Lost Wing, Lost Identity

by Hopeful_Ink_Hoof

Slipping into Morning Routine

"Rainbow Dash? What are you doing up?" Spike stood at the doorway to the kitchen, still yawning and rubbing at his eyes. He had woken up for some reason (most likely Rainbow Dash leaving the room, but he did not know that), and decided he was thirsty. The young dragon had come downstairs to get a drink of water -- and maybe grab a gemstone -- before going back to bed.

"Just getting some breakfast," Rainbow Dash replied. "You can go back to bed." She continued to search through the cabinets for the dishes she needed.

"But the sun's not even up yet." He pointed out the window, where the sky was still dark. "Why are you up so early?"

"Habit mostly," she said as she turned to face him. "Get up early, get a quick workout, watch the sunrise, then either work on a stunt or report to the weather team." She sat down. "Been doing it for so long, I don't even think about it anymore. I was at the stairs before I remembered that this wasn't my house."

Spike watched a moment before stepping further into the kitchen. He moved next to Rainbow Dash, opening the cabinets and helping show her where everything is. It was pretty easy for him. Of the two that lived in the library, he was the one who used the kitchen more often. After some thought, he decided to stay up and eat with her instead.

"So what are you going to do?" he asked.

"I don't know," she said with a shrug. "Go outside. That's much is for sure. After being stuck in the hospital bed, I really don't want to spend the day staying inside. I guess I'll fly... walk... around a little. Maybe I'll go by the weather patrol station and see how things are going. I have all day with nothing to do so who knows." She gave a shrug.


Upstairs, Twilight Sparkle woke up, staying still for a moment. Her wing was still stretched out to one side of the bed, and she thought she could still feel the heat against her feathers. Rainbow Dash's scent still lingered on the pillow and sheets. She looked around, finding herself alone.

After enjoying the warmth and aroma a little longer, curiosity got the best of her. After climbing out of bed, Twilight looked around the room to be sure, then headed down stairs to find the others. Getting downstairs, she looked around as she headed for the kitchen. A small smile formed as she saw Spike and Rainbow Dash at the table. Looking up, Dash noticed Twilight first.

"Are you usually up this early?" the pegasus asked, "or did something wake you up as well?" Spike turned around to look at Twilight Sparkle, then turned back to Rainbow Dash.

"Twilight almost never gets up this early," the young dragon explained. "Although a couple of times, she has stayed up until morning. Usually she's studying or doing research on something. Sometimes she even gets so busy that-" The rest of Spike's statement was cut off as a purple glow encompassed his snout, holding it shut.

"I don't think Rainbow Dash cares much about my study habits," Twilight said before letting Spike go. "I am curious though: what are you two doing up?"

Spike answered first, explaining how he was just coming down to get a drink of water and found Rainbow Dash up already. Dash then went to explain how she usually got up this early. Twilight listened as she moved around the kitchen, grabbing some things to have a quick bite of her own.

"I guess that explains the napping," Twilight said, more to herself than to anyone else. Taking a seat, she started eating as well. Her eyes would drift between Spike and Rainbow Dash. Spike was eating the way he normally did, quick and a little messy. Rainbow Dash... Twilight could not quite put figure out what, but something about her friend did not seem quite normal.

Now that she was being watch, the pegasus began to actually eat her breakfast. She had gotten just a little bit of cereal, and mostly had been stirring that around in the bowl. She still did not feel very hungry. Same as last night during the party. Rainbow Dash had gotten a piece of the cake, but had been able to set it down without eating it and not having anyone notice. Now, with Twilight and Spike both sitting across from her, she felt like she was being watched.

Slowly, she took a spoonful of food to her mouth, and ate it. It still did not seem to have much taste to it. Not as bad as it used to be, though. It still tasted like eating paper, but a higher quality paper that would be used by a business; still cheap, but would hold up a little longer.

"Hey, Twilight," Spike suddenly spoke up, "why don't you go with Rainbow Dash on her walk around Ponyville?"

"What?" Twilight turned toward Spike. "I can't go for a walk. I'm trying to find a way to help grow her wing back."

"Come on Twilight," the dragon continued. "You have been through those books a dozen times since the accident. I don't think going through them again is going to do any good. Besides, you could probably use the rest."

"But if the books I requested arrive-"

"I'll be here to accept them. And if it's that important, I'm sure I can get somepony to come find you to let you know."

"Well... I guess if it's okay with you, Rainbow Dash."

"Yeah," Dash said with a slight nod, "It's fine with me."

Twilight looked at her friend quietly for a long moment. Rainbow Dash said it was fine, but Twilight got the impression that the pegasus actually did not care about having company on the walk or not. Did their talk last night not help after all? Was Rainbow Dash more upset than she was letting on? Twilight considered that, if that were the case, then she should keep a close eye on Rainbow Dash to be extra safe.

"Alright," Twilight said with a smile, "we can get going whenever you're ready."

"We'll head out as soon as you finish breakfast then."

"Okay." The purple pony watched her friend a moment longer, then returned to her breakfast. Once finished, the two of them headed for the door and out the library to walk around Ponyville.