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This story is a sequel to TwiDash Having A Foal

They will be going to a hotel in Cantelot with their daughter Rainbow Light that is the foal, will they have a good time in the Canterlot hotel or not?

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Comment posted by Artist deleted Sep 18th, 2017
Comment posted by Artist deleted Sep 18th, 2017

One question who is they? This is what you should have wrote twilight sparkle and Rainbow Dash follow the stuff pony.

Comment posted by Artist deleted Sep 18th, 2017
Comment posted by Fedairkid deleted Sep 18th, 2017

:ajbemused: Really everyone tells me to get an editor I’m sick of it and my friends and family says that I can become anything so I became a story writer I don't care if you like it or not I’m just sick of people saying get an editor! You got that?! :flutterrage::rainbowhuh::twilightangry2:😡

Comment posted by MythrilMoth deleted Sep 8th, 2017

It has been edited only took out Sparkle in Twilight’s name

People are just trying to help you okay? You don't have to act so mean...

¿Does the Hotel have only 1 level?:

The 1st numbers represent the level and the last numbers represent the room. Room # 523 on level #720 is Room # 720,523 (go up to level # 720 and look for room # 523).

Yeah I don’t really do irl things for stories that’s what makes it interesting.

So now, Princess Twilight Sparkle already stopped lactating. I always wonder how much the ponies pay the cows for their milk.

Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash sure are lucky to have a filly because fillies do not poop —— ¡poop is filthy, smelly, and disgusting!

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