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Twilight Sparkle has prepared a marvelous gift for her former student, Starlight Glimmer, in celebration of her most recent triumph.

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Nooo, don't leave Twilight!:fluttershysad:

You say that like there's going to be more, or a revision. There isn't. Again, I just had to get this off my chest so I could get back to mean-spirited forum posts.

Starlight usually slept in, and it showed. Her eyes were still puffy with tiredness and squinting at the low angle of the morning sun. She looked at Twilight’s grin, at her pointing hoof, and the crystal throne at which the hoof was pointing. She rubbed her eyes. “Twilight… ” she said dubiously, “what am I looking at?”


This was a good story but I wouldn’t want, Twilight to leave.

Incorrect. The quoted bits are one sentence, with a pause in. The ellipsis and "saidism" accentuate the pause, but don't actually amount to a full stop.

If there was a full stop, it would have come after the ellipsis, and before the quotation mark.

Any other ending would hardly have matched the melancholic tone.

Honestly, I can see this happening because of the writers blatant favoritism towards Starlight.

I don't know if that's a good 'Gee' or a bad one.

Comment posted by Dominus Alicorn deleted Sep 10th, 2018

What Twilight did here was really out of character and the situation was entirely contrived just for the situation where she would leave everybody.

But judging from how you like to shit on her like she's a public toilet, that really doesn't surprise me.

The situation was provided by the events of an episode, not spun out of my head. And the story points out an instance where Twilight acted in exactly this way, so it's not out of character either.

You just don't like that these things are true, and so lash out at me for pointing them out. I pity you.

Oof. Fairly well crafted, sharp as a rapier and properly backed up. Just what I should have expected.

Yikes, sorry for all the dislikes, mate, least present perfect have you a fair score

These things happen, thank you for your interest.

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