• Published 24th Nov 2018
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The Return of The Monsters - Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

The Main 6 need to step up their friendship because something terrible is happening right around the corner!

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Defeating Nightmare Moon

Everypony looked at Nightmare, every single eye was looking at her.

“So what are you going to do, my little ponies!” Nightmare shouted.

“We’re going to destroy you!” Twilight screamed at her.

“Oh please, really? I even have the the three Cutie Mark Cru-Cr whatever you call them inside the Ever Free Forest. Let’s see if you can get them out, I’m never telling you where to find them.” Nightmare complained.

Rainbow Dash quickly, flew into The Everfree Forest, as fast as she could. She heard a sudden noice.

“Help! Somepony help!” Scootaloo cried out loud.

Rainbow Dash knew it was Scootaloo’s voice she quickly, zoom inside The Castle of the Three Sisters.

“Hang on, Scootaloo!” Rainbow shouted.

“Rainbow Dash over here!” The three of them shouted.

Rainbow Dash flew to the cage and SLAM! She opened the cage.

The three fillies came out and hugged Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash flew them back to Ponyville.

“Thanks, Rainbow.” Twilight said.

“You’re welcome.” Rainbow replied.

The Main 6 can finally, reunite their friendship and used the power of friendship to destroy Nightmare Moon.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” She shouted but her magic was too strong and pushed them to the ground! It really hurt them badly.

Twilight finally thought of another idea, “Everypony let’s reunite our friendship together to destroy Nightmare Moon!” She shouted as everypony can hear her.

Everypony held hooves together and the magic came out of them. It was stronger than before! And stronger than ever!

“NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” Nightmare said as she felt the pain and she turned back into Luna again.

The Sun finally came up. Luna left and went to Canterlot. Everypony celebrated victory amongst Ponyville and Equestria, then all of a sudden, they just randomly fell asleep.

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This crazy story has a crazy ending. ¡I love it!

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