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This story is a sequel to TwiDash Begins

Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash are dating now, but will it become a wonderful date that they never imagined before? With no help at all.

Chapters (3)

It’s Nightmare Night and everypony is going out trick or treating but, something is coming just around the corner to haunt your dreams. Will the Main 6 ever defeat the monsters or will everypony remain monsters forever and the sun will never return?

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to TwiDash Having A Foal

They will be going to a hotel in Cantelot with their daughter Rainbow Light that is the foal, will they have a good time in the Canterlot hotel or not?

Chapters (7)

A teenage girl named Thea hated MLP, and then her friends mentioned MLPFIM to her. Will she ever watch it with something interesting happening?

This story is for, BestinDworld

Chapters (6)

A mare with nothing. A mare with loneliness. A mare of darkness and misery. Shadows, night and gloom is all in her kingdom. Luna cannot stop brooding upon her troubled past. Her sister doesn't understand, being loved her whole life. Luna turns to Twilight for help. However, an unexpected Pegasus intervenes. And finally may Luna let go...

I don't own this cover art.

Rated Teen just in case it's more 'Teen' than 'Everyone'.

Chapters (12)

Spike is having trouble falling asleep, no matter how he twists and turns in his little bed. So he wakes Twilight up to help him get to sleep. Despite Twilight's many suggestions, Spike just cannot go to sleep. Finally, Twilight sings him a lullaby to help him sleep.

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle has prepared a marvelous gift for her former student, Starlight Glimmer, in celebration of her most recent triumph.

Chapters (1)

After a long lasting war which has ended by the death of many men, brought down by a deadly virus, the only remaining country of the West Continent, Equestria, has been organized into seperated cities and town, surrounded by fortifications, called Ghetto. The Ghetto of Canterlot have been destroyed almost completely and Sunset Shimmer needs the best remaining soldiers to help her preventing from another disaster from striking the land.
But in that merciless land without laws, where it's everybody for themselves, will she and her team be able to defeat the plans of the leader of the Hive, determined to gain the absolute power over Equestria's inhabitants? Will their efforts be enough? Is there any chance for this flower, this last flower, to grow and bloom again?

Proofread by Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

Chapters (10)

Fluttershy loses somepony close to her heart, as Dash gets a view from her soft spoken friend she did not expect.

We all must face a dark day, how we act truly defines who we are.

This Story Is A Gift For Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever. She Lost An Animal Friend Lately And I Pray She Will Find Her Beauty Again.

Lovely Art By Timekept.

Made Popular On 1/19/18
Featured On 1/19/18

Chapters (1)

Thorax decides to stay in Ponyville for a bit longer, to really spend a good amount of time with Spike. They agreed to meet in the map room.

Spike should never had agreed.

Takes place after the events of Triple Threat.

Read by Bringiton6611

Chapters (1)