women getting pregnant by different men at the same time, but these are extremely rare. Five kids from five fathers is an astronomical stretch, but it's still completely biologically possible. Factor in magic to up the odds of multiple eggs being released and it's not mindblowing. Now I'd just like to see how long Dash can actuallt carry them before she bursts.

I'm not really one for fics such as this one, but it caught my eye and I decided to give it a read. I ended up rather enjoying it. You did a very nice job on this one, and I'm eager to see how this plays out. I'm a huge SoarinDash fan, so of course I'm hoping that'll happen. And of course I was a bit perplexed at the 5 foals part. I don't think it's possible, but I can deal. Regardless, I just wanted to say I appreciate the time you took to write this! It's very nice and I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for the next chapter.


Oops. That should be complete. Sorry.

Glad you liked it even when you had the inclination not to.

I'm a little confused are they human in this? Cause if not then well they don't have hands. Or breasts..... And if they r human then no fur. Just some inconsistency side like to point out.. Otherwise excellent writing.

Hoovesies! Yay! ^_^


Anthro. If they were humans they wouldn't have wings. They're furries, basically. Please mind the tags.


Yes! A long and tender hoof worship section. I had so much fun making that. I even looked up the parts of the hoof so Iknew the language. I still want to make a Bad Apple/Princess Luna story with hoof worship. I've implied doing such a thing before.


Heh. That is not forthcoming. Unlike other explicit stories I keep here this was just a request. I have no ideas about what to do with it.

Aside from the minute grammatical errors scattered throughout, this was beautifully, even perfectly done. A little touch-up editing, and I'd give this a 10 out of 10. As is, I'll give it a 9.4. Really, really wonderful story.


Well thank you very kindly. That's exceptionally high praise for something that I knocked out quickly as a gift for a friend.

Coming from a fellow Impregnation fan, this hit all the right buttons and I loved it. But even more than that, I loved all the detail you went into with all the little actions, the sensations, the way this genuinely felt like how it would go down if it ever did happen 'in the show'. Full points from me man, and I'll be keeping an eye for any more stuff like this!


Always good to hear from a fellow impregnophile! And good to hear that this story hit all the right buttons. I always carefully consider the actions, and the positions, to ensure the readers can perfectly picture the scene while it's going on.

Hope you like the other stories of mine. ("Bejeweled Love" has some impregnation. So does "The Mane-iac's Triumph.")

I love this story, especially the ending.

Guess it's good that Dash doesn't have to live in a "Barracks" or whatever anymore, don't think that's a good place for foals. I expect the five fathers will take full responsibility


Of course. They're good fellows after all. And yes, Dash will be much more comfortable and enjoy her foals.

how often do you suppose this happens with new recruits?


Only to special ones but I would very much imagine that a few lucky mares continue the Wonderbolts line.

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My goodness. That sure was something.

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