Lost Wing, Lost Identity

by Hopeful_Ink_Hoof

Major Announcements

Spike and the six ponies were all in the library. The seven of them sat around a covered table, chatting as they ate. Most of the plates were empty as they finished the main course. Some had finished quicker than others, feeling impatient as they waited for dessert. Others were finishing slower, more interested in talking than their salads.

Rainbow Dash stood up and cleared her throat. The sound drew the attention of the others, turning quiet as they looked toward the pegasus.

"I'm sure you are all wondering why you have been invited to this little dinner party," Dash said, getting some nods in response. "Well I have some announcements. The first one... is kind of personal. I doubt it's going to come to a surprise to any of you though. After talking about it last night, Twilight and I have decided to be open official as a couple." There were murmurs from the others.

"Well, ah di'n't expect that, but ah'm happy fer the two a' ya."

"I thought I detected something different between the two of you."

"Oh, that is wonderful."

"We should totally have a party to celebrate."

"So, when did you two actually start becoming romantically involved?" Rarity asked, turning to Twilight.

"Well it's kind of hard to say," Twilight said after thinking it over, "Dash and I started sharing a bed to actually sleep. That way there would be certainty that I got enough and Rainbow Dash wouldn't have any bad dreams. It was later on we admitted we were attracted to each other."

"So when did you two stop sleeping together," Pinkie Pie asked, "and started 'sleeping together?'" The question made Twilight's eyes go wide, her face turning bright red as she blushed at how personal it was.

"Anyway," Dash called out to get everypony's attention again, "the next one is a bad news good news type a thing. I'm going to be staying at the library longer than originally expected. That means that, bad news, my stuff will have to stay in storage longer than expected. The good news is it's because I'm buying the field I used to practice at so I can actually turn it into an exercise field."

"Yah mean like a place fer ponies to work out?" Applejack asked.

"Exactly!" the pegasus shouted with a grin. "I may not be able to fly, but I can still use the field for running. Others could do the same and who knows what else. Also figured I could hold classes or group training sessions on weekends or do some personal one on one when somepony wants to. Maybe even something for the foals."

"That sounds really great Dash," Twilight said. "Sounds like you found something you'll really enjoy doing. I also can't believe you managed to keep this secret from me at least long enough to send out the invitations."

"Yeah," Applejack spoke up, "It does sound like somethin' you would enjoy. What made yah come up with this idea though?"

"I was out there with Scootaloo," Dash explained. "Realized that even if I can't fly, I still really liked to go out there to run and work out. So I looked into it and found out that nopony owns it yet."

"Uhm..." Fluttershy mumbled as she slouched down. "Do you have enough to be able to afford it?"

"Okay," Dash called out with a roll of her eyes, "This is all getting very boring. Why don't we just have dessert and can stop worrying about it all."

"YAY!" Pinkie Pie shouted as she started to help serve the cake.


That night, after the party had been cleaned up and the other ponies went home, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash headed upstairs. Twilight followed, watching the backside of Dash. The pair went to their room, Spike having moved into the other when the couple started to become more playful in bed so he could sleep.

"I still can't believe you managed to keep that secret from me so well," Twilight said.

"Yeah." Dash climbed up into bed. "I wanted to tell you as soon as I thought of it. It was the only thing I could think of that's as awesome as I am."

The purple pony listened to her friend, smiling slightly. Her eyes went wider and ears perked as she got an idea. The smile grew wider, turning to a grin. Straightening up, she raised her chin.

"It may be as awesome as you are, but not as awesome as us."

"'Awesome as us?'" Dash repeated, blinking.

"That is correct," Twilight stated. "For you see, WE," she flared her wings out as wide as she could, "are Princess Awesome." She held the regal pose a moment, letting the statement sink in. She stopped the pose as the sound of laughter echoed through the bedroom.

"'Princess Awesome?'" Dash asked with a chuckle. "More like 'Princess Egghead.' Why are you acting so weird?"

"Now is that anyway for the Royal Love Servant to speak to her princess?"

"'Royal Love Servant?'"

"Yes," Twilight said, pointing at Dash, "You are my Royal Love Servant. As such, it is your duty to give me affection, including cuddles and kisses as I desire."

"And if I don't?" Rainbow Dash asked, more out of curiosity than defiance. She had seen Twilight's silly and fun side before, but this seemed a bit odd for the alicorn. It made Dash wonder what her friend was up to.

Twilight Sparkle turned her head, narrowing her eyes. Her horn began to glow as she started using her magic. The aura encompassed Rainbow Dash, holding her in place on the bed. The magic also encompassed a feather, levitating it for both to see.

"Oh no," Dash said, rolling her eyes, "Princess Egghead is going to make me write a letter."

"I am sure Princess Egghead would do such a thing. However, Princess Awesome has something else in mind." Twilight grinned, moving to stand at the foot of the bed. Using her magic, she kept Rainbow Dash in place and lifted one leg. The feather moved closer.

"Twilight?" the prone pegasus asked, her voice quivering. "What are you..No. Don't. Don't you dare-" She burst into laughter as the feather began to tickle the bottom of her foot. She squirmed and kicked, trying to get away from the feeling. It did not do much good since she was being magically held in place.

"You shall not escape the wrath of Princess Awesome!" Twilight shouted. She turned Dash onto her stomach then lunged on top of her. Pinning the pegasus, Twilight then brought the feather up, running it against the edge of the ear.

"Stop!" Rainbow Dash shouted, still laughing. "Stop, stop! I can't take any more!"

"Do you surrender?" Twilight asked, pulling the feather away just enough to keep from tickling.

"Yes. I surrender."

"And do you swear to be Princess Awesome's Royal Love Servant? To give us the attention and affection we desire and feel we deserve."

"I swear."

"Very well." Twilight put the feather down. "We accept this as your word and shall end your punishment. Now, the princess demands a kiss."

Rainbow Dash chuckled with a smile, then moved to do as she was ordered.