• Published 24th Nov 2018
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The Return of The Monsters - Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

The Main 6 need to step up their friendship because something terrible is happening right around the corner!

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Nightmare Moon Returns!

Nightmare quickly, used her magic to hold them; A strong, metal, small, cage appeared by her magic too and threw the four little fillies into the cage. BAM! It closed as the cage shut tight.

“You’ll never get out,” she said like she was talking to a little, tiny, foal. Nightmare went to The Castle of the Two Sisters. She hid the three fillies in the castle where no pony can find them. “I hope you feel great in here, wait... No you won’t. MAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”

It wasn’t long till Nightmare left. The fillies were trying to get out. But, they couldn’t!

Nightmare thought of a plan on making the greatest revenge in Ponyville. Bringing back the dead! She zoomed quickly, to go to the cemetery. As she finally got there she used her strong powerful magic, to awake the dead!