Lost Wing, Lost Identity

by Hopeful_Ink_Hoof

Opening Day

Rainbow Dash stood on the outside of the fence. Her head rested on one of the posts as she looked out across the field. There was a smile on her lips and a quiver in her stomach.

Since she had made the announcement, the pegasus had been working hard to get everything ready. There had been a lot of paper work to fill out at the mayor's office to fill out, first to buy the field then to get permits to turn it into a business. Once she owned it, it took a lot of work to get it ready. A fence had been built around it. Not to keep ponies in or out, but more to mark the boundaries. There were also areas set up for specific work out routines, such as the tracks set up for running; one for foals and one for adults.

Now it was the official grand opening. Today was the day that Rainbow Fields (why couldn't she come up with a better name?) would be starting business as a place for Ponyville ponies to exercise. It was really exciting.

It was also making her nervous. Not as bad as when she had been competing in the best young flyer competition. It helped that she was not going to be performing stunts in front of a crowd, especially the Wonderbolts. At the same time, this was a big deal. She was about to open her own business for the first time. She had put nearly every bit she had into the place. If it did not work out, Dash would be completely broke until she could get some other job.

Not that it would be too bad. She could always stay with Twilight Sparkle until being able to stand on her own hooves. That reminded Dash; Twilight and the others were all waiting for her. She should join them and open the field for everypony that's waiting. With a deep breath, she got up and moved away from the fence post. She gave one last adjustment of her hat, then continued toward the front.

A sign above the gate announced the name of the field. Below was a sign with "Grand Opening" scrawled across and each support beam had balloons tied to it. At some point, Pinkie Pie had set up a table outside the fence, and was now sharing drinks and sweets. Her other friends were there as well, and several other ponies. Dash stopped at the table, reaching under to pull out the bullhorn. Carrying it with her, she moved to stand in front of the gate.

"Mares, stallions and fillies!" she called out through the bullhorn, "Thank you all for coming to the grand opening of Rainbow Fields. My hope is that the ponies of Ponyville will have fun and get in shape." She set the bullhorn down and turned around to place one hoof on the gate's bolt.

"And now, I hereby declare Rainbow Fields," she slid the bolt back and shoved the gate.


A small cheer came up from a part of the crowd. Rainbow Dash moved to one side of the gate, smiling as she watched the ponies enter the field. She could not help but grin as the group filed past her. Her friends moved up, stopping beside her and watching as well.

"Well, Sugarcube," Applejack spoke up, "looks like you got quite a few here."

"Yeah," Dash squeeled, "Isn't it awesome?" The grin faded to be replaced by a look of concern. "Has anyone seen Scootaloo?"

"I'm sorry darling," Rarity said, "but I saw Sweetie Belle head out with her and Apple Bloom earlier today. Most likely they are so distracted with their attempts to get their-"

"CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS ASSISTANT COACHES!" three voices shouted from behind the white unicorn, quite to her shock. The look on her face as her styled maned was ruined caused a laugh from Pinkie and a grin from Applejack. Rainbow Dash turned to look at the three. She was not smiling.

"Glad you could make it," she said, "but you three are technically late. You were supposed to be here when I actually opened."

"Sorry," Scootaloo said.

"We were going to try and get here early," Sweetie Belle added.

"But ah forgot mah whistle and we had to go back fer it," Apple Bloom finished. The three of them lowered their heads but lifted their gaze up at Dash. The trio made their eyes as wide as possible, tears filling the bottom. Each had their lower lip stuck out, quivering slightly.

"Alright, alright," Dash cried out, turning her head away and raising a hoof over her eyes, "Put the pouts away already. Just try to keep it from happening again, okay?" She lowered her foreleg, looking at the three. The crusaders all nodded, looking as innocent as possible.

"Come on," the sky blue pegasus continued. "We have work to do. Even have our first customer." Turning, she walked into the fenced in area with the three fillies following close and the other friends at a more casual pace. Dash grabbed a clipboard and took it with her as she continued.

The crusaders stopped, staring with their mouths falling open. Standing beside the smaller track was a pink earth filly wearing a tiara in her purple and white mane. Beside her was a grey one in glasses with silver mane.

"Guh," the pink one huffed, "Do we really have to go through with this? I mean my dad already paid you-"

"And I'm going to make sure he gets what he paid for," Dash interrupted. "You were sent here to work out, and you're going to. Now, I have a lot to do, but luckily I have some assistants to make sure get the exercise done." She motioned toward the crusaders. The pink and grey fillies' eyes went wide in horror.

"I have to listen to... THEM?" the pink one cried out.

"Yah mean we get to boss Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon around?" Apple Bloom asked, almost bouncing excitedly. Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle looked at her then at Dash, grinning as wide as possible.

"Hold on there," the adult pegasus called out. She moved toward the trio. "First, Diamond Tiara's the client, not Silver Spoon. Though if she wants to stay, she'll have to follows the same rules." Silver Spoon let out a groan of disgust, but stayed next to her friend.

"Second," Dash continued, "Only one of you will be coaching her. Which leads me to three." She shifted and her voice softened. "I know none of you are fond of Diamond Tiara, seeing as she picks on you. But, whichever of you decide to do this, I need to put a lot of trust in you on this. You have to be able to put aside your personal feelings enough to do your job and not be mean to her. Do any of you think you can do that?"

The three of them got quiet, looking back and forth from one to the other. The slouched slightly as they avoided looking at Rainbow Dash.

"Sweetie Belle," Scootaloo suddenly blurted out, pointing.

"Me?" The unicorn filly blinked in confusion.

"Scootaloo's right," Apple Bloom said with a nod, "If any o' us could give Diamond Tiara a fair chance, it's you."

"I don't know..." Sweetie Belle stared down at her hooves, rubbing one against the grass. She looked up as Rainbow Dash moved closer.

"Well they think you can." Dash reached out with her wing and put it on Sweetie Belle. "So looks like you're it." The pegasus began to lead the unicorn toward the two waiting earth ponies. "Just..."

Dash paused a moment, thinking. She was going to tell the young filly to "just be like," but be like who? Dash would jump into getting a fight too easily. Rarity would probably have a way of working this, but she could not imagine what. Pinkie would try to make friends, but that seemed unlikely. The pegasus thought of all her friends, but could not figure out what one would do that would work for Sweetie Belle as well.

"Just do you best," Rainbow Dash finally concluded. "Now here's the schedule so you can make sure she does all the exercise she's supposed to, and a bullhorn in case you need to give some encouragement." She handed the two items to the small filly. "Good luck."

Sweetie Belle took the clipboard and horn, looking at them a moment. After letting out a sigh, she walked over to where Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were waiting.

"Okay," the unicorn mumbled as she looked at the schedule, "First we are to do some warm-up stretches before running the filly track. So let's go going."

Diamond Tiara looked at Sweetie a moment, then turned her head up, letting out a sniff. Silver Spoon looked at Tiara, then mimicked her action.

"Come on," Sweetie Belle asked, "Pleeeease?" She looked at the pair, trying make her eyes as wide as possible. It did no good since the pair continued to look up and away. The only acknowledgement was a snort. The pleading look quickly faded to one of disappointment before shifting into irritation. Sweetie Belle picked the bullhorn back up and brought it to her mouth.

"MOVE IT!" she shouted through the device. The two earth ponies were knocked off their hooves, rolling as they were blown away by the shout. Soon as they got back up, they pair began to run. Sweetie Belle let out a little grin before following after them.

"I think she'll be able to handle it," Dash said with a chuckle. She watched a moment before turning to the two remaining crusaders. "Now for you two. You ready to work?"

"Yes, sir!" the pair of them shouted, giving a salute.

"Scootaloo," the adult pegasus stated, "get your scooter and go to the running track. If any pony starts to go slow, try to get them encouraged to keep running. Apple Bloom, go over and start showing the ponies some aerobics. Here's a list of what they need to get done. Dismissed." She gave a salute back and watched to two run off.

Twilight moved up, standing beside Dash. She watched the crusaders as well before moving to bump her shoulder against the pegasus. Twilight gave a gentle smile, getting one in return.

"First day and you already have assistants hard at work." Twilight lean closer, nuzzling. "You seem to be getting into the swing of things pretty quickly."

"Yeah. Hopefully things will keep up and this will actually work out." She turned to nuzzle Twilight back.

"Do... Do you still miss flying?" One of Twilight's ears flicker as she ask. She looks down, continuing to rub her cheek against the pale blue coat.

"...Yeah," Rainbow Dash finally replied. "I've been flying most of my life and I always thought I would be flying for years. It's been a part of me for so long that I think I'm always going to miss it. It doesn't hurt nearly as much as it used to though. And you know what?"

Dash moved away and turned around. She lowered her head to press it against Twilight's and gently pushed up to encourage the alicorn to look up. The two looked each other in the eye.

"I have something really wonderful," the pegasus said, "right here." Moving closer, she pressed her lips against Twilight, enjoying the moment.