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Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

Hello. I’m an Australian Boxer Puppy. Please adopt me. I’m really cute. I love My Little Pony. You can ask me any questions about Fimfiction, woof! And I’am a she in real life.


It’s Nightmare Night and everypony is going out trick or treating but, something is coming just around the corner to haunt your dreams. Will the Main 6 ever defeat the monsters or will everypony remain monsters forever and the sun will never return?

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Thanks for sharing tbh, I don’t fully understand I also don’t go on PC for FIM I’m just on my iPad.


Hard Work 23 is a no good spammer trying to trick ponies into going to the linked website where they will be infected with malware and have to pay Hard Work 23 money to remove the malware. I recommend that you block Hard Work 23 and delete all comments from Hard Work 23.

Most dead are nice ponies who just happen to be metabolically challenged. Sure, they need to eat brains to make they pain of death abate, but no pony is perfect.

This crazy story has a crazy ending. ¡I love it!

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