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Rainbow Dash: weather pony, Wonderbolt hopeful, Element of Loyalty, and the fastest flyer in Ponyville (in all of Equestria if you ask her). She is happiest when she is in the air.

So, what happens when she is no longer able to fly?

After an accident, Rainbow Dash loses one of her wings. Losing her ability to fly makes the pegasus feel as though she has lost nearly her entire identity. It also means the loss of her dreams as a future Wonderbolt. Headstrong and hopeful, Rainbow Dash tries to find a way to have her abilities restored.

The question becomes: what will become of the high flyer? Will she gain her ability to fly once more? Will she come to terms with what happened and seek out a new identity? Or, will the tragedy leave her a shell of her former self that even her closest friends cannot fix?

(This story is inspired by Dawn of a New Day by Furor. If you are looking for a Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle romance, you can go read his story.)

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The feels...

It's an ambitious premise, looking forward to the rest of it.

Comment posted by SpaceCommie deleted Jun 30th, 2013

When I was reading the description of this story, I thought that it sounded a LOT like another story that I had read. Then you confirm that it was inspired by the very story that I was thinking of. I loved that story, so I know that this story is going to be quite enjoyable. I'm looking forward to giving it a read.

Really nice, though possibly a bit fast at times, and a few things seem to pop up out of nowhere at random, but over all a nice, enjoyable fic.

Am I cruel for being happy that Twilight never found a way to fix Rainbow's wing? With that last book, it really sounded like you were going to got that route, but I'm glad you didn't.

I see things happening that are important

They she acted when it was just the two of them or when walking the street was the way Rainbow Dash actually felt.

I think they in this sentence is supposed to be the way. I don't really know thus sentence just didn't make sense with they.

This fic reminds me of this song.


Yes, that was what it was meant to be. It should be fixed now.

Since I'll be down on the ground, you won't have to use a cloud-walking spell.

Twilicorn doesn't need this to walk on clouds as far as I know.

OH SHIT! not really a surprise but still. DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. she want the... You know. Anyway, cool so far.

TWILIGHT! I never knew you were into that.:twilightblush:

2858181 No I do not believe you are being cruel, but that's just me. The reason I say this is because of she were to grow her wing back (without more than a few dilemmas) it would totally defeat the purpose if this series in my opinion.

I'm surprised this story hasn't got more attention. It's an interesting concept and pretty well written. While it's certainly not perfect (I would have liked to see both Rainbow's emotional recovery and the budding romance covered in more detail) I've seen stories a lot worse with a lot more likes/favorites.

6691874 Well to be fair, it is two and a half years old, and was my second story here. Not exactly a new and exciting concept either.

6691936 Well, the fact that it is old is part of the reason I'm surprised it hasn't got more attention - it's had lots of time for people to discover it, but relatively few people actually have done so.

Also, any story concept is new and exiting when one first encounters it; I know there are more out there but this happens to be only the second "crippled Rainbow Dash" story I've came across (the first being "The Cupcakes Chronicles" by MilesPrower06 and the writing quality of that story doesn't even come close to the writing quality of this story until near the end).

That's interesting how you put the voices from the real world in Rainbow's dream.

Not to be negative... But is there even a plan?

I can't see my life with reading Twidash fanfictions.
What will I do if my computer breaks?

That would explain the napping.

So Twilight can give Rainbow a wing while Princesses and Discord can't?
:facehoof: We are all doomed.

"Does that mean I'm going to have to worry about getting run over by you now?"

Another reason to worry for Twi.:rainbowlaugh:

Ah, who said "I love you..."?
Twi or Rainbow who didn't really sleep?

So much action in one chapter!

Victor Frankencolt?

Huh, did not see that coming.

Well that's a bit self confident.:rainbowdetermined2:

Wha? Dashie's gonna write books?:rainbowhuh:

While I've seen a few stories where Dash was hurt, most of there stories were where she she was blinded.
Jesus, what's up with you pon... People?!!

"Thank you." She kissed Twilight on the cheek. "And thank you for walking around Ponyville with me. It was nice." With that she turned and headed back to what was her room while she was staying there.

I’m squealing now

I. Bucking. Love. Books. I read books. I hug books. I kiss books. I f u c k b o o k s. I am books. :facehoof:

Next chapter: “twilight molests her sleeping friend rainbow dash with a toothbrush 2, the revenge of the paste”

Are they going to..... f u c k?

So they ARE going to fuck

I could kick princess awesomes ass

It was a good story. Sad, but with a positive ending. I expected Rainbow to become an artist for some reason, but being a coach works too.

Though I wonder why Twilight didn't consider a prothesis. After all, Tank is able to fly with some weird contraption. It would take some work, but it worth a try. And Rainbow had an artificial wing in Alternative timeline with Sombra, but I guess the episode was out after the fic was written.

But it doesn't affect the qaulity of the story, of course. I liked it very much.

Well I was surprised I didn't expect pinkie to show up from behind.

Looks like the lightning strike cussed rainbow to develop a form of taste disorder. That sucks

someone go steal an SHD from the mareitania timeline, I KNOW discord can hop timelines so that should at least be possible

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